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The Clap Is Back

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Rates of Syphilis, Gonorrhea, and Chlamydia infection have continued to rise, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Both total numbers of infections and per capita rates of the three STD’s continued their more-or-less uninterrupted climb since the turn of the millennium. In total, rates of infection are at their highest level since the CDC began tracking Chlamydia infections in 1984.

Not all of this increase is attributable to an actual bump in the number of individuals infected. The CDC counts the number of positive tests reported to it by states, a figure which necessarily also increases as testing becomes more commonplace. Similar changes in the data can be caused by more states reporting or by improved testing practices. Still, recent increases between years—when testing practices have not dramatically changed—likely indicate an increase in the number of infections themselves.

To understand how America is being affected by this wave of STDs, it helps to look at each underlying STD individually.

Perhaps the easiest trend to explain is the almost uninterrupted rise in Chlamydia. Increased testing, and the refinement of testing methods—the new report points to the expanded use of “nucleic acid amplification tests” between 2000 and 2011 in particular—likely play an outsized role in the spike. This conclusion is further supported by a separate CDC report which, relying on sequential random samples of the population, found that there was no statistically significant increase in the Chlamydia rate between 1999 and 2012.

The report does, however, highlight the surprising prevalence of Chlamydia, particularly among young, sexually-active women. Up to 4 percent of the female population ages 15 to 24 tests positive for the disease, compared to roughly 1 percent of men in the same age group and less than 1 percent of both men and women in other age groups. Chlamydia is generally asymptomatic in women, the report notes, meaning that many then act as unwitting carriers of the disease to male partners.

Syphilis and gonorrhea are less common, but both have experienced recent increases in prevalence. Rates of syphilis fell from a peak in 1990 to a historic low in the early 2000s, before creeping steadily back up in the past couple of decades. Gonorrhea infections increased by 82.6 percent since reaching a historic low in 2009.

Both increases appear to be concentrated among “men who have sex with men” (MSM, a stated-sexual-preference-neutral term used by the CDC and other public health organizations). MSM “continued to account for the majority of primary and secondary syphilis diagnoses in 2018, a trend which appears to have been on-going since at least 2014.”

The same conclusion can be reached, albeit with less certainty, about gonorrhea. The CDC pointed to separate research, based on data from its STD Surveillance Network, which surveys STD sufferers. Those data, drawn from interviews in four cities and two states, suggest that by 2015 MSM’s were 24 times likelier to have gonorrhea than women, and 31 times likelier than “men who have sex with women.”

In a companion release, the CDC suggested that “multiple factors, including individual behaviors and sexual network characteristics,” may determine the high prevalence of STD’s among MSM. Those network characteristics included “high prevalence of STD’s, interconnectedness and concurrency of sex partners, and possibly limited access to healthcare,” as well as socioeconomic disadvantage among certain MSM sub-populations.

At the same time, rising rates of infection among a vulnerable sub-population are not the only major health threats posed by STD’s. The new report highlights a startling increase in syphilis among newborns. The number of reported cases of “congenital syphilis” has nearly tripled since 2014, rising to 1,306 in 2018. In general, an infected mother has an 80 percent likelihood of transmitting syphilis to her child.

The other major health risk mentioned by the report is the rise of antibiotic resistant gonorrhea. Although the first line of defense against gonorrhea, ceftriaxone, remains effective, the CDC found that more than half of all gonorrhea infections reported in 2018 were resistant to at least one antibiotic.

Why, then, are rates of STD infection increasing, particularly among vulnerable communities? The CDC suggested that “multiple factors” are at play, including “drug use, poverty, stigma, and unstable housing, which can reduce access to STD prevention and care, decreased condom use among vulnerable groups, and cuts to STD programs at the state and local level.”

Working to reduce STD’s—as the Trump administration is with HIV—will have major benefits, according to Dr. Jonathan Mermin, the director of CDC’s National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention.

“STD’s can come at a high cost for babies and other vulnerable populations,” Mermin said. “Curbing STD’s will improve the overall health of the nation and prevent infertility, HIV, and infant deaths.”

Democrats call for repeal of HIV disclosure laws 

STD’s Never Get Old

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Even as some “body parts” start to give out, with the “system” starting to slow down and the “balls” swinging like a “pendulum,” medical advances in “boner” medication can make “penises” functional again, and that’s “pure gold” for Silver Sailors.

Apparently, old people are boinking just as much as the “young” ones. On one hand, that’s “awesome” because they “still got it.”

But on the other hand, it’s a little “problematic” because they don’t seem to be as “informed” as younger people are on the “importance” of practicing safe sex.

