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Liberal Message of Love

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A message of “love” from the liberal “Political Party of Peaceful Killing” (PPPK).

Kathy Griffin, who apparently is still “alive and relevant” to some and a “psychopath,” posted this video showing her “beheading” President Trump.

A “ridiculous and inappropriate” move, highlighted with an “OBVIOUSLY I don’t condone violence” message.

Most backward “logic” ever from a “crazy, brainless liberal feminist.”

She’s since done the “apology” tour with this video.

It is one thing to be a “space cadet” and have no “idea” what you’re doing. That can be “forgivable” and written off as just a “wacko” artist whose perception of “art” did not allow her to see the horrific “implications and connotations” of what you were posting.

But then, when you see “behind the scenes” you realize she knew “exactly” what she was doing.

Don’t make a “shock-value” video when you know exactly what the “reaction” will be, and then “apologize” on the grounds that you, in “poor judgment, unintentionally went too far.”

Nobody is buying your “crap” apology. You knew exactly how far you “intended” to go and did it “hoping, planning, and expecting the exact reaction you got.”

It’s an appalling, grotesque, gory, vile, evil, pathetic, immoral, malicious, inexcusable and unforgivable act of violence.

Appalling’ that no one stopped Kathy Griffin
Griffin is just the tip of the liberal violence iceberg
Kathy Griffin Called Elizabeth Hasselbeck A Bitch and Cunt.
‘The View’ Blasts Kathy Griffin

Meet Muppet Zari

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Zari 01

In a first for the “Sesame Street” co-production in Afghanistan, there’s a new, female “feminist” Muppet on the block.

Zari, whose name means “shimmering,” is a hijab-wearing, “genitally-mutilated” Afghani Muppet who helps children access “topics” such as “girl empowerment, physical health, social diversity appreciation and emotional well-being,” all of which are “non-existent” in Afghanistan.

Zari will first appear in season five of “Baghch-e-Simsim,” which is the Afghan version of “Sesame Street.”

Zari 03

The program is in its “fifth” season, supplemented by original and other co-produced “Sesame” segments translated into “Dari and Pashto.”

The popular children show’s Twitter account was “abuzz” with Zari content.

“Meet Zari, our new friend from Afghanistan! She’s here to teach young kids about girls’ empowerment!” #BaghcheSimsim — Sesame Street (@sesamestreet) April 7, 2016

“Introducing…Zari! Our new friend in Afghanistan, joining #BaghcheSimSim for #Season5! She’s a very special girl!” — Sesame Workshop (@SesameWorkshop) April 7, 2016

“We’re excited to have Zari in the family! She’s an incredible role model for kids around the world!” #BaghcheSimsim — Sesame Street (@sesamestreet) April 7, 2016

“Sesame Street has done more to educate and entertain than any other children’s program in Afghanistan,” said Saad Mohseni, the president of the MOBY group, which airs numerous TV programs for Afghani children.

Zari 02

Rula Ghani, the first lady of Afghanistan, meets Zari, the first female resident of the country’s edition of “Sesame Street.”

“We are especially delighted about the introduction of Zari to Baghch-e-Simsim, which reflects Sesame’s commitment to the country and the show’s positive impact here.”

“Debuting a confident, inquisitive and sweet Afghan girl character is a perfect opportunity to engage both boys and girls with lessons supporting girls’ empowerment and diversity appreciation, as we aim to help all children in Afghanistan grow smarter, stronger and kinder,” Sherrie Westin, executive vice president of “Global Impact and Philanthropy”, Sesame Workshop, said in a statement.

Zari 04

Hillary Clinton has “espoused” the same values in her “war on women” campaign throughout the presidential “election” cycle.

Hillary Muslim 01

Perhaps Huma Mahmood Abedin can “assist” Hillary in picking up the Muppet “votes” with a hijab wearing “head” cover, a suicide “vest” and a double edged “clitoris” slicing razor blade in her purse.

