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Lesbian Identity

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Jen Hatmaker celebrates daughter’s lesbian identity
by Shane Idleman

Jen Hatmaker recently celebrated her daughter’s lesbian identity, saying, “I’m so glad you’re gay.”

Many say that we cannot take a position on homosexuality because all positions will hurt someone. Here’s my question: “Are those who defend homosexuality, or who say nothing, truly loving the homosexual, or are they simply seeking to avoid conflict?” If they are more worried about being liked than being truthful, do they really care for homosexuals more than the person who is willing to risk their reputation, and quite possibly their safety, in order to speak the truth in love?

The answer is obvious. Authentic Christians love the truth, and others, so much so that they are willing to risk the consequences of confrontation in order to help others. This is genuine love, not hatred. “When we become so tolerant that we lead people into mental fog and spiritual darkness, we are not acting like Christians—we are acting like cowards” (A.W. Tozer).

Many who support their children’s same-sex attraction often say, “I don’t think scripture clearly states much of anything regarding this issue.” This simply reveals that they are not spending much time in God’s Word, but instead, may be reading liberal authors. The implications of homosexuality are not hints here and there in the Bible, they are crystal clear. At the core of this battle, is the inerrancy and infallibility of God’s Word (e.g., “did God really say”). With that said, let me share with you what I wrote in 2014:

I have nothing but compassion for those trapped in the homosexual lifestyle. Those who strongly believe in the Bible and God’s will regarding sexual behavior, also strongly believe in unconditional love and forgiveness.

The ability to relate to a person on their level, show genuine concern, and love them regardless of their lifestyle is the mark of true Christianity.

Unfortunately, Christians often embrace one of two extremes. At one extreme are those who insult, or who are violent toward, those trapped in this lifestyle; homosexuality appears at the top of their sin list; there is very little love or compassion. The other extreme excuses this sin and looks the other way. Both extremes are wrong and offer a false impression of genuine Christianity. We must extend compassion but without compromise. Jen got it right by loving her daughter, but wrong by endorsing and supporting her lifestyle.

If warning, confronting, challenging, and advising can all be categorized as “hate-speech,” as many say, then, based on this definition, many parents hate their children. But of course the opposite is true: Parents love their children, so much so that they warn, confront, challenge, and advise daily.

Certain “rights” and “wrongs” called absolutes are given by God to save people from themselves. Nearly all of our social issues are related to the stability and structure of the God-ordained family.

Would we say, “I believe that those who embrace pornography can live in harmony with biblical Christianity.” Or, “I believe that those who embrace adultery can live in harmony with biblical Christianity.” Of course not. Unfortunately, one of the greatest mistakes in our culture today involves not being able to discern between right and wrong.

The battle cry is focused on “individual rights,” instead of what does God’s Word say?

When we speak of constitutional rights, we are referring to “God-given” rights. God orchestrates these rights—the definition and the perimeters—they correspond with His nature, His will, and His Word. When we replace “God-given rights” with “man-given rights” we create an environment where there would be little recourse, and no end to what man could advocate.

God’s Word is very clear on the dangers of “homosexuality, adultery, pornography, and other sexual sins.” If our sexual preferences run contrary to God’s Word we must change our preferences, not the other way around.

Gay marriage is not about “rights”—it’s about sexual “choices.” But can we legislate morality? No, we cannot change a person’s heart by forcing a set of laws or rules upon them, but we can deter wrongdoing. You may say, “Times change.” And you are correct, but God’s standards do not. No matter how many laws are passed in favor of same-sex marriage, it will not change God’s mind. His principles are guardrails through the canyons of life. They don’t prevent us from enjoying life; they protect us from falling.

Consider the following in light of Jen Hatmaker’s recent comments:

The “moral” laws in the Old Testament such as killing, stealing, lying, adultery, sexual immorality, and so on are all valid today. Jesus referred often to the Old Testament, and said that He didn’t come to abolish it, but to fulfill it. Although many of the ceremonial and dietary laws of the Old Testament do not necessarily apply today, the moral laws do. They are as significant today as they have been throughout history.

For example, Leviticus 20:13 states, “If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.” To suggest that this verse is invalid today is to advocate the dangerous practice of redefining or deleting what God has said. Not to mention other stories in the Old Testament that highlight the dangers of same-sex attraction.

The consequences of wrong actions may have changed, but the moral implications remain the same. For instance, even though we no longer stone to death those who commit adultery, this does not mean that adultery is acceptable or any less dangerous. Adultery is wrong even though there aren’t legal consequences. The laws of a nation should reflect God’s Word, but they are never above it!

Jesus condemned “all” sexual activity outside of marriage between a man and woman when He said, “For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false testimony, slander.” (Matthew 15:19). Jesus was implying that all sexual activity outside of marriage between a man and a woman is harmful and immoral. The word “fornication” in the Greek is porneia; where the word “pornography” comes from.

