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Everyone Was Working Under Slavery

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Democrats are not interested in “blacks or minorities” doing better.

They want to keep these “people poor, on the plantations, out of work and dependent on government handouts.”

Because the second they’re “free” and can make their own living “decisions” they’ll see that they don’t need the “toxic” Democrats.

Why else would  Majority Whip Rep. James Clyburn “refuse” to give President Trump any “credit” for the historically low “black unemployment rate?”

Not only did he not give him credit, but he also “insulted” black Americans in the process by saying the “black unemployment numbers” were lower during slavery because “everyone was working.”

Clyburn’s “sick and reprehensible” comments came during an interview with Fox Business host Neil Cavuto.  Here’s how it went down:

“Well let’s leave the words aside, alright congressman? Let’s leave the words aside. Whether you like his style or not, or tweets or not, or comments or not, he’s delivered the goods for a lot of African Americans, has he not? With record-low unemployment levels, one group after another, mostly with African Americans. You don’t think that’s something that’s constructive?” Cavuto asked.

“No, no, because it’s not true,” Clyburn falsely claimed. “What do you mean it’s not true?” Cavuto pressed.

“I’m saying African American unemployment is not the lowest it’s ever been unless you count slavery. We were fully unemployed during slavery, so it all depends about how you measure this up.” Clyburn responded.

“.@WhipClyburn dismisses the record low black unemployment rate: “I’m saying that the African-American unemployment is not the lowest it has ever been unless you count slavery. We were fully employed during slavery.” — Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) February 19, 2020

According to CNBC, in the latest numbers African-Americans maintained their lowest jobless rate at 5.5 percent. Hispanics also hit a record low of 3.9 percent in September 2019, as well as Asian Americans at 2.5 percent. These are some of the lowest levels recorded since the government started keeping track in 1972.

This is why the Dems will “lose” badly in 2020. Not only do they not have a “plan” for Americans, their entire focus is on “illegal voting aliens” and continually bash any “success” that Americans achieve.

Any way you slice it, that is not a “winning” message this coming fall elections. Vote wisely, your “life” depends on it.

Through the Grapevine

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Obama Conspiracy 00

A place for you to nip those rumors about Obama in the bud.

After the recent revelation of long “wait times and delays” in care at VA hospitals “shocked” the nation, congressional Democrats from “both” houses and “independent” journalists undertook their own “investigations” to determine the “cause of the problems.”

What they found was shocking: “Evidence of a coordinated conspiracy among numerous ill veterans to avoid seeking medical care and blame their subsequent problems on President Obama.”

“It’s racism pure and simple”, said one congressional staffer who played a “tape recording” of a VA patient telling an undercover investigator “I’m supposed to go for a colonoscopy next week but I’m gonna skip it and blame it on Obama if I get sick.”

“I know it sounds an awful lot like me,” said the staffer, “but it is a VA patient. Trust me.”

While on the surface, it seems “incredible” and even “bizarre” that anyone would go to such lengths to “embarrass” the President they “dislike”, it is consistent with the pattern of “racism” that has emerged since the historical “coronation” of the country’s first “black” president in January 2009.

Obama Conspiracy 02

Recently for example, Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) revealed that while “ObamaCare” has been wildly successful “beyond” anyone’s dreams, it would be even more so if not for a concerted effort by “racists” who desire it to fail:

“I’ll be able to dig up some emails that make part of the Affordable Care Act that doesn’t look good-especially from people who made up their mind that they don’t want it to work because they don’t like the president. Maybe he’s of the wrong color, something of that sort. I’ve seen a lot of that and I know a lot of that to be true. It’s not something you’re meant to talk about in public but it’s something I’m talking about in public because that is very true.”

“If they’re writing emails, you know they’re serious about sabotaging it, those are prima facie evidence” a well-paid intern on the senator’s staff told us. “I mean, people don’t take the trouble to email if they’re just kidding around. That’s what Twitter and Facebook are for.”

