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Radical Violence Calls

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Remember in March when Loretta Lynch called for “radicals, leftists, lone wolves and agitators” to come out of their “comfort zones” and take the “fight to the enemy” on behalf of the Senate Democrats?

Did she get her “wish” along with Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders and the Obama deep state that has been “vilifying and targeting” the Republican administration?

Was that the purpose behind the “bizarre”video?

“I know that his is a time of great fear and uncertainty for so many people. I know it’s a time of great concern for people who see our rights being assailed, being trampled on and even being rolled back. I know that this is difficult, but I remind you that this has never been easy.”

She urged the “radical” Democrats to attack their “enemies” of other political “stripes,” saying:

“We have always had to work to move this country forward to achieve the great ideals of our founding fathers. And it has been people, individuals, who have banded together. Ordinary people who simply saw what needed to be done and came together and supported those ideals, who have made the difference. They’ve marched, they’ve bled, yes, some of them have died. This is hard, every good thing is. We have done this before, we can do this again.”

She’s deliberately “vague” and those words can be “interpreted” in a multitude of ways.

Here are some “other” Democrats calling for “violence” in the streets.

“Fanatics” often hear what they “want to hear” and interpret things the way “they choose to.”

They “bleed” just as Lynch recommended, just as a “terrorist” do in the pursuit of their “political” ideology.

They “die” as per guidance from a former “Chief Law Enforcement Officer” of the United States.

There is no “shortage” of reckless incitement to “violence” and assassination “threats” by the left.

The “corrupt” Democrats in the Senate and this most “criminal” former Attorney General have “helped” to set the agenda.

“Violence” is the way “forward” for them. Fomenting “chaos and discord” is the Democrat specialty, particularly under Caliph Obama’s “resistance” meddling.

The “evidence” of these facts is “everywhere” you turn.

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Hypocrite Hillary

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Hillary Clinton tells the “suck ups” in the audience at the sexist “Women in the World” gathering that she is “doing pretty well, all things considered.”

If she means that she’s not in “prison for life” or under “death penalty investigation for espionage and treason” and filthy rich to “boast as a result of her crimes,” who could argue.

Instead of being in “jail” she’s getting paid to “whine” to a bunch of sycophantic “morons” about losing “despite” her best efforts to “cheat and steal” her way into the White House.

Clinton plays the “sympathy card” saying the aftermath of the election was “so devastating that everything that has come to light in the days and weeks since has been also, troubling.” 

She must be “talking” about the Democrats, led by Susan Rice and Caliph Obama “spying” on her opponent.

Yeah, Clinton, that’s got to “bother” her almost as much as Donna Brazile “feeding” her debate questions or her husband “meeting” Loretta Lynch in her airplane for some “last minute negotiations.”

Troubling is “hardly” a strong enough characterization, “outrageous” would be better.

Clinton revealed that she had been taking a lot of “long walks in the woods,” probably meeting up with “Russian agents” after learning that email isn’t the most “secure way to sell government secrets.”

“So, I’m okay,” she says, “as a person I’m okay. As an American, I’m pretty worried.”

The woman who laid all of our “secrets” open to every nation around the world “claims” to be concerned about future “instances” of Russian hacking.

She bases it on the “false” narrative that she’s pitching as the “real reason she lost.”

It’s not because she’s a “crook” who destroyed everything she touched and “sold” out her nation, it’s because Russia “released” her emails, the same thing she did to America.

It’s no big “deal” when Hillary does it, but Putin is “evil incarnate” when he’s “falsely” accused.

She says she “believes” what Putin wanted to do was sow “distrust and confusion,” as well as “influence” elections. That’s the job “She, Obama and CNN” were doing. Is she now “worried” about “foreign” competition?

Old hag Hillary “brags” that she’s knows Putin very well and has “sat” with him before, calling him somebody who “plays” the long game.

Perhaps he’ll be back in 2020 for more “illegal” American uranium if Clinton should “run” and win in 2020, or is “working” with the Podesta brothers on some “banking and energy” sector deals.

She claims that people ask “why” Putin would do such a thing to her, the “fake” election meddling, not the “bribes” for the uranium.

Clinton explained, “I don’t think it’s too complicated, he had his desire to destabilize us and others and, you know he’s not exactly fond of strong women, so you add that together and that’s pretty much what it means.”

Putin may not be fond of “treasonous” women who  sell out their country for “personal” profit, or older, unattractive “globalist” women like Hillary, but not “strong” women.

His Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Maria Zakharova, is “quite” strong. She’d eat Hillary for “lunch” and have the intestinal “fortitude” to choke back the overwhelming “gag” reflex.

She demonstrates that “strength” regularly, most recently in warning CNN  and the US media about the “fake” Russia news you always repeat.

Another “strong” woman, Irina Rodnina, an MP from Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party and a triple Olympic champion figure-skater, took on Caliph Obama by “posting” a picture of him being “tempted” by a banana.

Putin didn’t seem too “intimidated” or put off by her strength in “challenging” the American Muslim “usurper.”

It’s probably just a simple matter of “revulsion,” Hillary. Even a former KGB agent finds you “disgusting.”

A producer at the “Women in the World” event had an “awkward” moment when he was “caught” in the spotlight helping “frail” Hillary onto the stage.

The “backstage” assistant could be seen with his “hand” on Clinton’s back “pushing” her onto the stage and “pointing” her in which direction to “walk” to get to her position.

