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Elite Liberal Royalty

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If you are a member of the “elite liberal royalty”, you do not need to wear a mask when you are out in public.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “forced” all beauty salons in San Francisco to close… except for the one she needs to get her hair done.

You can see her here without a mask in the beauty salon, but she thinks you need to wear a mask and quarantine. Also, you cannot go out and risk voting, it’s too dangerous.

If you say “Beetle juice” three times, beauty parlors will magically open for you.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot shut down all beauty salons in her town… except for the one she needs to get her hair done.

Then there are the Fredo’s…

Just look at Andrew ”Fredo” Cuomo – others will be legally required to wear a mask – even when walking outdoors. But not if you’re a Cuomo

Then there is his brother Chris “Fredo” Cuomo who actually had the COVID19 virus and was observed out and about exploring the Hampton’s and super spreading the disease. Of course, he was very fast to criticize others for not quarantining.

Then there is his privileged daughter. She will wear a mask, but just for show. She doesn’t actually have to cover her nose like you do.

CNN Chris Cuomo, who tested positive weeks ago, turned his prime-time gig from the basement of his $2.9 million Southampton home into a freak performance piece: “Some nights he attempts to don the wartime mantle of his brother, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo; other nights he claims to be a broken man, relaying tales of shivering so hard he chipped a tooth, shedding 13 pounds in days, hallucinating conversations with his dead dad.”

Yet Chris, like fellow infected Hamptonite and self-important news personality George Stephanopoulos, has decided quarantine cannot and should not affect elites like him.

As lowly New Yorkers continue to heed Gov. Andrew “Fredo” Cuomo’s orders to stay indoors, at great personal and economic cost, his sick brother decided there was no better time than cruise around East Hampton while sick with COVID.

There was literally no reason for “super spreader” Chris “Fredo” Cuomo to be there. Yet he was infuriated when a 65-year-old “nobody” man riding his bicycle maintaining social distance stopped and called Cuomo out.

“Your brother is the coronavirus czar, and you’re not even following his rules, unnecessary travel, ” the man, identified only as David said. Cuomo’s response? “Who the hell are you?! I can do what I want!”

No statement better sums up the general attitude and demeanor of the super-wealthy and famous out here in the best of times: “I’m somebody. You’re nobody. The rules don’t apply to me.” 

Of course, we should also exempt the Liberal Elites who order us around from “non-essential travel”, like Mayor Bill DeBlasio and his crazy wife.

Or the notorious, mid-octogenarian Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Supreme Court justice who delivered a stunning “rebuke” to her liberal friends over the weekend by recklessly officiating at a wedding WITHOUT A MASK during the global pandemic.

After the bride, Barb Solish, tweeted a photo of the mask less lib justice officiating the wedding, at least one Twitter user expressed anxiety over the potential consequences for the future of Western civilization.

“Honestly … the ramifications of her getting sick at a wedding (which has been happening) could be catastrophic,” wrote Twitter user Salty John. “Seeing this is the scariest thing I’ve seen all week. Congratulations, but I hope you didn’t just destroy Western civilization for a cool wedding photo.”

Solish, who married Danny Kazin, an executive at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, attempted to calm the mob of terrified libs. “Don’t worry, we tested negative!” she tweeted vaguely, declining to clarify the meaning of “we.” The ordinarily vigilant media, meanwhile, have for some reason been hesitant to sound the alarm.

It wasn’t the first example of Ginsburg’s blasé attitude toward coronavirus restrictions. While most Americans are still unable to go to the gym, RBG and her personal trainer have continued working out together in the Supreme Court’s private gym.

Rules for thee but not for me.

Trump Deranged Syndrome

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Is there any justification for “Trump Deranged Syndrome” (TDS)?

Considering most Nations facing any health crisis quickly alerts citizens and institutes ways to “confront, confine and minimize” damage. In this instance, we must question why TDS has not risen to that “crisis level” in the eyes of the President and US Health officials.

If America fails to admit and address our own TDS health crisis, how can we legitimately address health issues with other countries? At least, most countries don’t attempt a cover-up or fail to admit there is a health problem, right?

Meanwhile, TDS continues to spread from top FBI officials to infect top government officials and almost every member of the Democrat Party, media, and Never Trumpers.

Psychiatrists agree the core issue associated with TDS, is a menacing destructive mental attitude capable of destroying families – if not properly treated. Many, further agree TDS can be even more frightening than “illegal drugs, alcohol, bullying, arrogance, and other mental health illnesses.”