All these “erections” and octogenarian ”boning” has led to a STD “pandemic” among the older generation. They might have “beaten” the Nazis at Dunkirk and “tamed” the Red Menace, but now they’re “losing” the battle of “Aids, Chlamydia, Clap, Gonorrhea, Herpes, HIV, HPV and Syphilis” and no one’s doing a “damn” thing about it.

No one that is, “except” North Carolina-based “Rap Doctor” Shannon Dowler, MD. She knows that if you want to get a “message” across to the men that “stormed the beaches at Anzio, there’s no better way to “reach” them than with the music of their generation: “Vanilla Ice.”

I know, I know. You don’t want to have “visions” of your granny “doing the dirty” in your head, but if you’re done “puking” over that image, let’s continue.

The doctor combined her hilarious “sense of humor” with her impressive rapping “skillz” to teach old people “sex ed,” using an informational “remix? of Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby.”

In the video, cleverly titled “STD’s Never Get Old,” Dr. Dowler (AKA “RapDktaD”) spits some fire lines, including but not limited to “If you have a problem, lube might solve it, see your family doc if it doesn’t resolve it” and “I’m RapDktaD, and I want to help you be free of herpes, AID’s and HPV.”

The video features a chorus of “Safe sex, baby,” and bears the unmistakable “musical” influence of Vanilla Ice’s “Ice, Ice, Baby,” reaching similar heights of camp.

“Yo, RapDktaD in the house, let’s kick it,” Dowler raps. “Stop. Collaborate and listen, RapDktaD’s intention, calling out all you fellas and ladies, STD’s are tearing through folks in their 80s.”

She says she loves to “rap-and-rhyme,” because she’s musically challenged. She wants to get the attention of “geriatric” patients, who really need to get “educated.”

“It’s tough, to tell a 72-year-old that they’re having their first herpes outbreak,” Dowler told WLOS-TV. “If they’ve lost their partner, they’re suddenly developing a new relationship, and there’s a whole slew of STD’s they’ve never heard about.”

These “lovers” may be older, but the message is the same, “Safe sex baby, safe sex.” If you are going to have sex, use “protection.” Also, be especially careful if you live in a “senior retirement” community.

“It’s almost like a college dorm, you have a lot of people of the same age, with the same degree and desire of sexuality, and they are clustered together in an environment where there’s a lot of privacy,” MAHEC Family Medicine’s Dr. Tim Plaut said.

“There’s also the issue of help with erectile dysfunction. With those medications coming on board, we’ve seen an increase in sexual activity that has mirrored the increase in sexually transmitted diseases,” Plaut said.

People need to know STD “testing and treatment” is covered by Medicare. “I tried to be really intentional to make sure that I was celebrating the aging sexuality, and that it wasn’t being critical in any way, there’s just a lot to learn,” Dowler said.

Talking about “sexually transmitted diseases” can be a tough topic. Statistics show the rate of sexually transmitted disease among senior citizens has almost “doubled” over the past 10 years.

Yep, “your” grandma is at a “higher risk” of getting AIDS than you are.

That is “actually” insane.

Also, can we talk about the “unicorn?”

That’s a “quarter” of them!!

So next time you’re visiting grandma, maybe bring her a few “condoms” in exchange for those yummy “cookies” she always bakes for you. It seems like she might be “needing them as much as you do.”

Like the video says, “Safe sex, baby.”

And of course, there’s “no way” I was going to leave you “hanging” without a chance to listen to the “original” song version .

Golden Girls “dividing” a plate filled with “rubbers.” These grannies would need to have “sex” every day for the “rest of their lives” to come close to the bottom of this pile of “Trojans.”

“Can you really help being sex kittens.
Why can’t you wear your little love mittens.
You gotta be safe cuz sex has gotten risky.
Ain’t no shame bein’ a freak and getting a li’l frisky.”

David Letterman slides a “condom” across the table to his “studio” mistress.

The grannies on “standby,” waving just to say “Hi.”

While the “dick-teased” old guys were just about to throw down “odds” to see who got to draw the “double” team.

“Vaginal atrophy, is something.
A sex catastrophe, it can be the real thing.
Quick to the point to the point I’m makin’.
Lubrication’s need and you know I’m not fakin’.
Trauma, from guys’ erections.
Tears thin skin without detection.”

For some “inexplicable” reason, Dave Letterman “pays” some teenager to go into the pharmacy, clear the shelves of “Trojans” and sell them to him in the parking lot.

Somehow all the “laxatives and adult diapers” never embarrassed Dave, but the “rubbers” do.