An argument cannot be based solely on silence. To suggest that Jesus approved of homosexuality simply because He did not use the term “homosexual,” is to imply that He approved of necrophilia, pedophilia, incest, and bestiality. But, of course, we know better.

Other passages in the New Testament are clear on this issue as well. Romans 1:18-32 and 1 Corinthians 6:1-20 are good places to start. In short, mankind did not see fit to acknowledge God and they suppressed the truth; therefore, God gave them over to a depraved mind—to do those things which are not proper.

Homosexual behavior, and sexual sin in general, is comparable with dishonoring the body and turning from God. “The sexual disordering of the human race is a judgment of God for exchanging Him for the creature” (John Piper).

Jesus said that since the beginning of creation, God created them male and female in order that they would be joined together and become one flesh. He adds, “Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate” (Mark 10:9).

Jesus would often speak out against sin, but His love and mercy also reached out to those who regretted and hated their condition. Forgiveness is a mark of genuine faith. We should have compassion for those who struggle with same-sex attraction, but at the same time, we should not condone or excuse this type of sin any more than we condone or excuse any other sin.

As a final word of encouragement, if you’re hopeless, depressed, and confused, look to the One who created you. He has the answers. No matter what you have done, you have the ability to turn to Christ and start anew.

It’s all about Who you know: “If you declare with your mouth, Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” (Romans 10:9).

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come. The old has gone, the new is here!” (2 Corinthians 5:17).

We can’t be right and wrong on issues of morality. God’s way is the only way.

Boys Can Have Menstruation

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Boys can have periods too! It’s called “equality for all, once per month.”

School children will be taught that “all genders” can have periods in new sex education lessons, in a victory for transgender rights campaigners.

The advice to teachers was approved by Brighton & Hove City Council as they try to tackle stigma around menstruation.

The new advice follows a council report which said: “Trans boys and men and non-binary people may have periods”, adding that “menstruation must be inclusive of all genders”.

Bins used for menstruation products will be provided in all toilets for children, according to the report.

It also calls for transgender students and pupils to be provided with additional support from a school nurse if needed.

The report recommends that “language and learning about periods is inclusive of all genders, cultures, faiths and sexual orientations. For example; ‘girls and women and others who have periods.'”

Brighton & Hove City Council said in a statement:

“By encouraging effective education on menstruation and puberty, we hope to reduce stigma and ensure no child or young person feels shame in asking for period products inside or outside of school if they need them. 

We believe that it’s important for all genders to be able to learn and talk about menstruation together… Our approach recognizes the fact that some people who have periods are trans or non-binary.”

The same council also recently released a “Trans Inclusion Schools Toolkit” to help teachers treat gender identity sensitively.

It asks teachers to be respectful and inclusive of children who are questioning their gender, and tells them that purposefully not referring to children by their preferred pronoun or name can constitute harassment.

The toolkit also recommends schools adopt a non-gendered uniform so all children feel included, and to reduce bullying.

Tory MP David Davies told The Mail on Sunday that it was “insanity” for teachers to tell pupils that transgender boys can have periods.

He said: “Learning about periods is already a difficult subject for children that age, so to throw in the idea girls who believe they are boys also have periods will leave them completely confused.”

However, leading doctors have previously recommended that primary school children are taught about LGBT issues.

Earlier this year, the Royal College of Pediatricians and Child Health (RCPCH) urged minister go further in their guidance on sex and relationship classes, which will become compulsory from 2020.

Draft Government recommendations say schools are free to determine how they address lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) issues, ensuring teaching is “sensitive and age-appropriate.”

The Royal College said: “There needs to be a clear statement that LGBT people and relationships are part of teaching about healthy relationships in primary school. This can be demonstrated in relation to families – but also it is helpful to children to learn the meaning of terms such as lesbian, gay and bisexual”.

Hillary’s Coke & Sex Habits

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Hillary’s Coke & Sex Habits 01

Like other men I’ve known, Bill Clinton “fantasized” about having a “covey of females,” all with full “breasts, shapely long legs, and tight, eager vaginas” in bed with him.

After watching his bed mates “kiss and fondle” each other for a while, then he’d “join” the action.

When I asked Bill if he “shared” his fantasies with Hillary, he “laughed.”

“What a joke! Sex is a waste of time to Hillary. When we were dating, she talked about making-out with her girlfriends in college because she knew it turned me on. Hillary seemed worldly and more sexually-experienced than me and, at the time, I liked it.”

Hillary's Lesbian Lust 03

“Before we married, I got her pregnant and she had an abortion. It bothered me because I didn’t know about it until it was over. Then, several months after the wedding, she slipped up again because she was too lazy to take the pill.”

“Hillary hates kids. She was one nasty bitch when she was pregnant. My God, for nine months, she made my life a living hell and blamed me!”