To date, America has not only failed to acknowledge this health crisis, but no plans have been put forth to address and care for those affected. We must all question why the President, Congress, and US Health Officials prefer to maintain secrecy about this highly infectious health issue!

Surely America is better than this and we must immediately institute action plans to a) stop the spread of this terrifying illness, and b) treat and care for those diagnosed with TDS. Then we must expose the dangers of this mental health disease to other countries so they might prepare for the spreading of the disease.

TDS’s health issues require inspection from various lenses since it seems to attack people in so many various ways. Since many professionals express the disease has characteristics of the “fight or flight” syndromes, it should be treated as an auto-immune disease since it triggers people’s emotions.

Just as we have terrorist alerts, why can’t Government agencies issue warning levels as the disease progresses across America? Daily updates on the spread of the TDS disease would help professional health providers prepare action plans.

Why isn’t State and Federal Government Agencies offering treatment centers for those affected? Why can’t we quarantine those geographical areas so heavily infected in an attempt to limit spreading?

Does anyone have the audacity to believe avoiding these discussions and sweeping the issue under the rug will make anything better? If so, why can’t we apply this philosophy to “paranoia, schizophrenia, Ebola, corona virus, alcoholism, measles, domestic violence, rape, harassment, bullying”, and the like?

Meanwhile, we are watching Democrats, Never Trumpers, and the news media spread the TDS disease across America. Each day, we see more infections leaving people totally out of control and unable to control their emotions or accept facts.

On the surface, TDS infections are expressed by those that accept, approve, and applaud “lying and liars.” Lord knows the media exposes this portion of the issue minute-by-minute, right. We notice Democrats and the Never Trumpers frequently running to their Congressional Safe Spaces to lie, lie, and lie so Congressional legislation protects them from prosecution or held liable.

The TDS infections eventually peaked among Democrats after shouting, “If we don’t impeach Donald Trump immediately; mountains will fall, fish will leave the oceans to eat us, financial markets will collapse, vehicles will randomly run over pedestrians, and our Constitution will be destroyed!”

Yes, we know it has reached critical stages when the Democrat Global Warming Hoax is now in second place to TDS. Regardless, Democrats never fail to let everyone know either of these two mental illnesses will destroy the planet.

However, if we only pull our heads out, it’s so easy to see America under President Trump has never been better. There’s not sufficient room within any article or news break to emphasize all of the many accomplishments this President has achieved for every American, within only a few short months in office.

Therefore, it behooves all to question why only those “opposing” President Trump are “victims” of some sort of discrimination plot. Meanwhile, most Americans are prospering like no other time in our history! How can it be possible for only Democrats to feel so “disenfranchised?” Then again, perhaps we must assume it is just more “lies and anti-American” propaganda?

People infected with TDS have no “shame or moral” compass. It’s all about “money and power” at any cost. Democrats have now seen fit to adopt leaders from Iran over President Trump to promote their mantra, “Death to America!”

Then Joe Biden, Democrat Presidential Candidate, tells us “illegal” immigrants are more American than legal citizens are.

Again, if we listen to Democrats, America is in bad shape because President Trump is a “racist, homophobe, climate change denier” and doesn’t want America to get involved in endless “Middle East” war! If they are so certain, why can’t they produce the proof he is bad for America.

Deranged TDS infected Democrats really believe taxpayers owe them their livelihood. You see, they pass legislation for only one purpose, to scam” taxpayer money. For Democrats “work” is a four-letter word. Therefore, they aren’t looking for jobs or earning money the “old fashion” way, they just want to create “shell games and rule.”

Regardless of the legislation, the Dems do their magic so the lion’s share ends up in their bank accounts. After all, when one leaves the public sector to enter government to get rich, shouldn’t they become suspect?

You’ll then understand when the new Sherriff, President Trump, came to Washington DC with a promise to “drain the swamp”, such news had to be more frightening to government employees, lobbyists, Democrats, and the Never Trumpers than any horror ever imagined.

After serving in government for most of their lives, “Swamp Dwellers” eventually have the opportunity to cash in on wealth schemes like those before them. Suddenly, it dawns upon them their “illegal retirement plans” have been threatened and possibly denied.

