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Takfir Infidels

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The recent, long overdue “death” of ISIS chieftain Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi raises the question: “What now?”

ISIS still exists. Its offshoots have “metastasized” all over the world, among jihad movements that fly its flag, such as Boko Haram and al-Shabaab. And its members certainly haven’t “repented.” So what now?

ISIS always had an inherent “strength”: the fervor of Islam. It likewise always had a “vulnerability”: the fervor of Islam. This vulnerability can be exploited.

“Takfir” is an Arabic word best translated into English as “apostate.” This means someone who has left “true” Islam. In Islam, takfir is worse than “infidel.” It is worse than Christian, because at least Christians have not committed the sin of leaving Islam; they were never in it. Takfir is worse than pagan or Christian or Shia. It is even worse than Jew.

In Islam, a difference of opinion of theology between two Muslims means that “If a man calls a brother takfir, then at least one of them is right” according to the Hadith, attributed to Prophet Muhammad.

Therefore, by definition, the other is “wrong,” and being “wrong” means “takfir.” It is not an accusation to be tossed around lightly, because anyone making such an accusation is opening himself up to the same charge.

This was all described in an excellent article that appeared in the Atlantic monthly magazine in 2015: What ISIS Really Wants.”

It describes the rise of “ISIS” and its founding “caliph” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. In view of the death of al-Baghdadi in the recent Special Forces raid, this article deserves renewed attention, because it contains hints on how to “exterminate” ISIS once and for all should it raise its “ugly” head again.

“Eschatology” is defined as a branch of theology that deals with prophecies concerning the “End Times.” In Christianity, this primarily means the Book of Revelation and the Book of Daniel.

Islamic eschatology is murkier and more “obscure” than the Christian one, because there is no lengthy source for it.  Instead, Islamic eschatology consists of hints gleaned from the “Qur’an or a Hadith.”

A “Hadith” is a quotation from Islam’s founder, “Prophet” Muhammad. A Hadith is not considered a direct quotation from Allah — those are duly recorded in the Qur’an — but instead comes only from “Prophet” Muhammad, relayed to us via a chain called an “Isnad” of hearsay witnesses. For this reason, some are considered more reliable than others, and the most esteemed of the compilers of Hadiths, Al-Bukhari, actually rejected about 80% of the 300,000 purported Hadiths he examined as being worthless.

The Atlantic article discusses all of this in far greater detail than this writer will here, but for our purposes, Islamic eschatology comes down to this: “only a true caliph can establish an Islamic state.” After the twelfth true caliph, the “Islamic Armageddon” will occur, and the Mahdi will arrive to rule over a “unified” Islamic world. To qualify as a true caliph, the candidate must come from the “Quraysh” tribe that originally inhabited Mecca and must control a stretch of northern “Syria,” from modern Iraq to the Mediterranean.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi certainly qualified for the first criterion. And when he founded the Islamic State, he controlled the stretch of “Syrian” land mentioned in the prophecies.  In his view, he was the “eighth” true caliph.

What would the Islamic Armageddon look like?  It would consist of the armies of “Rome” converging on Dabiq, where they will meet the armies of “Islam” for the final showdown.  Dabiq is a town in northwest Syria, very near the Turkish border and about forty miles northeast of Aleppo. Al-Baghdadi took this “prophecy” so seriously that he even named his slick ISIS propaganda magazine Dabiq.  At least he did, until Turkish-backed Syrian rebels took the place in October 2016.  The magazine has since borne the title “Rumiya,” after another Islamic prophecy concerning the End Times.

These facts suggest “weaknesses” for ISIS that can prove to be “fatal” if exploited cleverly enough. For one thing, anyone who “claims” to be the caliph and then falls down on the job must “never” have been the caliph. Worse, he must be “takfir”, because he made a “false” Islamic claim.  And worst of all, his followers must all be “takfir”, too!

Although al-Baghdadi made a credible claim to be the caliph, he lost his territory, including the town of Dabiq. No true caliph can do that if he wants to retain the title of caliph. When al-Baghdadi lost his caliphate, he proved himself to be just another “false” caliph. Therefore, he must have been nothing but a “takfir infidel.” His followers must likewise be takfir.

