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The 1776 Report

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Two days before he left office, President Donald Trump released the highly anticipated 1776 Report.

This noble and impressive initiative sought to revive appreciation for America’s founding, its Constitution and its Judeo-Christian heritage.

The purpose of the President’s Advisory 1776 Commission, which authored the report, was to “enable a rising generation to understand the history and principles of the founding of the United States in 1776 and to form a more perfect Union.”

On the same day that it released the 1776 Report, the U.S. Mission to Israel also released an official statement recognizing the City of David “as a testament to America’s Judeo-Christian heritage and founding principles.”

In its press release, the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem stated: “The archaeological discoveries at the City of David bring biblical Jerusalem back to life and reaffirm the prophetic messages of freedom, justice and peace that inspired America’s founders.”

In both of these documents, the Trump administration publicly and eagerly “recognized” America’s biblical roots, including its connection to Jerusalem and the City of David.

The day he entered the White House, Joe Biden “eradicated” the 1776 Commission report. Today the radical left is trying hard to “blot out” this report and all that it stands for. For now, the report is still available online, and it is well worth reading.

You can also read the U.S. Embassy press release here. Such an overt attack on the true history of America’s founding strikes at the heart of what has made America exceptional.

“Fraud-In-Chief” Joe Biden’s White House stripped down the Trump administration’s 1776 Report, released on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, moments after the new executive took office.

The 45-page report, compiled by a multi-racial commission and beseeching Americans to take pride in their country, was immediately vilified by the progressive left as racist for rejecting social justice narratives of American history that characterize the United States as an irredeemably racist empire built for the sole purpose of oppression.

Biden’s removal of the report promises the new progressive administration will be a vehicle for the woke revolution, an idea rejected by the most radical Democratic ticket in recent memory but repeatedly warned about by the conservatives who saw through the empty rhetoric of moderation on the campaign trail.

Democrats and social justice warriors, who are developing the New York Times’ historical “1619 Project” into a film production, don’t want Americans to read The 1776 Report.

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Time To Exit The U.N.

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The U.S. will “remember” those countries that voted for a UN resolution “condemning” our decision to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel, especially when the UN comes “begging” for even more money.

Out of 193 member nations, the U.S. annually pays the UN more than 183 of those countries combined, approx. $8 billion per year. And if peacekeeping costs are included, the numbers get even higher.

There are over a dozen other U.N. agencies and operations that American dollars also support. The single largest is “peacekeeping” with a price tag of about $7.8 billion this year alone. The U.S. share of that cost is over 28 percent, or $2.2 billion.

The Donald Trump administration has drafted an executive order that would cut U.S. payments to the United Nations by as much as 40 percent. Trump has also indicated he will consider “punishing” countries to which we give billions and billions in aid each year, yet they don’t “support” us at the UN.

Look how much Trump could save American taxpayers just by “cutting” foreign aid to a few Muslim countries: Egypt $1.381 billion, Jordan $1 billion dollars, The Palestinian Authority $300 million, Lebanon $103 million, Iraq $347 million. Afghanistan $726 million, Pakistan $329 million, Iraq 258 million dollars, Bangladesh $175 million, Nigeria $373 million and Indonesia $178 million.

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