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Vile Hunter Biden

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The propaganda media are gushing over Hunter Biden’s biography, “Beautiful Things,” which purports to tell the unvarnished truth about the first son’s drug addiction. CNN’s Brian Stelter called the book “extraordinary” and “breathtaking.” David Zurawik at the Baltimore Sun called it “powerful” and “profound.”

Yet even as the media hails Hunter’s memoir as a book that will help people struggling with addiction, a forensic investigation into a laptop Hunter owned is revealing that his unvarnished truth is dripping with several coats of lacquer, gloss and embellishment.

Late last year, the New York Post broke the story that Hunter’s personal laptop had been abandoned at a repair shop, and photos and information on it were shocking. Facebook and Twitter “mass-censored” everything to do with that story until after the presidential election in November and the declaration of Hunter’s father as the winner. Journalists were prohibited from talking about the subject. One investigative journalist who helped found “The Intercept” resigned because the company censored his article about it.

Now that Joe Biden has been installed in the White House, the censorship has relaxed somewhat, and reports have emerged that cyber forensics experts have confirmed that the laptop and its contents definitely belonged to Hunter.

“After obtaining a copy of the hard drive, commissioned top cyber forensics experts Maryman & Associates to analyze its data and determine whether the laptop’s contents were real,” wrote Daily Mail senior reporter Josh Boswell. The firm’s founder, Brad Maryman, is a 29-year FBI veteran supervisory special agent who served as an information security officer and founded its first computer forensics lab. The report said the data on the drive “appear to be authentic,” and that after an extensive search of its contents for any tell-tale signs of tampering, Maryman and Greenfield found “no evidence of fabrication by Russians or anyone else.”

Maryman and his business partner, Dr. Joseph Greenfield, found 103,000 text messages, 154,000 e-mails and more than 2,000 photos on Hunter’s laptop. And what these messages and images reveal about the life of the first son is more than sickening.

The evidence shows a man obsessed with making pornographic videos with prostitutes and uploading them to pornographic sites. It indicates criminal activity involving prostitution and drug trafficking. It indicates that Hunter repeatedly dodged police action. It shows that he spent so much of his not insignificant income on prostitutes and crack cocaine that he asked his father to pay his children’s dentist bills.

The laptop shows that Hunter spent hundreds of thousands on prostitutes, drugs, luxury cars and more, yet he was scrambling to avoid jail time for $320,000 in unpaid taxes. E-mails from May 24, 2020, show he wired out $25,000 to a single prostitute. Some of the prostitutes connected to Hunter have even been arrested, but no one has yet dared to prosecute Joe Biden’s son.

The laptop also shows that despite his father’s talk about the importance of gun control, Hunter illegally purchased a .38-caliber pistol as a cocaine addict. His concubine, the widow of his brother, threw the gun away out of concern that Hunter would harm himself, but Joe Biden has never addressed the issue. The message from the Biden administration is clear: “Gun laws are for the little people.”

The way journalists usually react to such revelations, you would expect much more coverage of the activities of the son of the president of the United States, especially when involving “special treatment, abuse of power, money laundering, drugs and prostitution.” But covering these topics got journalists banned from social media before the presidential election.

Journalists also typically look into why a man whose only “qualification” is being the son of a top American politician was hired at Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian energy company, for $50,000 a month. That gives you some idea of how much he was spending on “cocaine and prostitutes” before needing his father to pay his bills.

But in November, Joe Biden said there was “zero basis” for President Donald Trump’s claims that his son acted inappropriately regarding Ukraine. News executives and journalists largely accepted that explanation. But this same e-mail cache that reveals Hunter’s cocaine-fueled calamities and prostitute binges also reveals that he introduced his father to a top executive at a Ukrainian energy firm. And it shows that this occurred less than a year before then Vice President Joe Biden “blackmailed” the Ukrainian government into firing a prosecutor who was investigating that same company.

Joe Biden has tried to plead “ignorance” to the extent of his son’s addiction and business corruption in the past, but one of the biggest takeaways from the forensic review is that he has been “enabling” his son’s crimes and atrocious behavior.

“You’ve got countless photographs of him taking drugs,” said Maryman in an interview on Fox News. “You’ve got many, many text exchanges between him and women, some of whom we believe to be prostitutes, and some of whom actually have charges for prostitution. It becomes very clear when you see these texts that he is dealing with crack cocaine dealers and multiple prostitutes—sometimes getting two at the same time.”

“You get to a point where Joe knows about his son’s severe drug addiction and he is still funding him. Hunter goes to him saying he doesn’t have enough money, that he is being bled dry by alimony payments when in fact he is spending thousands of dollars on prostitutes and crack cocaine. And Joe Biden says, ‘Can I pay your kid’s dentist bills? Do you need cash.’ In some ways, he is enabling him.”

And after all this, Hunter is on a book tour making money selling a sanitized version of his drug addiction story. CNN opinion writer Nicole Hemmer called Hunter’s story “a window into America’s soul.” And on this count, she may be right. But through this window, we see no “beautiful things.”

Galatians 5:19-21 says “The acts of the flesh are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery; idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions and envy; drunkenness, orgies, and the like. I warn you, as I did before, that those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom of God.”

When you read about the contents of Hunter’s laptop, you read about a lot of “drug addiction, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, sedition and drunkenness.” And you read about a lot of people in the government and the Biden family who enable these “works of the flesh” in order to protect their political careers and curry favor with corrupt businessmen in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and China.

These sins are not confined to the elites of our country. Many Americans are entertaining themselves with, tolerating, excusing, enabling and engaging in these same vices.

Regarding the sickness in America’s government, the Prophet Isaiah wrote, “Woe to the sinful nation, a people whose guilt is great, a brood of evildoers, children given to corruption! They have forsaken the Lord; they have spurned the Holy One of Israel and turned their backs on him. Why should you be beaten anymore? Why do you persist in rebellion? Your whole head is injured, your whole heart afflicted. From the sole of your foot to the top of your head there is no soundness, only wounds and welts and open sores, not cleansed or bandaged or soothed with olive oil.” (Isaiah 1:4-6).

We are getting a stark look at just how grave this sickness is! Like our ancestors in ancient Israel, the Americans are fatally weakened not by bullets and bombs, but by sin. During the time of the Israelite King Jeroboam II, the Prophet Amos condemned greedy leaders who prioritized selfish interests and enriched themselves while afflicting the people of Israel (Amos 6:1-6).

Like the Biden’s and many other elites, these people “put far away the evil day” and “drink wine in bowls”—acting as if their lavish lifestyle will last forever and ignoring threats to the nation. Yet God warned through the Prophet Amos that enemies will take advantage of our terrible weakness, and among the first to be captured will be these same elites!

Beijing Biden

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The election of “Beijing Biden ” defies reality and commonsense. “Sniffy” Joe is a chronic “liar” and a demented “pedophile” who uses government to “enrich” himself and his family. He did badly in previous presidential primaries. Few attended his rallies when had them. Still, Biden was chosen by Democrat elitists.