Hillary's Lesbian Lust 04

“From the beginning, our political advisors warned us that Hillary must take my last name and concentrate on having a child if I was going to have a future in politics. I saw the real Hillary after we got married.”

“She’s a damn frigid bitch who prefers women; she won’t even compromise and be bi-sexual. All I hear is how much she despises penises; she thinks they are fucking ugly, like snakes.”

Hillary’s Coke & Sex Habits 02

Bill mentioned, “The only time Hillary gets aroused or agree to ‘play sexy’ is after she snorts coke. But, even then, she’s rigid and frigid. Hillary goes ape-shit crazy–I mean screams, hits, and cusses–if I touch her breasts! Right after we started fooling around, she warned me to stay away from her tits, even telling me: ‘If you want to nurse–go home to your momma!’”

Hillary's Lesbian Lust 02

Hillary Clinton “despised” Bill’s brother Roger but, she had to be nice to him since he “supplied” her coke habit.

Roger Clinton was charged with and convicted of a cocaine-related offense in 1985 and “pardoned” by Bill in 2001.

Hillary’s Coke & Sex Habits 03

Bill talked about Hillary “taking off work” lots of times, “desperate” to find Roger. She “cursed” Roger but, at the same time, she had to be “nice” since he was her “only source of coke.”

She smoked “weed” but coke was her “addiction.”

I recall Bill saying, “Everyone, including my staff, people at the law firm, even friends, knows Hillary is a coke head but that’s okay. We tolerate Hillary on coke cause without it, Hillary’s a raving maniac.”

“My God, we’ve had to borrow money to replace lamps, chairs, all kinds of valuable shit in the governor’s mansion just because of Hillary’s temper! I’ve had to take Chelsea outside many times to keep her out of Hillary’s ‘line of fire.’ Without her ‘fix’ Hillary’s Hell on Wheels.”

Hillary’s Coke & Sex Habits 03

Not only did the Clintons “break and destroy” historical artifacts in the governor’s mason in fits of “rage and anger” towards one another but also and “most famously” in the White House.

All these years later, I think Hillary is completely “selfish and unstable;” she’s a façade when it comes to “dependability, commitment, and dedication.”

Hillary has an “attitude of entitlement;” she believes “anything and everything” she does is okay and “no one” can question her. She never stops talking out of “both sides of her mouth.”

I continue to ask Hillary supporters, “What has Hillary accomplished other than keeping herself in politics, garnering enormous sums of money—all for her, and, like a rock star, maintaining a presence in the media? What has Hillary Rodham Clinton EVER done for anyone, other than herself?”

Hillary’s Coke & Sex Habits 04

I may not know men but I know women. I speak from experience: “Hillary Clinton is a fake. If you can prove otherwise, I’ll kiss Hillary’s caboose!”

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Out of the Closet

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Out of the Closet 07

The Supreme Court expanded same-sex marriage rights across the country, a “crowning” achievement but also a “confounding” challenge to the “LGBTFQAPBCU©” community that has often prided itself on “being different.”

That “now” means we must find a new spectacular “victim” group, put it up front as “cannon” fodder, use them as “human” shields in our unstoppable “progressive” march towards “Next Tuesday” and “discard” them after they have “fulfilled” their historical mission as “tools of the revolution.”

Out of the Closet 00

The more “victories” that accumulate for gay rights, the faster some gay institutions, rituals and markers are “fading” out. And so just as the gay marriage movement “peaks,” so does a debate about whether gay identity is “dimming,” overtaken by its own success.

“What do gay men have in common when they don’t have oppression?” asked Andrew Sullivan, one of the intellectual architects of the marriage movement. “I don’t know the answer to that yet.”

John Waters, the film director and patron saint of the American marginal, warned graduates to heed the shift in a recent commencement speech at the Rhode Island School of Design.

“Refuse to isolate yourself. Separatism is for losers,” he said, adding, “Gay is not enough anymore.”

Out of  the Closet 02

No one is arguing that “prejudice” has come close to disappearing, especially outside major American cities, as waves of “hate crimes, suicides by gay teenagers and workplace discrimination” attest. Far from everyone agrees that “marriage” rights are the “apotheosis” of liberation.

But even many who “raced” to the altar say they feel “loss” amid the celebrations, a bittersweet “sense” that there was something “valuable” about the “creativity and grit” with which gay people responded to “stigma and isolation.”

For decades, they built “sanctuaries” of their own: “neighborhoods and vacation retreats where they could escape after workdays in the closet; bookstores where young people could find their true selves and one another.”

Symbols like the “rainbow” flag expressed joy and collective “defiance,” a response to “disapproving” families, laws that could lead to “arrests” for having sex and the presumption that to be “lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender” was shameful.

Out of the Closet 04

“The thing I miss is the specialness of being gay,” said Lisa Kron, who wrote the book and lyrics for “Fun Home,” a Broadway musical with a show stopping number sung by a young girl “captivated” by her first glimpse of a “butch” woman.

