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The two most powerful Catholics in the world just discussed two of the most dangerous issues in the world. These issues are dangerous because they are being exploited by powerful people.

Joe Biden visited Pope Francis at the Vatican on October 29. We don’t know exactly what was said; even before the two greeted each other, the Vatican ordered all cameras turned off. But it has emerged that they discussed two issues that elites have exploited more than any other: the climate and covid-19.

Biden and those behind him, including Barack Obama, are already trillions of dollars deep into leveraging these concerns to fundamentally transform the United States. Their infamous Build Back Better plan spends $555 billion on new grants and loans to entice or force businesses and consumers to switch to energy technologies like wind and solar power. This is the most significant climate bill in history, so Biden is eager to use it to bolster his status at the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland. He, Obama, Prince Charles, activist Greta Thunberg and roughly 25,000 other attendees are being hosted by the United Kingdom and Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Read more at “Blackout: Your Energy Supplies and Your Rights Are Fading Fast”


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A staunch “Green New Deal” advocate got caught “de-boarding” a private jet, and when she noticed she was being filmed, she tried to hide behind staffers in front of her. Yes, the “honest,” the one who never lies, “Fauxcahontas” Elizabeth Warren was the presidential candidate who was caught.

“Liawatha” Elizabeth Warren is a massive “fraud” and unrepentant “liar.” We don’t even know who this woman is because she “lies” constantly. She’s spent the better part of her life trying to pass herself off as a “Native American” and milking the educational and political system as a result.

She “lied” with a forked tongue passing herself off as a “Native American” and milking the system as a result.
She “lied” with a forked tongue about her Dad’s job. He wasn’t a “Janitor” but she prefers saying that over “Maintenance Manager” because it sounds more “lowly.”
She “lied” with a forked tongue about sending her kids to “private school.”
She “lied” with a forked tongue that she was fired after her “first year of teaching” because she was visibly pregnant.
She “lied” with a forked tongue about being the first “woman of color” to be given tenure at Harvard claiming minority status.
She “lied” with a forked tongue repeatedly invoking tales of her family’s “economic struggles” growing up.
She “lied” with a forked tongue saying the hard truth about our “criminal justice system”  being racist.
She “lied” with a forked tongue claiming a DNA test revealed she was “1/1024th Native American.
She “lied” with a forked tongue contributing recipes to the “Pow Wow Chow” cookbook she plagiarized.
She “lied” with a forked tongue declaring that her family had “high cheekbones” like all the Indians do.
She “lied” with a forked tongue claimed her mother/father “elope” due to her Indian heritage.
She “lied” with a forked tongue taking “bipartisan” credit for bills she voted against.
She “lied” with a forked tongue about being the first “nursing mother” to take the bar exam in NJ.
She “lied” with a forked tongue about being a “single mom” when she met her husband while not yet being divorced.
She “lied” with a forked tongue about the death of “Michael Brown” which was not a murder.
She “lied” with a forked tongue saying she doesn’t call “Trump names” and scant 20 seconds later he is a thin-skinned, racist bully.
She “lied” with a forked tongue claimed she saw “cages of babies” at the US southern border.
She “lied” with a forked tongue exaggerating her account of being “sexually harassed” at Harvard. 

Everything about Liz Warren is trapped in a “web of a lies.” Even her so-called “climate change” crusade. She claims to be a “warrior” for Mother Earth, saying “Life on Earth is at risk because of CO2 emissions” but is she really?

“Apparently not a risk enough for her to give up the convenience of flying on fancy, gas-guzzling, carbon spewing private jets and then hiding behind staffers when you get caught.”

“Here’s Green New Deal advocate Elizabeth Warren de-boarding her private jet. When she releases she’s being filmed, she tries hiding behind her staffer. She spent $720,500 on private jets last quarter. How much more of a fraud can Elizabeth Warren be?” — Charlie Kirk (@charliekirk11) February 5, 2020

I guess “Fauxcahontas” Warren thinks we’re all stupid. She does what all “liars” do, they instinctively “hide.” They don’t even realize they’re doing it…it’s involuntary.