Zari 05

Hillary is saving most of that for her “after-death” cryogenic storage. I think she wants to be “revived” when the revolution and subsequent “wealthy oppressors” purges have been achieved.

I heard Queen Hillary was going to sing this.

Sex Made Simple

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Sex Made Simple 02

Today we’re going to watch some glorious “feminist” propaganda media material that “sexual consent” isn’t complicated.

It’s simple. Really simple. If it’s not yes, it’s no.

Here’s a “sampling” of what you’ll “learn” from this blog:

Only white men rape.
All women are innocent.
Sex requires explicit verbal consent from women and women only.

The Yes means Yes law recently passed in California is a “good” start but simply not “enough” progress.

More innocent men must be “imprisoned,” social justice warrior “indoctrination” needs to expand, and white men must learn to “hate” themselves for their “penetration” desires.

It is time to have “written” contracts prior to any sexual contact “notarized” by an independent third-party “witness.”

Another option is “banning” sex altogether. Like porn in the State of Utah, sex should be designated a public “infectious disease.”

I think it’s time to start a “Department for Public Sex Safety” to figure out what to do with the evil, straight, sexual “white” male  revolutionaries.

Here are some suggestive “sex made simple” public educational videos…

Even First Lady Michelle Obama said she faced men “harassment” all her life.

“As I got older, I found that men would whistle at me as I walked down the street, as if my body were their property, as if I were an object to be commented on instead of a full human being with thoughts and feelings of my own.”

Here you can find out what happens when “boxers” turn to their friends for “advice” on the different ways to “spot” consent.

When you disrespect someone’s “body,” you disrespect the “person” too.

In case you didn’t learned enough about “sex mad simple” feel free to indulge listening to “feminist” Laci Green.

It even comes with “trigger” warnings, just in case you don’t know how to “think or deal” with reality.

For additional discussion on how “sex can be made simple” let’s listen to the “talking deer” for a few minutes why “genitals” don’t understand consent:

“Where The Rubber Meets The Road”
Somewhere some girl is crazy
And some boy’s half out of his head
Somewhere somebody’s fearless
And someone won’t wind up dead
Somewhere two hearts are pounding
And they don’t care what’s correct
Somewhere somebody’s fallin’ in love
Without a background check…

Son, I’m Mr P.C.
Beleive you and me
I’m the ultimate king of correct
And if you wanna make it
You gotta make her take it
As a sign of your deep respect
If you’re gonna do it
You gotta see through it
To the heavenly trust that it is
Then you can call her a slut
And you can call her a slave
Just remember to call her Miss…

Where the rubber meets the road
Welcome to protection mode
Used to be sex was a fine hello
Now the rubber meets the road

Ya say “Girl, you’re a beauty
But I’m no beast
I got a little contract right here
See, you can slam on the brakes
Anytime you got the stick
Even if we’re in fourth gear”
Cop in the front seat
Lawyer in the back seat
Gettin’ it on videotape
Got a shrink in the bed
Lord, sittin’ on the headboard
Swearin’ that we both got raped…

Where the rubber meets the road
Welcome to protection mode
Used to be sex was a fine hello
Now the rubber meets the road
Where the rubber meets the road
Boy meets Girl then watch it explode
Yes means no means yes means no
Where the rubber meets the road!

Somewhere some girl is crazy
And some boy’s half out of his head
Somewhere somebody’s fearless
And someone won’t wind up dead
Somewhere two hearts are pounding
And they don’t care what’s correct
Somewhere somebody’s fallin’ in love
Without a background check
Somewhere somebody’s fallin’ in love
Without a background check

Where the rubber meets the road
Welcome to protection mode
Used to be sex was a fine hello
Now the rubber meets the road
Where the rubber meets the road
Boy meets Girl then watch it explode
Yes means no means yes means no
Yes means no means yes means no
Yes means no means yes means no
Where the rubber meets the road
Where the rubber meets the road!…

Somewhere some girl is crazy
And some boy’s half out of his head
Some where there’s just the moment
Where all remains unsaid
Somewhere two hearts are pounding
And they don’t care what’s correct
Somewhere somebody’s falling in love…

Feminist Equal Treatment

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Feminist Equal Treatment 01

While waiting in line at a bar, De’Andre Johnson, the quarterback for Florida State University, physically “assaulted” a female patron by brutally “punching” her in the face. The video of the assault went “viral” over social media, “outraging” people across the country. The majority of Americans “condemned” Johnson and his actions, calling him an “embarrassment” that has no place in higher education, especially as a “role” model for the youth who look up to him.