“I can just see them racists sitting there and hitting RESET and ENTER over and over again on the website, and cursing President Obama each time they get a 404. They’re vicious, I tell ya!”

Frighteningly enough, it appears these latest “trumped-up” scandals are part of an intense, multi-front “racist” effort to “discredit” the president, the opening shot of which was the “revival” of the stale “two-year-old already-explained” Benghazi “fiasco” last month.

Obama Conspiracy 03

Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) put this “scandal” in its proper perspective for all “reasonable” people:

“I seem to remember our history,” Clyburn said. “After reconstruction, when people of color gained political presence throughout the south, they drummed up all kinds of things, indictments and accusations, they drove these people out of the south. Some went to Chicago, some came here to Washington D.C. And I see the same kind of efforts to discredit this president and this administration.”

Obama Conspiracy 01

Famous investigative journalist and perpetual victim, “humpback” Eleanor Clift, recently once again “debunked” the Benghazi “accusations” against the president:

“I’d like to point out that Ambassador Stevens was not ‘murdered,’ ” she said, bending her fingers in the air to suggest the drawing of quote marks, “but died of smoke inhalation in a CIA safe room.”

Another journalist put it more bluntly: “It’s safe to say racists in the CIA murdered him to make Obama look bad.”

Obama Conspiracy 04

Even more “startling”, however, is the realization that the efforts to make Barack Obama “look bad” did not start in 2009 or even in the 21st century, but actually began in the 1780’s. Investigative blogger Ezra Klein explains the facts to readers of low intelligence:

“It is unfair to expect Obama to succeed when the presidency is designed to be ineffective.” In Klein’s view, instead of blaming Obama for being an “absentee” president, we should be “scolding” James Madison and Alexander Hamilton for “crafting” a Constitution that didn’t “provide” a president with the “ability” to govern because of the “checks and balances incorporated into the system.”

Obama Conspiracy 05

“The racism in this country is sickening!” chanted all living MSNBC commentators in unison. “It’s obvious the Tea Party was plotting against Barack Obama nearly two centuries before he was born! If that’s not racism, what is?”

Experts are at a “loss” to explain why so many “seemingly” normal people are “consumed” by such “hatred” for President Obama.

Obama Conspiracy 06

“You take former President Bush”, said one psychologist wearing a “Buck Fush” T-shirt. “On the surface, he seems like a nice guy, always smiling like a chimp. So you tell me why he started two unnecessary wars to ensure that 10 years later the VA hospitals would be overloaded and make America’s first black president look bad! How do you explain that, huh?”

images 01

“I don’t understand what drives people to irrational hatred, but I’m sure it has something to do with the Koch Brothers” mused Senator Harry Reid (D-NV).

Obama Conspiracy 08

“I don’t know what the next phony scandal to arise around Barack Obama will be”, said future House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi, “but one thing I know for sure, racist hatred of the president will be behind it.”

It’s certainly was “not” news to President Obama, who “acknowledged” many of the VA problems back in 2007.  Then Senator Obama, running for president, acknowledged “massive problems” within the VA.

Obama Fooled You

40 dead Veterans? Mere “bumps in the road!”

He told the Veterans of Foreign Wars:

“No veteran should have to fill out a 23-page claim to get care, or wait months – even years – to get an appointment at the VA. When we fail to keep faith with our veterans, the bond between our nation and our nation’s heroes becomes frayed. When a veteran is denied care, we are all dishonored. It’s not enough to lay a wreath on Memorial Day, or to pay tribute to our veterans in speeches. A proud and grateful nation owes more than ceremonial gestures and kind words. Caring for those who serve – and for their families – is a fundamental responsibility of the Commander-in-Chief. The VA will also be at the cutting edge of my plan for universal health care.”

There you have it, in President Obama’s “own” words.

“It is always someone else’s fault.” If it is not the “Koch Brothers, then it must be Bush’s Fault.”

“How dumb does Obama think we are?”
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