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Twenty Years Later

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As the 20th anniversary of the September 11th attacks is here, we need to recall that an entire generation has no idea what life was like before then and has never known the specter of the real enemy of terror.

Let us not forget that fundamentalist Islamic jihad is the constant enemy of western civilization in general, and the United States in particular. That is still unchanged from 20 years ago.

What has changed is the focus of engaging that enemy. Twenty years ago, the USA and close allies defeated over 75% of the threat of Al Qaeda/ISIS/pieces of excrement in Afghanistan before moving to a less essential military theater.  Since then, our troops have been put at risk, generals were awarded medals and lucrative board seats in retirement, and no one was held accountable, unless you count courts-martial for servicemen who had an impossible task following rules of engagement that never acknowledged what “winning” a war, another nation’s civil war, would look like.

What has changed is the vitriol coming from Democrat Congresspersons stating that Israel is the enemy, not fundamentalist Islam, or nation-states that have vowed to eradicate the existence of our only real ally in the Middle East which is an oasis of democracy and generosity to all her neighbors, asking only one thing: please recognize her right to exist.

What has changed is that our military, at the top, has been politicized, weirdly promoting race sensitivity training in the most diverse environment on the planet, claiming that the climate is the most important mission for our people in uniform, and failing to execute a retrograde operation that is the bread and butter of armies: getting all your people out and leaving no one behind. To a lesser extent, their personal animosity to a former president has clouded their collective judgment, even if their advice to him was correct and you-know-who ultimately agreed with them.

Instead, a political hack “Fraud-In-Chief” Joe Biden, who has never been right about any foreign policy issue in nearly fifty years, sets a political standard to a potentially horrific situation made worse by ineffective planning. Yes, our “woke” generals lack both brains and balls, plain and simple.

And then they pat themselves on the back. We should have been out of that region 19 years ago, and they call leaving the following to the Taliban and God-knows-who-else a “tremendous success.”

The Taliban is now the fifth or sixth most well-equipped army in the world thanks to senile Joe Biden. It is reported that the Taliban has more attack helicopters than the country of Australia. Here is a partial list of hardware, not to mention the technology:

  • American Aircraft, Equipment & Armored Vehicles
  • 2,000 Armored Vehicles Including Humvees and MRAPs
  • 75,989 Total Vehicles: FMTV, M35, Ford Rangers, Ford F350, Ford Vans, Toyota Pickups, Armored Security Vehicles etc.
  • 45 UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopters
  • 50 MD530G Scout Attack Helicopters
  • 30 Military Version Cessna’s
  • 4 C-130s
  • 29 Brazilian made A-29 Super Tucano Ground Attack Aircraft
  • Heavy Equipment, Including Bull Dozers, Backhoes, Dump Trucks, Excavators
  • At least 600,000+ Small arms M16,
  • M249 SAWs,
  • M24 Sniper Systems,
  • 50 Calibers, 1,394 M203 Grenade Launchers,
  • M134 Mini Gun, 20mm Gatling Guns and Ammunition
  • 61,000 M203 Rounds
  • 20,040 Grenades
  • Mortars +1,000’s of Rounds
  • 162,000 pieces of Encrypted Military Communications Gear
  • 16,000+ Night Vision Goggles
  • 10,000 2.75-inch Air to Ground Rockets

What has changed is that on the eve of the 20th anniversary of 9/11 the talking heads say that white supremacists are the real enemy of America. While I and all rational citizens agree that those people are despicable and should be tarred and feathered, I haven’t heard one iota of mass terror coming from that corner of the darkness on any media. Not a single report of authorities “saving the day” from a domestic terror attack by the guys in white sheets. Can’t blame those clowns for the killing fields of Chicago, either.

What has changed is that the media is complicit with cancelling or mocking anyone who espouses the virtues of American culture, of individualism and protection of the most vulnerable, of supporting the Judeo-Christian traditions of western civilization, of the government getting the hell out of everyone’s lives.

What has changed is that common sense and good judgment now count for nothing if you don’t toe the democrat party line, accept bullying from the political class, scream that the police should be defunded, and you can’t complain because your skin makes you privileged.

What has changed is that violent protests and mob rioting is castigated only when they support one ideology that is not their own.

What hasn’t changed?  The American people are intelligent, can accept bad news and deal with it accordingly, can tell when the Democrats have overplayed their weak hand, and they won’t tolerate any more failure, especially when it involves our collective security.

Let us not forget who the real enemy of our way of life is: fundamentalist radical Islam.

I pray that our “woke” generals and the “woke” political hierarchy are prepared for something civilians do not expect on the eve of this extraordinary day in our nation’s history. And that they get their politically ideological heads out of their collective ass before it’s too late.

