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Immigrant Slaves

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Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson was roundly “criticized” by celebrities like Samuel Jackson, Leslie Jones and Whoopi Goldberg after he referred to the “slaves” from Africa as “immigrants” with dreams and hopes for their children’s futures.

President Barack Obama used “similar” language to include African-Americans “descended” from slaves among the immigrants who “helped” shape America.

Here is Obama in 2015:

“Certainly, it wasn’t easy for those of African heritage who had not come here voluntarily and yet in their own way were immigrants themselves. There was discrimination and hardship and poverty. But, like you, they no doubt found inspiration in all those who had come before them. And they were able to muster faith that, here in America, they might build a better life and give their children something more.”

Here is Carson in 2017:

“That’s what America is about, a land of dreams and opportunity. There were other immigrants who came here in the bottom of slave ships, worked even longer, even harder for less. But they too had a dream that one day their sons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters, great-grandsons, great-granddaughters, might pursue prosperity and happiness in this land.”

Whoopi Goldberg promptly “blasted” Ben Carson after he compared “slaves to immigrants.”

During “The View” the host asked how it was that the HUD secretary “missed” that slaves did not come to America “voluntarily.”

“Maybe we need to get him a history book,” Goldberg insinuated. “I mean were the slaves really thinking about the American dream? No, because they were trying to understand, ‘what the hell just happened?’”

“When people immigrate they come with the idea that they’re going someplace for a better life. That’s why people immigrate to America every day. It’s voluntary, but the slaves…we were not voluntary. We looked up and one minute we thought ‘hey what an amazing land.’ And the next thing we knew we were like ‘uh-huh, what just happened?’”

“How does he miss what slavery is,” Goldberg exclaimed. “How does he miss that no slave came to this country willingly? I’m sorry, Ben, watch ‘Roots.’”

Carson has since “clarified” his remarks on Facebook and said that the “slave narrative and immigrant narrative” are different experiences.

“I’m proud of the courage and perseverance of Black Americans and their incomprehensible struggle from slavery to freedom,” Carson wrote.

“I’m proud that our ancestors overcame the evil and repression that we know as slavery. The slave narrative and immigrant narrative are two entirely different experiences. Slaves were ripped from their families and their homes and forced against their will after being sold into slavery by slave traders. The Immigrants made the choice to come to America. They saw this country as a land of opportunity. In contrast, slaves were forced here against their will and lost all their opportunities.”

It is “safe” to say that Carson, the “renowned” neurosurgeon, professor and director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins, and 4 time best-selling “author,” fully understands the “nature and history” of slavery in America, and used the word “Immigrants” by choice, to illuminate the fact, that “despite” slavery, African Americans are a part of this “Nation of Immigrants. “

He chose that word because it suggests “inclusion” not division, “self determination” and not victim hood. But If the Dems weren’t being arrogant, divisive, nitpicking “obstructionist” they’d have no purpose in life.

Boycott hateful, “racist” Samuel Jackson, Whoopi Goldberg and Leslie Jones who “built” their Tinseltown careers being the “go to” for angry “black man” with the “foulest” mouth on earth.

Carson is a “great” example of how a person, despite “obstacles,” with initiative, drive and focus, can become anything they “desire” in this great country.

The opportunities for “success” are there for anyone to take “advantage” of, even someone who grew up in “poverty” in Detroit. Since Carson does not see “himself” as a victim, and never plays the “victim” card, the Dems “reject” him.

They don’t like success “stories” from Black conservatives that “started” with nothing. I think his “compassion, intelligence and personal history” will lead him to great “success” in his new position.

Liberal “tolerance” stops at the “democratic” party door. If you are outside of their “orthodoxy” then liberals have “free” reign to show their “racist, sexist, anti-Semite, xenophobic” self. It is in their “nature.”

They are filled with “hatred” for those that do not “believe” as they do, kind of like “Muslims” thinking everyone else is an “infidel.” Democrats need suppressed “victims.”

The “Libtard” does nothing to help the“victim except show up every four years to “remind” them of their “victim hood” in an attempt to maintain their “votes.”

It is “joyful” to see some “blacks” like Carson, Thomas, Rice, etc., who have had the “courage, capacity and desire” to leave the democratic “plantation” of hatred.

In time their “examples” will hopefully make a “difference” throughout their community but perhaps not in my “lifetime,” sigh.

Just more hypocritical “garbage” from clueless celebrities and political organizations who are more interested in “partisan” jabs then working to “create” solutions.

Leslie Jones Wants to Fight “Fuckface”’ Ben Carson


A Day Without Women

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What would a “Day without women” look like?

We wouldn’t have to “listen” to Nancy Pelosi and other Democrat members of Congress “bad mouthing” President Donald Trump and Republicans.

“This is a day that is very interesting because we are observing the 100th anniversary of the first woman elected to Congress, Jeannette Rankin of Montana,” Pelosi said to cheers.

“It’s pretty exciting. Women in America did not have the right to vote yet. In Montana they did and they sent a woman to Congress and she made a difference here,” she said.

According to, Rankin was “one of the few suffragists elected to Congress” and the “committed pacifist” served two terms, each at the outset of both World Wars.

