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Wonderfully Made

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A new film to be released in early 2021 that directly “challenges” the Catholic Church’s teaching on “homosexuality” received the full endorsement of Father James Martin, SJ, author of pro-homosexual audio book “Building a Bridge,” and Father Bryan Massingale, an openly “homosexual” priest.

Father James Martin has made a career out of trying to normalize homosexuality.

The film, “Wonderfully Made,” was created by Jewish filmmaker Yuval David, a homosexual “married” to a “homosexual” Catholic man, Mark McDermott.

Homosexual Catholic McDermott (left) with Homosexual Jewish husband David (right).

The purpose of the movie is apparently to fill a “significant gap” in Christian iconography, namely “an LGBTQ+ depiction of Jesus,” David told amnew York Metro in an interview.

According to David, the film “explores the tension between LBTQ+ Catholics — who are often rejected from participating with their religion due to their sexuality and gender identity — and also have no visual representation, which is especially exclusionary in a faith where iconography plays such a huge role.”

“Recognition of this rejection through my photo art project organically turned into the idea of re-imagining Jesus as a member of or supporter of the LGBTQ+ community,” the director continued.

David claims to have been moved to create a “gay Jesus” after conversations with his Catholic “husband” revealed that McDermott “felt there was not a place for him in the same way as there was a place for straight people in the Catholic Church.”

Despite identifying as Catholic, both McDermott and David are members of well-known homosexual-friendly synagogues “Congregation Beit Simchat Torah” in New York and “Beit Chayim Chadashim” in Los Angles, Church Militant reported.

The film, touted as “a feature-length documentary film exploring the challenges and aspirations of LGBTQ+ Catholics featuring interviews with leading advocates of LGBTQ+ Catholics,” including Martin and Massingale.

David also boasted that he interviewed “heroic nun” Sister Jeannine Gramick, “a formidable advocate who has been ministering to LGBTQ+ people since 1977.”

Sister Jeannine Gramick and Francis DeBernardo of New Ways Ministry at the Vatican.

David noted that the nun, co-founder of “New Ways Ministry”, an ardently pro-homosexual advocacy group, had received “a directive from the Vatican in 1991” to discontinue her work with homosexual persons on the basis that she did “not faithfully convey the clear and constant teaching of the Catholic Church” regarding “the intrinsic evil of homosexual acts and the objective disorder of the homosexual inclination.”

“Hierarchical requests did not deter her,” David pointed out, before calling her “a true woman of faith.”

The film’s promotional website explains that it is the first of a planned docu-series “LGBTQ+Religion,” each episode of which will focus on other faith traditions and LGBTQ+ identities. “Wonderfully Made” focuses on Catholics depicting Jesus in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community.

Homosexual Jew Yuval David.

During an interview within the film, Massingale describes his “dream of a church where two men and two women can stand before the Church, proclaim their love and have it blessed in a sacrament of marriage,” contravening the clear teaching of the Church on the nature of sexuality and, indeed, marriage.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church clearly enunciates, in entry 2357, that, based on Sacred Scripture, “which presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity,” the Church has consistently instructed the faithful that “homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered. Under no circumstances can they be approved.”

In spite of the moral teaching regarding homosexual acts, Massingale added that, in his dream, “their homosexual love relationships would be seen as divine. That God is present in that relationship. When we look at their relationship, we touch God.”

 The movie provides a platform to a number of activists who seek to “undermine” to Church’s immutable position on homosexuality. Marianne Duddy-Burke, executive director of “DignityUSA”, an organization dedicated to assist “lesbian, gay, bi, trans and queer Catholics to experience dignity through the integration of their spirituality and their sexuality,” says in the film that homosexuals must be assured: “You are holy. You have the breath of God within you.”

Also speaking in the film, Fr. Martin explains that “when you look at the gospels, you see that Jesus reached out specifically to people who are on the margins. And so, I think if Jesus were here today, in the flesh, on earth, he would be going first to LGBT people. For Jesus, there is no us and them. There’s just us.”

Martin has famously espoused heretical, pro-homosexual alterations to the Church’s doctrine, claiming that the requirement for single people to remain “chaste” is not binding on homosexuals: “For a teaching to be really authoritative, it is expected that it will be received by the people of God, by the faithful. The teaching that LGBT people must be celibate their entire lives has not been received.”

Martin also received much backlash recently for tweeting a blasphemous picture depicting the “Blessed Virgin Mary and Christ-child” with halos colored rainbows. Martin captioned the image, saying “the LGBT community has few images like this. So it is not surprising that they would add their own symbol, the rainbow, in a respectful way, to a beloved image of their mother. How appropriate that she is weeping, for it her son who suffers whenever an LGBT person is persecuted.”


If you need any more confirmation that the “depraved” Catholic Church is a “cult” and Satan’s “playground” this explains it all.

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Lesbian Identity

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Jen Hatmaker celebrates daughter’s lesbian identity
by Shane Idleman

Jen Hatmaker recently celebrated her daughter’s lesbian identity, saying, “I’m so glad you’re gay.”

Many say that we cannot take a position on homosexuality because all positions will hurt someone. Here’s my question: “Are those who defend homosexuality, or who say nothing, truly loving the homosexual, or are they simply seeking to avoid conflict?” If they are more worried about being liked than being truthful, do they really care for homosexuals more than the person who is willing to risk their reputation, and quite possibly their safety, in order to speak the truth in love?

