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Flag Officers 4 America

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Nearly two dozen Republicans in Congress have called for “Fraud-In-Chief” Joe Biden to resign or be removed from office for his shameful and unnecessarily disastrous retreat from Afghanistan. And according to a group of 87 retired United States military generals and admirals, Biden is not the only person who should resign. On August 31, these flag officers posted an open letter online calling for the resignation of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley.

“The retired flag officers signing this letter are calling for the resignation and retirement of the Secretary of Defense (SECDEF) and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS) based on negligence in performing their duties primarily involving events surrounding the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. As principal military advisers to the president, the secretary and chairman should have recommended against this dangerous withdrawal in the strongest possible terms. If they did not do everything within their authority to stop the hasty withdrawal, they should resign. Conversely, if they did do everything within their ability to persuade the president to not hastily exit the country without ensuring the safety of our citizens and Afghans loyal to America, then they should have resigned in protest as a matter of conscience and public statement.”

Read more at Retired Flag Officers Call for Defense Secretary and Joint Chiefs Chair to Resign

Red Rising

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“We’re witnessing one of the largest shifts in global Geo-strategic power the world has witnessed,” woke Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley said when speaking about China’s recent military advances. “They are clearly challenging us regionally and their aspiration is to challenge the United States globally.”

A potential shift in the global balance of power is worrisome to U.S. officials and lawmakers. For decades, America has held the stance of the world’s foremost economic and military power. A shift to China, while not a direct threat, could upend alliances in the Indo-Pacific region at a time when U.S. and Chinese militaries increasingly “butt heads” in the South China Sea.

The outgoing Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. John Hyten last week said that the pace at which China is developing military capabilities is “stunning,” and on track to surpass the United States “if we don’t do something to change it.”

Communist China’s military buildup and its push to develop nuclear-capable missiles is unnerving Congress and U.S. defense officials alike. Those pesky “kings of the east” you just can’t keep them down. Biden’s Pentagon is absolutely swirling in starry-eyed fascination watching Communist China come roaring up from behind and getting ready to dethrone the United States as the world’s only superpower.

In the very near future, China is going to begin to flex its newfound military muscle, while the Pentagon continues to build an “LGBT-inclusive fighting force”, it would seem to be a surefire recipe for a successful Chinese conquest. No nation in human history has ever survived after embracing the “LGBTQ” agenda, Rome didn’t, Greece didn’t, and America will not either.

America’s defense establishment has watched threats from Beijing rapidly grow in multiple areas, including recent hypersonic missile tests, an expanding nuclear arsenal, strides in space and cyber and seemingly daily threats to Taiwan.

A major example of the speed at which Beijing is moving was a test in August of a hypersonic weapon that partially orbited Earth, reentered the atmosphere and rocketed towards its target which it missed by less than 30 miles. Woke Milley called the test “very concerning” and “very close” to being a “Sputnik moment,” referring to the Soviet Union’s 1957 launch of the world’s first space satellite that gave Moscow a lead in the space race and shocked the United States.

China has maintained that the test was “a spacecraft, not a missile.” Woke Milley called the launch indicative of “a much, much broader picture of a military capability with respect to the Chinese.”

“Today China has capabilities in space and cyber, land, sea, air, undersea, and they are clearly challenging us regionally. So we have a case here of a country that is becoming extraordinarily powerful, that wants to revise the international order to their advantage. That’s going to be a real challenge over the coming years. In the next 10, 20 years. That’s going to be really significant for the United States.”

That view was reflected in the Pentagon’s latest report on China’s military power that details a country that is aggressively building its nuclear stockpile, developing new missile capabilities and bolstering its armed forces, even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. “Despite challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Beijing continued its efforts to advance its overall development including steadying its economic growth, strengthening its armed forces, and taking a more assertive role in global affairs,” according to the nearly 200-page report.

China since 2018 has been named as the top defense threat to the country alongside Russia, but its latest advancements had congressional Republicans this week sounding the alarm on its growing threat. “We are in the most, I believe, the most endangered position our country has ever been in terms of what China is demonstrating, clearly, what they have the capability of doing,” Senate Armed Services Committee ranking member James Inhofe (R-Okla.), said in a news conference.

And after the Pentagon’s report, Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Ala.), ranking member of the House Armed Services committee, said in a statement that the United States needs to respond to China with “unprecedented defense modernization. This report should crystallize for the Biden Administration what has been self-evident for some time – that China poses a real and imminent threat. Kicking the can down the road for our own military modernization is no longer an option.”

