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Face Masks Are Mandatory

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No shirt. No shoes. No pants. No problem. No face mask? That’s a no-no.

Czech police in the Pardubice region were called to the “Lázně Bohdaneč” spa resort area following reports of nudist activities by the lake due to the warm weather and bright sun.

But the nudity wasn’t the problem.

“Unfortunately, the sunbathing citizens were in one place in large numbers, and some did not even have a face mask,” Police spokesperson Markéta Janovská wrote on Týdeník Policie.

Naked sunbathing is allowed in the area, but the nudists were in violation of two other regulations currently in place throughout the Czech Republic to slow the spread of coronavirus: “the mandatory requirement to wear a face mask in public spaces, and the obligation to not congregate in groups larger than two people.”

“Citizens can be in places designed for this purpose without clothes, but they must have their mouths covered and must observe the numbers in which they can go into nature,” writes Janovská.

After being informed of the requirements, the nudists donned their face masks and agreed to abide by them. The following day, police ran a preliminary patrol of the area to ensure that the regulations were indeed being followed.

After checking 150 people in the area, police found no violations of the mandate not to congregate in groups larger than two. They did, however, need to remind about half of the park-goers of the requirement to wear a face mask while outdoors.

“We understand that many people do not have a garden and want to ventilate into the countryside, but we all want one thing in common, to fully respect government regulations, so that the measures taken can be gradually relaxed. However, we will not achieve this before everyone has strictly followed the restrictive measures.” writes Janovská.

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