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Sounds of Silence

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Paul Simon’s somber rendition of “Sound of Silence” in remembrance of the attacks by Islamic terrorists of 9-11 2001.


Settled Climate Science

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Liberal Democrat, “climate alarmist” and daughter of President Trump, “Ivanka”, has been tapped by her father to head a review of the United States commitment to the UN Paris 2015 climate agreement.

That document is an UN-ratified “faux-treaty” that is 31 sheets of “dictatorial” fish-wrap unilaterally “imposed” upon America by Barack Hussein Obama and John Kerry, with some timely help from “co-conspirator” Pope Francis and others.

Obama “committed” America in 2015 to the national “suicide” of cutting our economic activity while transferring our “wealth and technology” to what they term “developing nations” in a mad dash to global “equity and uniformity.”

The most important “goal,” though unstated for obvious reasons, is the “elimination” of the US from its perch atop the world “economic” hierarchy, a pretext for a “global” government under UN “fascist” control.

Obama signed us up to “cut” our economic activity by at least 26 percent “below” our 2005 levels, which was already an industrially “depressed” period, by 2025. That’s just eight “short” years from now, the “duration” of the Trump administration if he is a “two-term” president.

Without the US involved as the “willing” victim there is no Paris summit. It is dead. The only reason other nations are signed up for this “nonsense” is so that they can get a position at the “trough” feeding upon the pieces of America’s “carcass” or to help guarantee our “demise.”

Every other nation is “acting” in their own self interest, either “declining” the hemlock, as is the case with China, Russia and India, who chose not to “self-destruct,” or by being on the expected receiving end of “money, capacity and technology” stolen from the American people by the supreme “grifter and commie conman,” Hussein Obama.

Of the “31 pages” of the document there are only “four or five” sentences that even deal with “global temperatures” and were likely “inserted” for the sake of maintaining appearances. There is nothing technical. It is nothing more than “property acquisition, wealth and technology redistribution, social engineering and international welfare agreement.”

The “globalists” of the United Nations will be holding a “climate change” or “America pillaging” meeting in Bonn, Germany.

President Trump’s “advisers,” of which liberal “wonder girl” Ivanka is one, will be meeting in Washington to “finalize” the United States’ official “position” of whether or not to “honor” the bogus, “death to America” document.

Bloomberg reported last month that, “Both the president’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, and her husband, Jared Kushner, a White House special adviser, have urged the president to stay in the deal, along with Tillerson.”

An unnamed State Department official told the AP, “The decision to participate in next week’s U.N. climate talks shouldn’t be construed as a sign that Trump has decided to stay in the Paris pact.”

“To the contrary, the U.S. will be sending a ‘much smaller’ delegation than it has in years past.” That statement is encouraging.

How is it that the US can “contribute” the lion’s share to their “slush” fund of $100 billion per year by 2020, but we “can’t” find $14 billion for a “border” wall?

We can help fund our own “destruction” but have no money for “defending” our sovereignty?

The entire “document” is an obvious “fraud” but consider the following “excerpts” of many as emblematic:

“Acknowledging that climate change is common concern of humankind, Parties should, when taking action to address climate change, respect, promote and consider their respective obligations on human rights, the right to health, the rights of indigenous peoples, local communities, migrants, children, persons with disabilities and people in vulnerable situations and the right to development, as well as gender equality, empowerment of women and inter-generational equity.

Also recognizing that sustainable lifestyles [UN Agenda 2030] and sustainable patterns of consumption and production, with developed country Parties taking the lead, [providing the money] play an important role in addressing climate change.”

Those aren’t the “words” of addressing a supposed  “climate emergency” but of global social engineering on our dime of “wresting global control of the world for the UN and their Agenda 2030 authoritarian power grab.”

The “money” for all of this has to come from “somewhere” and that somewhere is “us.”

It’s no “exaggeration” to say that America is being “tied up and gang raped” by the UN predators through this “agreement.”

Americans are opposed to “rape,” particularly under a “blue” UN helmet.

We’re saying “no,” Ivanka, and “no means no.”