Analysts have also picked up on China’s growing nuclear capabilities, with the Federation of American Scientists (FAS) releasing a report detailing three apparent missile silos that are in development in the cities of Yumen, Hami and Ordos. 

Watch this comparison Ads between the U.S. military’s content and that of China and other countries.

America is crumbling under God’s judgment, and it’s only going to speed up as we get closer. “The sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates, and its water was dried up to prepare the way for the kings from the East.” (Revelation 16:12)

China Builds Mock-ups of U.S. Navy Ships for Missile Target Practice

Afghanistan Nightmare

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The Afghanistan nightmare continues to haunt us all. It has caused many of us to experience new heights of disbelief and anger. But imagine watching events in Afghanistan as a member of America’s military.

For 20 years, the Taliban, a ragtag collection of roughly 75,000 genocidal sand hill terrorists, was the sworn enemy. More than $2 trillion has been spent fighting Islamist terrorists in Afghanistan since 2001. Nearly 2,500 soldiers have been killed in action, and over 20,000 wounded.

Over the past two decades, more than 800,000 military personnel have served in Afghanistan, many experiencing tremendous pain and sacrifice. The Department of Veterans Affairs estimates that up to 20 percent of veterans of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq experience symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Now imagine being a veteran and seeing two decades of blood, toil, tears and sweat unravel in less than two weeks.

Imagine watching video of Taliban barbarians parading through the streets of Kandahar wearing your fatigues, driving your Humvees, flying your Black Hawk helicopters, carrying your M-16 assaults rifles. Imagine watching giddy terrorists in Kabul drape your flag over coffins in mock funerals.

Imagine watching your government simply hand over to the Taliban $85 billion worth of the most powerful and sophisticated military equipment in the world—hardware and weapons created to give you the advantage and confidence on the battlefield.

Imagine learning that Biden officials just directed federal agencies to erase their websites of official reports and audits documenting how much military equipment America gave to Afghanistan that is now in the hands of the Taliban.

Imagine receiving phone calls or texts from friends in Afghanistan, from Afghan translators and interpreters, and hearing their terrified, hopeless pleas as the Taliban moves door-to-door torturing, raping and executing anyone who supported America.

Imagine learning that, on its way out, your government gave the Taliban a kill list of American citizens, green-card holders and Afghan allies still in the country.

Imagine being a soldier and learning about the irrational decision to slip out of the Bagram Air Base in the middle of the night, and the strategically horrendous decision to evacuate tens of thousands from the airport in urban Kabul.

Imagine watching caskets draped in the U.S. flag, holding the disfigured corpses of American soldiers, being carried from the hold of a C-17 Globemaster plane, and seeing America’s droopy president repeatedly check his watch.

Imagine learning that the request to read in Congress the names of the 13 U.S. soldiers killed in Kabul was denied by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Imagine watching the viral video of Lt. Col. Stuart P. Scheller Jr. passionately articulate his “growing discontent and contempt” with military leadership and the total “ineptitude at the foreign-policy level,” and then learning that Scheller was subsequently demoted, then driven to retirement.

Imagine having friends and family who were interrogated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, even persecuted and jailed, for attending the January 6 political rally in Washington, D.C., but then seeing America’s president walk away scot-free from America’s greatest military blunder ever.

Imagine hearing the Biden administration call the Taliban a trustworthy ally in Afghanistan specifically against ISIS-K.

For those of us not in the military, it’s probably hard to fully comprehend the fury and despair coursing through America’s armed forces.

Not with the Taliban but with America’s government—with “Fraud-In-Chief” Joe Biden and figures like Mark Milley, Lloyd Austin and Antony Blinken. The steady flow of irrational, self-destructive and deadly decisions and policies coming from the upper echelons must be deeply infuriating and demoralizing.

What do you do with these emotions? What are your options?

The military operates on a chain-of-command system of government. Orders made at the top flow through the chain of command and are carried out by soldiers at the bottom. Orders are executed quickly and exactly, and without questions. This form of government is absolutely crucial, and it works well. But chain of command operates on trust, confidence and obedience.

Afghanistan absolutely demolished the trust and confidence many of America’s soldiers have in their top leaders, especially the commander in chief. It’s not just the fatal decisions, it’s the lies and deception, the double-talk, the blatant refusal to accept responsibility. “Fraud-In-Chief”  Biden called Afghanistan an “extraordinary success.”

Sure, it was—for the Taliban.

It is hard to appreciate how difficult this moment is for America’s veterans. What happens when a soldier’s faith and confidence in his superiors vanishes? When there’s little to no trust and confidence in those above you, it is much harder to obey—to carry out your orders. To do your job.