The primaries were rigged in his favor. Why? Because elitists such as Hillary and Obama knew Biden was “corrupt” to the bone marrow. He would do whatever the “Deep Swamp” told him to do. Kamala “Ho” Harris likewise. Biden knew it was pre-rigged in his favor.

The aging old “sniffer” with his fake white teeth and bald head knew it would be stolen for him. Now he has a cabinet that is packed with “Deep State” operatives.

These are people who will do their best to expand the “swamp land” and most likely start new wars as they further strip from us our jobs, our liberty, and our dignity.

The Democrats will not admit any election wrong-doing whatsoever. They refuse to listen to witnesses who have signed sworn affidavits. The lying legacy media will not consider that election fraud occurred at all. They spew constant lies and tell us the election was clean as a whistle. They say Biden won. End of story.

Deal with it. They say we all need to shut up and move on, even though massive voter fraud and a stolen election is staring at us all straight in the face. Even foreign countries were involved in the steal—most notably the communist Chinese.

We need to do more than simply point out the massive fraud. We need to reverse the steal in the future. Voter ID, No computers. Drastically limit mail-in voting. Have paper ballots filled out by qualified voters in person.

Make sure officials from all parties get to watch the votes tallied by hand—polling place by polling place, precinct by precinct, county by county, state by state.

Get rid of the voting machines entirely. Let’s give the American people real elections results.

“Beijing Biden,” likes the communist Chinese. He does their bidding, for profit, of course.

We all know Hunter cut some terrific deals with communist-run businesses in China and raked in millions of dollars, thanks to his dad’s position as Vice President during the Obama administration.

Of course, his father, whom he refers to as “the big man” received a large percentage cut from all of Hunter’s dirty schemes, er, business deals.

“Sniffy” Joe Biden is a “career criminal” masquerading as a politician. Like Pelosi and many others, he has used his “career” to enrich himself and his family. He is a “liar, a plagiarist, a groping and fingering pedophile, a warmonger, and a grifter.”

He and his party arranged to have the presidential election stolen for him. Why would anyone think he would stop selling us all out now where he is in the White House? If they get away with blatantly stealing an election, the graft and corruption spewed by the “Deep State Swamp” will only intensify.

And now, thanks to a leak, we know that the China Communist Party has sent millions of citizens throughout the world to be infiltrated and embedded in multinational organizations and corporations. There, they steal technology and shape culture. Many spy on politicians, whom they like to compromise by means of “honey pots.”

Eric Swalwell, for example. The Chinese spies leverage these embarrassments while gathering information. Some of our politicians are completely compromised. They do China’s bidding. Hollywood and corporate media all show China in a glowing light.

Even the Canadian Prime Minister helped train Chinese troops. Too many of our presidents have bowed and kowtowed to the Chicoms.

China does not allow its citizens freedom of speech, freedom of travel, freedom to own firearms, or freedom of assembly. They don’t value freedom or western civilization. Worse, they think they’re the master race and like the Nazis, they want their own version of “lebensraum.”

Communists always strive for a monopoly of power and force for their party. They favor a concentration of absolute power, which is given to a tiny sliver or tyrannical rulers. Marx called it the dictatorship of the proletariat.

The socialist Democrats and the Silicon Valley billionaires want this, too. They want a Chinese-style system with the multi-billionaires running the show. What’s next for America, organ harvesting?

Joe Biden and his son Hunter are ruthless, immoral crooks. When traitorous criminals are not punished they become emboldened to commit even more outrageous crimes.

Now that “Beijing Joe” has managed to reach the White House, his criminal enterprise will expand exponentially. Look out for the “Super Deep Swamp!”

Those Neo-liberals running the so-called “Democratic Socialist Party” would all be delighted to see our country completely under the thumb of the Chinese communists with Joe riding along.

We better all “buckle up” because it’s going to be a “rough ride” for the next four years.

My Son Hunter

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An Irish-born film-making couple will “blow the lid off Biden corruption” with their just announced film My Son Hunter.

The creators of Gosnell and ObamaGate shared their plan to film a biopic of Hunter Biden — centered around his corrupt business dealings and scandalous lifestyle — that will include revelations from Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell.

“This movie is going to tell the whole story,” said Phelim McAleer as he announced the film with his wife, Ann McElhinney. “China, Russia, Ukraine.”

“We know that Twitter suppressed the story in the New York Post,” McElhinney noted, referring to Twitter’s banning of a New York Post bombshell report revealing that Joe Biden was aware of his son’s Ukrainian business dealings.

“We know also that CNN’s Jeff Zucker told his journalists to spike the story so that it would never be heard,” McElhinney said. “The Media Research Center did a poll and they found that 16 percent of Biden voters would have changed their vote if they’d known the truth about Hunter Biden.” 

“If the media won’t do their jobs, we’ll do it for them,” McAleer added in a press release.

While the movie will be based on documentation of actual events, it is “not a documentary,” explained McAleer. “It’s going to be told in a compelling and entertaining way.”

“This is an incredibly fascinating story,” Ann McElhinney said. “It’s ‘Austin Powers’ meets ‘King Lear’ with a dash of ‘House of Cards.’”

The English actor Laurence Fox, who announced this month that he is running for mayor of London in order to “fight against extreme political correctness,” told The Telegraph of London that he has been approached to consider playing the role of Hunter Biden.

However, Laurence Fox’s role “is uncertain following his announcement that he is running for mayor of London,” Fox News noted.

The movie is scheduled to be filmed in Eastern Europe this summer.

The filmmakers are in need of donations to help raise the $2.5 million dollars needed to fund the film, which McAleer said “is going to be free for the public.” It is the largest ever crowdfunding request for a film.

Donations to help fund the film can be made through the movie’s website, My Son Hunter.”

The Clinton Project

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“Fraud-In-Chief” Joe Biden and the Democratic Party used to stand for American values.

As a U.S. senator in the mid-1990s, he worked across the aisle to solve the country’s under “incarceration” problem. Years later, he voted against “impeaching” President Bill Clinton for having “sex with his intern Monica” in the Oval office and lying about it, because honestly who cares?

The Joe Biden and Democratic Party of 2021 represent an entirely different set of values of “woke radicalism, coastal elitism, and #MeToo totalitarianism” and have devoted themselves to a movement whose core mission is to “destroy” America as we know it.

That is why we are announcing the “Clinton Project”, an effort to “revitalize” the Democratic Party by “purging” it of these toxic elements, to “restore” its soul by electing Republicans, and to “reimpose” the values that served it so well in the 1990s, when crime and welfare were “frowned” upon and “banging” interns wasn’t.

While many of us are directly “responsible” for the Democratic Party’s transformation into a “woke cult”, we will not apologize. This effort transcends partisanship and is dedicated to nothing less than the preservation of American principles that so many have fought for, on battlefields far from home and on social media, the modern-day equivalent of war.