Greta “How Dare You” Thunberg is not happy about this…

In a sane world, “Chief Spreading Bull” Warren would be a “laughingstock” at best and a “social pariah” at worst. But in the “party of liars” she is a leading presidential candidate, and conservatives are left with the “nauseating” task of taking her seriously, since the media have no intention of doing any such thing.

Elizabeth Warren’s Lies

Three Lemon Stooges

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CNN’s three “lemons” don’t  think very highly of Trump “voters.”

Eighty seconds. That’s how long it took for the “Clown News Network” (CNN) panel to show just what they think of President Donald Trump’s supporters.

CNN anchor Don Lemon, frequent CNN guest Rick Wilson and New York Times op-ed writer Wajahat Ali, who is also a CNN contributor, rolled out nearly every possible “stereotype” about Republican voters.

While this reprehensible segment of CNN’s three smirking “high schoolers” aired, Rick Wilson got the party rolling by saying that “Donald Trump couldn’t find Ukraine on a map if you had the letter ‘U’ and a picture of an actual, physical crane next to it” which sent Lemon into a “hysterical” uncontrollable “fit of giggling.”

They were just getting started.

Wilson went on to smugly remark that “the credulous boomer rube demo that backs Donald Trump, the ones that think that” while breaking out into a Southern accent “Donald Trump’s the smart one, and there all y’all, y’all elitists are duuuumb.”

Ali chimed in: “You elitists, with your geography and your maps and your spelling.” At this point, Lemon was laughing so hard that he pulled out a handkerchief to wipe away his “liberal tears of giddiness.”

Wilson, still in a faux southern accent, added: “Your math and your readin!’”

“Yeah, your readin’, your geography, knowing other countries, sipping your latte,” quipped Muslim Ali.

“All those lines on the map,” said Wilson, continuing to use the fake accent.

“Only them elitists know where Ukraine is,” Ali shot back, before seeming to half-realize that the panel had gone too far. “Sorry, I apologize,” he said with a smile.

Lemon, meanwhile, was still laughing “hysterically”, only managing to say: “Oh my gosh!” in between cackles.

The anchor finally, slowly, regained his “composure”, but not before extending his gratitude for the sneers: “Rick, that was a good one, I needed that.” 

“I just wanted to extend an olive branch by offering the Trump campaign this free footage of a progressive elite mocking the commoners,” Lemon said. “Since we at CNN spend most of our time trying to help out Democrats and parroting progressive talking points, it’s only fair that we even the odds by offering Trump free ammunition to ensure his reelection.”

Lemon has also offered to send the Trump campaign “complimentary” footage of himself and the other CNN lemons “whacking” Trump supporters using “wet pool noodles.”

Just another contribution to a future RNC commercial…

The arrogance, the dismissiveness, the smug cackling, the accents didn’t went unnoticed.

“If Donald Trump wins re-election this year, I’ll remember this brief CNN segment late one Saturday night in January as the perfect encapsulation for why it happened.” — Steve Krakauer (@SteveKrak) January 28, 2020

According to the Twitter news editors, the story here is that Trump attacks Don Lemon.

In other news, Greta will become a leading “GOP” defender in 2020.

What that CNN clip of Don Lemon, Rick Wilson, and Wajahat Ali tells us about the election ahead
When it comes to the self-styled Democrat ‘elite,’ they hate you, they really hate you
Trump makes lemonade out of Lemon’s stupid remarks

Greta Inc.

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How does a 17-year-old girl “bewitch” the world? The answer: “She doesn’t — at least not alone.” 

Greta Thunberg’s meteoric rise to “climate warrior” over the course of several months did not happen by accident.

Her canonization as a global “climate saint” was coordinated and executed by a cabal of left-wing “eco-elites”  including her parents and their famous friends.

But no-one has bothered to dig deep into Greta’s background… Until now. Rebel News dispatched me to Stockholm, Sweden, to peel back the green curtain and to expose the truth and outright hypocrisy behind Greta’s “school strike” climate movement.