The answer is obvious. Authentic Christians love the truth, and others, so much so that they are willing to risk the consequences of confrontation in order to help others. This is genuine love, not hatred. “When we become so tolerant that we lead people into mental fog and spiritual darkness, we are not acting like Christians—we are acting like cowards” (A.W. Tozer).

Many who support their children’s same-sex attraction often say, “I don’t think scripture clearly states much of anything regarding this issue.” This simply reveals that they are not spending much time in God’s Word, but instead, may be reading liberal authors. The implications of homosexuality are not hints here and there in the Bible, they are crystal clear. At the core of this battle, is the inerrancy and infallibility of God’s Word (e.g., “did God really say”). With that said, let me share with you what I wrote in 2014:

I have nothing but compassion for those trapped in the homosexual lifestyle. Those who strongly believe in the Bible and God’s will regarding sexual behavior, also strongly believe in unconditional love and forgiveness.

The ability to relate to a person on their level, show genuine concern, and love them regardless of their lifestyle is the mark of true Christianity.

Unfortunately, Christians often embrace one of two extremes. At one extreme are those who insult, or who are violent toward, those trapped in this lifestyle; homosexuality appears at the top of their sin list; there is very little love or compassion. The other extreme excuses this sin and looks the other way. Both extremes are wrong and offer a false impression of genuine Christianity. We must extend compassion but without compromise. Jen got it right by loving her daughter, but wrong by endorsing and supporting her lifestyle.

If warning, confronting, challenging, and advising can all be categorized as “hate-speech,” as many say, then, based on this definition, many parents hate their children. But of course the opposite is true: Parents love their children, so much so that they warn, confront, challenge, and advise daily.

Certain “rights” and “wrongs” called absolutes are given by God to save people from themselves. Nearly all of our social issues are related to the stability and structure of the God-ordained family.

Would we say, “I believe that those who embrace pornography can live in harmony with biblical Christianity.” Or, “I believe that those who embrace adultery can live in harmony with biblical Christianity.” Of course not. Unfortunately, one of the greatest mistakes in our culture today involves not being able to discern between right and wrong.

The battle cry is focused on “individual rights,” instead of what does God’s Word say?

When we speak of constitutional rights, we are referring to “God-given” rights. God orchestrates these rights—the definition and the perimeters—they correspond with His nature, His will, and His Word. When we replace “God-given rights” with “man-given rights” we create an environment where there would be little recourse, and no end to what man could advocate.

God’s Word is very clear on the dangers of “homosexuality, adultery, pornography, and other sexual sins.” If our sexual preferences run contrary to God’s Word we must change our preferences, not the other way around.

Gay marriage is not about “rights”—it’s about sexual “choices.” But can we legislate morality? No, we cannot change a person’s heart by forcing a set of laws or rules upon them, but we can deter wrongdoing. You may say, “Times change.” And you are correct, but God’s standards do not. No matter how many laws are passed in favor of same-sex marriage, it will not change God’s mind. His principles are guardrails through the canyons of life. They don’t prevent us from enjoying life; they protect us from falling.

Consider the following in light of Jen Hatmaker’s recent comments:

The “moral” laws in the Old Testament such as killing, stealing, lying, adultery, sexual immorality, and so on are all valid today. Jesus referred often to the Old Testament, and said that He didn’t come to abolish it, but to fulfill it. Although many of the ceremonial and dietary laws of the Old Testament do not necessarily apply today, the moral laws do. They are as significant today as they have been throughout history.

For example, Leviticus 20:13 states, “If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.” To suggest that this verse is invalid today is to advocate the dangerous practice of redefining or deleting what God has said. Not to mention other stories in the Old Testament that highlight the dangers of same-sex attraction.

The consequences of wrong actions may have changed, but the moral implications remain the same. For instance, even though we no longer stone to death those who commit adultery, this does not mean that adultery is acceptable or any less dangerous. Adultery is wrong even though there aren’t legal consequences. The laws of a nation should reflect God’s Word, but they are never above it!

Jesus condemned “all” sexual activity outside of marriage between a man and woman when He said, “For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false testimony, slander.” (Matthew 15:19). Jesus was implying that all sexual activity outside of marriage between a man and a woman is harmful and immoral. The word “fornication” in the Greek is porneia; where the word “pornography” comes from.

An argument cannot be based solely on silence. To suggest that Jesus approved of homosexuality simply because He did not use the term “homosexual,” is to imply that He approved of necrophilia, pedophilia, incest, and bestiality. But, of course, we know better.

Other passages in the New Testament are clear on this issue as well. Romans 1:18-32 and 1 Corinthians 6:1-20 are good places to start. In short, mankind did not see fit to acknowledge God and they suppressed the truth; therefore, God gave them over to a depraved mind—to do those things which are not proper.

Homosexual behavior, and sexual sin in general, is comparable with dishonoring the body and turning from God. “The sexual disordering of the human race is a judgment of God for exchanging Him for the creature” (John Piper).

Jesus said that since the beginning of creation, God created them male and female in order that they would be joined together and become one flesh. He adds, “Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate” (Mark 10:9).

