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Eat, Drink and be Merry

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Eat, Drink and be Merry 01

It’s that time of year again when people “eat, drink and spend money” more than any other “time of the year.”

It’s the time when evils like “exclusion, greed, acquisition, excess, family and unfairness,” all are couched between “Thanksgiving” and observing the birth of “Jesus” which become the order of the “Reason for the Season.”

Eat, Drink and be Merry 02

It has always been the Christians “desire”to counter these “evils” and make everyone feel “guilty” for their so called “blessings” by calling attention to the ongoing plight of “the homeless, the hungry, the poor and the destitute.”

Eat, Drink and be Merry 03

Indeed, when was the “last” time you turned on the local news on “Thanksgiving Day,” without being “bombarded” with images of “starving” masses lined up at a “shelter” for the only meal they’ll “ever” have all year?

Or stories of people “camping” out in tents on the “sidewalks” of businesses in spite of the “cold and lack of sanitary facilities,” all because they have no “job” to go to, no “family” with which to spend “quality” time, but most importantly, no “life” at all?

Eat, Drink and be Merry 04

For years Liberals “blamed” this sad state of affairs “first” on Reagan and then Bush. They “demanded” a government “solution” to this problem these “Christians” caused.

When Obama was “elected,” they finally had the solution they’d been “waiting” for.

Between Obama and a Democratic majority in both House and Senate, they “shoved” Christianity out of the way and set out to “prove” that Government “can and will always do a better job than God!”

Alas, “almost” eight years on, the “poor” are still with us and “life” is worse. It’s getting harder and harder to “convince” people that the long-lasting “consequences” of Reagan/Bush policies are at “fault.”

They’ve even classified “climate change” as the biggest threat to “national and global security.”

After forty-plus years of “warning” Americans that we have “less” than ten years to “save the planet,” we must grudgingly “concede” that we can’t exactly blame people for “reacting” to Christian predictions of “Judgment Day” taking place in 1975, then 1984, then 2000, etc.

Clearly we still need to “work” on our messaging.

In the meantime, “progressive” Liberals decided to put the “burden” back where it belongs, with the “Christians” who always “wanted” it.

It’s time to let them take the “blame” and demand they “solve” these problem, at least until Hillary’s “coronation,” when we’ll have more of the “right” people in charge.

Eat, Drink and be Merry 05

I found a YouTube video by some “guy” no one ever heard of. Someone who would easily be “forgotten” in the ensuing chaos.

Someone who would never get the fifteen minutes of “fame” he hoped to enjoy, because his “obscure” whack jobbery to “scapegoat” an entire Christian movement.

He “ranted” some nonsense about “Christmas” and the color of “Starbucks” cups and voila “The Starbucks Red Cup Kerfuffle” was born.

Thanks to the masses on “social media” already bored with Ben Carson’s “lies” and in desperate need of something “bright and shiny” to distract and ultimately “offend” and fill them with “outrage,” the Red Cup controversy not only went “viral” within hours, but just as “swiftly” developed a consensus of “group-think” guaranteed to “squelch” any threat of “backlash, push back, whiplash, ass whup, or even pussy whup.”

So much “glorious” Christian bashing! Scrolling down Facebook “news” feeds, all I saw was meme after meme after meme “scolding” all of Christianity for having nothing “better to do” with their time than “whine” about a red cup that made no mention of their “Savior.”

Eat, Drink and be Merry 06

Meme after meme after meme “exhorting” Christians to go out and “shelter the homeless, feed the starving, clothe the naked, employ the jobless, adopt the unwanted,” all the things they don’t “want” Government to do because they’ve insisted since time “immemorial” that they can do a “better” job of it.

That “raises” the question then why are the “homeless, starving, naked, jobless, unwanted,” etc. still with us?

Because Christians are too busy “raising” a big unholy stink about the “color” of a coffee cup.

What is it with their “hatred” of color? “I don’t like red cups. I don’t like the black man in the White House. I don’t like the gay rainbow flag.”

Starbucks Red Cup 08

Jesus said “the poor will always be with us.” Now his so-called followers “refuse” to do anything to “help” them, yet they “didn’t” want the Government to help them, “either.”

