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Joshua Chubbs of Carbonear, playing bagpipes during the town’s Memorial Day ceremony.

Carbonear resident Josh Chubbs, 23, was “charged” on Feb. 20 under the “Medical Act” after a mother,  whom CBC News has agreed “not to identify,” called police to report that he had “written to her” last December, after she made a “routine” post on Facebook that mentioned her “children.”

The mother, who lives in the “Conception Bay North” area, said Chubbs wrote to her to “inquire” whether her son, who is under 10, was having any issues with his genitals, such as infections that might require a medical procedure like a frenulectomy.

“To say the conversation took a strange turn is a bit of an understatement,” she told CBC News.

“Frenulectomy” of the penis is often performed “a few days after birth” before discharge from hospital or at specialized “outpatient” clinics. Because it’s considered “cosmetic,” the surgery cost between $300 to $500 and isn’t “covered” by provincial insurance plans.

The mother described Chubbs as an “acquaintance” and said she knew he had worked at “Noel’s Funeral Home” in Carbonear in 2015. She said he “explained” to her that he also had training in “pediatric urology” and could do surgical operations like “frenulectomy.”

Josh Chubbs, 23, seen here in a social media photo.

According to Facebook “messages” seen by CBC News, Chubbs asked if her son had been “circumcised,” how he “cleaned” his penis and several “other questions” that she felt were “inappropriate.”

“He said, ‘I don’t want you to think I was a creep, I am trained,'” she said.

After “pressing” Chubbs further, she said he went on to “explain” how he never finished his “urology training” because he fell into the “funeral business.”

He told her he had training in “pediatric urology” and had “dealt with lots of boys who have had issues.”

“I did finish my course, got all my papers, it’s not illegal, I am trained,” he told her, and added: “I just don’t work for the hospital, which is why I don’t broadcast, but it’s legal.”

Josh Chubbs was working as a mortician at Noel’s Funeral Home in Carbonear.

In the messages, he claimed he had performed “frenulectomy” for his adult friends “on the side” and that he had “all his papers.”

He added he could do the “procedure” right in his home, which she described as “little more than a cabin in the woods” near the town of Freshwater.

“At this point I had goggled the length of time it takes to become a pediatric urologist, and he hasn’t even been out of high school that long” she said.

“So I knew then that this was something that needed to be brought to a higher power’s attention.”

The woman noted that the messages she “received” from Chubbs were difficult to “read” because of numerous “spelling” errors.

Chubbs claimed to have “completed” more than “50” procedures already, and even “referred” her to a mutual adult friend who had a “frenulectomy” successfully done by him.

The friend “confirmed” it, and went on to say Chubbs seemed “professional” and that there were no “complications” from his work.

The Carbonear mother kept the Facebook message conversation between her and Chubbs.

The mom said “hearing” that Chubbs had operated on an adult was “disturbing” enough, but for him to approach her about doing “unlicensed” surgery on her child was what finally “drove” her to contact the police.

“I was absolutely horrified,” she said.

“It red-flagged a lot of stuff for me, because God forbid there would actually be somebody too embarrassed to take their child to a doctor who would take them to a friend who was clearly not certified to do these things.”

Too “nervous” to call the RCMP’s Harbour Grace detachment to explain what Chubbs had said, she asked a “friend” to do so. She said at first, police didn’t take her friend “seriously and hung up,” but when her friend called back a “second” time they finally listened and eventually “charges” were laid.

Chubbs claimed to have performed more than 50 urology procedures.

Not only was Chubbs allegedly “offering” to perform medical procedures without “proper” credentials, but he also had not “finished” his apprenticeship to be a mortician.

The mother said she went to the “media” to make sure others don’t consider getting their child “treated” by someone without proper “medical” credentials.

“It’s important for people to know that without the proper credentials, things could go wrong,” the woman said.

“It’s a scary thought to think this is going on in a cabin in the woods.”

Chubbs is “scheduled” to appear in Harbour Grace “provincial court” on April 12.

He’s charged with “engaging” in medical practice while not “licensed” under the Medical Act from June 1 to Oct. 15, 2016. He is also being charged by “promoting” those services to people between Dec. 1 and 16, 2016.

I appreciate a good penis health story more than anyone. I love it when my penis is “clean as a whistle.”

I want that “sucker” to be so clean you could “eat off of it.” That’s a “common” desire. No one wants a “dirty, smelly” dick.

This story, however, isn’t about the “sanitary” levels of penises. It’s about “ethics” in frenulectomy.  It’s about “valuing” medical degrees.

When it comes to “frenulectomy,” there’s basically two “schools” of thought.

