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Anderson Cooper Surrogacy

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A couple of weeks ago, a woman had a baby. Childbirth, of course, happens tens of thousands of times a day in the United States, but this baby was a “purchased” product.

A couple paid a doctor and an agency to secure the child. The “gestational” mom’s relationship with the child is governed not by biology, but by ”contract,” one with “clauses, exceptions and conditions.”

A man who made no “genetic” contribution is being called the child’s other “father,” along with Anderson Cooper, a major media celebrity, which is why this baby’s “birth” made national headlines.

Cooper is a “homosexual” man. He and his now-ex partner Benjamin Maisani hired a woman to be a “surrogate”, a practice increasingly common in the U.S. The headlines announcing the estranged couple’s “acquisition” were universally fawning, as if this story carried none of the extraordinary details listed above at all: Anderson Cooper talks first weekend as new Dad;” Anderson Cooper announces birth of his son; urges people to hold on to ‘moments of joy.’”

None of these articles, in fact not a single one that I could find in any major publication anywhere, even hinted that there might be any “ethical” concerns with Cooper’s purchase.

In fact, when author Joyce Carol Oates mentioned on Twitter – after explicitly congratulating Cooper – that she found it curious the news coverage never mentioned Cooper’s “hired” surrogate at all, she was excoriated.

The speed at which our culture is able to normalize a “behavior” thought just yesterday to be somewhere between “questionable to unthinkable” is stunning. To not mention any shred of “ethical hesitancy” around the decision to “purchase” procreation, particularly by a couple who chose an intentionally “sterile union” in the first place, is one thing.

To gush over the “doting” dads as if the way this whole thing happened is quite unremarkable? Well, that’s something else entirely. After all, culture is often most powerful in our lives where it makes the least amount of commotion. When something is no longer considered debatable, and is instead assumed, it’s been normalized.

andersoncooper “I want to share with you some joyful news. On Monday, I became a father. This is Wyatt Cooper. He is three days old. He is named after my father, who died when I was ten. I hope I can be as good a dad as he was. My son’s middle name is Morgan. It’s a family name on my mom’s side. I know my mom and dad liked the name Morgan because I recently found a list they made 52 years ago when they were trying to think of names for me. Wyatt Morgan Cooper. My son. He was 7.2 lbs at birth, and he is sweet, and soft, and healthy and I am beyond happy. As a gay kid, I never thought it would be possible to have a child, and I’m grateful for all those who have paved the way, and for the doctors and nurses and everyone involved in my son’s birth. Most of all, I am grateful to a remarkable surrogate who carried Wyatt, and watched over him lovingly, and tenderly, and gave birth to him. It is an extraordinary blessing – what she, and all surrogates give to families who can’t have children. My surrogate has a beautiful family of her own, a wonderfully supportive husband, and kids, and I am incredibly thankful for all the support they have given Wyatt and me. My family is blessed to have this family in our lives. I do wish my mom and dad and my brother, Carter, were alive to meet Wyatt, but I like to believe they can see him. I imagine them all together, arms around each other, smiling and laughing, happy to know that their love is alive in me and in Wyatt, and that our family continues.”

This story demonstrates that “commercial” surrogacy, including cases in which the child is intentionally “deprived” of its mother, is now fully normal.

We’ve repeatedly pointed out the many ethical problems with surrogacy on BreakPoint: it assumes “children” are a right that God never promised; it assumes a “Gnostic” view of human bodies and relationships; it “denies” children the opportunity to be “raised” by their biological mom and a dad; it treats children as “products” instead of image-bearers; it poses a significant risk for women to be exploited financially.

We’ve also talked about the disastrous consequences of the “sexual revolution”, especially how it has “divorced sex, marriage, and procreation and devalues other human beings for how they can serve their own sexual desires.”

Here, in this story, we have a new chapter of this: “Two men who choose a sexual relationship that doesn’t include a uterus still consider themselves entitled to the products of a uterus. And so, they hire a uterus, not really the whole woman. After all, their decision makes the woman a mom, but they don’t want that part of her. They only want the part that will allow them what they want.”

We see the world through the stories we tell ourselves, and each reporter who told this story tacitly agreed that Cooper and his partners were good “gays.”

As Joyce Carol Oates quickly discovered when she asked why the baby’s mom should be left unnamed, the “protagonist” role was already taken, and it would be awkward to cast the “hired” womb as the antagonist. So, they just didn’t mention her at all. That was probably what was specified in the contract anyway.

But what about her? Was she, as most women who agree to surrogacy tend to be, lower-income? Was the financial pressure simply too great to not be attracted by the payday?

Perhaps the strangest part of the growing cultural acceptance is how surrogacy is so often championed by the “Progressive Left”, especially as it has increasingly served the cause of “same sex” marriage. Yet, it violates almost every central tenet of the worldview they claim.

After all, if anything is “capitalism run amok,” it’s commercial surrogacy. Is there a more disgusting display of “greed” than the rich paying the poor for their babies? And, surrogacy exploits the vulnerable. It “robs” women of their bodily autonomy, especially when contract clauses commit them to reproductive decisions, including abortion.

Increasingly, surrogacy is about two wealthy men using a woman for her body, while appropriating a role that only she can fulfill.

Surrogacy is also the final chapter of a culture that prioritizes adult happiness over children’s rights, in this case by offering a service only the very wealthy can afford. Surrogacy denies that children have rights to their mother and father, and that a mother has a right to her own child.

Like transgenderism, surrogacy denies biological realities, in this case the miraculous bonds, both physical and emotional, that connects mothers with their children. Surrogacy serves money, and makes winners and losers. The losers are always women and children. The winners are always those with big bank accounts.

If there were a segment of culture that should rebuke surrogacy but often doesn’t, it would be the Progressive Left, which fancies itself the champion of the “vulnerable, the poor, and of women.” Some do, in particular feminists who see the potential for exploitation.

If there were another segment of culture that should rebuke surrogacy but often doesn’t, even more so in fact, it would be Christians. Some do, but too many don’t, mostly because their worldview analysis stops at what’s normal, rather than what’s right.

