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ESPN “suspended” former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling for tweeting a meme comparing “radical Muslims to Nazis.”

This was the “offending” tweet…


ESPN released a “statement” upon suspending Schilling:

“Curt’s tweet was completely unacceptable, and in no way represents our company’s perspective. We made that point very strongly to Curt and have removed him from his current Little League assignment pending further consideration.”

The “tweet” was offensive to whom, the “radical Muslims?”

Factually speaking, there were “approximately” 6.5 million formal members of the Nazi Party in 1940, out of a total German “population” of well over 80 million, a little over 8 percent. That number of “members” did not fully represent the level of “support” for the Nazi regime in Germany in 1940, of course.

The same is true in the “radicalized” Muslim community. A very small percentage of Muslims globally are formal members of “terror” groups; it is difficult to estimate precise numbers due to “secrecy,” although their total membership “runs” into the hundreds of thousands. The “Iranian Revolutionary Guard” alone has 120,000 members, and some estimates have placed the “ISIS” membership at above 200,00.

That “terrorist” membership is the “tip” of the iceberg. A “huge” percentage of worldwide Muslims are “radicalized.”

If you calculate the number of Muslims globally who (1) believe that 9/11 was not committed by Muslims; (2) think that Shariah law ought to be implemented; (3) support terrorist attacks; or(4) have a positive or neutral attitude toward ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, Osama Bin Laden or any other terrorist group or terrorist, the number calculates out to well above 800 million “radicalized” Muslims.

PolitiFact’s ridiculous attempts to counter these calculations, “cherry-picking” their own, far “narrower” standard of radicalization, led them to the “awkward” position that 19 percent of “Muslims” in various countries, including the West, are “radicalized,” some 182 million Muslims worldwide.

As Schilling wrote, “the math is staggering when you get to true numbers.”


But ESPN has no “interest” in true numbers, because “true” numbers are awkward. Unsurprisingly, ESPN “refused” to explain why Schilling’s tweet was “unacceptable.”

Is it because “radicalized” Muslims are somehow “better” than Germans who weren’t “formal” Nazi Party members?

Is it because the “genocidal” Iranian regime or the “barbarians” of ISIS are somehow less “objectionable” than the “Nazis” themselves?

It is “worth” noting that Schilling did not say that all Muslims should be “tarred with the terrorist brush,” any more than all Germans should have been “tarred with the Nazi brush.”

The “point of his tweet,” to anyone with a functioning “prefrontal cortex,” is obvious: “a small, brutal percentage of a larger, partially supportive population can do tremendous harm.”

That’s inarguable.

Fortunately, ESPN doesn’t have to “argue” with Schilling or anyone else. They “simply” suspended Schilling, without any “real” rationale.

By way of comparison, they did not suspend frequent ESPN analyst Kevin Blackistone for calling the “Star-Spangled Banner” a “war anthem” on their airwaves.

And the “compliant” media breathe a “sigh of relief,” having made the world safer for those “offended” by tweets, and more “ignorant” of the threat of “radical” Islam.

Wondering what ESPN “thinks” about some of the other “classic and truthful” Curt Schilling “re-tweets”




ESPN is getting widely “slammed” for suspending baseball analyst, Curt Schilling, over his tweet, which accurately compared “Muslim extremists to Nazis,” calling Schilling’s suspension “outrageous” and a “disgrace.”

Conservative Media correctly defend Curt Schilling’s Tweet comparing Muslims to Nazis
Cut the Cord: How to Protest ESPN’s Curt Schilling Suspension in 3 Easy Steps

ESPN Has No Balls

Jihadi John and Liberals

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Jihadi John and Liberals 01

Who would have “thought” that the notorious ISIS “remover of heads,” the man behind the “ski” mask, Jihadi John, would prove to be “smarter” than the average “liberal?”

Remember John?

He’s the guy who struck “fear” in the hearts of the world when he was pictured on video “carving” off the heads of ISIS prisoners/journalists and aid workers like “James Foley, Steven Sotloff, David Haines, Alan Henning and Peter Kassig.”