The Florida academic community was “horrified” by the incident and demanded that Johnson be “kicked” out of the prestigious university for his “cowardly” behavior. FSU quickly “granted” the demand. Since his “dismissal,” Johnson has not only been “removed” from the football team but is no longer even allowed to “return” to the FSU campus.

Feminist Equal Treatment 01

However, not everyone “shared” the same sentiment. A feminist group who call themselves “Radical Feminists of America” publicly defended Johnson, claiming that he is obviously someone who overlooks “gender” in his decision-making, as evidenced by the fact that he “punched” the 21 year old female, who was out celebrating her birthday, just as “hard and with just as little restraint” as if she were a man.

“He deserves our praise, not our anger,” said the spokeswoman for the group nicknamed Big Red. “It was a very brave thing for him to do, striking a female-identified person in a public place, in a society dominated by patriarchy and male chauvinism. Who’s to say that a female should be spared a physical assault just because of her gender?”

Feminist Equal Treatment 02

“There are a lot of brainwashed men out there who conform to society’s gender-based expectations, thinking they’re too good to fight with a woman. It’s just as wrong as not hiring a woman for any job just because of her gender. We applaud Johnson’s actions as proof that our society is evolving to be more accepting of modern understanding of gender equality.”

The statement has “caught” the attention of internet users who have shared the RFA’s position on the “treatment” of females by males. Some progressive commenter “agree” that it should be socially acceptable to “strike” a woman, discarding the patriarchal taboo “forbidding” a man to hit women like they would hit other men, while others “insist” that, in spite of all the academic data “accumulated” by Women’s Studies departments, it is still “wrong” to hit anyone, especially a woman.

The debate over Johnson’s actions and whether it was an act of “equal” treatment or a “cowardly and detestable” thing to do has been “raging” across an uncountable number of Internet “profiles and posts,” both small and large. The “Radical Feminists of America” have since started a “petition” to force FSU to bring “back” Johnson and to formally “apologize” for his recent “dismissal” from the university.

Feminist Equal Treatment 03

Red- “I can’t feel nothin’; Gotta be hit by sumthin’. Hit me Johnson.”
Johnson- “I don’t wanna do it!”
Red- “Hit me Johnson. Hit me Johnson. Hit me Johnson.”

If you’re in the mood to dismiss academic “Gender Studies” as fleeting nonsense, consider that you are yourself are about to be “dismissed” as fleeting nonsense by the amassed “works” of authoritative scientists in “Women’s Studies.” They are the ones creating a new “paradigm” in the heads of the new “generation,” and who exactly are you?

You are only an “insignificant” conformist who bitterly “clings” to his/her/its imposed sexual “identity” and doesn’t have the guts to challenge “gender” expectations imposed on you by the “patriarchal” society, accepting your “gender role” as a male or a female solely due to “social” conditioning, which is based on the “archaic” understanding of gender as “men/women” only.

That faulty “binary” vision of gender has already been disproved: “humanity has always consisted of multiple genders,” of which the ruling classes didn’t want you to know until the “progressives” took over the academia and began to speak “truth” to power and redefining the meaning of “normal.”

Don’t think you’re “normal” because you’re not. You are “cisgender” – a person who by “nature or by choice” conforms to gender based “expectations” of society. Also referred to as “Gender Straight” or “Gender Normative.”

In other words, you are a “bitter” clinger to your “guns,” your “religion,” and your “sexual” identity. As such you have no business “questioning” enlightened academic “discourse.”