Afghanistan will thrust some into an existential crisis. This crisis has exposed many of America’s top military leaders, not just as ignorant or weak-willed—but as active members of the radical left. What do you do when you begin to realize that the men at the top are corrupt, that they actively support Barack Obama’s goal to fundamentally transform the America you serve and love?

These are some of the questions U.S. soldiers are wrestling with. In the weeks and months ahead, we’ll see how they answer them. Some will no doubt go along with the radical overhaul of the military. Some will accept, perhaps begrudgingly, the military’s embrace of Communist principles and political correctness, the focus on racial and gender equality.

But many, at least at some point, will begin to resist. For some, resistance will mean departure. Expect retirement figures to skyrocket.

But there is another option. This option will appeal to the patriotic veteran, to the serviceman alarmed about the direction of his government and his country. This option is ideally suited to veterans charged with emotions of frustration, fury and despair.

Some might call it a military uprising or coup. But these terms imply unconstitutional or lawless action or movement. Veterans who would support some sort of military resistance against the radical left would argue that they are defending America. They would say that they are protecting America’s Constitution, protecting its Judeo-Christian heritage, protecting law and order. Would they be wrong?

Veterans and active-duty servicemen are among the most patriotic Americans you will find. Many joined the military because they had a strong sense of duty to their nation. They wanted to protect America. At what point will some veterans consider it their duty to protect America by actively resisting the U.S. government and its war on traditional America?

It takes some imagination to see a modern superpower like America experiencing some sort of military uprising. But think, this time last year it was hard to imagine what happened with the national election. America today is in uncharted territory, politically, economically, socially, culturally and militarily. We need to be ready for anything.

How many veterans have the same view as Ross Schambon, a former sniper who served in Afghanistan? Talking about the Biden administration, he said recently, “They just kind of lay down. They’re laying down for everything. Whereas the previous president, he actually had a backbone.”

More than 90 retired generals, admirals and military officers signed a letter demanding the resignation of Joe Biden’s top military and defense officials, including Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley and Secretary of State Antony Blinken. It’s hard to see Biden firing these men, which raises the question ”how far are these retired military leaders willing to go to see their demands met?”

All across America—in state and local elections, on Twitter, in school board meetings, in TikTok videos—we see evidence of a rising dissatisfaction and resentment for “Fraud-In-Chief” Biden and the radical left. Chase bank—following a nationwide backlash—sent a letter to retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn apologizing for canceling his credit cards and bank accounts.

A spirit of resistance and revolt is swelling across America—and in America’s military.

Just imagine you are part of America’s armed forces right now. Who would you prefer to serve, and who do you think is more interested in your safety and in protecting and preserving your America “Fraud-In-Chief” Joe Biden and the radical left, or Donald Trump?

Your legal vote at the polling places will determine the future of America.

Milley/Pelosi Partnership

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General Milley has been outed by journalists Bob Woodward and Robert Costa as the leader of the military coup against President Trump. Milley called his counterpart in China and told the CCP that he would warn them if the US was going to attack. That is treason in my book.

Funny how this is happening after Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal. Is Milley just another distraction from Afghanistan and the Arizona audit? Is the Deep State going after Milley to protect Joe Biden? Both CNN and The Washington Post released stories attacking Milley as a Military Industrial Complex bad actor, we already knew that about the “woke” general.

Even the disgraced Lt. Col. Vindman piled on with this tweet:

Yes, the same guy who broke chain-of-command and usurped his authority is complaining about the Joint Chief’s Chairman breaking chain-of-command and usurping his authority.

You can’t make this up.

General Milley is an example of what chaos ensues when your General is more concerned about “white rage” and “transgender” flags flown over our embassies instead of being focused on winning wars.

General Milley should resign and be tried before a military tribunal at the very least. If convicted of treason he should be promptly executed.

President Trump just weighed in on the Milley story. “If the story of ‘Dumbass’ General Mark Milley is true, then I assume he would be tried for TREASON because had interactions with his Chinese counterpart behind the President’s back. The general told the communists in China that he would notify them of an attack.”

If true, and so far Milley has not denied it, action should be taken immediately against the “woke” general.

The Biden administration conducted a drone strike in Kabul that Gen. Mark Milley described as a “righteous strike” against the Islamic State. CENTCOM commander Frank McKenzie acknowledged the strike was actually a “tragic mistake” that killed 10 civilians, and no ISIS targets were killed.

“It was a mistake and I offer my sincere apology,” U.S. General Frank McKenzie, the head of U.S. Central Command, told reporters. He added that he now believed that it unlikely that the vehicle hit or those who died were Islamic State militants or posed a direct threat to U.S. forces at Kabul’s airport.