Heartbreaking last calls to 911 operators from people in the planes and towers on 9/11

Radical Congressmuslim Rashida Tlaib claims Muslims in America were the REAL victims

The Islamic Response to the Government’s Nine Accusations

Nothing To Do With Islam

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A French schoolteacher was beheaded in the north-western Paris suburb of Éragny, Val-d’Oise by a Muslim terrorist who shouted “Allahu Akbar” during the attack. After the grisly attack the 18-year-old Chechen Muslim Aboulakh Anzorov sent photos of the history teacher Samuel Paty’s severed head to Chechen ISIS Telegram channels, where it was shared widely.

Muslim Aboulakh Anzorov is said to have been outraged that the teacher had shown a Charlie Hebdo Mohammed cartoon to his class, which included Muslims. He was shot dead by police after he refused to drop his weapon. According to French media, the terrorist was armed with a knife, gun and was wearing an explosive vest.

Not even 24 hours after the beheading, Muslims already are pulling out the “victim card” and “mental issues” defense, in anticipation of an uptick in “Islamophobia” in France.

Monia Bouguerra, a Muslima in charge of international relations within the UDMF says that this isolated act should not cast shame on all citizens of Muslim faith because it had “nothing to do with Islam.” She also expressed her fears of seeing a new outbreak of Islamophobic acts following the exploitation of this drama by the entire political class, making, in recent hours, the shortcut between Islam and terrorism.

Meanwhile, Muslim Dana Nawzar Jaf did not condemn the beheading itself but questioned the police’s decision to kill Chechen Muslim terrorist Aboulakh Anzorov, fearing the terrorist would attack them or others. Jaf, who describes himself as a Kurdish activist, toke to Twitter, posting:

How many more “beheadings and bombings” will it take to wake up the lackadaisical French and the rest of the world?

Every aspect of Islam is a form of “Jihad” aimed at the Kafirs. Even “prayer” is a form of covert jihad as can be seen in the mass public prayers which is a show of force and a choreographed form of military drill to show their disdain for the Kafir’s laws and ordinances because the whole world belongs to Allah and Muslims can jolly well do what they want .

The Kafirs are the real transgressors, your land is my land, your wife is my wife, your property is my property, you infidels are illegal interlopers and occupiers of land which should be rightfully Islamic, especially if a mosque has been build, then it’s immediate vicinity is “Terra Islamica.”

Another aspect of covert Jihad is food, especially via the devious methodology of halal certification. Halal certification extends to non food items too, such as handbags, drugs, medicine, spices, cookware, etc. Billions of dollars are extorted silently from innocent and unwary infidels whenever they buy a toothpaste, cosmetics or a bottle of spice that has been halal certified.

Jane Doe could be buying cosmetics without realizing that it is halal certified and the halal fees paid were sent to jihadist/ terrorists to support them, so that they can do jihad against American soldiers. On that fateful day when Jane applied her halal lipstick to her lips a jihadist shot dead her brother who was on duty in the Middle East. This very Muslim Jihadi gunman had received financial aid from the halal fees paid by unwary infidels like Jane Doe.

Such a cunning  and  devious Islamic scheme. Make infidels fund their own demise, make them support perpetual jihad till we annihilate them, make them pay the poll tax that is imposed on infidel, make them pay it without their even knowing they are doing it, yes make them pay via  Halal certification.

There are many other ways of making the infidel pay the infidel tax without their knowledge. You may buy a jar of precooked meat stew and still pay halal certification tax without knowing it because 3 of the ingredients in the stew came from halal certified ingredients, red pepper, onion flakes, food coloring. The end product “meat stew” does not need not show the halal logo since only some of the ingredients were halal certified.

And that’s only the tip of the ice berg. Watch this haram video:

The Psychology of Terrorism

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The Radicalization of Tania Joya – The Psychology of Terrorism Part 1

Tania Joya, I was a Jihadi Wife – The Psychology of Terrorism Part 2

My Son the Jihadi – The Psychology of Terrorism Part 3

Finding Out My Son Joined ISIS – The Psychology of Terrorism Part 4

My Son the ISIS Fighter – The Psychology of Terrorism Part 5

My Son’s Execution – The Psychology of Terrorism Part 6

Child Soldiers – Psychology of Terrorism Part 7

Jihadists Selling Utopia – The Psychology of Terrorism Part 8

Extremists Stole My Son – The Psychology of Terrorism Part 9

Child Radicalization is Abuse – The Psychology of Terrorism Part 10


Sharia Law – The Psychology of Terrorism Part 11

Social Media and ‘viral’ Incitement – The World of Extremism

Social Media and “viral” Incitement takes a look into the frightening world of online incitement. thousands of children every year are exposed to extremist groups attempts to draw them into a world of violence, terror, and hate. Some get sucked into the rabbit hole and are trapped in a word that brings misery and suffering to others. Why don’t the social media giants police their sites? Social media has a social responsibility and to monitor and to take down extremist content.

