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Vaccine Induced Disease

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Have you experienced an unexplained prolonged “priapism” out of nowhere that “refuses” to calm down even after applying an “ice pack”?

Doctors are now saying you could be dealing with a “rare” COVID complication that could leave you in a horrible predicament. Researchers now believe the “Vaccine Induced Disease” (VID) can leave you with “priapism” for many hours without “external” stimulation.

That’s right, the “VID” can cause you to “bone up and remain stuck” in that situation for hours upon hours, according to Ohio doctors who wrote in the “American Journal of Emergency Medicine” about a patient who was “dying” from COVID, but then nurses noticed he was “erect.”

“The blood was drained from the patient’s penis and the erection issue was taken care of, but the man eventually died from the disease,” the doctor’s wrote.

In June, a separate case also published in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine reported a similar situation: A 62-year-old who had contracted the coronavirus experienced an ice pack-resistant four-hour erection which also needed to be drained with a needle and is believed to have been caused by blood clots.  Before contracting the novel disease, the man had no history of blood clots.

In August 2020, an obese 69-year-old was admitted to Dayton, Ohio’s Miami Valley Hospital with a bad case of the “coronavirus.”  The anonymous man, who eventually died from other complications of the virus, was experiencing severe breathlessness, inflammation, and had fluid buildup in his lungs.

Medical personnel sedated him before placing him on a ventilator, but his condition continued to deteriorate.  After 10 days, his lungs began failing, and the man was turned face down, an emergency technique used to help air better move throughout his body.

After 12 hours, when medics turned him face up again, the nurses noticed that his “shaft” was erect. After three hours, unable to fix the situation with an ice pack, medics drained the man’s penis of blood with a needle, successfully fixing the bout of priapism. The man was unconscious throughout.

“Priapism did not reoccur,” three Miami Valley hospital doctors wrote in a report on the patient in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine. However, his lungs did not recover, and the patient ultimately died in the ICU.

Medical professionals say the symptom is likely caused by an immune overreaction called a “cytokine storm,” and makes sense as a side effect of COVID, which is known to cause blood clots. Unaffiliated doctors say that priapism is still an “interesting” manifestation of the disease.

“We haven’t seen any cases of COVID-related priapism like this, and we have dealt with more COVID patients than any other European hospital as far as I’m aware, so this is clearly a rare but explainable manifestation of COVID,” consultant urological surgeon Dr. Richard Viney of Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham told the Daily Mail.

“In this patient, he had low flow priapism which would certainly fit with micro emboli (little clots forming in smaller blood vessels) and this is one of the complications of COVID we see in many other organ systems.”


As if us guys don’t have enough to worry about in life like cutting the grass on Thursday night so the yard looks amazing for the weekend, now we have to be concerned every time a mystery erection comes along.

It could be the wind blowing in the correct direction. It could be making initial eye contact with a beautiful golf course. It could be caused at work while thinking about crushing multiple beers on a Saturday while the kids are at grandma’s and your wife is out doing who knows what with her girlfriends. Or pleats.

Women think erections are the result of one thing, sex. Us men know they can be caused via a variety of arousing situations. What doctors are telling you here is that if that bone cause by the wind doesn’t settle down in the normal time frame, you need to have that thing checked out.

You could have a “Vaccine Induced Disease” (VID). In other words, just be careful out there, fellas. “Bone safety first.”

 One could spend hours just breaking down Brian Stelter’s weekly “dishonest spin-jobs” on his show, “Reliable Sources.” On a recent Sunday, however, Stelter pulled back the curtain to show viewers what it looks like when he does TV reporting from home in his “underwear.” Yes, you read that correctly, thus, turn away now, if needed:

“Why would Stelter air this clip of him doing a live shot without pants on his own show? — Watchdog (@LibWatchdog) March 7, 2021


 In all fairness to Brian Stelter, it could be that he had a “priapism” from mimicking Jeffrey Toobin “lubin his tubin” during his CNN Zoom news live shot from home.

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