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Paradise Cuba

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Fidel Bernie Sanders recommends you watch the videos below to get a taste of what is coming down the road to America if he gets elected.

What do you think of when you hear the name Cuba? Well for me it brought up romantic notions of revolutionaries, rum and steamy tropical nights. But what was life like on the island for the common man living in modern day Cuba? Well myself and Alinchik flew there to find out

Do you hate the morning commute to work? Well I doubt you have it as bad as Cubans we joined on their morning commute. An hour standing in what is basically a cattle truck that rattles over broken roads that even locals struggle with. Bring your sick bag!

Most of us have access to the basic essentials in life. We take being able to use an ATM for granted, that the trains won’t run out of petrol and be cancelled or that milk will be available in a shop when you visit. But the people of Cuba are not so lucky. They live under a different system and to be honest, it’s not working out well for them…So tell me, could you handle live under that system?

Cuba, the land of cigars and rum and random nutters who throw your beer on the floor. Join me as I show you the behind the scenes from our trip through this perplexing, frustrating but friendly and fascinating communistic country.

Fidel Bernie Sanders

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Millionaire “Fidel” Bernie Sanders said in a 60 Minutes interview that Castro’s Cuban “revolution” wasn’t entirely bad.

Sanders visited Cuba in the 1980s, praising Castro’s “social programs” while expressing concern about the government’s jailing of political dissidents.

“We’re very opposed to the authoritarian nature of Cuba, but, you know, it’s simply unfair to say everything is bad,” Sanders said in an interview with “gay” propagandist Anderson Cooper.

Cubans escaping utopia.

During the interview, Fidel Sanders counted “healthcare and education” among the reasons that the Cuban people didn’t “rise up and overthrew” Castro after the 1959 revolution.

“You know, when Castro came into office, you know what he did? He had a massive literacy program,” Fidel Sanders told Cooper. “Is that a bad thing? Even though Castro did it?”

Fidel Sanders has a long history of “praising” left-leaning authoritarian “Marxist” leaders in Latin America. Here are some of Fidel Sanders’ most gushing praise of socialist regimes.

Fidel Sanders said: “Castro educated the kids, gave them health care and totally transformed the Cuban society.”

Fidel Sanders spent his honeymoon in the Soviet Union and said he was “impressed by their public transportation system. In fact it was the cleanest, most effective mass transit system I’ve ever seen. The stations themselves were absolutely beautiful, including many works of art, chandeliers that are beautiful…”

Fidel Sanders gushed more: “I was impressed by the youth programs that they have… cultural programs which go far beyond what we do in this country.”

Even more effusive praise went to Nicaragua’s socialist revolution. In 1985, Sanders met Nicaraguan leader Daniel Ortega and called him a “very impressive guy.”

Fidel Sanders lauded the “confiscation and redistribution” of property, which he called “…land reform – giving, for the first time in their lives, real land to farmers so that they can have something that they grow. Nobody denies that they are making significant progress.”

Ortega recently “banned” Nicaragua’s largest newspaper from buying “ink and newsprint.”  Today, the lack of progress is so clear that even Fidel Sanders hedges that he is ” very concerned about the anti-democratic policies of the Ortega government.”

Fidel Sanders talks these days of “democratic socialism” but he was once full of praise for “violent socialist regimes” including Castro’s Cuba, the Soviet Union, and Nicaraguan Sandinistas.

This video is a response from a Cuban immigrant to Bernie Sanders’ interview in “60 Minutes” with Anderson Cooper when he “praised” Castro for a literacy program. Warning foul language

Venezuelan protesters in Washington D.C. recently told Cabot Phillips their message for young people in America who want Socialism. “Fidel Sanders is your enemy” the protester sounded the alarm.

These comments for sure will rile up Cuban exiles in Miami and escalate arguments from moderate Democrats that Sanders is too far left to beat President Donald Trump.

Both Fidel’s Bernie and Castro are multi millionaires.

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