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Gay Pete Goes to Washington

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President-elect Joe Biden is expected to nominate 38-year-old Pete Buttigieg for “Secretary of Transportation”, a move that will delight a core segment of the Democratic base.

Buttigieg, a 38-year-old serial memoirist and former mayor of the fourth-largest city, South Bend in Indiana, ran for president in 2020 despite having no relevant qualifications.

He did, however, establish himself as the preferred choice among wealthy white liberals with graduate degrees, and the last choice among minority voters of every income bracket and education level.

Buttigieg’s support was particularly prevalent in the boat shoe strongholds of Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, and Cape Cod, leading some analysts to conclude that his primary campaign was the whitest presidential campaign since Mitt Romney’s in 2012.

He is often referred to as the “white Obama.”

Buttigieg’s experience in the field of transportation includes spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on private air travel during the 2020 primary. As mayor of South Bend, Ind., he oversaw the repaving of a small segment of road in front of his house and helped implement a bike-share program.

During the primary, Biden’s campaign mocked Buttigieg’s record as a small town mayor in a brutal digital ad that has since been removed from the internet, for obvious reasons.

Buttigieg will be the second openly gay man to serve in a top administration post. President Donald J. Trump’s former director of national intelligence, Richard Grenell, was the first.

One thing is for sure. Gay Pete won’t be traveling in his capacity as “Secretary of Transportation” to any Muslin nation due to Sharia laws.

Introducing the man slated to run the Department of Transportation
Biden mocks Buttigieg’s mayoral accomplishments in new campaign ad

Gay Joe Biden

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Joe Biden finally came out as being “gay” and reminisced about when gay culture in San Francisco meant “bath houses” and “around-the-clock sex” during an LGBTQ town hall event with “gay” CNN anchor Anderson Cooper.

The former vice president joined other Democratic candidates to take questions on LGBTQ issues during an event in Los Angeles sponsored by CNN and the Human Rights Campaign.

Biden was describing how he made his first public statement supporting same sex marriage in 2012 when he said he came out of the closet. “For example, when I came out and – I came out – when I publicly stated,” he said.

“Gay” CNN anchor Anderson Cooper stepped in: “That would be news, if you…” “’I’ve got something to tell you,” Biden replied.  “I kind of figured it out a while ago,” Cooper dead panned.

That led to a the former vice president reminiscing about how “gay rights” and acceptance of “LGBTQ people” has changed since he first was elected to the Senate in the 1970s.

“Think about Los Angeles here. If you had a business lunch 8, 10 years ago, and there were six or seven people at the lunch, and a gay waiter came up and said something that identified himself being gay, in fact, if one of the people made fun of that waiter, the vast majority of people wouldn’t have said anything at the table. Today you’d all look at him and say, if you’re straight as can be, look at him and say, what the hell is the matter with you? And he’d never be invited back,” Biden pointed out.

Let me get the foam off!

He then brought up a reference to the infamous “bath house” culture in San Francisco, which became a subject of national attention during the AIDS crisis in the 1980s.

“Remember, Anderson? Back 15, 20 years ago, we talked about this in San Francisco was all about, well, you know, gay bath houses. And everybody – it’s all about around-the-clock sex. Come on, man. Gay couples are more likely to stay together longer than heterosexual couples” he added.

Biden even went as far as “grabbing” Anderson Cooper’s shoulders and “leaning” in as though he were going to “kiss” Cooper, who backed up a step.

“We’re going to leave it there,” Cooper replied, ending Biden’s segment on his weird tangent about how straight people think gay people have tons of sex—a fitting last note for a truly “gay” presidential candidate.

To that end, Biden ended his time with Cooper on a passionate note of acceptance. “It’s normal,” he said of being queer in 2019. “It’s normalized. It’s not anything strange. It’s not strange.” I’m sure all the LGBTQ people in the audience appreciated the affirmation.

Joe Biden also talked about how he publicly supported “gay marriage” before his pal President Barack Obama.

He expressed his support during an interview on the “Meet the Press” in May 2012, jumping the gun on an administration announcement about the subject. Obama had not yet taken a public stance on gay marriage.

“I answered the question honestly, and everybody thought that I had jumped the gun on the president,” Biden said of his interview. But when he went into the White House the next day, President Obama supported him.

“I went in on Monday, and all the national press is saying Biden is really going to get nailed when he walks in and sees the president every morning. He got up, and he walked over to me and he said well, you told me. He gave me a kiss. I swear to god,” Biden said.