Jesus would often speak out against sin, but His love and mercy also reached out to those who regretted and hated their condition. Forgiveness is a mark of genuine faith. We should have compassion for those who struggle with same-sex attraction, but at the same time, we should not condone or excuse this type of sin any more than we condone or excuse any other sin.

As a final word of encouragement, if you’re hopeless, depressed, and confused, look to the One who created you. He has the answers. No matter what you have done, you have the ability to turn to Christ and start anew.

It’s all about Who you know: “If you declare with your mouth, Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” (Romans 10:9).

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come. The old has gone, the new is here!” (2 Corinthians 5:17).

We can’t be right and wrong on issues of morality. God’s way is the only way.

Vaccine Causes Homosexuality

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An Iranian regime cleric in the holy city of Qom issued a “declaration” against people being vaccinated for COVID-19, claiming that they become “gay after receiving the vaccine.”

Ayatollah Abbas Tabrizian wrote on his Telegram social-media platform: “Don’t go near those who have had the COVID vaccine. They have become homosexuals.”

The “radical” Islamist has nearly 210,000 followers on his Telegram account. Tabrizian has a history of “derogatory” opinions about Western medicine.

Ayatollah Abbas Tabrizian.

Last year, a video showed him burning “Harrison’s Manual of Medicine” and saying that “Islamic medicine” had made such books “irrelevant,” according to an article on the website of “Radio Farda”, the Iranian branch of the US-funded Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty broadcast service.

“Like other clerics in the regime, also Tabrizian relates all the shortcomings to sexuality,” Sheina Vojoudi, an Iranian dissident who fled the Islamic Republic of Iran due to repression, claimed. “The clerics in Iran are suffering from lack of knowledge and humanity.”

“Actually, his goal of spreading nonsense is to try to scare people from getting vaccinated, while the leader of the regime and other officials got Pfizer, and they don’t provide it for the people with the excuse that they don’t trust the West,” she said.

According to Peter Tatchell, a LGBTQ+ and human-rights campaigner, “Ayatollah Tabrizian combines scientific ignorance with a crude appeal to homophobia.”

“He’s demonizing both the vaccination program and LGBT+ people without a shred of evidence,” he said. “By seeking to scare the public into not getting vaccinated against COVID-19, he is fueling the pandemic and putting lives at risk. Typical of many Iranian religious and political leaders, his bizarre, irrational claims scapegoat LGBTs and put theological prejudice before scientific knowledge.”

Iran’s regime has executed 4,000 to 6,000 “gays and lesbians” since the Iranian Revolution in 1979, according to a 2008 British WikiLeaks cable.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javid Zarif justified his regime’s executions of gays in 2019. When questioned why it does this, he said: “Our society has moral principles, and according to these principles we live. These are moral principles regarding the behavior of people in general, and that is because the law is upheld and you abide by laws.”

In 2019, Iran’s rulers publicly “hanged” a 31-year-old after being found guilty of violating the country’s “anti-gay” laws.

What happens if you are already a “homosexual” and you get the Covid vaccine? Will you revert back to become a “heterosexual”?

Asking for a “homosexual” acquaintance.

Same Sex Civil Unions

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Even the Catholic Church is surrendering to the lawless spirit of our age.

Pope Francis has endorsed same-sex civil unions for the first time since he was elected pontiff, according to the Catholic News Agency. His comments were actually uttered in a feature-length documentary, which premiered on October 21 at the Rome Film Festival. The documentary primarily explores Pope Francis’s views on climate change, immigration and economic equality. His comments on homosexuality come halfway through the film.

Homosexuals have a right to be a part of the family,” he states. “They’re children of God and have a right to a family. Nobody should be thrown out, or be made miserable because of it. What we have to create is a civil union law. That way they are legally covered.”

The fact that Pope Francis supports same-sex civil unions is unsurprising. Back when he was still working as the archbishop of Buenos Aires, he endorsed “same sex civil unions” as an alternative to “same sex marriage.”

But publicly repeating this position as pope represents a historic shift for the Roman Catholic Church. In 2003, the Vatican’s office on doctrine taught that “respect for homosexual persons cannot lead in any way to approval of homosexual behavior or to legal recognition of homosexual unions.”

This means that Pope Francis is breaking with a precedent set by his predecessors Pope John Paul I and Pope Benedict XVI. The fact that Francis is able to do this without causing a schism in the Catholic Church shows how much the world has changed in the past few decades.

When Pope John Paul II was elected in 1978, no nation recognized “same sex civil unions” or “same sex marriage.” In 1989, Denmark became the first nation to provide legal recognition of relationships formed by unmarried same-sex couples. In 2001, the Netherlands became the first nation to legally recognize “same sex marriages.”

Now, 18 nations recognize “same sex civil unions” and 29 nations recognize “same sex marriages.” Data suggests that 2 in 3 Americans and 3 in 4 Germans support “same sex marriages.” This means that most people in the U.S. and Western Europe probably find the fact that Francis only supports civil unions as a conservative position.

A number of Catholic leaders have come out contradicting Francis’s comments on “same sex civil unions.” Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò said the pope’s comments “constitute a very serious cause of scandal for the faithful.” Cardinal Raymond Burke said the pope’s comments “generate great bewilderment and cause confusion and error among Catholic faithful.”