These principles are under attack from the radical left. Chief among them is the sacred notion that politics is a business through which all Americans deserve the right to acquire “vast personal wealth.” Few, if any, have fought harder to advance this fundamental right than Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Alas, these once-proud standard-bearers for the Democratic Party have been cast aside by “radical hijackers” who insist the era of Big Government is just beginning. Even Ted Kennedy, the liberal lion whose worst “offense” was leaving a woman to “drown” in his car, would be unwelcome in today’s party.

Over the next 15 fiscal quarters, our efforts will be dedicated to ingratiating ourselves with influential donors and activist groups to amass the funds necessary to defeat “Biden and Bidenism” at the ballot box—at least in theory.

We intend to lead a broad coalition of values-oriented Patriots in this fight for the soul of our country and have already secured generous commitments from the following groups:

National Republican Senatorial Committee
Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia
Clinton Foundation Expeditionary Force
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Jerry Falwell Jr. and the Christian Unity Coalition for Kindness
Donate Now To Build The Wall For Real This Time, Inc.
MyPillow Action Alliance for Election Accountability
Ed Buck Legal Defense Fund PAC
Free Ghislaine Maxwell Initiative
Matt Lauer Association for Unjustly Accused Journalists

We might be old, unattractive, and out of shape, but we are the perfect soldiers for this fight. To our supporters, we promise to spend an unhealthy amount of time on Twitter making “snide, belittling remarks” about your political opponents and their children.

To our donors, we promise to never abandon you the way the modern Democratic Party abandoned Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein, founding members of the “Clinton Project.”

We look to Bill as our “guide and inspiration.” If it felt good, he did it. No questions asked. We look to Hillary as our lodestar, our “Sherpa Pantsuit.”

More than anyone, she understands the importance of “cashing” in while you still can, of “repudiating” everything you’ve ever claimed to believe for personal gain, and “owning” your enemies with epic tweets or shots in the back.

Bidenism will be “defeated”, because it must. And when it is, we will be first to take credit.

The Clinton Project is a coalition of disgruntled Democrats, vulture capitalists, Saudi princes, disgraced journalists, and ex-cons who are dedicated to raising as much money as possible for the nominal purpose of defeating “Fraud-In-Chief” Joe Biden at the ballot box next election.

The group’s most recent ad takes aim at Biden’s family members, as well as the family of Vice President Kamala Harris. Hunter Biden, for example, continues to thrive despite the ongoing federal investigation into his shady business ventures in China and Ukraine.

He recently moved into a $5.4 million mansion in Venice, Calif., where he is pursuing a career as an artist while “working to unwind” his 10 percent stake in a Chinese investment firm.

The president’s younger brother, Frank Biden, has been touting his White House connections in his well-compensated role as a “non-attorney senior adviser” to a Florida law firm.

The president’s son-in-law, Howard Krein, has lucrative ties to a software firm seeking government contracts to assist in the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Kamala, who got her start in politics by “dating and sleeping” with married Willie Brown, the former speaker of the California state assembly, must be proud of the success her relatives have enjoyed since Biden chose her as his running mate in 2020.

Her niece, Meena Harris, wrote two bestselling children’s books inspired by her famous aunt launched a “#Resistance-themed” clothing line that sells Ruth Bader Ginsburg bathing suits for $55.

Biden’s lawyers reportedly warned Meena, who recently partnered with “Beats by Dre” on a special collection of headphones, about continuing to profit from Kamala’s image. LOL!

Kamala’s 21-year-old stepdaughter, Ella Emhoff, scored a modeling contract with IMG Models after she wore a weird coat to the inauguration ceremony.

Though many cheered Emhoff as an “unconventional” model, others argued that there wasn’t anything particularly revolutionary about being a “rich, white, tall, thin, female Brooklyn artist with tattoos and hairy armpits.”

Nevertheless, when your Daddy is president or your mulatto “Momala” is the vice president, things just seem to work out in your favor. Just ask Hunter, who’d probably tell you that “politics” is a corrupt family business led by the “Big Guy.”

Welcome to the Biden-Harris administration, where “private and personal” business is booming.

Beautiful Things

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Drug addicted son Hunter Biden is cashing in on his father’s presidency with a juicy “memoir” coming out April 6.

The book is called “Beautiful Things” will center on the younger Biden’s well publicized struggles with substance abuse, according to Gallery Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster.

Acquired in the fall of 2019, “Beautiful Things” was kept under wraps even as Biden’s business dealings became a fixation of then-President Donald Trump and others during the election and his finances a matter of “investigation” by the Justice Department.

“Beautiful Things” was circulated among several authors and includes advance “praise” from Stephen King, Dave Eggers and Anne Lamott.

The terms of the book deal were “not disclosed,” but the presumed influx of cash could not have come at a better time for the “renegade” scion, who has been forced to sit idly by as Kamala Harris’s niece and stepdaughter, as well as his uncle, Frank Biden, rake in the dough.

Hunter’s new career as a Los Angeles-based “wannabee” artist has yet to take off, and the ongoing federal investigation into his sketchy business ventures in Ukraine and China has limited his professional opportunities.

Hunter, 51, is also on the hook for monthly “child support” payments after a court-ordered paternity test identified him as the father of the child born to former “stripper” Lunden Alexis Roberts in 2018.

“Fraud-In-Chief” Joe Biden and his fake “doctor” wife (Ed. D.) have refused to acknowledge the existence of the child, identified in Arkansas court documents as “NJR,” it would seem that Roberts has been putting Hunter’s money to good use and is building a better life for herself.

Roberts, 29, is reportedly engaged to 26-year-old roofer and MMA fighter Princeton Foster.

In the meantime, fans of literature will be eager to learn how Hunter will discuss some of the key moments in his eventful life, such as the time he smoked crack in the VIP room of a prominent D.C. strip club, or the time he started an affair with brother Beau’s widow after narrowly avoiding arrest on drug possession charges.

Hunter, who had already moved out of his marital home with estranged wife Kathleen over his “failure” to stay sober, says he became close with Hallie after a 2016 trip with her to the Hampton’s and began spending most nights at her house while sharing very specific “intimate grief sessions” over Beau’s 2015 death.

White House Confirms Hunter Biden Still Holds Stake in Chinese Private Equity Firm
Appeals Court Upholds Bribery Conviction of Chinese Businessman Linked to Hunter Biden

Wake Up to China Threats

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China seeks world “domination” and it is making impressive “progress” in realizing that ambition.

“China is going to eat our lunch? C’mon man,” Joe Biden said while he was campaigning for America’s presidency, “ridiculing” statements from President Trump. “They’re not bad folks, folks. But guess what? They’re not competition for us.”

Particularly since the national election on Nov. 3, 2o2o, reports exposing the “dangerous” naivety of this statement have been “descending” in a deluge.

And many of them suggest not only that Joe Biden knew better, but that his “blindness” to the threat from China is willful, rooted not in compassion but in compromise and corruption.