Well, no surprise there. Bathhouse “Barry” Obama was well know in the Chicago gay community as a pole smoking homo. I wonder if it stopped with just a kiss. Reggie Love must be terribly jealous.

Was it a “French” kiss, Joe? In other words, did Barry slip you the tongue while swapping spit? Joe, have you ever wonder where Barry’s mouth had been before it hit yours?

According to President Trump Joe Biden “was only a good Vice President because he understood how to kiss Obama’s ass.”

Brother & Husband & Gay

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Muslima Ilhan Omar repeatedly refused to answer one simple question: “Did she marry her brother Ahmed Nur Said Elmi?

It’s embarrassing. Reports are flying around, now even in the mainstream media, that Ilhan Omar married her brother, in an attempt to “skirt” immigration law.

But the “scandal” gets worse than that. Documents pulled from the Minneapolis Courthouse indicate that while Omar was “married to her brother” she was also living with another husband in Minneapolis.

According to PJ Media, which compiled evidence years before the mainstream media “bothered” to cover this story, Ilhan Omar filed “false” tax returns and “lied” in sworn court documents saying she hadn’t “seen or heard” from her ex-husband since 2011, when, in fact, she’d been in “contact with him after that date.”

In one Instagram comment, for example, she actually referred to her brother and ex-husband Ahmed Elmi, as being her “children’s uncle!”

In Ilhan Omar’s Minneapolis district reporters were asking residents about allegations that she married her brother, Ahmed Nur Said Elmi.

Some voters were openly supportive of Ilhan Omar’s beliefs and marriage record, promoting an anti-Semitic vision of Israel while explaining that the Koran approves of “bigamist” marriages involving “multiple wives or multiple husbands.”

Ilhan Omar doesn’t want to talk about her “brother and ex-husband” and she’s not doing “ambush interviews” about filing multiple years of “false federal tax returns” with a man she wasn’t married to, when confronted by a reporter outside the Capitol.

“This is hugely embarrassing while the answer should be simple. It leads me to believe that the reports of her brotherly ‘bigamy’ are true. Horrifying” posted Rebel Media’s Keean Bexte on Twitter.

Bexte talked to Omar as she walked between buildings with her staff and “peppered” her with questions she’s so far has ignored or dismissed as a “racist witch hunt.”

“The mainstream media doesn’t have the cojones to actually ask her these questions, so I’m here in Washington, D.C. She has a press conference and I’m going to ask her some questions,” Bexte said in the video.

“Ilhan, if I could get a moment of your time. Bexte Can you tell me why you filed illegal tax returns in 2014 and 2015?” Omar simply ignored him and continued to talk to her staffer.

“Can you tell me definitively or not, is Ahmed Elmi your brother?” he continued. “Is he your brother?” Bexte pressed as she “swatted” at his microphone. “Ahhh,” Omar said, waving away the camera as she turned back to her staffer to discuss where they were heading.

“It’s Foreign Affairs,” Bexte said, “I’ll go with you.” The comment prompted the congresswoman to smile and acknowledge the camera.

“Can you tell me definitively, is he your brother? And why can’t you answer that question?” Why did you refer to him as your child’s uncle on Instagram, and why did you lie on court documents saying you hadn’t seen him since 2011, when in fact you had been talking to him all the time on Instagram?”

“Excuse me, sir,” the staffer interjected, “we’re not doing ambush interviews.” “So you can send me an email … This isn’t an ambush.” Bexte shot back.

“Why are you so afraid to answer these questions? How can anyone take you credibly on the student loan tax file, when you were cheating on your taxes in 2014? And how can you call for Donald Trump’s tax filings when no one can trust you on your own filings? And why are you scared to answer the questions?” Bexte persisted, inching his microphone closer to the lawmaker, who simply smirked and ignored him.

“Excuse me,” Omar said, looking down to dig through her purse. “What are you hiding?” Bexte said. “I’m trying to find my phone at the moment,” Omar replied. “So that you can go on Instagram and talk to your brother?” Bexte quipped.

The lawmaker and her entourage then made an abrupt turn between vehicles to make a getaway. Omar’s silence is notable because she seemed more than willing to speak with the same reporter about the alleged “concentration camps” housing illegal immigrants who cross the southern border.

Allegations posted to a Somali website during Omar’s campaign for state office revealed she wasn’t “legally” married to the man she referred to in public as her “husband” but rather a Britain named Ahmed Nur Said Elmi.