It’s the other side of the TDS issues people fail to grasp. Imagine being on a desert sand doom with the sun beating down watching the last canteen of water evaporate right before our eyes. After all, the Democrats, media, and Never Trumpers have “lied, cheated, and corrupted” everything touched to get to this point in their lives.

Now, the well is going dry, accountability is being implemented, and the DOJ is ordered to investigate all of their schemes and crimes – just when things were going so very well for them!

The “money, sex, and drugs” normally flowing freely at every Washington DC gathering is no longer public knowledge. Transparency and Godliness is now in the forefront while sin is moving into the closet, once again. Yep, President Trump has ushered in an era that has no place in Washington DC, right?

For those infected with TDS, their new priority is to “hate” everything America! They want an America where those who burn and demean our flag and Constitution are “heroes” while police and military personnel defending America are the “scum” of the earth.

Imagine the seriousness of their feelings and conversations when they realized the new Sherriff was neither corruptible nor willing to participate in their sinister schemes against America’s taxpayers. Imagine what they must have felt like when President Trump announced his efforts would focus upon making America great again.

Suddenly with billions of dollars at risk for the members of the DC Swamp, they falsely accuse the new Sherriff of every sort of evil known to humanity! They falsely believed their strength in numbers would override American opinion and sway voters to reject the 2016 election and remove President Trump from the 2020 ballots. Facts are a stubborn thing and the truths began dribbling into the public arena signing their political death certificates.

Consider the Democrat’s Russia and Ukraine false accusations as an example. While they know with certainty Donald Trump had nothing to do with these faux issues, they couldn’t help themselves so they fall to even lower levels of corruption to use taxpayer money in an attempt to hold hearings and impeach this President.

The one thing we did learn from all of the taxpayer-funded investigations is the Democrats were up to their necks in Russia and Ukraine corruption. Russia provided the dossier while China and Ukraine provided the anti-Trump talking points and millions in kickbacks.

Yep, the investigations and hearings show how corrupt, dirty, and desperate anti-Trumpers have become. They want to slay their opposition with false accusations but it’s no longer working!

The Kavanaugh Hearings taught us well – false accusations, no proof, just lie after lie. Now, after the impeachment has begun, there will be a parade of people like Ballsie Ford, declaring they too had unprotected sex with President Trump in Ukraine. Who knows, there may even be a Ukraine Dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton!

That’s why the “Trump Deranged Syndrome” is alive and well in Washington DC, just when everything was going so well for the “Swamp Dwellers!” Voters must begin actions to address the TDS issues that are destroying America.

Just pull the lever for Republicans and relax!

Merry Christmas Warning

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While most Americans and followers of “Jesus” around the world celebrate and hold December near and dear to their hearts, Democrats and their “sycophant” supporters believe it is the most “evil” time of the year!

Yes, Democrats along with other anti-God movements “despise” Happy, Holy Days, Cheer, Giving, and Joy. In their hearts, there is only room for “hate” since they are all about being victors in their “political blood” sport of destroying the lives of good and decent people.

Just ask anyone if they have ever seen a Liberal tell a funny joke or laugh until they can’t. Instead, it’s easy to spot Liberals because they all have a “growl and frown” expression on their face. They truly live in a “whine cellar!”

With the current “PC” culture so invasive, Liberals are forced to remain “foulmouthed” to avoid being attacked by Social Justice “warriors” for having a sense of humor.

Oh yes, Liberals think they “know” everything and there is nothing liberals “don’t” understand. They also have an extreme “vulgar” vocabulary of clichés to yell attempting to “slay” the messenger and then run for their “safe” spaces.

Liberals are only about statements like “racists, sexists, homophobic” and the like. Penetrating a Liberal’s mind is akin to training a “rock to shake hands.”

Just imagine how “awful” it makes any Liberal feel when they see Christians loving one another, sharing life, and enjoying the world around them. Imagine one’s audacity to openly sing “Christmas” carols,  especially those with the word “Christ” in them!

The reality of Christianity and Christmas now “evades” Liberals. Liberals fail to understand that “facts and truth” make major differences in life.

Within the Liberal world, life is more aligned with “whack-a-mole” lifestyles than reality. They falsely believe we must all live a certain way because of Democrat hoaxes!

The reality of life in their world, is Liberals prefer to live in a fantasy world full of political “hoaxes” while Christians live in a real world depending upon “fact and truth” as their guide.