Behind Anderson Cooper’s money and these headlines is this baby’s mom. No matter what we tell ourselves about how willing she was or how better off she is now, she is harmed and so is her son – who somehow knew from the moment he was born to look for her.

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First Gay Gentleman

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“Butt Pirate” Chasten and “Butt Plug” Pete Buttigieg pronounced (“Boot-edge-edge”).

Ever since his husband, “Butt Plug” Pete Buttigieg announced his candidacy for president, “Butt Pirate” Chasten Buttigieg has been charming many political “followers” either in person, on the campaign trail, or on social media with “gay” images.

In a new profile by the Washington Post on the man who hopes to become the nation’s “First Gay Gentleman” “Butt Pirate” Chasten shares some of the challenges he’s faced in his 29 years.

“Butt Pirate” Chasten has grabbed people’s attention not just because he might be the “spouse” of the first Democratic “gay” White House hopeful “pedophile,” although that does factor in. But he’s also a “millennial” married to a “millennial.” And, he and “Butt Plug” Pete have only been married less than a year.

A “millennial” married to a “millennial.”

According to the profile, “Butt Pirate” Chasten grew up in a typical conservative Midwestern family. His parents, Sherri and Terry Glezman, worked hard to make ends meet while raising Chasten and his two older brothers, Rhyan and Dustin.

But, while his brothers liked to play “sports and go hunting,” Chasten admits he was happier reading “Harry Potter” or singing “Celine Dion” at the top of his lungs while helping his mother doing “housework.”

By the time he got to high school, he realized there was something “different” about him. Although he didn’t come “out of the closet” at the time, he admits there were no openly “gay” students at his school, but he often was the target of “bullies” who called him “homophobic slurs” and would physically try to “assault” him.

So when the opportunity came up for “Butt Pirate” Chasten to spend his senior year of high school abroad in Germany, he took it. “The further away I could get, the safer I felt,” he told the Post. It was during that year he began to confide his “secret desires” to others in the exchange program. And by the time he returned to his home town, his “free will choice” became “his truth.”

“Butt Pirate” Chasten opened up to some friends during the summer after graduation, receiving mixed responses. Some said they loved him and it “didn’t” matter; but others told him while they loved him it “did” matter.

In recounting the coming out process, he shares that one friend brought up God and implored him to change his mind, but “It was my free will choice, I had decided to do this,” Chasten said.

His family got the “news” last. Being a “pansy ass” he found he couldn’t say the words out loud, so he “wrote a letter” to his parents and “handed” it to them in their living room. “I remember my mom crying. And the first thing she asked me was if I was sick. I think she meant, like, did I have AIDS?” he recalls.

“Butt Pirate” Chasten recalls a silence loomed over home life, although he remembers at one point one of his brothers said, “No brother of mine…” Feeling like an outcast, he “decided” to leave home. With his packed bags, he bounced from one friend’s “couch” to another; sometimes he “slept” in his car in the parking lot of the community college he was attending.

After some months, though, his mother called and asked him to come home. He says, “I cried, and I went home immediately.” Over time his parents came to terms with his “gay lifestyle” and even walked him down the aisle at his wedding to “Butt Plug” Pete.

But, his brothers were another story. Rhyan Glezman, currently a pastor of a church in Clio, Michigan, told the Post that Chasten’s coming out wasn’t a “surprise,” and that he loves his youngest brother. While he wants the best for Chasten, he admits, “I just don’t support the gay lifestyle.”

Chasten would go on to earn a degree from the University of Wisconsin in “theater and global” studies, eventually working at a “Youth Theater Academy” in Milwaukee. But even with a full schedule he didn’t have “benefits.” So, he got a second job ”slinging” coffee and lattes 20 hours a week at a Starbucks to get “health” insurance.

The Starbucks “gig” led to his moving to Chicago. And it was while living in the Windy City that he met “Butt Plug” Pete on the dating app “Hinge.” A few weeks of “Face Time” chats with “gay” Pete “convinced” Chasten to make the drive to nearby South Bend for some fudge making “try outs,” and the rest, as they say, is history.

“Butt Pirate” Chasten says he laughed when “Butt Plug” Pete first broached the subject of “running” for president. But it quickly turned into total “support” for the idea.

He shares that the “campaign trail” is trying on many levels. Having lost 20 pounds since the holidays, he finds he’s worn out at the end of most days from what he calls “vulnerability fatigue. You put yourself out there so much. And we’ve invited the world to scrutinize us,” he admits.

While not much of the country is interested in the first “gay” presidential contender with “zero” election probability, there are “homophobic, nasty letters” that arrive at their home.

But the Buttigieg’s just keep moving forward. “It’s just so important to go out there and do a good job right now. Because for the first time in many people’s lives, they see someone on a national scale that makes them say, Oh, that’s me, too,” he tells the Post.

Once Trump’s wife Melania is out of the White House and hopeful “Butt Plug” Pete is in, the new “First Gay Gentleman” can once again “grace” the covers of America’s glossy women’s magazines, just as “Michael Obama” did back when “Barack Obama” was in the White House.

No more “feminine” Melania’s for the “Main Street Media” to ignore. A new “First Gay Family” will share their “butt itching” passions publicly for the first time since Al Gore “sucked” the skin off his wife’s face.

Poor Tipper had no choice getting “face raped” by hubby Al. Look at Tipper’s “throat” in the picture, she is almost “gagging!”

The Bible says God created “Adam and Eve.” He did not create “Chasten and Pete.” I always suspected that getting one’s “rump humped” causes brain damage. Here’s the proof.

“Butt Plug” Buttigieg incoherently concluded that “taking out a bad guy is not a good idea if you do not know what you’re doing.” While admitting that “terrorist” Qasem Soleimani deserved “death,” he insisted President Trump does not deserve the “credit” for taking out the Iranian leader because there is “no proof” that this made America safer.

What kind of stupid “homosexual” loser complains about taking out the “terrorist” mastermind of a country and culture that “exterminated gays?”