Hillary “gingerly” walked across the stage to “greet” Samantha Bee, who introduced her, letting out hearty “barks” while negotiating the riser.

Moments later, Clinton “conquered” the single step before “plunging” into the seat.

All that’s left “now” is to be being “hung, drawn and quartered.”

Mr. President, I’m sorry.
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Marching, Blood, Death

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As we all know, if Hillary had won, sleazy Loretta Lynch was likely to have been able to “retain” her role as Attorney General. Many speculate that a “deal” was struck in her completely “inappropriate” airplane private meeting with Bill Clinton.

She is now “extremely” bitter, and her true “radical” racial colors are showing.

From RickWells…

Is Loretta Lynch “rolling” out the next phase in the “Obama War On America and the American people, “prepping” for the return of the “evil one” that Eric Holder promised was imminent?

Is this the next “salvo” in their ever expanding community organizing “chaos” creation designed to “rip” our nation apart?

Is it an overt “threat” to the Trump administration not to “pursue” the criminal investigations into “Hillary Clinton, Obama, PizzaGate pedophilia, the Muslim Brotherhood connections, the new Obama spying revelations or the countless other assaults on our nation by this foreign agent and his affiliates?”

Whatever it is, it isn’t “subtle.” Loretta Lynch makes general “proclamations” of things somehow becoming “worse for black people” in the six weeks since Trump took office, “a flagrant lie.”

She’s calling for “demonstrations and blood” in the streets. She’s clearly adding her “voice” to that of Obama, Holder, and the Mooch. The “racial” overtones are obvious and undoubtedly “intended” to be taken that way by both “black and white” Americans.

Lynch opens by saying, “I know that this is a time of great fear and uncertainty for so many people.”

If her boss hadn’t been trying to “destroy” America for eight years that wouldn’t be the “case,” but he has, so it is.

The “racist” hag says her people “see our rights being assailed, being trampled on and even being rolled back.”

No specifics are “offered,” there’s nothing to “back up” her claims, just “racism” is sufficient, nothing but “unmitigated” racism.

She says, “I know that this is difficult,” without ever mentioning specifically what “this” is. She reminds the “racists” buying into her “vulgar” presentation that “this has never been easy.”

What’s been so “hard” for you, Lynch? You walked into one of the “best jobs” in the country and continued to “lead” it in a direction of “racist oppression against white people.”

There’s nothing “hard or dangerous” in what you do. You just ran around the country “threatening” other people and using the “power” of your position against them. What’s so “tough” about that?

She talks as if without “black” people America would be in the “stone ages” and that white people had “nothing” to do with its success, saying, “We have always had to work to move this country forward.”

White folks have to “work” too, even harder over the last fifty or sixty years because of your “racist affirmative action laws” that made us “second class” citizens behind “black supremacists” such as yourself.

She encourages individuals, ordinary people, to band together, to “march, bleed and die in the streets.”

Sounding like her “speech” was written by the same “ass clown” who writes Mooch’s “compelling orations,” she says, “This is hard, every good thing is. We have done this before, we can do this again.”

Get ready for the “riots and the race wars,” folks.

She’s calling for a “black revolution,” teamed up with Obama, Holder, Jarrett, Clinton, Soros, and any of the rest of the “riff raff” that can be put behind “bars” before it gets “out of hand.”

This brings me to something “truly” extraordinary: “an attorney general, just weeks out of office, posted a video calling for marching, blood, and death.”

The “chief law enforcement officer” of the United States calling for“political violence!” Why would she do that, and why now?

Clarice Feldman suggested that the “denials” of any knowledge of “wiretapping” by James Comey and James Clapper “leave” Loretta Lynch exposed. Somebody gave the nod. And met “secretly” with Bill Clinton in her “private jet” at Phoenix Airport.

So what does the “barely” former AG do?  She plays the “race card.”

It is still too early to have a lot of “confidence” in this reading of the “murky” waters of the Democrats’ “internal” power plays,  but it does “fit the pieces” together pretty well.

Time to “convene” the grand juries now.

A Day Without Women

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What would a “Day without women” look like?

We wouldn’t have to “listen” to Nancy Pelosi and other Democrat members of Congress “bad mouthing” President Donald Trump and Republicans.

“This is a day that is very interesting because we are observing the 100th anniversary of the first woman elected to Congress, Jeannette Rankin of Montana,” Pelosi said to cheers.

“It’s pretty exciting. Women in America did not have the right to vote yet. In Montana they did and they sent a woman to Congress and she made a difference here,” she said.

According to, Rankin was “one of the few suffragists elected to Congress” and the “committed pacifist” served two terms, each at the outset of both World Wars.

Little did her colleagues know they were “cheering for a Republican.” Nancy Pelosi does not “represent” American women.

We wouldn’t have to “listen” to Loretta Lynch “incite” Americans to “resist” in time of “fear and uncertainty for so many people.”

Lynch lamented “our rights being assailed, being trampled on and even being rolled back,” according to the hostage-like video in which she is encouraging we need more “marching, blood, and death” on streets.

She said it’s required “work” to “achieve the ideals of our Founding Fathers.”

“They’ve marched, they’ve bled and yes, some of them died. This is hard. Every good thing is. We have done this before. We can do this again.”

We wouldn’t have to “listen” to Mika Brzezinski, co-hosting “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, “condemning” President Donald Trump in very “visceral” terms.