“All warfare is based on deception,” wrote famed Chinese general Sun Tzu. “Supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.” It seems Sun’s modern Chinese disciples are carrying out his “war stratagems” with stunning success.

Emerging facts are exposing realities that sound like conspiracy theories—realities about the deceptive activities of Communist China aimed at breaking its enemies’ resistance without fighting.

China’s ambition to “dominate” the globe is becoming clearer all the time. In many ways this has hardly been a secret. Its “Belt and Road Initiative” and its Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank are designed to challenge and replace America’s central role in the world economy.

Its “debt-trap diplomacy” has given it leverage over a string of nations across continents. Beijing is “militarizing” the South China Sea and seizing strategic “choke points” worldwide.

Nations across Asia are nervously working to accommodate China as they recognize that it has “supplanted” the U.S. as the region’s dominant power.

Recent reports, however, expose China’s achievements in matching these overt actions with covert operations. They expose how members of the Chinese Communist Party have surreptitiously “infiltrated” foreign entities, working in academia, major corporations and governments around the world.

They reveal Chinese spies “seducing” high-placed government officials with money and sex. They show American federal representatives using their entrusted power for political, personal and financial benefit. They show election interference and literal election hacking. And all this against the backdrop of a world-changing virus unleashed on the world from China.

That this nation would aggressively target the world’s dominant superpower should not surprise us. But the extent of its success, and the fact that America has not only allowed it but seems unconcerned, is appalling.

In fact, viewed in the context of biblical prophecy, it is a potent symbol of nothing less than a historic global shift occurring before our eyes: the end of the Anglo-American era, and the beginning of a short, dark period that will mark the final years of the age of man.

Remarkably, most people remain asleep to this issue. This is largely because many elites in politics, media, business and technology—including Joe Biden—have prioritized personal interests over the interests of their country. They have been bought off by China.

In addition to the prophetic trends this highlights, it also contains a larger lesson—a profound truth about our human nature and our need for God.

A group of Chinese who oppose the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime hacked a server in Shanghai and in December 2020 exposed the identities and details of nearly 2 million members of the party, and of some 79,000 Communist Party branches.

The leak unmasked Communists working in sensitive and powerful positions in business, technology, prestige media, defense and politics around the globe. They work inside major companies like Boeing, Volkswagen, HSBC, ANZ and others, as well as at least 10 consulates. AstraZeneca and Pfizer, both of which were working on covid vaccines, employ 123 CCP members.

“Beijing’s malign influence now stretches into almost every corner of British life, including defense firms, banks and pharmaceutical giants,” reported the Daily Mail. “Among them is a senior official at the British Consulate in Shanghai. Its headquarters is also home to intelligence officers from the UK security services” (Dec. 12, 2020).

The loyalties of these people are devoted not just to China but to the ideology, the party and the chairman of the Chinese Communist Party.

This revelation proves that the world is dealing with a determined, resourceful enemy, and that nations have been too casual about protecting themselves against espionage, intellectual property theft, and who knows what else these Communists are doing.

Tens of thousands of Communist Party branches. Millions of members. Positions in sensitive areas. This is what we are only now finding out. What else don’t we know?

And will even this be swept under the rug, dismissed or “debunked” by American media? Will American leaders and everyday Americans care enough to at least demand more information—let alone deal with it?

Di Dongsheng is an economics professor in Beijing and a liaison to China’s Communist Party. Speaking at a Nov. 28, 2020, event hosted by the Chinese nationalistic website Guan Video, this man dropped these bombshell statements:

“The Trump administration is in a trade war with us, so why can’t we fix the Trump administration? Why between 1992 and 2016 did China and the U.S. used to be able to settle all kinds of issues? No matter what kind of crises we encountered … things were solved in no time. … We fixed everything in two months. What is the reason? I’m going to throw out something maybe a little bit explosive here. It’s just because we have people at the top. At the top of America’s core inner circle of power and influence, we have our old friends.”

In other words, China’s ability to influence the U.S. government began with the administration of Bill Clinton in 1992. This “old friend” delivered China some big victories: “He was America’s first president to publicly oppose the independence of Taiwan—a nation Beijing claims as part of China. He also granted Most Favored Nation trading status, effectively sending more than 3.7 million jobs from the U.S. to China.”

According to Di, China’s influence continued through the administrations of George W. Bush and Barack Obama and Joe Biden. It abruptly stopped with Donald Trump.

“To put it bluntly,” Di said, “for the past 30 years, 40 years, we have been utilizing the core power of the United States, this even predates Bill Clinton. But the problem is that after 2008, the status of Wall Street has declined, and more importantly, after 2016, Wall Street can’t fix Trump. The regime of the CCP has been utilizing the core power of the United States. As we will see, President Trump’s opposition to China put him in opposition to the core power of the United States—America’s China Class.”

“During the U.S.-China trade war, Wall Street tried to help. And I know that; my friends on the U.S. side told me that they tried to help, but they couldn’t do much,” Di continued. You read that right. Powerful Wall Street investors—the supposed embodiment of American capitalism—tried to aid the interests of the CCP against those of their own “America first” president.

“But now, we’re seeing Biden was elected. The traditional elite, the political elite, the establishment, they’re very close to Wall Street. You all heard that Trump said Biden’s son has securities companies all over the world. But who helped Biden’s son build his global companies? You understand? There are indeed buy-and-sell transactions involved in here.”

This clip was quickly “deleted” from Chinese social media, and you can see why. It would be difficult for China’s Communists to explain these statements. It would also be difficult for a Biden-Harris administration to explain how Joe Biden’s steady support of favorable treatment of China—which dates all the way back to when he helped the Clinton administration open trade with the Chinese regime—are not a function of his own family’s corruption.

Tony Bobulinski said he was personally involved in an investment partnership with a Chinese government-linked company with Hunter Biden, Jim Biden and Joe Biden.

Joe Biden has repeatedly claimed he has “never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings.” Evidence of the full extent of these dealings has been mounting—as has the impossibility of Joe Biden’s ignorance of them.

These include Hunter Biden’s 10 percent stake and a position as one of the nine directors of a Chinese private equity firm called BHR Partners. Though its name sounds American enough, its funding comes mostly from institutions owned by the Chinese government.

Before the 2020 presidential elections, investor Tony Bobulinski told Fox News host Tucker Carlson that he was personally involved in an investment partnership with a Chinese government-linked company and not just Hunter Biden but also Jim Biden and Joe Biden. He said the arrangement included a $5 million loan to the Biden family. He also said one of the business partners told him to keep Joe Biden’s involvement secret.

Also before the election, on Sept. 23, 2020, the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs released a report titled “Hunter Biden, Burisma, and Corruption: The Impact on U.S. Government Policy and Related Concerns.”

Among its findings: Hunter Biden received $1 million from a former Hong Kong official; he received $5 million from a Chinese energy company tied to the CCP; and he received a 2.8-carat diamond from the company’s founder, Ye Jianming, whom he met on one of several trips to China under Secret Service protection while his father was vice president.

