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You Are Just Too Stupid

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Senate Democrats Pass "Nuclear Option" On Filibuster Rules

Obama administration officials announced a “two week extension” in the deadline to enroll in “ObamaCare” or face a penalty defined as a tax.

Asked about this “implementation delay” Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) said that there has been “no” delay.

He added that some of the users who experienced “problems with the website early on” needed more time, because “people are not educated about how to use the Internet.”

“There’s no hiccup or delay,” Reid insisted. “We had hundreds of thousands of people who tried to sign up and didn’t get through.”

“There are some people who are not like my grandchildren who can handle everything so easily on the Internet,” Reid continued. “And these people need a little extra time.”

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He added that many people, like a 63-year-old woman who was recently profiled on public radio, are “not educated” on how to interact with “online” tools.

Absent from Harry’s explanation for why “ObamaCare” signups have failed to meet earlier expectations was any mention of the well-documented “failings” of the website.

The White House announced that the open “enrollment period” to sign up for “ObamaCare” would be extended past March 31, hinting that the “grace period” could be as long as six weeks.

Obama Honor System

Honor System: “A system in which people are expected to be honest although they have the opportunity to cheat.”

Consumers can now “apply” for a deadline extension by using the “honor system” the Washington Post reported.

Because “the government will not try to determine whether the person is telling the truth,” consumers will only be required to “mark a box” on the website indicating that they “tried to sign up” before the March 31 deadline.

Harry Reid blames people’s “lack of understanding” on how to use that newfangled contraption called “Internet,” which is like a “series of tubes” or something.

Never mind that young people are signing up at a “fraction of the rate forecasted” by the administration; and they certainly know “how to” use the Internet.

Anyway, the “blame-shifting and reality-denying” of Senator Reid would normally be considered “astounding”, but it’s the kind of thing that we’ve all come to “know and love” from the Democratic Senate.

The “only” people who “don’t” know how to “use” the Internet are the people who “built”

You know you are “desperate” when your only defense for “ObamaCare” is that people don’t know “how to use” the Internet.

Just because this is what Harry Reid looks like “trying to use the internet,” doesn’t mean anyone else is stupid.

We don’t hear any problems from the young people. Of course they understand the Internet, but they’re not signing up. So, what’s the problem?

Young people “don’t want to pay for these old people that don’t know how to run the Internet.”

You Are Just Too Stupid 03

According to the Democrats, it’s always our “fault.” It’s always our “mistakes.” We are always too “stupid.” We are always too “incompetent.”

We are just not “bright” enough to “deal” with these magnificent, “progressive” systems these liberal “morons” design.

I guess Harry is a little more “confused” than we typically give him “credit” for.

Those who were “intelligent” enough to sign up and found their new insurance policies “lacking,” are all just a bunch of liars.

Don’t waste any time trying to read between the lines here. It’s that simple.

Harry Reid and Obama think Americans are “just too stupid to know what’s good for them.”

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Glitch Girls

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Health care gov 01The mysterious “Glitch Girl” has vanished without a “trace” in a shroud of mystery.

I was just “admiring” her over the weekend as I “waited” to sign into the website.

And now “she is gone.”

Fox News:

“She smiles back at countless frustrated Americans as they tried to log on to the ObamaCare website, the picture of youthful health and wholesome trust in her government.

Her long brown locks are pulled back behind her face, as she flashes an alluring grin that some say makes her the “Mona Lisa of health care.” She could be the girl next door, someone you might see in the supermarket. Then again, she might be composite, crafted in Photoshop by a clever graphic artist whose work is already more successful than that of the IT team behind
No one knows.

Several outlets, including, have combed the contact sheets of stock photo agencies, scoured social media and squinted at group shots of Democratic operatives, all to no avail.”

Huffington post:

The woman who has become the face of ObamaCare has completely disappeared.

When, launched on Oct. 1, anyone visiting the website was greeted by the face of an unknown woman. As the Obama administration works to fix the glitches that have plagued the health insurance marketplace’s website, that woman’s picture seems to have been removed.

 Washington Times

Where’s the ObamaCare cover girl? That’s the big mystery heading into Monday, as the now nearly iconic smiling face of the happy ObamaCare enrollee — who later earned the nickname “Glitch Girl” — has disappeared from the website.

In her place stands four generic computerized icon images. The mysterious disappearance occurred sometime on Sunday, Fox News reported.

The four icons display links to four different messages about President Obama’s health care reform. One suggests a telephone call to learn about ObamaCare; another, a letter; a third, a chat with friends; and the fourth, a visit to the website — that last, a bit odd, given users are already on the website.

Members of the media had been searching the identity of the cover girl—  but in vain. And it’s not known why her face has been removed. But it could be because of the vitriol that her image has unleashed from frustrated members of the public who have tried, and failed, to enroll online in ObamaCare.

Fox News reported that blog posts, social media sites and even simple tweeted comments had progressed from mocking to cruelty in tone, pointing anger in some cases at the girl. A sample of the social media posts that have plagued in recent days: “Congrats, vapidly smiling splash page stock photo girl! You’re now the most despised face on planet Earth,” tweeted David Burge, Fox News reported.

Meanwhile, while some have speculated that the girl is not real, but rather a computer-generated face, Richard Olague, spokesman for the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services, says that’s not true.

“The woman featured on the website signed a release for us to use the photo, but to protect her privacy, we will not share her personal or contact info with anyone,” Mr. Olague said, in Fox News.


Health care gov 02


Health care gov 03

I understand that they have found a suitable replacement.

Health care gov 04

I heard she’s moved over on the Sharia version of the website for a couple of days.

Health care gov 05

I have to pay what?

Health care gov 06

Keep trying to call in via your Obama phones.

Health care gov 07

Have patience, the website is temporarily unavailable.

Health care gov 08

The Original “Glitch Girl”.

Health care gov 11

Chief “ObamaCare” himself

Health care gov 12

Missing Glitch Girl found but fired for subordination

Health care gov 10

Health care gov 09

Legal Glitch Has The Potential To Sink ObamaCare

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