Conservative bloggers “combed” through social media posts and found “evidence” Ahmed Elmi is her brother. Other public records revealed that “Ahmed Elmi, Ilhan Omar” and the father of her three children, “Ahmed Abdisalan Hirsi” all lived at the same South Dakota address throughout of Omar’s marriage to Ahmed Elmi, whom she did not legally “divorce” until 2017.

Public records also show she filed “joint tax returns” with Hirsi for years while “married” to Ahmed Elmi, which is a “felony.”

Omar offered a half-hearted “explanations” during her campaign for the Minnesota House, but has “refused” to discuss lingering questions, including the “evidence” of tax fraud.

People are finally starting to wake up to the fact that Ilhan Omar is an “anti-Semitic homophobic Jihadi.” It took them long enough. But, Ilhan Omar is still “lying” to the world about who she truly is.

The latest taqiyya “hoax” by Omar is pandering American people with “coming out” for the gay community while hiding the fact  that Islam calls for the “execution” of homosexuals.

#HappyPride! I had a fantastic time dancing, hugging, and celebrating #TCPride with everyone this weekend!” #Pride — Ilhan Omar (@IlhanMN) June 24, 2019

After attending a recent Gay Pride parade and posing with members of the gay community, Muslima Ilhan Omar tweeted about implementing Sharia law in America.

“My hips don’t lie. Shakira law now in full effect..” — Ilhan Omar (@IlhanMN) June 25, 2019

Under Sharia law, “homosexual” people are “killed” in Islamic countries, including Omar’s birth country of Somalia.

Omar posing with members of the gay community failed to convince many of her “true” intentions. Many people begin asking questions about how her Islamic “ideology” is going to impact her decision making as a Congresswoman.

Ex-Muslim filmmaker Hazem Farraj asked Omar “So when are you gonna tell them about what you really believe about gays? Your PR network is stellar.”

As previously reported by Laura Loomer, Ilhan Omar’s associate Linda Sarsour “praised” Imam Siraj Wahhaj as her mentor, who has called for the “killing” of all homosexuals.

Wahhaj is also the father of one of the two men arrested on August 8 in New Mexico for kidnapping 11 children they were training to become “school shooters.”

Taqiyya is the Islamic practice of “lying and concealing” one’s true belief in order to “advance” the cause of Islam. It is a common practice held by “Jihadis” when they are exposed in the public eye for their “pro-terror” views.

Omar is practicing Taqiyya in the way that she is trying to portray herself as an “LGBTQ” advocate in light of facing criticism for her “anti-Jewish” statements, and “pro-Islamic terror” associations, which have been well documented by Laura Loomer.

It’s all pure Taqiyya: “Ilhan Omar is like the Pied Piper calling homos to their deaths and they’re too stupid to know better.”

Bacha Boy of Brooklyn

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Bacha bazi is a traditional practice in Afghanistan and some other central Asian cultures, in which boys and adolescent males are compelled to dance for older men, usually as a prelude to pederastic sex. PBS’s Frontline did a documentary on The Dancing Boys Of Afghanistan.

The “sexualization” of boys in America got one of its most mainstream boosts last November as “Good Morning America” (GMA) devoted a segment to prepubescent “Bacha Boy of Brooklyn” Desmond Napoles.

“GMA Day” co-hosts Michael Strahan and Sara Haines invited Napoles on the show for a celebration of his “trail-blazing” and “bravery” in the world of “drag.”

“His bravery is inspiring so many,” host Michael Strahan gushed.

Napoles, known onstage as “Desmond is Amazing,” is a self-described “androgynous drag kid” who identifies as gay according to his biography, claiming he came out as a “homosexual” when he was born.

He reportedly started displaying an interest in women’s clothes at age six, after which his parents say a therapist advised them to allow him to “explore.” He rose to prominence in 2014 when RuPaul and Jinkx Monsoon featured him in a music video.

This has to be one of the more “awkward” thing I have ever seen. An 11-year-old boy who likes to “primp and prance” around like male “strippers.”

“I love to put on makeup, dresses and wigs and of course, jewelry,” Desmond explained with a weirdly effeminate affectation. “It just feels amazing to know that people love what I do.”

My one big message would be three words: “be yourself always.” His mother said, “It really touches me deeply that there are other children out there that he’s reaching and they’re listening to him and he’s influencing them to be themselves.”

After the video, Desmond strutted into the studio, supermodel “catwalk” style, wearing a long strawberry blonde wig, a short dress and a fur coat. The audience cheered wildly at the “hyper-sexualized” display.

They and the hosts enthused over the boy’s every word as though he were an “icon of heroism” they raved when he received surprise visits from three grown “drag queens” bearing gifts for him.