“Because the traditional paths were closed, there was a consciousness to our lives, a necessary invention to the way we were going to celebrate and mark family and mark connection. That felt magical and beautiful.”

Ms. Kron is 54, and her “sentiments” seem to resonate among gay people of her “generation” and older. “People are missing a sense of community, a sense of sharing,” said Eric Marcus, 56, the author of “Making Gay History.”

“There is something wonderful about being part of an oppressed community,” Mr. Marcus said. But he warned against “too much nostalgia.”

The most vocal “gay rights” activists may have celebrated being outsiders, but the vast majority of gay people just wanted “what everyone else had,” he said, the ability to fall in love, have families, pursue their careers and “just live their lives.”

Back to the Closet 01

Mainstream “acceptance” does not necessarily cause “minority” cultures to wither. Other groups have been both “buffered and buoyed” by greater inclusion. But being gay is “different” from being a member of an “ethnic or religious” minority.

Many gay children are born into “heterosexual” families, and same-sex couples often have “offspring” who are straight. There is less “continuity,” several gay sociologists said, and there are fewer “traditions or holidays” that reinforce “identity” and unite the generations.

The “unifying” experience for many gay people is not “marriage” but coming “out of the closet.” In 1997, as Ellen DeGeneres rehearsed the sitcom scene in which her character came out, she broke into tears every time she rehearsed saying, “I’m gay.”

ellen crying

She was welling up because of “shame, you know, self-hatred, and all of these feelings that society feeds you to tell you that you’re wrong,” she said in a later interview.

But many gay people in their “teens, 20s and 30s” today say the phrase “coming out of the closet” does not apply to them because they were “never in one.”

For Ariel Boone of Oakland, Calif., who began to describe herself as “queer” in 2008, when she was 18, the time between when she realized her “attraction” to women and when she started telling others was “maybe 12 hours.”

Blaine Edens told her parents in 2013, when she was 22, sharing the news with her father in Arizona and her mother in Montana. They each said, “Yeah, we know. We’re sad it took you this long,” she said.

Back to the Closet 05

For too many artists and writers to count, being “gay” infused their work with an outsider “sensibility,” even when they were not “explicitly” addressing those themes.

Their private lives and identity gave them “a cunning and sophisticated way of looking at the world and questioning its normative notions,” said Todd Haynes, the director of “Far From Heaven” and the coming film “Carol,” based on the lesbian romance novel “The Price of Salt,” by Patricia Highsmith.

Back to the Closet 03

Rainbow-hued “Just Be You” messages have been flashing across “Chase” A.T.M. screens in honor of “Pride” month, conveying “acceptance” but also corporate “blandness.”

Directors, filmmakers and artists are talking about “moving” past themes of “sexual orientation,” which they say no longer “generate” as much dramatic energy.

So, the “LGBTFQAPBCU©” plan is simple: “Redefine what it means to be gay in small, subtle bits until the majority accepts themselves as Holy Homosexuals.”

This will also help the “cause” of the revolution as it will “abolish” the idea of the “family” unit as being the building block of society and will, instead, place the “Holy, All-Powerful, All-Knowing State” as the building block of society.

Back to the Closet 06

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What will gays do once the same-sex “marriage” battle is over?

Pantsuit Aficionado

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Pantsuit Aficionado 07

Hillary Clinton is taking her “everyday American women” message to a whole new level. Meet the Pantsuit T-Shirt.

If you have ever thought, “I would like to look as unfashionable as possible but classic pantsuits require too much effort for my casual lifestyle,” you are in luck, because Hillary Clinton is now selling “The Everyday Pantsuit Tee,” a T-shirt with a pantsuit printed on the front.

Pantsuit Aficionado 02

Clinton—long the “pantsuit’s” most public proponent—is known for owning a literal “rainbow” of the garment in colors ranging from khaki to sky blue to orange and carnation pink.

Mocking her own affinity for the “school guidance counselor” garb is Clinton’s most frequently deployed “comedic” device.

In 2000, during her Senate victory speech, Clinton quipped, “62 counties, 16 months, three debates, two opponents and six black pantsuits later, because of you, we are here.”

Pantsuit Aficionado 03

She’s told pantsuit “jokes” to Bravo’s Andy Cohen and to David Letterman. On Twitter, she describes herself as a “pantsuit aficionado.”

The “Everyday Pantsuit Tee,” however, really takes things to another level, but then Clinton, who has for decades been criticized for being “too shrill” or whatever, stands to benefit from cultivating a “reputation” as someone capable and eager to “engage” in self-deprecating humor.

Pantsuit Aficionado 04

And so, Clinton launched her official “campaign store” wherein she sells all the expected items: “bumper stickers, coffee mugs, hats, water bottles, buttons, spare car parts,” etc.