When Democrat “lies” are exposed as only another hoax, they jump into their next hoax. Their lives revolve around telling “lies” and more damn lies – never to apologize or correct themselves.

No, Liberals never attempt to do anything to “improve” lives. It’s always about power and money. If they can win, then anything goes. If it’s a loser, then they fight dirty – blaming others for their “lies and mistakes.”

The point being is there is no way to “appease” a Liberal and December is the time of the year most “hated” by them. If it’s anything to do with Christ, it will be “attacked, demeaned, and maligned.”

First Lady Melania has “revealed” her White House Christmas Decor for 2019. The AP did a great job with their camera work. It won’t be too long before the liberal critics “ridicule” the decorations and Christmas arrangements.

Beautiful trees, beautiful lights, beautiful ornaments, and beautiful Christmas music played by the Marine Band. All chosen by the most beautiful First Lady since Jackie. Who could ask for more?

In the spirit of the “Holidays,” the Democratic party could also be part of the majesty of the “White House” decorations by providing miniature displays placed around the bottom of every tree consisting of various members of the homeless, streets lined with colorful camping tents, sidewalks decorated with holiday syringes, shopping carts filled with assorted colorful illegal plastic bags filled with personal possessions, streets piled with plastic bags full of feces/assorted colorful human waste and a variety of vomit discharges in a stunning visual diorama.

The music would be colorfully provided by rappers, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Botany Boyz and Funk Wizard Show. After all, Democrat leaders and their stewardship of our various cities and country truly represent the future for children, or children we have yet to abort.

Please don’t be shocked when it touches you, personally. Be forewarned and forearmed to deal with it as best you can. When they scream their “hateful” epitaphs normally used by Liberals to“kill” the messengers, simply respond with a kindly “Merry Christmas!”


Revolutionary Caliph Obama

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Revolutionary “Caliph” Obama, speaking at a private dinner with “liberal” voters told the audience that the average American doesn’t want a “revolution” or “tear down the system.”

“My point is that even as we push the envelope and we are bold in our vision, we also have to be rooted in reality and the fact that voters, including Democratic voters and certainly persuadable independents or even moderate Republicans, are not driven by the same views that are reflected on certain, you know, left-leaning Twitter feeds or the activist wing of our party. This is still a country that is less revolutionary than it is interested in improvement. They like seeing things improved. But the average American doesn’t think that we have to completely tear down the system and remake it. And I think it’s important for us not to lose sight of that.”

Caliph Obama wading into the 2020 race, warns of the dangers of listening to “certain left-leaning twitter feeds” or the “activist wing of our party.”

Speaking to the far left “vanguards” of the revolution Caliph Obama cautioned to be ever mindful of our “natural enthusiasms” so as to be electable.

Until we “transform” the system of government to a “socialist” system we must be very careful about “frightening” the bourgeoisie with “social plans” for everything under the sun during election years.

If you listen closely you can hear the “loony toon liberal mob” whimpering into their pillows after Caliph Obama told them “sane” American’s don’t want a revolution.

“Obama tells Democratic candidates to ease off talk of revolution.” — Post Politics (@postpolitics) November 16, 2019

“Even as we push the envelope and we are bold in our vision we also have to be rooted in reality.” — Lisa Lerer (@llerer) November 16, 2019

“I was inspired by him when he was running. I graduated into a recession and watched Obama bailout the banks and car companies without forgiving any mortgage debts. He chose not to jail the bankers and gave them bonuses instead. He screwed us all.” — ThisIsItChief (@brockaletti) November 16, 2019

“Oh no! Not making the world a better place!” — #deMOCKracy (@BernieUpstateNY) November 16, 2019

“Look at Obama telling us about reality from his $15 million Martha’s Vineyard estate, lol.” — Bootsie Rose 2020 🌹 (@bootsie5) November 16, 2019

“Like him or not, #Obama is one of the corporate elite. He’s not on our side. He’s on the side of the wealthy and powerful.” — The Objective (@TheWayThingsAr1) November 16, 2019

“No We Can’t! No We Can’t! I always loved that famous Obama chant.” — Residue 4 Bernie 2020 Blue Check (@Residue2020) November 16, 2019

Nothing starts your “day off” better than watching Democrats “eating their own.”

And what makes this even better is reading the once “Messiah loving liberals” throwing shade at their former spineless “Jellyfish-in-Chief” after Caliph Obama scolded the “delusional” Democrats and Liberals to take their “meds and chill.”