Good Morning America is as mainstream as it gets and this was bold, blatant, carefully orchestrated propaganda aimed at “sexualizing” children and popularizing “transgenderism.”

After Napoles came onstage by strutting across a red carpet, a conversation ensued celebrating the “inspiring” impact of his “cross-dressing” as an example for individuality, and his parents’ support for his “self-expression.”

The young boy’s flamboyant and decidedly “adult garb” contrasted sharply with his talk of enjoying “trains and root beer.”

The segment also treated Napoles to a surprise visit by “iconic drag queens” Hedda Lettuce, Shannel, and Alyssa Edwards. The performers lavished similar praise on the boy’s activities as “courageous,” “inspirational,” and “the future of drag.”

They also presented him with a number of gifts, including a gift basket of makeup, a unicorn bag with fake nails and other assorted items, and more.

“It’s a tough world out there, and not everyone’s accepting of things, and some people have criticized you,” Haines said at one point. “What do you say to them?” After a pause, Napoles said simply, “it’s fine.”

We now have reached a whole new low for the openly promoting “child sex abuse” within the LGBTPQ community – the “P” in LGBTPQ standing for “pedophilia.”

The gay bar in New York City known as “3 Dollar Bill,” which describes itself as “queer owned & operated” and claims to be “Brooklyn’s Premiere Queer Bar & Performance Venue,” has been quietly allowing 11-year-old transgender “Bacha Boy of Brooklyn,” dressed in drag to imitate singer Gwen Stefani, to prance “sexually” suggestive around the venue like a stripper in drag while grown “homosexuals and pedophiles” throw dollar bills at the boy’s half-naked body.

You can see a “creepy” clip of it from Instagram, starting at around the 1:50 mark on this YouTube commentary. If that’s not “pedophilia” grooming, what the hell is?

Believe it or not, “3 Dollar Bill” is not likely to lose its “liquor” license over this. Under New York State law, a minor can be in a bar if accompanied by parent or guardian.

Desmond’s parents were probably there with him, allowing their little boy to “perform” in a bar for men who desire men.

There is almost nothing that our mainstream media will not celebrate if it is labeled pro-LGBTPQ. “Homosexuality and pedophilia” have an unbreakable bond.

Desmond’s parents, the gay bar owners, the television producers and celebrities who “praise” him are heavily encouraging this boy to “destroy” himself.

“Drag queens are, and always have been, typical features of adult entertainment venues, and the culture surrounding drag performing is shrouded with overt sexuality. Cross-dressing aside, drag culture is nothing children should be integrated into, but clearly, those in the entertainment industry think it’s ‘cute’ to see a little boy take on the gender-bending characteristics of men who typically appear on the stages of strip clubs and bars.”

Even homosexual writer Chad Felix Greene has chided homosexuals as being blind to the fact that they are sexualizing children by dressing them in drag, something which he called “abuse.”

“The boy is emulating an adult woman being sexually provocative,” wrote Greene of such cases that include Desmond as well as 9-year-old Nemis Quinn Mélançon Golden, a.k.a. Lactatia.

He calls what homosexual activists are doing to Desmond “exploitation” that “steals the child’s innocence and imposes an adult identity onto him, all to validate their own insecurities.”

“The LGBT world will never be able to fully appreciate the damage being done to a generation of children pushed to grow up faster,” he warns. “Early sexual activity and expression can be devastating to young people, especially LGBTPQ youth. High rates of drug abuse, sexual abuse, and risky sexual behavior are common. HIV rates are extremely high for gay and bisexual young men aged 13 to 24. Nearly 40 percent of homeless youth identify as LGBT, with higher risks of drug use and sex work.”

A variety of scientific literature indicates that promoting “gender fluidity” within children’s minds is unnecessary and destructive. Studies indicate that between 80-90% of children experiencing “gender dysphoria” outgrow it on their own by late adolescence, and that even full gender “reassignment” surgery often fails to resolve “gender-confused” individuals’ heightened tendency to engage in “self-harm and suicide.”

“Bacha Boy of Brooklyn” Desmond is also the founder of the “Haus of Amazing,” a drag house for kids and is developing with the help of his parents a magazine for LGBTPQ youth that he plans to call “The Amaziest,” and hopes to launch a cosmetic line for drag kids, according to his website.

In September, Brown University behavioral scientist Lisa Littman published a study finding that 87% of the teens reviewed, via questionnaires to 256 parents, belonged to a friend group characterized by some degree of “social influence” on gender, such as other “gender-confused” teens; and that 63% of the teens had been diagnosed with at least one mental health disorder or neurodevelopmental “disability” before deciding they were a different gender.