Given that the “Rap Doctor” spends most of her days “examining” vag’s that looks like the “Sarlaac” pit, singing is probably like “taking a day off.”

Granny “demonstrates” to her friend how to put a “condom” on a wine bottle “before” the have sex..

“Let’s break it down. Cougars all around.
All these STD’s all the time being found.
Our bodies, we’re just a cafeteria.
A cesspool of germs, viruses and bacteria.
Words called the clap and gonorrhea gonna rap.
Sleeping around? Probably a trap.”

Playing poker for “rubbers” at the Thanksgiving table.

And David Letterman “wins” the pot. I’m guessing this pile will “outlive” Dave.

Sorry, Dave. The unprotected “sex party” is over for you too. STD’s don’t “discriminate.” I hope your “Golden Years” are awesome.

And the big finale?  “Watch until the end for the best part!”

Silver Sailors

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Silver Sailors 01

Have you ever gone on a cruise purely for the Silver sex?

Old Age Pensioners (OAP’s) are being “reminded” to take “condoms” on holiday cruises if they “expect” to have “casual sex.”

A “health fact sheet” published by the government “warns” potential cruisers to take “in-date, good quality condoms” if they expect to engage in “hanky pankies.”

But “old” people don’t have “sex,” do they!

Er, yes, “they” do. And they’re getting “riskier” with it too. The rates of “herpes, genital warts and gonorrhea” have risen in those “over” 65.

Silver Sailors 04

On the “plus” side, thankfully, rates of more “serious” infections such as “syphilis and HIV” has remained low.

The majority of “Silver Sailors” are likely “syphilis” free, which is a nice “improvement” from the 18th century.

Here’s a good reason to “pack” those condoms, whatever your “gender.” Men over 65 are much more likely to have “herpes” than women of the same age.

Silver Sailors 05

Data from the “Health Protection Agency” has shown a “rise” in people in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s having “sex with new partners” over the last 10 years.

It’s “triggered” the campaign to remind older people to use “condoms,” although older people “only” make up a “tiny” proportion of those newly “diagnosed with herpes.”

Silver Sailors 06

In fact, the rate of “herpes” diagnoses increased “across” the board from five years ago, “except” in 13-14 year old’s.

The guidance from “Public Health England” (PHE) and the “National Travel Health Network and Center” (NaTHNaC) specifically looks at the “risks” to those planning a “cruise” for some winter “sun, sea and sex.”

Cruises still attract a greater number of older “punters” than younger, with recent market research suggesting “over 60’s” make up almost a “quarter” of all cruise passengers.

Silver Sailors 02

Younger people might not want to “dwell” on this too much, but “cruise ships” are not far off being “floating” orgies for “Silver Sailors.”

Have your Grandparents recently “set sail” to explore the Caribbean with a bunch of other old “coots” in their retirement homes?

Well guess what? They weren’t just playing “rummy and shuffleboard” the whole time.

Chances are they were getting “down and dirty” just making a complete “sex shack” out of the entire ship.

Silver Sailors 03

Just “doing it” in international waters where “anything and everything” is legal sounds like “lots of fun.”

This gives “Silver Sailors” a ton of “hope” for the future.

You may not be having lots of “casual sex” these days but just “imagine” once you’re over 60 you’ll be “cleaning up” left and right, up and down.

Just “hop” on a Royal Caribbean, “eat” dinner by 3:30 pm and be up to “your neck” in women by the time the 5 o’clock “news” comes on.

You never have to “leave” the ship, mostly because once you’re “old” you become a full-blown “Silver” sexist.

Silver Sailors 07

But also because all the old “broads” are as “horny” as ever and ready for someone to “sweep” them off their feet while “telling” them the same “exact” story 4 times in a 20 “minute” span.

That’s “life” right there.

Horny Hotshots

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Hotshot Condoms

Middle-school California “kids” can now be as “sexually profligate” as they want to be and your parents “don’t” even have to “know” about it!

The California “Condom Access Project,” run by the California Health Council, which is making “condoms” available for kids as “young” as 12 in an online, “taxpayer-funded” condom delivery service, has “expanded” their service to include San Diego and Fresno counties.

But it gets “better” if you keep these “secrets” from your parents.

If you visit this website, as many as 10 “free” condoms can be delivered in “confidential” packaging, along with “lubricants” and “educational” materials.

And in California, teens don’t need “parental” consent to buy “contraceptives.”

Among 15-19 year-olds, San Diego County ranks second in “Chlamydia” cases in California, and ranks sixth in “gonorrhea” cases.