After the “allegations” that Barack Obama’s administration “wiretapped Trump Tower at the height of the campaign, Brzezinski has officially “closed her mind” to the Trump presidency.

“I had hope and an open mind and I have lost hope completely and my mind is closed. This presidency is fake and failed.” Earlier in the show, Brzezinski was in tears.

“We are at a low point in American history and I don’t know how anybody can defend this president, even if it’s their job. Like you’ve got to have a job after this. You’ve got to look in the mirror after this,” Brzezinski said.

“You have to look in the mirror and think about this country after this is over. You need to think of the end game here, because there isn’t one at the rate we are going,” her voice cracking.

“This is not funny.This is really bad. Just for the record, we are all really nervous. So if people out there feel nervous, we do too. We don’t think this is funny.”

Her mind has “always” been closed. Just wish these two “clowns” would close their “mouth as well.”

We wouldn’t have to “listen” to black man “disguised” as a women leading “A Day Without Women” protest in Washington, DC.

“Before we get started in a few minutes we wanted to let you know why you’re here,” the “transgender” in question told “protesters” through a megaphone.

“We’re here to be intersectionalists. We’re here to value women. We’re here to support trans-people, and we are here to make sure President Trump hears us loud and clear.”

“He is wrong. We have to stop him. We have to speak loudly. Intersectionality is important.”

We wouldn’t have to “listen” to Nelini Stamp, who was involved in the Occupy Wall Street movement and now “serves” as National Membership Director for “Working Families,” who said that “Women birth half of the population.”

Stamp’s organization, Working Families, describes itself as a “growing progressive political organization that fights for an economy that works for all of us, and a democracy in which every voice matters.”

“We believe that our economy is out of whack when wages are stagnant and good jobs are harder and harder to come by, but the very wealthiest just get richer and richer,” reads the group’s website.

“The wealthy few are making money by doing harm to working families, whether they’re outsourcing jobs, privatizing schools or poisoning the environment.”

She failed to mention” who gives birth to the other half of the population.“ Where babies come from “may be a little unclear” to Nelini Stamp.

We wouldn’t have to “listen” to Leslie Jones wanting to fight “Fuckface” Ben Carson.

Leslie Jones Wants to Fight ‘Fuckface’ Ben Carson

We wouldn’t have to “listen” to Cate Blanchette telling us her “moral” compass is located in her “vagina.”

Cate Blanchett: My Moral Compass Is ‘In My Vagina’

I want to do my “best” to understand how a “Day Without A Woman” protest is “supposed” to work.

Several “schools” in at least four states were “closed” so teachers could participate in a “Day Without a Woman” strike in which organizers “urged” female workers to “stay” home.

“Some schools in MD, VA, and NC are closed today for #ADayWithoutaWoman and it’s causing some controversy” — NewsON (@WatchNewsON) March 8, 2017

School “officials” in Alexandria, Va., North Carolina’s Chapel Hill-Carrboro City School District and New York announced they are “canceling” classes in anticipation of staff “shortages” due to the event.

Officials said all “schools” in Prince George’s County in Maryland were “closed” after 1,700 teachers asked for the “day off” to participate in the protest. About 30 percent of the “transportation” staff also requested an “absence.”

In Virginia, Alexandria City Public Schools — a district that “voted” overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election — announced it would “close” schools for the day after more than “300 staff members” requested a leave.

These ”Social Justice Warriors” (SJW) are “mad” because on average women don’t “make” as much as men. It would seem to me that they have two options: “Take it up with their employer and demand more money the next time their contract is up. Or, demand more respect for the work they do by … not showing up to work.”

These “protests” are purely symbolic? There’s no “specific” agenda here. It’s about “feelings.”

“Take the day off, close down the schools, wear red and stay home and watch gay Ellen, while every payroll department in the country is required issuing checks to anyone with a vagina for not showing up.”

What if you “happen” to be a member of the “sisterhood” who isn’t “taking the day off?” Who can’t “afford” to protest? Or has an “important” job like working in a “critical” care facility or “running” a business?

Or women who “depend” on a school schedule to make sure their kids are “learning” something during “weekday” work hours?

Obviously, the school staffs of Virginia, North Carolina, New York and Maryland don’t “care” that you’ve got a 7-year-old who “needs” an education.

They don’t “care” about your “responsibilities, your commitments or the important work you do.”

Not to mention a “paid” day off for “pretending” to make a “difference” in the world.

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Corrupt FBI

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A Retired FBI Agent Addresses James Comey on the Hillary Clinton Investigation
By Hugh Galyen


Mr. James Comey, Director
Federal Bureau of Investigation
J. Edgar Hoover Building
935 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W
Washington, D.C. 20535-0001


I am writing regarding your public statement in July, 2016 informing the American people that the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton was being closed without referring it to a Federal Grand Jury or the Attorney General of the U S for a decision whether or not to indict her.

Strangely, you eloquently laid out enough of the evidence deduced from the investigation to strongly indicate there was abundant evidence uncovered during the investigation and interview of her to not only indict but to convict her in Federal Court.

However, you personally re-worded and soft-pedaled the actions she took as Secretary of State describing her actions as “extremely careless” in using a personal email and UN-secured server for her communications while Secretary of State. You rewrote the statute, which is not your job.

