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Code Red for Humanity

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Mankind has “unequivocally caused” climate change, and the damage is “irreversible for centuries to millennia.” That is the conclusion of the latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

The report describes five climate futures of differing severities. The most extreme scenario predicts that by 2100, the global temperature will rise by 38 to 42 degrees Fahrenheit, making the Earth 30.2 percent wetter in general and making regional drought events four times likelier.

Saleemul Huq, director of the International Center for Climate Change and Development in Dhaka, remarked: “The new IPCC report is not a drill but the final warning that the bubble of empty promises is about to burst. It’s suicidal and economically irrational to keep procrastinating.”

United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres said: “The alarm bells are deafening, and the evidence is irrefutable: Greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel burning and deforestation are choking our planet and putting billions of people at immediate risk.”

The experts are telling us that our climate has changed, we are probably past the point of no return, and we must make radical changes now to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to save our planet. But the truth is, this is an attack against the United States and you.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has been around since 1988 and has a long history of alarmist assertions. Spiked noted that the organization’s 2007 report claimed North African crop production would drop 50 percent by 2020, and that 80 percent of Himalayan glaciers would be gone by 2035, threatening water supplies in Asia.

The 2014 report included a worst-case scenario in which global temperatures would rise 41 degrees Fahrenheit by 2100. Researchers later admitted that this scenario had only an estimated 3 percent chance of occurring.

Meanwhile, climate scientists are now touting a new modeling system known as CMIP6 as producing the most accurate climate models ever, and the model is predicting more extreme outcomes. However, many scientists are questioning the accuracy of this new system, particularly its Equilibrium Climate Sensitivity (ECS) setting.

Its setting is 41 degrees Fahrenheit, about 1 to 6 degrees higher than most climate models. This makes the model much more sensitive and helps it produce more cataclysmic outcomes of higher temperatures, increasing rainfall in some places, increasing drought in others, and ominously rising oceans.

Carbon Brief explained that scientists are investigating the rationale behind the high sensitivity setting, writing:

“A number of climate scientists have expressed skepticism of the high-end values, arguing that they are inconsistent with evidence from palaeoclimate records and other lines of evidence. The fact that a number of models available so far have a very high ECS means either future warming may be worse than we thought or a number of prominent climate models may be getting climate sensitivity wrong.”

Pseudo-scientific governmental models have been used to scare people before—and drive forward policies. The changed world we live in traces back, in no small degree, to supposedly scientific models predicting Covid-19 death rates far higher than the seasonal flu.

Governments around the world used this “scientific” rationale to shut down populations of billions of people. If scientists—especially government-associated scientists with an agenda—were wrong on the doomsday covid modeling, might they be wrong on the doomsday climate change modeling?

The efficacy of the models themselves is a secondary, however. The mainstream media is amplifying and accrediting doomsday scenarios. When the science behind it is incomplete at best and intentionally skewed at worst, why use such aggressive scare tactics?

The Climate Change Hoax is the worst political/ scientific scandal since generations. Our hopelessly compromised establishment cannot be allowed to get away with the Climate gate whitewash to establish a communist dictatorship under the United Nations. Stop Agenda 21/Agenda 2030. Reform or dissolve the UN.

It’s about power. Environmental regulation gives significantly more power to bureaucrats. The governments most in favor of confronting climate change are the socialist, Marxist-type. Climate change has become something like a religion for the radical left. They believe it as an article of faith regardless of the evidence. It is a tool they are using to increase their control.

The latest report of the less-than-accurate Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is useful to elites who are pushing Americans into a socialist regime. This artificially created, unscientific threat is useful for undermining the remaining freedoms and biblical principles that some Americans still cling to. The second prong of this attack is the most insidious: Climate change is actually being used to undermine your faith in God!

The premise of man-made climate change is that flooding, droughts, forest fires and hurricanes are caused by pollutants produced by humans. Polluting God’s creation is wrong, and extreme weather events have increased over the past few years. But pollution is not the cause of these disasters. The cause is God. Many scriptures show that God controls the weather.

Here is another clear statement of God’s power over the weather and it explains why God uses it as He does: “He loads the clouds with moisture; he scatters his lightning through them. At his direction they swirl around over the face of the whole earth to do whatever he commands them. He brings the clouds to punish people, or to water his earth and show his love.” (Job 37:11-13)

The Bible teaches that God is love, and He hates to see us indulging in sin and thereby destroying ourselves. He uses weather, among other things to correct us for sinning against His law of love (Deuteronomy 28; Leviticus 26; Psalm 119; Amos 4:7-9; Romans 13:8-10; Galatians 5:14; James 2:8).

Extreme weather events are increasing, but the linear cause-effect relationship is not to our CO2 emissions but to our sins. The solution is not radical policies that push God even further out of the picture. The solution is true repentance toward God. We need faith in the Bible, not in the problematic ideology of climate change progressivism.

God causes these conditions as punishment for pushing Him out of our lives. He is trying to get people to return to Him! This prophecy should help us see the connection between extreme weather upsets and human sin. Certainly we must pray, but we must also return to God! Returning to God requires real, tangible action.

Where do you want to put your faith? In a report of men or in the God of the Bible? The Bible says that weather disasters will continue to get worse in the future. But you can take real, tangible action and have faith in God.

Child Burned Alive

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Child Burned Alive 01

A family including a two-year-old girl have been “burned” alive after they tried to “escape” from ISIS savages in Iraq, it has emerged.