Some will say that it’s “actually good”

while others will say that it’s “actually bad”….

This story about unlicensed “frenulectomy” require some pediatric “warning” rules since “50 sets of parents” already fell for the “ole circumcision trick” inside “a cabin in the woods.”

You should “stop” medical conversations:

I. If a man or woman asks you about the state of cleanliness of your child’s penis via Facebook message.
2. If a man or woman asks the cleaning technique of your child’s penis.
3. If a man or woman suggests to you via Facebook that you should remove some of the tissue around the head of your child’s penis.
4. If a man or woman wants you to come to a remote cabin in the woods so he can take a look at your kid’s penis
5. And this is kind of a catch-all, if someone talks to you about your kid’s penis…that’s it. That’s the weird part. Talking to you about your kid’s penis is weird.

So parents, make sure your children have good “genital” health.

Just take them to a “licensed “ doctor to get it “done” and not some Canadian “cabin freak” in the wilderness.


Naked Donald Trump

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Artist Illma Gore is selling prints of what she imagines a “naked” Donald Trump would look like and it’s pretty hilarious.

Did you ever “fantasize” looking at a “pastel pencil” painting of a naked Donald Trump? No? Well here we are. Are you ready?

Here it comes. Don’t look if you don’t want to get an image “seared” into your brain for the rest of your life time.


“Make America Great Again” 11″x14″ Pastel Pencils, 2016 by Illma Gore

“Make America Great Again” is about the significance we place on our “physical” selves. One should not feel “emasculated” by their penis size or vagina, as it does not “define” who you are. Your “genitals” do not define your “gender, your power, or your status.”

Simply put you can be a “massive” prick, despite what is in “your” pants.

I have no idea what Donald Trump “looks” like naked nor do I really want to “know” but if you look at this picture and don’t “laugh” then you don’t have a “sense” of humor. Don’t care what side of the “aisle” you sit on.

If you want to buy it you can do so HERE. Not sure why anyone would ever want to “own” a naked Donald Trump painting, then again I’m not sure why an artist thought to “draw” this in the first place.

The internet is indeed a “weird” place.

Gay Fetishes

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Gay Fetishes 02

Welcome to 2016! A year where all sorts of “genitals” can be touched by unwilling, but “open-minded” participants, for the “sake” of a viral video.

I’m always “amused” how gay people get more and more “outlandish.”

First people just admitted “weird” things.

Then it was Dads “reading” their daughters’ “texts” to guys…

Next, girlfriends “seeing” each other “naked”

and now we have “lesbians” touching guys’ dicks for the “first” time on a YouTube video.

Having someone who has never touched a “penis” before, and isn’t in anyway attracted to “schlongs,” scrutinize your “pecker” probably isn’t going to be a “sexy” experience.

In the interest of “equality,” you can watch gay “men” touch women on the “boobs” or “vagina” for the first time.

I do have to say the gay guys were arguably more “competent and interested” in finding the clit than most straight guys are. They may have been concerned they would “fall” in the hole, or that they would be hit by an overwhelming “tuna” smell but at least they know now that the “clit has a hood.” Nothing can take that away from them.

Notice a trend? Basically every “idea” has been done at this point in order to keep getting people to “watch” these fetish videos.

Starting January 20, a weekly candlelit “Free the Nipple” yoga class will take place in a downtown Los Angeles studio loft.

Participants interested in the “topless” yoga classes at Astroetic Studios should bring a mat, water, a towel and bottoms, although a top is “optional,” according to the studio’s Facebook page.

The creators of the “bare-breasted” yoga class describe themselves as “a community committed to uplifting others and dismantling the patriarchy” using “radical acceptance, body positivity and gender equality.”

According to LAist, the first class will feature a “two for $30 special,” which allows a person to bring a friend. Otherwise, It’s $20 per person, per class.

The bare-breasted “yoga” class is an extension of a the “Free the Nipple” movement, which seeks to “equalize” men and women by taking one of the clearest “anatomical” differences between the two and “minimizing” it in the service of “equality.”

Nipple Pride Festival 05

The movement is an “attempt” to fight against the “sexualization” of women’s breasts.

NK Family Planning

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kim0North Korean despot Kim Jong-un has been “guzzling” pint after pint of “snake wine” with the body of a “dead cobra” in the bottle, in a “vain” attempt to restore life to his “genitals” he has not seen for years due to his “vast” weight gain.

Local authorities believe that the “meaty” brew will increases the “size” of Kim’s manhood and “improve” chances of Ri Sol-ju getting “pregnant.”

kim4Kim has piled on “enormous” amounts of weight after “binge” eating Swiss “Emmenthal” cheese and drinking “vast” amounts of “Johnnie Walker” whiskey.


