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The Lone Defender

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When President Trump decided he would speak at Mount Rushmore on the eve of “Independence Day” to commemorate the birth of the United States, the “cancel culture mob” and the media immediately expanded its “onslaught “on American history to target one of this nation’s “greatest” monuments.

Look closely at the reaction of the leftist mainstream media. Listen closely at the words of President Trump’s speech. There is something massive, something inevitable, churning in America. It is impossible that it won’t affect you and me.

Mount Rushmore National Memorial depicts U.S. presidents “George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln,” 60-foot-high sculptures in a granite South Dakota mountainside. The sculptor chose these four men to represent the “birth, growth, development and preservation of this nation.”

During the most recent election, when Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders visited, he stared admiringly at the monument and said, “This is our country at its very best.” CNN associated Sanders with the “majesty” of a monument of “four great American presidents.”

But reporting on President Trump’s July 3 visit, this same news organization called Rushmore “a monument of two slave owners and on land wrestled away from Native Americans.” The New York Times characterized these presidents as having a complicated legacy and said the monument is built on “stolen land by a racist sculptor with ties to the Ku Klux Klan.”

Other news organizations are also repeating the idea that Mount Rushmore celebrates “slavery, racism and white supremacy;” they are amplifying the debate over tearing it down; and they are associating “racism” with these past presidents so that they can associate “racism” with the current president.

Where are the “defenders” of America’s history?

President Trump’s Mount Rushmore speech was a good answer to that question. Between the “cancel culture mob” and the destruction of American history stands one man: Donald Trump. But it wasn’t just the visual of President Trump standing before those scorned presidents: “It was also the content of his speech.”

I encourage you to “read” the entirety of President Trump’s speech of July 3, 2020.

This was a “wartime” speech! This was a response to a “domestic enemy” that is attacking American institutions from within! And before you even read what President Trump said, you can deduce from the outright “hostility” of the news media reaction that it was the most “impactful speech of his presidency” thus far.

On the Joy Reid show on MSNBC, guests slammed the speech, with one calling the setting at Mount Rushmore “the most grandiose symbol of U.S. imperialism on Earth.” Guest host Tiffany Cross said the Fourth of July was a celebration of independence for “white men.”

The Washington Post published “It Is Time to Reconsider the Global Legacy of July 4, 1776,” in which author Elizabeth Kolsky revised American history in an attempt that would have made American socialist historian Howard Zinn proud. Her piece struggles to make any sense, but she made sure to drop in some attention-grabbers, like claiming that American democracy “was founded as a slave society.”

Think about what we are facing now compared to just one month ago. In one month, “radical leftists” like these reporters have come out in force to convince us that Mount Rushmore, the American flag, the national anthem and the Fourth of July itself are “evil symbols of white supremacy.”

If you accept those symbols—as the huge majority of Americans have accepted those symbols for the huge majority of American history—you are now a “racist.” If you defend those symbols, as President Trump is doing, leftists will compare you to members of the “Ku Klux Klan.”

Search for “Trump” and “Rushmore” on the Internet, and look at the way the main stories from the main news organizations characterize the visit: “Trump Pushes Racial Division, Flouts Virus Rules at the Foot of Mount Rushmore” (Associated Press); “Trump Uses Fourth of July Celebration to Stoke a Culture War” (Los Angeles Times); “Trump Uses Mount Rushmore Speech to Deliver Divisive Culture War Message” (New York Times); “At Mount Rushmore, Trump Digs Deeper Into Nation’s Divisions” (U.S. News); “Trump Plumbed New Depths of Depravity This Fourth of July” (Washington Post editorial board).

The Post said the president chose to center his reelection campaign “on appeals to racism,” that his speech was an “unhinged attack on the movement for racial and social justice,” and that he “poses the greatest threat to American democratic values.” The journalists and editors of the largest and most powerful news organizations in America called President Trump’s speech outrageous,” divisive,” fascist and more.

At this point, it’s obvious that America is in a “cultural” civil war! And it’s no exaggeration to say that reading the major news media, you would think that President Trump started it! You would think that what he is doing is crazy, outrageous and dangerous. But what are these “outrageous” and “divisive” actions of his? He dares to “defend” American presidents, the American flag, American institutions and American history.

The fact that this is “controversial” tells you which side is “radical”, which side is “divisive”, which side is weaponizing “race”, which side is on the “attack”, which side is deeply “depraved”, which side is the greatest “threat.”

The Wall Street Journal editorial board is one of the few to publish what should be obvious and not even controversial. It wrote that Mr. Trump’s July 3 address was “one of the best speeches of his presidency” and that it was “only divisive if you haven’t been paying attention to the divisions now being stoked on the political left across American institutions.”

Radical leftists are “rabidly, vulgarly, destructively” desecrating the memories, the histories and the principles left to us by Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, Lincoln and the other great Americans. They are attacking the “principles of the Constitution.” They are attacking even the basic “human concept of rule of law!” And they say it’s President Trump who is “divisive?”

This aggressive reaction to President Trump’s July 3 speech tells you a lot about the “radical left.” It is now powerful enough and bold enough to openly “assault” American history and American “principles” en masse. It is now audacious enough to claim that “destroying” American history unifies us, and “defending” American history divides us.

Melanie Phillips summed it up succinctly: “Trump wasn’t stoking a culture war or exploiting social divisions. He was instead responding to the culture war now being waged upon core American and Western values of freedom of expression and the rule of law, and declaring that he would not allow it to succeed.” 