“Therefore, this season, when you see or read the same stories about the hungry lining up to be fed, the homeless queuing up to be sheltered, the people camping outside the stores hoping a great deal on a piece of merchandise within will make their prolonged suffering, deprivation, and subsequent trampling by like-minded victims of capitalism worth the wait, the trouble, and the money they never had to part with since they never worked for it, because they had no job…blame the Christians.”

And when you sit down this season to “partake” of what others “cannot,” because of Christians, you shouldn’t “feel” guilty.

Eat, Drink and be Merry 07

After all, Christians “brought” society to this, and “only” Government is the people’s “true” salvation.

Snoop Dogg Helps Deliver 1,500 Thanksgiving Turkeys in Inglewood

Hillary Asks Donors for $1

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Hillary Broke 02

In a desperate attempt to engender support for her presidential bid, Hill Clinton “humbly” asks “everyday” Americans to “chip in a buck.”

In an email Clinton writes, “I’m asking you to step up today, give just $1, and become a ‘Launch Donor,’ one of the tough, essential supporters who stood with me from the very beginning.”

Hillary Broke 04

But Clinton says it’s not “about” the dollar.

“It’s not about the money. It’s about knowing that when I step on the stage, you’re with me. You have my back, just like I’ll have yours.”

The ask is a lot “less” expensive than the one Clinton is making of those who want to attend the “fundraiser” with singer Jon Bon Jovi. A ticket to that “event” costs between $1,000-$2,700.

Hillary Broke 03

To be fair, one must consider the “horrible” financial condition she and Bill were in when they “left” the White House. They were dead broke, a poor, homeless couple living on the street.

So, it’s understandable that she might need a little financial “pick-me-up.” I use the term “little” literally.

Hillary Broke 07

This reminds me so much about what people were going through during the “Great Depression” when so many “everyday” Americans had contributed so much to our country, only to find “themselves” at the end of a financial rope.

They were in true “despair” and humiliatingly “desperate.”

Hillary Broke 06

Since Bon Jovi felt it appropriate to perform a fundraiser for her, I thought it appropriate to include a song from the “Great Depression,” a big hit at the time, called “Brother Can You Spare A Dime?”

I know you’ve “heard” it before, but somehow I think it’s “time” to give it a new listen. There are so many “versions,” not all from the past.

Hillary Broke 01

In fact, some are quite “recent,” but I chose this one because those “feelings” are just as real today as they were then. The lyrics are “quite” touching.

Hillary Broke 05

I think our presidential “aspirant” Hill Clinton may have confused “dead broke with morally bankrupt” but that’s a different story.

We must turn once again to “Hollywood” for proper “gold digger” assistance:

Hillary Broke 08

Dead Broke

Swallow “Yes or No”

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Don't Swallow 02

Don’t Swallow.

PETA launched a new “ad campaign” to take down dairy, in a cool, edgy way.

Unfortunately, it was was taken “down” less than 48 hours after it was “put” up.

Why? Because it was weirdly “sexual” suggestive.

Showing a woman with “dairy” products on her face, in a way that they did not “ahem” look like innocent dairy products, the massive billboards featured the words “some bodily fluids are bad for you.”

Get it? Because milk is a “bodily” fluid, and so is “male” ejaculate. Fun. Edgy.

The tagline “hammered” home the sexual reference a bit more, just in case you missed it, reading “Don’t Swallow. Ditch Dairy.”

Obviously, the billboards “ticked” off quite a few people.

After being placed at the “junction” of Meadow Lane and Iremonger Road in Nottingham, the massive “billboard” was removed following “complaints” from Nott’s County Football Club.

Mimi Bekhechi, PETA’s director, said that the billboard was a “cheeky way to alert passersby of the dangers of drinking cow milk.”

Which kind of makes sense, as it’s definitely “cheeky” and attention “grabbing.”

This isn’t the first time PETA has received “complaints” over their advertising techniques.

They’ve been heavily criticized, pretty frequently, for their “sexed” up adverts that have utilized everything from “nude celebs to rape culture” imagery.

Remember the ad showing a women “dying” in a car. Wait, no. It was telling us not to “leave” dogs in cars.

I have to be honest I laughed when I saw the billboard.

It’s funny saying don’t swallow “dairy products” but brand it like they’re talking about don’t swallow “semen.”