Another recent “wannabe” caliph was Muslim Barack Hussein Obama who also proved to be a “false” caliph, and therefore a “takfir infidel.”

This suggests the line of propaganda that the Trump Administration should now take: “demoralize what is left of ISIS, by shouting that they are all just a bunch of takfir infidels.” Utilize Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals Number 5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” In other words “endlessly ridicule ISIS.”

Keep “pounding” this point, day after day. The best time to “kick” a man is when he is already “down” and ISIS is certainly down right now.

Suppose that the “caliphate” revives itself? What do we do then? The prophecy of “Dabiq” also suggests a strategy to wipe out the next “caliphate,” if and when it arrives. Utilize Alinsky’s Rule for Radicals Number 4, which is “Make the enemy live up to his own book of rules.”

The way to do this is to “seize” the town of Dabiq. Drop a brigade combat team of the 101st Airborne Division onto the place, with orders to dig in and wait for “Neo-ISIS” to arrive. And arrive it will. It will not be able not to. For if an army of “Rome”, which is what modern America certainly is, takes Dabiq, then that must mean that the “End Times” are here and the Islamic Armageddon at hand. For a devout follower of ISIS to see that and not take up “arms and fight” the modern “Romans,” is to implicitly “reject” the prophecy.

Which can be nothing but “takfir.” Any Neo-ISIS follower who so reveals himself as “takfir”, proves himself to be undeserving of entry into “Allah’s Great Whorehouse in The Sky.”

In the end, it’s like in the movie Field of Dreams: “If you build it, they will come.” If “Rome” seizes the town of Dabiq, then Neo-ISIS will come. It will be forced to so because failure to do so is “disbelief in the prophecy and therefore takfir.”

And then? Well, “Dabiq” is in the middle of a flat plain consisting of farmland. Any Neo-ISIS army converging there will be right in the open with no cover. And when that Neo-ISIS army “converges” on Dabiq, then that’s why God invented “B-52s” with their Arc Light air raids.

And that’s how to deal with “ISIS” if it ever returns.

 Islam & ISIS
Islamic State Names Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurashi as Leader

Convicted ISIS Fighter

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Exclusive Clarion Interview With Convicted ISIS Fighter

Speaking about the “right of revenge” and what he deems the Islamic philosophy of a literal interpretation of an “eye for an eye,” Delefortrie describes why ISIS decided to cage the “captured” Jordanian pilot and “burn” him alive.

Delefortrie, who is from Belgium and close to 29 years old, grew up as a Christian. A former altar boy, he converted to Islam at age 16 and changed his name to Younnes, which means “Jonah” in Arabic.

He later become part of the “radical” extremist group ”Sharia4Belgium” whose leader, 32-year old Fouad Belkacem, was the prime “recruiter” of young Belgians for ISIS and other Jihadi groups in Syria.

At the end of 2013, Delefortrie went to Syria to fight for ISIS. After five weeks, he returned to Belgium, ostensibly to bring his wife and children with him to the caliphate.”

He was subsequently arrested in Belgium along with 45 other members of “Sharia4Belgium.” In the largest terror trial of its kind, the court found all members of the group guilty on terror-related charges and meted out sentences ranging from probation to 12 years in prison.

Only nine of the 46 defendants were present for the trial, as most of the others were either abroad fighting or had already been killed in battle.

Delefortrie walked away with three years’ probation and wasn’t sent to any De-radicalization or counseling program.

Married three times with multiple children, one of whom he named after Osama bin Laden, Delefortrie was arrested in 2017 for domestic violence and sentenced to 18 months in jail. His current wife is serving a 17-year sentence for facilitating the murder of her ex-boyfriend.

The following exclusive interview was given to Clarion Project just before his sentencing and imprisonment.