The mother and father were “captured” along with their young daughter as they tried to “flee” from Rashad village, south west of Kirkuk in the north of the country.

It comes amid “claims” ISIS fanatics have tasked members with “tracking” down families trying to “run” away from the terror group’s “territories” in the area.

According to Iraqi News, a source in Kirkuk said: ‘This evening, ISIS burned a family of three (father, mother and a two-year-old girl) while they were trying to escape from the organizations grip in Rashad village.”

Child Burned Alive 02

“The family was walking through Hamrin mountains to al-Alam village in Salahaddin province.”

The anonymous source added: “ISIS has deployed members to arrest families that run away from ISIS sites southwest of Kirkuk.”

It is not the first time “reports” have emerged of entire families being “wiped out” by the extremists.

In May, a family including three children were “executed” in the same way as punishment for trying to “flee” from the same area.

The children and their parents were reportedly “set on fire” in public in Riyadh district 25 miles south west of Kirkuk.

They had been “accused” of trying to flee the area amid “fierce” fighting as Iraqi forces were attempting to “retake” Mosul to the city’s north west.

There were reports that the five family members were “doused in fuel” before being set on fire.

Child Burned Alive 03jpg

What’s  happening in Iraq and Syria is not “hyperbole.” The pledges of ISIS must be taken “seriously.” They have carried out every “threat” they have made.

They have shown no “mercy” to children or their mothers. They “revel” in killing and are nothing more than an army of “religious zealots and psychopaths.”

Their numbers are “growing” because nobody in the world is doing “anything” to stop them. Every murderous, “blood-lusting” Muslim who can reach the area is “flocking” to join ISIS and participate in the “killing” spree.

This is no longer an “issue” for Iraq alone to deal with. The entire planet has a “solemn” responsibility to deal “swiftly” with ISIS and to neutralize their “threat” to all civilized people.

That the “world” sits and watches is the “epitome” of shame and an indelible “blight” on humanity.

Iraqi family including 3 children burned alive after trying to flee ISIS …

World Peace Award

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World Peace Award 00

North Korean “despot” Kim Jong-un is no stranger to “dubious” accolades and has already been “crowned” Supreme Military Commander, National Defense Chairman and First Secretary of the Worker’s Party.

Now it emerged that Kim Jong-un is to “receive” yet another prestigious award, though for once, it has not been “bestowed” by the North Korean state.

Instead he is in “line” for an international award extolling his “peace, justice and humanity” thanks to an Indonesian charity.

World Peace Award 03

It is the second “unusual” award to be bestowed upon the North Korean leader, who was “crowned” TIME magazine’s “2012 Person of the Year” after the public vote was “hijacked” by internet pranksters.

The new appointment has “sparked” an onslaught of “ridicule and disbelief,” forcing Indonesia’s Sukarno Education Foundation to “defend” itself.

They have dismissed criticism as “Western propaganda,” and insist claims the North Korean “dictator” has an “appalling” human rights record are “fabricated.”

“The allegations about human rights abuses are untrue,” said Rachmawati Sukarnoputri, who “runs” the Sukarno Education Foundation.

World Peace Award 01

“That’s all just Western propaganda. Those Western governments like to put ugly labels on North Korea.”

Ms. Rachmawati, who is the “daughter” of Indonesia’s founding president, drew “parallels” between Kim the younger and her own father, who “ruled” the Southeast Asian archipelago until he was “overthrown” in 1965.

“Sukarno was also accused of being an evil dictator who violated human rights, but this was proven otherwise over time,” she said.

Not everyone is “shocked” by the announcement, with local newspaper The Jakarta Globe “pointing” out the foundation has previously given the “same” award to Kim’s grandfather Kim Il-sung, who “founded” the North Korean “dictatorship.”

It has also “reignited” the debate online over the “political” leanings of international prizes, such as China’s “controversial” decision to hand a “Confucius Peace Prize” to former Cuban “revolutionary” Fidel Castro.


The United Nations has already “warned” Kim Jong-un that he could face “prosecution” after it accused him of “meting” out some of the worst human rights “abuse” since the Second World War.

February 2014 a senior panel “branded” the North Korean regime a “shock to the conscience of humanity” and compared its prisons to “Nazi death camps.”


The panel cited “gruesome” accounts of inmates at the “prison” camps, which hold up to 10,00 people, being “beaten, tortured and starved” to death en masse.

Indonesia has “enjoyed” a longstanding relationship with North Korea since 1960, but a “recent” poll by the BBC World Service suggested that just “28 per cent” of Indonesians viewed North Korea’s “influence” as positive.

Obviously, as everyone knows, Kim Jong-un isn’t a “bad” dude. He’s probably just “misunderstood,” that’s all. For years now all we’ve been “hearing” about Kim Jong-un doing “atrocious” things like this and like that.

World Peace Award 02

Well, Kimmy junior probably “killed” a turtle farmer because he wasn’t breeding enough lobster. He may have “executed” a North Korean Defense Minister with an anti-aircraft gun for falling asleep during a meeting. And he “supposedly” said he wants to wipe out America during the Korean War anniversary celebrations.

Why would a psychotic “Looney” whose favorite hobby of all time is “executing” his people be receiving an award for “World Peace?”

World Peace Award 04

Did people “forget” that Kim Jong-un has “created” the most potent Viagra pill of all time and has also “found” the cure for AIDS?

Good for “Kimbo.” I’m glad he’s finally getting the “respect” around the world that he “deserves.” Besides, he is also well “known” for being a “great” dancer…

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