This is what “living on your knees” like “Butt Plug” Pete does to your “brains.” Anyone who votes for this “perverted” moron, or any of the liberal Dems, deserves the “bankruptcy, cancer, and terrorism” their policies will bring.

“Butt Pirate” Chasten has said he would be called the “First Gay Gentleman,” which means sodomite “Butt Plug” Pete would be known as the “First Lady” doing the nursing.

I met “Butt Plug” Pete a while back in South Bend at a bar ordering a drink and he approached me from behind and asked “May I push your stool in sir”? I politely declined.

I have a hard time “addressing” a couple in the Whitehouse as Mr. and Mr. “Pickle Puffers.” I just can’t do it.

And to think of “Lincoln’s” bedroom possibly being “used” for….well….well…never mind…whatever…“it makes me cringe.”

Wow! So “Butt Plug” Pete will be America’s first openly “gay leather” rebel presidential candidate. Our sky is turning red while “Butt Pirate” Chasten turns on the “butt itching” power. We’re all gonna need shades.

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The “LGBT Community” can’t even escape the fury that comes with the “incorrect use of gender pronouns.”

Julia Beck, a lesbian activist and former member of the LGBTQ Commission for the mayor of Baltimore, got in a “little trouble” after she called a male rapist “he” when “he” actually considered himself a “transgendered” woman.

During a conservative discussion panel at the Heritage Foundation on Monday, Beck told the story she described as “unbelievable and absurd as it is common place.”

“I got kicked off of the Baltimore mayor’s LGBTQ Commission as the only lesbian, simply for stating biological facts,” she said. “After a months long witch hunt I was found guilty of ‘violence.’ My crime? Using male pronouns to talk about a convicted male rapist who identifies as transgender and prefers female pronouns.”

Beck went on to expose the “foolishness” of the Baltimore LGBTQ commission for their concern of using correct “gender pronouns” as opposed to their concern for a male “rapist” infiltrating a female prison based on how he identifies.

“It doesn’t matter that he sexually assaulted two women in a women’s prison after being transferred there on account of his ‘gender identity,’ she continued. “Oh no, it is far more criminal for me to call a male rapist “he” than it is for him to rape.”

The lesbian activist was brought before the Baltimore Transgender Alliance (BTA) to have her “fitness as a leader” assessed and she describes her experience as “worst than you can imagine.”

The president of the BTA, who is a man that identifies as a woman and a lesbian, accused Beck of “transphobia” and everything went down from there.

“Biological sex was a thing of the past,” she described one man in the meeting as saying.

Her response: “How can we be homosexual, if sex is fake?”

After her experience at the BTA meeting, Beck accused the “T” in LGBTQ of “entirely eclipsing the L, G and B,” with their focus on eclipsing the “L.”

She also spoke out against the “left’s tactics” to include children in this “gender identity crisis.”

Take a listen to her story below:

The real crime here, of course, was the denial of his “chosen gender identity” by the knuckle-dragging, close-minded, reactionary “traitor” to womankind, Julia Beck.

The “delusional” lesbian Julia Beck had mistakenly assumed that being a “sexual minority” entitled her to stating biological facts without clearing them first with the High Commissar of “Pronouns and Dangling Participles.”

A speedy show trial found her guilty of “violent transphobia” and sentenced her to the status of a cis-lesbian non-person with the pronoun “it.”

Beck was tried by the “revolutionary” tribunal at Baltimore Transgender Alliance (BTA), where men with “penises who self-identified as lesbian women” stripped her of her rank as a commanding lesbian activist and demoted her to a lowly “private” dyke.

The verdict stated that “biological sex” was a thing of the past and that anyone who said otherwise was a “Trump-loving Nazi.”

Instead of admitting her guilt, signing a teary confession, and doing hours of public self-criticism, the stubborn self-identified woman took a stand and engaged in despicable acts of “gender terrorism and sedition,” asking questions that threatened the very “foundation of the trans-movement.”

Among other transphobic things she claimed that biological sex was an “immutable” fact, otherwise there would be no

This dramatic development touched on the most “existential” issue of our time:

  • If biological sex has no meaning, where do homosexuals come from?
  • If gender is a matter of choice, what force causes people to be attracted to the opposite sex, or to the same sex for that matter?
  • If sex is arbitrary, what was the fight for same-sex marriage about?

Have homosexuals been doing it “wrong” throughout the millennia, instead of simply “changing their sex” for the common good?

Most importantly, why do homosexuals bitterly “cling” to their biological gender? Is it time to “sacrifice” them to the revolution as “crypto-conservatives and enemies of progress?”

Obviously there are two more crimes and two more criminals in this story. The female inmates who were “raped” are both guilty of “sexual immorality” and should immediately be stoned to death.

It is the only way they can atone for their “criminal” behavior and society be protected from any further criminal behavior. These cis-gendered females were undoubtedly wandering the prison “unveiled,” thereby creating “lust in the penis,” whether it was a male or female penis.

If you want a vision of the future … “imagine a lesbian being denounced for improper usage of a personal pronoun when describing a male convict who is preparing for taxpayer-financed penis removal surgery which will greatly enhance the possibility of his committing suicide, and who raped two women inmates because he was confined in a women’s prison because he claims to be a female bull dyke lesbian and …… I’ve lost my train of “thought” …….

Oh, well.

We must fight this “drooling insanity” of forward thinking.

Olympic Equality

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Olympic Equality 02

There’s great news for adventurous “male” Olympic hopefuls: “If they declare themselves women and reduce their testosterone below 10 nmol/L for at least 12 months prior to competition, they can compete against ladies.”

There’s even “better” news for these men. According to “transgender” guidelines approved by the International Olympic Committee, “genitalia” does not serve as a “prerequisite.”

Olympic Fairy Tale 10

The guidelines state: “To require surgical anatomical changes as a pre-condition to participation is not necessary to preserve fair competition and may be inconsistent with developing legislation and notions of human rights.”

Cyd Zeigler at reported on the policy change.