Little did her colleagues know they were “cheering for a Republican.” Nancy Pelosi does not “represent” American women.

We wouldn’t have to “listen” to Loretta Lynch “incite” Americans to “resist” in time of “fear and uncertainty for so many people.”

Lynch lamented “our rights being assailed, being trampled on and even being rolled back,” according to the hostage-like video in which she is encouraging we need more “marching, blood, and death” on streets.

She said it’s required “work” to “achieve the ideals of our Founding Fathers.”

“They’ve marched, they’ve bled and yes, some of them died. This is hard. Every good thing is. We have done this before. We can do this again.”

We wouldn’t have to “listen” to Mika Brzezinski, co-hosting “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, “condemning” President Donald Trump in very “visceral” terms.

After the “allegations” that Barack Obama’s administration “wiretapped Trump Tower at the height of the campaign, Brzezinski has officially “closed her mind” to the Trump presidency.

“I had hope and an open mind and I have lost hope completely and my mind is closed. This presidency is fake and failed.” Earlier in the show, Brzezinski was in tears.

“We are at a low point in American history and I don’t know how anybody can defend this president, even if it’s their job. Like you’ve got to have a job after this. You’ve got to look in the mirror after this,” Brzezinski said.

“You have to look in the mirror and think about this country after this is over. You need to think of the end game here, because there isn’t one at the rate we are going,” her voice cracking.

“This is not funny.This is really bad. Just for the record, we are all really nervous. So if people out there feel nervous, we do too. We don’t think this is funny.”

Her mind has “always” been closed. Just wish these two “clowns” would close their “mouth as well.”

We wouldn’t have to “listen” to black man “disguised” as a women leading “A Day Without Women” protest in Washington, DC.

“Before we get started in a few minutes we wanted to let you know why you’re here,” the “transgender” in question told “protesters” through a megaphone.

“We’re here to be intersectionalists. We’re here to value women. We’re here to support trans-people, and we are here to make sure President Trump hears us loud and clear.”

“He is wrong. We have to stop him. We have to speak loudly. Intersectionality is important.”

We wouldn’t have to “listen” to Nelini Stamp, who was involved in the Occupy Wall Street movement and now “serves” as National Membership Director for “Working Families,” who said that “Women birth half of the population.”

Stamp’s organization, Working Families, describes itself as a “growing progressive political organization that fights for an economy that works for all of us, and a democracy in which every voice matters.”

“We believe that our economy is out of whack when wages are stagnant and good jobs are harder and harder to come by, but the very wealthiest just get richer and richer,” reads the group’s website.

“The wealthy few are making money by doing harm to working families, whether they’re outsourcing jobs, privatizing schools or poisoning the environment.”

She failed to mention” who gives birth to the other half of the population.“ Where babies come from “may be a little unclear” to Nelini Stamp.

We wouldn’t have to “listen” to Leslie Jones wanting to fight “Fuckface” Ben Carson.

Leslie Jones Wants to Fight ‘Fuckface’ Ben Carson

We wouldn’t have to “listen” to Cate Blanchette telling us her “moral” compass is located in her “vagina.”

Cate Blanchett: My Moral Compass Is ‘In My Vagina’

I want to do my “best” to understand how a “Day Without A Woman” protest is “supposed” to work.

Several “schools” in at least four states were “closed” so teachers could participate in a “Day Without a Woman” strike in which organizers “urged” female workers to “stay” home.

“Some schools in MD, VA, and NC are closed today for #ADayWithoutaWoman and it’s causing some controversy” — NewsON (@WatchNewsON) March 8, 2017

School “officials” in Alexandria, Va., North Carolina’s Chapel Hill-Carrboro City School District and New York announced they are “canceling” classes in anticipation of staff “shortages” due to the event.

Officials said all “schools” in Prince George’s County in Maryland were “closed” after 1,700 teachers asked for the “day off” to participate in the protest. About 30 percent of the “transportation” staff also requested an “absence.”

In Virginia, Alexandria City Public Schools — a district that “voted” overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election — announced it would “close” schools for the day after more than “300 staff members” requested a leave.

These ”Social Justice Warriors” (SJW) are “mad” because on average women don’t “make” as much as men. It would seem to me that they have two options: “Take it up with their employer and demand more money the next time their contract is up. Or, demand more respect for the work they do by … not showing up to work.”

These “protests” are purely symbolic? There’s no “specific” agenda here. It’s about “feelings.”

“Take the day off, close down the schools, wear red and stay home and watch gay Ellen, while every payroll department in the country is required issuing checks to anyone with a vagina for not showing up.”

What if you “happen” to be a member of the “sisterhood” who isn’t “taking the day off?” Who can’t “afford” to protest? Or has an “important” job like working in a “critical” care facility or “running” a business?

Or women who “depend” on a school schedule to make sure their kids are “learning” something during “weekday” work hours?

Obviously, the school staffs of Virginia, North Carolina, New York and Maryland don’t “care” that you’ve got a 7-year-old who “needs” an education.

They don’t “care” about your “responsibilities, your commitments or the important work you do.”

Not to mention a “paid” day off for “pretending” to make a “difference” in the world.

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