Nevertheless, “Good Morning America” dubbed Desmond’s immersion in the world of drag as an unqualified good. “Thank you for reminding us all to be who we are on the inside,” Haines said at the segment’s conclusion.

So, in public, Desmond is presented as a child just doing “what he loves” in a healthy way that is not “overly sexual” or “provocative,”  and in a manner that is “age appropriate.”

But at “gay bars” 11-year-old Desmond’s parents have him “dancing” around on stage in a tank top while grown “homosexual” men hoot, holler, and throw “money” at him.

Responsible parenting in a morally “corrupt” society has never been more difficult. A mother who dooms her son to a lifetime of “confusion, self-absorption and heartache” is celebrated as a paragon of positive parental “tolerance and support.”

Meanwhile, parents are ignored or even “criticized” for instilling in their children actual virtues like “moral sense, good manners, discipline, work ethic, responsibility, academic excellence, sound decision-making, modesty and humility.”

“As societies collapsed through the ages….the open sexualization of children among the ruling class was the last phase before their ultimate demise!!!

The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan
Andrew and Wendy Napoles have been full partners in exploiting their child
The Art of Raising a Child Drag Queen

Boys Can Have Menstruation

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Boys can have periods too! It’s called “equality for all, once per month.”

School children will be taught that “all genders” can have periods in new sex education lessons, in a victory for transgender rights campaigners.

The advice to teachers was approved by Brighton & Hove City Council as they try to tackle stigma around menstruation.

The new advice follows a council report which said: “Trans boys and men and non-binary people may have periods”, adding that “menstruation must be inclusive of all genders”.

Bins used for menstruation products will be provided in all toilets for children, according to the report.

It also calls for transgender students and pupils to be provided with additional support from a school nurse if needed.

The report recommends that “language and learning about periods is inclusive of all genders, cultures, faiths and sexual orientations. For example; ‘girls and women and others who have periods.'”

Brighton & Hove City Council said in a statement:

“By encouraging effective education on menstruation and puberty, we hope to reduce stigma and ensure no child or young person feels shame in asking for period products inside or outside of school if they need them. 

We believe that it’s important for all genders to be able to learn and talk about menstruation together… Our approach recognizes the fact that some people who have periods are trans or non-binary.”

The same council also recently released a “Trans Inclusion Schools Toolkit” to help teachers treat gender identity sensitively.

It asks teachers to be respectful and inclusive of children who are questioning their gender, and tells them that purposefully not referring to children by their preferred pronoun or name can constitute harassment.

The toolkit also recommends schools adopt a non-gendered uniform so all children feel included, and to reduce bullying.

Tory MP David Davies told The Mail on Sunday that it was “insanity” for teachers to tell pupils that transgender boys can have periods.

He said: “Learning about periods is already a difficult subject for children that age, so to throw in the idea girls who believe they are boys also have periods will leave them completely confused.”

However, leading doctors have previously recommended that primary school children are taught about LGBT issues.

Earlier this year, the Royal College of Pediatricians and Child Health (RCPCH) urged minister go further in their guidance on sex and relationship classes, which will become compulsory from 2020.

Draft Government recommendations say schools are free to determine how they address lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) issues, ensuring teaching is “sensitive and age-appropriate.”

The Royal College said: “There needs to be a clear statement that LGBT people and relationships are part of teaching about healthy relationships in primary school. This can be demonstrated in relation to families – but also it is helpful to children to learn the meaning of terms such as lesbian, gay and bisexual”.

Gay Sex in Prison

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In case you didn’t know, Boosie BadAzz has spent quite a bit of time behind bars. During his time in a cell, the Baton Rouge, LA bred “rapper” probably experienced quite a few things he “never” would have in any other circumstances.

Apparently one of those things was seeing a “sexual encounter between two men.”

“I remember when I was down in Angola Prison I walked in on a nigga riding a nigga dick from the back,” Boosie recounts in the video.

“That nigga had a nigga ankles riding that bitch from the back, man. I ain’t know about the Coke can in the shower, you heard me? A nigga ain’t even tell me. I walked straight in, six in the morning—nigga riding that dick. I said I want to go home, man.”

From there, Boosie went on to call one of the men involved in the sex act a “nasty muthafucker” before continuing to call them sick. “Nasty ass nigga. Same nigga walking around that bitch talking about you a gangsta. Bitch you a punk. Bitch you gay. These niggas like asshole man, forreal.”

