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Faith and Courage

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We are barely halfway through 2020. But from when we woke up on January 1 to now, the world has changed dramatically.

Sulemani, Netanyahu, Gantz, Johnson, Putin, Xi, the British royal family, the German far right. Escalation in Syria. Inferno in Australia. In the first months of the year, our world was already rapidly changing. Yet those events seem like distant memories. The world truly changed with the draconian government responses to coronavirus that crippled their own economies—and the rights their citizens thought they had.

But even the ongoing pandemic oppression seems strangely distant. Much more painfully immediate is the outbreak of “protests, rioting, looting, burning, violence and statue toppling” in dozens of American cities and the larger coordinated, sustained, direct attack on American “society, culture and history.” Activists are branding most of America, past and present, as “racist.”

This is obviously not a spontaneous, earnest protest about racial prejudice: “This is an ongoing revolution.” Many different people with different motivations are united in “hatred”, united not in what they want to build, but in what they want to tear down: “the American government and the system of American government itself.”

In fact, they are openly trying to destroy institutions even more foundational than American constitutional government. They are tearing down the principles of individual rights, rule of law, the police, male leadership, even the actual structure of family itself. What they are targeting are the last few remnants of America’s Bible-based heritage: “any lingering recognition of God, favorability toward the Bible, fundamental concepts of right and wrong, individual responsibility, the relationship between male and female, even the existence of male and female.”

It’s July 2020. You live in a “different” world. You can feel the “hate, fear and disgust” across the nation.

The surprising, almost synchronized reaction to this “socialist insurrection” has been journalists, actors, commentators, athletes, professors and even corporations falling all over themselves to show how “anti-racist” they are. Some people have tried to speak out. Within 24 hours or so they are retreating from one fearful, groveling apology to the next. I’m sorry I didn’t realize I was so racist. Some have been fired or silenced. Some have literally knelt before the mob. Most people are looking around and asking, “What in the world has happened?” They don’t understand where it came from, but they are beginning to realize that it is going to touch their cities, their families.

The state of the world gets a lot clearer, and a lot scarier, when you realize where this “raging wrath” comes from. It originates not with one person, one group, one political party, one nation or even one ideology. We are facing a “spirit of hate”, produced by a completely enraged spirit being: “Satan the devil!” (Revelation 12:9, verse12.)

Evil is real, hatred is real, and its spiritual source is very real. And what is coming will be far worse than people have ever imagined.  Satan is real, but so is God. And even as Satan’s tide of hatred rises, you can see God’s intervention. God is using the current president of the United States to fulfill this prophecy! People do not realize just how close the nation is to collapse.

Donald Trump has proved himself willing to take a stand where others have not. It is quite something to behold him resisting these anti-American forces! Think of it! Thousands of powerful politicians, bureaucrats, spymasters, professors, billionaires, media moguls, journalists, influencers and other enemies, foreign and domestic, swaying millions of followers. How could they possibly be held back? Only God could do it, and He does it not only through miracles but also by the hand of one man. Despite Trump’s flaws, there is something about this leader’s character that God is using.

King Jeroboam was flawed. The judge Joshua was flawed. The judge Gideon was flawed. The Prophet Ezekiel was flawed. The Apostle Paul was flawed. So was the Prophet Jonah, who took God’s message into the heart of the cruel Assyrian Empire and also prophesied to Jeroboam that God was with him. But God overcame enormous hostility by the hands of these men.

What quality did God use in these men? Courage. Winston Churchill said, “Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities because it is the quality which guarantees all the others.”

You are flawed. You lack courage. So do we all. But without it, satanic “hatred and violence” will overwhelm you. How can you replace your fear with courage? Believe and fear and obey God. He commands true Christians who are doing His work to “be strong and of good courage” and “be not afraid” (Ezekiel 2-3; Deuteronomy 3). Follow the examples God gives you in the Bible, and trust Him for the courage. Joshua led the Israelites into the Promised Land, and conquering it took six or seven years of fighting one fortified city after another.

“It appears that the Joshua of Moses’s time had one outstanding strength, spiritual courage.” (Joshua 1:5-7) “God was instructing him to use this quality, showing him how much he would need it.” Among those true Christians who have turned away from God, “spiritual courage may be the greatest need. Without it, the other virtues are of little value!” 

Satan is raging. His “spirit of hate” is in the process of literally ending the world as we know it (Ephesians 6:12). And his greatest targets are those who have something to do with God, His work and His message. You will either succumb to him, or you will arm yourself with God’s power and overcome him (verses 13-18).