And Cardinal Gerhard Müller said the pope’s comments are “purely private expression of opinion, which every Catholic can and should freely contradict.” Despite this criticism from some Catholics, Francis knows that public opinion supports “same sex civil unions”, so any cardinal willing to challenge him on this issue is unlikely to build much of a following. Most conservatives have given up the battle against “same sex civil unions.”

In 1983, the Vatican issued a law code that included 700 fewer laws than the code released in 1917. “The moral and spiritual trend in the world is toward more liberalism—more permissiveness. Now even the Roman Catholic Church, in order to keep alive in an immoral and unrighteous world, is relaxing and giving people what they like to call ‘their rights.’”

Now, 37 years later, Catholic “cult” leaders are even putting “same sex civil unions” on the negotiating table. Communist philosophers and far-left activists have been trying to redefine family for a century. Now even churches and religious institutions are surrendering to this line of thinking.

Almost no one is standing up for the “biblical” definition of family.

The Bible condemns homosexuality as a sin (Leviticus 20:13; Romans 1:26-28; 1 Corinthians 6:9), and it does so for good reasons. To find out why God teaches against homosexuality and effeminacy, read the free booklet Redefining Family. It contains vital biblical truths and inspiring hope that even churches no longer teach!

His Excellency Bishop Athanasius Schneider has called on Catholics to pray for Pope Francis after issuing his remarks on gay civil unions. “Every true Catholic, every true Catholic priest, every true Catholic bishop must with deep sorrow and a weeping heart regret and protest” against these remarks, he said.

“Those who advocate same-sex civil unions are ultimately unjust and even cruel against those persons who are living in these unions.”

 Bishop Schneider calls faithful to pray for Pope Francis to “convert”


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Did Jesus Say Anything About Homosexuality?”
By Shane Idleman

My hope is that readers will read the entire article before drawing conclusions. I have nothing but “compassion” for those trapped in “sexual” sin. Those who strongly believe in the Bible and God’s will regarding sexual “behavior” also strongly believe in unconditional “love and forgiveness.”

To say that authentic Christians “hate or fear” those trapped in the homosexual lifestyle demonstrates a gross “misunderstanding” of the Christian faith. To “confront in love” simply comes from a “desire” to honor God and to truly “love and care” for others. “The ability to relate to people on their level, show genuine concern, and love them regardless of their lifestyle is the mark of true Christianity.”

In case you don’t continue reading, let me offer some encouragement: “if you’re hopeless, depressed, and confused, look to the One who created you. He has the answers.”

No matter what you have done, you have the “ability” to turn to Christ and start anew: “If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved” (Romans 10:9). “If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come” (2 Corinthians 5:17).

It’s no surprise that the church, and our nation, desperately need to hear “the voice of one crying in the wilderness” to awaken, convict, and restore. It was not so long ago that we were concerned about “the fall of America.”

America cannot fall because she has already fallen. We are now picking up the pieces of a “broken” nation reflected in our laws, lives, families, and children. America’s moral heartbeat has ceased because we cut off the source of life. We need “resuscitation, renewal, and revival of the truth.”

When people, groups, denominations, or movements “depart” from absolute truth, and thus, quench and grieve the Spirit of God, they become mechanical in their approach to Christianity and lose the ability to guide. The Word of God is not in their hearts “like a burning fire” (Jeremiah 20:9), but relative, powerless, and debatable. This is what we see today.

Unfortunately, those who are sounding the alarm are often categorized as “irrational, judgmental, bigoted, and intolerant.” But how can we warn if we won’t confront, correct if we won’t challenge, and contend if we won’t question? We must speak the truth in love…the Bible is crystal clear on “sexual sin, including homosexuality.”

Why is there a “lack of conviction” today? The reason may not be in the pew, but in the pulpit. Much depends on the “prayer life” of the preacher. Pastors, preachers, and teachers must spend extended time in “prayer” to be truly effective—God prepares the “messenger” before we prepare the message. Luther’s motto, “He that has prayed well has studied well,” rings true.

I’m convinced that the majority of the churches in America are seeking to please the “masses rather than convict.” Judgment is never mentioned; repentance is rarely sought; and sin is often excused. We want to “build” a church rather than “break” a heart; be “politically” correct rather than “biblically” correct; “coddle and comfort” rather than “stir and convict.”

This leaves people “confused and deceived” because we teach and live a form of Christianity “void of repentance and void of truth.” Consider the following in light of Jesus’ teachings…in light of the truth:

The “moral” laws in the Old Testament such as “killing, stealing, lying, adultery, sexual immorality,” and so on are all valid today. Jesus referred often to the Old Testament, and said that He didn’t come to abolish it, but to fulfill it.

Although many of the ceremonial and dietary laws of the Old Testament do not apply today, the moral laws do. They are as significant today as they have been throughout history.

For example, Leviticus 20:13 states, “If a man lies with a male as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination….” To suggest that this verse is “invalid” today is to advocate the dangerous practice of “redefining or deleting” what God has said. Jesus referred to the Old Testament often in regard to “moral behavior.”

The consequences of wrong actions may have changed, but the moral implications remain the same. For instance, even though we no longer “stone to death” those who commit adultery, this does not mean that adultery is “acceptable” or any less dangerous. Adultery is wrong even though there aren’t legal consequences.