In part one of this exclusive interview, Delefortrie recounts the terror organization’s justification for subjecting its prisoners to the horrific deaths we have seen published through the group’s sophisticated media productions

In part two of this exclusive interview, ISIS fighter Michael “Younnes” Delefortrie, who is featured in Clarion’s upcoming film, justifies the group’s use of children. “If you kill us…it doesn’t matter because there’s a next generation,” he says. This powerful clip highlights the cynical “abuse” of kids by Jihadi groups.

In part three of this exclusive interview with Michael “Younnes” Delefortrie, he shares ISIS’ “twisted logic” about committing cruel “acts of terror” in Western capitals. He contends that these acts are “revenge” for the West’s bombings in Syria.

He ironically “decries” how countries of the world are “interfering” in Syria, failing to acknowledge that his own terror group is doing the same thing. Instead, it reiterates ISIS’ goal of a “world dominated by Islam.”

From Belgium to Syria and Back
I’D Kill for Islam
I regret coming back


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We apparently dropped a big ole “nasty” MOAB bomb in Afghanistan.

Gotta think that made “sleeping in a cave” just a touch more difficult.

We often hear of these “nomenclatures” but have no clue what these “bombs” actually can do. So, here’s what a “MOAB GBU-43” does.

It’s “great” if you’re America; it’s not so good if you’re on the “receiving” end.

You might remember a “test detonation” footage of this bomb being “dropped in the ocean.

We never actually “used” it, though we certainly “put out word” that we might.

Here’s one with less “payload” going off in Yemen.

The “MOAB” (Massive Ordinance Air Blast) is the largest “non-nuclear” bomb in the world.

The “Mother Of All Bombs” is huge and weighs 21,000 pounds. Each bomb “costs” about 14.6 million.

One can “assume” that the target of said bomb was of a pretty “high” value.

Here at home “Mothers” everywhere are “objecting to the use of the name “Mother Of All Bombs” saying it is “sexist” and binary “cisgender” to reference bombs as “mother” of all.

“Ya get to be a little fat 43 and the first thing that bastard wants to do is ‘drop’ me and get a pair slim 20’s? Like hell! This fat ‘bomb’ can do everything, and all at the same time!” said one anonymous protestor.

“Does that ‘bomb’ have six hands? No. Do you have ‘eyes’ behind your head? No. Can you spend ‘money’ like its growing on trees? No. How then can you call it ‘Mother of all Bombs? said another feminazi.

Moab, UT at sunrise.

It is not just “mothers” who are offended. So are all “residents” of Moab, Utah.

Watch out, “ISIS,” a lot of these “bombs” have your “name” on them.

U.S. Military Drops ‘Mother of all bombs’ on Islamic State in Afghanistan
CODE PINK protests Donald Trump and the ‘Mother of all Bombs.’

Syrian War

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America Shouldn’t Attack Syria—Russia Isn’t Our Enemy
By Spencer P Morrison

Although “hawkish” Neocons like Ben Shapiro are “rejoicing” that President Trump launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at a Syrian airstrip, I’m not.

Let’s be honest: “the attack was a total waste of money, and frankly, we’re fighting the wrong guys.”

As “bad” as Assad is, he’s a “hell of a lot better” than his “replacements”.

Here’s why “firing” Tomahawk cruise missiles into Syria “was, and is, a bad idea.”

Missiles Are Expensive, Tarmac Is Cheap…

Tomahawk cruise missiles cost $1 million a piece.

Not only that, but the “newer” models that will replace them cost up to “$1.5 million per unit.”

This means that we “wasted” $60-90 million on the attack, not “including” the associated costs, like “deploying” warships in the Mediterranean.

And what did we “use” them to break?  “Tarmac.”

Here’s the deal: “Syria is war-zone, and Assad’s government is essentially a police state.”

Replacing a “runway” will cost Assad next to nothing, assuming he even “pay” people to fix it. It’s not like Syria has a “shortage” of unemployed people,  gravel, or tar, after all.

The Attack Was Pointless…

According to the Daily Mail, Syrian jet fighters took off from the allegedly “bombed-out” runway without issue.

If the goal was “deny” Assad the tactical “advantage” of the airbase, then the attack was a “failure.”