Joshua said to the Israelites then, and to us today: “Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. Be strong and courageous. This is what the Lord will do to all the enemies you are going to fight.” (Joshua 10:25)

Without God, you are “helpless and hopeless.” But with God, you can be “fearless, brave, solid, courage’s and not afraid.”

Love and Hate Tools

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About two years ago, Claudia von Vacano, executive director of UC Berkeley’s social science D-Lab, had a chat with Brittan Heller, the then-director of technology and society for the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). The topic: “the harassment of Jewish journalists on Twitter.”

Heller wanted to kick the offending trolls off the platform, and Vacano, an expert in digital research, learning, and language acquisition, wanted to develop the tools to do it. Both understood that neither humans nor computers alone were sufficient to root out the offending language.

So, in their shared crusade against “hate” speech and its malign social impacts, a partnership of “love” was born.

Hate speech, the stinking albatross around the neck of social media, has become increasingly linked to violence, even atrocity. Perhaps the most egregious recent example: “Robert Bowers, the accused shooter in the October massacre at Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life Synagogue, was reportedly inflamed by (and shared his own) anti-Semitic tirades on Gab, a platform popular with the Alt-Right.” 

Currently, Google, Facebook and Twitter employ thousands of people to identify and jettison hateful posts. But humans are slow and expensive, and many find the work emotionally taxing—traumatizing, even. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are the obvious solution: “algorithms that can work effectively at both speed and scale.”

Unfortunately, hate speech is as “slippery as it is loathsome.” It doesn’t take a very smart “AI” to recognize an overtly racist or anti-Semitic epithet. But more often than not, today’s hate speech is deeply colloquial, or couched in metaphor or simile. The programs that have been developed to date simply aren’t up to the task.

That’s where Vacano and Heller come in. Under Vacano’s leadership, researchers at D-Lab are working in cooperation with the ADL on a “scalable detection” system—the Online Hate Index (OHI)—to identify hate speech. The tool learns as it goes, combining artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, and good old human brains to winnow through terabytes of online content. Eventually, developers anticipate major social media platforms will use it to recognize and eliminate hate speech rapidly and at scale, accommodating evolutions in both language and culture.

“The tools that were—and are—available are fairly imprecise and blunt,” says Vacano, “mainly involving keyword searches. They don’t reflect the dynamic shifts and changes of hate speech, the world knowledge essential to understanding it. Hate speech purveyors have become very savvy at getting past the current filters—deliberately misspelling words or phrases.” Current keyword algorithms, for example, can be flummoxed by something as simple as substituting a dollar sign ($) for an “S.”

Another strategy used by hate mongers is metaphor: “Shrinky Dinks,” for example, the plastic toys that shrink when baked in an oven, allude to the Jews immolated in the concentration camps of the Third Reich. Such subtle references are hard for current AI to detect, Vacano says.

The OHI intends to address these deficiencies. Already, their work has attracted the attention and financial support of the platforms that are most bedeviled—and that draw the most criticism—for hate-laced content: Twitter, Google, Facebook, and Reddit.

But no matter how well intentioned, any attempt to control speech raises Constitutional issues. And the First Amendment is clear on the matter, says Erwin Chemerinsky, the dean of Berkeley Law.

“First, the First Amendment applies only to the government, not to private entities,” Chemerinsky stated in an email to California. “Second, there is no legal definition of hate speech. Hate speech is protected by the First Amendment.” Unless it directly instigates violence, that is, an exception upheld in the 1942 Supreme Court decision, Chaplinksy v New Hampshire.

In other words, the platforms can decide what goes up on their sites, whether it’s hateful or not. Vacano acknowledges this reality: D-Lab, she says, isn’t trying to determine the legality, or even appropriateness, of moderating hate speech.

These “Artificial Intelligence” tools being developed by “Top Social Scientists Experts” in conjunction with the Anti-Capitalism Defamation League called the “Online Hate Index” will allow Twitter, Facebook, Google and others to prevent any “Hate Speech” from ever appearing on Social Media, thereby keeping the thoughts of the people pure.

These important “AI Tools” are already keeping people from hearing nary a discouraging word about Socialism. However, that exposes them to accusations of being haters themselves. How do they answer that?