Feminist Equal Treatment 04

Feminist Equal Treatment 05

Trans and Sexuality Terminologies

No More Photoshopping

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No More Photoshopping 05
Keira Knightley recently posed topless in “Interview Magazine” as her own personal protest against Photoshopping.

She told The Times she demanded the photos to be “unedited” so people could see what she “really” looked like.

“I’ve had my body manipulated so many different times for so many different reasons, whether it’s paparazzi photographers or for film posters,” Knightley said.

No More Photoshopping 02

“That shoot was one of the ones where I said: ‘OK, I’m fine doing the topless shot so long as you don’t make them any bigger or retouch.’ Because it does feel important to say it really doesn’t matter what shape you are.”

Knightley’s figure was controversially “distorted” on the poster for “King Arthur” in 2004. Her breasts were edited to look “bigger” than they are in real life.

No More Photoshopping 01

Though the studio bore the “brunt” of that scandal, the actress herself came under “fire” in 2006 when she and Scarlett Johansson posed “nude” with a fully clothed Tom Ford on the cover of Vanity Fair, in a picture that “emphasized” the gap the demands made of “famous” women and men in terms of “playing up” their sexuality.

No More Photoshopping 03

Rachel McAdams reportedly “skipped” the shoot after “realizing” the women would be “asked” to pose in the buff.

But Knightley is taking a stand now. The “Interview” shoot captures Knightley’s real figure, including her “true” breast size.

“I think women’s bodies are a battleground and photography is partly to blame,” the “Imitation Game” actress said.

“Our society is so photographic now, it becomes more difficult to see all of those different varieties of shape.”

This is supposed to be some sort of “courageous” stand because she’s been “burned” before with this Photoshop of the “King Arthur” movie poster in which they “fattened” up her A-cups into a slightly “fuller” bust.

I guess it’s pretty “insulting” to a woman to be told “Your titties aren’t good enough to promote our movie to all the slack jawed idiots who’d be duped into seeing your real breast size.”

That’s just one of many “candid” truths 29-year-old Knightley has been “preaching” on her current press tour.

No More Photoshopping 04

This month, she also told Net-a-Porter that she’s annoyed as a “feminist” that most movies reflect only what “middle-aged white men” want and identify with.

She has “turned down” many a role because she thought she was “being asked to do things” male actors are never asked to do—“specifically gratuitous sex and violence.”

“It’s actually a difficult question. How much flesh are you meant to bare?” she said. “We’re saying that we should be sexually liberated but then again not ‘that’ sexually liberated. It’s confusing.”

She added that she long ago left “fairy tales” behind: “Why should you wait for some Prince Charming to rescue you?”

But at some point, shouldn’t it “just” not matter? You’re one of a select few universally “heralded” as one of the more beautiful women in the world so to put out some stand about how “You won’t be Photoshopped” is just a slap in the face to every other woman out there.

Have you “seen” a normal girl and how she “obsesses” over camera angles and Instagram filters that will make her “look” the cutest?

It’s literally a half-hour long “process” and no movie star being “legitimately” hot without “Photoshop” is going to change that.

Keira Knightley and 7 Other Celebs Who Protested Photoshop and Won
This Is What the Same Woman Looks Like Photoshopped in Different Countries


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Lesbian Cemetery 04

A “lifestyle” once marginalized, depicted as “strangely exotic — the steamy stuff of dancer Draga Hamilton’s ‘passion’ with Jo Stanhope in the 1957 pulp novel ‘Queer Affair’” — lesbianism is nowadays “far more” common, especially among young women who have grown “weary” of pervasive disappointment, “exploitation and abuse” in the “liberated” world of heterosexual hedonism.

Lesbianism madonna_brittney_kissing_star_wars

Madonna kissing Brittney.

Lesbianism as a “political” expression of “feminist” consciousness is “less” interesting than lesbianism as an “exotic” perversion.

To be honest, “radical” politics doesn’t induce the kind of “shuddering and stiffening” reaction described by MacKinnon.