Let what was settled now be resettled. Scores of American settled scientists and other Al Gore-aligned “prog-activists” may soon join the “bureaucratic” conga lines, “renounce” their US citizenship, and “pledge” their fortunes and sacred “honor” to the European Union after the newly elected President of France Emmanuel Macron “pleaded” with them to leave their Trump “infected” motherland in a passionately tweeted video.

“Please come to France. You are welcome, it’s your nation,” Macron said in a short video message to US researchers, entrepreneurs and engineers. “I do know your new president has decided to jeopardize your budget, your initiatives as he is extremely skeptical about climate change. I have no doubt about climate change and how committed we have to be regarding this issue.”

Indeed, France is quickly turning into the “Climate Change Mecca,” which is why millions of “immigrants” from all over the world, including many “Islamic” climate researchers, are “flocking” to this fairy-tale land of “lactose-free milk, sugar-free honey, coal-free power plants, and green-colored, environmentally friendly suicide vests.”

We would answer Macron’s call to “resettle,” but someone needs to stay “behind” and keep the science “settled” here. It’s a “dirty” job but somebody has to do it. That and the “fact” that French “shovels” have a different, “metric” standard.

Nevertheless, we “fully” support the call for all the “settled scientists to resettle” to France and become the first “officially” registered wave of “climate-change-induced migrations” that Barack Obama has “famously” predicted in his “prophetic” speech.

I envision a remake of “Casablanca: Part Deux” featuring the remains of the new “lost” generation of American climate change “expatriates” in Europe, congregating in one of the last “refuges” from the climate-change-induced “devastation” in north Africa, which has become completely “peaceful” after all its Muslims had “migrated” to Europe.

The famous “lines” will have to be only slightly altered: “Play it again, Barack!” and “We will always have the Paris Agreement.”

And the theme “song” that Barack will play, “As time goes by,” will read…

And when two climatologists meet
They still say, “We have ten years left to save the planet.”
On that you can rely
No matter what the future brings
As time goes by.

Emmanuel Macron also promptly “proposed” a new French initiative called the “Fair Redistribution of Terror in Europe” program.

“It is unfair that France and other enlightened and generous nations, who open their borders and welcome Muslim refugees, must suffer the most from Islamic terrorism,” Macron said after the election.

“Being a fair-minded person, I am both saddened and outraged that less enlightened nations, especially Eastern European countries like Polen and Hungary, who close their borders to Muslim migrants, get to enjoy terror-free existence. It just doesn’t make sense.”

Macron promised to use all his “power and influence” to ensure that “Islamic” terrorism in Europe is “distributed” more equitably.

“This means Poland and Hungary will be forced to absorb more of the terror attacks on European soil because that is what enlightened nations do,” he said.

Asked how his “powers” as President would help to turn his “ideas” into reality, the suave, devastatingly “handsome” Macron reminded everyone that France is not “America” whose government must abide by “outdated” constitutional limitations.

“Americans may brag about their freedom, but it is, in fact, our government that has a lot more freedom to do what’s necessary in any given political situation. In this sense, France is part of a broader community of progressive nations, the European Union, where we believe that every member must shoulder certain burdens in proportion to their geographic sizes and populations.”

“Being that Poland and Hungary are nations of considerable size, I will work with the EU to ensure that they endure terrorist attacks and cultural subversion in exact proportion to their territory – not more and not less – which is only fair.”

“And that begins by opening their borders and allowing in a proportionate quota of refugees from known cauldrons of Islamic terrorism. I can put their minds at ease with my personal guarantee that these quotas will be carefully calculated by highly qualified professionals in Brussels.”

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Hey Obama…

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Dear Obama 01

“A Letter from America to Obama.”

The San Bernardino, California “terrorist” attack by ISIS-pledged terrorists is the “worst” in our nation’s history since September 11th.

Dear Obama 05

Syed Farook from his best side. No “Virgins” for this scumbag.

Dear Obama 04

Female head bag shooter Tashfeen Malik.

Fourteen Americans were “murdered,” another 21 “injured.”

Dear Obama 03

And yet Barack Obama “refuses” to utter the words “Islamic terrorism.”