I flew to Stockholm, Sweden, to watch Greta’s so-called “school strikes” for myself, because I don’t trust the mainstream media narrative that she is the guardian of her own agenda.

But within minutes of appearing at one of Greta’s marches, as I tried to ask her some questions about her protest movement, I was punched in the gut and shoved away by a plain-clothed security guard, in fact, two of them threatened me and told me to “fuck off!”

At that moment, I knew I was on to something…

Greta Inc. is the first behind-the-scenes exposé of Greta’s story — if you can believe it! And Rebel News is the only media organization to effectively challenge Greta and put difficult questions to her face-to-face.

Swedish “climate saint” Greta Thunberg held a press conference in Davos, Switzerland, and complained the climate movement’s demands on fossil fuel divestment have been “completely ignored” by attendees at the World Economic Forum.

Asked for her impressions of the event, a clearly underwhelmed Thunberg was to the point, saying  “We had a few demands coming into the World Economic Forum. Of course these demands have been completely ignored. We expected nothing less.”

She cautioned that while world does not treat, “this crisis as a crisis, and as long as the facts are ignored, we will not solve this crisis. As long as the science is being ignored, and as long as the facts are not being taken into account, leaders can continue to ignore the situation,” Thunberg continued.

The 17-year-old spoke alongside fellow youth climate activists from the Fridays For Future campaign. They were Vanessa Nakate from Uganda, Loukina Tille from Switzerland, Luisa Neubauer from Germany and Isabelle Axelsson from Sweden:

Thunberg was asked specifically about India and its response to her climate entreaties: “My message to India is the same as to every other country. We need to listen to the science, and we need to treat this crisis as the crisis it is.” she replied.

Thunberg also turned her attention to U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin who took time Thursday to advise her to attend college and study economics before telling others how to manage the planet’s resources.

Asked about Mnuchin’s comments, the Greta said: “Of course it has no effect. We are being criticized like that all the time. If we cared about that, we would not be able to do what we do. We put ourselves in the spotlight.”

At the end of the press conference, Thunberg and her fellow activists marched through Davos to conduct their regular “School Strike” for the climate.

How Dare You: Greta Scolds Davos, Says Climate Demands ‘Completely Ignored’
Why Isn’t Greta Sailing To China To Whine At President Xi?

UN COP24 Conference

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Swedish teenage “climate activist” Greta Thunberg sported her infamous “Trump death stare” as she joined protesters in Madrid following a UN climate summit where she told world leaders her movement is “getting bigger and louder.”

Greta Thunberg sports her infamous Trump death stare.

The 16-year-old “school dropout” pictured with other young people clutching her famed “school strike for climate” banner in the Spanish capital was demanding further action.

“We no longer have time to leave out the science, accusing world leader of clever accounting and creative PR to avoid action on the climate crisis. The world’s rapidly declining carbon budgets would be gone within eight years based on current emission levels.  How do you respond to the fact that basically nothing is being done about this without feeling the slightest bit of anger? And how do you communicate this without sounding alarmist? I would really like to know,” she lectured the global audience.

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and US Senator Sheldon Whitehouse gave a press conference during the UN Climate Change Conference COP25 at the “IFEMA – Feria de Madrid” exhibition center after the event’s original host Chile withdrew last month due to “deadly riots” over economic inequality.

Canadian Journalist Sheila Gunn Reid and Keean Bexte at “Rebel News” were also in Madrid for the purpose to expose the “hypocrisy on display” at this year’s “UN COP24 Conference.”

Bureaucrats, politicians, and 16-year-old climate “alarmist” Greta Thunberg were “reminding” everyone that the world is only “eight” years away from a “climate change” driven catastrophe.

But unlike the mainstream media reporters inside this “cacophony of climate craziness” Sheila and Keean were covering the conference by telling the “other side of the story!”

At the UN Climate Change Conference in Madrid, the delegates are being kept safe and sound behind a huge fence topped with barbed wire”…

We asked attendees at the UN Climate Change Conference in Madrid for their opinions about “garbage littering” and “single use plastics” before telling them that it was Greta’s “mess” they’re looking at.