Pantsuit Aficionado 08

The “unisex” pantsuit T-shirt, reminiscent of the ubiquitous “tuxedo” T-shirt sold on boardwalks and in Spencer’s Gifts in malls across America, has the “distinction” of being the most aesthetically “unappealing” piece of political “paraphernalia” that I have ever had the “displeasure” of laying eyes on.

The color of a “maraschino cherry,” the print features three “buttons,” two “pockets,” a double strand of “pearls” and an “H” logo pin.

Pantsuit Aficionado 06

On the back, it says “Pantsuit Up.” It is truly “horrific in every imaginable way” and for just $30 (plus shipping and handling) it can be yours in a size “Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, or Extra Extra Large.”

Pantsuit Aficionado 00

Casanova Bill Clinton was the brain behind the design and marketing of “The Everyday Pantsuit T-shirt.”


There is nothing in this world that a lesbian “kiss” can’t fix.

Pantsuit Aficionado 05

Hot New Fashion Trend “Pantsuit T-Shirt”
The Hillary Clinton Shop
Hillary is selling 298 of her estimated 850 pantsuits on eBay
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Freak Show

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Freak Shows Acts 00

“Freak Shows” were much more popular fifty years ago than they are today. In fact, they are now “illegal” in some states. Freak shows were common at “state fairs, carnivals, and circus” sideshows.

Curtains would be tightly drawn around the various “three-headed lady” or “alligator boy” tents. Curious customers “wondered” what was inside, and perhaps even “forked” over some cash to “take a peek.”

More often than not, the customers would be “heartily” disappointed because most of these shows were a “ruse.”

Most, but not all…like the “Bruce Jenner Farewell.”

Freak Shows Acts 01

Bruce ended months of “speculation” during a televised interview with Diane Sawyer by “confirming” he is in the process of “transitioning” into a woman.

From “growing” out his hair to “shaving” down his Adam’s apple, Bruce Jenner has made a lot of “changes” to his physical “appearance” leading up to his “alleged” transition.

But there’s one thing “staying” the same. He’s keeping his “penis” for the time being, at least.

“Although Bruce plans to live his life as a woman, he reveled that he will keep his penis for now,” an insider involved with the “production” of Bruce’s interview with Diane Sawyer.

“He’s been going to therapy for the past year to figure out whether to go through with the gender reassignment surgery. He doesn’t want to make the final decision until he’s totally sure.”

Freak Shows Acts 02

Bruce Jenner flaunts his fuller bust.

In the meantime, he’s addressing his “outward” appearance. During the interview, the 65-year-old admitted to having “surgery” on his face for a “more feminine appearance.”

Bruce’s face looks a lot “softer” after getting a “nose job, lip injections, and rounder cheekbones” to look more womanly.

He also got “breast” implants recently, and the “plastic” surgery will be featured on his upcoming “documentary” chronicling his “gender reassignment” transition, Celebrity Health reported.

“Bruce had silicone breast implants put in a few weeks ago. He went with a smaller implant because he didn’t want to look ridiculous.”

He reportedly “confessed” to having B-cup sized breasts, though a family friend tells Bruce “desperately” wants to go “bigger” and plans to get larger “implants” soon.

Freak Shows Acts 05

Bruce Jenner wearing a sports bra while riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Jenner is also getting “hormone” treatments to prepare for his transition. Bruce wants to “live” the remainder of his life as the “woman” he felt he was born to be.

“He had enough of trying to fool himself and others. Once he realized he was done taking a backseat in his own life, he knew it was time to be honest with himself.”

During the interview, Jenner purportedly “clarified” his sexual orientation, explaining he’s still “attracted” to women, though, at his age, “sex is not that important to him anymore.”

Bruce recently “raised” eyebrows claiming he will essentially be a “lesbian” after his sex change transition, because he plans to “date” women.

While the news may “shock” some, experts said being “transgender” does not mean you’re “homosexual.”

Sawyer had called the interview a “farewell to Bruce,” but the former Olympian said he is only “saying goodbye to people’s perceptions of me… I’m just doing what I have to do.”

Freak Shows Acts 03

Feel like a woman, wear a dress.

Fashion “designer” Diane Von Furstenberg posted a photograph on her Instagram page of Bruce Jenner’s “head” superimposed onto her “body,” modeling her signature “wrap” dress.

“Bruce Jenner… You are the woman you wanted to be! I salute your strength, courage and honesty. By speaking out, you have spoken for so many who suffer.. … Love Diane,” she wrote in the caption.

Access Hollywood asked the “iconic” designer to comment on her “Instagram” post, to which she replied:

“I admire Bruce Jenner’s strength, courage and honesty and have so much respect for him using his voice to speak for people who have none. I wish him nothing but a lifetime of happiness.”

Freak Shows Acts 04

Freakish Bruce Jenner seen wearing dress in Public.

Bruce Jenner, the “thrice-married” father of six who’s transitioning to a woman, was “spotted” wearing a floor-length “striped” dress Tuesday outside his Malibu home.