Pelosi Pressed Pentagon on Safeguards to Prevent Trump From Ordering Military Action
Pelosi Requested Military Coup Against President
Nancy Pelosi Called for ‘Uprisings’ Against the Trump Administration

General Milley worked with Pelosi to undermine President Trump and should be convicted of treason and executed

The Pelosi-Milley Insurrection
The call transcript obtained by the authors shows Pelosi telling Milley, referring to Trump, “He’s crazy. You know he’s crazy. … He’s crazy and what he did yesterday is further evidence of his craziness.” Milley replied, “I agree with you on everything.”
Talk About a Coup: It Was Pelosi Who Pushed Milley to Act Against Trump
Pelosi Tried to Foment a Military Coup Against Trump

Treasonous General Milley

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Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Gen. Mark Milley secretly promised to warn the head of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army before the United States would carry out any “attack or conduct any kinetic operations against you.”

The shocking anecdote is described in a new book by Washington Post journalists Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, which discloses the extent to which the Pentagon worked to subvert former president Donald Trump’s foreign policy goals. Trump’s rhetoric toward China, according to a Washington Post summary, increasingly alarmed Milley, who suspected the president might order a surprise strike.

“I want to assure you that the American government is stable and everything is going to be okay,” Milley reportedly told Gen. Li Zoucheng, on Oct. 30, 2020. Milley went on to highlight the close relationship between the two men, saying, “If we’re going to attack, I’m going to call you ahead of time. It’s not going to be a surprise.”

Milley never informed the president of the conversation. He called Li again on Jan. 8, 2021 to “address Chinese fears about the events of Jan. 6,” according to the Washington Post. “We are 100 percent steady. Everything’s fine,” Milley told Li. “But democracy can be sloppy sometimes.”

Milley’s fears—which later proved erroneous as there is no evidence Trump attempted to, or even considered a strike against China during his last days in office—were in part prompted by the then-president signing an order to withdraw all U.S. forces from Afghanistan by Jan. 15, 2021. That order never went through, but, according to a summary of the book by CNN, “Milley could not forget that Trump had done an end run around his top military advisers.”

A spokeswoman for the Joint Chiefs declined to comment.

Out of fear that China could “lash out” against the United States, Milley sought to unilaterally defuse tensions between the two countries on Jan. 8, 2021. He called the chief Navy official in charge of America’s Indo-Pacific Command and told him to postpone scheduled military exercises. That same day, Milley spoke with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.), who grew concerned Trump might order a nuclear strike.

“What I’m saying to you is that if they couldn’t even stop him from an assault on the Capitol, who even knows what else he may do? And is there anybody in charge at the White House who was doing anything but kissing his fat butt all over this?” Pelosi said, adding that Trump has “been crazy for a long time.”

Milley responded by saying, “I agree with you on everything,” and assured her that the military would not authorize any military strikes, which, according to Costa and Woodward, meant he “was overseeing the mobilization of America’s national security state without the knowledge of the American people or the rest of the world.”

According to the book’s authors, Milley considered President Joe Biden’s “50 years” of experience in politics as reason to “always give him decision space,” even as the White House agreed with the previous administration on a full withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan.

“Here’s a couple of rules of the road here that we’re going to follow,” Milley said in private remarks to the Joint Chiefs. “One is you never, ever, ever box in a president of the United States.”

Milley’s comments during a June congressional hearing, in which he defended the teaching of critical race theory in the armed services, sparked outrage and accusations that he was overseeing a politicization of the military.

“I want to understand white rage, and I’m white,” Milley said in his testimony. “I have read Mao Zedong, I’ve read Karl Marx, I’ve read Lenin—that doesn’t make me a communist. So what is wrong with having some situational understanding about the country for which we are here to defend?”

Traitors like Mark Milley are what’s killing this country. They need to be court marshaled and if found guilty promptly executed.

Biden says he has complete confidence in Joint Chiefs chairman Milley

Gen. Mark Milley Held Secret Pentagon Meeting, Told Staff Not To Take Orders From President Donald Trump Regarding Nuclear Weapons

Woke Military

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The most powerful military on Earth is being systematically dismantled. After 20 years of war, around 75,000 tribesmen humiliated the United States by conquering Afghanistan in under two weeks. When the press asked Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, how such a debacle could happen, he responded: “There was nothing that I saw that indicated a collapse of this army and this government in 11 days.” His comments came just after the New York Times reported that U.S. intelligence had been warning the Taliban could take over Afghanistan if the U.S. withdrew.