Victory Swim Collection

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Sportswear giant Nike announced a new product line called the “Victory Swim Collection.”

The collection, which includes the Nike “Victory Full Coverage Swimsuit” along with swim separate options, like the “Nike Victory Swim Hijab”, the “Nike Victory Swim Tunic Top” and the “Nike Victory Swim Leggings” brings performance innovation to modest swimwear.

The Nike “Victory Swim Collection” will be available globally at select retailers and online on February 1, 2020 at “”

A company statement said the design of the Nike “Victory Swim Collection” serves a variety of needs from modesty preferences to sun protection. “It represents Nike’s commitment to inclusive design, providing more women with game-changing innovation to enjoy sport,” it announced.

“The fabric is designed to be lightweight, breathable and fast-drying with UPF40+ sun protection. The full coverage suit will be available along with a separate hijab, tunic top and swim leggings.”

 “The more we listened, the more possibility we saw to serve female athletes in new dimensions,” said Martha Moore with Nike. “As we continue broadening our vision for innovation, we’re excited to inspire more women to see themselves in sport by thinking creatively and designing inclusively.”

Nike is a very “sneaky” and “deceptive” company. Their official marketing for their Islamic “Victory Swim Collection” doesn’t have the guts to use words like “Islamic” and “Muslim”, instead they are calling it “modest swimwear” instead of what it actually is, namely “Muslim swimwear.”

Moreover, what exactly does the word “victory” refer to in the Nike “Victory Swim Collection”?

Is it signifying another “victory” for Muslim female swimmers?
Is it referring to another Muslim “victory” over Islamophobic attitudes?
Is it anticipating a “victory” for Islam to come to power soon?
Is it a “victory” for Sharia Law to finally be instituted?

This is not the first time Nike has moved “sharply” left towards embracing “Islamic” culture. First came the Nike performance Hijab which featured a single-layer pull-on design made from lightweight polyester in dark, neutral colors with tiny holes that make the fabric breathable and opaque.

Nike said it began developing the “hijab” after some athletes complained about wearing a traditional “head scarf” during competition

Earlier this year it was discovered that the word “Allah” was molded into the soles of their new Air Max 270 sneakers, sparking a Muslim outrage calling the logo “blasphemous and offensive” to Muslims and demanding for the recall of  800,000 plus pairs of “holy” shoes.

Despite these threats over Nike “logos” on snickers that Muslims think resemble “Allah” in Arabic, Nike continues to bend over to the “Islamic” supremacists.

Might be worthwhile to remember the parable of the “Scorpion and the Frog.” Because that’s where it’s all headed.

In case you didn’t “got it” here are the “parallels” of this parable to “Islam” and the rest of the “non-Muslim” world:

Scorpions can’t swim, they need to rely on other creatures; Islam has not succeeded and cannot succeed without using others.
The scorpion sought a deceptive alliance with the frog; Islam seeks deceptive alliances with the infidels.
The scorpion cannot help but lie; Islam teaches “taqiyya,” lying to defend or promote Islam.
The scorpion doesn’t care about death; Islam teaches that death is better than life, it is the nature of it.
The frog trusts the scorpion thinking both are alike only to find out they were not compatible in their beliefs.

Christmas is Offensive to Muslim

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A burqa clad American Muslima says “Christmas is offensive to Muslims and it is ‘Islamophobic’ to celebrate it or even acknowledge it.” 

This goes along with a popular Muslim cleric who declared that “saying ‘Merry Christmas’ is worse than fornicating, drinking alcohol, or killing someone.”

They explain why Muslims believe the West is “evil,” yet they continue to “flock” here in droves, because it is based entirely on Christianity which is against Islam. They believe in “Sharia Law” and the whole idea of Christmas is “blasphemy” and Muslims must not accept it.

And they keep telling us that “music and dancing” in Islam are “haram” (forbidden).

Here a Imam explains why “music/dancing” is not allowed in Islam.

If that’s the case, it leaves only “one” alternative. Assimilate into our culture or go back to the third world “shithole” country you “crawled” in from.

Bottom line, Muslims don’t have to participate in anything or even acknowledge anything! All they have to do is ignore it and shut up! I am so fed up with Muslims dictating what we “can and can’t do.”

Listening to these “anti-freedom” Muslim creeps demanding the elimination of “Christmas” celebrations sends a message loud and clear that Islam must be “outlawed” in the West by Government force.

The harassment of Muslims striving to ban “Christmas, the sale of pork and alcohol products, the enforcement of paid Halal fees in commerce” is enough reason alone to “ban” Islam from the West. Obviously, there are a lot of other “threats and demands” by Muslims that also must be “rejected.” There is no place for a bully “dictatorship” belief systems like Islam in the West.