Boosie says a “bit more” but, you get the idea. While it’s probably not “too great” to walk in on anyone having sex, Boosie appears particularly “disgusted” with what he saw in jail.

If you’ve been following Boosie “long” enough, you already knew he has quite a “few” opinions about “homosexual” relationships.

Last summer, the rapper explained his belief that TV was forcing children into homosexuality.

This past March, Boosie BadAzz “bashed” Disney for showing two gay characters kissing.

Barstool Sports Comments…

Two things first. I didn’t know “Lil Boosie” changed his name to “Boosie BadAzz.” That’s a significant change. You can’t go from prefix “Lil” to suffix “BadAzz,” it’s too severe. You gotta just drop the Lil. Bow Wow didn’t go from “Lil Bow Wow” to “Bow Wow I’m A Fucking Savage Woof Woof,” he just went to Bow Wow. Gotta ease folks into that because I thought Boosie BadAzz was a completely different person.

Second, I’m gonna ignore the pretty blatant “homophobia” and just focus on the funny parts of this. Because that recounting of catching dudes “banging” in the showers had me in “tears,” man. I’m telling you, actual tears “streaming” down my face. If you’re not in a similar “fit of laughter” then we would absolutely “never get along,” under any circumstance.

I don’t even know what the “funniest” part is and it’s only like three sentences, that’s how funny it is. But the “imagery” of Boosie walking into a shower, “bright eyes and bushy tailed,” ready to start the jail day, and seeing a dude “twerk” on a dick is uproarious. The fact that he didn’t know “shower sex” in jail was a thing is hysterical. The idea that it wasn’t the “solitude, or the lack of friends, or the lack of connection” to the outside world that made him not “want” to be in jail, it was the dude “sex” is just amazing.

Picturing Lil Boosie, of “Wipe Me Down” fame, have that “I’ve made a huge mistake” look wash over his face because he saw a “dude working a dick” is the absolute funniest thing I’ve ever imagined. It’s just “funny,” folks. It is.

I mean how did the guy not know “Coke can in the shower” was a thing? Had he never “read” a newspaper or “seen” a TV show or “heard” any prison rumor ever? That’s like the “only” thing I know about jail and I’m a “white” dude from the suburbs: “People have sex in the showers.”

That last line, too. My goodness is that comedy gold. “The niggas like asshole man, forreal.” As if he’s trying to “convince” the listener, “Dudes screw each other! No, no, no I’m serious. Like they fuck. They honestly do it. In the asshole.” I’m telling you, if you can “read” this stuff without “tears” in your eyes there’s something “wrong” with you. Granted, there’s a “difference” between “knowing” dudes fuck and “seeing” dudes fuck, but Boosie “legit” sounds like an adult man who went to “jail” to get a middle school “biology” lesson.

Yeah, “Boosie BadAzz”, it’s called “gay sex in prison.”

Berkeley Riots

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This quote “combines” sentences from different paragraphs that have been “slightly” paraphrased for “memetic” brevity.

The full essay is titled, “The Cashing-In: The Student Rebellion” and is part of her book, “Return of the primitive: the anti-industrial revolution.”

Highly recommended to “reading” the essay and, for that matter, the “entire” book, which remains as “relevant as ever, to anyone who wonders about the “root” causes of today’s campus “insanity.”


Since UC Berkeley is a place of “higher” learning and the birthplace of the 1960s “Freedom of Speech Movement,” what did we learn from this “riot?”

1) According to “mob” rule you cannot be “gay and conservative.”

2) Conservative speech is “not allowed” on the “most liberal tolerant” college campus in America.

3) “Sticks and stones can break your bones” but words can never hurt you “unless” you are a gay conservative trying to “speak on the most liberal tolerant college campus” in America billed as the birthplace of the “Freedom of Speech Movement,”

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Chosen Gender Identity

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Chosen Gender Identity 04

The White “Rainbow” House says gender identity is a “Civil Rights” issue.

The Obama administration has “ordered” US schools to encourage “mental illness” in children by letting “gender confused” pupils use toilets matching their chosen gender identity.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch said schools that don’t “comply” may face lawsuits or lose “federal aid” if they do not comply.

In a separate move, the president also “strengthened” protections for “LGBTFQAPBCU©” community receiving “health care.”

The federal government is “fighting” the state of North Carolina in court over a law “requiring” people to use “toilets” according to their “gender at birth.”

However the Obama administration “education and justice” departments say public schools must “respect” transgender pupils’ “gender identity” even if their education records or identity documents indicate a “different sex.”