Ye Jianming also did business with Jim Biden. E-mails from Hunter Biden’s laptop show he opened a line of credit with Ye’s associate the same day the Chinese energy company announced a $9.1 billion deal with a Russian government energy company. Another e-mail lists “the big guy” as a shareholder in the Chinese energy company deal, which has been identified as Joe Biden.

Information released on Sept. 5, 2020, by the “Government Accountability Institute” (GAI) documents Hunter Biden’s involvement as a director for an investment firm in Shanghai, Bohai Harvest RST, which is involved in selling American technology to the Chinese military.

When Hunter Biden was a director, Bohai bought American auto parts manufacturer Henniges. Since Henniges manufactures technology with military applications, the sale had to be approved, and was approved—by the administration of “Barack Obama and Joe Biden.”

“These deals didn’t just make the Biden’s money; they had potentially dangerous consequences for our national security,” noted Peter Schweizer, who made the GAI’s documentary “Riding the Dragon: The Biden’s Chinese Secrets.” Hunter quietly maintains an ownership stake in the firm, a stake worth millions of dollars, and stands to be worth even more as its China partnership prospers.

It all brings chilling plausibility to Di Dongsheng’s claim that “at the top of America’s core inner circle of power and influence, we have our old friends.” When these “people at the top” are so willing to sacrifice national interests and even national security for personal enrichment, this opens up disastrous vulnerabilities. And China is keen to exploit them.

Given its frustrations over not being able to “fix” Donald Trump, would you not expect China to try to ensure he wouldn’t achieve a second term? That it would work to secure victory for another of its “old friends”?

Last year, White House National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien warned that China was targeting U.S. election infrastructure with cyber attacks. Bloomberg News highlighted that Chinese hardware in U.S. voting machines was a “threat to the nation.”

A Jan. 9, 2020, report, “Chinese Technology in Voting Machines Seen as Emerging Threat,” stated, “The infiltration by foreign countries like China into election voting equipment is emerging as a growing concern among vendors, who are actually asking for more federal regulation as they grapple with a lack of domestic suppliers producing critical technologies.”

“Dominion Voting Systems” is a company that supplied election machines used in 28 U.S. states, serving more than 40 percent of the American population. And it turns out this company has strong connections to China.

In testimony before Congress, Dominion chief executive John Poulos said his company’s voting machines were built with Chinese hardware “from the screen on the interface down to the chip component level.” Litigation Attorney Dana Jill Simpson alleged that Flex China manufactured Dominion machines in cooperation with Huawei Technologies, a state-supported Chinese firm that has been accused of enabling surveillance by Beijing.

Though Dominion is headquartered in Canada, it is majority-owned by “Staple Street Capital”, a private equity firm in New York City. Just a month before the election, this firm received $400 million from UBS Securities, a Swiss investment bank partially owned by the Chinese government.

“An NTD TV report on December 5 showed that three board members of UBS Securities LLC appeared to be Chinese, including Luo Qiang, Ye Xiang and Mu Lina, according to the company’s profile page on Bloomberg,” the Epoch Times reported.

“Later, these names were taken down from the profile page, raising questions about whether the company made changes following media reports” (Dec. 15, 2020). UBS has refused to answer questions about these board members, and Dominion has deleted the “LinkedIn” accounts of one third of its employees.

This company’s troubling connections are deadly serious. “China poses a greater national security threat to the U.S. than any other nation, economically, militarily, and technologically. That includes threats of election influence and interference,” Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe has said.

Considering China’s intentions and its track record, Americans should assume the worst and investigate accordingly. Remarkably, however, only a small minority seem concerned.

Despite considerable evidence of “irregularities, lawbreaking, tampering and hacking”, the pressure and intimidation to simply move on and accept the election results is overwhelming. Many influential Americans are more concerned about a second Trump term than about election hacking from China.

Exiled Chinese dissident Guo Wengui, a former business tycoon, has said China has an overarching strategy for world domination known as “BGY,” initials for Blue (control the Internet), Gold (buy influence with money), and Yellow (seduce key people with sex). He says the plan is “to ruin the U.S. and to assure that China controls the world” (, Oct. 5, 2017).

The credibility of these explosive claims was certainly strengthened by the Hunter Biden revelations. It has been further reinforced by reports of literal spies from the Chinese Communist Party’s Ministry of State Security snuggling up with some of the nation’s top leaders.

China’s Ministry of State Security has a unit devoted solely to political infiltration, influence and intelligence operations in California. Not only does California boast America’s largest state population and biggest economy, it is dominated by the Bay Area and Silicon Valley, which are dominated by Democrat politicians. The Blue, Gold and Yellow strands of China’s strategy coalesce here in a commanding way.

Two years ago it was shown that a staff member of the chair of Senate Intelligence Committee, California Sen. Dianne Feinstein, was a Chinese spy.

For two decades, Russell Lowe was office director in Senator Feinstein’s San Francisco office and served as her California liaison to the Asian-American community. This man was a known Chinese activist, having participated in Maoist-leaning, far-left organizations very influential in San Francisco politics.

One of these, Chinese for Affirmative Action, “worked with other Maoist-influenced groups such as the Chinese Progressive Association to push the Beijing line in Chinatown,” the Epoch Times reported. “Together, they helped to marginalize Chinatown’s once-dominant anti-Communist leadership to the point that San Francisco’s Chinese community is now reliably pro-China, along with much of San Francisco’s non-Chinese political leadership, including Feinstein.” 

In December 2020, it emerged that California Congressman Eric Swalwell, another House Intelligence Committee member, had been targeted by a woman known as Christine Fang. This woman had placed at least one intern in Swalwell’s office and developed a personal “intimate” relationship with him. She was also an operative of Chinese State Security, deployed for years as an undercover agent in the U.S.

So, these Chinese spies are befriending members of the House Intelligence Committee. Imagine the reaction of Democrats and the media if these congressmen were Republicans! But they are Democrats.

What was Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s reaction to people demanding that Swalwell be stripped of access to American intelligence?

“I don’t have any concern about Mr. Swalwell.”

No concern. That is the general response to all evidence of Chinese espionage and infiltration. Why? The Center for Strategic Studies has assembled a list of 147 publicly reported instances of Chinese espionage against the U.S. in the past decade. Why is this not a matter of urgent national interest?

Government data shows that about 30 percent of foreign students in the U.S. are Chinese nationals—about 340,000 of them. These students pay full tuition, so universities are addicted to the income stream. Yet intelligence officials say this pool has provided many spy recruits for China. Why such carelessness over something so potentially ruinous?

Why are Democrats, the news media, tech giants and so many others in lockstep with each other—and, largely, with China’s Communist Party? What else don’t we know—yet—about China’s infiltration on the national stage?

John Ratcliff, who has access to more intelligence than any member of the government besides the president, says the problem is even worse than it looks.