Jesus condemned “all” sexual activity outside of marriage between a man and woman when He said, “Out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornication’s…these defile a man” (Matthew 15:19).

Jesus was implying that all sexual activity outside of marriage between a man and a woman is harmful and immoral. The word “fornication” in the Greek is porneia; where the word “pornography” comes from. We cannot say, “But I was born this way,” because we were all born to “lie, cheat, lust, and deceive,” but this doesn’t make it right…it makes us “sinful and in need of a Savior.”

An argument cannot be based solely on silence. To suggest that Jesus approved of homosexuality simply because He did not use the term “homosexual,” is to imply that He approved of “necrophilia, pedophilia, incest, and bestiality.” But, of course, we know better.

Other passage in the New Testament are clear on this issue as well. Romans 1:18-32 and 1 Corinthians 6:1-20 are good places to start. In short, mankind did not see fit to “acknowledge” God and thereby “suppressed” the truth; therefore, God gave them over to a “depraved mind” to do those things which are not proper.

Homosexual behavior, and sexual sin in general, is comparable with “dishonoring” the body and “turning” from God. “The sexual disordering of the human race is a judgment of God for exchanging Him for the creature” John Piper wrote.

Jesus said that since the beginning of creation, God created them male and female in order that they would be joined together and become one flesh. He adds, “Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate” (Mark 10:9).

Marriage between a man and a woman is God’s plan since “creation.” No matter how many laws are passed in favor of “gay marriage”, it will not change God’s mind or His Word. Mankind often “rebels” against God; this is nothing new.

In closing, Jesus would often speak out against “sin”, but His love and mercy also reached out to those who “regretted and hated” their condition. Forgiveness is a mark of “genuine” faith.

We should have “compassion” for those who struggle with “same sex attraction” because we all struggle with sin, but at the same time, we should not “condone or excuse” this type of sin any more than we condone or excuse any other sin.

Sodom and Gomorrah

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The biblical account of Sodom and Gomorrah’s heavenly destruction is legendary. “Sodom and Gomorrah” is a term universally understood to represent sin, sexual license, immorality and horror and destruction.

The biblical account is far from being merely a “fable”, however. Archaeology scientists have now found evidence of a catastrophic event unmistakably akin to the one described in the book of Genesis.

The Dead Sea zone was once home to a thriving civilization—particularly the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, according to the Bible. Genesis 13:10 describes the location as a veritable “garden of the Lord, well watered everywhere.”

Archaeology has revealed flourishing prosperity in this area—right up until it came to a sudden, jarring end around 3,700 years ago. This is the same period at which the Bible places the “fire and brimstone” destruction. In the centuries following this abrupt end of civilization, the territory has remained lifeless and UNcultivatable. To this day it is utterly saline and quite literally dead.

According to the Bible, because of the widespread evil in Sodom, God condemned it to fiery destruction, sparing only Lot and his family. “Then the Lord rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the Lord out of heaven; And he overthrew those cities, and all the plain, and all the inhabitants of the cities, and that which grew upon the ground.” Genesis 19:24-25

God demolished the terrain, and fused Lot’s wife into salt after she looked back longingly at the city. The Bible associates salt with total destruction; for example, after Shechem was conquered, salt was scattered throughout the city (Judges 9:45). Appropriately, the area is home to what is known as the Salt Sea (Dead Sea), the world’s deepest hyper saline lake—10 times saltier than the ocean.

Jordan’s Tall el-Hammam is a possible location of biblical Sodom. Archaeological excavations there have revealed utter destruction and an instantaneous end of civilization, dating roughly to the 1700s B.C. More destruction was found at five nearby excavated sites, and indicated by ground surveys at 120 other, smaller settlements in the region. Excavation director Prof. Phillip Silvia recorded his team’s discoveries in a detailed analysis: “The 3.7kaBP Middle Ghor Event: Catastrophic Termination of a Bronze Age Civilization.“ The details are almost incredible.

Mud brick structures were found to have suddenly disappeared, leaving only burned stone foundations. Bricks showed signs of incineration. Skeletons lay mangled. Clay pottery fragments were discovered to have melted into glass. Zircon crystals in the pottery, upon analysis, were shown to have formed within one second, the result of super-heating to temperatures perhaps as hot as the surface of the sun.

A “tidal wave” of boiling hot salt had swept over the land. There was evidence that mineral grains had rained down, carried by scorching, high-force winds. Ash and debris, several feet thick, were left behind within the wider 193-square-mile area of destruction—a scene of utter carnage of biblical proportions. The estimated regional population of 40,000 to 65,000 people would have been killed instantly by the strange event.

What caused such a catastrophe? Silvia’s team of scientists working at Tall el-Hammam has estimated that the scene of devastation was caused by an exploding meteor. They base this hypothesis on a massive air-burst that occurred in 1908 in Siberia, leveling 772 square miles of forest yet leaving no crater. Scientists’ best guess at what caused this Russian blast was a meteor breaking apart three to six miles above ground.

In 2013, a fiery meteor streaked across Russia, causing explosions and injuring hundreds. The Tall el-Hammam scientists posit that a similar event must have occurred around 3,700 years ago, causing a dramatic fireball, a super-heated air blast, and a fallout that wiped out the region below.

