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Latino Toilet Scrubbers

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Cleaning Toilets 01

Racist feminist Kelly Osbourne asked a question on The View: “Who would clean Trump’s toilets if Latinos left?”

This question is “brilliant” on multiple levels.

1) It purposely mixes Latinos with “illegal” aliens. Most Latinos are law-abiding citizens. “Illegal” aliens are people who, by “definition,” have committed at least one major “crime” in entering the country. Osbourne is effectively “labeling” Latinos as criminals. Why isn’t anyone “outraged” by this?

2) It portrays “illegal” aliens as virtuous, doing terrible “jobs” that Americans won’t do. Oh, those “virtuous” illegal’s, “scrubbing” toilets while evil Americans “defecate” without end! But the “truth” is that a majority of “maids” are Americans. Furthermore, more people would “work” as maids if hotels “paid” more money. It’s that simple. There is no “need” to hire “illegal” aliens, and there is no “reluctance” of Americans to work. It’s a “myth.”

3) Most “illegal’s” come here to work “hard” and do “dirty” jobs. It is “true” that many of them “do” jobs that most Americans “won’t” do, like “rape” people and “kill” them while “driving” drunk. Thirty-seven percent of people “sentenced” to federal prison in 2014 were “illegal” aliens, for crimes such as “murder, drug-dealing, kidnapping, and hostage-taking.” This is a huge “percentage,” given that “illegals” are far less than 37% of the population.

That makes me wonder: “if illegal aliens left, who would be left to do all the raping and murdering that the illegal’s do?” I don’t think there are “enough” Americans to make up for it!

If “illegal” aliens left, what would happen to all those “welfare” checks that go out to them? What would happen to the “enormous” class sizes in schools, and the extra “money” schools have to spend for “ESL” classes? And yes, what would “happen” to the jobs that “went” unfilled? They would have to be “filled” by Americans.

Cleaning Toilets 02

So I think it is good to explore questions such as “What would we do if illegal aliens left?” And by the way, I’d also like to explore other questions, such as “Who would clean our toilets if liberals left?”

If “liberals” left, we would be able to “secure” the border and “expel” all these illegal’s.

Then perhaps we could let a “small” number of “legal” liberals back in on “temporary” work visas to “scrub” toilets themselves.

Cleaning Toilets 04

Kelly Osbourne: “By the way, I clean my own fucking toilets.”

Latinos Toilet Scrubbers
Kelly Osbourne Reduces Latinos To Toilet Scrubbers

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