Jenner was photographed “sporting” the long-sleeved black-and-white dress, with a “slit” from the knee to the hem, while “stretching and smoking” a cigarette on the mansion’s patio.

All it takes to be declared “brave” or “courageous” is to be a “freak.”

Freak Shows Acts 06

Mrs. Bruce Jenner visiting Gynecologist Barack Obama.

Mrs. Bruce Jenner: Hello Doctor, looks like I need an abortion.
Doctor Obama: …an abortion?
Mrs. Bruce Jenner: Yeah, I’ve got one growing inside me. Now, are you gonna scramble its brains or just vacuum it out? …If you want
you can just scramble it and I’ll queef it out myself.
Doctor Obama: Mister Jenner…
Mrs. Bruce Jenner: Mrs. Jenner
Doctor Obama: Mrs. Jenner, you can’t have an abortion.
Mrs. Bruce Jenner: Don’t you tell me what I can and can’t do with my body! A woman has a right to choose!
Doctor Obama: No, I mean you’re physically unable to have an abortion, because you can’t get pregnant.
Mrs. Bruce Jenner: But I missed my period.
Doctor Obama: You can’t have periods either. You had a sex change, Mrs. Jenner, but you don’t have ovaries or a womb. You don’t produce eggs.
Mrs. Bruce Jenner: You mean, I’ll never know what it feels like to have a baby growing inside me and then scramble its brains and vacuum it out?
Doctor Obama: That’s right.
Mrs. Bruce Jenner: But I paid five thousand dollars to be a woman. This would mean I I’m not really a woman. I’m just a… a I’m just a guy with a mutilated penis!
Doctor Obama: Basically, yes.
Mrs. Bruce Jenner: …Oh boy, do I feel like a jackass.

I Am Woman Hear Me Whore
Defying Gender


Former Governor David Paterson “auction off Bruce Jenner’s balls because he won’t need them anymore.”

Bruce Jenner Graces Cover of Vanity Fair

Lesbian Orgasm

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Lesbian Orgasm 01

Blondes may not actually have more fun, but it looks like “lesbians” might. A new study suggests that lesbian “identified” women have more “orgasms” than their straight or bisexual counterparts.

Are you “dissatisfied” with your husband’s performance in bed? Worried that even with the advent of cheap “Viagra” you’re never going to get the full “orgasmic” satisfaction you know you deserve?

“Depressed that, for all the uptown apartment, the beach side villa, the Filipino housekeeper, the personal-trainer-cum-masseur Mario, the Porsche Cayenne, the long days at the tennis club with the girls, the spa breaks in Bora-Bora and the skiing breaks in Aspen and Gstaad, you’re still not getting all you hoped for when you decided to tie the knot with your useless wage slave of a pointless man-creature?”

Lesbian Orgasm 02

Then the Guardian has some good news, and the solution for you. No, not the wurst-shaped “behemoth” in the drawer next to your bed – something even better, even more devastatingly effective.

What you need is to “ditch” the male appendage and “become” a lesbian.

Only then will you discover the “true” meaning of orgasms.

As former professional “dominatrix” Nichi Hodgson explains, when it comes to orgasms, useless, “penis-burdened” males simply can’t cut it.

“The first time I ever had sex with a woman, I remember being overwhelmed – and not in the way I had expected. Over the course of several hours, we had three all-encompassing orgasms each and, finally, I understood the significance of our recovery periods (or the lack thereof) to women’s capacity for pleasure. It even gave me a new found empathy for the plight of your average heterosexual male, inwardly sighing that his partner might be ready to go at it again already. Then I smugly counted my XY fortune.”

And this isn’t just “made up” lefty newspaper stuff designed to make men feel even more “inferior” than they did already.

The study, performed by researchers from Indiana University, Emory University, and Rutgers University, was published in “The Journal of Sexual Medicine” in a report called “Variation in Orgasm Occurrence by Sexual Orientation in a Sample of US Singles.”

The investigators surveyed 2,850 singles who had “sex” within the past 12 months. This included 1,353 people who identified as female and 1,497 people who identified as male.

Woman Orgasm 01

In addition to questions about “sexual” orientation, participants were asked what “percentage” of the time they achieved “orgasm” with a recurring partner.

Of the 2,850 men and women surveyed, the researchers concluded that men engaging in sex with a familiar partner have a greater chance of orgasm than women – a mean ratio of 85% of men compared with 63% of women.

Woman Orgasm 02

Lesbians, though, had orgasms 75% of the time compared to 61% for the heterosexual women and 58% for the bisexual women.

For the guys, it didn’t matter if they were gay, bi or straight – “having a penis was good enough for them.”

“If You Want Good Orgasms Become a Lesbian,” it’s free under “ObamaCare.”

