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Infrastructure Deal

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The United States Senate passed the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure deal. The 2,700-page bill had the backing of 19 Republicans, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. The group voted to end the debate on the bill early to allow quicker passage.

The Republican RINO’s supporting the bill are claiming a victory, as the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is a greatly reduced version of the original $3.5 trillion budget proposed by the Biden administration. Republican supporters claim Biden’s plans for “human infrastructure” spending to expand climate change actions, education, child care and Medicare benefits are mostly gone from the bill. But the Democrats are rushing the bill through the Senate because this is only the first step in their plan to spend trillions of dollars.

Republican Sen. Kevin Cramer indicated that only $450 billion is being spent on “hard” infrastructure, like roads and bridges. The other $800 billion is being spent on climate change initiatives, clean energy research, massive government expansion into the energy network, and sweeping government regulations against motor vehicles. The bill is actually a Trojan horse for the agenda of the radical left to transform America.

The details of the bill reveal that the Infrastructure Deal is deceptive. Despite claiming to be bipartisan, key Republican supporters of the bill happen to have funding for special projects in their districts, such as $50 billion for a dam in Sen. Mitt Romney’s district and money to repair the Alaska Highway in Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s district.

Below are some highlights from the pending bill:

  • $73 billion to move from fossil fuels to clean energy
  • $21 billion for environmental remediation
  • $7.5 billion in electric charger infrastructure; priority given to rural and low-income areas
  • $5 billion for zero- to low-emission buses and $5 billion for adoption of zero- to low-emission buses
  • $1 billion for clean hydrogen electrolysis program
  • $8 billion for regional clean hydrogen hubs (network of hydrogen producers and consumers)
  • $3.2 billion for electric battery development
  • $3.2 billion for electric battery recycling
  • $3.5 billion on carbon capturing
  • $2 million for integrating solar, wind and hydro power.

The bill includes sections on the “promotion of women in the trucking workforce,” designing motor vehicles to measure blood alcohol levels before driving, and safety research on limousines.

Although many of Joe Biden’s original climate change and social programs were not included, the Republicans compromised enough to allow billions for programs resembling the Green New Deal. It is the first trillion-dollar step toward radically transforming the United States’ economy. The Wall Street Journal called it “a major down payment on President Biden’s Green New Deal.”

President Donald Trump issued a statement, saying: “This is not an infrastructure bill; this is the beginning of the Green New Deal.”

The Green New Deal was radical legislation put forward by “Barmaid” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in 2019 that aimed to make the U.S. economy 100 percent reliant on “clean” energy, eliminate poverty, change the diet of Americans to reduce the number of cows, and implement more public ownership of companies. The idea of the bill was favored by many radical liberals but rejected by conservative Republicans, especially by President Trump.

The Green New Deal would mean the collapse of many of the key industries that give the U.S. its economic power. It would also commit America to relying on unproved and unreliable clean energy technology. The Green New Deal was shrouded in climate change language, but was a bid to legislate the communist transformation of America. That is the real goal of the radical left and their climate change agenda.

Such a piece of legislation would be very difficult to pass transparently. Instead, radical lawmakers hide the agenda into other legislation, such as in the latest Infrastructure Act. This is hardly new: Caliph Barack Obama stuffed $90 billion of investment in clean energy into the 2009 stimulus act. It is easy to hide such policies when the legal document is thousands of pages long and Congress votes on it before even reading through the contents.

Billions of dollars are about to be authorized to begin moving this radical agenda forward. But the Infrastructure Deal is actually a Trojan horse for far worse legislation. The bill is paving the way for the passing of the Democrats’ radical $3.5 billion infrastructure plan.

The bipartisan infrastructure bill is part one of a two-phase plan to invest trillions of dollars to transform America. The Democrats made the infrastructure bill “bipartisan” and were willing to “compromise” to smooth the way for phase two, which does not require Republican approval.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer intends to pass the rest of the $3.5 trillion through a process called reconciliation. Using reconciliation would allow the Democrats to pass the budget without needing the 60 Senate votes that are normally required. Even the filibuster cannot stop reconciliation.

This $3.5 trillion “Build Back Better” program devised by the Biden administration was agreed upon in a closed-door negotiation between the White House and the Democratic budget committee. CNBC reported that the agreement had the following:

  • Create a national comprehensive paid family-and-medical-leave program.
  • Fund free universal preschool for all 3- and 4-year-olds.
  • Fund free community college for all students, expand the total amount of Pell Grants, and increase the maximum individual award.
  • Expand access to the summer EBT program, which helps some low-income families with children buy food outside the school year.
  • Extend the $1.9 trillion covid stimulus plan’s provision lowering health insurance premiums for those who buy coverage on their own.
  • Extend the child tax credit expansion that was included in the covid relief bill.