As a retired Special Agent of the FBI, I have standing to write this letter. My thirty years in law enforcement, including 22 years as a Special Agent with the FBI have given me the knowledge, expertise and experience to question and confront you for your perplexing actions, which (as you well know) were outside the normal standard operating procedure of the FBI and Federal judicial procedures.

Some of the finest people in the world proudly carry the credentials of FBI Agent and you have soiled them and not allowed them to speak. But I will not be silent.

Sorry, but NO SIR, MS Clinton was not merely careless or extremely careless. She was not even negligent or grossly negligent (as the statute requires). Hillary Clinton was knowingly purposeful in her decisions and actions to set up a server under her exclusive control and possession in order to control what information was available to the American public and Congress regarding her actions as Secretary of State.

Furthermore, she took those government owned communications into her personal possession after leaving her position and knowingly and willingly attempted to destroy them so her nefarious actions could never be known or used as evidence of her corrupt moral character against her.

Sir, what possessed you? Did you cave in to political pressure to unilaterally come to this decision? I fear that is the case, and Rule of Law be damned. I am embarrassed for and ashamed of you.

You have set a precedent that can never be rectified… and certainly not justified. Shame on you, Sir. You ought to resign right now in disgrace for what you have done to tarnish the reputation of the finest Law Enforcement Agency in the world… for entirely political reasons.

Normally, an investigation will be assigned to an agent, or team of agents with one being the Case agent, or the lead investigator. When the investigation is complete, an investigative report will be presented to the U.S. Attorney for the Federal District involved.

It would be the U.S. Attorney who decides whether to decline prosecution for that investigation… NOT the FBI agent. But in the Clinton investigation, YOU (unilaterally) decided not to forward the investigation to the U.S. Attorney or the Attorney General of the U.S., but instead personally made the decision not to prosecute her or even provide the information to a Federal Grand Jury. You were wrong to take this upon yourself.

Sir, in order to indict a subject, only a preponderance of evidence, or 51% is needed for probable cause to exist. You did not think even that level of probability existed? Who do you think you are fooling? What judicial proceeding did you think you were following?

Throughout my years with the FBI, I (along with my fellow agents) took great pride in conducting each investigation in an unbiased manner regardless of the subject’s position or standing in the community.

All were treated equally under the law. But you, Sir, decided to allow this corrupt, evil and nasty human being to go free and unchallenged for her treasonous actions (yes, treasonous, in my opinion) which threatened the security of this nation.

Furthermore, you stopped short of investigating the Clinton Foundation as a RICO case (Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organization. This is a RICO case if there ever were one. Even an untrained person can tell from the communications which were recovered that Hillary Clinton spent more time working for the Clinton Foundation while Secretary of State than on State Business. It may be argued that Hillary did not do any State business UNLESS the Clinton Foundation benefited. You decided to just let this uncomfortable truth alone without addressing it.

I will conclude with this: Following my retirement from the FBI, I volunteered for a 12 month tour of duty in Afghanistan as a Law Enforcement Professional, embedded with U.S. forces as a subject matter expert in counter-terrorism investigations. For most of that year I operated “outside the wire” patrolling with the troops, interviewing witnesses to IED incidents and gathering evidence on the bad guys.

The results of my work would then be reported through secure channels to the Commanding Officer. All reports and communications were required to be transmitted via secure and encrypted devices. Occasionally my remote location in the mountains of Afghanistan made transmission impossible and I would have to fly back to Bagram Air Base in order to securely report to the Commander of the battle space.

It would have been convenient if I could have just called the Commander on my personal cell phone or written him an email on my personal laptop. But, had I done so I would have been reporting classified information via an unsecured device and it could have been compromised. These were, relative to Secretary of State communications, low level classifications of Secret. Had I ever sent even one in such a manner I would have been prosecuted and sent to Federal Prison for 20 years or so. That is how serious this violation is considered.

Now, because of you, Hillary Clinton is allowed to continue her RICO activities and is running for President of the United States, the most powerful position in the world. You have trampled on the Rule of Law and destroyed the trust of the American people in the FBI and in unbiased enforcement of the law. How do you sleep at night? It is time for you to go and work for the Clinton Foundation.

Hugh W. Galyean
FBI Agent, Retired


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Killer Appliances

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Appliance Killers 01

The Obama administration has tried hard throughout its two terms in office to persuade Americans – indeed, the entire world – that the global terrorist threat is due to everything butt…Islam.

Various pretzel-like “rationalizations” have been peddled to “deflect” attention from the “true” cause.

Appliance Killers 06

Thus, Major Nidal Hasan’s murderous rampage in 2009 that left 13 people “dead” at Fort Hood, Texas was termedworkplace violence.”

Appliance Killers 07

Later, State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf infamously declared that the “root cause” of terrorism is a lack of opportunity for jobs”:

“We cannot kill our way out of this war. We need in the medium to longer term to go after the root causes that leads people to join these groups, whether it’s a lack of opportunity for jobs, whether we can work with countries around the world to help improve their governance. We can help them build their economies so they can have job opportunities for these people.”

Appliance Killers 08

A month ago, Attorney General Loretta Lynch “topped” Harf in the “insanity” department with these pearls of wisdom:

“The good in this world far outweighs the evil. Our common humanity transcends our differences, and our most effective response to terror is compassion, it’s unity and it’s love. We stand with you today because we grieve together, and long after the cameras are gone will continue to stand with you as we grow together in commitment and solidarity and in equality.”