Caliph Obama is in effective advancing the “Joy Behar Doctrine.” In response to Beto O’Rourke’s messaging that he was going to go “door-to-door to confiscate guns”, Joy Behar, agreeing with his agenda, noted that he should conceal said agenda until elected.

Lest we should think that Caliph Obama has become a “moderate”, think again. Muslim Obama is as “radical”, if not more so than Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, but Obama knows what political “savant” Joy Behar knows, the American people aren’t hard leftists.

By packaging their hard-left agenda as “sensible,” “fair,” and “just,” they can fool the American people into electing them. How we approach “manipulating” the American people will be important.

Wait until you get elected and then take the guns away.
Wait until you get elected and then take away Americans’ freedom of speech, religion, and right of assembly.
Wait until you get elected and then relegate American citizens to a government-run healthcare system.
Wait until you get elected and then open the floodgates on the Southern border.
Wait until you get elected and then do away with the Electoral College.

Again, make no mistake, Caliph Obama is not a moderate. He still seeks to “fundamentally change” America, suggesting Democratic candidates to “hide their agenda until elected.”

Here is an important “history” lesson from Caliph Obama:

How a U.S. President can achieve “impeachment immunity” from seeking to induce foreign leader to interfere with U.S. election by acting with forbearance in accordance with U.S. President’s desire be able to successfully defeat opponent’s claim that foreign leader poses threat to U.S. so that thus-accommodated U.S. President can defeat opponent and after such election show more “flexibility” to what foreign leader desires.

So, a thus-assured Putin deferred invasion of Crimea until after Obama’s 2012 defeat of Romney, who had claimed Putin wanted to invade or attack former Soviet states such as Ukraine, in response to which Obama mocked Romney’s assertion by saying to Romney: “The 1980’s are calling to get their Russia-distrusting foreign-policy back.”

And when Putin thereafter seized Crimea and invaded Eastern Ukraine, Obama showed “flexibility” by providing “blankets and MRE’s” to Ukraine rather than “lethal-weapons” assistance. Thus, it shouldn’t be shocking that during the 2016 election campaign, in which Trump often expressed his desire for some form of “détente” with Russia, influential Ukrainians, with tacitly passive approval, if not overt approval and/or encouragement from the U.S. Ambassador, Marie Yovanovitch, exhibited overt “hostility” towards the possible election of Trump and “collaborated” with representatives of Hillary’s campaign against Trump.

The rabid left turns on Obama
Barack Obama and the Behar doctrine

#WalkAway Campaign

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The #WalkAway Campaign is a true grassroots “movement” founded by former liberal, Brandon Straka on May 26th, 2018. It encourages and supports those on the Left to “walk away” from the divisive tenets endorsed and mandated by the Democratic Party of today.

We are walking away from the lies, the false narratives, the fake news, the race-baiting, the victim narrative, the violence, the vandalism, the vitriol. We are walking away from a party driven by hate. We are walking toward patriotism and a new, unified America! We are the future of this great nation!

Thanks to #WalkAway, countless former Democrats and Liberals of every race, religion, ethnicity, and sexual orientation have demonstrated the courage to tell the world why they decided to leave the party of identity politics and perpetual victim-hood.

Unfortunately not enough have yet left the party of crazies.

Blue Collar Logic
Welcome To Backroom Buzz
#WalkAway from Democrats Rally Draws Hundreds of Patriots

Save The Snowflakes

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America’s “Snowflakes” are melting, and this time, “global warming” isn’t to blame.

What happens when America’s “political system” shifts to the Right? America’s precious young “snowflakes” lose their minds, and folks, this is no “laughing” matter!

Our nation’s “snowflakes” are being cared for by “colleges and universities” across the country.

These schools – no, “HEROES” – are financially supporting “cry-ins, hot chocolate, bubbles, kittens, puppies and ponies, crayons, and Play-Doh” to comfort these “wounded” snowflakes.

Some schools even “canceled” exams and classes to “ensure” that America’s snowflakes are “treated” with extra “care and understanding” during these “difficult” times.

But clearly, it’s not “enough.” State budgets cannot be expected to “bear” this burden alone.

It’s going to take a far more “sustainable” funding source to ensure “special” snowflakes have the “emotional” support they need.

In response, we here at the “Media Research Center” have launched the “Save the Snowflakes” project to respond to this “emergency” and bring crucial attention to this “devastating” human crisis.