Until the government backed by the people establishes the courage to close Islam down in the West, we will never be free of Muslim “bullying” of non-Muslims.

Christmas is a time for all people whether you are Christian or not and no Muslim is going to “tell us or try to stop us” from enjoying the celebration of Christmas.

It is time for weak minded politicians to wake up and recognize, we the people, in every Western Country are fed up with the constant bully “whining, rant and rave abuse” of Muslims. Their insidious “anti-freedom” demands must be stopped.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah.

Never Ever Forget 9/11

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WARNING: Some of these videos are very hard to watch. That’s why you should watch them, so the horrific events of that day and the visual images are forever emblazoned in your memory.

The comprehensive video collection here encompasses virtually everything about 9/11, the lead-up to it, the aftermath, but most of all the voices and images of those who survived and those who didn’t, those who risked their lives, both human and canine, to help, and the evil sub-humans who did this in the name of their so called religion of Islam.

It is estimated that at least 200 people jumped to their deaths from the towers on 9/11, far more than can be seen in the photographs taken that morning. The jumping started shortly after the first jet hit at 8:46 a.m. People jumped continuously during the 102 minutes that the north tower stood. It took just 10 seconds to fall but it wasn’t fast enough for the victims to lose consciousness before they hit the ground.

Heartbreaking last calls to 911 operators from people in the planes and towers. Cool and calm American Airlines flight attendant and her last 8 minutes of life aboard doomed Flight 11.

Melissa Doi: “Oh my God, it’s so hot, I’m burning up.”

Kevin Cosgrove: “I can barely breathe. I can’t see. I’m not ready to die. Please hurry, I have young kids.”

Voice of the lead 9/11 Muslim hijacker, Mohammed Atta, from the cockpit of American Airlines Flight 11.

Tribute to the canine heroes of 9/11.

Bretagne was the last surviving rescue dog from 9/11, she was honored with a 16th birthday celebration in New York City in 2015. And sadly died in 2106.

Muslim exhilaration on 9/11: “Palestinians dancing in the streets and handing out sweets.”

Islamic Terrorist Cleric says “America deserved it.”

9/11 UNSUNG HEROES:  Citizen boat lift rescuers: “A hero is a man who does what he can.” Tom Hanks narrates the epic story of the 9/11 boat-lift that evacuated half a million people from the stricken piers and seawalls of Lower Manhattan.

Vietnam Veteran Rick Rescorla broke all the rules and saved nearly 2700 employees minus one from the South Tower where he was working as Security Director for Morgan Stanley.

Debunking the 9/11 “inside job” conspiracy theories: Researchers at Purdue University created a simulation that uses scientific principles to show what happened when a commercial airliner crashed into the World Trade Center’s North Tower.

Credible eyewitnesses, including pilots, who saw the plane hit the Pentagon.

AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL transmission United flight 93 was forced down in Shanksville, Pennsylvania

United Flight 93 Eye Witnesses:

9/11: The Falling Man Story the media refused to tell. It’s one hour and 12 minutes that the major networks didn’t think you should ever see.

9/11 The Man in the Red Banana: Welles Crowther was a 24-year-old equities trader at Sandler, O’Neill and Partners on the 104th floor of the South Tower. A volunteer firefighter, Welles called his mom after the first plane hit to let her know he was OK at 9:12 a.m. He would never speak to her again.

Behind the Scenes Tapes of 9/11: Air Traffic Control, Military, Airlines, Cockpit, etc.

Inside the 9/11 Hamburg Cell: In depth look into the twisted minds, evil motives, and detailed preparations of the Muslim savages who carried out the worst attack in American history.

Inside the Twin Towers on 9/11: An historical re-creation with a minute-by-minute account of what happened inside the Twin Towers immediately following the attack.

The Budweiser Clydesdale magnificent 9/11 tribute to the American spirit. Shown only one time on TV.

Amazing Grace Bagpipes – An Armed Forces & 9/11 Tribute

We learned five precious lessons from that horrible day.

Never trust a Muslim.
Keep your eyes and ears attentive.
Jump them if in a dangerous situation, even if your life is at stake.
Carry concealed and use it when appropriate.
NEVER EVER FORGET the enemy is now among us.

SEPTEMBER 11, 2001…as you won’t see anywhere else
The 9/11 Tapes: The Story in the Air
9/11: You Said You Wouldn’t Forget. You Did.

Catholic Death Wish

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Pope Francis calls on the faithful to be as “blind to real life dangers” as he is. When he’s not pushing “global” warming and “open” borders, he’s pushing partnership and “brotherhood” with Islam.

