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Eat, Drink and be Merry

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Eat, Drink and be Merry 01

It’s that time of year again when people “eat, drink and spend money” more than any other “time of the year.”

It’s the time when evils like “exclusion, greed, acquisition, excess, family and unfairness,” all are couched between “Thanksgiving” and observing the birth of “Jesus” which become the order of the “Reason for the Season.”

Eat, Drink and be Merry 02

It has always been the Christians “desire”to counter these “evils” and make everyone feel “guilty” for their so called “blessings” by calling attention to the ongoing plight of “the homeless, the hungry, the poor and the destitute.”

Eat, Drink and be Merry 03

Indeed, when was the “last” time you turned on the local news on “Thanksgiving Day,” without being “bombarded” with images of “starving” masses lined up at a “shelter” for the only meal they’ll “ever” have all year?

Or stories of people “camping” out in tents on the “sidewalks” of businesses in spite of the “cold and lack of sanitary facilities,” all because they have no “job” to go to, no “family” with which to spend “quality” time, but most importantly, no “life” at all?

Eat, Drink and be Merry 04

For years Liberals “blamed” this sad state of affairs “first” on Reagan and then Bush. They “demanded” a government “solution” to this problem these “Christians” caused.

When Obama was “elected,” they finally had the solution they’d been “waiting” for.

Between Obama and a Democratic majority in both House and Senate, they “shoved” Christianity out of the way and set out to “prove” that Government “can and will always do a better job than God!”

Alas, “almost” eight years on, the “poor” are still with us and “life” is worse. It’s getting harder and harder to “convince” people that the long-lasting “consequences” of Reagan/Bush policies are at “fault.”

They’ve even classified “climate change” as the biggest threat to “national and global security.”

After forty-plus years of “warning” Americans that we have “less” than ten years to “save the planet,” we must grudgingly “concede” that we can’t exactly blame people for “reacting” to Christian predictions of “Judgment Day” taking place in 1975, then 1984, then 2000, etc.

Clearly we still need to “work” on our messaging.

In the meantime, “progressive” Liberals decided to put the “burden” back where it belongs, with the “Christians” who always “wanted” it.

It’s time to let them take the “blame” and demand they “solve” these problem, at least until Hillary’s “coronation,” when we’ll have more of the “right” people in charge.

Eat, Drink and be Merry 05

I found a YouTube video by some “guy” no one ever heard of. Someone who would easily be “forgotten” in the ensuing chaos.

Someone who would never get the fifteen minutes of “fame” he hoped to enjoy, because his “obscure” whack jobbery to “scapegoat” an entire Christian movement.

He “ranted” some nonsense about “Christmas” and the color of “Starbucks” cups and voila “The Starbucks Red Cup Kerfuffle” was born.

Thanks to the masses on “social media” already bored with Ben Carson’s “lies” and in desperate need of something “bright and shiny” to distract and ultimately “offend” and fill them with “outrage,” the Red Cup controversy not only went “viral” within hours, but just as “swiftly” developed a consensus of “group-think” guaranteed to “squelch” any threat of “backlash, push back, whiplash, ass whup, or even pussy whup.”

So much “glorious” Christian bashing! Scrolling down Facebook “news” feeds, all I saw was meme after meme after meme “scolding” all of Christianity for having nothing “better to do” with their time than “whine” about a red cup that made no mention of their “Savior.”

Eat, Drink and be Merry 06

Meme after meme after meme “exhorting” Christians to go out and “shelter the homeless, feed the starving, clothe the naked, employ the jobless, adopt the unwanted,” all the things they don’t “want” Government to do because they’ve insisted since time “immemorial” that they can do a “better” job of it.

That “raises” the question then why are the “homeless, starving, naked, jobless, unwanted,” etc. still with us?

Because Christians are too busy “raising” a big unholy stink about the “color” of a coffee cup.

What is it with their “hatred” of color? “I don’t like red cups. I don’t like the black man in the White House. I don’t like the gay rainbow flag.”

Starbucks Red Cup 08

Jesus said “the poor will always be with us.” Now his so-called followers “refuse” to do anything to “help” them, yet they “didn’t” want the Government to help them, “either.”

“Therefore, this season, when you see or read the same stories about the hungry lining up to be fed, the homeless queuing up to be sheltered, the people camping outside the stores hoping a great deal on a piece of merchandise within will make their prolonged suffering, deprivation, and subsequent trampling by like-minded victims of capitalism worth the wait, the trouble, and the money they never had to part with since they never worked for it, because they had no job…blame the Christians.”

And when you sit down this season to “partake” of what others “cannot,” because of Christians, you shouldn’t “feel” guilty.

Eat, Drink and be Merry 07

After all, Christians “brought” society to this, and “only” Government is the people’s “true” salvation.

Snoop Dogg Helps Deliver 1,500 Thanksgiving Turkeys in Inglewood

Jobs vs. Jobless

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Jobs vs Jobless 01

President Obama compared himself to the great Steve Jobs.

“Consider that just a couple of weeks ago, Apple rolled out a new mobile operating system, and within days, they found a glitch, so they fixed it. I don’t remember anybody suggesting Apple should stop selling iPhones or i Pads or threatening to shut down the company if they didn’t. That’s not how we do things in America. We don’t actively root for failure.” President Obama, October 1, 2013

Obama just compared Apple’s “imperfect” operating system launch to the massive glitches plaguing the new government healthcare price comparison websites.

Jobs vs. Jobless 03

Responding to the government “shutdown” in a sunny Rose Garden press conference, Obama took time to address some of the reported website issues.

Jobs vs. Jobless 02

But, as anyone with an “ounce” of brains knows, “there is no comparison.”

Obama’s “greatness and innovation” far exceeds that of the “late” Mr. Jobs.

Whereas Steve was motivated by “profit” and providing people with products they “actually” want, Obama’s motivation is “altruistic.”

Barry’s compassion is fueled by “mandating and forcing” upon people “any and all” government programs, “regardless” of value or societal wants.

It breaks my “heart” to see Americans being seduced into “signing up” for products they “do not want.”

Jobs vs. Jobless 04

Especially I think with “sadness” of our poor school children who are “forced” to eat food declared by Food Czar Michelle Obama to be “good” for them instead food they “liked and consumed” in the past.

I weep for the “deluded” masses trying to make “living” useful with such “ungodly” products that only pours money into “greedy” capitalist pockets when it should be going into “benevolent” government coffers.

Can you imagine an America where the “janitor” earned the same income as the “computer” genius, where the “migrant” farm worker made the same as the “neurosurgeon?”

No more “gap” between rich and poor with monthly corporate profits never to “exceed” the wages of the “lowest” paid employee.

There will be no more “competition,” and everyone would have a free “Obama Phone” and live together in “peace and harmony”, which is the real “beauty” of the Government family “working” together for the “common” good of its citizens.

Jobs vs. Jobless 05

Instead, this nation is so “ungrateful and jealous” of all of Obama’s golfing rounds.

It takes “talent and dedication” to manage “time consuming” passion with White House “responsibilities” and presidential “duties.”

Americans should be showing more “gratitude” towards Obama instead of being “ingrates” and “complainers.”

Here is a “unique” website called Happy Jobless Guy celebrating an “alternative” lifestyle.

It is a “guide” to earning a living “without” holding a job.

It is “dedicate” to people who, by “choice or circumstance,” are unemployed.

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