We need your “contributions” right now to keep America’s snowflakes from “melting” away.

For the price of a “pumpkin spice latte” per week, you can help these snowflakes find “solace” in their “safe” spaces, far away from “microaggressions and campus triggers” like conservative ideas, facts, logic, or any “opposing” views.

The media may not choose to expose this “atrocity,” but the Media Research Center, through our “Save the Snowflakes” initiative, is doing much more – “we’re taking action!”

We won’t rest until we “save” each and every special snowflake from the “horrors” of exposure to things they “simply do not agree with.”

Donate today, share your donation, our MRCTV video, and this page with your family and friends, and remember: your feelings matter, but their feelings matter more. … s-campaign
Hilarious ‘Save The Snowflakes’ Mockery Has Liberals Outraged


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Use this quick guide to “determine” if you see someone “manspreading.”

You can now have them “arrested” for doing so, especially if they are a “Republicans, Christians or white males.”







Everything people do “right down” to the way they sit must be “sensationalized, made vulgar and hateful” except if it is done by “Democrats and Liberals.”

Eat, Drink and be Merry

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Eat, Drink and be Merry 01

It’s that time of year again when people “eat, drink and spend money” more than any other “time of the year.”

It’s the time when evils like “exclusion, greed, acquisition, excess, family and unfairness,” all are couched between “Thanksgiving” and observing the birth of “Jesus” which become the order of the “Reason for the Season.”

Eat, Drink and be Merry 02

It has always been the Christians “desire”to counter these “evils” and make everyone feel “guilty” for their so called “blessings” by calling attention to the ongoing plight of “the homeless, the hungry, the poor and the destitute.”

Eat, Drink and be Merry 03

Indeed, when was the “last” time you turned on the local news on “Thanksgiving Day,” without being “bombarded” with images of “starving” masses lined up at a “shelter” for the only meal they’ll “ever” have all year?

Or stories of people “camping” out in tents on the “sidewalks” of businesses in spite of the “cold and lack of sanitary facilities,” all because they have no “job” to go to, no “family” with which to spend “quality” time, but most importantly, no “life” at all?

Eat, Drink and be Merry 04

For years Liberals “blamed” this sad state of affairs “first” on Reagan and then Bush. They “demanded” a government “solution” to this problem these “Christians” caused.

When Obama was “elected,” they finally had the solution they’d been “waiting” for.

Between Obama and a Democratic majority in both House and Senate, they “shoved” Christianity out of the way and set out to “prove” that Government “can and will always do a better job than God!”

Alas, “almost” eight years on, the “poor” are still with us and “life” is worse. It’s getting harder and harder to “convince” people that the long-lasting “consequences” of Reagan/Bush policies are at “fault.”

They’ve even classified “climate change” as the biggest threat to “national and global security.”

After forty-plus years of “warning” Americans that we have “less” than ten years to “save the planet,” we must grudgingly “concede” that we can’t exactly blame people for “reacting” to Christian predictions of “Judgment Day” taking place in 1975, then 1984, then 2000, etc.

Clearly we still need to “work” on our messaging.

In the meantime, “progressive” Liberals decided to put the “burden” back where it belongs, with the “Christians” who always “wanted” it.

It’s time to let them take the “blame” and demand they “solve” these problem, at least until Hillary’s “coronation,” when we’ll have more of the “right” people in charge.

Eat, Drink and be Merry 05

I found a YouTube video by some “guy” no one ever heard of. Someone who would easily be “forgotten” in the ensuing chaos.

Someone who would never get the fifteen minutes of “fame” he hoped to enjoy, because his “obscure” whack jobbery to “scapegoat” an entire Christian movement.

He “ranted” some nonsense about “Christmas” and the color of “Starbucks” cups and voila “The Starbucks Red Cup Kerfuffle” was born.

Thanks to the masses on “social media” already bored with Ben Carson’s “lies” and in desperate need of something “bright and shiny” to distract and ultimately “offend” and fill them with “outrage,” the Red Cup controversy not only went “viral” within hours, but just as “swiftly” developed a consensus of “group-think” guaranteed to “squelch” any threat of “backlash, push back, whiplash, ass whup, or even pussy whup.”