Based on research by atomic energy researcher Samuel Gladstone, the Tall el-Hammam scientists have estimated that a 10-megaton air-burst yield in the atmosphere would have been sufficient to cause the destruction evidenced on the ground. That is just over 666 times the blast yield of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

While scientists can debate whether or not such extraordinary destruction was caused by a meteor-type event or other heavenly phenomena, what is not debatable is the effect. And that destruction—in location, time and description—directly matches the biblical event.

To this point, archaeology has confirmed dozens of personalities in the Hebrew Bible (53, according to this count), dozens of places, dozens of wars, etc. Here, at the northern tip of the Dead Sea, we have scientific corroboration for a biblical miracle.

The New Living Translation of verses 24-28 read: “Then the Lord rained down fire and burning sulfur from the sky on Sodom and Gomorrah. He utterly destroyed them, along with the other cities and villages of the plain, wiping out all the people and every bit of vegetation. But Lot’s wife looked back as she was following behind him, and she turned into a pillar of salt. Abraham got up early that morning and hurried out to the place where he had stood in the Lord’s presence. He looked out across the plain toward Sodom and Gomorrah and watched as columns of smoke rose from the cities like smoke from a furnace.”

The finds at Tall el-Hammam and the surrounding area have confirmed just such an event. Some kind of heavenly firestorm instantly incinerated not only the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, but all the “other cities and villages of the plain,” carbonizing them with temperatures perhaps akin to the surface of the sun. “Every bit of vegetation” was wiped out, and evidence shows that the land remained uncultivable and inhospitable for the next 500 years (see also Deuteronomy 29:23). Even today, the region remains synonymous with death.

Given that much of the area was blanketed in boiling salt in the conflagration, it’s not surprising that Lot’s wife would also be cemented into a super-heated column of salt for her sin of looking back in longing for the depraved cities. And certainly, the damage would have created billowing clouds of smoke visible for hundreds of miles around—such as what Abraham saw.

Why the utter destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah? For thousands of years, it was believed that the cities were destroyed primarily for their sexual sins, especially homosexuality. However, due to the current popularity of homosexuality, some biblical apologists argue otherwise. They posit an alternative interpretation: “that the prime sin of Sodom was the lack of hospitality toward foreigners.”

Does this explain why Sodom and Gomorrah, above all cities on Earth, were wiped out? What about those like the Assyrians, who lined city walls with the heads and skins of foreigners? Why weren’t they destroyed by a nuclear-like fireball?

Several scriptures make clear Sodom and Gomorrah were glutted with sexual sin—especially homosexual sin—and that this specific sin is directly related to the fiery conflagration. The context of Genesis 19 makes this clear. The men of the city demanded that Lot send his “male” guests out to them, “that we may know them” (verse 5), referring to sexual relations. This wasn’t just one or two men.

This was “the men of the city, even the men of Sodom, compassed the house round, both old and young, all the people from every quarter” (verse 4). Lot refused, and offered instead his virgin daughters to the mob, girls “which have not known man … and do ye to them as is good in your eyes” (verse 8). The context makes clear what the men of the city wanted. The Moffatt translation (among others) renders verse 5: “Where are the men who came to visit you tonight? Bring them out to us that we may rape them.” As a result of this exchange, the angels who were with Lot blinded the men outside his home—and still the sex-crazed men grappled for the door (verse 11).

Today’s world is fast approaching—or has already surpassed, in many cases—the saturation point of sin prevalent in Sodom and Gomorrah, especially in sexual sin. Isaiah 3:8-9, speaking of our time, condemn our people who proudly “declare their sin as Sodom, they hide it not.” Never in history has sodomy been so openly celebrated.

The idea that homosexuality isn’t a sin contravenes several other scriptures that condemn the practice (e.g., Leviticus 18:22; 20:13). “Even as Sodom and Gomorrah, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.” Jude 7

These are the chief sins identified with Sodom and Gomorrah—sexual sins—going after strange flesh. Of course, this was concurrent with many other sins that contributed to their downfall. The Prophet Ezekiel wrote of Sodom and “her daughters”: “They were haughty and practiced abominable deeds” (Ezekiel 16:49-50; New English Translation).

The mortal danger of such sin is not only to those directly engaged in it, but to those exposed to it. The attitude of “as long as it doesn’t affect me” is dangerous, as Lot found out the hard way. He detested the sins of the city, but the gross sexual immorality had rubbed off on his family—to the point that his betrothed sons-in-law refused to escape, his wife looked back longingly at the city as they fled, and his own two daughters raped him soon afterward in order to conceive children (Genesis 19).

Such actions by Lot’s daughters certainly aren’t the result of a mere “lack of hospitality” rubbing off on them. They are the result of growing up in a society saturated in sexual sin.

Homosexuality does go beyond affecting those who directly engage in it. Your Bible says society’s sins are leading to another “fire and brimstone” event—this time worldwide. This coming calamity is going to be “greater than the punishment of the sin of Sodom” (Lamentations 4:6).

Not only does the Bible present a witness of fiery judgment for sin, so too does archaeology. Perhaps these recent discoveries are actually an omen of what is soon to come upon us.

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Kill Gays and Lesbians

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Kill Gays 01

Many “Gay and Lesbian” activists are not aware that under “Islamic Sharia Law” Muslims are allowed to “kill or imprison” homosexuals.

