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Gay Sex in Prison

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In case you didn’t know, Boosie BadAzz has spent quite a bit of time behind bars. During his time in a cell, the Baton Rouge, LA bred “rapper” probably experienced quite a few things he “never” would have in any other circumstances.

Apparently one of those things was seeing a “sexual encounter between two men.”

“I remember when I was down in Angola Prison I walked in on a nigga riding a nigga dick from the back,” Boosie recounts in the video.

“That nigga had a nigga ankles riding that bitch from the back, man. I ain’t know about the Coke can in the shower, you heard me? A nigga ain’t even tell me. I walked straight in, six in the morning—nigga riding that dick. I said I want to go home, man.”

From there, Boosie went on to call one of the men involved in the sex act a “nasty muthafucker” before continuing to call them sick. “Nasty ass nigga. Same nigga walking around that bitch talking about you a gangsta. Bitch you a punk. Bitch you gay. These niggas like asshole man, forreal.”

Boosie says a “bit more” but, you get the idea. While it’s probably not “too great” to walk in on anyone having sex, Boosie appears particularly “disgusted” with what he saw in jail.

If you’ve been following Boosie “long” enough, you already knew he has quite a “few” opinions about “homosexual” relationships.

Last summer, the rapper explained his belief that TV was forcing children into homosexuality.

This past March, Boosie BadAzz “bashed” Disney for showing two gay characters kissing.

Barstool Sports Comments…

Two things first. I didn’t know “Lil Boosie” changed his name to “Boosie BadAzz.” That’s a significant change. You can’t go from prefix “Lil” to suffix “BadAzz,” it’s too severe. You gotta just drop the Lil. Bow Wow didn’t go from “Lil Bow Wow” to “Bow Wow I’m A Fucking Savage Woof Woof,” he just went to Bow Wow. Gotta ease folks into that because I thought Boosie BadAzz was a completely different person.

Second, I’m gonna ignore the pretty blatant “homophobia” and just focus on the funny parts of this. Because that recounting of catching dudes “banging” in the showers had me in “tears,” man. I’m telling you, actual tears “streaming” down my face. If you’re not in a similar “fit of laughter” then we would absolutely “never get along,” under any circumstance.

I don’t even know what the “funniest” part is and it’s only like three sentences, that’s how funny it is. But the “imagery” of Boosie walking into a shower, “bright eyes and bushy tailed,” ready to start the jail day, and seeing a dude “twerk” on a dick is uproarious. The fact that he didn’t know “shower sex” in jail was a thing is hysterical. The idea that it wasn’t the “solitude, or the lack of friends, or the lack of connection” to the outside world that made him not “want” to be in jail, it was the dude “sex” is just amazing.

Picturing Lil Boosie, of “Wipe Me Down” fame, have that “I’ve made a huge mistake” look wash over his face because he saw a “dude working a dick” is the absolute funniest thing I’ve ever imagined. It’s just “funny,” folks. It is.

I mean how did the guy not know “Coke can in the shower” was a thing? Had he never “read” a newspaper or “seen” a TV show or “heard” any prison rumor ever? That’s like the “only” thing I know about jail and I’m a “white” dude from the suburbs: “People have sex in the showers.”

That last line, too. My goodness is that comedy gold. “The niggas like asshole man, forreal.” As if he’s trying to “convince” the listener, “Dudes screw each other! No, no, no I’m serious. Like they fuck. They honestly do it. In the asshole.” I’m telling you, if you can “read” this stuff without “tears” in your eyes there’s something “wrong” with you. Granted, there’s a “difference” between “knowing” dudes fuck and “seeing” dudes fuck, but Boosie “legit” sounds like an adult man who went to “jail” to get a middle school “biology” lesson.

Yeah, “Boosie BadAzz”, it’s called “gay sex in prison.”


Berkeley Riots

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This quote “combines” sentences from different paragraphs that have been “slightly” paraphrased for “memetic” brevity.

The full essay is titled, “The Cashing-In: The Student Rebellion” and is part of her book, “Return of the primitive: the anti-industrial revolution.”

Highly recommended to “reading” the essay and, for that matter, the “entire” book, which remains as “relevant as ever, to anyone who wonders about the “root” causes of today’s campus “insanity.”


Since UC Berkeley is a place of “higher” learning and the birthplace of the 1960s “Freedom of Speech Movement,” what did we learn from this “riot?”

1) According to “mob” rule you cannot be “gay and conservative.”

2) Conservative speech is “not allowed” on the “most liberal tolerant” college campus in America.