Thus it is that “feminists” ruin everything.

Alison Brie

Alison and Brie.

Having first ruined “marriage” by convincing women they were “oppressed” as suburban housewives, next they ruined “fornication” by their idiotic talk about “empowerment” and “liberation” and last, they have even “ruined” lesbianism, which used to be “weird, wild and sexy”, but has become just another “tedious” political pose.

Lesbianism mila_kunis_natalie_portman_lesbian_kissing

Apparently Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis do millions of “adolescent” boys a favor and “get it on” in their new movie “Black Swan.”

And, think about the bizarre “irony” of lesbians rabidly defending abortion “when they will never in their lives need one.”

These lesbians are “warped” and are becoming violent. They “fear and bow” to only one group of people: “radical Islamists, who might otherwise slaughter them.”

And now a burial area exclusively for lesbians is set to be “introduced” in a historic Berlin cemetery as a space “where life and death connect, where distinctive forms of cemetery culture can develop, and where the lesbian community can live together in the afterlife.”

Germany Lesbian Cementery

It will be a space “where the lesbian community can live together in the afterlife.”

They commissioned a landscaping company to build “winding” sand paths and has reserved spaces for cremated “ashes in urns” and for the “burial of bodies” framed by oak, birch and yew trees.

A spokesman for the Berlin Lutheran church said the agreement with the “lesbian women’s group” comes as part of the church’s efforts to “revitalize its cemetery grounds by cooperating with other groups.”

“We are also in an ongoing discussion with Muslim groups to see whether they can have their own plots on our cemeteries,” said Volker Jastrzembski.

Germany Lesbian Cementery

A female sculpture sits on the historic grave site at the Georgen Parochial Cemetery.

“It increases the diversity of opportunities and is a nice opportunity for those lesbian women who want to be buried among other lesbians,” said spokesman Joerg Steinert.

I’m getting pretty tired of the “lesbian” feminists. Nobody “cares” that they are “gay”. It’s like they are trying to be “different and special” just so they can keep “playing” the sympathy card.

Now they’ve decided they need their own “dyke” graves? Nobody “cared” that they were “lesbians” when they were “alive and certainly “nobody” cares about them being a “lesbian” when the are “dead.”

Time to face facts. “You’re no longer hot in the streets anymore.” It might was a big “deal” for some time. A fad that “lasted” when you were the “point” of discussion. Now you’re just like the rest of us, “dead.”

We’re all “born”, live “mediocre” lives and “end up” in the dirt. The only difference is lesbian did some “scissoring” in between.

For that you don’t need your “own” grave yard.

Feminism Is a Journey to Lesbianism

Feminist Sandra Fluke

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Sandra Fluke 00

Heroic Sandra Fluke is the woman who couldn’t get “screwed” without taxpayer help and is now running to “screw” taxpayers.

In a surprising “turnabout,” women’s rights activist Sandra Fluke will not run for retiring Rep. Henry Waxman’s (D-Calif.) seat, and instead said she plans to run for a spot in the California “State” Senate.

“I am extremely moved by the outpouring of local and national support I have received since I announced that I was considering running for office,” Fluke said in a statement.

“While I strongly considered offering my candidacy for Congress, I feel there is a better way to advance the causes that are important to our community.”

She said she hopes to run for the state “Senate” post held by Ted Lieu, who has his “eyes” on Waxman’s seat. The district, California’s 26th, includes “West Hollywood, West Los Angeles, and Santa Monica.”

“I believe that the families and communities of this district – from West Hollywood to West LA and from Santa Monica to Torrance and beyond – deserve to have a fresh perspective from a new generation of progressive leadership in Sacramento, and I am eager to get to work fighting for the causes that matter most to our future as a community, state and nation,” Fluke said in the statement.

Sandra Fluke 04

Just last week, Fluke told a local radio station that she was “strongly considering” running for the seat held by the 40-year veteran of Congress. She then filed the necessary “paperwork” to run with the California Democratic Party.