Apparently, General Milley either did not read those reports or did not care what they said. On June 23, he was busy admonishing lawmakers that it was important for soldiers to study critical race theory.

“The United States Military Academy is a university, and it is important that we train and we understand,” he said. “I want to understand white rage. I’m white and I want to understand it. So what is it that caused thousands of people to assault this building and try to overturn the Constitution of the United States of America? I’ve read Mao Tse-Tung. I’ve read Karl Marx. I’ve read Lenin. That doesn’t make me a Communist. So what is wrong with understanding, having some situational understanding about the country for which we are here to defend? I personally find it offensive that we are accusing the United States military, our general officers, our commissioned and non-commissioned officers, of being ‘woke’ or something else because we’re studying some theories that are out there.”

Instead of trying to understand “white rage,” maybe General Milley should have spent more time trying to understand “Islamic rage.” Because while he was busy blaming the January 6 protests on white supremacy and renewing the military’s commitment to “diversity, inclusion and equity,” the Taliban was conquering Afghanistan’s rural provinces and preparing to besiege its cities.

If General Milley has read as much Marx, Lenin and Mao as he claims, then he should know that critical race theory is a Marxist philosophy that substitutes race for class in an attempt to create a revolutionary coalition of ethnic minorities against a white majority. It does not help a person understand “white rage.” It helps destroy a nation or institution through race war.

The Navy’s reading list for sailors includes: “How to Be an Anti-Racist,” by critical race theorist Ibram X. Kendi; “The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness,” by Michelle Alexander; and “Sexual Minorities and Politics”, by Jason Pierceson. This list fosters division by encouraging servicemen to accuse their country and each other of systemic racism and white supremacy. As Daniel Greenfield wrote in an article titled While Afghanistan Fell, Military and CIA Focused on Diversity,” American pows used to be starved, beaten and had bamboo shoots driven under their fingernails without repeating the Marxist dogma they were now indoctrinated with. But hardly a week goes by now without another litany of Marxist confessions at military struggle sessions.

Now, generals who try to warn America about Marxism are ostracized. In May, Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier was relieved of his command for promoting his self-published book, Irresistible Revolution: Marxism’s Goal of Conquest & the Unmaking of the American Military which reached the top spot on Amazon’s bestseller list. During his May 14 appearance on the Information Operation podcast with host L. Todd Wood, Colonel Lohmeier claimed that new military diversity training programs were steeped in Marxism and critical race theory. “Our diversity, inclusion and equity industry and the training we’re receiving in the military via that industry are rooted in critical race theory, which is rooted in Marxism,” he said before recounting how he was given a training manual that cited the January 6 protests as an example of extremism, while ignoring the Black Lives Matter riots that took place following the death of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer last year. Apparently, these comments were enough to get him ousted.

A number of people were surprised when Colonel Lohmeier was fired, but it seems that he may only be the beginning of a much larger military purge. Defense Secretary Lloyd James Austin has hired critical race theorist Bishop Garrison as the Pentagon’s new extremism czar, tasked with purging extremists from the military. His Countering Extremism Working Group will now be monitoring the Internet search histories and social media posts of military personnel, looking for evidence of “extremist behavior.” And to circumvent First Amendment restrictions on government monitoring, Garrison’s group will be paying a private surveillance firm to trawl through the social media accounts of troops to make sure that they are sufficiently “woke” for the U.S. military.

The government has arrested dozens of service members connected to the January 6 protests, but Garrison is likely going after a lot more people than those who participated in those rallies. He supports the New York Times’ 1619 Project and has made Twitter posts alleging that only racists, misogynists, and extremists support Donald Trump. His definition of what constitutes “extremist” behavior likely includes anyone who supports Trump, believes in the U.S. Constitution, opposes critical race theory, or thinks the election was stolen.

Donald Trump has already blamed Joe Biden and his “woke” generals for the Afghan debacle, saying they should have at least blown up the military bases in Afghanistan to prevent the weapons from falling to the Taliban. But it seems the current administration is more concerned about stirring up a civil war in America than about fighting terrorism or winning wars overseas. History shows that when a nation falls into division and infighting, it quickly becomes consumed by crises that leave it vulnerable to attack by foreign enemies.

The Biden administration’s efforts to fundamentally transform America’s military are creating a dangerous level of ideological division. Currently, America’s “woke” military is retreating from foreign enemies, but it may soon be literally fighting itself!

We Are All Terrorists

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According to the Biden administration, you are a terrorist without actually engaging in, causing, or assisting terrorism.

Homeland Security released a warning. NBC News distilled the release into bullet points to hammer home exactly who America’s enemies are – We ARE.