Don't Swallow 01

I’ll give credit where credit is “due” and that’s a pretty “suggestive” billboard from the people at PETA. If nothing else I “respect” that they had the “balls” to put the billboard up in the “first” place.

You Must Swallow 01

Craig List Ad: “You Must Swallow.”

“I work in the oilfield, mid 20′s, and have no time to date so I’m looking for a homeless girl that wants a place to stay .

You do not need to work, just cook clean and bedroom fun. I want someone I can chill with, watch movies with, and play PS4 with, gamer girls are a plus.

You go from the streets to a big comfortable bed, hot bubble baths, good food and a person to cuddle with on the couch. I want a girl to take to movies, walks in the park, and to share hot coco with when winter comes.

You must be drug free and willing to stay that way. I have a high sex drive and love to cuddle. If this sounds like something you would be willing to try please send a couple pics to prove you are real and put the word “Home” in the title.

You must swallow. I am real and it has been a little rainy lately, in fact it’s raining right now and all weekend!! Any race is fine under 25 preferred. Any older than that and you’ll come with an attitude and blame me for your situation! Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.”

This is straight up a “steal” for a homeless girl “living” day in and day out in the “rain and snow.” So what if you gotta “swallow.” That’s a small price to pay for getting all those “extra” amenities.

When you think about it, there are a lot of women out there that “strive” for this life. There are still plenty of women who want to just be “trophy” wives that stay at home.

Just keep the “home” in order, keep the “man” happy in the bedroom and they get to live a nice comfortable “cushy” life for free.

You Must Swallow 02

Now, the “moment” you become homeless, you gotta think that “dream” is officially off the table. Who wants you as a “homemaker” when you are “homeless.”

Well this guy is willing to “turn a blind eye” to that. Look past your “homelessness.” Look past your “race.”

All you gotta do is “put” dinner on the table, “fold” the laundry, “swallow” and do not “blame” him for your “homeless” situation.

I’ll “sign up” for that in a “heartbeat.”

Swallow SemenHow many “calories” are in semen? Not enough to use it as an “excuse” not to swallow.

Will Work For Beer

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Will work for Beer 00

A planned “taxpayer-funded” project in Germany to get unemployed “alcoholics and drug addicts” cleaning streets has sparked “controversy” by offering those who take part “beer” as part of their compensation.

The “Pick-up” initiative, planned by charity “Addict Support Essen” to start in mid-June, offers addicts “beer, along with food and medical treatment,” in exchange for working “three to six” hours a day collecting “litter” off streets.

They will also get “pocket money” of €1.25 per hour, similar to the established “one-euro-jobs” which employ “unemployed and homeless” people in Germany for public projects at an hourly rate of €1.

“Pick-up” will be totally “voluntary” and targeted at Essen’s long-term “alcoholics”, many of whom also have “drug” problems and have spent time in “prison,” the charity said in a statement.

Will work for Beer 02

“The aim of the program is not to supply people with beer,” it explained. “For the participants it is about a meaningful daily structure, feeling useful and learning a new way to behave.”

The statement claimed “offering” people beer was a “small part” of the project, merely a “means to an end.”

Addict Support spokesman Bärbel Marrziniak told broadcaster ZDF: “Some of them simply need the bottle of beer to become fit for work. If we didn’t give it to them, they would not turn up in the first place.”

And organizers defended plans to use “free booze” to entice alcoholics into work by saying that for many long-term drinkers “abstinence” is an unrealistic goal.

If the “promise” of free beer “motivates” addicts to work, regain a “daily” routine and accept “medical” care, they said, it is “worthwhile.”

“Addict Support Essen” also argued it was “right and proper” the project be paid for out of “public” funds.

“It is the same with funding for most social programs for disadvantaged and sick people in Germany,” it said in the statement. “It ends up saving money in other areas.”

Will work for Beer 01

Wondering when Barack Obama starts working and stop guzzling beer at every fundraiser around the world.

But some “condemned” the plans as “irresponsible and exploitative.”

“It would be nice if we could give the homeless a bit of their dignity back, when they’re already at rock bottom,” Sabine Zschaler, chairman of charity Homeless Support Ruhr and Lower Rhine, told ZDF.

“But that’s not going to happen if we pay them with beer.”

Zschaler said she “suspected” many participants would “turn” up, do the “minimum” required to get their “bottle of beer” and then leave.