Beyond that, Trump has burned “valuable” political capital with his supporters, who are “divided” over his actions. Many, if not most Americans “want” an end to America’s “involvement” abroad, including spending on foreign aid and the UN, and for them, this is a “step in the wrong direction.”

Assad Is Fighting ISIS & Al-Qaeda For Us…

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t “like” Assad, and I don’t “think” he’s our friend.

But he’s a “hell of a lot more” reasonable than the “moderate rebels” who want to “replace” him, who are backed by “Al-Qaeda, the Islamic State, and the Saudi Arabians.”

The below “clip” is only a minute long watch it.  In it, Assad shares his “thoughts” on the European migrant crisis.

Now “compare” that to this clip of ISIS doing ISIS things like “beheading” Christians and “smashing” Roman artifacts.

Who do you think is more “reasonable?”


As you can see in the below map, Assad’s regime is directly in “conflict” with ISIS over major swaths of territory, “he’s killing them for us.”

Again, why are we “interfering?”

More War Means More Migrants

Life under the Assad “regime” wasn’t great.  But it was “tolerable.”

In fact, before the “civil war,” Syrians enjoyed “higher standards of living” than did their Muslim cousins in “Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, or Iraq.”

Since Syria “disintegrated,” millions of Syrians have “lost” everything, and the “chaos” is spreading throughout the “Middle East and Europe.”

The entire region is “destabilized,” which is causing hoards of “migrants” to flood into Europe.

Sweden, for example, is already on its knees, while Germany has been settled by so many migrants that its entire demographic structure has been altered.

If we want to “solve” the migrant crisis in Europe, we need to “stem” the flow if migrants from the “Islamic” world, letting Assad “regain” control will help do that.

Don’t Poke The Bear…

I do not want “war” with Russia.  Neither “do you.”

Why?  Because Russia is a “nuclear” superpower that could “turn” America into glass.

No matter how “improbable” nuclear war with Russia is, we should nevertheless take “caution” to avoid situations that could “escalate,” because the potential consequences are “ruinous.”

Syria is “just” not that important to us: “it has never been in our ambit, nor is there any reason for it to be.”

On the other side, however, Syria is a “longstanding” Russian ally, and it is home to Russia’s only “navy” beyond Russia proper.

Our “intervening” in Syria is akin to how Russia “acted” during the Cuban missile crisis, except with “live-fire.”

Why “risk” it?

Regime Change Doesn’t Work

Rex Tillerson said that there was no role for Assad” in the future of Syria, “hinting” at the potential for another US-led “regime-change.”

This is an “about-face” from what Trump “campaigned” on, and his “rhetoric” up until now.

Not only is “toppling” Assad a bad idea, since it would further “destabilize” the region and open up a “vacuum” that ISIS, and its affiliates, would “happily” fill, but it would be expensive.

Remember the Iraq War?  It cost America $2 trillion and left thousands of American troops “dead and wounded,” for what?  So that ISIS could “kill” every single Assyrian “Christian or “non-Muslim” they could find?

Regime-change “failed” in Iraq.  It “failed” in Libya.  And it will “fail” in Syria or any other “Islamic” nation.

America Should Stay Out Of Syria & Let Assad Kill ISIS

Whatever you “think” of Assad, we can all “agree” that he’s better than “ISIS.”

We should let him “kill them for us”, rather than “risking our own soldiers,” and spending our “own treasure.”

We have enough problems at home to deal with, we don’t need another “foreign excursion” to divert our attention.

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Airhead Marie Harf

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No, this is not a “headline” from the Onion, but rather the stark “reality” of the parallel universe the once “hard-edge” Fox News has slowly “descended” into.

Former State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf, who earned her “15 minutes of fame” by publicly claiming the best way to defeat ISIS “was not to bomb them but to hire them,” has signed on to be a Fox News contributor.

“Harf will join the network effective immediately, and will make her first appearance on the network at 7 p.m. during Fox News’ “The First Hundred Days” with Martha MacCallum. Harf will also serve as a contributor to Fox Business Network.