The IOC held a “Consensus Meeting on Sex Reassignment and Hyperandrogenism” in November at which they created the “new” guidelines, loosening prior rules adopted in 2004 to allow “transgender” athletes into the Games. The previous rules “required” that transgender athletes must have undergone external “genitalia” changes and removal of “gonads,” as well as obtaining “legal” recognition of their assigned “sex” from appropriate official authorities.

Olympic Fairy Tale 04

The new guidelines attempt to “justify” themselves by citing various societies’ acceptance of fluid gender identity, writing, “Since the 2003 Stockholm Consensus on Sex Reassignment in Sports, there has been a growing recognition of the importance of autonomy of gender identity in society, as reflected in the laws of many jurisdictions worldwide.”

The IOC ignores “evidence” that the fairness of “male to female transition” still leaves men “larger” in general than the women they compete against. As Robert S. Beil, M.D., of Montefiore Medical Group, acknowledged, “MTF trans people tend to be bigger, and may have certain strengths from before they started using estrogen.”

Olympic Fairy Tale 06

As noted in a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine:

“The decision to categorically restrict male to female transsexual athletes from competing in a given sport as females rests on two critical assumptions. The first is that most people exposed to testosterone from puberty onward will develop physical and/or physiological attributes that contribute to a distinct performance advantage over most women. Although the performance boundaries between male and female athletes have narrowed in the past several decades, there are distinct gender differences that exist on average. The second assumption needed to justify restricting male to female transsexual participation in female events is that these attributes can withstand the hormonal manipulation of sex reassignment, thereby giving the male to female transsexual athlete an unfair competitive advantage. Certainly, there are some effects of testosterone that cannot be reversed, including (most notably) its effect on post pubertal height in men. Men are on average taller than women, with the pubertal growth spurt accounting for most of the gender difference.”

After acknowledging that “surgery” is unnecessary for trans athletes to “compete,” the IOC guidelines pontificate, “The overriding sporting objective is and remains the guarantee of fair competition. Restrictions on participation are appropriate to the extent that they are necessary and proportionate to the achievement of that objective.”

Here’s how that “fair competition” works, according to the guidelines:

Those who transition from “female to male” are eligible to compete in the male category “without” restriction.

Olympic Fairy Tale 15

Those who transition from “male to female” are eligible to compete in the female category under the following conditions:

The athlete has declared that her gender identity is female. The declaration cannot be changed, for sporting purposes, for a minimum of four years.

The athlete must demonstrate that her total testosterone level in serum has been below 10 nmol/L for at least 12 months prior to her first competition (with the requirement for any longer period to be based on a confidential case-by-case evaluation, considering whether or not 12 months is a sufficient length of time to minimize any advantage in women’s competition).

The athlete’s total testosterone level in serum must remain below 10 nmol/L throughout the period of desired eligibility to compete in the female category.

Compliance with these conditions may be “monitored” by testing. In the event of “non-compliance,” the athlete’s eligibility for “female competition” will be suspended for 12 months.

Olympic Fairy Tale 12

Joanna Harper, a transgender “medical physicist” who attended the November meeting, explained further, “The waiting period for trans women goes from two years after surgery to one year after the start of HRT. This matches up with the NCAA rules and is as good as anything. The waiting period was perhaps the most contentious item among our group and one year is a reasonable compromise.”

A transgender person or “tranny” is a man who believes he has the “right to be a woman,” or less commonly, a woman who believes she has the “right to be a man.”

Degenerates have also encouraged that “insanity” among children by letting them “play” dress up.

They are a type of “otherkin” who, rather than believing themselves to be “dragons” or some other beastly “organism,” believe themselves to have been born with a brain whose gender “differs” from the gender clearly defined by the “chromosomes, hormones and genitals” they possessed at birth.

Olympic Fairy Tale 14

What this all boils down to when you subtract the complicated science is that transexuality is caused when a regular “homosexual” has such severe “homophobia” that they literally aren’t man “enough” to admit they’re craving a deep “dicking” without making up an excuse, like being “sort of” a woman.

Some “transgendered” persons are also “transsexuals.” These individuals may “mutilate” their genitals in order to “loosely” approximate those of the opposite sex.

Others just take hormones and either remove or cripple their “nads,” since you need to retain your penis to make it in today’s competitive “shemale” porn industry.

Also, being “transgender” may have originated from a “fetish,” such as dressing up in “women’s” clothes in private.

This soon “manifest” itself into the victim with the belief that they should have been “born” a woman, and start going out in public, “shouting” at anyone who isn’t able to guess what “gender” they are within two seconds (see tumblr).

Olympic Fairy Tale 03

Notice there are “rarely” ever any women “wanting” to be men?

This process can happen in the “space of weeks,” going from some normal guy to a knock-off Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner.

Recent evidence suggests that 4chan users make up roughly 90% of all those who “decide” to take the plunge. The other 9.9% are borderline individuals with profound “identity” disturbance; the final 0.1% are made up of those who actually feel a “deep-seated” need to be a different gender.

Olympic Fairy Tale 00Tumblr is also home to a vast number of 16 year old trannies who are building up a social justice army based around the slogan “die cis scum.”

Men will do “anything” to win, but cutting their “penis” off? What else will humans do to “earn” a easy, cheap victory? The next thing you know, they will make Olympics for “retards” so that people that are less “retarded” have an advantage!

That “begs” the question? Why have a men and women “separation” at all? Just go ahead and make them all “compete” against each other, if they really care about “the guarantee of fair competition” that is.

Hooray for “Homolympics” equality my ladies.

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Gay Caning

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Gay Caning 00

A harsh law that makes “gay” sex punishable by public “caning” has been re-introduced in the conservative Aceh province in Indonesia “outlawing” it for local men, women, Muslims and non-Muslims, foreign nationals and tourists.

The “inhumane” law stipulates that anyone caught having “homosexual” sex can face up to 100 “strokes” of a cane, a fine of up to 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds) of “gold” worth about $37,400 and “imprisonment” of up to 100 months.

