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Laodicean Apostasy

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If Billy Graham would have been preaching the true gospel of the grace of God, Paul’s gospel for the Church Age, he would not have doubted if Hell was a real place or not. He would have looked at his friend, Pope John Paul II, as a lost sinner in need of a Savior, and pleaded with him to become born again. But there is no record of any kind that he ever spoke those words to the pope. 

Christians get mad when you point out that evangelist Billy Graham was really a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” who spent more than half of his ministry defending and promoting the Pope, and sending the “converts” from his rallies to Catholic churches.

“Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way, for that day will not come until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the man doomed to destruction.” (2 Thessalonians 2:3)

  • Did you know that Billy Graham believed and taught that you could be saved and not know it?
  • That the Body of Christ will include non-Christians from other religions as well as pagans?
  • How about the time he told Larry King on CNN that he feels absolutely comfortable worshiping in a Mormon church?

Now before you get all excited over what I’m telling you, take a moment to watch the video below and hear all of that and more from Billy’s own lips, at a time when he was still well in possession of all his mental faculties.

Billy Graham in his own words: So…you don’t believe that Billy Graham said these things? Then click on the video below and watch for yourself.

Here are some more notable and heretical statements from the “world’s greatest evangelist”:

Billy Denies A Literal, Fiery Hell: “I think people have a hard time believing God is going to allow people to burn in literal fire forever. I think the fire that is mentioned in the Bible is a burning thirst for God that can never be quenched.” The Orlando Sentinel for April 10, 1983

Billy Agrees With Infant Baptism: “I do believe that something happens at the baptism of an infant. We cannot fully understand the mysteries of God, but I believe that a miracle can happen in these children so that they are regenerated, that is, MADE CHRISTIAN, THROUGH INFANT BAPTISM.” Interview with the Lutheran Standard in October 1967

Billy On His Love For The Vatican: “When I was at the Vatican I spoke at a vesper service at the North American College, which is a seminary for students from North America. I understand I was the first Protestant to speak there. It was a very inspirational and Christ centric service, with much contemporary music.” Christianity Today 1981

Billy Identifies More As A Catholic Than Protestant: “I find myself closer to Catholics than the radical Protestants. I think the Roman Catholic Church today is going through a second Reformation” Philadelphia Evening Bulletin 24 May, 1966

Billy Says Pope John Paul II His Spiritual Leader: “I think the American people are looking for a leader, a moral and spiritual leader that believes something. And the Pope does. Thank God, I’ve got somebody to quote now with some real authority.” Phil Donahue Show October 11, 1979

Billy Promotes Islam: “I think Islam is misunderstood, too, because Mohammed had a great respect for Jesus. He called Jesus the greatest of the prophets except himself. Islam is much more like Christianity than we think we are”.

“To the angel of the church in Laodicea write: These are the words of the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the ruler of God’s creation. I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth.” (Revelation 3:14-16)

All above quotes were uttered 1983 or earlier, at a time when Graham was still good health, physically strong and mentally aware. I gave you 5 random quotes, but easily could have given you 50 more, 100 more, showing his lukewarm, “Laodicean” theology and manner of compromising preaching. People will get mad and write to me with statements like “How DARE you speak against Billy Graham?? I got SAVED at one of his rallies.” So? If you found a diamond ring in a trash dumpster, would you call it a jewelry store? No, you would not. Can people get saved with lukewarm preaching? Yes, they can. But without the true gospel, undiluted and powerful, it is nearly impossible for them to grow in a walk with the Lord.

The following is from a transcript of an appearance by Billy Graham on Robert Schuller’s “Hour of Power,” program #1426 entitled Say “Yes” To Possibility Thinking, which was originally broadcast May 31, 1997:

Schuller: Tell me, what do you think is the future of Christianity?

Graham: Well, Christianity and being a true believer–you know, I think there’s the Body of Christ. This comes from all the Christian groups around the world, outside the Christian groups. I think everybody that loves Christ, or knows Christ, whether they’re conscious of it or not, they’re members of the Body of Christ. And I don’t think that we’re going to see a great sweeping revival, that will turn the whole world to Christ at any time. I think James answered that, the Apostle James in the first council in Jerusalem, when he said that God’s purpose for this age is to call out a people for His name.

And that’s what God is doing today, He’s calling people out of the world for His name, whether they come from the Muslim world, or the Buddhist world, or the Christian world or the non-believing world, they are members of the Body of Christ because they’ve been called by God. They may not even know the name of Jesus but they know in their hearts that they need something that they don’t have, and they turn to the only light that they have, and I think that they are saved, and that they’re going to be with us in heaven.