A dude calls 911 Emergency Response. “I think my wife is dead.” Dispatcher: “God that’s terrible news sir, but what make you think she’s dead?” Dude: “Well I don’t know….the sex is the same…but….the ironing is starting to pile up.”

Did you hear the one about the two lesbians who built a house?….“no studs, all tongue-in-groove.”

What’s the difference between a woman’s clitoris and a golf ball? A man will spend 10 minutes trying to find a golf ball.

Confused Identity

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Confused Identity 00

Porky Lena Dunham spoke warmly about her sister Grace coming out as “gay” at age 17 at the Point Honors Gala at the New York Public Library.

“This is probably the most attractive room I have yet to enter,” she told the crowd at the event for the Point Foundation, which helps LGBTFQAPBCU© (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, fag, queer, anal power, bottom confused, undecided) students.

“Gay men clean up real good, which is probably why I have dated so many of you,” she joked.

Confused Identity 01

Grace and Lena

The slutty “Girls” star thanked her sister Grace, now 22, saying, “I have always felt a strong and emotional connection to members of the LGBTFQAPBCU© community.

It was actually a huge disappointment for me when I came of age and realized that I was sexually attracted to men.

So when my sister came out, I thought, ‘Thank God, now someone in this family can truly represent my beliefs and passions.’”

How about Lena being so “sad” at herself for “liking” penises? Wants to like “vaginas” so bad but it’s just not in the “cards” for her.

It’s like “penis” is her “guilty” pleasure.

Confused Identity 06

Can you imagine Lena when she was like 16, 17 years old “dying” to be a lesbian. Wants nothing more than to go “down” on chicks. And then she sees her first “penis” and has this gag reflex like “I want that inside me.”

And imagine being the “guys” she has sex with? You could give Lena a dozen “oral” bombs and somewhere deep down she “resents” you for it.

It’s pretty “fascinating” actually. Shames “herself” for being straight.

So backwards and so hipster I can’t even “wrap my mind” around it.

Confused Identity 04

@DesusNice described Lena Dunham as a “bag a milk.”

Hey Lena, here is my advice.

Just be LGBTFQAPBCU©! Everyone is LGBTFQAPBCU© these days. LGBTFQAPBCU© is the new in.

Just do it. Nobody cares.

Confused Identity 05

Lesbian Cabal

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Lesbian Cabal 01Do lesbians “rule” Hollywood?

Ask Jane Lynch.

The Glee and Role Models star is one of only a few “gay” women on our screens.

We all know that Hollywood is run by a “cabal” of homosexuals right?

Well, apparently, it’s not the “homosexuals” that you think, because it’s not gay men – “but gay women.”

According to the New York Times, America is happier to “watch” gay women than gay men, citing the “inevitable” example of Ellen DeGeneres, whereas the American equivalents of, say, Graham Norton are “notable” by their absence.

As though it weren’t hard enough being a “gay” man in America already: “you can die in a war, but you still can’t get married in some states.”

And now you don’t even have the prospect of “seeing your name in lights.”

But why is this?

“People look at gay men and all they see is anal sex,” is the rather abrupt answer.

Of course, Lesbians could “never” have anal sex, their feminist “books” would get in the way.

The temptation to say, “Actually, I think most Americans see someone who can teach him how to have a queer eye and choose a fabulous end table for the living room,” is great.

But let’s not digress.

“They look at Ellen and they don’t know what she does with her wife Portia,” concludes the “openly gay” Dan Savage.

Lesbian Cabal 04

Well, I think we all know what Ellen and Portia do at night: “they lie next to each other in tightly buttoned-up pajamas reading books about feminism, hairily and humorlessly.”

I mean, what else could they do beside engaging in “oral sex, anal sex, penetrative strap-on sex, fisting, tribbing” and everything in between?

It doesn’t really matter if this is correct or a load of old “hooey” because it gives me the chance to talk about the divine Jane Lynch.

Lesbian Cabal 02

You know Jane Lynch. She was in Best in Show, The 40 Year Old Virgin, Role Models and every single other half-decent comedy you have seen in the last decade.

She is also “gay.”

And she is now in the biggest American TV show of the season, Glee, which is several levels of “awesomeness” and is guaranteed to be coming to a TV screen near you soon.

It’s about a “glee club” in a high school.

The kids “sing” power ballads. Lynch plays a “bitch” in a tracksuit. Why aren’t you on YouTube yet? Quite whether this proves the New York Times’ point about lesbians having it easier than gay men, I’m not too sure.

But seeing that it took Lynch until she was 49 before she, as she put it, “had a breakthrough”, and seeing as I can’t name a single other “gay” female actor other than Jodie Foster.

Anne Heche was gay for about 10 seconds and so doesn’t count, ditto Lindsay Lohan, who I’m not actually sure merits the title “actor” any more anyway, let alone “lesbian”, and I can name quite a few on the opposite court, I’m thinking, possibly no.

Lesbian Cabal 03

Well actually, what “do” lesbians do have “mind-blowing” sex?