He shrugged off ISIS as merely a “JV team.” And hours before the Paris “terrorist attacks” that claimed 130 lives, Obama assured the world he had “contained” ISIS.

Peaceful Islam 05

So far, no “terrorist” attacks have occurred “outside” of this containment area.

In this dark “moment in history,” our nation has reached an “inflection” point, a moment when, together, Americans “render” their collective condemnation of a “Commander-in-Chief” who works aggressively “against” American interests and national security.

In that spirit, “Breitbart News” presents: “A Letter from America to Obama.”

Amazing Disgrace 04

“Mullah” Barack Hussein Obama you are not only a historic “disgrace” to America…you are  a “traitor.”

Dear Obama 02

This is my country! Land of my birth!
This is my country! Grandest on earth!
I pledge thee my allegiance, America, the bold,
For this is my country to have and to hold.
What difference if I hail from North or South
Or from the East or West?
My heart is filled with love for all of these.
I only know I swell with pride and deep within my breast
I thrill to see Old Glory paint the breeze.
With hand upon heart I thank the Lord For this my native land,
For all I love is here within her gates.
My soul is rooted deeply in the soil on which I stand,
For these are mine own United States.
This is my country! Land of my choice!
This is my country! Hear my proud voice!
I pledge thee my allegiance, America, the bold,
For this is my country! To have and to hold.

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The Idiot President

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The Idiot President 00

The Idiot President
By Barry Shaw

I’m going to tell you the “truth,” and the thing about the truth is that it “sticks” in your head forever.

This is it – the American President is an “idiot.” In fact, he’s a “dangerous” idiot.

Now I’ll tell you why.

When it comes to “fighting” the spreading cancer of radical “Islamic” terror that is choking the whole of the Middle East and much of Africa the American President has said he sees himself as a “big town mayor” fighting local crime. That’s idiotic!

He sees “ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram” and other groups as “rival” gangs as in West Side Story, not “butchering” terrorists as in East Side Nightmare. That’s idiotic!

When Jews were “targeted” for death in a kosher deli he said they were folks “randomly” shot. That’s idiotic!

When twenty one “Coptic Christians” were beheaded on a Libyan beach for no other reasons except they were Christian, and he called them “citizens.” That’s idiotic!

When he reports the “beheading” of an American journalist and then heads of to “play” golf. That’s idiotic!

The Idiot President 01

The world sees Iran as a “messianic” regime sponsoring “regional and global” terror attacks and feverishly trying to get their hands on a “nuclear” weapon as part of their “apocalyptic” dream, yet the American President is ready to cut them some “slack” and make them a central “strategic” player in the region. That’s idiotic!

The American President sends his Secretary of State around the Arab countries to explain to them what’s in the “nuclear agreement” with Iran, but he won’t send him to Israel, the number “one” target for an Iranian nuclear attack. That’s infinitely worse than being an idiot!

The US-led coalition will not partner with Assad in the fight against ISIS because Assad kills his own people. But the American President will partner with Iran to hit ISIS, even as Iran kills its own people. That’s idiotic!

The Idiot President 03

Now, having read this, I’m sure I’m going to hear that the President is a “genius” and I’m the “idiot.”

OK, so if I’m the “idiot,” at least I’m not a dangerous idiot. But if he’s a “genius,” he’s a dangerous genius. Either way, you lose.

Come to think of it, we all lose.

The Idiot President 04

Barry Shaw is the author of the book “Fighting Hamas, BDS and Anti-Semitism.”

Does anybody brief President Obama about anything?
Perhaps he’ll read it on Al Jazeera

Mullah Obama

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Mullah Obama 01

“Islamic terrorism is NOT an existential threat,” says Mullah Obama from the White Mosque where he is “pretending” to act as “Christian” president of the United States of America.

I’m sure the 220 Assyrian Christians who were just abducted by the Islamic State will be “happy” to hear that.

“Allahu Akbar” is what Muslims shout when “beheading” or “burn” hogtied victims “in the name of God.”

Mullah Obama 02

Mullah Obama 03

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