The bill also contains money for clean energy programs, many of which were cut from the bipartisan infrastructure deal during earlier negotiations with Republicans.

These include tax incentives for clean energy and electric vehicles, a Civilian Climate Corps program for young people and energy-efficient building weatherization and electrification projects.

The details of how long the programs will last, and how many billions will be allocated to each program, have not yet been released. But based on how glutted the infrastructure bill was with climate change programs, this agreement may well bring out part two of the Green New Deal. It threatens to massively expand dependence on government social programs and aggressively push for the transformation of the American economy from fossil fuels to “clean energy.”

This is the closest the radical left has gotten to achieving its goal of transforming America’s economy. Ultimately, only 8.9 percent, or $450 billion out of $4.7 trillion, will go to roads, bridges and ports.

Then there is the problem on how to fund this radical agenda. Only $650 billion is pre-approved funds. The rest will need to be financed somehow. One of the ideas by “Fraud-In-Chief”  Biden is to raise corporate income tax from 21 percent to 28 percent.

Other methods include gathering unused covid relief money, using the money generated by the various programs, and asking the Internal Revenue Service to be more strict in enforcing tax laws. However, none of these ideas come close to raising $4 trillion.

In reality it will be financed through higher taxes, or the government will need to print money to fund its own budget.

Just a Single Issue

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Abortion Is More than Just a Single Issue

“Progressive” politicians condescendingly brand pro-lifers as “single-issue voters” and abortion as a “single-issue.” This straw man subtly dismisses pro-lifers as simplistic, fanatical, and naïve, and abortion as “one among many” on the electoral laundry list. Once the elephant in the room is pushed aside, SJW candidates feel empowered to tout the “real” issues of economic equality and climate change. Yet abortion is far from being “just a single issue.”

Abortion is the master key that releases Pandora’s box of radical calamities. If your own child is an undue burden who may be terminated, what about the critically ill, the handicapped, the infirm? If the unborn baby is construed as an unwelcome intruder to be removed, as in the infamous violinist thought game, why not any unwanted Other — the unmasked passerby, the white privileged, the MAGA-hatted, the gun-owner, the religious believer, the maligned police, the vilified president? If you justify spilling innocent blood, why not that of those labeled bigoted, undesirable, or unfit? If the ultimate cancellation is a “right,” toppled statues, burnt flags, vandalized buildings, looted stores, and banned media outlets are but paltry collateral damage.

And you, politician: If you do not stand for innocent human life, what do you stand for? Should it be a surprise that the governor who confined COVID-19 patients to nursing homes as pandemic solution had cheered, merely a year before, codifying abortion until birth? That bill declares that “every individual who becomes pregnant has the fundamental right to choose to carry the pregnancy to term, to give birth to a child, or to have an abortion.”

“Every individual”? “Fundamental right”? No slippery slope here. Just connecting the dots. The totalitarian mindset behind abortion taints thought, language, and action.

The abortion apparatus links to socialism, communism, and fascism are no secret. In these ideologies, the state subordinates the individual person; adults’ interests override the child’s. The abortion machinery in communist China and Nazi eugenics is but Exhibit A. The godlike prerogatives behind the state suffocating the person, and the adult crushing the unborn, also lurk behind the impetus to create a new world order.

Euthanasia as “mercy killing” and “death with dignity” is cut from the same tortuous rhetorical cloth of abortion as “pro-choice” and “essential health care.” Similar twisted threads underlie the narrative of medical kidnapping as “social services,” gender ideology indoctrination and homeschooling restrictions as “education,” critical race theory as “higher education,” arbitrary mandatory vaccinations and lockdowns as “public health.”

Violent riots as “peaceful protests,” biased and deceptive propaganda as “free press,” spying on political opponents as “foreign intelligence,” and population control as “sustainability” or “poverty relief” follow the same warped language game.

Abortion informs (deforms) education, health care, social services, international affairs and foreign aid, and environmental policies, to name a few. It determines priorities and defines what is “essential.” It affects the amount and use of your tax dollars. During the COVID-19 emergency, abortion facilities are kept open, but churches are closed.  Denying the person hood of the unborn justifies their status as marketable commodities to be readily used in experimentation and production.