It’s so important to take a “good look around” at the UN Climate Change Conference in Madrid because you’ll never know what you might “just come across.”

Canadian “anti-oil activists” are busy making their mark in Madrid by fighting against “indigenous” jobs as part of their protest to stop a “Fort McMurray” oil sand mine.

For the climate “crusaders” who are attending the UN Climate Change Conference in Madrid, parking is a “luxury”, not because it is in “short supply”, but because the lots are full of “gas guzzling” vehicles. Well, apart from “one” parking lot: “the one for electric vehicles, that one is almost completely empty!”

It’s our third day on the ground here in Madrid at the UN Climate Change Conference and some things “never” change like “litterbugs and trash” everywhere.

We also learned at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Madrid, that population control is “one way to save the planet!”

Keean Bexte and I visited “pollution pods”, an interactive pollution experience meant to replicate the air quality in some of the world’s dirtiest cities like “London, São Paulo, New Delhi and Beijing.”

It’s the second day of our visit to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Madrid and things are getting “weird.”

Marc Morano of “Climate Depot” is a frequent Rebel News guest and a fellow locked-out traveler. I caught up with him Madrid.

The conference centre that houses the UN climate change conference this year in Madrid is enormous.”

“Hypocrisy” is the theme of the UN Climate Change Conference here in Madrid.

The “Green Zone” is where locals and Climate Alarmists from around the world meet. It’s effectively a climate change trade show.

At the UN Climate Change Conference in Madrid, the delegates are being kept safe and sound behind a huge fence topped with barbed wire.”

Tracking down Greta Thunberg and covering her “climate rally” in Edmonton was one of our biggest “video hit” of the year!

Why? Because ordinary people are tired of being lectured to by the left-wing, “Eco-radical” elites of the United Nations. They are desperate for the “other sideof the story, the side of the “minivan-driving hockey mom, oil patch dad and hard-working roughneck.”

And since our journalistic mission at “Rebel News” is to go beyond the mainstream media narrative, we’ve made it a priority to cover the big UN climate change conferences in Morocco, Germany, and Poland.

We have to personally “scrutinize” the politicians, unelected bureaucrats and international elites who are making our lives more “expensive” by the day, because if not, who else will?

This time, the conference was in Madrid and instead of going with a cameraman, I was going with my friend Keean Bexte. After all, two trouble making “Rebels” are always better than one, and Keean is not afraid to speak “truth” to power!

Keean and I are self-contained, we do most of our work in the field with our cell phones. We’re sick and tired of being lectured to by a “stroppy” teenager and her “adult” enablers at the United Nations.

 “How Dare You” Greta, how dare you have the audacity to order us and our fellow conservatives when you are not even practicing what you preach!

Greta Thunberg sports her infamous Trump death stare
Pelosi: We’re Still in to Fight Global Warming

Bloodthirsty Greta

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Greta Thunberg starts to sound Bloodthirsty
By Monica Showalter

Time magazine’s “Person of the Year” is starting to sound a little bloodthirsty.

The Swedish “green teen” activist Greta Thunberg told cheering protesters “we will make sure we put world leaders against the wall” if they fail to take urgent action on “climate change” while addressing the crowd at “Fridays for Future” protest in Turin, Italy.

Comrade Greta is proposing a final solution to the deniers of the settled science of GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE!

She arrived there from Madrid where she had been attending the “UN Climate Summit” but said she feared the event would not lead to change.

Against the wall?  It’s kind of in line with Bernie Sanders’s vow to put “bankers in jail,” except that it sounds more like something a “totalitarian fanatic” like Hitler or Lenin or Castro would say.

“Line ‘em up and shoot ’em” if they don’t do what young Greta says? No disagreement, no civil discourse, no talking things out, no selling the idea? Just “kill” the dissenters, who, by the way, were democratically elected? Problem solved.

And you can bet the next thing that rolls out of her mouth will be even more “bloodthirsty.” Pol Pot, call your office.