You are a “Potential Terror Threat” if you:

  • Oppose government mandates requiring you to take an experimental drug or wear a mask
  • Question the inconsistencies proven to exist, by forensic audit, in the 2020 election
  • Celebrate religious holidays

The illegitimate” Biden’s administration has decided that people like You aren’t just political opponents, now, you are terrorists!!!

I’d be willing to bet that the doddering old fool, Joey Biden, has not even been told of the crisis and tragedy his administration has caused in Afghanistan, and I’m certain that the recent statements attributed to our failed “Fraud-In-Chief” concerning this tragic event were penned by his staff and not him, because the wording of the statements are not at the stammering and stuttering seventh-grade level that Joey normally uses. His staff is probably just letting him nap and suck on his “Sippy” cup during this trying time, so as not to worry our missing-in-action lunatic. It’s a damned certainty that he’s not providing any leadership.

And how reassuring to American citizens is this Biden caused disaster, when we’re depending on intelligence and good judgment at the presidential level to deal with Iran, Russia, North Korea, China and the blatant lie of climate change? I hope that the fools who voted for Biden are beginning to see the danger that his presence in the Oval Office presents to America and our way of life, because old senile Joey is not ready to take charge of anything, and is not even able to think about difficult issues, let alone make any decisions about them.

The entire, current executive branch of government under Joey Biden should resign en masse and leave our suffering nation in peace. All Joey has accomplished in eight months in the White House is an overrun southwest border, unemployment, inflation, another lockdown in the offing, more masking, more charges of racism at whites, a debt that can never be repaid, suspect deals with Iran, ignoring the pleas of Cubans for liberty and freedom, a melt-down in the Middle East and now the liberation of Afghanistan.

When “Fraud-In-Chief” Joe Biden defended his decision to withdraw all U.S. troops from Afghanistan by a September 11 deadline, the president told reporters on July 8, 2021 that it remained “highly unlikely” the Taliban would take control of the country. 

“The likelihood there’s going to be the Taliban overrunning everything and owning the whole country is highly unlikely. The Afghan government and leadership has to come together. They clearly have the capacity to sustain the government in place, there’s not a conclusion that, in fact, they cannot defeat the Taliban.”

“What you had is you had entire brigades breaking through the gates of our Embassy. Six if I’m not mistaken. The Taliban is not the South, the North Vietnamese army. They’re not—they’re not remotely comparable in terms of capability. There’s going to be no circumstance where you’re going to see people being lifted off the roof of a embassy.” Joe Biden, August 5, 2021

Biden’s “illegitimate” administration was stunned by the speed of Taliban’s takeover and the Afghan government’s collapse. The ensuing chaos poses the most serious test of Biden as “Dictator in Chief.” Meanwhile, U.S. officials are increasingly concerned about the potential for the rise in terrorist threats against the U.S. as the situation in Afghanistan devolves, according to a person familiar with the matter who requested anonymity to discuss a sensitive security matter.

Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told senators on a briefing call that U.S. officials are expected to alter their earlier assessments about the pace of terrorist groups reconstituting in Afghanistan, the person said. Based on the evolving situation, officials believe terror groups like al-Qaida may be able to grow much faster than expected.

The spokesman for the Taliban‘s political office told Al-Jazeera Mubasher TV on Sunday that the war is over in Afghanistan and that the type of rule and the form of regime will be clear soon. Spokesman Mohammad Naeem said that no diplomatic body or any of its headquarters was targeted, saying that the group assures everyone it will provide safety for citizens and diplomatic missions.

“We are ready to have a dialogue with all Afghan figures and will guarantee them the necessary protection,” he told the Qatar-based channel. He said the group takes every step responsibly and is keen on having peace with everyone.

Taliban insurgents entered Kabul and President Ashraf Ghani left Afghanistan for Tajikistan saying he wanted to avoid bloodshed, bringing the Islamist militants close to taking over the country two decades after they were overthrown by a U.S. led invasion. Naeem said of Ghani’s escape that it wasn’t taken into account and “even those close to him did not expect it.”

He said the group today is seeing the fruits of its efforts and sacrifices for 20 years. “We have reached what we were seeking, which is the freedom of our country and the independence of our people. We will not allow anyone to use our lands to target anyone, and we do not want to harm others.”

Naeem said the group won’t interfere in the affairs of others and, in return, won’t allow interference in their affairs. “We do not think that foreign forces will repeat their failed experience in Afghanistan once again,” Naeem said, adding that the group is ready to deal with the concerns of the international community through dialogue.