The proposed “Green New Deal” prioritizes non-human “rights” while stifling human rights and livelihood.  The “Equality Act” (H.R. 5) adds, as protected classes (under the Civil Rights Act), “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.” These ill defined rights would include “pregnancy, childbirth, or a related medical condition,” which “shall not receive less favorable treatment than other physical conditions.”

Consequently, hospitals and medical professionals, regardless of religious or conscience objections, would be forced to commit abortions or face punishment for “discrimination.”  Joe Biden, in accord with the Democratic Party platform, has vowed to implement the “Equality Act” and “Green New Deal” like measures.

The anti-Natalist philosophy has shaped the nation’s landscape. Consider the demographic, socioeconomic, and cultural impact of the loss of 61.7 million Americans since Roe v. Wade. Reckon with the laughter, the labor, the songs, the love lost. Calculate the physical, psychological, and spiritual aftermath. Assess the opportunity costs of funding Planned Parenthood and exporting the anti-life ideology.

One’s stance on abortion is the litmus test that determines federal justices (district and court of appeals) and Supreme Court picks — a Supreme Court that has not shied away from appropriating legislative powers and exercising them at will. Their judicial idiosyncrasies and activism rewrite constitutional provisions and erode state powers, undermining basic tenets of the American republican system.

State laws meant to curtail abortion on demand, dubbed “blatant violations of Roe v. Wade” by Biden and other pro-abortion politicians, are scrapped by like-minded judges. The election or appointment of district (state) attorneys is also led by the abortion agenda. Many of them go on to release violent criminals and dismiss fake “hate crime” cases, but they vigorously prosecute pro-lifers who pray outside abortion “clinics” or expose the wrongdoings of the abortion industry.

Labeling abortion a “right” has corroded the meaning and moral basis of this term, now subject to victim-hood entitlement, interest group preferences, and lobby power. Claiming a grievance erects a right. Particular rights multiply. New “rights” are created and “old” ones rewritten. This overlooks the reality that, since anchored in human nature and natural law, fundamental human rights are universal.

Yet, as the supreme “right” of the leftist canon, abortion trumps parental rights, freedoms of speech, religion, and conscience. Demoted to inconvenient “values,” any right standing in the way of reproductive “rights” must be swept aside. Ethical argument devolves into the “my body, my choice” relativistic mantra. Abortion as intrinsic evil is deconstructed into just another option.

Abortion is not “just a single issue.” It is not “just a Christian issue.” It is the queen bee of the leftist beehive. It is a cluster issue. It is the termite issue steadily gnawing at the moral and civic foundations of our society.

Unwilling to Work

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We definitely need an ad campaign “against” work.

Even Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) has proposed that the unemployment rate in her state is far too low and that the best way to raise it is to import low-wage workers to take the few remaining jobs that Americans actually want to do.

This most equal idea of “Workers Against Laborious Labor” definitely needs to be explored and promoted as a boon to our unemployment rate, especially while there is a Republican in office.

And if that wall ever is built, this “Anti-Laboring Laborers Campaign” is just the ticket to get the nation begging for willing laborers, which will force open the border.

It might be a good idea for all the unwilling to work to “unionize” and fight for their rights. Except if they go on strike and no one notices it, did it really happen?

CNN will report on it around the clock and after a week we will begin to believe that the country can’t survive another day without giving in to their demands.

We’ve just seen this scenario with federal employees during the government shutdown.

The“Green New Deal” also calls for an upgrade to the basic economic securities enjoyed by all people in the US to ensure everybody benefits from the newly created wealth. It guarantees to everyone: “Economic security to all who are unable or unwilling to work.”

Secure your spot today. Questions have been asked about the process by which Americans can “declare” themselves unwilling to work and “sign up for free economic security.”

It is as simple as declaring yourself as one of “The Unwilling” and then filling out a short application to determine your new career and salary. For answers to specific questions, please refer to The FAQ.

Building a better tomorrow, today! What will your new job be under the upcoming “Green New Deal?”

We no longer will refer to them as “jobs” as under capitalism. They are now called “paid passions.”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Suggesting People Who Are “Unwilling To Work” Should Get Paid.
Adviser to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the details of the Green New Deal

Green New Deal

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The “Green New Deal” is not really about “protecting” the environment.

The Democratic Party campaign to “defeat” United States President Donald Trump in the 2020 U.S. presidential election kicked into “high gear” when Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren announced her “beer guzzling decision to “run” for the nation’s highest office.