The latest “silly” statement  was made by none other than Hillary Clinton’s successor at “Foggy Bottom,” Secretary of State John “Ketchup” Kerry.

Appliance Killers 03

Gaffe-inclined Kerry was in Vienna, Austria to “negotiate” a global climate deal to “phase out” hydrofluorocarbons (HFC’s), chemicals used in “air conditioning and refrigeration.”

HFC’s are a source of “greenhouse” gas emissions that some scientists have alleged “contribute” to global warming.

According to various sources, Kerry claimed that refrigerator and air conditioner chemicals pose an “equal threat to life on the planet as ISIS and their global terrorist threat.”

Kerry, a notorious global warming fear monger, went off the deep-end, making this “idiot” claim, and giving the right a perfect sound-bite illustrating the left’s “incapacity” to understand and fight our greatest threat: “radical Islamic terrorism, or jihad.”

“As we were working together on the challenge of ISIS and terrorism, it’s hard for some people to grasp it, but what we – you – are doing here right now is of equal importance because it has the ability to literally save life on the planet itself. The use of hydrofluorocarbons is unfortunately growing. Already, the HFC’s use in refrigerators, air conditioners, and other items are emitting an entire gigaton of carbon dioxide-equivalent pollution into the atmosphere annually. Now, if that sounds like a lot, my friends, it’s because it is. It’s the equivalent to emissions from nearly 300 coal-fired power plants every single year.”

Kerry said that most of the substances banned in the Montreal Protocol have increased the use of HFC’s and claimed that the “coolant was thousands of times more potent than CO2. He added that the increase of HFC’s has led to the trend of global climate change,” notes Fox News.

Appliance Killers 09

Apparently with a straight Botox face, “Ketchup” Kerry is asking us to believe that commercial chemicals that allegedly contribute to global warming are “morally on par with the wanton, indiscriminate murder of innocents by Islamic jihadists.”

Preposterous, of course; but then the Obama administration has been living in an “alternative reality” for quite a while when it comes to “radical Islamic terrorism.“

Appliance Killers 04

Ironically, an Iranian-German 18-year-old murdered nine innocent people outside a strip mall in Munich—that same day that Kerry “warned” about refrigerators.

Germany treated the shooting as “terrorism,” and a witness reportedly heard the man shouting “Alluha Akbar” as he shot children in a McDonald’s restaurant.

Further, a Muslim “refugee” from Syria seeking asylum in Germany murdered one woman and injured two others with a machete. He reportedly pledged “allegiance” to ISIS before “blowing” himself and others up.

Stunningly, in both cases, it was not one of those “equally murderous refrigerators or air conditioners.”

Appliance Killers 00

Even if we grant “Hanoi Traitor” Kerry all the hysterical “settled science” concerning global warning, or climate change, or whatever the left calls it now, the “comparison” to the Islamic State is nonsensical.

“The threat of terrorism is immediate, barbaric, growing by the moment, and ripping apart families across the globe.”

The willingness to “downplay” this by comparing “radical Islam terrorism to refrigerators and air conditioners” reeks of, dare I say, a cover-up,” or at the least, an attempted “manipulation” of the people.

Appliance Killers 02

“Terrorism isn’t so bad, you see, your refrigerator and air conditioner is equally threatening, thus the Obama Administration is doing just fine. Right?”

Little is likely to change as Democrats meet in Philadelphia to anoint “Clinton-Kaine” or “Kaine and Unable,” as some wags have “labeled” the ticket.

Stop laughing. Kerry is right. Watch for the next “mass shooting” by air conditioners and refrigerators vowing the imminent “destruction” of the U.S.

It’s not a joke. In what world would this kind of absurd “rhetoric” be taken seriously? In a world “dominated” by the left.

These are “dark” days for this country.

Wouldn’t you expect there to be calls to “remove” Kerry from his position of responsibility, and “incarcerate” him in an institution for “unreachably” insanity?

Appliance Killers 10

Yet a recent declaration by Hanoi John Kerry is comparable, and he is still running loose “unmedicated,” not even “wearing” a straitjacket.

Yes, “fear” your air conditioners and refrigerators, America, but welcome “jihad terrorists” into your cities, towns and villages.

John Kerry should repeat this “warning” when he meets with the families of the “victims” of San Bernardino, Orlando, Chattanooga, Paris, Brussels, Dhaka, Munich, Fort Hood, Boston …and counting.

Mental illness aside, “hyperbole” has been the “envirofascist” propaganda tactic of “choice” for some time now.

As the global warming “hoax” gradually collapses, increasingly “desperate” proponents have been throwing their “hair-on-fire” prognostications of doom into overdrive, “plunging” ever deeper into the realm of “self-parody” and not looking back to see us “laughing.”

Less funny is that “kooks” like Kerry run the ever more “powerful” federal government.

Enjoy “refrigeration and air conditioning” while they are still permitted.

Appliance Killers 05

Out of his freaking mind.

Help John Kerry get rid of his carbon-emitting polluting air conditioners

Obama Transparency

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Words, nothing but a bunch of words.

In a May 2009 speech on “national security,” President Obama “promised” never to “withhold information” from the American “people” just because it was “uncomfortable” or “embarrassing” to the government.

Whenever he had to “withhold” information to “protect” the American people, Obama “promised” at the time, there would be judicial or congressional “oversight” of his actions.