3) “Sticks and stones can break your bones” but words can never hurt you “unless” you are a gay conservative trying to “speak on the most liberal tolerant college campus” in America billed as the birthplace of the “Freedom of Speech Movement,”

Trump Calls Out ‘Professional Anarchists’ After Berkeley Riots
Berkeley Campus Chaos Spurs Questions at Free-Speech Bastion
Mayor of Berkeley apologizes, yet keeps digging the hole he has excavated
Deranged Millennial’s, academicians, and Hollywood crap shooters
Liberal college students calling Trump Hitler should demand their money back
After Berkeley, Treat Violent, Anti-Speech Left Like the KKK
‘Daddy’ Should Drain the Academic Swamp
Berkeley Questions Its Commitment to Free Speech
Who Says Irony Is Dead?

Chosen Gender Identity

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Chosen Gender Identity 04

The White “Rainbow” House says gender identity is a “Civil Rights” issue.

The Obama administration has “ordered” US schools to encourage “mental illness” in children by letting “gender confused” pupils use toilets matching their chosen gender identity.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch said schools that don’t “comply” may face lawsuits or lose “federal aid” if they do not comply.

In a separate move, the president also “strengthened” protections for “LGBTFQAPBCU©” community receiving “health care.”

The federal government is “fighting” the state of North Carolina in court over a law “requiring” people to use “toilets” according to their “gender at birth.”

However the Obama administration “education and justice” departments say public schools must “respect” transgender pupils’ “gender identity” even if their education records or identity documents indicate a “different sex.”

“There is no room in our schools for discrimination of any kind, including discrimination against transgender students on the basis of their sex,” Lynch said.

Chosen Gender Identity 03

Campaigners “hailed” the move.

“This is a truly significant moment not only for transgender young people but for all young people, sending a message that every student deserves to be treated fairly and supported by their teachers and schools,” said Chad Griffin from Human Rights Campaign, a “gay, lesbian and transgender” rights organization.

But the “directive,” which has been sent to all public schools, was immediately “rejected” by senior Republican Party politicians meeting at a “convention” in Texas.

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick said: “This will be the beginning of the end of the public school system as we know it.”

“President Obama, in the dark of the night – without consulting Congress, without consulting educators, without consulting parents – decides to issue an executive order, forcing transgender policies on schools and on parents who clearly don’t want it,” he told 5NBC television.

A new “gender identity” comes into force as soon as a “parent or guardian” notifies the school that their child’s identity “differs from previous representations or records” and must be respected even if it makes others “uncomfortable,” the directive says.

Chosen Gender Identity 05

Loretta “I hate the constitution” Lynch said North Carolina’s new state law had “echoes” of policies of “racial segregation” and efforts to deny gay couples “the right to marry.”

The federal government and the state are “suing each other over the law,” which the federal authorities say “violates” the Civil Rights Act.

North Carolina’s Governor Pat McCrory has said the law is a “common sense privacy policy” and that the justice department’s position is “baseless and blatant overreach.”

However, many businesses and entertainers have “criticized the measures as discriminatory.”

Musicians have “cancelled” concerts in the states and several companies have pledged to “curtail” their business in North Carolina.

Last month a US appeals courts ruled that a Virginia school policy that “barred” a transgender pupil from using the boys’ toilet was “discriminatory.”

In plain English this means “little” Timmy can now go into the girl’s bathroom watching them “tinkle,” or stay in the boys bathroom watching someone with a vagina “pissing” into the urinals next to him.

I wonder what the “Social justice warriors” (SJW’s) next agenda will be once this whole “controversy” over bathroom rights for a group that makes up “0.3 percent of population” in the U.S. is over.

Now that “gay marriage” is done with, it seems to me they are running out of “fights to pick.”

It’s kind of weird that the government is willing to “declare” that a minor who hasn’t finished developing “mentally” is able to make a decision about “changing” their gender though. But whatever. I’m fine with “weird” people being “weird.”

Seriously, what this really “boils” down to is that the only “real” differences between the male and female bathrooms are the “toilets,” with the women’s bathroom smelling too much like “perfume” while the men’s smells like “urine stained” toilet seats.

Chosen Gender Identity 01

Women always go to the bathroom in a “gaggle” and take 35 minutes to “wizz,” while men simply “unzip” and go.

Larry Craig

No man spends one second “longer” in the restroom than necessary unless he is “gay” like former Senator Larry Craig looking for a quick “fellatio” or “fudge packing” victim.

Gay Fudge Packer

People are getting “bent” out of shape over a “none issue,” because as soon as “trannies” have to “wait in line for an hour to piss” at an event, they will leave their “pantyhose and wigs” at home.