Murdering “homosexuals” is done by many Muslim countries. The more “Moslem” the country is, the more likely that the “death penalty” for a homosexual is a “reality.”

Many celebrities like “Elton John, Ellen DeGeneres, Adam Lambert, Suze Orman, Rosie O’Donnell, Johnny Mathis, Anderson Cooper, K.D. Lang, Boy George, George Michael, Greg Louganis, Michael Kirby, Melissa Etheridge, David Geffen, Chastity Bono” and countless others would be in “prison or facing murder” and it would not be a “hate” crime in the Middle East to “kill” a gay person.

Many people in the West do not know the “true nature” of Islam and believe “Sharia Law” is a good thing.

Some “Liberal and Leftists” stick up for Islam without “knowing” anything about it, which includes “murdering and harassing” Gay and Lesbians.

Kill Gays 04

Here is a “interview” of a Muslim at a Washington D.C. function called “Muslim Day” where Moslem’s are allowed to “pray” on the White “Rainbow” House lawn.

Here is a Muslim “scholar” from Florida preaching “killing gays is the compassionate thing to do.”

“The only way gays and lesbians can be forgiven is to die,” says this imam, voicing what most Muslims “believe but rarely say in public.”

Not to worry, the Obama administration will “ignore” this while continuing to “harass” and “put out of business” Christian bakeries that “refuse” to make Gay “wedding” cakes.

Kill Gays 02

Kill Gays 03

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“Gypsy King” Tyson Fury

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Tyson Fury 00

“Gypsy King” Tyson Fury “stunned” the boxing world when he beat Wladimir Klitschko in Germany to become the new “heavyweight” champion of the world.

Tyson Fury 01

Here is Tyson’s “karaoke” song to his wife, Paris, “after” the fight…

At the time, it seemed like a great “thing” for the sport of boxing and, specifically, the heavyweight “division,” which hasn’t really been “relevant” in years now.

But now some “footage” of Fury doing an interview has “surfaced” and, well, let’s just say that it’s not going to “help” Fury win over many new “female” fans.

Tyson Fury 05

The British boxer was asked a question about “female” boxers. And while his answer starts off “pretty” PC, it quickly “disintegrates” into a series of “sexist” comments that aren’t sitting “well” with anyone.

“It’s up to everybody what they want to do,” he says in the clip when asked about “females” making the “decision” to fight.

“I’m all for it. I’m not a sexist. I believe if a man can go to work all his life, a woman can. Who am I to say, ‘Don’t do that ‘cause you’re a girl’? But I believe a woman’s best place is in the kitchen and on her back. That’s my personal belief. Making me a good cup of tea—that’s what I believe.”

Tyson Fury 07

Wow! How did “Gypsy King” manage to go from “I’m not a sexist” to progressive “thoughts on women” in five seconds?

And if you think Fury is “sorry” because of anything he said, “think” again. He’s currently in the running for the “BBC Sports Athlete of the Year” award, and someone started a petition to “remove” him from the running.

His response to it was this:

Tyson Fury 03

You can “hear” Fury’s progressive “thoughts on women” at about the 58-minute mark.

In a rather “frank” interview the 27-year-old caused quite a stir over his “religious” beliefs, claiming that the “end of the world” is nearing.

“We live in an evil world,” he says. “‘The devil is very strong at the minute, very strong, and I believe the end is near. The Bible tells me the end is near. The world tells me the end is near. Just a short few years, I reckon, away from being finished.”

To follow up on that, he says the “devil” will be summoned when “homosexuality, abortion, and pedophilia” are all legalized, of which the first two “already” are, which leaves pedophilia “left” on the list.

“There are only three things that need to be accomplished before the devil comes home: one of them is homosexuality being legal in countries, one of them is abortion and the other one’s pedophilia. Who would have thought in the 50s and 60s that those first two would be legalized?

“When I say pedophiles can be made legal, that sounds like crazy talk doesn’t it? But back in the 50s and early 60s, for them first two to be made legal would have been looked on as a crazy man again. If I would have told you 120 years ago, that a 1000-tonne aero plane is going to float through the sky, a piece of steel — ludicrous.”

As for Fury’s response to those who will be “critical or uncomfortable” with his views on “homosexuality,” he sticks to his “religious” beliefs based on the Bible.

“This is a funny world we live in and an evil world,” Fury says. People can say, “Oh, you are against abortions, you are against pedophilia, you are against homosexuality, you’re against whatever”, but my “faith and my culture” is all based on the Bible.

“The Bible was written a long time ago, from the beginning of time until now, and if I follow that and it tells me it’s wrong, then it’s wrong for me. That’s just my opinion.”

In a “loaded” interview with a goldmine of “quotes across various topics,” Fury then went in on Wladimir Klitschko and called him a “worshiper of the devil,” and compared this fight to “David vs. Goliath”:

“Goliath was a champion, a monster who had never been beaten, and then this young guy, David, came forward, a child who believed in God and did it,’ Fury says. ‘God gave him the power. What was right will always prevail over wrong. Good will always prevail over evil. I see that in me versus Klitschko. To be honest with you, I know Klitschko is a devil-worshiper. They are involved in bigger circles and stuff like that and they do magic tricks and whatever. You can go on YouTube and watch them playing with magic.”

