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Germany’s Military

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To become a more dominate power, the German military not only needs more powerful weapons, money and soldiers—but most of all, it needs a new leadership structure. This is uppermost on the mind of German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius. According to insider information published by Germany’s Bild on April 5, around 160 of the nearly 370 management-level positions in the Bundeswehr will be eliminated.

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Germany’s Military

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Why the best in the world isn’t operational

A shocking report in mid-December revealed that 18 out of 18 of Germany’s infantry fighting vehicles were not ready for operation. Deutsche Welle wrote December 19: “Total Failure of the Puma Infantry Fighting Vehicle.” Germany exports high-tech weapons around the world. Its own tanks and aircraft compete for the title “best of the world.” But if you read the news on a weekly basis, you get the impression that nothing works in Germany. Read more at “Are Reports of Germany’s Military Woes Exaggerated?”

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