Jihadi John and Liberals 05

Clad entirely in “black” from head to toe, Mohammed Emwazi, aka “Jihadi John,” would stand in the “hot” desert sun beside “kneeling” victims dressed in outfits “similar” to Hillary Clinton’s infamous Home Depot “orange” pants suit.

Hillary Old 05

Head “cocked” to the side, knife in “hand” gesturing and pointing at the camera, Jihadi John would calmly “speak” perfect English with a distinct British accent and “patiently” wait until his victims were done “spewing” a forced propaganda “spiel.” Then, with the cameras rolling, John would “saw off their heads.”

Jihadi John and Liberals 07

Now, British and American Special Forces are “searching” for and want Jihadi John dead or alive.

It seems the ISIS “executioner,” who enthusiastically participated in “beheading” prisoners of the Islamic state, “worries” his own head will be “removed” and he is “running” for his life.

Apparently the “publicity” he’s gotten has made Jihadi John “quake” in his Ninja boots, “fearful” that the militant ISIS murderers are “done” with him and will “kill” him and bury his “headless” body in a mass grave.

Jihadi John and Liberals 03

Sounds like liberalism: “use up supporters and then visit upon those useful idiots the very terrorism they endorsed.”

Prior to mastering “Butchery 101,” Mr. Emwazi was a student at the University of Westminster “studying” information systems and business management. Then Emwazi was “radicalized” and became the “masked” face of ISIS “terror.”

Now, to avoid “suffering” a fate similar to the ones he “inflicted” on others, Jihadi John is somewhere in Syria “hiding” from both the “good and bad guys” both of whom are “searching” for him across the Middle East.

So why is Jihadi John “smarter” than the “average” liberal?

Jihadi John and Liberals 05

As a group, liberals “believe” that their support for “progressive” policies such as “ObamaCare, climate change, the right to choose” and so on somehow “exempts” them from the blight “liberalism” creates when those “policies” are implemented.

“Liberals rally around high taxes but hate paying them; they applaud ObamaCare, but will be the first ones to whine when they’re denied health care services or evaluated by a death panel.”

“Liberals love Obama’s plan to forcibly integrate neighborhoods, as long as it’s not theirs; they’ll march on behalf of illegal immigration until someone they love is killed by a drunk illegal driving without a license.”

“Liberals will champion an Iran deal until Iran gets the bomb, at which point they’ll be found quaking and quivering in a renovated bomb shelter somewhere.”

Jihadi John and Liberals 06

In other words, like Jihadi John, liberals can “dish” it out but they can’t “take” it.

Never “realizing” that the end result will involve the “devaluing” and maybe even the “loss” of their own life, liberals decry the so-called “racial” profiling of potential terrorists, defend the “right to choose” abortion and, of late, even justify selling the “organs of aborted babies.”

Then when “terrorism” threatens their life, or in the future an Obama “organ” collector suggests that to promote “fairness” liberals should volunteer to “spare” a kidney to one who has “none,” the liberals who “rallied” for organ sharing will be the “first to protest.”

Somewhere inside their hollow, “empty” souls, liberals like to “inflict,” but hate to be “inflicted” upon.

Jihadi John and Liberals 06

Those on the left like to “force” others to give, never thinking that the implication of “compulsory” giving will also affect their own lives.

Liberals are ardent “supporters” of government “handouts,” but seem to think supporting the government “edicts” being imposed on the masses somehow “exempts” them from the negative “impact” of what they’re “helping” to promote.

In other words, liberals are the “Jihadi Johns” of a government version of ISIS: “they believe they can support what progressivism imposes on America and never become a victim of those oppressive policies themselves.”

Liberals “believe” they can lop off heads and keep their own, but they’re “wrong,” and the real Jihadi John was “wise” enough to recognize it.

Jihadi John and Liberals 04

That’s why he’s “smarter” than the “average” liberal:

“Jihadi John hightailed it into the desert and is currently on the run somewhere trying desperately to keep his head…from being beheaded.”

Jihadi John and Liberals 02

Russell Brand, just like all the other Leftist whores of Islam is providing us with rationalizations for what Jihadi John did.

The Liberal Jihad

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