This poor wretched person is getting worse and worse the more famous she gets. For a while there, she was adamantly calling for “action” as if no facts other than her own existed. Go “green” or I will hold my breath and turn “blue!” She’s since swung to “Marxism”, as we noted here, coming off as a new re-embodiment of “Children of the Corn.”

Now she’s calling for the most logical and there-like-clockwork extension of Marxism, which is “mass killings” of democratically elected leaders. That’s what Marxists do. That’s what all totalitarians do. This suggests more than ever that she’s one “manipulated” young person in the throes of some kind of totalitarian “death” cult.

Totalitarians have always found the “bloodthirstiness” of youth a useful thing, whether it was “Che Guevara’s killing minions, FARC’s targeting of children as the best child narco-terrorist soldiers, MS-13’s recruitment of 14-year-olds as gang members, or the Hitler Youth.”

Kids make the best fanatics, the best killers, the best hysterics, and in Greta’s case, the shadowy “green lobby” financing her has hit pay dirt. But now it looks as though they’ve “unleashed” a Frankenstein’s “monster” who will stop at nothing until “destruction” is achieved. Everyone knows that youths are easily manipulated into “Lord of the Flies” behavior if sufficiently “deracinated” of any values.

Here’s how the Soviets did it:

Children in the Soviet Union held a special place in the hearts of citizens and the Party. They represented not only the innocence of youth, but also the promise of the socialist future; in order for the international Marxist Revolution to succeed, the youth had to be treated well and educated politically. Communist authorities took many routes to achieve this goal. Primarily, the Communist Party fostered a cult of childhood, much like Stalin’s cult of personality, which idealized Soviet childhood. The Communist Party formalized this cult through youth organizations such as the Komsomol, Young Pioneers, and Little Octobrists.

Long Live Young Pioneers, the worthy replacements for the Leninist-Stalinist Komsomol (Source: New Gallery. 2000.)

Much as Lenin did in his 1920 speech to the Komsomol, this cult relied on a juxtaposition between “true” Communist children and everyone else. By institutionalizing this reverence for childhood, the Communist Party isolated those children who did not join such groups, and were in fact able to create a radical other, or class enemy, before citizens even entered the workforce. The force of this institutionalization was seen most strongly in the formative years of the Soviet Union, and was perfected under Stalin. The effect these groups had is undeniable; the Communists created secondary communities for children to align themselves with. Rather than attach themselves most strongly to their families, Soviet children were taught to prioritize Communism above all, and these youth organizations provided the very first encounters with socialism. This had the significant effect of diminishing the role of the family structure, and these groups became the primary outlet for self-expression among Soviet children. To carry the identity card of the Komsomol was to declare oneself a loyal Communist.

The left has attempted to compare her to “Joan of Arc” and the “Virgin Mary,” leading the charge for global warming and a full government takeover, but this sounds more like one of the crazy “evil” children of Soviet lore, an “evil” little Pavel Morozov lionized for “snitching” on his parents to the state, getting them and himself killed. In the end, he became a Soviet saint, a lesson on a statue pedestal to all other Soviet children to put nothing before the Communist Party, nothing, not even the lives of your parents.

As the late, great Eric Hoffer used to say: “Add a few drops of venom to a half truth and you have an absolute truth.”

This Greta “bloodthirstiness” is starting to get creepy.

Hypocrite of the Year

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It is with “sarcastic” pleasure that I share the “ridiculous” news that Greta Thunberg has been “chosen” by the Global socialists the “Hypocrite of the Year.”

Greta’s nomination made “evil” Orange Man mad, as he viciously attacked the teenager with this murderous tweet, intending to kill: “So ridiculous. Greta must work on her Anger Management problem, then go to a good old fashioned movie with a friend! Chill Greta, Chill!”

Greta’s handlers quickly edited her Twitter profile to say, “A teenager working on her anger management problem. Currently chilling and watching a good old fashioned movie with a friend.”

Guess which “friend” took Greta to a good “old fashioned movie” to chill.

Obviously, to be named “Hypocrite of the Year” Greta Thunberg needed to pass Hypocrite Uncle Joe’s “smell and fondling test,” or at least that’s what “Creepy Joe” wanted her to believe.