The state is “rampant” with STD’s; “syphilis” cases zoomed 18% from 2010 to 2011, “Chlamydia” rose 5% and “gonorrhea” rose 1.5%.







The news of the “expanded” program follows the “announcement” by the FDA of their “approval” of sale of the “morning-after pill” to girls as young as 15.morningafter pill

Amy Moy, vice president of public affairs of the California Family Health Council said, “It’s really important that we all share with youth in our lives that abstinence is the most effective way to avoid sexually transmitted infection and unintended pregnancy.

But we know that teens are engaging in sexual activity, and we just want to help them be as safe as possible and not keep our heads in the sand and pretend there isn’t a problem.”

My First Condoms

I can imagine the “baby-talk” instructions that come with “these” condoms.

Just dial “888-HOOKUPS” for discreet “home” deliveries.

Free “instruction” with details about how to “protect” your little “pecker” from “sexually transmitted diseases” from infected partners.

Also included are “Boogie Night” discount coupons with every order.

How about “instead” of Internet deliveries, why not “state-mandated” distribution kind of like the “Good Humor Man” of the 21st Century?

Free Condoms

Simply re-equip all those antiquated “ice cream” trucks that regulatory hurdles put out of business with “mind numbing” repetitive “condom bell” music to roam the neighborhoods, advertising its “services” with a rather straight forward, up standing, out in the open non-subliminal graphic message…” It’s for our collective children”.


Better yet, why don’t we hand out a complimentary “ObamaCare” Pleasure Pack to each “new born” child at the time of birth in the “hope” that he or she will be “growing” up as a future “voter” and remember Obama every time they “climb” into bed with their partner.


Free Condoms is a basic right


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Gonorrhea is a very widespread disease. So it is quite normal that people are curious about it. The Gonorrhea Symptom are found in women are secretion in the vagina, pelvic pain, while urinating itching or burning sensation, conjunctivitis or red, itchy eyes, bleeding between periods, burning in the throat for oral sex , vulva getting swollen, swollen glands in the throat. These symptoms are generally seen 2-10 days after getting infected. And men’s Gonorrhea Symptom is seen within 2-14 after infection. Their symptoms are penis secretion, in the time of urinating burning sensation, burning in the throat, painful testicles and swollen glands in the throat.

A potentially dangerous sexually transmitted disease that infects millions of people each year is growing resistant to drugs and could soon become untreatable, the World Health Organization said Wednesday.

The U.N. health agency is urging governments and doctors to step up surveillance of antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea, a bacterial infection that can cause inflammation, infertility, pregnancy complications and, in extreme cases, lead to maternal death. Babies born to mothers with gonorrhea have a 50 percent chance of developing eye infections that can result in blindness.

“This organism has basically been developing resistance against every medication we’ve thrown at it,” said Dr. Manjula Lusti-Narasimhan, a scientist in the agency’s department of sexually transmitted diseases. This includes a group of antibiotics called cephalosporin’s currently considered the last line of treatment.

“In a couple of years it will have become resistant to every treatment option we have available now,” she told The Associated Press in an interview ahead of WHO’s public announcement on its ‘global action plan’ to combat the disease. Lusti-Narasimhan said the new guidance is aimed at ending complacency about gonorrhea and encouraging researchers to speed up their hunt for a new cure.

Once considered a scourge of sailors and soldiers, gonorrhea — known colloquially as the clap — became easily treatable with the discovery of penicillin. Now, it is again the second most common sexually transmitted infection after Chlamydia. The global health body estimates that of the 498 million new cases of curable sexually transmitted infections worldwide, gonorrhea is responsible for some 106 million infections annually. It also increases the chances of infection with other diseases, such as HIV.

“It’s not a European problem or an African problem, it’s really a worldwide problem,” said Lusti-Narasimhan.

Scientists believe overuse of antibiotics, coupled with the gonorrhea bacteria’s astonishing ability to adapt, means the disease is now close to becoming a super bug.

Resistance to cephalosporin’s was first reported in Japan, but more recently has also been detected in Britain, Hong Kong and Norway. As these are all countries with well-developed health systems, it is likely that cephalosporin-resistant strains are also circulating undetected elsewhere.

Therefore the Geneva-based agency wants countries not just to tighten their rules for antibiotic use, but also to improve their surveillance systems so that the full extent of the problem can be determined.

Better sex education is also needed, as proper condom use is an effective means of stopping transmission, said Lusti-Narasimhan.”We’re not going to be able to get rid of it completely,” she said. “But we can limit the spread.”

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