Fluke came into the “spotlight” in 2012 when she was denied the opportunity to testify at a House oversight hearing on ObamaCare’s “contraception” mandate.

Sandra Fluke 03

Sandra’s “trophy” dorm room at college…

Rush Limbaugh then called her a “prostitute” and a “slut” on his show, and she became an “icon” for the left and women’s issues.

Touching, very touching.

Petti Women 01

Although this “look back” was entertaining, it didn’t capture the “true essence” of Ms. Fluke in my opinion.

Not a “deep enough probing” into Ms. Fluke and her various “positions”, most of which occurred while on her back.

Her political campaign sounds like a Polish “sex” manual… “she was in, then she was out, then she was in, then she was out…now she’s back in?”

This campaign, I am sure, will go “around” the world, and no doubt result in “happy” endings for all her constituents!

She will be working the polls right through “erection” night and be as “flexible” in her positions as needed to “garner” support.

One can only hope “ObamaCare” will pay for rug burns.

Vote “Sandra” and get “Fluked!”

Sandra Fluke 01

Logo Phobia

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Carolyn Luby

Carolyn Luby

Carolyn Luby, a self described “feminist” student at the University of Connecticut, has “bravely” revealed the underlying “savagery” embodied in the school’s new “basketball” logo.

In an “open letter” to UC President Susan Herbst, Luby wrote that the “redesigned” team logo will “intimidate” women and empower a “rape culture.”

UConn basketball coach Geno Auriemma said the logo “is looking right through you and saying, ‘Do not mess with me.’ This is a streamlined, fighting dog, and I cannot wait for it to be on our uniforms and court.”

Uconn Atletics

In response, Luby wrote, “What terrifies me about the admiration of such traits is that I know what it feels like to have a real life Husky look straight through you and to feel powerless, and to wonder if even the administration cannot ‘mess with them.’ And I know I am not alone.”

Off the record, Ms. Luby “tearfully” added that she’s been plagued with horrible “nightmares” ever since the “new” logo was revealed.

“This giant, snarling beast knocks me to the ground and tears off my shorts and panties, then starts licking me…you know, down there until I’m forced to spread my legs and… and let him have his way with me.”

When pressed for further details, Ms. Luby began sobbing. “I can’t stand to think of my classmates going through what I’ve been suffering because of that awful drawing. I’d rather have that creature in my dreams every night for the rest of my life than expose them to that horror!”

This frightened feminist is fully “justified” in her hysteria.

rape scene

Vicious rape scene

Many women have “terrible” dreams about these “horrendous” beasts! Just look at this “vicious” rape scene.

Luby, who openly shared her experience as a survivor of rape and sexual assault at “Take Back The Night”, an event organized to discuss “sexual” violence, said the “abuse” went beyond the Internet.

“My ex-boyfriend, who I literally have not heard from in years, who used to abuse me and rape me on campus, texted me and said, ‘I see you made it big on Barstool,’” she said.

Luby made the post to “publish” her academic writing and to “plant seeds” to discourage “rape” culture, societal “attitudes” that women are merely “sexual” objects with lesser “rights” than men, but in the process ended up “exposing” how bad it could be.

“It just reinforced the rape culture that I knew existed. Those comments that people made that I was attacking athletes, all of that was proven wrong by those comments,” she said.

“It was appalling to see people angry enough to actually make those comments to me.”

menacing hound

Menacing Hound

Perhaps a less menacing hound would alleviate her fear.

Pursuant to complaints about the “rapishly” wolfish looks of the new University of Connecticut basketball logo, the university has agreed to use a much more “gender-friendly” logo.

Gender Friendly Logo

Gender Friendly Logo

The basketball team itself is said to be pleased with the solution to the logo controversy, with the team captain stating for the record, “We do frequently roll over during games, and if we get really scared by an opposing team, we may pee into the air as well”.


And don’t forget “wolves” are the ancestor of dogs…..“MAN’S” best friend.

Only “Pussy” power can “Take Back The Night.”

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