In addition to altering our “behavior” to save the planet, we must also alter the “history of art” and stop pandering to the “sexist and unrealistic body” images of women and girls.

Working on Anger Management problems.

I submit an example of such “corrected and improved” piece of art. Do not be fooled by appearances. Just because Greta appears to be a teenage “dropout” with no life experience who’s trotted out to spout “Marxist” talking points to world leaders who already “believe” them, doesn’t mean she isn’t.


With the dominant “ideology” being global socialism, Greta is being taught to be a global socialist, and to shout “How Dare You!” at anyone perceived as the enemy of that “Climate Change” doctrine.

If the dominant ideology were “National Socialism” (Nazi), Greta would’ve been taught to be a “National Socialist” and then she’d shout “How Dare You!” at anyone perceived as the enemy of the “Nazi” doctrine.

The Fate of Secular Saint Greta Thunberg

You and Me, we’re a Team

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Need a little “Climate Change” inspiration to get you through the day?

I have just the perfect “heartwarming” story for you.

Last year, Greta Thunberg started sitting outside of her country’s parliament in Stockholm with a sign reading: “School Strike for Climate.”

Today, that “humble” beginning has transformed into a “global movement” of millions of young people organized to “combat” climate change and “promote” clean energy.

During her recent visit to Washington, DC, Swedish “teen climate activist” Greta was “hailed” by Barack Obama as “one of our planet’s greatest advocates.”

When the two met prior to her speech before Congress, the former president assured her of his own “environmental” bona fides with this: “You and me, we’re a team.” 

“No one is too small to have an impact,” said Obama. “That’s the power of young people, unafraid to believe that change is possible and willing to challenge conventional wisdom, Greta and her generation are making their voices heard, even at a young age. That’s what’s possible when we let young people lead the way.”

And that’s an example of the idea behind the Obama Foundation: “If we foster the next generation of leaders with the tools, resources, and connections they’ll need down the road, then they’ll handle the rest.”

Greta’s a teenager, but at just 16 years old, she “embodies” why Michelle and I started the “Obama Foundation” in the first place.

To demonstrate her “passionate” commitment to reducing “fossil fuel” emissions, Greta traveled from Sweden to the U.S. by a “solar” powered yacht, rather than a “gas guzzling” private jet, the most “planet destructive” mode of transportation.

Her “carbon-free” trip to America was largely a “symbolic” gesture, but there’s no doubt she’s a “true” believer in the hotly disputed theory that “fossil fuels” are destroying the planet.

If Greta thinks Barry is on her team, she’s one of the most “gullible and uninformed” 16-year-olds in the world. Since she apparently knows little about Obama’s “carbon” consumptive living.

According to TIME, following are a few of the “lifestyle choices” Obama made in the first five months after leaving the White House in January 2017, each of which speaks “volumes” about how seriously he takes his own “feigned” call for “each and every one of us” to make drastic cutbacks in the use of “fossil fuels.”

  • He bought an 8,200 sq. ft., 9-bedroom, fully air-conditioned mansion in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the nation’s capitol.
  • The day he left office, he flew 2,200 miles in a near-empty U.S. government Boeing 747 all the way across the continent to Palm Springs, California for his first post-presidency vacation.
  • After relaxing at an 11,000 sq. ft. fully air-conditioned villa at the exclusive Thunderbird Heights Resort in nearby Rancho Mirage, he flew 3,300 miles, by private jet, all the way back across the continent to the Caribbean, where he vacationed with Richard Branson at his $48,000 per night, fully air-conditioned luxury villa on Branson’s private island.
  • After departing his vacation with Branson by private jet, he took another private jet to fly 6,000 miles for some much needed R & R at the late Marlon Brando’s fully air-conditioned French Polynesian hideaway in Tahiti.
  • Next, he took another private jet for a 2,700-mile trip to Hawaii, where he golfed for several days before taking yet another private jet for the 4,800-mile return trip to his 8,200 sq. ft. fully air-conditioned mansion.
  • In February, he twice traveled from DC to New York, both times by private jet, the first to take in a play on Broadway, the other to rub shoulders over dinner with U2’s Bono.
  • In early May, he private-jetted from DC to Milan, Italy, a round trip of 8,200 miles, where a caravan of 14 carbon-powered SUV’s took him to give a paid speech about — sit down for this — humans dumping too much CO2 in the atmosphere.
  • While in Milan, he stayed for two days at the 2,000 sq. ft., fully air-conditioned, $9,500 per night presidential suite at the ultra exclusive Park Hyatt Milan.
  • Next, he took a private jet, from Milan to Tuscany, where he stayed at Borgo Finocchieto, a fully air-conditioned manor house that once was home to 21 families before being turned into an ultra-luxurious vacation villa for the rich and famous.
  • Having left a feather-light carbon footprint in Italy, the former president returned, by private jet, to his 8,200 sq. ft. fully air-conditioned mansion in DC.