So much “glorious” Christian bashing! Scrolling down Facebook “news” feeds, all I saw was meme after meme after meme “scolding” all of Christianity for having nothing “better to do” with their time than “whine” about a red cup that made no mention of their “Savior.”

Eat, Drink and be Merry 06

Meme after meme after meme “exhorting” Christians to go out and “shelter the homeless, feed the starving, clothe the naked, employ the jobless, adopt the unwanted,” all the things they don’t “want” Government to do because they’ve insisted since time “immemorial” that they can do a “better” job of it.

That “raises” the question then why are the “homeless, starving, naked, jobless, unwanted,” etc. still with us?

Because Christians are too busy “raising” a big unholy stink about the “color” of a coffee cup.

What is it with their “hatred” of color? “I don’t like red cups. I don’t like the black man in the White House. I don’t like the gay rainbow flag.”

Starbucks Red Cup 08

Jesus said “the poor will always be with us.” Now his so-called followers “refuse” to do anything to “help” them, yet they “didn’t” want the Government to help them, “either.”

“Therefore, this season, when you see or read the same stories about the hungry lining up to be fed, the homeless queuing up to be sheltered, the people camping outside the stores hoping a great deal on a piece of merchandise within will make their prolonged suffering, deprivation, and subsequent trampling by like-minded victims of capitalism worth the wait, the trouble, and the money they never had to part with since they never worked for it, because they had no job…blame the Christians.”

And when you sit down this season to “partake” of what others “cannot,” because of Christians, you shouldn’t “feel” guilty.

Eat, Drink and be Merry 07

After all, Christians “brought” society to this, and “only” Government is the people’s “true” salvation.

Snoop Dogg Helps Deliver 1,500 Thanksgiving Turkeys in Inglewood

Jihadi John and Liberals

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Jihadi John and Liberals 01

Who would have “thought” that the notorious ISIS “remover of heads,” the man behind the “ski” mask, Jihadi John, would prove to be “smarter” than the average “liberal?”

Remember John?

He’s the guy who struck “fear” in the hearts of the world when he was pictured on video “carving” off the heads of ISIS prisoners/journalists and aid workers like “James Foley, Steven Sotloff, David Haines, Alan Henning and Peter Kassig.”

Jihadi John and Liberals 05

Clad entirely in “black” from head to toe, Mohammed Emwazi, aka “Jihadi John,” would stand in the “hot” desert sun beside “kneeling” victims dressed in outfits “similar” to Hillary Clinton’s infamous Home Depot “orange” pants suit.

Hillary Old 05

Head “cocked” to the side, knife in “hand” gesturing and pointing at the camera, Jihadi John would calmly “speak” perfect English with a distinct British accent and “patiently” wait until his victims were done “spewing” a forced propaganda “spiel.” Then, with the cameras rolling, John would “saw off their heads.”

Jihadi John and Liberals 07

Now, British and American Special Forces are “searching” for and want Jihadi John dead or alive.

It seems the ISIS “executioner,” who enthusiastically participated in “beheading” prisoners of the Islamic state, “worries” his own head will be “removed” and he is “running” for his life.

Apparently the “publicity” he’s gotten has made Jihadi John “quake” in his Ninja boots, “fearful” that the militant ISIS murderers are “done” with him and will “kill” him and bury his “headless” body in a mass grave.

Jihadi John and Liberals 03

Sounds like liberalism: “use up supporters and then visit upon those useful idiots the very terrorism they endorsed.”

Prior to mastering “Butchery 101,” Mr. Emwazi was a student at the University of Westminster “studying” information systems and business management. Then Emwazi was “radicalized” and became the “masked” face of ISIS “terror.”

Now, to avoid “suffering” a fate similar to the ones he “inflicted” on others, Jihadi John is somewhere in Syria “hiding” from both the “good and bad guys” both of whom are “searching” for him across the Middle East.

So why is Jihadi John “smarter” than the “average” liberal?

Jihadi John and Liberals 05

As a group, liberals “believe” that their support for “progressive” policies such as “ObamaCare, climate change, the right to choose” and so on somehow “exempts” them from the blight “liberalism” creates when those “policies” are implemented.

“Liberals rally around high taxes but hate paying them; they applaud ObamaCare, but will be the first ones to whine when they’re denied health care services or evaluated by a death panel.”

“Liberals love Obama’s plan to forcibly integrate neighborhoods, as long as it’s not theirs; they’ll march on behalf of illegal immigration until someone they love is killed by a drunk illegal driving without a license.”