Pope Francis called for a “reform” of the way theology is taught in Catholic schools, saying students must learn about “Islam” and that overall there must be greater “freedom in theological research and academic pursuits.” 

The “Jesuit” pope made the call during a speech at the Jesuit run “Theology University” in Naples, Italy. It follows his outreach this year to the Muslim world with the signing of a “joint statement” with the imam of Cairo’s Al Azhar, the seat of Sunni learning, establishing the relationship between Catholics and Muslims as “brothers with a common mission to promote peace.”

In his speech, Francis said “dialogue and partnership” with the Muslim world is necessary “to build a peaceful existence, even when there are the troublesome episodes by fanatic enemies of dialogue.” Catholic theology students must learn the culture, language and way of thinking of  Muslims “to better understand and live out our relationship,” he said.

After the theologically doctrinaire papacies of St. John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI, Francis has stressed instead the need to “walk together” with interfaith partners, often joking that theologians should “ruminate” on a deserted island while religious leaders press ahead with “dialogue” on the ground. He has also called for a more pastoral, merciful and conscience-driven approach to “sticky” theological problems, such as Communion for the civilly “remarried.”


The Pope is pushing for Catholic students to be taught the “lie” that normative Islam is a “religion of peace” and so, it follows that anyone who “disagrees” with this lie would be deemed “intolerant” opposed to dialogue and pluralism.

In truth, it is Islam that is “intolerant, supremacist and resistant to diversity.”

If the Pope is genuine about “dialogue” then he should be mutually calling for Islamic States and Islamic schools, beginning with Al Azhar University in Cairo, to establish and preach equal status to all “disbelievers, women, gays” etc., and promote dialogues with unbelievers like “Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists” etc.

In his “promotion” of Islam, the Pope has become “the Grand Sheikh Francis of Al Vatican“, and is dismissing the sufferings of “persecuted” Christians, victims of jihad “terror and assaults.” The Pope’s call for reform within “the way theology is taught in Catholic schools” is a continuation of his dogged efforts which are subjugating “Christianity” under Islam.

In a meeting with hundreds of alumni of Jesuit schools in the Vatican, Francis told his hearers that authentic hospitality “is our greatest security against hateful acts of terrorism.”

With your help, the Pope said, “the Church will be able to respond more fully to the human tragedy of refugees through acts of mercy that promote their integration into the European context and beyond.”

Francis continued, “I encourage you to welcome refugees into your homes and communities, so that their first experience of Europe is not the traumatic experience of sleeping cold on the streets, but one of warm human welcome.”

Pope Francis, the leader of 1.2 billion Roman Catholics, told reporters aboard his plane returning from a visit to Turkey that he understood why Muslims were “offended” by many in the West who automatically equated their “religion with terrorism.”

The Argentine “communist” pope, who has been trying to foster cooperation with so-called “moderate” Islam in order to work for peace and protect Christians in the Middle East, said it was wrong for anyone to react to terrorism by being “enraged” against Islam.

And if that isn’t bad enough, Pope Francis recently called for the “opening” of Europe’s borders even wider than they already are so that Muslim “invaders” can advance their plan of creating a worldwide “Islamic” caliphate. How do you say “traitor” in Latin?

During the meeting, al-Issa thanked the Pope for his “fair positions” on what he called the “false claims that link extremism and violence to Islam.” In other words, he thanked the Pope for dissembling about the motivating “ideology of jihad terror” which his group has been accused of “financing”, and for defaming other religions in an effort to “whitewash” Islam.

The Grand Imam of Cairo’s al-Azhar, Ahmed al-Tayeb, has extended his gratitude and thanked the Pope for his “defense of Islam against the accusation of violence and terrorism” while Christianity is still waiting for the Pope to “defend it against widespread Islamic persecution.”

In direct contradiction to Pope Francis, Cardinal Robert Sarah, prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, has called it “his duty” to warn fellow Christians and Europe that Islam is not benign but “expansionary and threatens free societies.”

He stated: “As during the fall of Rome, elites are only concerned to increase the luxury of their daily life and the peoples are being anesthetized by ever more vulgar entertainment… The barbarians are already inside the city.”

He was referencing to Muslim “migrants” who have now immigrated but not “integrated” into Western societies.

It is only a matter of time before the Pope promotes “Mohammad over Jesus.”

Soon Pope Francis will become a “born again” Muslim!

U.S. Elections of Muslims

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Several Muslims are running for “elected office” in this country in 2019-2020, and more are likely to enter a “race” in the coming months.

Muslims running for office should be considered “traitors” to America. NOT because they have committed a treasonous act yet, but because their religion “Islam” does not allow loyalty to a “sovereign” nation or to put the good of the “country” they live in ahead of their religious goals.