  • Joining the growing list of climate activists who want to enjoy a little beach side luxury before the carbon demons swallow all the coastlines the Obama’s purchase a huge low lying seaside estate which somewhat contradicts the urgent need to address the rising sea levels.

One of the world’s loudest “climate preachers,” the former president flew more than 27,000 miles during his first five months of retirement, a distance greater than the Earth’s circumference.

There’s no telling how many private jet flights he’s taken in the last two-plus years, but one thing’s for sure. His “opulent lifestyle” reveals a total lack of concern that “fossil fuel emissions” are destroying the environment.

How does this “sanctimonious” glitzy Muslim couple get away with such stunning “hypocrisy?”

He gets away with it because the “corrupt” mainstream media never call him out for consuming the “unconscionable amounts of carbon energy” needed to fuel his “insatiable appetite for lavish” living.

The planet, as well as the “teen climate activist,” they can be “damned and go to hell.”

Global warming, mental illness, and Greta Thunberg

Mother Nature

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As the Trump Administration begins the official withdrawal from the “Paris Climate Accord” our favorite “green” scold, Greta, has problems of her own.

Chile’s government has canceled the “United Nations’ Climate Change Summit” because of unrest in the country and moved the summit to Madrid, Spain.

Greta’s problem is those “green” trains that run across the oceans haven’t been built yet! What’s a 16 year old Soros backed “climate activist” to do?  Carbon spewing jets are out and so are the passenger ships.

Maybe someone can teach her how to “paddle a canoe?”

Or flying on the world’s “fastest sailboat?”

Thank you Greta for showing the world how “unfeasible and ridiculous” your climate change agenda is!

Mankind has always advanced human society with science making everyone’s lives better. The cult of self-loathing, human hating “Greenies” want us all going backwards, “living in straw huts, eating grass, and walking everywhere.”

I have to give Greta props for talking the talk and walking the walk, unlike “Climate Hoax” heroes Al Gore, Barrack Obama and Mitt Romney who all living very well in large “carbony waterfront estates and flying private jets.”

Do you remember the self-appointed “Reverend” Al Gore, head kook of the “Church of Global Warming” who preached the gospel about how global warming will “cause the sea-level to rise.” Then, after all that preaching, Reverend Al bought a “beach front mansion” in upscale Montecito, California in addition to his huge Nashville home.

Same for Barack and Michelle Obama who joined the growing list of “climate activists” who want to enjoy a little “beach side luxury” before the carbon demons “swallow all the coastlines.” I’m sure we all wish the Obama’s well in their new home, but I can’t help thinking this purchase of a “low lying seaside property” somewhat contradicts previous statements about the urgent need to address the “rising sea levels.”

Not to be left behind, Mitt Romney also has a similar case of “AGW hypocrisy.” Mitty believes in “anthropogenic global warming, and sea-level rising.” So, what does Uncle “Pierre Delecto” do? Well, he owns some beachfront property just north of San Diego in La Jolla, California. He now wants to “tear down” that measly 3,000 square foot mansion and replace it with an 11,062 square foot mansion, larger than Reverend Al’s 6,500 square foot villa.