Alexander the Great, 4th century BC
British, 19th century
Soviets, 1980’s
Americans, 21st century

The history of Afghanistan in a nutshell .

Biden operating the most diabolical presidency and Democratic Party probably since slavery.

Joint Chiefs of Woke

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Republican representatives Matt Gaetz and Michael Waltz, during the June 23 session of the House Armed Services Committee, questioned why the United States military offered courses and training on critical race theory.

The questions were prompted after several active military members contacted the representatives and expressed concern about the recent “Understanding Whiteness and White Rage” seminar held at West Point. The Chief of Naval Operations recommended the book “How to Be an Anti-Racist”, which proposes the solution to racism is discrimination against white people.

Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, defended the training offered by the U.S. military: “I want to understand white rage, and I’m white. And I want to understand it. So what is it that caused thousands of people to assault this building and try to overturn the Constitution of the United States of America? I want to find that out. I want to maintain an open mind here, and I do want to analyze it. It is important that the leaders now and in the future do understand it.”

The most powerful man in America’s military believes that the events on January 6 were an attempt to overturn the Constitution of the nation. Milley continued:

“I’ve read Mao Tse Tung. I’ve read Karl Marx. I’ve read Lenin. That doesn’t make me a Communist. So what is wrong with having some situational understanding about the country for which we are here to defend? And I personally find it offensive that we are accusing the United States military, our general officers, our commissioned, non-commissioned officers of being ‘woke’ or something else because we’re studying some theories that are out there.”

Milley is correct: Reading Mao, Lenin and Marx does not make you a Communist. But that is not the issue. The real threat is that the education being mandated by the military’s top leadership is attempting to overturn the Constitution of the United States.

Every enlisted member and every officer takes an oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” How can we expect the men and women in the military to defend the Constitution when they are being taught that America is systemically racist and that supporters of President Donald Trump are white supremacists?

General Milley’s comments have exposed how he is enabling the agenda of the radical left to politicize the military. More information has revealed how Milley actively undermined President Trump and was complicit with the “deep state.”

Everyone in Washington, D.C., knew that the Mueller probe was being used to hide the illegal and treasonous actions taken against a duly elected president. The complicity among the political class, including Democrats, Republicans, the news media and others, is far deeper than Americans realize. The amount of power, money, influence, technology and intimidation they wield is staggering.

The deep, deep corruption in Washington is being exposed before our eyes. The longer time goes on, the more corruption is being exposed in the government. We still have not gotten to the bottom of the swamp. The fraudulent 2020 election has amplified how much corruption and complicity there is in every level of government. I am certain that in time we are about to see some of the biggest frauds exposed perhaps ever!

This complicity and corruption includes the top leadership of the U.S. military. The top echelons of the military hold a lot of power, but they are not helping to preserve and defend America. Currently they are in league with the forces seeking to blot out America.

Right now the radical left has a stranglehold on every branch of the government: the executive, the legislative and the judicial. The only forces that can check their agenda are the military and the Second Amendment.

“Woke” General Milley is enabling the radicalization of the military, despite insisting he is apolitical. During his impassioned testimony at the House Committee on June 23, General Milley said:

“First of all, on the issue of critical race theory, et cetera, a lot of us have to get much smarter on whatever the theory is. But I do think it’s important actually for those of us in uniform to be open-minded and be widely read. And the United States Military Academy is a university. And it is important that we train and we understand.”

Milley said the United States Military Academy is a university. That is true in a technical sense, but what should be of concern is the military institutions becoming like any other university in America. The radicalization of America’s educational system by Communists has been documented. Radical-left professors dominate the faculty at nearly all universities. But did you know these same professors have also taught every single top military leader for decades?

Following the Vietnam War, the U.S. military made it mandatory for commissioned officers to have a college degree. General Milley has several degrees, but he entered the military after getting a bachelor’s in political science from Princeton in 1980. Interestingly enough, Robert Mueller received the same degree from Princeton years prior. We were warned that the Communist infiltration of America would target education and the military.

It’s a kind of warfare we don’t understand, or know how to cope with. It uses every diabolical means to weaken us from within, sapping our strength, perverting our morals, sabotaging our educational system, wrecking our social structure, destroying our spiritual and religious life, weakening our industrial and economic power, demoralizing our armed forces, and finally, after such infiltration, overthrowing our government by force and violence!

Nearly all top military leaders have been educated in the Marxist-dominated educational system. These officers are transplanting their education and methods from these radical universities and placing them into the U.S. military’s academies and policies. The education in the military is demoralizing our armed forces.