Virtually every Muslim in America is “loyal” to Islam first, not America. They will only do what is “good” for Muslims, either in the “short term or long term.” And never forget, most of them, if not all, are being “funded” directly or indirectly, by the “Muslim Brotherhood.”

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MN) considers Siraj Wahhaj her “mentor.” Wahhaj is the father of the “terrorist” of the same name recently “arrested” by the FBI in a raid on an Islamic “terror training camp” in New Mexico.

Muslims currently running in U.S. Elections (2019-2020)

Movita Johnson-Harrell is a Democratic candidate for Pennsylvania House of Representatives, District 190, in the general special election on March 12, 2019. Read more about Johnson-Harrell here.

Ali Saleh is a Democratic candidate for California State Senate in District 33. Saleh is running in the primary special election on March 26, 2019. Read more about Saleh here. UPDATE: Ali Saleh was “defeated” in the primary election.

Ammar Campa-Najjar is a Democratic candidate for Congress in California’s 50th District, for the 2020 election. Campa-Najjar claims he is not muslim but his grandfather was a muslim terrorist, therefore I thought he should be added to this list. Read more about Campa-Najjar here.

Imtiaz Ahmad Mohammad is a Democratic candidate for Florida House of Representatives, District 104, for the 2020 election. Read more about Mohammad here.

Dr. Mohammad “MoDar” Dar is a Democratic candidate for U.S. House of Representatives in Massachusetts, District 8, in the 2020 election. Read more about Dar here.  UPDATE: Mohammad Dar has “dropped” out of the race.

Altaf Ahmed is a Democratic candidate for Broward County Commission District 1, in the 2020 election.

Yasmine Taeb is a Democratic candidate for State Senate in Virginia’s 35th District for the 2019 election. Read more about Taeb here.

Nabila Mansoor is a candidate for Sugar Land City Council, District 2 in Texas. The General Election was on May 4, 2019. UPDATE: Nabila Mansoor will face Naushad Kermally in the runoff election on June 8th 2019.

Naushad Kermally is a candidate for Sugar Land City Council, District 2 in Texas. The Election was on May 4th 2019.
UPDATE: Naushad Kermally will face Nabila Mansoor in the runoff election on June 8th 2019.

Mohammad Usman Aijaz is a candidate for Sugar Land City Council, District 1 in Texas. The General Election was on May 4, 2019. UPDATE: Aijaz was “defeated” on May 4th.

Abrar Omeish is a candidate for Fairfax County School Board in Virginia.

Omar Sabir is a candidate for Philadelphia City Commissioner in Pennsylvania. The primary election was on May 21, 2019.

Qasim Rashid is a candidate for Virginia Senate, District 28. The primary election was on June 11th 2019. Read more about Rashid here.

Ibrahim Moiz is a Democratic candidate for the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors in Virginia.

Khurrum Wahid is a candidate for Coral Springs City Commission, seat 2, in Florida. Wahid is the the founder of Emgage (originally named EmergeUSA), an organization that promotes Muslim candidates running for office that got its start raising funds for the election of former congressman Keith Ellison. Before creating Emgage, Wahid served as legal adviser for the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and as director of CAIR Florida.  CAIR was subsequently labeled a terrorist organization by the United Arab Emirates.

Mahmoud Mahmoud is a candidate for the New Jersey General Assembly, District 32. The primary election was on June 4, 2019.

Kaisar Ahmed is a candidate for the 3rd District seat on the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors, in California, for the 2020 election. Read more about Ahmed here.

Sharafat Hussain-Babu is a Democratic candidate for Virginia State Senate in the 33rd district. The election was on June 11th 2019. Read more about Hussain-Babu here.

Hassan Ahmad is a progressive Democrat running for the Virginia House of Delegates, District 87. The election was on June 11th 2019.

Aisha Wahab is a progressive Democrat running for Congress in California, district 15. Read more about Wahab here.

Adil Syed Ahmed is a progressive candidate for Commissioner in West New York, NJ. The election was on May 14th 2019.

Sri Preston Kulkarni is a Democratic candidate for Congress in Texas, District 22, in the 2020 Election.

Ghazala Hashmi is a Democratic candidate for Virginia State Senate, District 10. The primary election was on June 11th 2019.

Awais Qazi is a Democratic candidate for New Jersey General Assembly, District 29. The primary election was on June 4th 2019.

Zulfat Suara is a candidate for Nashville Metro Council at Large. The election is August 1, 2019.

Shahid Buttar is a candidate for Congress in California, District 12.

What can you do about it?

Copy this list. If a Muslim is running for office in your area or your state, get out there and inform your friends and neighbors via phone, social media, distribution of flyers, or anything else you can think of to wake them up to the threat that could be swept into office, especially if there is a large number of Muslims in the area.