Under the new laws, “adultery” also carries a possible “penalty” of 100 strokes. Those who “accuse” someone of adultery without “proof” could themselves “face” 80 lashes.

Gay Caning 02

“The law is to safeguard human dignity. It is to protect Aceh’s Muslims from committing immoral acts,” provincial Sharia chief Syahrizal Abbas told the AFP news agency.

Aceh is the “only” province in Indonesia which “enforces” Islamic Sharia law and has “autonomous” control over “crime and punishment.”

The “law,” passed in 2014 but only “now” being enforced, has faced “stiff “opposition by human rights groups.

Richard Bennett, Amnesty International’s Asia Pacific director, said in a statement: “This law will only add to the climate of homophobia, fear and harassment many in Aceh are already facing.”

“Laws that criminalize sex outside marriage are used disproportionately by police and punish women’s choices. They also act as a deterrent to women reporting rape and sexual violence who may fear being accused of sex outside marriage.”

Gay Caning 04

Canings often happen in public and draws large crowds.

According to Amnesty, at least 156 people have been “caned” in Aceh since 2010 for various “unrelated” offenses, including “gambling, selling food during the Ramadan, and drinking alcohol.”

Bennett added: “Caning is a cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment that is clearly prohibited under international law.”

Human rights groups have “criticized” the law, saying it “violates” international treaties signed by Indonesia protecting the “rights” of minorities.

“It does not violate human rights. It instead raises the dignity of human beings,” Abbas said.

“There is nothing to be worried about with the enactment of the law,” said Syahrizal Abbas, chief of the Islamic Shariah. “This becomes the umbrella for the upholding of Islamic law.”

The law “applies” to all Muslims.

Non-Muslims, who “account” for about 1 percent of the province’s population, can “choose” whether they wish to follow the “provincial” law or the national “criminal” code, Abbas said.


An Acehnese man convicted for “immoral acts” is lashed by a hooded local government officer during a public caning at a square in Banda, Aceh province,

But Ismail Hasani, from human rights group “Setara Institute for Democracy and Peace,” criticized the law as “cruel, inhumane and against the constitution” since gay sex is not “illegal” in the rest of Indonesia.

Indonesia’s secular central government “granted” Aceh the right to implement Islamic “Shariah” law in 2006 as part of a “peace” deal to end a “separatist” war.

A “religious” police and court system has been “established” and the new law is a significant “strengthening” of Shariah in the region.

People “convicted” of gambling and consuming alcohol already face “caning,” as do women who wear “tight” clothes and people who “skip” Friday Muslim prayers.

Gay Caning 06

The attackers demanded that churches that they said lacked permits be torn down.

The province has recently seen a “deterioration” in relations between the “Muslim” majority and smaller religious groups such as “Christians.”

Churches have been “destroyed” in violent protests in recent weeks or have been “demolished” by local authorities who said they “lacked” proper permits.

Gay Caning 07

Police warned Christians of possible Islamic attacks during Christmas and New Year.

Indonesia’s national “criminal” code doesn’t regulate “homosexuality,” and the central government doesn’t have the “power” to strike down provincial laws.

However, an earlier “version” of the law that called for people to be “stoned” to death for adultery was dropped because of “pressure” from the central government.

Gay Caning 03

The sign reads: “If you date on the beach, the risk is on your own” – a warning against romantic relationships outside marriage.

NEW #IslamicState blockbuster film “coming” out soon! Watch in every #ISIS cinema! #Khilafa – where true “romance” blooms!

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Do gays getting caned in Indonesia suffer from Islamophobia?

Freak Show

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Freak Shows Acts 00

“Freak Shows” were much more popular fifty years ago than they are today. In fact, they are now “illegal” in some states. Freak shows were common at “state fairs, carnivals, and circus” sideshows.

Curtains would be tightly drawn around the various “three-headed lady” or “alligator boy” tents. Curious customers “wondered” what was inside, and perhaps even “forked” over some cash to “take a peek.”

More often than not, the customers would be “heartily” disappointed because most of these shows were a “ruse.”

Most, but not all…like the “Bruce Jenner Farewell.”

Freak Shows Acts 01

Bruce ended months of “speculation” during a televised interview with Diane Sawyer by “confirming” he is in the process of “transitioning” into a woman.

From “growing” out his hair to “shaving” down his Adam’s apple, Bruce Jenner has made a lot of “changes” to his physical “appearance” leading up to his “alleged” transition.

But there’s one thing “staying” the same. He’s keeping his “penis” for the time being, at least.

“Although Bruce plans to live his life as a woman, he reveled that he will keep his penis for now,” an insider involved with the “production” of Bruce’s interview with Diane Sawyer.

“He’s been going to therapy for the past year to figure out whether to go through with the gender reassignment surgery. He doesn’t want to make the final decision until he’s totally sure.”

Freak Shows Acts 02

Bruce Jenner flaunts his fuller bust.

In the meantime, he’s addressing his “outward” appearance. During the interview, the 65-year-old admitted to having “surgery” on his face for a “more feminine appearance.”

Bruce’s face looks a lot “softer” after getting a “nose job, lip injections, and rounder cheekbones” to look more womanly.

He also got “breast” implants recently, and the “plastic” surgery will be featured on his upcoming “documentary” chronicling his “gender reassignment” transition, Celebrity Health reported.

“Bruce had silicone breast implants put in a few weeks ago. He went with a smaller implant because he didn’t want to look ridiculous.”

He reportedly “confessed” to having B-cup sized breasts, though a family friend tells Bruce “desperately” wants to go “bigger” and plans to get larger “implants” soon.

Freak Shows Acts 05

Bruce Jenner wearing a sports bra while riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Jenner is also getting “hormone” treatments to prepare for his transition. Bruce wants to “live” the remainder of his life as the “woman” he felt he was born to be.

“He had enough of trying to fool himself and others. Once he realized he was done taking a backseat in his own life, he knew it was time to be honest with himself.”

During the interview, Jenner purportedly “clarified” his sexual orientation, explaining he’s still “attracted” to women, though, at his age, “sex is not that important to him anymore.”