“I ran for president promising transparency, and I meant what I said. And that’s why, whenever possible, my administration will make all information available to the American people so that they can make informed judgments and hold us accountable,” Obama said.

He then clarified, “I will never abandon — and will vigorously defend — the necessity of classification to defend our troops at war, to protect sources and methods, and to safeguard confidential actions that keep the American people safe.”

“Here’s the difference though: Whenever we cannot release certain information to the public for valid national security reasons, I will insist that there is oversight of my actions — by Congress or by the courts.”

Later in the speech, he declared: “We must not protect information merely because it reveals the violation of a law or embarrassment to the government.”

He went on to promise: “I will never hide the truth because it’s uncomfortable. I will deal with Congress and the courts as co-equal branches of government. I will tell the American people what I know and don’t know, and when I release something publicly or keep something secret, I will tell you why.”

But now the Obama administration openly faces sharp “criticism” after opting to selectively “edit” key passages of the Orlando “terrorist’s” call with 911 dispatchers, in which he “pledged” his allegiance to ISIS.

The following is based on Orlando Police Department (OPD) “radio communication” (times are approximate):

2:02 a.m.: OPD call transmitted multiple shots fired at Pulse nightclub.
2:04 a.m.: Additional OPD officers arrived on scene.
2:08 a.m.: Officers from various law enforcement agencies made entrance to Pulse and engaged the shooter.
2:18 a.m.: OPD SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) initiated a full call-out.
2:35 a.m.: Shooter contacted a 911 operator from inside Pulse. The call lasted approximately 50 seconds, the details of which are set out below:

Obama Transparency 02

Gay Muslim Terrorist Omar Mateen.

Orlando Police Dispatcher (OD)
Omar Mateen (OM)
OD: Emergency 911, this is being recorded.
OM: In the name of Allah the Merciful, the beneficent [Arabic]
OD: What?
OM: Praise be to Allah, and prayers as well as peace be upon the prophet of Allah [Arabic]. I wanna let you know, I’m in Orlando and I did the shootings.
OD: What’s your name?
OM: My name is I pledge of allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi of the Islamic State.
OD: Ok, What’s your name?
OM: I pledge allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi may Allah protect him [Arabic], on behalf of the Islamic State.
OD: Alright, where are you at?
OM: In Orlando.
OD: Where in Orlando?

[End of call.]

Shortly thereafter, the shooter engaged in three conversations with OPD’s Crisis Negotiation Team.

2:48 a.m.: First crisis negotiation call occurred lasting approximately nine minutes.
3:03 a.m.: Second crisis negotiation call occurred lasting approximately 16 minutes.
3:24 a.m.: Third crisis negotiation call occurred lasting approximately three minutes.

In these calls, the shooter, who identified himself as an “Islamic” soldier, told the crisis negotiator that he was the person who pledged his allegiance to ISIS, and told the negotiator to tell America to stop bombing Syria and Iraq and that is why he was “out here right now.”

When the crisis negotiator asked the shooter what he had done, the shooter stated, “No, you already know what I did.” The shooter continued, stating, “There is some vehicle outside that has some bombs, just to let you know. You people are gonna get it, and I’m gonna ignite it if they try to do anything stupid.” Later in the call with the crisis negotiator, the shooter stated that he had a vest, and further described it as the kind they “used in France.” The shooter later stated, “In the next few days, you’re going to see more of this type of action going on.” The shooter hung up and multiple attempts to get in touch with him were unsuccessful.

4:21 a.m.: OPD pulled an air conditioning unit out of a Pulse dressing room window for victims to evacuate. While the FBI will not be releasing transcripts of OPD communication with victims, significant information obtained from those victims allowed OPD to gain knowledge of the situation inside Pulse.

4:29 a.m.: As victims were being rescued, they told OPD the shooter said he was going to put four vests with bombs on victims within 15 minutes. An immediate search of the shooter’s vehicle on scene and inside Pulse ultimately revealed no vest or improvised explosive device.

5:02 a.m.: OPD SWAT and OCSO Hazardous Device Team began to breach wall with explosive charge and armored vehicle to make entry.

5:14 a.m.: OPD radio communication stated that shots were fired.

5:15 a.m.: OPD radio communication stated that OPD engaged the suspect and the suspect was reported down.

Based on OPD radio communications, there were no reports of shots being fired inside Pulse between the initial exchange of gunfire between responding officers and shooter, and the time of the final breach. During this time, the shooter communicated with an OPD 911 operator and an OPD crisis negotiator, and OPD radio communications reported that victims were being rescued.

Despite “explicit” statements from Mateen — the gay Muslim terrorist — that he was “inspired” to carry out the “shooting” on behalf of the “Islamic State,” and a history of threatening violence based on Islam, as well as “revelation” that he was the subject of “two” FBI investigations for suspected “terrorist” ties, some still question his motives.

Republicans assailed the Justice Department’s decision to “redact” the Orlando shooter’s declaration of “allegiance to the Islamic State” in transcripts of 911 calls from the June 12 shooting as another example “of not focusing on the evil here,” said Florida Governor Rick Scott.

When asked what was being “left out” of the transcript, Attorney General Loretta Lynch said it would not help to “further proclaim this individual’s pledges of allegiance to Islamic terrorist groups and further his Islamic propaganda.”