You might even consider running against the Muslim, yourself, or recruiting someone you know to run. At the very least, you must support the Muslim’s opponent, NO MATTER WHICH PARTY he/she represents. Any Muslim running as a Republican is doing so as a way to deceive.

The exception is a “real” ex-Muslim. Anyone with the courage to “leave” Islam and be public about it, would not be inclined to “deceive” you. But make sure the person really is an “ex-Muslim” and not just saying he/she is.

Remember, “deception” directed at non-Muslims is not only “allowed” under Islam, it is actually ”recommended” in the Quran. It’s called “Taqiyya.”

We’ve all seen the “trouble and animosity” the two new female Congress Muslims, Rashida Talib and Ilhan Omar, have stirred up in this country in just a few short months.

Not to mention what the “closeted” Muslim Barack Hussein Obama did do to “transform” this country for eight years as the previous president.

Imagine what happens when even more are “elected to office”, some perhaps where you live.

We can’t afford to be “complacent or complicit” about the security of America. Don’t say you were not “warned” of this “danger” lurking right around the corner. Inform yourself about what “Islam” is teaching.

Muslims Elected in 2018 General Elections (List by State)

Muslim groups aim to get 5,000 Muslims to run for office in 2020

Beware Chrislam

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Following his historic trip to the Arabian Peninsula, Pope Francis has returned to the Vatican and announced to his followers that “Islam and Christianity” are to form a “coalition” working together to promote “common values.”

In other words, one world religion “Chrislam,” but as everyone knows, it would only be a “matter of time” before Islam “devoured” Christianity. 

His increasingly shocking “behavior” which appears to favor “Islam over Christianity” has only gotten worse since he was appointed Pope, replacing his predecessor, Pope Benedict, who is “rumored” to have been forced out because of his “anti-Islam” declarations.

Surely, Francis can’t be “ignorant” of the fact that formerly Christian-majority countries that are now Muslim-majority countries achieved that status mainly through “force and genocide”, not proselytism.

Pope Francis announced this “unfeasible” new coalition between Islam and Christianity after his trip to Arabian Peninsula in Feb. 2019. He proclaimed this after meeting with the Great Imam of Al-Azhar and their signing of the “Human Brotherhood” treaty, which aims to spread “authentic values” throughout the world while condemning all forms of “religious violence.”

“The Great Imam of Al-Azhar and I signed the document on the Human Brotherhood, in which together we affirm the common vocation of all men and women to be brothers in. As God’s sons and daughters, we condemn all forms of violence, especially those with religious motivation, and we commit ourselves to spreading authentic values and peace throughout the world” Pope Francis said.

As a matter of fact, Grand Imam Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb is “on record” for taking a position that is in “direct opposition” of the document he “co-signed.”

He recently said “Those learned in Islam [al-fuqaha] and the imams of the four schools of jurisprudence consider apostasy a crime and agree that the apostate must either renounce his apostasy or else be killed.”

Additionally, in a 2013 interview on Egyptian TV, he said that Muslims suffer from global Zionism and Judaism and “You shall find the strongest among men in enmity to the believers to be the Jews and the polytheists.” 

Statements like that would “disqualify” him from even being considered as a signatory on the “Document on Human Fraternity and World Peace.”

The pontiff urged followers of both faiths to “unite as one”, allowing the different cultures and civilizations to live together without “clashing.” By creating a unity between the two religions, Francis said that “together we affirm the common vocation of all men and women to be brothers, as God’s sons and daughters.”

He also “denounced” the temptation to see a “clash between Christian and Islamic civilizations.” Pope Francis is the first Roman Catholic pontiff to visit the Arabian Peninsula, the “birthplace” of Islam.

Pope Francis “warned” Catholics in Morocco “not to convert” Muslims to Christianity during an address at St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rabat, Morocco before roughly 400 Christian followers.

During the speech, in which the Pope also discussed the “rights” of Muslim migrants and promoted “open” borders, Francis urged Christians to ”unite” with Muslims, before he warned: “Please, no proselytism!” 

Trying to convert people to Christianity “always leads to an impasse,” said the head of the 1.3 billion-member church, as reported by Agence France-Presse. In Morocco, there are currently around 30,000 “Catholics” and 10,000 “Protestants” and they make up less than “1% of the population” there, where the majority of citizens follow “Sunni” Islam.

Following his official visit to the Islamic North African state, Pope Francis “blasted” nationalism and likened ”populists” to Hitler as he pushed for “open” borders and blamed the rise of populism in Western countries, “claiming the movement gains followers by stoking fear in the same way as the Nazis did in the 1930s.”

In a joint declaration, Pope Francis and Morocco’s King Mohammed VI signed the “Jerusalem Pact” which they described as a “symbol of peaceful coexistence” for Christians, Jews, and Muslims. I guess he “forgot” that when Muslims were in “control” of Jerusalem, Jews and Christians were not “allowed” in.