Harf, who was most recently a senior communications officer to former Secretary of State John Kerry, has spent the last several years as a communications strategist in the Obama administration.”

We are not making this up. Fox News, presumably in the interests of being “fair and balanced,” has hired an Obama administration “sock puppet” who spread the false “narrative” that ISIS was not a “virulent and existential threat, but rather just another community that needed organizing.”

She “pushed” the Obama administration line that “terrorism” was just a reaction to “climate change and the lack of jobs.”

Not long ago, Harf opined on MSNBC’s “Hardball” that the “rise” of terrorist groups like ISIS could be “prevented” by a good jobs program.

“On Hardball with Chris Matthews, Marie Harf stopped by to argue that the solution to defeating the Islamic State is finding economic opportunity for young Muslim men, because “we cannot kill our way out of this war.” Harf’s appearance came after a weekend that saw 21 Coptic Christians beheaded and a gunman open fire at a free-speech debate in Copenhagen.

While Harf assured viewers that “a lot” of Islamic State fighters have been killed, she also claimed that force isn’t the most effective strategy for combating ISIS. “We cannot win this war by killing them — we cannot kill our way out of this war,” she said. Instead, she argued that the United States and its allies need to focus on the “root causes,” such as the lack of job opportunities for young Muslims. She said discouraged 17-year-olds opt to “pick up an AK-47 instead of trying to start a business” due to their socioeconomic situation.”

What makes a 17-year-old “Jihadi” pick up an AK-47 if not the “lack of summer jobs?” It is the desire of radical “Islamic” terrorists to deny women like Marie Harf their “careers and their freedom,” subjecting them to “honor killings, genital mutilation and other niceties” dictated by Sharia law. They want to “kill” us because we are not “like” them, because we are “infidels.”

And to think, “according” to Harf, that we are only a few “Wal-Marts” in Damascus and Baghdad away from “world peace” or that “solar panels” in the Sinai will make the “lion lay down with the lamb.” Who knew?

Harf served a president and a secretary of state who shared the belief that “climate change” is a root “cause” of terrorism. Obama’s “assertion” in his commencement address to cadets at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy that the “rise” of ISIS in Syria and Boko Haram in Nigeria and the “brutality” of both is somehow “linked” to climate change shows just how dangerously “detached” from reality “U.S. foreign policy” has become.

For those who wondered why “upwards” of two hundred thousand have died in Syria, Boko Haram abducts Christian schoolgirls, and ISIS “beheads and burns” people alive in its “reign of terror,” Obama placed a major part of the blame on fossil fuels and your SUV.

“I understand climate change did not cause the conflicts we see around the world, yet what we also know is that severe drought helped to create the instability in Nigeria that was exploited by the terrorist group Boko Haram. It’s now believed that drought and crop failures and high food prices helped fuel the early unrest in Syria, which descended into civil war in the heart of the Middle East.”

Believed by “whom?” Those who think Elvis Presley and Jimmy Hoffa are “alive and running a donut shop in Idaho?” There was “no violence, no beheadings, no burning people alive” during the American Dust Bowl of the 1930s and groups like ISIS and Boko Haram are “not out foraging for food.”

They are “poster” children for the evil that “lurks” in the world and that “advances as we retreat” from our global “responsibilities” and indulge in these “irresponsible” fantasies.

It is fairly certain that the “burning alive” of a Jordanian pilot in a cage was not caused by “rising” levels of carbon dioxide or that the beheading of Coptic Christians on a beach in Libya was “caused” by that coal plant in West Virginia.

Yet the belief that “lowering” carbon emissions and “holding” job fairs in Aleppo will stop “terrorism” is one shared by Marie Harf, now a “Fox News” contributor, paid to offer her “comical” musings as “considered” commentary or “fake news.”

Marie Harf: Americans are too dumb to understand that we can’t kill every terrorist, and shouldn’t try
Teacher Blames Muslim Upbringing For Traumatizing Teens With Selfies, Oral Sex

Inside the Terror Factory

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Exposing the “incitement” of children and youth to “extremism, hatred and violence.”


How is a young child “transformed” into a terrorist?