New York City Lets You Choose From 31 Different Gender Identities


How one woman’s ‘bathroom bill’ campaign went viral

Chosen Gender Identity 02

Chosen Gender Identity 00

Air Force Academy Graduation

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Air Force Academy Graduation 01

Obama has managed to “purge” the military of several hundred “high level” officers and replaced them with much “less qualified” individuals to fill some kind of left wing “diversity” quotas.

Here are Obama’s “remarks” in his commencement speech singling out “special interest” groups to “praise” United States Air Force Academy graduates.

“We live our values when our military, like America itself, truly welcomes the talents of all people. We’re stronger when our gay and lesbian cadets and troops can serve their country — a country they love — without hiding who they love. (Applause.) We’re stronger when cadets — like Wasim Soomro and Ismail Baumy and James Salem — know that we celebrate their service as proud, patriotic Muslim Americans who are also serving in our armed forces. (Applause.)

And on this 40th anniversary of the first female cadets arriving at this Academy, we are stronger because General Johnson leads this institution; because Air Force General Lori Robinson leads Northern Command — our nation’s first female combatant commander; and because all combat positions in our military are now open to women like you. We’re stronger because of it. (Applause.)”

Air Force Academy Graduation 04

Barack Hussein Obama focused his praise on “gays, lesbians, and Muslim” cadets, pointing to the “military’s diversity.”

Air Force Academy Graduation 02Air Force Academy Graduation 03He also “singled” out a female Air Force general, Lori Robinson, a woman who has never “flown a plane,” whom he appointed to “head” the Air Force in the Pacific and now has “nominated” her to be first woman to lead the “U.S. Northern Combat Command.”

America is stronger now that cadets “suck” each other off or “lick” each other out, and really stronger when worshiping “Allah,” who orders all “gays” to be executed along with all “infidels.”

At least until they experience sudden “Jihad” syndrome and go on a shooting spree, killing their fellow airmen, aka “Fort Hood.”

Barack Hussein Obama accelerates his ’emasculation jihad’ on the U.S. military
Obama ‘Doing Everything He Can to Destroy This Country’’
The Left Is Aggressively ‘Breaking Down The Resistance’ To Transform America

Unwanted Penis

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Unwanted Penises 00

What do you do if you’re a poor man, and you want to remove your penis?

You’re barely “making” ends meet. You can’t “pay” your rent, electricity, food bill nor have enough “money” to get your “penis” removed.

That’s why the Obama administration is doing the “right” thing and having “taxpayer” funded Medicare “paying” for your penis “extraction.”

The New York Times had a “touching” story about a “gay” AIDS-infected man with a number of names – “Jerome, Meeka, Kricket,” and even “Thunderpussy” (TP) who desperately needed his “penis” removed in order convince “himself” that he is a “woman.”

Unwanted Penises 03

Kricket Nimmons on his way to Philadelphia to see a specialist in gender reassignment surgery.

Medicare lifted its ban on “gender reassignment surgery” last year.

The federal government “ordered” its insurance carriers to cover transition-related “care” for its employees.

And “nine” state Medicaid programs have “dropped” their exclusions for “transgender” health care, with New York doing so this past March.

Seizing the “opportunity” Nimmons was about to become one of the first “low-income” New Yorkers to undergo a “genital reconstruction” paid for by Medicaid.

In a few hours, if all “goes” well, his body would be “aligned” with the desired“identity” for the first time, and no longer be “a chick with a wiener.”

Unwanted Penises 04

That’s right. TP is about to be promoted to a “disfigured” man.

Peering under the sheet that “draped” his body that early October morning at a hospital outside Philadelphia, Nimmons bade “farewell” to what he called “my friend” or that “unwanted part” for which he was identified as “male” at birth.

Tattooed on his right “forearm” was his birth name, “Jerome,” complete with “quotation” marks.

A good thing TP doesn’t “want” his right arm “cut off” to also prove he’s a “woman!”

“When I lay down and when I wake up, I’ll be a whole new creature…” Nimmons declared.

A creature like “Frankenstein” or the “Wolfperson.”

Over the course” of his life, Nimmons has often said he never “expected” to make it to 40, much less to “complete” the long, “lonely” journey from “Jerome through Meeka” (his interim name) and “Magnolia Thunderpussy” (his drag name) and now “Kricket.”

Kricket, with a “C,” was a character he admired on “The Young and the Restless,” a blond model turned “Legal Aid” lawyer.

Unwanted Penises 05

Nimmons had “settled” into New York with “remarkable” alacrity.