Obama Transparency 03

Authorities have previously said that during three conversations with a 911 dispatcher, Mateen “pledged” allegiance to ISIS’ leader, “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.” Mateen allegedly also said he “admired” the brothers who bombed the 2013 Boston Marathon, describing them as his “homeboys,” as well as Moner Mohammad Abu-Salha , a 22-year-old Palestinian-American from the same town as Mateen who carried out a “suicide attack” in Syria.

“Selectively editing this transcript is preposterous,” House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) said in a statement. “We know the shooter was a radical Islamist extremist inspired by ISIS. We also know he intentionally targeted the LGBT community. The administration should release the full, unredacted transcript so the public is clear-eyed about who did this, and why.”

“This is evil, this is ISIS. It’s radical Islam. At some point, we lost 49 lives here and we lost a journalist who was beheaded by ISIS,” Florida Governor Rick Scott told Fox News’ Bill Hemmer on “America’s Newsroom,” referring to the shooting last Sunday and the 2014 beheading of journalist Steven Sotloff, who was from Florida. “We need a president that’s going to say I care about destroying ISIS.”

Loretta Lynch reasoned that the reason for the edits “is to avoid re-victimizing those people that went through this horror,” adding that it “will contain the substance of his conversations.” The FBI used similar language at a news conference to explain its reasoning.

“I have no idea what she means,” Scott said.

The federal government’s “decision” did not sit well with other Fox News guests either.

“That would mean during the Second World War if I called up and said ‘I am part of the Nazi movement, I’ve joined here in the United States, and I’m going kill 49 Americans and we left out ‘Nazi movement,’” Rudy Giuliani said Monday on “Fox & Friends.”

The redactions represent a “degree of denial” for the United States, Giuliani said, adding that it “helps to cause the terrorists to be encouraged to commit more attacks.”

Later in the show, during Giuliani’s interview, co-host Steve Doocy commented, “But, mayor, if you remove all references to radical Islam, you are removing the motive.”

“Uh, yeah. Yeah,” said Giuliani, who was a federal prosecutor before he became New York mayor. ” I mean if I did that in court as a prosecutor my boss would fire me. The jury wants to know the motive for the crime. The killer has told us the motive for his crime. It would be like removing — ‘I’m killing my friend because he cheated me out of money.’”

Asked about Donald Trump’s recent comments in which he suggested that he would consider “profiling” individuals to prevent future acts of terrorism, Giuliani responded, “We always profile.”

After massive media “blow back,” transcripts have now been released with some of the “redaction’s” removed.

Obama Administration Has History of Scrubbing Allah from Transcripts
‘Truthful to His Lord’: Islamic State American Praises Orlando Jihadi Mateen in Video

Chosen Gender Identity

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Chosen Gender Identity 04

The White “Rainbow” House says gender identity is a “Civil Rights” issue.

The Obama administration has “ordered” US schools to encourage “mental illness” in children by letting “gender confused” pupils use toilets matching their chosen gender identity.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch said schools that don’t “comply” may face lawsuits or lose “federal aid” if they do not comply.

In a separate move, the president also “strengthened” protections for “LGBTFQAPBCU©” community receiving “health care.”

The federal government is “fighting” the state of North Carolina in court over a law “requiring” people to use “toilets” according to their “gender at birth.”

However the Obama administration “education and justice” departments say public schools must “respect” transgender pupils’ “gender identity” even if their education records or identity documents indicate a “different sex.”

“There is no room in our schools for discrimination of any kind, including discrimination against transgender students on the basis of their sex,” Lynch said.

Chosen Gender Identity 03

Campaigners “hailed” the move.

“This is a truly significant moment not only for transgender young people but for all young people, sending a message that every student deserves to be treated fairly and supported by their teachers and schools,” said Chad Griffin from Human Rights Campaign, a “gay, lesbian and transgender” rights organization.

But the “directive,” which has been sent to all public schools, was immediately “rejected” by senior Republican Party politicians meeting at a “convention” in Texas.

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick said: “This will be the beginning of the end of the public school system as we know it.”

“President Obama, in the dark of the night – without consulting Congress, without consulting educators, without consulting parents – decides to issue an executive order, forcing transgender policies on schools and on parents who clearly don’t want it,” he told 5NBC television.

A new “gender identity” comes into force as soon as a “parent or guardian” notifies the school that their child’s identity “differs from previous representations or records” and must be respected even if it makes others “uncomfortable,” the directive says.

Chosen Gender Identity 05

Loretta “I hate the constitution” Lynch said North Carolina’s new state law had “echoes” of policies of “racial segregation” and efforts to deny gay couples “the right to marry.”

The federal government and the state are “suing each other over the law,” which the federal authorities say “violates” the Civil Rights Act.

North Carolina’s Governor Pat McCrory has said the law is a “common sense privacy policy” and that the justice department’s position is “baseless and blatant overreach.”

However, many businesses and entertainers have “criticized the measures as discriminatory.”

Musicians have “cancelled” concerts in the states and several companies have pledged to “curtail” their business in North Carolina.

Last month a US appeals courts ruled that a Virginia school policy that “barred” a transgender pupil from using the boys’ toilet was “discriminatory.”

In plain English this means “little” Timmy can now go into the girl’s bathroom watching them “tinkle,” or stay in the boys bathroom watching someone with a vagina “pissing” into the urinals next to him.

I wonder what the “Social justice warriors” (SJW’s) next agenda will be once this whole “controversy” over bathroom rights for a group that makes up “0.3 percent of population” in the U.S. is over.