“There is no room in our schools for discrimination of any kind, including discrimination against transgender students on the basis of their sex,” Lynch said.

Chosen Gender Identity 03

Campaigners “hailed” the move.

“This is a truly significant moment not only for transgender young people but for all young people, sending a message that every student deserves to be treated fairly and supported by their teachers and schools,” said Chad Griffin from Human Rights Campaign, a “gay, lesbian and transgender” rights organization.

But the “directive,” which has been sent to all public schools, was immediately “rejected” by senior Republican Party politicians meeting at a “convention” in Texas.

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick said: “This will be the beginning of the end of the public school system as we know it.”

“President Obama, in the dark of the night – without consulting Congress, without consulting educators, without consulting parents – decides to issue an executive order, forcing transgender policies on schools and on parents who clearly don’t want it,” he told 5NBC television.

A new “gender identity” comes into force as soon as a “parent or guardian” notifies the school that their child’s identity “differs from previous representations or records” and must be respected even if it makes others “uncomfortable,” the directive says.

Chosen Gender Identity 05

Loretta “I hate the constitution” Lynch said North Carolina’s new state law had “echoes” of policies of “racial segregation” and efforts to deny gay couples “the right to marry.”

The federal government and the state are “suing each other over the law,” which the federal authorities say “violates” the Civil Rights Act.

North Carolina’s Governor Pat McCrory has said the law is a “common sense privacy policy” and that the justice department’s position is “baseless and blatant overreach.”

However, many businesses and entertainers have “criticized the measures as discriminatory.”

Musicians have “cancelled” concerts in the states and several companies have pledged to “curtail” their business in North Carolina.

Last month a US appeals courts ruled that a Virginia school policy that “barred” a transgender pupil from using the boys’ toilet was “discriminatory.”

In plain English this means “little” Timmy can now go into the girl’s bathroom watching them “tinkle,” or stay in the boys bathroom watching someone with a vagina “pissing” into the urinals next to him.

I wonder what the “Social justice warriors” (SJW’s) next agenda will be once this whole “controversy” over bathroom rights for a group that makes up “0.3 percent of population” in the U.S. is over.

Now that “gay marriage” is done with, it seems to me they are running out of “fights to pick.”

It’s kind of weird that the government is willing to “declare” that a minor who hasn’t finished developing “mentally” is able to make a decision about “changing” their gender though. But whatever. I’m fine with “weird” people being “weird.”

Seriously, what this really “boils” down to is that the only “real” differences between the male and female bathrooms are the “toilets,” with the women’s bathroom smelling too much like “perfume” while the men’s smells like “urine stained” toilet seats.

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Women always go to the bathroom in a “gaggle” and take 35 minutes to “wizz,” while men simply “unzip” and go.

Larry Craig

No man spends one second “longer” in the restroom than necessary unless he is “gay” like former Senator Larry Craig looking for a quick “fellatio” or “fudge packing” victim.

Gay Fudge Packer

People are getting “bent” out of shape over a “none issue,” because as soon as “trannies” have to “wait in line for an hour to piss” at an event, they will leave their “pantyhose and wigs” at home.

New York City Lets You Choose From 31 Different Gender Identities


How one woman’s ‘bathroom bill’ campaign went viral

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Air Force Academy Graduation

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Air Force Academy Graduation 01

Obama has managed to “purge” the military of several hundred “high level” officers and replaced them with much “less qualified” individuals to fill some kind of left wing “diversity” quotas.

Here are Obama’s “remarks” in his commencement speech singling out “special interest” groups to “praise” United States Air Force Academy graduates.

“We live our values when our military, like America itself, truly welcomes the talents of all people. We’re stronger when our gay and lesbian cadets and troops can serve their country — a country they love — without hiding who they love. (Applause.) We’re stronger when cadets — like Wasim Soomro and Ismail Baumy and James Salem — know that we celebrate their service as proud, patriotic Muslim Americans who are also serving in our armed forces. (Applause.)

And on this 40th anniversary of the first female cadets arriving at this Academy, we are stronger because General Johnson leads this institution; because Air Force General Lori Robinson leads Northern Command — our nation’s first female combatant commander; and because all combat positions in our military are now open to women like you. We’re stronger because of it. (Applause.)”

Air Force Academy Graduation 04

Barack Hussein Obama focused his praise on “gays, lesbians, and Muslim” cadets, pointing to the “military’s diversity.”

Air Force Academy Graduation 02Air Force Academy Graduation 03He also “singled” out a female Air Force general, Lori Robinson, a woman who has never “flown a plane,” whom he appointed to “head” the Air Force in the Pacific and now has “nominated” her to be first woman to lead the “U.S. Northern Combat Command.”