Hate, hate me do
it’s hatred you spew
You’ve all come unglued
So ple-e-e-e-e-ase
Hate me do

Hate, hate me do
Your mask is askew
Your real self shines thru
So ple-e-e-e-e-ase
Hate me do

Someone who hates
Someone’s a shrew
Want us not great
Someone like you

Hate, hate me do
The smear’s your go-to
Your cred debts accrue
So ple-e-e-e-e-e-se
Hate me do

Hate, hate me do
Comeuppance is due
No blue wave for you
So ple-e-e-e-e-ase
Hate me do

Whoa, hate me do
Yeah, see you spew
Whoa, come unglued
Whoa, such a shrew
Yeah, hate me do

I guess it is okay to hate if you hate “hate speech” by haters who hate.

The New “D” Flag

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The Confederate Flag 02

As everyone knows by now, the “cleansing” of the South from its “heritage and historical” roots have seen a major “upheaval” in the past weeks thanks to Obama’s “Hope & Change” social justice agenda to bring about “racial” healing to America.

No longer is the “Confederate” flag to be seen or flown anywhere.

Because of the Charleston “shooting,” in which the “historic” Confederate flag had a “major” part in causing, the flag will be made “obsolete” and “banned” forever .

Everything the Confederate flag stood for: “democrats, slavery, hate, racism, homophobia and the eternal plantation,” will now be embodied and replaced in this new, “trendy” flag that represents not only our “modern” times, but the progress to the future of “Next Tuesday.”

The Confederate Flag 03

But do not “fret” over this change, the “symbolism” will still be the same: “democrats, slavery, hate, racism, homophobia and the eternal plantation.”

Here is a suggestion for a “simpler,” new flag to help “indoctrinate” the proles to the new “image” of the South, something they can “easily” get their little consciousness “minds”around.

The Confederate Flag 04

How about just a simple “white” bed sheet to wave. This will help them to easier accept the “defeat” if they are accustomed to “waving” this flag.

I would have suggested a “black” flag because some may think a “white” sheet can be racist but it is the perfect “epitaph” symbol for them. Also we wouldn’t want our brothers, the “ISIS” freedom fighters, to think we are copying them.

This new “D” flag isn’t so much about “defeating” Republicans, since that job has already been “delegated” to American Pravda (AP) and such clever photographers that can actually make a “gun point itself” at one of the many Republicans candidates as a way of “convincing” us all that guns need to be “banned.”

The Confederate Flag 05

The new “D” flag will remind the young “lo-fos” which Party is cooler and trendier.

What would you rather have “tattooed” to your forehead for the next 80 years, an old, worn out “Confederate” flag that still has the colors of “red, white and blue,” or a cool-looking trendy circle with a big blue “D” for “Dummy, Delinquent, Delusional, Dunce and Dipstick” in the center of it?

I think the answer is obvious. The new “D” flag isn’t about “surrender;” it’s about making more “slaves.”

Guns for Liberals

Qur’an Burning

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Qu'ran Burning 00

Immediately following her Interview, in which Miley Cyrus confessed to being “the least judgmental person in the world” and “understanding and accepting of everyone,” she started her next show by setting a “Qur’an” on fire.

In an opening act for her recent concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Cyrus walked out onto the stage and held the Qur’an out to the crowd saying, “Here is a tribute to all you Allah-lovers out there.”

Slut Whore Both 01

She then set the pages on fire and yelled “Hillary ’16!” before dropping the book to the ground. As the music started, Cyrus “stuck” out her tongue while “squatting” over the burning Qur’an and “performing” a sexually “provocative” dance with repetitive thrusting hip movements, called “twerking.”

Girls for Sale. The buyers are rich Sheiks.

A few moments later the stage went “dark,” lit up only by two large “red inverted crosses,” usually associated with “satanic” worship. Cyrus began to dance around a large “phallic” object, while removing parts of her clothing.


At that point about “one fifth” of her audience got up and “left” the concert, telling MTV reporters in the lobby that the display was extremely “offensive” and they didn’t feel “comfortable” remaining in that environment.

After the concert, Cyrus told the journalists that her actions were meant to raise “awareness and understanding” of the downtrodden segments of our society.

Sociology of Miley Cyrus 01

“Being a role model for millions of people, I know no better way to express the massive amount of love I have for the world, and if some crybabies are upset about it, they’re idiots and I hope they die,” Cyrus said before “sticking” up her middle finger and suggestively “spreading” her legs for the cameras.

President Obama and liberal members of the media called the concert an “act of bravery,” describing Cyrus’s artistic performance as “by far the greatest example of a new, enlightened culture, unhindered by the ancient rulebook that promotes bigotry, fear, and hate.”