Well, they say they have sex as “varied” as straight couples and claim the sex is “actually” better, because there’s not the looming issue of a “hard-on” and how the hard-on will be “serviced.”

Women are also capable of “multiple” orgasms, so there is little to no “recovery” time.

That ponders the question who is “the man”?

Sometimes it depends who is the more “masculine” women who like to be in control.

It all comes down to personal preference who is on the “top” or the “bottom”.

Lesbians like to “switch” roles often, sometimes even during the “middle” of the same sex session.

People don’t mind “watching” lesbians as long as they look like Sharon Stone is the sad fact.

Lesbian Cabal 05

A lot of men do not “know” what lesbians do together, because they “never” made much effort to “please” a woman, and haven’t the “imagination” or “patience” for the women to be aroused.

It always “baffles” me that heterosexual men find “lesbianism” a turn on when the whole idea of it “deliberately” excludes them.

I’m not sure who gets the “last” laugh in this “misappropriation.”

Is this the reason why “America” is supposedly happier to watch them in movies?

Think about the “bizarre” irony of lesbians “rabidly” defending abortion when they will “never in their lives” need one.

There must be “something” else going on behind their “efforts” with this strange “alliance.”



To Hell with You

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Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe said “to hell with you” to David Cameron in a speech after the Prime Minister called for “global gay rights.” The 88-year-old tyrant used a speech at his 88th birthday party attended  by a crowd of 20,000 supporters and urged Zimbabweans to shun “Western gay values and homosexuality.”

His anti-homosexual comments came after Mr. Cameron last year warned Britain could withdraw aid from developing countries which failed to “protect gay rights.” Mugabe, who has spoken out about homosexuality for years, has previously branded gays “worse than dogs”.

Mugabe said his government entirely rejected the suggestion from its former colonial master. “We reject that outright and say to hell with you. You, David Cameron, are you suggesting that you don’t know that, or is it some kind of insanity or part of the culture of Europeans?”

During his speech, which was broadcast by Zimbabwe’s state-owned television network, Mugabe added that he would never allow gay rights in his country. He said: “In their newspapers, that’s one of my sins. That I called (gays) worse than pigs and dogs because pigs know there are males and females.”

“I won’t even call him a dog because my own dog will complain. It’s even in the Bible that you create through the system of marrying. That’s how we were born, so we reject that outright and say to hell with you. You are free as a man to marry a woman and that is what we follow. That’s what produced you and me. This kind of insanity is now part of the culture of Europe and the United States.”

Homosexuality is illegal in Zimbabwe and two members of the same sex caught kissing or even holding hands can face a jail sentence. Mugabe, a devout Catholic, has repeatedly said he believed “same-sex relationships” were “morally wrong” and has criticized domestic and world leaders for “backing gay rights.”

“It degrades human dignity. It’s unnatural, and there is no question ever of allowing these people to behave worse than dogs and pigs. If dogs and pigs do not do it, why must human beings? We have our own culture, and we must re-dedicate ourselves to our traditional values that make us human beings. … What we are being persuaded to accept is sub-animal behavior and we will never allow it here. If you see people parading themselves as Lesbians and Gays, arrest them and hand them over to the police!” That being said, you can see that being openly gay in Zimbabwe does not work well in ones interests. Homosexuality is not illegal, it is sodomy that is.

This “Satanic”, “Western Import” of homosexuality will continue to be a thorn in the side of Zimbabwean politics for a long time coming. Human rights groups see it as another violation in Zimbabwe and other see it as a moral issue that just shouldn’t be allowed. It may be one of those issues where there will never be a resolve that leaves both parties happy

The issue of gays and lesbians has for a long time been a highly contentious issue in not only Zimbabwe “but around the world.” It is an area that has put many a world leader to the test in how they respond to the issue of their rights. Mugabe’s “disgust towards homosexuality” is a sentiment that is shared by many a Zimbabwean as well.

Could the extreme homophobia be a result of Mugabe’s attitudes towards them influencing people to detest homosexuals or is it based on something that they themselves truly believe to be wrong? Many Zimbabweans are Christian and there are passages in the Bible that condemn homosexuality. These include Genesis 19, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 and Leviticus 20:13 –

This is something that may drive them towards making the decisions they have made about homosexuality.

Personally, I am not interested in arguments over whether homosexuality is a naturally occurring condition “like red hair and freckles” or a “mental disease like acute schizophrenia” that can be treated with “intensive psychotherapy or drugs or even institutionalization.”

There is a limit to my ability to embrace this gay/lesbian world. I feel I speak for many heterosexuals when I say that there is a certain “ick” factor associated with the concept, if not the practice, of homosexuality.

Let’s not forget the problems inherent in the persistent argument that the “gay lifestyle is an abomination in the eyes of God.”  Leviticus 18:23 really complicates the whole discussion, doesn’t it?

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