Sounds like a case of keeping up with the Gore’s and Obama’s. Or, perhaps a game of who has the bigger beachfront mansion full of “global warming” bull shit.

You won’t see Al, Barry and Mitty chewing on a dry spongy “Impossible Burger” no way!

Her naked water
And undressed skies
Show no fear from prying eyes

Fertile plains
Desert sands
Magic where she’s touched her hands

Turning leaves
Blooming flowers
Colors changing by the hour

Anchored roots
Spreading gardens
With not so much as “beg your pardon”

Concrete cracking
Weeds encroaching
Stretching towards the sun approaching

Things decay
Use them for another day

Organic matter
Provides nutrition
Never asking for permission

Storm’s ‘a coming
Thunder crashes
Dazzling skies with lightning flashes

Raindrops falling
Wind is blowing
Teeming ponds are overflowing

Croaking frogs
Hollow logs
Swampy water fills her bogs

Falling snow
Hail and ice
Winter wonder paradise

Wild tornadoes
Lava flowing from volcanoes

Crashing waves
Salty seas
The richness of an ocean breeze

Clouds above
Grey skies linger
Clearing as she snaps a finger

Remember this
It’s an outdoor school
Where Mother Nature makes the rules

Warmists now saying that giving birth is the worst thing for global warming

How Dare You…

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Scientists identified a new “minuscule fungus-eating beetle” among the smallest free-living creatures on the planet, and they named the bug after Swedish “climate change crusader” Greta Thunberg.

“I suspect this could very well be the first time a species has been named Greta,” said Michael Darby, the scientific associate at the UK’s Natural History Museum who named the beetle. “I don’t know of any other beetle named after her, that’s for sure.” 

Actually there are several types of “Dung Beetles” appropriately named after Greta.

Thunberg is best known for her school “climate strike protest” to draw attention to changes in the climate she believes will “destroy” the planet.

Last year, the then 15-year-old began “skipping” school to protest outside of the Swedish parliament in hopes of convincing lawmakers to take action to “save the planet”, a stunt that’s since spread to similar protests involving millions of students in 150 countries.

“I’m really a great fan of Greta,” Darby said. “She is a great advocate for saving the planet and she is amazing at doing it, so I thought that this was a good opportunity to recognize that.”

Darby was sorting through soil samples in the Museum’s collections that were originally collected in Kenya in the mid-1960s when he made his miraculous discovery.

The Museum reports:

Michael went through these samples using high-powered microscopes to observe and photograph the tiny beetles that were caught up in the substrate. He has been able to describe not only the new species named for Greta but also a new genus and eight other new species of Ptiliidae in the same sample.

Nelloptodes gretae is pale yellow and gold, and measures just 0.79 millimeters. With no eyes or wings, it is distinguishable by a small pit found between where the eyes should go.

‘These beetles are so very small that my wife has described them as being like animated full stops,’ says Michael. ‘But actually many are a whole lot smaller than a full stop.

‘I’d also like to stress that I’ve not named this species after Greta because it is small – it’s just that this is the group that I work on.’

In fact, Michael has named several species of Ptiliidae after prominent people, including one for Sir David Attenborough, meaning that N. gretae is certainly in prestigious company.

Scientists have identified dozens of Ptiliidae bugs, which typically feed on fungal hyphae and spores, in the UK and other countries, but less documented in other areas of the world because of their microscopic size – smaller than some single cell organisms.

The prestigious “recognition” as a bug species comes about a month after Thunberg took a “boat” from Europe to the U.S. to lecture world leaders about the looming “mass extinction” from climate change she alleged they’re causing with inaction, according to NPR.

In case you were too busy and missed the great speech by Beetle “Nelloptodes Gretae” here is a regurgitation about the “Global Hysteria” by children of the “Climate” apocalypse.

“You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words. And yet I’m one of the lucky ones. People are suffering. People are dying. Entire ecosystems are collapsing. We are in the beginning of a mass extinction, and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth. How dare you!”


Harrison Ford, Climate Hypocrite
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