Do you think that “alacrity” is really the most remarkable “thing” about TP?

Within weeks of arriving, he “secured” a spacious one-bedroom apartment on an eastern Brooklyn boulevard through the city’s “H.I.V./AIDS Services Administration,” and obtained “food stamps.”

Nimmons was “determined” to get by on a monthly “disability” check of $722 and spent a “lot” of time in his “bare-walled” apartment, watching “television talk shows, reality shows and nighttime soap operas.”

This is why TP “needs” Medicare. Watching soap operas “simply” doesn’t bring in enough “money” to get your “penis” cut off.

Agony Vol. Leaf Blower

Try it “yourself” and see!

Until his last “arrest” in 2011, he had provided for himself  “hustling,” he said.

Some “hustles” were legal, like his makeup “jobs,” and some were not, like “forging” checks and committing “credit card” fraud.

Unwanted Penises 01

I hope that TP is making an “honest” women of him. Or whatever “he/she” might be.

Now he won’t be “stopped” by the TSA for trying to “smuggle” male genitals on an airplane.

And with taxpayer “subsidized” lessons on how to “talk like a girl,” TP can pass for whatever “he/she” likes.

And what do you “think” will happen when TP starts “lurking” in ladies’ bathrooms?

Unwanted Penises 02

Exit question: “If TP is gay and removes his penis, grows breasts, and talks with a lilt, and is attracted to men, is TP still gay, heterosexual, or none of the above?”

U.S. Taxpayers Give ‘Magnolia Thunderpussy’ a Sex Change

Amazing Disgrace

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Amazing Disgrace 02

The British band “Coldplay” will feature a sample of Obama singing “Amazing Grace” in a song on its forthcoming album, “A Head Full of Dreams” says Chris Martin the band’s singer and former husband of actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

Note to Coldplay: “If you like your new album, you can keep your new album.”

Amazing Disgrace 04

I didn’t know Muslims “sang” amazing grace!

Wouldn’t the Islamic battle-cry “Allahu Akbar” been a more “appropriate” song for Mullah Obama to “chant?”

It’s kinda weird, a “gay” loving Muslim, raging “abortionist” and advocate for “same sex marriage” praising God!

Amazing Disgrace 03

Any Christian “hymn” Obama puts on his lips is “blasphemy.”

Amazing Disgrace 01

Obama’s amazing disgrace
Obama’s Amazing Disgrace of a Eulogy
Obama’s Love for Jihadis and Hate for Christians
Obama: ISIS just ‘a bunch of killers with good social media’

Fixed Income

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Fixed Income 01

Hillary redefines “living on a fixed income.”

Hillary Clinton recently described herself and Bill as “dead broke” after they left the White House, even though they were both “alive and dripping” with money.

One might “imagine” they even had to “sell off” their underwear, depending of what the meaning of “underwear” is.

Hillary Broke 03

In the meantime, many Americans live in “poverty” or on a low “fixed income.”

Seniors have to “live” on meager Social Security because their “age” makes them unemployable.

Others, in their twenties, are both “unemployed” and carry a staggering “debt” with no hope of ever “paying” it off.

Over 93 million people in America are “not in the work force.” No jobs. Unemployment at 8.9%.

Meanwhile, Bill and Hill, just a few years after being “dead broke,” are worth about “$80 million.”

Fixed Income 05

How did this “happen?” Well, it’s easy. They just “fixed” their income.

That means the “dead broke” Clintons solicited favors from “gullible” Americans in “advance” for Hillary’s “imminent” presidency.

Fixed Income 03

Having thus “fixed” her income, Hillary can now “rightfully” claim she knows what living on a “fixed income” is really all about.

Bill Clinton “chimed” in that it all depends on your definition of “fixed.”

Fixed Income 02

What the “poor, unemployed” and undocumented “illegal” aliens need to understand is how the “change of words” accommodated the Clinton’s “agendas.”

Hillary already has successfully redefined “marriage” to mean anything that involves “love, loyalty, fidelity, or comity.”

As a result, “heterosexual” marriage is now defined as “racist, sexist, intolerant” union that stands in the way of “true” village community, where everyone is “exactly” the same.

Only when America recognizes our “sameness” will society fully “embrace” true diversity.

“Peace” and “harmony” will follow according to Hillary’s “promises” if she is elected as the next gay president.

We must “learn” from our “wordsmithing” leaders, Bill and Hill Clinton.

Long live “tyrannical” powers to protect the masses as the “Battle Hymn of the Republic” will once again flow across the Nation.

Hillary Clinton NO 2016

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