Pope Francis further claimed that Muslim “migrants and refugees” today have become the representations of those who are “excluded, oppressed and marginalized” in modern Western society.

Pope Francis, in his annual message for the “World Day of Migrants and Refugees” said: “The most economically advanced societies are witnessing a growing trend towards extreme individualism which, combined with a utilitarian mentality and reinforced by the media, is producing a ‘globalization of indifference.’”

“In this scenario, Muslim migrants, refugees, even the fake ones, displaced persons and victims of trafficking have become emblems of exclusion,” he added.

Francis repeated his opinion that people who “resist” mass migration are fueled by “meanness.”

“The signs of meanness we see around us heighten our fear of ‘the other,’ the unknown, the marginalized, the foreigner. We see this today in particular, faced with the arrival of mostly illegal Muslim migrants and refugees knocking on our door in search of free handouts from the European welfare states.”

He added that the fears “condition our way of thinking and acting to the point of making us intolerant, closed, and perhaps even – without realizing it – racist.” 

I am wondering if the pope thinks Islam is a “race”? Along with other European bishops, Francis has long “pushed” welcoming Muslim migrants, a narrative “shared” by the global ideals of “far left-leaning” European leaders.

But Francis’s ideas aren’t shared by all religious leaders. Vatican Cardinal Robert Sarah recently “warned” that he believed the West “will disappear” because of mass Muslim migration, saying that Western countries are being “invaded” by migrants. Sarah warns that “Islam will invade the world and completely change the culture, anthropology, and moral vision.”

The Catholic clergy member’s book is causing debate in Europe because it explicitly distinguishes migration from “predominantly Muslim” nations as a harbinger of the continent’s collapse.“If the West continues in this fatal way, there is a great risk that, due to a lack of birth, it will disappear, invaded by foreigners, just as Rome has been invaded by barbarians. My country is predominantly Muslim. I think I know what reality I’m talking about.”

In the list of the “worst” countries in which to be a Christian, “ONLY ONE” is not a Middle Eastern or African Muslim state.

Why does it feel like Pope Francis “hates” Christianity?

Convicted ISIS Fighter

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Exclusive Clarion Interview With Convicted ISIS Fighter

Speaking about the “right of revenge” and what he deems the Islamic philosophy of a literal interpretation of an “eye for an eye,” Delefortrie describes why ISIS decided to cage the “captured” Jordanian pilot and “burn” him alive.

Delefortrie, who is from Belgium and close to 29 years old, grew up as a Christian. A former altar boy, he converted to Islam at age 16 and changed his name to Younnes, which means “Jonah” in Arabic.

He later become part of the “radical” extremist group ”Sharia4Belgium” whose leader, 32-year old Fouad Belkacem, was the prime “recruiter” of young Belgians for ISIS and other Jihadi groups in Syria.

At the end of 2013, Delefortrie went to Syria to fight for ISIS. After five weeks, he returned to Belgium, ostensibly to bring his wife and children with him to the caliphate.”

He was subsequently arrested in Belgium along with 45 other members of “Sharia4Belgium.” In the largest terror trial of its kind, the court found all members of the group guilty on terror-related charges and meted out sentences ranging from probation to 12 years in prison.

Only nine of the 46 defendants were present for the trial, as most of the others were either abroad fighting or had already been killed in battle.

Delefortrie walked away with three years’ probation and wasn’t sent to any De-radicalization or counseling program.

Married three times with multiple children, one of whom he named after Osama bin Laden, Delefortrie was arrested in 2017 for domestic violence and sentenced to 18 months in jail. His current wife is serving a 17-year sentence for facilitating the murder of her ex-boyfriend.

The following exclusive interview was given to Clarion Project just before his sentencing and imprisonment.

In part one of this exclusive interview, Delefortrie recounts the terror organization’s justification for subjecting its prisoners to the horrific deaths we have seen published through the group’s sophisticated media productions

In part two of this exclusive interview, ISIS fighter Michael “Younnes” Delefortrie, who is featured in Clarion’s upcoming film, justifies the group’s use of children. “If you kill us…it doesn’t matter because there’s a next generation,” he says. This powerful clip highlights the cynical “abuse” of kids by Jihadi groups.

In part three of this exclusive interview with Michael “Younnes” Delefortrie, he shares ISIS’ “twisted logic” about committing cruel “acts of terror” in Western capitals. He contends that these acts are “revenge” for the West’s bombings in Syria.

He ironically “decries” how countries of the world are “interfering” in Syria, failing to acknowledge that his own terror group is doing the same thing. Instead, it reiterates ISIS’ goal of a “world dominated by Islam.”

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I’D Kill for Islam
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