America is stronger now that cadets “suck” each other off or “lick” each other out, and really stronger when worshiping “Allah,” who orders all “gays” to be executed along with all “infidels.”

At least until they experience sudden “Jihad” syndrome and go on a shooting spree, killing their fellow airmen, aka “Fort Hood.”

Barack Hussein Obama accelerates his ’emasculation jihad’ on the U.S. military
Obama ‘Doing Everything He Can to Destroy This Country’’
The Left Is Aggressively ‘Breaking Down The Resistance’ To Transform America

Unwanted Penis

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Unwanted Penises 00

What do you do if you’re a poor man, and you want to remove your penis?

You’re barely “making” ends meet. You can’t “pay” your rent, electricity, food bill nor have enough “money” to get your “penis” removed.

That’s why the Obama administration is doing the “right” thing and having “taxpayer” funded Medicare “paying” for your penis “extraction.”

The New York Times had a “touching” story about a “gay” AIDS-infected man with a number of names – “Jerome, Meeka, Kricket,” and even “Thunderpussy” (TP) who desperately needed his “penis” removed in order convince “himself” that he is a “woman.”

Unwanted Penises 03

Kricket Nimmons on his way to Philadelphia to see a specialist in gender reassignment surgery.

Medicare lifted its ban on “gender reassignment surgery” last year.

The federal government “ordered” its insurance carriers to cover transition-related “care” for its employees.

And “nine” state Medicaid programs have “dropped” their exclusions for “transgender” health care, with New York doing so this past March.

Seizing the “opportunity” Nimmons was about to become one of the first “low-income” New Yorkers to undergo a “genital reconstruction” paid for by Medicaid.

In a few hours, if all “goes” well, his body would be “aligned” with the desired“identity” for the first time, and no longer be “a chick with a wiener.”

Unwanted Penises 04

That’s right. TP is about to be promoted to a “disfigured” man.

Peering under the sheet that “draped” his body that early October morning at a hospital outside Philadelphia, Nimmons bade “farewell” to what he called “my friend” or that “unwanted part” for which he was identified as “male” at birth.

Tattooed on his right “forearm” was his birth name, “Jerome,” complete with “quotation” marks.

A good thing TP doesn’t “want” his right arm “cut off” to also prove he’s a “woman!”

“When I lay down and when I wake up, I’ll be a whole new creature…” Nimmons declared.

A creature like “Frankenstein” or the “Wolfperson.”

Over the course” of his life, Nimmons has often said he never “expected” to make it to 40, much less to “complete” the long, “lonely” journey from “Jerome through Meeka” (his interim name) and “Magnolia Thunderpussy” (his drag name) and now “Kricket.”

Kricket, with a “C,” was a character he admired on “The Young and the Restless,” a blond model turned “Legal Aid” lawyer.

Unwanted Penises 05

Nimmons had “settled” into New York with “remarkable” alacrity.

Do you think that “alacrity” is really the most remarkable “thing” about TP?

Within weeks of arriving, he “secured” a spacious one-bedroom apartment on an eastern Brooklyn boulevard through the city’s “H.I.V./AIDS Services Administration,” and obtained “food stamps.”

Nimmons was “determined” to get by on a monthly “disability” check of $722 and spent a “lot” of time in his “bare-walled” apartment, watching “television talk shows, reality shows and nighttime soap operas.”

This is why TP “needs” Medicare. Watching soap operas “simply” doesn’t bring in enough “money” to get your “penis” cut off.

Agony Vol. Leaf Blower

Try it “yourself” and see!

Until his last “arrest” in 2011, he had provided for himself  “hustling,” he said.

Some “hustles” were legal, like his makeup “jobs,” and some were not, like “forging” checks and committing “credit card” fraud.

Unwanted Penises 01

I hope that TP is making an “honest” women of him. Or whatever “he/she” might be.

Now he won’t be “stopped” by the TSA for trying to “smuggle” male genitals on an airplane.

And with taxpayer “subsidized” lessons on how to “talk like a girl,” TP can pass for whatever “he/she” likes.

And what do you “think” will happen when TP starts “lurking” in ladies’ bathrooms?

Unwanted Penises 02

Exit question: “If TP is gay and removes his penis, grows breasts, and talks with a lilt, and is attracted to men, is TP still gay, heterosexual, or none of the above?”

U.S. Taxpayers Give ‘Magnolia Thunderpussy’ a Sex Change

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