In a Dec. 3, 2020, Wall Street Journal opinion editorial, Ratcliffe wrote: “If I could communicate one thing to the American people from this unique vantage point, it is that the People’s Republic of China poses the greatest threat to America today, and the greatest threat to democracy and freedom worldwide since World War II. The intelligence is clear: Beijing intends to dominate the U.S. and the rest of the planet economically, militarily and technologically.”

This is China’s goal! And it doesn’t take a pile of classified reports to see it.

Reacting to news of Chinese spying, Sen. Josh Hawley said, “We’ve seen the Washington politicians and the D.C. establishment look the other way with China for years and years now. It’s not as if they haven’t known that the Chinese has enacted espionage efforts against the U.S. It is known they are using tech companies to spy on Americans, trying to leverage that information against us. It’s not as if they haven’t known that the trade policies and other economic policies that we pursue with China have been ruinous for American workers. They’ve known all of that. They just don’t care. D.C. doesn’t care and they still don’t care.”

This is a devastating observation, but tragically true: “Top politicians, journalists, tech executives, businessmen, professors, actors and even professional athletes routinely take the same effectively pro-Communist view. It’s a measure of the success of China’s strategies—using Americans’ own greed, selfishness and short-sightedness against them.”

These efforts have created what analyst Lee Smith terms “America’s China Class”—a swath of elites beholden in one way or another to Chinese money and influence. And they, like Di Dongsheng, are eager to clear the obstacle to relations with China—a president who has effectively revolted against a “deep state” that is betraying America’s interests to foreign powers like China—by ensuring “old friends” are back in power.

“America’s China Class, which owns the platforms on which Americans communicate, has waged a relentless campaign of information warfare against [President Trump] through its social media and prestige media brands,” Smith wrote for Tablet.

“These elites are flooding news and social media with disinformation to protect their core interests—foremost among them being cheap Chinese labor and access to Chinese markets. American political and corporate elites didn’t choose decline. They chose to get rich. By shipping America’s manufacturing base off to China, they seized a business opportunity the likes of which had never been seen before—an enormous captive labor force controlled by an authoritarian regime that guaranteed the steady production of goods at a fraction of what it would cost at home” (Sept. 15, 2020).

When you’re only concerned with money, doing deals with China is the opportunity of a lifetime. There is no other nation so large, with a labor force so subjugated. It is China’s competitive advantage.

This is why big-time companies like the NBA are willing to censor and fire their employees for criticizing China. Two years ago, an employee running the Marriott International Twitter account “liked” a tweet from a Tibetan separatist group that had praised Marriott for listing Tibet as a country separate from China. The Chinese government responded by blocking Marriott’s website and mobile app for a week. Marriott snapped back in line, publishing a groveling apology and firing the employee—“for a mouse click.”

Most American entertainment and movie companies preemptively censor themselves to ensure their output will be approved by Chinese Communist censors. After all, a failure to appease them shuts out a billion potential customers.

Disney even filmed a movie in Xinjiang, the province where China is “imprisoning” Uyghur Muslims on a mass scale. The collaboration with Beijing was so intimate, the movie’s credits thanked eight Chinese government organizations, including one blacklisted by the U.S. government for its role in abusing the Uyghurs.

Incidentally, the Hollywood Reporter says Disney’s CEO at the time, Bob Iger, is at the top of Joe Biden’s wish list for a key ambassador post, possibly to China.

Many, many of these elites are only concerned with money. But some are concerned with ideology too—and they find socialism and communism attractive. It’s trendy to self-righteously decry slavery in America from hundreds of years ago—and care nothing about your shoes being made by virtual and actual slave labor in China.

“American cultural elites (Hollywood, sports, art, etc.) who exploited the increasingly large Chinese market for their products provided cover for the China Class cohort with messaging that dovetailed with CCP propaganda,” Smith continued. “Who were Americans to judge a great and ancient civilization like China’s for jailing dissidents and enslaving the Uyghur minority? Doesn’t America have its own history of slavery and political prisoners? It’s racist to protect American jobs. Those jobs aren’t coming back and there is nothing to be done about it, as Barack Obama famously said.”

This development is not only disastrous—it is deeply shameful because it was made possible by Americans’ own corruptibility. And not just among a small cadre of leaders. True, Americans don’t force their leaders to prostitute themselves to big corporations for money, to engage in overseas business dealings, to take bribes, to sell out American foreign policy, to use their power for personal gain.

But we have allowed it. Our weak moral character has allowed it. This attitude infects America—especially among the political class that is selling America’s industrial might and resource wealth to foreign nations for profit. Blinded by greed, they ignore threats to the nation.

President Trump has worked hard to check the political establishment and to fight for America’s interests. But his campaign to make America great again will be short-lived if Americans fail to repent of the sins that brought the nation to this point.

Decades ago—even before the U.S. established diplomatic relations with Communist China in 1979—we were warned that an important factor that would strip America of its historically unprecedented, God-given blessings was its infiltration by Communist forces.

“We are not fighting a single nation in a military war, but a gigantic, worldwide, plain-clothes army, masquerading as a political party, seeking to conquer the world with an entirely new kind of warfare! It’s a kind of warfare we don’t understand or know how to cope with. It uses every diabolical means to weaken us from within, sapping our strength, perverting our morals, sabotaging our educational system, wrecking our social structure, destroying our spiritual and religious life, weakening our industrial and economic power, demoralizing our armed forces, and finally, after such infiltration, overthrowing our government by force and violence! All this cleverly disguised as a harmless political party!”

Many of these efforts have been carried out by Russia’s Communist ally China, which has further expanded its attacks against America’s industrial and economic power. The dangers of communism proved correct and America has been victimized by its success.

Our politicians have recognized and traded with Communist dictatorships and even invited Communist professors from China and other nations to teach generations of young Americans. This has corrupted our youth, sapped our economy, and fatally weakened our nation. Americans’ own naivety, greed and disloyalty have made us fatally vulnerable to sabotage by foreign nations.

We must look up from our Chinese-made gadgets and see this reality! “Surely if we stop and think about this, with China doing all that and making all these deals and paying all that money, what is their goal? What is their ambition?”

Surely we must see this strong motivation of China to take over the world, to conquer the world, and some of the Chinese leaders will even tell you that. The resulting destruction will be horrific, and the survivors will be enslaved. And it all may be triggered by China’s success in weakening America, besieging it and preparing to attack it outright.

Under the Biden-Harris administration, “America’s China Class” will run rampant, and the nation’s last remaining strength will disappear rapidly.

Sleazy Hunter Biden

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Crack Head Hunter Biden in a Selfie from his laptop.

Hunter Biden’s life was even more sordid than we knew
By Andrea Widburg

I’m sure that there are some Americans, somewhere, who voted for “Fraud-In-Chief” Joe Biden because the media assured them that Joe is an honest, decent family man – all of which is patently untrue.

Because they were unaware that the only thing “abnormal” about the Trump administration was the relentless attacks from the Democrat party and the media, they thought Biden would bring an era of peace and even honor.