A “conservative” reviewer who happened to be at the concert referred to it as “trash not fit for viewing.”

Qu'ran Burning 03

Cyrus responded to this single “critical” review by complaining about the ongoing massive “oppression” of dissent on the part of “religious” conservatives, noting that “That’s exactly what I’m talking about when I say that Muslims are intolerant of opinions expressed by their betters. If those Allah-lovers were upset about what I did last night, just wait until they see what I have planned for my next show.”

Sexually, Cyrus said she is “down with” anything. She views her “sexuality” and even her “gender identity” as fluid.


“I am literally open to every single thing that is consenting and doesn’t involve an animal and everyone is of age. Everything that’s legal, I’m down with. Yo, I’m down with any adult — anyone over the age of 18 who is down to love me,” she said.

“I don’t relate to being boy or girl, and I don’t have to have my partner relate to boy or girl.”


One has to feel bad for the “obese” pig she is choking. It appears to be in a state of “distress,” unusually “swollen,” lacking “oxygen,” and in need of a “bath.”

Obama Outhouse

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Obama Outhouse 03

The U.S. Department of Justice is “investigating” a float that appeared at the annual Fourth of July parade in the small town of Norfolk, Neb. because the float featured a blue flatbed truck carrying a “zombie-looking” mannequin in overalls on the door of an outhouse labeled “Obama Presidential Library.”

The Justice Department sent a member of its Community Relations Service team to Norfolk (pronounced “Norfork” by many locals), reports the Omaha World-Herald.

The Community Relations Service team investigates “disputes” concerning discrimination.

The Justice Department bureaucrat attended a meeting on Thursday about the float fracas. Also in attendance at the meeting were representatives of the NAACP, the town mayor and members of “The Independent Order of Odd Fellows,” the group that organizes the yearly parade.

The float, which “depicted” Barack Obama’s Presidential Library as an “outhouse,” along with a zombie-type character is getting cries of “racism and hate” from the news media.

Dale Remmich, a veteran and the creator of the float, said that he made the float in response to the VA scandal, and that the overalls-clad mannequin in front of the outhouse represented himself — “not President Barack Obama.”

The point he was trying to make concerned his “frustration” with Obama’s “mismanagement” of the Veterans Affairs Department.

“The float was political satire and an expression of political disgust,” Remmich said. “There was no racism involved, no hate for anyone.”

Obama Outhouse 01

The kerfuffle began after parade attendee Glory Kathurima, a native of Kenya, became deeply unhappy about the float. “I’m angry and I’m scared,” she told a reporter from the Lincoln Journal Star. “This float was not just political; this was absolutely a racial statement.”

It’s not clear if Kathurima has seen a Nov. 29, 2006 political cartoon by famed Atlanta Journal-Constitution cartoonist Mike Luckovich which shows a “ratty outhouse” with a wooden sign out front emblazoned with the words “Bush Presidential Library.”

Obama Outhouse 00

Parade committee member Rick Konopasek said the Odd Fellows only “prohibit” floats with “morally” objectionable content — like, say, “nudity or sexually” explicit words.

“We don’t feel its right to tell someone what they can and can’t express,” Konopasek told the Journal Star. “This was political satire. If we start saying no to certain floats, we might as well not have a parade at all.”

The parade committeeman noted that the float was a “huge hit” with most people who watched it proceed slowly by. It even won an “honorable” mention in the “awards” ceremony.

Betty C. Andrews, who presides over NAACP branches in Nebraska and Iowa, said she was “baffled” that Remmich, the float creator, could have been attempting to “represent” himself on his own float.

“Looking at the float, that message absolutely did not come through,” she told the World-Herald.

The Nebraska Democratic Party, issued a statement, calling it one of the “worst shows of racism and disrespect for the office of the presidency that Nebraska has ever seen.”

There really seems to be “nothing” the main stream media “enjoys” more than “criticizing” conservatives, even when it “exposes” their own bias.

The Huffington Post, ABC News, The Washington Post, and CBS News all ran stories using “essentially” the same quotes about “racism” and how “offensive” the float was.

Of course, it was “totally” okay when the same “joke”was made about President George W. Bush in 2006.

Obama Outhouse 02

Regardless of “opinions” on the either the Bush or Obama administrations, we must begin to hold the media “accountable” for its “double” standard.

It seems, according to them, that it is totally okay to “depict” a Presidential Library as an outhouse, or burn him in effigy… if it is a Republican.

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