Even Kim Jong-un’s famous haircut has been affected by the “cheese disorder.”

The 31-year-old Kim Jong-un with his beautiful young wife, Ri Sol-ju believes that “glugging liters of wine, mixed with “rotting flesh and venom” could be just the ticket to “restore” his virility and father a “sibling” for two year old daughter Ju-ae.


Never has pink looked so good.

One South Korean ex-pat said, “The elite in the country joke that he is too big to please his wife and that’s why they do not have any other children. Another senior official said that Kim was drinking many bottles of snake wine to help him in the bedroom department.”


Look at what these furry animals are doing behind me. Is it so wrong I want a bit of that? With my own wife?

Kim Jong-un and wife Ri Sol-ju recently were visiting a “baby nursery” with stuffed toys who looked like they were having a bit of “private pleasures”.


Hello Kim, got it!

The blue cat even looks like she is giving a “cheeky” wink at the camera.

The perfect “positioning” of the stuffed toys were intended to “stimulate” Kim’s fathering desires and for Ri Sol’s maternal “instincts” to kick in.


Whoever “organized” this nursery visit has probably “earned” a direct ticket to one of North Korea’s notorious prison camps, where forced “labour and executions” are a daily experience for the estimated 120,000 people held there.

Father Of The Year 2014

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A father “invited” his 14-year-old daughter’s “rapist” over for dinner and then “burned” his genitals with “heated” tongs before “strangling” him to death.

The Indian Express reported that Jamil Gupta, the 36-year-old father in India was getting revenge on his underage daughter’s 45-year-old rapist, Omkar Singh.

“He served him dinner,” an officer told the Indian Express. “After the meal, the father overpowered the man and tied him to a chair. He got heated tongs and burned the supplier’s genitals before strangling him to death.”

After killing the man, he “walked” to the police station in the Khajuri Khas district of north-eastern Delhi and “surrendered” himself, giving officers a “detailed” account of what he had done.

Father Of The Year 04

“’I burned his genitals once, he screamed. I did it again, he shuddered. When I did it the third time he did not move, he was dead. I did not want to kill him.”

Police confirmed they found the dead man “lying” in the courtyard outside Gupta’s house with “bruising marks to his neck.

Officers added that his “genitals” were completely burned away.

The “rapist” told his victim not to tell anyone, but she told her “father the same day.

He admitted to the “murder” and said he had been “planning” it since he found out about the rape.

In Gupta’s statement, he told “officers” that two months earlier, when he had been “working” in his shop, Singh, a “medicine” supplier, came to his house.

Father Of The Year 2014 04

Singh found the 14-year-old girl home “alone” and“raped” her. She told her father, who did not “inform” the police for “fear” that family and neighbors would “blame” his daughter.

Singh, 45, ‘impregnated‘ Gupta’s daughter before “boasting” that he was too “well-connected” to local police to ever be “prosecuted.”

The girl was “examined” by doctors who confirmed she was “pregnant” from the sexual assault.

I don’t know the “laws” in India but in the laws of a “father” this was 100% legal.

And for all those keeping “score” at home, this is called “putting your money where your mouth is.”

Want to “tell” people not to “touch” your daughter, not to “mess“with your family?

Well that means every “now and then” you’ll have to “burn” a rapists penis and “strangle” him to death.

That’s just called being a “good” father.

Father Of The Year 2014 02

“Reading” to your children, “playing” catch in the backyard, “burning” anyone’s dick who comes “too close” to your daughter.

No question, “Father Of The Year 2014.” 

Father Of The Year 2014 03

15 Dads Who Won’t Be Winning Father of the Year

Saddle Up Ladies

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Saddle Up Ladies 01

“Female genital cutting” (FGC) or female genital mutilation (FGM) is the partial or total removal of a girl’s “external” genitals.

Her body is physically “damaged” when the healthy tissue of her “genitals” are cut away. There are no “health benefits” to this “barbaric” procedure.

Saddle Up Ladies 04

Complex “cultural and social” reasons are often given about “why” it is practiced.

“Female genital cutting”has harmful effects on the “health and well being” of a woman throughout her life and “contravenes human, women’s and child rights.”

Saddle Up Ladies 03

“Orchid Project” has a vision of a world free from female genital cutting and arranges for ladies to ride the “Sybian” to help “raise” money and bring “awareness” to the prevention of “female” circumcision.

These ladies try “taming” the bull, the charity get’s the “money”, you get free “entertainment” and the ladies “get off.”

An all around a “win-win-win” event to free the world from “female genital cutting.”