But “Addict Support Essen” is confident the “tactic” will produce results, pointing to a similar “scheme” in Amsterdam which they said was “highly” successful.

“Pick up” claims it will make a difference by “educating” participants on a controlled “approach” to drinking, alongside giving “medical support including immunizations, medicines, vitamin supplements and counseling.”

The scheme’s “one-year” trial is slated to kick off in Essen in mid-June, with a “medical” observer assigned to “evaluate” its effects among participants.

“What will come about at the end of that, we don’t yet know ourselves,” Marrziniak said.

I guess in the end, everyone wins. Alcoholics get their “fix” and Essen gets the “cleanest” streets along the “Ruhr” river .  It’s sort of a “if you can’t beat then, join them” type of deal.

Plus, when the homeless alcoholics “piss and puke” all over the place, they will have the personal responsibility to “clean” it up.

Sure, you could “waste” money trying to “rehab” these people, and maybe “one” will successfully clean up.

But it’s much cheaper “tossing” each participant a “bottle of beer”, handing them a “broom” and getting on with the “pick-up.”

Will work for Beer 03

“Schau mir in die Augen” (Look in my eyes). For many drinkers, looking each other in the eye while making a toast is usual, but far from compulsory, but not so when Germans share a toast.

Superstition tells that if one “knocks” glasses without “complete eye contact”, the hapless drinkers will be “cursed with seven years of bad sex.”

That would explain the “rumors” about Barack and Michelle Obama sleeping in separate bedrooms and leading separate sex lives.

German Beer Culture in 11 Gulps

Sledgehammer Crusade

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Sledgehammer Crusade 01

Hawaii is consistently ranked as one of the states where most Americans want to live. But for many residents, the island life is more “nightmare” than tropical dream.

The high cost of living and lack of affordable housing contributes to Hawaii having one of the highest rates of “homelessness” in the country.

The state government has attempted to address the “crisis” in ways that are sometimes as “creative as they are disturbing.”

Earlier this year, the state legislature voted to establish a program that would pay for a one-way ticket to send homeless residents to the mainland.

The program was dubbed a “return-to-home” program despite the fact that more than half of the homeless population being “lifetime” residents or people who lived in Hawaii a minimum of 20 years.

But that program created by the state’s lawmakers seems downright “compassionate” compared to how one “individual” state lawmaker is addressing the problem.

State Rep. Tom Brower (D.) roams the streets of his district armed with a sledgehammer and smashes any shopping carts he finds that are used by the homeless.

Sledgehammer Crusade 02

If the carts have a “store’s insignia” still on them, Brower “gallantly” returns them to the rightful owner. If, however, he can’t tell where the carts originated from, he swings his “trusty” sledgehammer.

“If I see shopping carts that I can’t identify,” he told the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, “I will destroy them so they can’t be pushed on the streets.”

Before you judge, note that he “kindly” takes out any belongings in the carts and “leaves” them on the ground where he found them.

Brower, according to the Star-Advertiser, is “disgusted” by the city’s chronic homelessness problem and has decided to take a self-proclaimed “tough-guy” crusade approach to solving it.

In addition to his shopping cart “rampage”, he also “rouses” homeless people if he sees them “sleeping” at bus stops during the day.

“If someone is sleeping at night on the bus stop, I don’t do anything,” he told the Star-Advertiser. “But if they are sleeping during the day, I’ll walk up and say, ‘Get your ass moving.’”

The media reports do not explain why Rep. Brower has not yet been “arrested for destroying private property” that he finds in non-public spaces.

Presumably, a “sledgehammer-wielding” homeless man would be thrown in jail for carrying out the same actions.

But apparently the “power and privilege” of being a lawmaker “exempts” Brower from the laws, both natural and civil, that apply to “common citizens.”

We should pray for the homeless men and women in Hawaii. Being without shelter is not only an “indignity and hardship” but compounds just about every other “adversity” that can befall a human being.

However, we should pray even more “intently” for the men and women, like Brower, who are “infected” by hatred for their fellow man. If there is one “affliction” even worse than being “homeless”, it’s living inside the “self-made prison of hate.”

Sledgehammer Crusade 03

The negative “response” to his actions has lead Brower to put away his sledgehammer.

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