No wonder, then, that the media and the tech tyrants “corrupted” the election by quashing any reports about Biden’s “sleazy” son Hunter. And now, it turns out that Hunter was even “worse than we realized.”

Those people who paid attention to conservative media outlets and learned of Hunter Biden’s laptop, knew that Hunter Biden functioned as a conduit by which foreign governments, most notably Ukraine and China, funneled millions of dollars to the “Big Guy,” aka then-Vice President Joe Biden.

They also knew that Hunter Biden is one of the “sleaziest” and “sordid” man in America.

It was public knowledge that Hunter Biden was a “crack cocaine addict,”
Which resulted in his being “booted” from the Navy,
That he’d had an sexual “affair” with his sister-in-law after his brother died from cancer,
That he “impregnated” a stripper and refused to pay child support,
Sexually abused and face timed naked with a 14-year-old girl
Married a woman within 6 days of meeting her and fathered another child.
Is under investigation of abuse of teenage girls and sordid financial deals

Hunter Biden is under investigation for “tax fraud and money laundering” related to his shady business dealings in China, Russia and Ukraine. There is sufficient evidence that Joe himself is involved in these “crooked deals”, but you won’t find anyone from the liberal media who is willing to dig into it.

The media rather successfully dressed all this up in the story of a troubled young man trying to make good. Joe and stepmother Jill said Hunter has done “nothing but good things his whole life” despite stiffing stripper baby mama for child support.

“I have, we have, great confidence in our son. I am not concerned about any accusations been made against him. It’s used to get to me. I think it’s kind of foul play but look, it is what it is and he’s a grown man, he is the smartest man I know. I mean, from a pure intellectual capacity – and as long as he’s good, we’re good,” said Papa Biden.

This sounds like if extraordinarily “dirty” son Hunter goes down the whole family goes down.

What the laptop revealed, in addition to the Biden family crime cartel, is that “scumbag” Hunter’s personal life was even worse than anyone realized. A Taiwanese outlet made public videos showing Hunter, a man with a foot fetish, smoking crack and cavorting with multiple women.

Additionally, tweets on the computer indicated that the women in Hunter’s life worried about him and underage girls. In this regard, Hunter must take after his father who has been shown in endless video footage fondling and nuzzling little girls. It doesn’t matter to me if that public behavior is the only and worst thing Joe Biden does to little girls. It’s sufficient to make him a creep and a pervert.

It turns out, though, that Hunter’s unutterably “sleazy sex life” was even worse than those paying attention knew back in 2020. Get a gander at this Daily Mail headline: “EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden was living with his brother Beau’s widow Hallie while sending raunchy texts and Face Timing in the shower with her married SISTER as they declared their love and she called him her ‘prince’.”

You can read all the sordid details in the Daily Mail. For now, I’ll just quote from the bullet points at the top of the article:

  • Hunter Biden began dating his late brother Beau’s widow, Hallie Biden, shortly after Beau died of brain cancer in 2015
  • The unconventional relationship was first exposed in March 2017 with Joe Biden issuing a statement giving his blessing to the couple
  • Daily can reveal Hunter was also exchanging sexual text messages with Hallie’s then-married sister Elizabeth Secundy around that time
  • In a 2016 text conversation recovered from his abandoned laptop hard drive, Hunter offered to teach Secundy “how to masturbate”
  • Secundy, 49, who was married to husband Joel Secundy, referred to Hunter as her “prince” and told him she loved him in the texts
  • Another conversation showed Hunter texted Secundy telling her he had been up late watching “bad porno movies like I’m 13”
  • Secundy separated from her husband and father of her three children in 2015 after 15 years of marriage. Their divorce was finalized three years later

What’s really baffling is Hunter’s “success” with women. Despite being a total loser with a terrible drug habit and some weird sexual perversions, Hunter managed to “seduce his brother’s widow, her sister, a stripper, and the woman he married”, all over the course of four years.

It’s enough to make one think that Hunter’s “sordid charm” had less to do with the man himself and more with the “benefits” flowing from the Biden family “crime cartel.”

Educated American people knew what they were getting with Trump: “A flamboyant man who had sown his wild oats, raised five extremely successful children, and loved America.”

Naïve American people had no idea what they were getting with Biden: “A senile, corrupt, debauched old man with a son who was a conduit for his dirty dealings and who has a personal life so disgusting it’s hard to write about it.”

That’s what the American media and the tech tyrants have done to America.

Hunter Biden Cashed In to Fuel His Drug and Sex Habits
Joe Biden Is Not a Good Guy Part I
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Joe Biden Is Not A Good Person
Joe Biden is Not a Nice Guy
Let’s Be Honest: Joe Biden Is A Fraud

Cashing In on Biden Presidency

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Hunter Biden’s “gravy train” may be stalled on the tracks until federal authorities conclude their investigation into his finances, but that doesn’t mean other Biden-Harris family members can’t “cash in” on their proximity to power.

Ella Emhoff, the 21-year-old stepdaughter of Vice President Kamala Harris, recently scored a major modeling contract with IMG Models, a firm with deep ties to the Democratic Party.

“There’s a Lot More to Ella Emhoff, Inauguration Star, Than Her Fabulous Coat” (Daily Beast)

Prior to signing with IMG, the Brooklyn-based “artist” was best known for wearing a “weird coat” to the inauguration ceremony, and for the “inability of journalists” to contain their excitement in response to said coat. For example:

“Ella Emhoff, Second Daughter, Is The First Style Icon of the Biden Presidency” (Glamour)

“Meet Ella Emhoff, the U.S. presidential inauguration’s breakout fashion star” (CNN)

“Ella Emhoff, Kamala Harris’s Stepdaughter, Showed Everyone Else Up at the Inauguration” (Town & Country)

“Ella Emhoff’s Inauguration Day Stylists Share the Story Behind Her Instantly Iconic Miu Miu Coat” (E! Online)

Here’s how the New York Times described the Second Stepdaughter’s alternative appeal in an article announcing her new modeling gig:

“Ms. Emhoff throws a crocheted grenade at the image of typical D.C. political offspring, with a style that could be termed Wes Anderson chic. In her Selfies, she doesn’t wear much makeup and doesn’t carefully blow-dry her naturally curly hair. She shows off her armpit hair and cartoonish tattoos, which include eggs and bacon in the shape of a smiley face and a cow.”

As Ivan Bart, president of IMG Models, explained in an interview with the Times, being a model is “not really about shape, size or gender anymore.”

Emhoff was a perfect fit for the organization, Bart said, because she exudes “cheekiness” and “joy,” and “communicates this moment in time.”

While most journalists seemed to agree with that assessment, there were a few exceptions. Slate published an article expressing frustration with “the way Emhoff’s deal has been conveyed and celebrated” as a norm-destroying coup, pointing out that there isn’t anything particularly revolutionary or diverse about being a “rich, white, tall, thin, female Brooklynite with tattoos and armpit hair.”

Bart was an early “max donor” to Harris’s failed presidential campaign, according to federal election records. He reportedly met Emhoff at the fundraiser where he presumably wrote the check for $2,700.