“KiDS: Inside the Terror Factory” dives deep inside the world of “terrorist” organizations to expose an “unconscionable and heartbreaking” truth.

The film tells the “anguishing” stories of children who have been “indoctrinated and manipulated, used and abused, to incite violence and radicalism.”

This is child “abuse”of the worst kind.

“Isa Dare” is a 5-year-old British boy. His mother, Grace, was “radicalized” at a British college and flew to “ISIS” territory in Syria, “taking” Isa with her.


Just this past February, an adult “terrorist” stood next to Isa and “encouraged” him to press a button on a “remote” control.

Isa’s small fingers “gripped” the device as he pressed the “button” firmly. In an instant, a car next to him “explodes.”


And in it, the “infidel spies” die breathlessly.

Isa is one of “many” children being “radicalized to murder.”

Your “donation” to the Clarion Project’s newest “documentary” will give voice to the “plight” of children like Isa being “manipulated and abused” to incite hatred, violence, and extremism.

Your gift will “expose” this narrative and inspire “urgent” conversation and action to “combat” the effect of child “indoctrination and exploitation.”


Supporting “KiDS: Inside the Terror Factory” is your chance to make real “change” in this ongoing to fight to “correct” one of the greatest unreported “human rights violations” in the world.

Films like “The Third Jihad” and “Obsession” have been exposing the “heinousness” of Islamic extremism to policy makers and the public for years.

Now, we turn our attention to “safeguarding” the human rights of the most “vulnerable” among us: “children.”

Plus, giving to this “campaign” is simply smart “philanthropy.”

Every dollar you donate will be “matched” by a generous donor. $10 becomes $20. $100 becomes $200. You will have “twice” the impact in helping to “launch” this film.

Give voice to the “plight of children” worldwide and inspire urgent “conversation and action.”

“Yes, the time is coming that whoever kills you will think that he offers God a service.”  John 16:2


Muslim Kids: Inside a Jihadi Terror Factory

Children Execute Prisoners

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ISIS recently released a “chilling” new nine-minute video showing a “number of rounds” of executions.

Particularly “gruesome” was the part that involved five “child executors,” most likely close to the ages of 12-13.

The “child executioners” are each thought to be from a “different” countries: the United Kingdom, Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia and Uzbekistan.

In the video, the children can be seen with “handguns” poised to shoot Kurdish prisoners “point-blank” into the “back of their heads.”


While one reads off “threats” to the Kurdish people, “sneering” that their Western allies are “incapable” of helping them, the others stand ready to “pull the triggers,” which eventually each does.

The clip” from the video of the “children” executing the Kurdish prisoners is “extremely graphic.”

The “executions,”which most likely took place in “Raqqa,” the Islamic State’s de facto headquarter, were “preceded and followed” by other executions.


The first set, carried out by “masked” men in brown uniforms, shows the “beheadings” of four men of the Syrian “opposition” and one shooting.


The last set of “executions” are carried out by “elderly” people on Syrian “government officials,” who are “killed” by gunshot.

Islamic State Latest Massacre – 70 Army Recruits

Presidential Debates

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I could not decide if I wanted to watch “The Debates” or “The American Gladiator.”

I settled on “The American Gladiator” as it more closely reflected “reality.”

Trump “serenading” Hillary Clinton at the Debate is the reason Al Gore “invented” the Internet…

Only in America can you take a debate about “politics, pussies, emails and ISIS” and turn it into a “sultry sweet romantic ballad.”

Vice Presidential Debate Fact-Check Livewire
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Pope Francis Dementia

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Pope Dementia 03

Pope Francis said that it was wrong to “identify” Islam with violence and that “social injustice and idolatry of money” were among the prime causes of “terrorism.”

“I think it is not right to identity Islam with violence,” he told reporters aboard the plane taking him back to Rome after a five-day trip to Poland. “This is not right and this is not true.”

Francis was responding to a question about the “killing” on July 26 of an 85-year-old Roman Catholic priest by “knife-wielding” attackers who burst into a church service in western France, forced the priest to his knees and “slit” his throat. The attack was claimed by “Islamic State.”