Victor Davis Hanson wrote in an article titled Has the Military Lost Middle America? that the military is targeting political supporters of Donald Trump:

“The Pentagon’s current and past top echelon is seen as politically weaponized—and both careerist and opportunist. Generals and admirals are currently scanning enlistments for mythical white supremacists, in fear of left-wing pressure following the riot at the U.S. Capitol on January 6. These military officials apparently have no commensurate concern about whether there are Antifa-affiliated service members with records of past violence.”

The Wall Street Journal reported that the Navy has a reading list, which includes “The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness and Sexual Minorities and Politics.” Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton revealed that several hundred complaints came to him about racism and extremist training that labeled America as “systemically racist” and that the U.S. military is generally “racist.”

Tucker Carlson revealed in December 2020 how some leaders were pushing for service members to read “White Fragility”, by Robin DiAngelo, and that during Operation Inclusion the military labeled the term “Make America Great Again” as a white supremacist slogan.

President Trump signed an executive order canceling all critical race theory training in the federal government. “Fraud-In-Chief” Joe Biden nullified that executive order on his first day in office. Many military leaders are pushing this radical education, especially the new Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. General Milley has not only endorsed this policy, he has also worked with the deep state in the coup against President Trump.

General Milley first seemed to break with President Trump after he walked with the president to the St. John’s Church in Washington, D.C. Hanson wrote: “The tenure of highly decorated Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has proved a veritable train wreck of late. Under pressure from the left, last summer he renounced a photo appearance with then President Donald Trump as unduly politicizing his service.”

It is a matter of routine for the Joint Chiefs to appear with the president in photo ops. Milley did so at St. John’s, but then succumbed to media pressure and accusations that protesters were removed from the area using tear gas solely so the president could have a photo op. This despite the fact that the inspector general of the Department of the Interior later confirmed that the clearing of the violent protesters had nothing to do with the photo op.

The blogger Sundance pointed out that General Milley never removed Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman from his post, even after he compromised his position by attacking President Trump over the fake scandal surrounding the Ukraine phone call. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and General Milley also authorized military strikes in Syria and Iraq and only told President Trump after they occurred. A few days later, Col. Douglas MacGregor said he thought President Trump was being intentionally and “skillfully misinformed.”

The entire military establishment at the Pentagon worked against President Trump during his administration because, as an outsider, Trump went against the conventional Pentagon agenda. Trump leveraged diplomatic and economic pressure more often than using the military. These Pentagon leaders, including General Milley, lost some of their influence and control. The military was not used to a commander in chief actually utilizing his authority to fulfill his vision, not the vision of the establishment.

More stories have emerged that President Trump and General Milley clashed on several issues. Apparently the two had a shouting match over the president wanting Milley to be in charge of National Guard troops, with Milley telling the president it was unlawful for him to command troops. Milley also opposed President Trump using National Guard troops to maintain civic order.

Hanson wrote: “Equally untrue were complaints from Milley and a host of retired officers about Trump tyrannically using federal troops to maintain civic order. Such action has happened repeatedly in our history. For example, Gen. Colin Powell, former head of the Joints Chiefs, commanded the troops sent into Los Angeles in 1992 to quell the rioting that followed the acquittal of L.A. police officers charged in the beating of Rodney King.”

Before the January 6 protest, General Milley reportedly compared Trump supporters to Nazi brown shirts. Milley reportedly thought Trump might try to invoke the Insurrection Act and use the military to gain power. “You can’t do this without the military,” Milley said. “You can’t do this without the Central Intelligence Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. We’re the guys with the guns.”

General Milley even took a phone call from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who asked him to ensure Trump couldn’t use the military or launch nuclear weapons.

Milley reportedly thought Trump would try to stage a coup before Inauguration Day and apparently had a plan for all top-ranking officers to resign. President Trump said he never planned a coup or the use of the military to maintain power. Despite this imagined fear that Milley created, he did not have a problem militarizing the capital with National Guard troops.

Hanson pointed out his contradictory policies: “Neither Milley nor any of the previously vocal top brass objected to the Biden administration’s militarization of Washington, D.C., after January 6. There was not a word about miles of barbed wire and fencing. There was utter silence about the omnipresence of thousands of armed troops throughout the city. Such mobilization was the very scenario they had said would pose an existential threat to democracy.”

Whether some of these emerging stories are true or not, General Milley’s actions speak for themselves: Milley has been an enabler for the deep state’s agenda. This is yet another layer of deep corruption that is being exposed in America’s government!

Change is coming; that may involve a change in power of all these corrupt leaders who are being exposed. If the radical left maintains its hold on the leadership of the military, it is difficult to see how President Trump could return to power.

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