In the summer of 2020, around the time Joe Biden picked Harris as his running mate, Bart and Emhoff began discussing the possibility of a modeling contract with IMG. It would seem, however, that a final decision wasn’t made until Harris was sworn in as the “first mulatto women vice president.”

Ella Emhoff, with her brother, Cole Emhoff, hugs Vice President Kamala Harris, their stepmother, at the swearing-in ceremony.

IMG is part of an entertainment conglomerate run by Ari Emanuel, brother of Rahm Emanuel, the former Obama chief of staff, and Patrick Whitesell, a prolific Democratic donor who contributed more than $150,000 to Democratic candidates and committees in the 2020 election cycle.

Emhoff isn’t the only member of Harris’s family cashing in on the success of the Biden-Harris ticket.

Kamala’s niece, Meena Harris, published a Kamala-themed children’s book in 2020, and a second book released on the eve of the inauguration. She also started her own apparel company specializing in #Resistance swag, including this $52 Anthony Fauci mug.

Lawyers for the Biden-Harris transition team were concerned enough to warn the ambitious niece against profiting off her aunt’s image.

Hunter Biden’s ongoing legal challenges haven’t stopped other members of the Biden family from blatantly exploiting their ties to the president for financial gain. Joe Biden’s younger brother, Frank Biden, promoted his relationship with the president in an ad published on Inauguration Day in a Florida business journal.

“My brother is a model for how to go about doing this work,” Frank Biden says in the ad for the Florida-based litigation firm where he works as a non-attorney senior adviser.

The younger Biden has previously bragged about his success in lobbying his brother on behalf of moneyed interests during the Obama administration.

It’s All Rigged


Victory Lap Dances

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To celebrate the “stolen” presidency of Bogus President Joseph “Sniffy” Robinette Biden Jr, his son Hunter Biden hosted a “late night” inaugural ball on Wednesday to celebrate his “senile” father’s swearing in as the 46th President of the United States.

According to the official invitation, procured via sources on the dark web, the “Chomos” festivities toke place blocks from the White House at Archibald’s, the celebrated D.C. institution where Hunter often was seen smoking crack in 2018.

Archibald’s employees reported that Hunter spent “thousands and thousands of dollars” in the club’s VIP rooms on hookers and drugs while paying with “credit cards that didn’t have his name on it.”

Also attending was “best buddy” Bernie Sanders who patiently waited in the Foyer to give the “invocation” for the lustful evening event.

For those “Chomos” who were lucky enough to attend, the party is sure to be the talk of the town for years to come.

Beijing Biden

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A Chinese academic with links to the communist party recently detailed how Beijing used access to a “core circle” of power brokers in Washington and on Wall Street to influence U.S. policy towards China.

The academic, Di Dongsheng, asserted that Beijing will re-establish its power through that group of “old friends” under the Biden administration.

Di said that China had far less success influence in the Trump administration because Wall Street — which he identified as a key ally for Beijing — was unable to “control” Donald Trump.

Di’s remarks have surfaced in the wake of a warning from the U.S.’s top counterintelligence official, who said last week that there has been an uptick in Beijing’s efforts to influence incoming Biden administration employees.

The Chinese government will rely on a “core circle of old friends” on Wall Street and in Washington to influence the Biden administration, according to a Chinese academic with ties to the communist regime.

Di Dongsheng, the associate dean of the School of International Relations at Renmin University, offered his predictions about China-U.S. relations in the upcoming administration during a speech in Shanghai on Nov. 28.

Di asserted that Beijing was unable to fully respond to a “trade war” that President Donald Trump waged because the Republican was invulnerable to influence by Wall Street.

“Wall Street had a very profound influence over America’s domestic and foreign affairs since the 1970s. We used to heavily rely on them,” Di said at the event, according to The Washington Times.

Di asserted that Wall Street was unable to “control” Trump, which had a negative impact on China during its trade standoff with the U.S.

“I’m going to drop a bomb. We had people up there inside America’s core circle of power, we had our old friends. During the last three to four decades, we used the core circle inside America’s real power,” Di said.

But Di asserted that U.S.-China relations would be on the mend under Biden because of his administration’s close ties to Wall Street.

“Now with Biden winning the election, the traditional elites, political elites, the establishment, they have a very close relationship with the Wall Street,” Di said.

Di gave a nod to his communist party pedigree during his Shanghai speech.

He told a story of an event he helped arrange for Gua Weimin, a deputy director of the Chinese government’s foreign propaganda office, in 2015 in Washington, D.C. to promote a book written by Xi Jinping.

Di and Weimin appeared at an event held at Politics & Prose, a popular independent bookstore in Washington. Weimin serves as deputy director of China’s State Council Information Office, which controls Beijing’s foreign propaganda efforts.

Chinese state-controlled media outlet China Daily wrote about the event, saying that the turnout showed that Xi’s book was “proving a popular read” in the U.S.

Di also suggested in his speech in Shanghai that the Chinese government supported Hunter Biden’s “business deals” in China.

“You all heard that Trump said Biden’s son has securities companies all over the world. But who helped Biden’s son build his global companies?

There are indeed buy-and-sell transactions involved in here. So I think at this particular time, it is of strategic and tactical value for us to show goodwill,” Di quipped.

Hunter Biden had several business deals in China, including one with CEFC China Energy, a major energy conglomerate whose owner has links to the communist party. CEFC wired Biden millions of dollars in 2017, according to a Senate report released in September.

Di’s remarks have surfaced as top U.S. counterintelligence officials have heightened warnings about Beijing’s covert efforts to influence U.S. policy, both in Congress and the Biden administration.

William Evanina, the top counterintelligence official at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, warned that U.S. officials have seen a spike in Chinese operatives trying to cozy up to Biden associates.

“We’ve also seen an uptick, which was planned and we predicted, that China would now re-vector their influence campaigns to the new administration,” Evanina said at a cybersecurity forum.

“And when I say that, that malign foreign influence, that diplomatic influence plus, or on steroids, we’re starting to see that now play across the country to not only the folks starting in the new administration, but those who are around those folks in the new administration.”

Several of Biden’s incoming advisers have long called for stronger diplomatic ties to Beijing, and for viewing China as an ally instead of a competitor.

One of Biden’s key advisers, Steve Ricchetti, played an integral role in helping the Clinton administration pass a bill in 2000 that established “Permanent Normal Trade Relations” (PNTR) with China.

Clinton tasked Ricchetti, his deputy chief of staff, with wrangling votes in Congress to support PNTR.

Jake Sullivan, who Biden has tapped as his national security adviser, has criticized President Trump’s China policies and called for working more closely with Beijing. He appeared on Beijing-controlled news outlet CGTN in December 2017 to criticize Trump over his policy in Israel.

Chinese Spy Raised Money For Eric Swalwell, Planted Intern In His Office
Suspected Chinese Spy Targeted California Democrats in Espionage Operation

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