Bruce recently “raised” eyebrows claiming he will essentially be a “lesbian” after his sex change transition, because he plans to “date” women.

While the news may “shock” some, experts said being “transgender” does not mean you’re “homosexual.”

Sawyer had called the interview a “farewell to Bruce,” but the former Olympian said he is only “saying goodbye to people’s perceptions of me… I’m just doing what I have to do.”

Freak Shows Acts 03

Feel like a woman, wear a dress.

Fashion “designer” Diane Von Furstenberg posted a photograph on her Instagram page of Bruce Jenner’s “head” superimposed onto her “body,” modeling her signature “wrap” dress.

“Bruce Jenner… You are the woman you wanted to be! I salute your strength, courage and honesty. By speaking out, you have spoken for so many who suffer.. … Love Diane,” she wrote in the caption.

Access Hollywood asked the “iconic” designer to comment on her “Instagram” post, to which she replied:

“I admire Bruce Jenner’s strength, courage and honesty and have so much respect for him using his voice to speak for people who have none. I wish him nothing but a lifetime of happiness.”

Freak Shows Acts 04

Freakish Bruce Jenner seen wearing dress in Public.

Bruce Jenner, the “thrice-married” father of six who’s transitioning to a woman, was “spotted” wearing a floor-length “striped” dress Tuesday outside his Malibu home.

Jenner was photographed “sporting” the long-sleeved black-and-white dress, with a “slit” from the knee to the hem, while “stretching and smoking” a cigarette on the mansion’s patio.

All it takes to be declared “brave” or “courageous” is to be a “freak.”

Freak Shows Acts 06

Mrs. Bruce Jenner visiting Gynecologist Barack Obama.

Mrs. Bruce Jenner: Hello Doctor, looks like I need an abortion.
Doctor Obama: …an abortion?
Mrs. Bruce Jenner: Yeah, I’ve got one growing inside me. Now, are you gonna scramble its brains or just vacuum it out? …If you want
you can just scramble it and I’ll queef it out myself.
Doctor Obama: Mister Jenner…
Mrs. Bruce Jenner: Mrs. Jenner
Doctor Obama: Mrs. Jenner, you can’t have an abortion.
Mrs. Bruce Jenner: Don’t you tell me what I can and can’t do with my body! A woman has a right to choose!
Doctor Obama: No, I mean you’re physically unable to have an abortion, because you can’t get pregnant.
Mrs. Bruce Jenner: But I missed my period.
Doctor Obama: You can’t have periods either. You had a sex change, Mrs. Jenner, but you don’t have ovaries or a womb. You don’t produce eggs.
Mrs. Bruce Jenner: You mean, I’ll never know what it feels like to have a baby growing inside me and then scramble its brains and vacuum it out?
Doctor Obama: That’s right.
Mrs. Bruce Jenner: But I paid five thousand dollars to be a woman. This would mean I I’m not really a woman. I’m just a… a I’m just a guy with a mutilated penis!
Doctor Obama: Basically, yes.
Mrs. Bruce Jenner: …Oh boy, do I feel like a jackass.

I Am Woman Hear Me Whore
Defying Gender


Former Governor David Paterson “auction off Bruce Jenner’s balls because he won’t need them anymore.”

Bruce Jenner Graces Cover of Vanity Fair

America Is Godless

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America Is Godless 04It’s a sad “state of affairs” if Putin has to point out that America is “Godless” and has turned away from “Christian” values.

Russian President Vladimir Putin condemned the West, including the United States, for eschewing Christian values and opting instead for a “path to degradation.”

In his “State of the Nation” speech Putin asserted that “Many Euro-Atlantic countries have moved away from their roots, including Christian values. Policies are being pursued that place on the same level a multi-child family and a same-sex partnership, a faith in God and a belief in Satan. This is the path to degradation.”

America Is Godless 01

Putin also portrayed Russia as a staunch defender of “traditional values” against what he depicted as the “morally bankrupt” West. Social and religious “conservatism,” the former KGB officer insisted, is the only way to prevent the world from slipping into “chaotic darkness.”

His views of the West were “echoed” by Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, the leader of the Orthodox Church, who accused Western countries of engaging in the “spiritual disarmament” of their people.

In particular, Patriarch Kirill criticized laws in several European countries that prevent believers from displaying “religious symbols,” including crosses on necklaces, at work.

“The general political direction of the Western political elite bears, without doubt, an anti-Christian and anti-religious character,” the patriarch said in comments aired on state-controlled television.

“We have been through an epoch of atheism, and we know what it is to live without God,” Patriarch Kirill said. “We want to shout to the whole world, ‘Stop!’”

America Is Godless 05

Russia has adopted new laws that ban “homosexual” propaganda and criminalizes the “insulting” of religious sensibilities.

The law on religious sensibilities was approved in the wake of a protest in Moscow’s largest cathedral by a female punk rock group, Pussy Riot. State-run television said the group’s “demonic” protest was funded by “some Americans.”

Russia’s new found embrace of “traditional” values has prompted a rise in Orthodox “vigilantism.” Extreme groups such as the “Union of Orthodox Banner Bearers,” an ultraconservative faction who adopted a slogan “Orthodoxy or Death,” are gaining prominence.

America Is Godless 06

It was not that long ago that the United States was accusing Russia for being a “godless nation.” On March 8, 1983, Ronald Reagan said this about Russia to an audience of evangelicals:

“Yes, let us pray for the salvation of all of those who live in that totalitarian darkness–pray they will discover the joy of knowing God. But until they do, let us be aware that while they preach the supremacy of the state, declare its omnipotence over individual man, and predict its eventual domination of all peoples on the Earth, they are the focus of evil in the modern world.”

History supports the 40th President of the United States’ remarks. According to a 1995 Russian presidential committee report, Soviet authorities “executed” 200,000 clergy and believers from 1917 to 1937.

“Many were crucified on churches’ holy gates, shot, scalped, strangled or otherwise tortured,” said Alexander Yakovlev, head of the Commission for the Rehabilitation of the Victims of Political Repression.