Yet the “battles lines” of this campaign were drawn almost a month earlier.

Democratic “Media Darling” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spoke at a town hall led by Democratic Sen. Bernie Sanders, declaring her intention to fight for a “Green New Deal.”

This “Green New Deal” already has the support of more than 40 Democratic lawmakers, despite being “vague on details.”

It takes its name from President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal of the 1930s. Its alleged purpose is to fight “global warming” by eliminating “fossil-fuel-powered electricity, closing every coal and natural gas power plant in the nation, and transitioning the U.S. economy to 100 percent renewable energy by 2030.”

How can America possibly fund a “radical” transformation into a carbon-free economy, centered on preparing for the coming centuries of climate crises?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez knows the answer: a 70% plus tax on people with more than $10,000,000/year in earnings.

A dramatic increase in taxes could support her “Green New Deal” goal of eliminating the use of fossil fuels within 12 years, a goal she acknowledges is ambitious.

When it was pointed out such a tax plan would be a “radical” move, Ocasio-Cortez “embraced” the label, arguing the most influential “historical” figures, from Abraham Lincoln to Franklin D. Roosevelt, were called “radicals” for their agendas as well.

“This is going to be the New Deal, the Great Society, the moon shot, the civil-rights movement of our generation,” the 29-year-old “champion” congresswoman declared.

To accomplish this “colossal task” Ocasio-Cortez suggested a jobs creation program that would “virtually eliminate poverty” by guaranteeing “a living wage job to every person who wants one.”

The current draft of this plan calls for specific “policy” recommendations to be released by January 2020 in hopes that “progressive” presidential candidates will adopt this program as a “centerpiece” of their platform.

Since the “deal” lacks specifics, its ultimate “cost” is hard to gauge.

But a 2010 study by the conservative Heritage Foundation found that moving the U.S. to a 100-percent renewable “electric grid” could cost over $5 trillion.

And since renewable electricity generation relies on “fossil fuel” power back up when the “wind isn’t blowing and the sun isn’t shinning”, there is currently no “technology” available that would allow the U.S. to “completely” switch over to 100 percent renewable energy generation without massive “economic” repercussions.

The goal of switching to renewable energy sources is “noble” but using the power of the government to accomplish this process by 2030 will “devastate” the economy and enable the largest “expansion” of government in U.S. history.

“Wunderkind” Ocasio-Cortez says her “Green New Deal” legislation should include a “universal healthcare” program and a government guarantee of “a living wage job to every person who wants one.”

In short: “the Green New Deal would transform America into a Venezuela-style socialist state by nationalizing the energy industry and the healthcare industry in the name of environmentalism.”

After President Trump “pulled” America out of the Paris Climate Change Agreement, Gerald Flurry published an article titled What the Paris Climate Agreement Was Really About.”

“Climate change has become something like a religion for the radical left,” he wrote. “They believe it as an article of faith regardless of the evidence. It is a tool they are using to increase their control. … The weaker America is, the more vulnerable it becomes to being controlled. That is exactly what the radical left wants. It is using the issue of the environment in order to get it. The Obama administration didn’t want to get climate change under control; it wanted to get America under its control! Proponents of deals like this want to control the world.”

This type of thinking is actually very “satanic.” Mankind should be good stewards of this beautiful planet, but there is an “evil spirit” behind this effort to “control and weaken” America.

Green Fashionista “Firebrand” Ocasio-Cortez is a self-described “socialist” who has been hailed as “the future” of the Democratic Party by Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez.

Fifty-seven percent of Democrats now say they have a favorable view of “socialism”, so ideas like the “Green New Deal” are gaining in popularity. Such legislation is packaged in language about protecting the “environment” and ending “poverty,” but it is really leading the U.S. toward “anarchy.”

One major reason that Americans will “clash” with one another, which could lead to another “civil war”, is over this issue of government control.

By its very definition, big-government “socialism” is directly opposed to small-government “constitutionalism.” Socialism is based largely on “atheism,” and the American “Constitution” is based largely on the Bible.

Today, socialism is gathering strength. What people don’t understand about “democratic socialism” is that its aim of socialism in the United States is to “overthrow” its constitutional form of government—by “violence” if necessary.

Socialists often downplay this, but the legislation like the “Green New Deal” is not really about “protecting “America; it is about “destroying” America’s constitutional system of government.

How widespread and how violent will this “destructive” movement get?

The history of “socialism” and “radical left” will soon provide the “chilling” answer.

Tilting at Windmills on the Hill


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