Saddle Up Ladies 02

So “saddle up”, ladies. It’s for a “good” cause.

On a less “serious” note did you know that “Blazing Saddles” turns 40!

“Blazing Saddles” is probably the best “comedy” ever made. Mel Brooks is an absolute “comedic” genius. The movie made us laugh at “racism” at a time when America was overcoming its “racist attitudes.”

No one could “get away” with doing a similar movie today. The PC crowd is just too “stringent and humorless.”

If you haven’t seen it, go treat yourself now. Rent it or stream it. Or better yet, buy it. And have a good laugh.

Boomer Sex Myths

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baby‑boomersThe Boomers, the “love” generation who thanks to the benefits of oral contraception “practically invented sex”, are now leading a new “sexual revolution” on behalf of “wrinkly” seniors.

So says senior sex expert Joan Price, who suggests a “youth-oriented” culture just needs to get used to the idea of the over 60s getting “naked.”

Her blog “Better Than I Ever Expectedgets lots of hits from people searching on the phrase “granny sex” says Price, a sex activist who’s determined to get rid of what she calls “the ick factor” in senior sex.

The author of two books on the topic practices what she preaches. Ten years ago she fell for a 64-year-old – “the love of her life” she says – and there was no stopping her. “Neither of us knew sex could be so good,” she says.

Boomer Sex Myths

The “ick” factor is the idea that sex is reserved for young bodies, she says. If I encounter the ‘ick’ factor, my response is always:At what age do you plan to retire your genitals?” said Price, who turned 68 in November.

One of the “primary” myths Price wants to shatter is the idea that seniors have “lost” interest in sex.

Seniors are interested and need more information about “how” to enjoy it with their “changing” bodies, she said.

“It is harder for seniors to find sexual information related to them than it is for 10-year-olds,” Price said.

Most Common Sex Myths About Boomers

At A Certain Point In A Relationship, Sex No Longer Matters

At A Certain Point In A Relationship, Sex No Longer Matters

After what may be decades of commitment and teamwork in a marriage, couples often reach a point when they stop viewing sex as a necessity in a relationship now built upon the strong tenets of trust, friendship and love. A lack of sex in a marriage, however, can turn couples into buddies or quasi-roommates and make that special spark even harder to ignite.

As People Age, They Lose Their Desire To Have Sex

As People Age, They Lose Their Desire To Have Sex

Despite the effects that hormonal changes can have on the libidos of older couples, rest assured men and women can enjoy sex at any age. It might not be as easy to become aroused in your 50s as it was in your 20s, but you can increase your sexual stimulation with frequent exercise, healthy changes in diet and, yes, those little blue pills. Here’s a tip: the more you have sex, the more you will want to have it. A Women Loses Her Ability To Achieve An Orgasm As She Agesjpg

A Women Loses Her Ability To Achieve An Orgasm As She Ages

Though oft repeated, this claim is not necessarily true. By now, you should know what you like and dislike and be able to shed any sexual inhibitions that you may still be holding on to. Sex after 50 is no longer about exploring foreign terrain, it’s about feeling good in your own skin. For these reasons, many women find sex after 50 to be more emotionally and physically satisfying than at any other stage in their lives.

A Man Loses His Ability To Achieve An Erection As He Ages

 A Man Loses His Ability To Achieve An Erection As He Ages

Though diminishing hormone levels can increase the chance of erectile dysfunction in older men, it shouldn’t prevent couples from having healthy, fulfilling sex lives. Apart from Viagra, Cialis and a host of other medical options, men can increase their ability to become aroused in the bedroom through exercise, masturbation and increased foreplay with a partner.

All Problems In The Bedroom Will Vanish With An Empty Nest

All Problems In The Bedroom Will Vanish With An Empty Nest

Many couples tend to sweep problems they have in the bedroom under the rug with the assumption that sex and romance in their marriage will thrive once the kids leave for college. Unfortunately, without curfews and defiant teens to discuss, couples can often find themselves struggling to make conversation with one another. Such disconnect will create further problems in the bedroom. If the state of your union isn’t as strong as you’d like, confront the issues head on and don’t make excuses.

A Midlife Crisis Is A Marital Death Sentence

 A Midlife Crisis Is A Marital Death Sentence

The common narrative goes that a midlife crisis will wreak havoc on the stability and romance of a marriage and may even lead to infidelity and divorce. To combat feelings of boredom and wanderlust, couples should take advantage of the midlife crisis to explore each other sexually in new ways. Incorporate fantasies, toys and role playing scenarios in the bedroom to spice things up and turn a midlife crisis into a catalyst for adventure.

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