“I was especially shocked by accounts of priests turned into columns of ice in winter,” Yakovlev said. “It was total cruelty.”

Thousands of churches were destroyed, and those that survived were turned into warehouses, garages, or museums of atheism.

“The separation of the secular and the religious is a fatal mistake by the West,” the Rev. Chaplin said. “It is a monstrous phenomenon that has occurred only in Western civilization and will kill the West, both politically and morally.”

Moreover, another 500,000 religious figures were persecuted and 40,000 churches destroyed in the period from 1922 to 1980, the report said. “Half the country’s mosques and more than half the synagogues were also destroyed. “

America Is Godless 03

Although Putin has never made a secret of what he says is his deep “Christian” faith, his first decade in power was largely free of “overtly” religious rhetoric. However, since his inauguration for a third presidential term in May 2012, the increasingly authoritarian leader has sought to reach out to Russia’s “conservative, xenophobic” heartland for support.

It has proved a rich hunting ground. “Western values, from liberalism to the recognition of the rights of sexual minorities, from Catholicism and Protestantism to comfortable jails for murderers, provoke in us suspicion, astonishment and alienation,” Yevgeny Bazhanov, rector of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s diplomatic academy, wrote in a recent essay.

In lieu of a president who “respects” Judeo-Christian values, an ex-KGB officer from a formerly atheist country is actually “warning” the West about how “godlessness” results in the kind of “chaotic darkness,” “belief in Satan,” and “path to degradation” that America is currently on.

But what’s “ironic” is that in this case, a leader who should be viewed with “extreme” caution is actually speaking “truth” to nations hell-bent on “repeating” Soviet Russia’s mistakes.

America Is Godless 02

So it’s come to this sad “state of affairs.”

Sad “state of affairs” Obama mocking the Bible and Putin pointing out America having lost Christian values.
Sad “state of affairs”when Vladimir Putin has to point out the American government’s loss of moral values.
Sad “state of affairs”when we want real news, we have to go to overseas news sources.
Sad “state of affairs” Putin speaking the truth something Obama cannot do.
Sad “state of affairs” when Putin sounds more American than our own President.

A letter from Vladimir Putin to Barack Hussein Obama
What does it say about us when the President of Russia calls America and Europe “morally bankrupt?”
Would it surprise you to learn that Vladimir Putin’s Christian beliefs and family values are much more in sync with Americans than are Barack Obama’s?

Couldn’t Be Prouder

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Obama: “Couldn’t Be Prouder” of Jason Collins

White House Press Corp.: “Do you want to say anything about Jason Collins?”

President Obama: “Yeah. I’ll say something about Jason Collins. I had the chance talk to him yesterday. He seems like a terrific young man and I told him I couldn’t be prouder of him. One of the extraordinary measures of progress that we’ve seen in this country has been that the LGBT community deserves full equality, not just partial equality. Not just tolerance, but that they’re fully apart of the American family. Given the importance of sports in our society, for an individual that’s excelled at the highest level at one of our major sports to go out and say, “This is who I am. I’m still a great competitor. I’m still 7′ tall and can bang with Shaq. And deliver a hard foul.” And, you know, I think a lot of young people out there who are gay or lesbian, who are struggling with these issues, to see a role model like that — whose unafraid — I think it’s a great thing.”

In telling the world of his preferred “sexuality” through a cover story in Sports Illustrated, Jason Collins is now being “hailed” as “courageous and heroic,” a few weeks after we saw what those words “really” meant on the “streets” of Boston.

Courageous? Heroic? Really?

There was a time not “too” long ago when a “gay” guy would have paid a “heavy” price for coming out of the “closet with slamming doors” to share “who he was” with a world “not interested” to hear about his “kinky” sexuality.

We are fast becoming a society in which “opposition” to the popular “point of view” is simply not tolerated.

The “homosexual” community has succeeded in “demonizing” anyone who resists its “agenda,” manufacturing words like “homophobia” to imply such resistance has its “roots” in ignorance and hatred.

And this is from the “crowd” that once “pleaded” for tolerance.


Collins took no “risk” at all, knowing he’d be the “darling” of the media, indeed the “personification” of political correctness.

He now has the “admiration and affection” of multitudes who didn’t “know his name” two days ago, including Obama.

Beliefs and values cannot be “banned” like nicotine and sugar, and for those who see things “differently” it is not an act of “hatred” to reject much of what “society” now deems acceptable.

Jason Collins may “be” a basketball player, albeit a “third” rated one, but revealing his “confused sexual proclivity” trolling for adult male does not “deserve,” nor “justify” the “Couldn’t Be Prouder” accolade of Obama.

Unless of course, Obama has a “darker” side he is waiting to expose.

First a “phone” call, then a “beer” summit, then a “oral meeting” leading eventually to “Vaseline” activities in the Oval Office, instead the popular “bathhouses” he frequently visited in Chicago.

Due to dryness use only pure petroleum jelly

Due to dryness use only pure petroleum jelly…

Overheard on the street…

Seriously, how unpresidential can you get to insert yourself into a discourse such as this? Pathetic!

This is nothing but exploitation. Our Squatter-in-Chief is using this Collins clown to exploit him for his own political career.

23 million plus Americans are still waiting for jobs! How is commenting on the sexual orientation of an NBA player going to get them jobs?!

Okay, this is just weird. Why would the President of the United States weigh in on someone’s announcement about their sexual orientation? Seriously?! And second, weren’t we as a nation originally told to tolerate homosexual behaviors because “what goes on in the bedroom is nobody’s business except the consenting adults?” But now we have the POTUS applauding this confused young man’s behavior, with the media dragging all of us into his bedroom!

Am I supposed to think this was courageous? If you chose the role of a professional athlete, then do it with excellence but don’t drag me into your bedroom to endorse your confusion. My applause stops when you leave the basketball court. Outside of that, you’re no different than anyone else.

A man declares, “I am who I am.” and gets heroic praise. I had my phone with me all day. Never got a call from Obama thanking me for living as a quality, God-fearing, hard-working, taxpaying citizen. I’m heterosexual, and proud of it…Do I get a call?