Schuller: What, what I hear you saying that it’s possible for Jesus Christ to come into human hearts and soul and life, even if they’ve been born in darkness and have never had exposure to the Bible. Is that a correct interpretation of what you’re saying?

Graham: Yes, it is, because I believe that. I’ve met people in various parts of the world in tribal situations, that they have never seen a Bible or heard about a Bible, and never heard of Jesus, but they’ve believed in their hearts that there was a God, and they’ve tried to live a life that was quite apart from the surrounding community in which they lived.

Schuller: I’m so thrilled to hear you say this. There’s a wideness in God’s mercy.

Graham: There is. When I got saved in 1991, on my knees alone in my room at midnight with a King James Bible opened to John 3:16, there was no preaching at all. I had no Christians friends, had never set foot in a non-Catholic church, it was just me and the Lord and I got saved. But without biblical preaching I soon found myself following the perverted teachings of another false teacher, Harold Camping, and I didn’t break free from it until I met some Bible believers a few years later who told me the Truth.

Back in 2000, Billy gave an interview where he seemed to have little to no assurance of his salvation. Well, after nearly 50 years of “enjoying” Catholic doctrine and preaching it’s not surprising to me at all. The Vatican teaches that believers “cannot know if they are going to heaven when they die.” Franklin Graham continues his father’s defense and promotion of the Catholic Church.

Franklin Graham, son of the great Catholic compromiser, Billy Graham, wants the Roman Catholic Church to “remain unmovable” on biblical teachings. “I appreciate the Catholic Church remaining very strong on moral issues through the years, and I pray they will be immovable on teachings of the Bible,” he posted on Facebook recently.

So there you have it, Franklin wants the Catholic Church cult to “remain unmovable” on their 1,700 years of false teachings, praying to Mary, the idolatry of the Mass and distortion of Bible doctrine. Well, what can I say? Like father, like son.

In a January 2, 2000 Fox News interview, Tony Snow asked Billy Graham: “When you get to Heaven, who’s going to speak first, you or God?

Graham replied: “When I get there, I’m sure that Jesus is going to say that he will welcome me. But I think that he’s going to say: ‘Well done, our good and faithful servant.’ Or he may say: ‘You’re in the wrong place’.”

SNOW: “You really worry that you may be told you’re in the wrong place?

GRAHAM: “Yes, because I have not – I’m not a righteous man. People put me up on a pedestal that I don’t belong in my personal life. And they think that I’m better than I am. I’m not the good man that people think I am. Newspapers and magazines and television have made me out to be a saint. I’m not. I’m not a Mother Teresa. And I feel that very much.”

That doesn’t sound like someone just being humble, that sounds like someone who is unsure of and maybe a little afraid of what will happen when they die. Imagine preaching for well over half a century and have no assurance you’re even saved? Truly heartbreaking. Not just for Billy Graham, but for the millions more he deceived and turned over to the Vatican cult.

A sad ending for the “world’s greatest evangelist”, don’t you think?

“You adulterous people, don’t you know that friendship with the world means enmity against God? Therefore, anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God.” (James 4:4)

Apostate Laodicean Franklin Graham says Jesus would take the covid vaccine and urges pastors to compel their people to take it as well, What??

Christmas Message 2020

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In his Christmas message — which the mainstream media has summarily ignored — President Trump retells the story of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, and her central role in the Incarnation.

Risking the mockery of demons on both sides of the Atlantic, he even quotes the Angel Gabriel’s words to Our Lady at the time of the Annunciation.

Franklin Graham

“People have asked if I am disappointed about the election. When I think about my answer, I have to say honestly, that I am grateful—grateful to God that for the last four years He gave us a president who protected our religious liberties; grateful for a president who defended the lives of the unborn, standing publicly against abortion and the bloody smear it has made on our nation; grateful for a president who nominated conservative judges to the Supreme Court and to our federal courts; grateful for a president who built the strongest economy in 70 years with the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years before the pandemic; grateful for a president who strengthened and supported our military; grateful for a president who stood against “the swamp” and the corruption in Washington; grateful for a president who supported law and order and defended our police. I’m grateful for a president and a vice president who recognized the importance of prayer and were not ashamed of the name of Jesus Christ. I’m thankful that the president stood against the secularists who wanted to take Christ out of Christmas and that he brought back the greeting “Merry Christmas!” So as we come to the end of this election season, I look back with a grateful heart and thank God for all of these things. It is unfortunate that many people got confused and made the election about personalities rather than the policies of the candidates. President Trump will go down in history as one of the great presidents of our nation, bringing peace and prosperity to millions here in the U.S. and around the world. May God bless him, Melania, and their family, as God leads him to the next chapter in his life.”

