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Internet Kill Switch

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Internet Kill SwitchAn Internet kill switch is the cyber crime and countermeasures concept of activating a “single shut off mechanism” for all Internet traffic.

The theory behind a “kill switch” is creation of a single point of control for “one authority or another” to control in order to “shut down the internet to protect it” from unspecified assailants.

The prospect of “cyber warfare” has prompted the “drafting of legislation” by US officials, but the implications of actually of “killing” the Internet has prompted “outrage and criticism” of the idea in the United States.

While the effects of “shutting off” information access are “controversial,” the topic of a “kill switch” does remain a topic that “remains” to be resolved.


Especially since our “idiotic” Commander in Chief “thinks and blames” the “increase in domestic terrorism is fueled by Internet.”

Obviously, being the American media is completely “corrupt,” the only source of news that can “threaten” our traitor president’s “inevitable” momentum leading to his “resignation or impeachment,” is via the Internet.

Internet Kill Switch 02

For a “despot” like Obama and his “ilk,” the possibilities for “abuse” inherent in such a “law” are staggering.

Internet Kill Switch 06

He would “have” the authority to “flagrantly” spy on any “group or individual” under the “pretense” of concern for “national” security.

Internet Kill Switch 01

And as he “may,” under the “powers” afforded him by the NDAA, “declare” such groups or individuals a “threat” to the United States.

The “chilling” effect upon any declared “opposition” to his nefarious “schemes” would be enormous.

Internet Kill Switch 03

What better way to “kill” the internet than to “clear” it of all dissent!

Obama’s motto is clear:  “Keep ’em dumb. Control the flow of information, keep people Mal-informed, Mis-informed, Un-informed, what have you.”

Internet Kill Switch 05

That’s how you stay in power.

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