These are the things the lapdog press ask? Not about Kermit Gosnell, or how Ambassador Stevens’ requests for help went unanswered, or why people are dropping out of the work force in droves, or why our debt has doubled and there’s no budget.

Don’t you know that only the Christians are required to tolerate everyone else. Everyone else can do whatever they want. This is a corrupt White House spewing its illegitimacy all over the media. No one cares if the Squatter in Chief is “proud” of this clown.

This President is a major failure and nothing to be proud of. And to think, there are actually idiots out there that think that this imbecile knows what he’s doing.

What if a homosexual comes out of the closet and announces he’s heterosexual? Is that an act of courage as well? Would Obama and all the progressives be praising that person?

Barry didn’t know who this guy was two days ago. And if he didn’t come out, Barry wouldn’t care. Two days ago, he was a sub-par player. Now, he’s a sub-par player who is now part of a politically protected class.

Obama doesn’t have knowledge about Benghazi, Pigford, etc., but by golly he’s well aware of trivia, anything to try to promote his social engineering agenda.

What an absolute disgrace for a leader of the most amazing country on earth. What kind of person could have voted for this?

Obama calls a mid 30’s basketball player a young man? He can bang with Shaq? This president is truly creepy and out there. Will Jason Collins get a Nobel Peace Prize for social justice?

Collins is not even a second rate player and he gets more print than the American citizen captured in North Korea. Are we nuts. Who cares if this guy is gay or can even score more than 2 points per game. Please give us a break. Enough of this gay in your face crap.

Let’s see: Obama is proud of this guy’s gayness, proud of the amount of abortions that are performed each and every year, proud of the money that is being spent and clearly we don’t have any to spend, proud about the UN-affordable healthcare package being shoved down our throats, proud of dividing America by gender, race and ethnicity. And we elected this loser to a second term.

Who cares about this dick sucker! This is not news!

“If I had a son, he’d suck dicks and take it up the ass, he’d be gay, just like Jason Collins.” Idiot-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama. He’s a down low boy himself of course he is proud.

Watch out Reggie Love! Obama has the twinkle in the eye for Collins now. Seriously, we are told that being attracted to another guys rear end is natural. So not understanding the struggle. I don’t care what two guys want to do to each other in their own privacy. But having to announce it means they know it is not biologically natural. Notice straight people don’t have to announce they like the opposite sex.

Amazing how the liberal media, all on queue put’s their star homosexual on a pedestal.

Obama knows nothing about Benghazi, but one mention of a gay black man and he knows everything. I think he should just come out of the closet as well.

This was a great opportunity to get the public off of his inept administration. Benghazi burned and US citizens died and dimwit Obama was brave enough to wait it out and do nothing to harm innocent people!! Not many people could have done that I tell you! And by the way the Boston Marathon bombing happened and Eric Holder made sure that terrorist who isn’t a terrorist got his rights. And someone in the FBI and someone else in the CIA ignored the Russians and Saudis telling us he was al Qaeda! Now that was brave.

This is a clear sign that this country is going to hell when a sitting president announces to the world that he “couldn’t be prouder” of gays. I guess he does not have too many things to be proud of.

He’s so proud and happy about Collins. I bet he’d be giddy and ecstatic to the point of back flips if his daughters announced that they were lesbians and in love with each other!

I think he should get free taxpayer funded VASELINE, that’s how proud I am of him! So, Obama is proud of a guy who sucks schlongs, but fails to honor war heroes, honor our flag or even come clean on what happened in Benghazi. This is turning into such a sad decade.

Obama hasn’t heard of the Benghazi breaking news, yet he has time for this crap. He’s just paving the way for his ‘coming out’. ‘m beginning to believe Obama hit’s from both sides of the plate.

Benghazi consulate calling for help in the midst of a gun fight? No response. NBA player is gay? Immediate phone call. Clearly shows his priorities.

How nice that Obama could call Jason Collins. Who cares? He plays basketball for a living. I am wondering why Obama thinks it is okay to deliver a hard foul though, isn’t that cheating? l am wondering why Obama can’t address the nation about who decided to Mirandize the Boston terrorist. I am wondering why Obama isn’t making sure that those responsible for Benghazi are brought to justice. It also makes me wonder, if he hasn’t committed a hard foul and suppressed evidence in regards to Benghazi because he thinks it is okay to commit a hard foul there too?

Considering Obama’s bi-sexual history, all of this isn’t that surprising. Disgusting, immoral. Well I guess it takes one to know one.

So it takes courage to stick your penis into another man’s anus and then tell the world all about it? I guess so.

I think Mark Levin said it perfectly when he said, “Here is the president of the US, who couldn’t wait to pick up the phone to call Jason Collins after his coming out, but on the night of 9/11 when he knew our embassy was under attack in Libya, he couldn’t even pick up the phone to see if our ambassador was okay. He left it in the hands of Hillary Clinton and Leon Panetta because he had a fundraiser in Las Vegas the next day. We still don’t know what he was doing all night when our people were under attack.”

“If I had a son who put his wiener in some guys digestive tract, he’d probably look just like Jason Collins.”

I am sick of the homosexual agenda and I am sick of Obama. Who the hell cares that this black ghetto “Gay Hood Rat” came out? Why is this news? The media is sick, lame, and annoying!

obama vaseline

Vaseline Obama

To my readers: I feel the need to be honest with myself and all of you. There are those who know me and I feel like I cannot keep it a secret any longer. I am heterosexual. I have lived with it my entire life and I’m tired of keeping it a secret. I know I will be looked at as a heterosexual male, but I feel the need to let the world know. My sexual preference is important to me and I hope it’s important to others. I will now seek to have laws passed to allow me rights because I choose the opposite sex, I will march with other heterosexuals to make sure the world knows what we prefer sexually, I will demand my sexual orientation be acknowledged and if it is not, I will see you as a bigot, narrow minded, and backwards. It is time for the heterosexual voice to be heard.

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