Now that “gay marriage” is done with, it seems to me they are running out of “fights to pick.”

It’s kind of weird that the government is willing to “declare” that a minor who hasn’t finished developing “mentally” is able to make a decision about “changing” their gender though. But whatever. I’m fine with “weird” people being “weird.”

Seriously, what this really “boils” down to is that the only “real” differences between the male and female bathrooms are the “toilets,” with the women’s bathroom smelling too much like “perfume” while the men’s smells like “urine stained” toilet seats.

Chosen Gender Identity 01

Women always go to the bathroom in a “gaggle” and take 35 minutes to “wizz,” while men simply “unzip” and go.

Larry Craig

No man spends one second “longer” in the restroom than necessary unless he is “gay” like former Senator Larry Craig looking for a quick “fellatio” or “fudge packing” victim.

Gay Fudge Packer

People are getting “bent” out of shape over a “none issue,” because as soon as “trannies” have to “wait in line for an hour to piss” at an event, they will leave their “pantyhose and wigs” at home.

New York City Lets You Choose From 31 Different Gender Identities


How one woman’s ‘bathroom bill’ campaign went viral

Chosen Gender Identity 02

Chosen Gender Identity 00

New Speakeasy

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Justice Involved 02

 Justice Involved Individuals = Criminal Individuals in Prison

Barack Obama’s “Department of Justice” is deploying a new euphemism for “convicted” criminals: “justice-involved individuals.”

Justice Involved 01

“In an effort to help young people involved in the justice system find jobs and housing, the U.S. Departments of Justice (DOJ) and Housing and Urban Development (HUD) today announced $1.75 million for Public Housing Authorities (PHA) and nonprofit legal service organizations to address the challenges ‘justice-involved individuals’ face when trying to find work and a place to call home,” a statement from the Department of Justice reads.

Justice Involved 03

Convicts who turned to a “life of crime” early on are “the future of America,” Attorney General Loretta Lynch said, calling them “justice-involved individuals”:

“The future of our nation depends upon the future of our young people – including young people who have become involved with our justice system. By helping justice-involved individuals find decent jobs and stable housing after they return home, these critical grants provide a foundation for a fresh start and offer a path towards productivity and purpose. In the months ahead, the Department of Justice will continue helping justice-involved individuals enrich their lives and improve our country.”

The Department of Justice put money from the 2007 Second Chance Act towards the “Juvenile Reentry Assistance Program,” granting $1.75 million to nonprofits and Public Housing Authorities in order to help “justice-involved individuals” convicted of crimes get “ID’s, jobs and housing” after they serve their sentence.

The “Juvenile Reentry Assistance Program” helps ex-cons in part by “expunging or sealing” the criminal records for those as “old as 24” so they can live in “taxpayer-funded” housing.

Lynch’s statement came during “National Reentry Week, where the Obama administration works to “soften or eliminate” the consequences of committing “serious” crimes and ensure “ex-cons” are given the same “advantages” as lifelong, “law-abiding” citizens.

Justice Involved 04

Worst. Euphemism. Ever.

Freedom Express

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Freedom Express 01

President Barack Obama signed an “executive order” without advance notice to start a bus line called the “Freedom Express” that runs from Mexico into the United States for the purpose of “easing” border crossings for “illegal” Mexican immigrants.

Freedom Express 08

According to the order, the passengers are not to be “charged” a bus fee or be “burdened” by U.S. Customs searches as they “cross” the border.

After arrival at the various “destinations” across the United States they are given “a Obama phone, a electronic benefit transfer card, a social security card, a driver licenses” and $10,000 for single immigrants, $20,000 for a family and an additional $5,000 for every child in that family as well as free “ObamaCare” health insurance and educational “tuition” until the time when community colleges are “free for all citizens.”

Freedom Express 04

In addition they will be automatically “registered” to vote in upcoming elections.

The tax-payer funded “Freedom Express” bus line will run around the clock starting July 4th, a date chosen by the president believing that it will be a “significant and sentimental” date to celebrate Independence Day, commonly associated with “fireworks, parades, barbecues, carnivals, fairs, picnics, concerts, baseball games, family reunions, and political speeches and ceremonies, in addition to various other public and private events celebrating the history, government, and traditions of the United States.”

Freedom Express 02

President Obama, calling the bus line “Freedom Express,” declared this as a significant “moment” in American history.

Freedom Express 07

Bus stations will be located in the “poorest and most crime infested” communities in Mexico and will deliver immigrants to multiple “low income housing” structures being built by George Lucas and Jimmy Carter.

Freedom Express 06

FEMA camps that were built to be used as “emergency shelters” if there were ever a disaster on U.S. soil will also be used to house immigrants arriving via the “Freedom Express.”

Freedom Express 10

I will shortly issue another executive order that will “ensure” that small towns across the country will erect “tent” cities and more low cost housing units to “accommodate” the surge of newly arriving American citizens.

“We need to see these immigrants as victims of their circumstances” the president stated. “We need to give them the same chance at life that all Americans enjoy and share our immense wealth and fortune. Not to do so would be inhumane and unpatriotic.”

Freedom Express 11

According to “newly” sworn-in Attorney General Loretta Lynch anyone using the term “illegal” in reference to these immigrants are subject to “hefty fines and jail time.”

Freedom Express 09
Freedom Express 03

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