God bless you, Mr. President and First Lady Melania.

Merry Christmas.

Christians and Virus Hoax

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Pastors are belatedly coming to the conclusion that letting Caesar decide when and where they can worship was a bad idea from the beginning. The fact the vast majority of churches meekly shut down and surrendered, demonstrates how deeply secular culture has penetrated the pastorate.

These collaborationist forgot the one time Jesus lost his temper was when secular concerns were interfering with the worship of God inside the Temple. Pastors evidently confused “meek with weak” and that faulty thinking dominated their Flu Manchu decision making.

The rush to surrender to secular authorities and be good little church people was positively French in its intensity.

These so called “shepherds” surrendered a constitutional right to worship like it was an expired handicapped parking tag. Instead of outsourcing outreach to Facebook, pastors should have kept their churches open. Urging the frail elderly and those with underlying conditions to stay home and watch, while the healthy gathered together as Christians are instructed to do.

During the week, the staff could’ve visited elderly parishioners in person and prayed through the storm door. That would have been much more work than the “virus vacation” the clergy opted to take. More important, it would have been biblical.

Now a few pastors are beginning to understand that if Costco can remain open, so can church.

It took him until July, but in California Dr. John MacArthur, pastor of “Grace Community Church”, finally announced, “We will obey God rather than men. We’re going to be faithful to our Lord. We’re going to leave the results to him.”

At a later service, MacArthur welcomed members to the “Grace Community Church Peaceful Protest”…

“We stand firm to continue fulfilling our biblical mandate from Christ to proclaim the Gospel and assemble together, and I earnestly hope that our stance will encourage other pastors, churches, and the general public across America and the world to also stand firm for biblical Truth, Church is essential,” MacArthur said in a statement.

The big problem with that announcement is timing. MacArthur was six months late. Prominent pastors and denominations should have met in March and announced that Christians would continue to worship, as is their right guaranteed by the Constitution, and each church would make “Kung Flu” mitigation efforts on its own.

The “Flustapo” specializes in making life miserable for individuals and the disorganized. You didn’t notice health officials requiring masks on mostly peaceful looters. A massive pushback from believers would have saved Churches and established that Christians will suffer no infringement on their duty to God.

Also in California, Pastor Rob McCoy of “Godspeak Calvary Chapel” didn’t surrender, but he mistakenly thought a little “going” along would mean “getting” along.

When BLM riots were deemed essential and church wasn’t, that was enough. McCoy told Just The News, “Who would ever have thought you’re standing on the front lines because you’re going to church on a Sunday?”

McCoy defied a temporary restraining order from the local Caesar forbidding indoor worship. “I’m not being disobedient to anybody, I’m being obedient to God. No government gets in the way of worshipping the one who created us. We’re living on His dirt, breathing His air, drinking His water, eating His food, we’re going to live by His rules.”

McCoy isn’t alone on the front line. A vindictive county government is seeing to that. A lawsuit against the church also includes 1,000 criminals to be named later who will also be charged with McCoy and fined up to $1,000/day.

My favorite response to “Flustapo” minions took place in little Holly Springs, MS. Cops who worshiped Mammon and not God broke up a Sunday Service at the First Pentecostal Church. Pastor Jerry Waldrop then took his 45 members to the local Wal-Mart, which has never been closed, and held services there.

Franklin Graham also decided to enter the belly of the “lockdown” beast. He announced he will lead the 2020 Prayer March in Washington, DC on September 26th.

Graham and his supporters are hoping thousands of believers will show up and march from the Lincoln Memorial to the steps of the Capitol, stopping along the way for prayer for our nation.

Mayor Muriel Caesar isn’t going to like that. As this is written, travelers to DC from 29 states are ordered to self–quarantine for two weeks after they arrive. “Mass gatherings” of more than 50 people are forbidden. Face Burkas are required indoors and out.

A camel will pass through the eye of a needle before DC will issue a parade permit for Graham’s march.

It’s time for a showdown with secular anti–Christian authorities and DC is the perfect location. I hope Graham stands firm and thousands march with him regardless of consequences. It’s time for the USA to remember what “prohibiting the free exercise” really means.

Christian Warrior

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Christian Soldier 01

Franklin Graham didn’t mince any words with Fox News host Gretchen Carlson on the 30 Christians from Ethiopia that were “slaughtered.”

He both “condemned” the White House for their “inaction” against ISIS and called for a complete “halt to immigration of Muslims” from countries with active Islamic “terror cells” in them.

When challenged by Carlson on whether this halt would draw “criticisms” of discrimination, Graham responded vehemently “of course”, suggesting people will obviously cry “discrimination.”