If you’ve been paying attention to the news even over just the last month, you know that the president is responding to an all-out “assault” on America’s history, government and culture. And you know that in that battle, “he stands alone.”

President Trump was bold enough to say publicly and frankly what is underway in America. “Our nation is witnessing a merciless campaign to wipe out our history, defame our heroes, erase our values, and indoctrinate our children,” he said, adding that the “cancel culture” intimidation movement is “driving people from their jobs, shaming dissenters, and demanding total submission from anyone who disagrees.”

“This is the very definition of totalitarianism.” He also said, “The radical ideology attacking our country advances under the banner of social justice, but in truth, it would demolish both justice and society. Make no mistake. This left-wing cultural revolution is designed to overthrow the American Revolution.” And he warned: “Their goal is not a better America; their goal is to end America.”

These statements are true! They’re not even that controversial. Look at the news: “Do you see defamation, indoctrination, totalitarianism, radical ideology, a cultural revolution?” What you are seeing is an attempt to end America! A higher authority than President Trump has revealed that to be the case, as we’ll see in a moment.

Mr. Trump has gotten closer to “exposing” this problem, and has taken a stronger “stand” against it, than any other politician in America. He is exposing the leftists’ “motives”, and it is driving them “insane.”

Don’t think that it’s just rioters and wacky activists who are fighting this revolution. It’s people leading massive news organizations, mammoth technology companies, higher education, extensive spy agencies, the powerful deep state. They are making hate-filled, rabid socialism the new authority, and constitutional, moral tradition the new dissent. 

Do you think this is only the usual political bickering? Do you think that this is not leading to an actual, violent revolution? Do you think America is immune from that? Do you think this will just go away? Do you think this won’t affect you?

A month ago, did you think you were “racist because you like the American flag?” Things are changing fast in America. This “culture war” has been building for a long time, and now it is breaking out into the open. But it has only begun to affect your life!

And the “conservatives” are losing that war. Most of the powerful ones aren’t bold enough to expose this “radical” movement for what it is! Many of them are too “afraid” of the mob. Yet President Trump, for all practical purposes alone, is boldly “confronting” it.

For eight years under President Obama, the forces of the “radical” left were on the march, virtually unchecked. Even Republican leaders “caved” in, and that was after they had taken “control” of Congress and had a lot of “power” to stop the president!

Donald Trump has proved himself willing to “take a stand” where others have not. It is quite something to behold him “resisting” these anti-American forces! He has “inspired” a few other leaders to “challenge” the radical left and help expose it for what it is.

When you compare what this president is doing to what his predecessor did, there has been a “clear” change in direction, one that will “slow” the speed at which America is being “pulled” apart. He is not “trashing” the Constitution as Obama did.

President Trump is taking a stand. What if Obama’s chosen successor had won the presidency in 2016? Imagine the “cancel-culture mob, the statue-destroyers, the rioters having free reign over the nation, aided and abetted not only by the media, education and the deep state but by the highest office in the land!”

Had Hillary Clinton been elected, the “destructive” trends that unfolded during the Obama presidency would have continued “unchecked”, and they surely would have intensified. Many people believe it would have meant an “end to our constitutional republic!”

Notice what Melanie Philips wrote following Mr. Trump’s speech on July 3:

“I still believe as I did in November 2016 that if Mr. Trump were to lose the presidential election to the Democratic Party, America and the West would be lost. The slim chance of their surviving this great crisis for civilization would be snuffed out altogether if the morally bankrupt and venomously West-bashing left were to come to power in America.”

It’s almost inevitable, not that America will survive, but that it will be blotted out! That’s what this noted journalist is saying. And when America falls, free civilization will fall!

Read the president’s speech. He is warning the American people that they are in a “fight for the survival of the nation!”

The people who want to “tear it apart” have become numerous and extremely powerful. They want to put you under their rule. The fact that they are now bringing that agenda out into the open means they are confident that they now have enough power to openly challenge not just certain issues or political parties but everything about American government, culture and history!

They are seething with “hatred”, attacking anyone who stands in their way by accusing them of being “divisive” and UN-American! This twisted “hatred” is not going to just leave you alone and eventually disappear.

There is something “powerful” going on. President Trump knows it, but he can’t tell you exactly what is “causing” it. In fact, he and the others who are trying to “resist” this attack can’t tell you what made America “great” in the first place or why people “hate” it so much. Even the “radicals” themselves can’t tell you the fundamental “reason” they think the way they do!

The good things about America and its history came from God! And the raging “hatred” against those blessings comes from Satan! This is not just about people’s “politics”, this is about their “attitudes.” This has to do with their “spirit!”

That is why President Trump is the only one “brave” enough to confront the mob. It is critical that we “realize” why this resurgence! God Himself is pushing back against the Satan inspired forces that want to “destroy” this nation! He is exposing those forces so we can see them clearly. And He is using a man to “save” the United States for the time being.

People are beginning to “realize” what is happening in America. They are beginning to “recognize” that America’s enemies, foreign and domestic, are extremely powerful. They are beginning to realize that “radical socialism” is attempting to blot out this country!

And they admit that there is just no rational explanation for what is happening. They can see the results of a rampaging “spirit of hate” raging through the streets of America which will affect all of us, but they don’t recognize the “spirit of hate” itself, and they don’t realize that that “spirit” comes from a very real spirit being. They don’t understand God or what He is doing. They don’t realize that He is just as active in current events as He was in ancient events.

You need to understand what it is, where it comes from, what it’s surging toward. Start by reading your Bible and decide whether it reveals the reality of what is now erupting all around us.

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