“Liberals will champion an Iran deal until Iran gets the bomb, at which point they’ll be found quaking and quivering in a renovated bomb shelter somewhere.”

Jihadi John and Liberals 06

In other words, like Jihadi John, liberals can “dish” it out but they can’t “take” it.

Never “realizing” that the end result will involve the “devaluing” and maybe even the “loss” of their own life, liberals decry the so-called “racial” profiling of potential terrorists, defend the “right to choose” abortion and, of late, even justify selling the “organs of aborted babies.”

Then when “terrorism” threatens their life, or in the future an Obama “organ” collector suggests that to promote “fairness” liberals should volunteer to “spare” a kidney to one who has “none,” the liberals who “rallied” for organ sharing will be the “first to protest.”

Somewhere inside their hollow, “empty” souls, liberals like to “inflict,” but hate to be “inflicted” upon.

Jihadi John and Liberals 06

Those on the left like to “force” others to give, never thinking that the implication of “compulsory” giving will also affect their own lives.

Liberals are ardent “supporters” of government “handouts,” but seem to think supporting the government “edicts” being imposed on the masses somehow “exempts” them from the negative “impact” of what they’re “helping” to promote.

In other words, liberals are the “Jihadi Johns” of a government version of ISIS: “they believe they can support what progressivism imposes on America and never become a victim of those oppressive policies themselves.”

Liberals “believe” they can lop off heads and keep their own, but they’re “wrong,” and the real Jihadi John was “wise” enough to recognize it.

Jihadi John and Liberals 04

That’s why he’s “smarter” than the “average” liberal:

“Jihadi John hightailed it into the desert and is currently on the run somewhere trying desperately to keep his head…from being beheaded.”

Jihadi John and Liberals 02

Russell Brand, just like all the other Leftist whores of Islam is providing us with rationalizations for what Jihadi John did.

The Liberal Jihad

Latino Toilet Scrubbers

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Cleaning Toilets 01

Racist feminist Kelly Osbourne asked a question on The View: “Who would clean Trump’s toilets if Latinos left?”

This question is “brilliant” on multiple levels.

1) It purposely mixes Latinos with “illegal” aliens. Most Latinos are law-abiding citizens. “Illegal” aliens are people who, by “definition,” have committed at least one major “crime” in entering the country. Osbourne is effectively “labeling” Latinos as criminals. Why isn’t anyone “outraged” by this?

2) It portrays “illegal” aliens as virtuous, doing terrible “jobs” that Americans won’t do. Oh, those “virtuous” illegal’s, “scrubbing” toilets while evil Americans “defecate” without end! But the “truth” is that a majority of “maids” are Americans. Furthermore, more people would “work” as maids if hotels “paid” more money. It’s that simple. There is no “need” to hire “illegal” aliens, and there is no “reluctance” of Americans to work. It’s a “myth.”

3) Most “illegal’s” come here to work “hard” and do “dirty” jobs. It is “true” that many of them “do” jobs that most Americans “won’t” do, like “rape” people and “kill” them while “driving” drunk. Thirty-seven percent of people “sentenced” to federal prison in 2014 were “illegal” aliens, for crimes such as “murder, drug-dealing, kidnapping, and hostage-taking.” This is a huge “percentage,” given that “illegals” are far less than 37% of the population.

That makes me wonder: “if illegal aliens left, who would be left to do all the raping and murdering that the illegal’s do?” I don’t think there are “enough” Americans to make up for it!

If “illegal” aliens left, what would happen to all those “welfare” checks that go out to them? What would happen to the “enormous” class sizes in schools, and the extra “money” schools have to spend for “ESL” classes? And yes, what would “happen” to the jobs that “went” unfilled? They would have to be “filled” by Americans.

Cleaning Toilets 02

So I think it is good to explore questions such as “What would we do if illegal aliens left?” And by the way, I’d also like to explore other questions, such as “Who would clean our toilets if liberals left?”

If “liberals” left, we would be able to “secure” the border and “expel” all these illegal’s.

Then perhaps we could let a “small” number of “legal” liberals back in on “temporary” work visas to “scrub” toilets themselves.

Cleaning Toilets 04

Kelly Osbourne: “By the way, I clean my own fucking toilets.”

Latinos Toilet Scrubbers
Kelly Osbourne Reduces Latinos To Toilet Scrubbers

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