But Graham says “we are at war and that you must discriminate if you are going to win the war.”

Franklin: “We need to kill all the Muslim terrorists, and more importantly, halt immigration into the U.S. from Muslim countries.”

Gretchen: “But we don’t want to discriminate, right…I mean OMG that would be horrible…”

Franklin: “Now, now Gretchen, of course not.. You’re going to have to discriminate if you’re going to win the war.”

Let’s just keep allowing them to come here to the US and then when people start going crazy like they are in Europe and the Middle East we can say “I just don’t understand, we were nice to the Muslims, we let them come here…”

The Rev. Franklin Graham gave an ominous warning to Christians living in the United States, as he expounded on how “religious” freedoms are being “eroded” stateside while believers are being “persecuted” throughout the world.

Graham also expressed his “concerns” about the Obama administration’s “foreign” policy, which has been to “rebuke” the nation’s allies, such as Israel, while countries known to be “hostile” to the U.S. are attempting to “shape policy” by gaining influence in the Democratic Party and by giving large “donations” to entities such as the “Clinton Foundation.”


“I believe we’re going to see persecution in this country,” Graham said during an interview on Fox and Friends Weekend.

“We’ve already seen many laws that have been passed that restrict our freedom as Christians. I believe it’s going to get worse, and we see no question gaining influence in Washington by those that represent the Islamic faith. We do have a problem in this country and we are losing our religious freedom and we’re losing it a little bit day by day.”

It’s not the “first” time that Graham, the son of renowned evangelist Billy Graham, has issued a “warning” for Christian Americans.

He previously warned that America’s “morality” was crumbling because President Obama “defends Islam and chastises Christians, rebukes our allies and befriends our enemies, and fully supports gay marriage and abortion but denies the religious freedoms of those who don’t agree,” in a post on Facebook.


He has been outspoken in his “critique” of Obama’s leadership and that of nearly everyone in Washington, especially when it comes to the “battle” against ISIS. Graham also encouraged Christians to get “involved” in politics and “run” for office in order to do God’s will.

“Who says we can’t be in politics?” he asked in January at the Oklahoma State Evangelism Conference.

“The gays and lesbians are in politics, I can tell you that. All the anti-God people are in politics. They’re there. Why shouldn’t the church be there? Who says we can’t speak up? Who says our voice can’ be heard? Get involved. I’m here to tell you that the only way, the only hope is not a Republican, it’s not a Democrat or whoever. The only hope is that this country repents of its sins and turns once again to the God of our fathers and to His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ — otherwise, there is no hope.”

His comments on “Fox and Friends Weekend” reiterated his call for Christians to be “involved” in politics and “spread” the message of God’s “love and forgiveness.”

When host Tucker Carlson asked what Christians can do to “right the wrongs or correct the direction the country is headed,” Graham said that everyone needs to “pray and then actively participate in politics.”

“We have a problem in Washington, and we have become so greedy, we have become so bitter, and we fight with one another. But we need Christian Democrats and Christian Republicans running for office. And we need to get God back in Washington,” Graham explained.

Nice to “hear” that at least there is “one” Christian leader in the U.S. who is not “afraid” to tell the truth.

Franklin Graham should be “nominated” for the 2015 Nobel Prize…

Christian Warrior 01

Here is a brief “history” lesson about the Islamic “jihad” which led up to the Crusades. It covers the “Caliphate” expansion of 548 battle-periods, each covering a 20 year period, and then the battle period and the locations of the Crusades.

The timing of this video could not be better, since “Mullah” Obama recently invoked the Crusades as an equivocation of the “evils” of Christianity to the “jihad” of Islam.

There is no moral “equivalency or comparison” between the Islamic jihad and the Crusades, regardless of what Muslims, or Barry Obama, might “believe or think.”

Osama bin Laden “labeled” Westerners, Christians, as Crusaders, as if they “attacked” Islam. The reality, is that “Islamic jihad” came first. The Crusades were merely a “reaction” to the Muslim attacks on Christians, and to “wrest” the Holy Land from “Islamic” control.

What everyone needs to keep in mind is the “time line” involved here:

“First came Judaism, then came Christianity based upon Old Testament history and inspired prophesy, and the New Testament history and teachings of Christ.”

The “History of Islam” came about from the “assembled” writings of Muhammad, more than 600 years after Christ.

Muhammad is a “false” prophet as predicted by Christ in Matthew 7:15: “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.”

Christian Warrior 02

Franklin Graham tells Muslims they don’t have to die in jihad to please God
Catholic priest tells his parishioners to carry guns

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