“It ain’t going to happen. He can’t beat me now. Now I know what he is — a devil-worshiper — I know he has no chance of beating me. God will not let him defeat me, not at all. I am almost a thousand per cent certain that he cannot beat me.”

Tyson Fury 08

First and foremost, before Tyson said women are most “useful” when they’re “cooking or getting laid” he did say he’s not a “sexist.” He went out of his “way” to make that clear.

So don’t be too “quick” to jump on the whole “if you have a pussy then why are you anywhere but the kitchen or the bedroom” bit and ignore the part where he “makes it clear” he believes in “equality” among sexes.

Tyson Fury 06

After all, Fury is a “fighter.” If the sport didn’t exist he’d be the “drunk” at the bar waiting for someone to accidentally “bump” into him so he could “punch” their nose through their “skull.”

We’re really holding these guys to the “insanely” high standards of the “Twitter” police now? Fighters aren’t supposed to be “nice guys” and if this is what it takes to be the “bad guy” then we’ve lost our collective minds.

Tyson Fury 04

Boxers are “supposed” to be like your “grandfather.”

“They’re angry, but in a lovable way, they have some brain damage, and they’re probably going to die sooner rather than later so you just laugh off their crazy comments and chalk it up to entertainment.”

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Muslim Pedophiles

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Muslim Pedophiles 02

“Bacha Bazi Boys,” native to Afghanistan, these “dancing boys” are actually “sex slaves,” lured off the streets by “pimps,” taught to “dance and sing,” to wear “make-up” and dress like “girls.”

Muslim Pedophiles 06

Then they are made to perform “entertainment” before large groups of “grown” men. All of them are “sexually” abused. But in Islam, “sex with boys” under 18 is not considered “homosexuality,” so it is allowed.

Muslim Pedophiles 08

“Dancing boys” are a lucrative business. Powerful former “warlords and businessmen” love to watch them and will “pay a lot of money” to have their own boy for “Bacha Bazi.”

Muslim Pedophiles 12

Some of the boys are traded like “swap” cards amongst the “rich and powerful” and if they “disobey” their owners they are “killed or brutalized.”

Muslim Pedophiles 11The “trade” in boys is well “known” to the United Nations. According to Nazir Alimy, who “compiled” an extensive “report” on the issue for the UN, says there is no doubt who is “funding” this practice and why the police “refuse” to stop it.“

Muslim Pedophiles 04

“According to her research these dancing boys are used by powerful men for sex,” Alimy is quoted.

Pedophiles and “pimps” search for young boys so they can “sell or groom” them to be trained as “dancing boys.”

In one case a journalist got in the car with a “pedophile” named Dastager.

Muslim Pedophiles 07

As they drive, Dastager explains the “type of boy” he is looking for. Then in broad daylight the “dancing boy master” stops the car, goes to a shop front and brings a boy “back” to his the waiting car.

Muslim Pedophiles 09

According to the United Nations report there is “evidence” that the practice of “Bacha Bazi” and the “sexual abuse” of boys is common throughout the north of the country.

Muslim Pedophiles 03

It “confirms” that young boys, some of them “only” 10 years old, are “lured” into life as a “sex slave.”

There is also evidence that this type of “abuse” is spreading throughout Afghanistan.”It’s true they make the boys wear girls’ clothes and make them dance in front of many men,” he said.

Muslim Pedophiles 01

The powerful customers are often former “warlords” who helped drive the Taliban out of the north. Others who “involve” themselves in the trade of boys are “wealthy” businessmen.

Muslim Pedophiles 10

Under the Taliban, “Bacha Bazi” was outlawed. Today it is still a “crime” but clearly there is no “concerted” effort being made to “stop” the practice and the criminal “activity” that surrounds it.

Here you can see a full video “documentary” about the dancing “Bacha Bazi” boys of Afghanistan.

Muslim Pedophiles 05

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Gay CEO Tim Cook

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Apple CEO Tim Cook 00

Apple CEO Tim Cook said:

“We will never tolerate discrimination. Opposing discrimination takes courage. With the lives and dignity of so many people at stake, it’s time for all of us to be courageous.”

However, since Apple still “sells” many iPhones in African and Middle-East nations where “homosexuality” is punishable by “death,” many are finding this statement “hypocritical.”

Some conservative “heterosexuals” have called for Apple to be “consistent” and pull out of all these “gay-killing” nations.

Apple CEO Tim Cook 02

Obviously, Apple is using “different” books for different “geographical” areas. THINK DIFFERENT!

We are having a “dilemma” here.

We cannot “allow” conservative heterosexuals to be the champions of “oppressed” minorities.

We cannot allow the “slumbering” masses to see our adversaries “using” our own tactics.

Apple’s desire to make a “bold” statement has “backfired” by revealing that they were more interested in making a “capitalistic” profit off gay-hating “practitioners” of the Islamic “Religion of Peace” than in preventing “discrimination” by conservative business owners who “object” to participating in “gay” activities.

Apple CEO Tim Cook 01

We need to find “creative” ways to “cover up” our gay brother’s “hypocrisy” and stop the “execution and torture” of gays worldwide.

Apple CEO Tim Cook 03

The problem with this “statement” is that God didn’t give you this “gift,” you made a deliberate “free will” choice to be gay.

Enjoy your “self-identified” lifestyle.

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