“I think that in nearly all religions there is a always a small fundamentalist group,” he said, adding “We have them,” referring to Catholicism.

“I don’t like to talk about Islamic violence because every day when I look at the papers I see violence here in Italy – someone killing his girlfriend, someone killing his mother-in-law. These are baptized Catholics,” he said.

Pope Dementia 05

“If I speak of Islamic violence, I have to speak of Catholic violence. Not all Muslims are violent,” he said.

He said there were various “causes of terrorism.”

“I know it dangerous to say this but terrorism grows when there is no other option and when money is made a god and it, instead of the person, is put at the center of the world economy,” he said.

“That is the first form of terrorism. That is a basic terrorism against all humanity. Let’s talk about that,” he said.

Spoken like a “devout” Marxist.

Pope Dementia 02

When he started the trip, Francis said the “killing” of the priest and a string of other “attacks” were proof the “world is at war” but that it was not “caused by religion.”

He told reporters on the plane that lack of “economic” opportunities for young people in Europe was also to “blame” for terrorism.

“I ask myself how many young people that we Europeans have left devoid of ideals, who do not have work. Then they turn to drugs and alcohol or enlist in ISIS,” he said, referring to the group known as “Islamic State.”

He “insists” upon saying that it is wrong to “identify” Islam with violence, despite that Islamic “violence” is making “headlines” on a weekly basis.

Pope Dementia 04

Sheik Ahmed el-Tayyib, Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Mosque, talks with Pope Francis during a private audience in the Apostolic Palace, at the Vatican,

And the “reason” he knows this is “because” the Grand Imam at al-Azhar University “told him so.”

It’s obvious Pope Francis is “suffering” from Alzheimer’s or dementia. Time to take him to the nearest “mental” institution for observation.

Pope Dementia 01

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Jorge Mario Bergoglio aka Pope Francis

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Child Burned Alive

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Child Burned Alive 01

A family including a two-year-old girl have been “burned” alive after they tried to “escape” from ISIS savages in Iraq, it has emerged.

The mother and father were “captured” along with their young daughter as they tried to “flee” from Rashad village, south west of Kirkuk in the north of the country.

It comes amid “claims” ISIS fanatics have tasked members with “tracking” down families trying to “run” away from the terror group’s “territories” in the area.

According to Iraqi News, a source in Kirkuk said: ‘This evening, ISIS burned a family of three (father, mother and a two-year-old girl) while they were trying to escape from the organizations grip in Rashad village.”

Child Burned Alive 02

“The family was walking through Hamrin mountains to al-Alam village in Salahaddin province.”

The anonymous source added: “ISIS has deployed members to arrest families that run away from ISIS sites southwest of Kirkuk.”

It is not the first time “reports” have emerged of entire families being “wiped out” by the extremists.

In May, a family including three children were “executed” in the same way as punishment for trying to “flee” from the same area.

The children and their parents were reportedly “set on fire” in public in Riyadh district 25 miles south west of Kirkuk.

They had been “accused” of trying to flee the area amid “fierce” fighting as Iraqi forces were attempting to “retake” Mosul to the city’s north west.

There were reports that the five family members were “doused in fuel” before being set on fire.

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What’s  happening in Iraq and Syria is not “hyperbole.” The pledges of ISIS must be taken “seriously.” They have carried out every “threat” they have made.

They have shown no “mercy” to children or their mothers. They “revel” in killing and are nothing more than an army of “religious zealots and psychopaths.”

Their numbers are “growing” because nobody in the world is doing “anything” to stop them. Every murderous, “blood-lusting” Muslim who can reach the area is “flocking” to join ISIS and participate in the “killing” spree.

This is no longer an “issue” for Iraq alone to deal with. The entire planet has a “solemn” responsibility to deal “swiftly” with ISIS and to neutralize their “threat” to all civilized people.

That the “world” sits and watches is the “epitome” of shame and an indelible “blight” on humanity.

Iraqi family including 3 children burned alive after trying to flee ISIS …

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