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Trade Deals & Human Rights

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Mid-December 2019, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said China was not planning to sign an investment deal with Europe that had been in the works since 2013. China was a “developing economy,” he said, and it shouldn’t be made to abide by the same standards as more advanced European economies. It looked like the deal was dead.

But on Dec. 30, 2020, Chinese President Xi Jinping conducted a video conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron and other EU leaders. After the conference, they released a bombshell announcement: “The EU and China concluded in principle the negotiations for a Comprehensive Agreement on Investment.”

Why the “change in heart” by the Chinese? Why, after stalling for seven years, did Chairman Xi make a rare “personal” intervention to seal this “mammoth deal?”

Why did the Europeans, who present themselves as champions of “human rights and fair labor”, agree to more deeply intertwine their economy with that of the “shamelessly brutal” Chinese Communist Party?

And what does this mean for the United States’ efforts to pressure China into accepting a rules-based international economic model? These are vital questions with answers that have implications for all of us.

The deal’s main accomplishment is that it makes it easier for European companies to operate in China. It is also billed as doing the reverse—facilitating operations of Chinese firms in Europe—but in reality Europe has behaved far more fairly than China toward multinationals. So the “Comprehensive Agreement on Investment” was mainly about China assenting to correct that imbalance and give EU companies a more equal footing.

For decades, if a European firm wished to operate in China, it would have to set up a joint venture with a Chinese company and in the process, share intellectual property and sensitive technology. This was an appalling requirement. But if EU companies wanted access to China’s lucrative markets, they had no choice but to comply. Now the Chinese have agreed to end this requirement for EU companies in certain key industries including vehicles, computing services and health.

China also agreed to take the mask off its notoriously secretive government subsidies, and open China up to the EU’s various banks.

These are massive “concessions” from China. They would level the playing field to an unprecedented degree. The European Commission issued a statement calling the deal “the most ambitious outcome that China has ever agreed with a third country or economy.”

So why did China’s leadership agree to these unprecedented terms?

One of the main reasons this deal took so long to formalize was because China was stalling. The Chinese had become very used to breaking all the rules they could to give themselves trade advantages, so they stalled, understandably unwilling to offer the concessions to Europe that this deal requires.

But over the last year, China came under heavy criticism by several nations including the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. These nations are sounding the alarm over China’s “unlawful trade practices, deceitfulness with the coronavirus, atrocious human rights record in Xinjiang, illegal crackdown on Hong Kong, bullying of Taiwan, predatory loans to poor nations, and more.”

The English-speaking nations have sought to convince more countries to work with them to pressure China into adopting a liberal, rules-based international economic standard. And for a time, it seemed to be working. Just a month ago, the European Union called for a U.S.-EU dialogue to discuss the strategic challenge presented by China’s growing international assertiveness.”

So the Chinese feared that the ire of the U.S. could pull Europe in and leave China isolated from the West. It was that fear that prompted the Chinese to agree—albeit hollowly—to the concessions they made to Europe. And it was that same fear that spurred Xi Jinping to personally intervene to help clinch the “Comprehensive Agreement on Investment.”

Also relevant is that Chairman Xi expects Joe Biden to become president of the U.S. Xi believes Biden will reverse course on many measures the Trump administration has taken against Europe. For example, just last week, the Trump administration stepped up its trade dispute with Europe over aircraft subsidies and increased tariffs on Europe’s aircraft parts and wine.

Xi reckons that a Biden presidency would end such measures and work to strengthen trans-Atlantic ties. So he moved quickly on the Comprehensive Agreement on Investment, clinching it before Biden could assume office and begin coaxing Europe back toward America.

“Preventing a transatlantic front has been a top priority for the Chinese leadership and likely explains Xi Jinping’s eleventh-hour intervention to seal a deal. My take on the EU-China investment agreement for @laurnorman @wsj — Noah Barkin (@noahbarkin) December 30, 2020

So China’s motivations are clear. But the question about Europe remains.

The leaders and peoples of Europe often portray themselves as champions of human rights and international labor standards. And they know very well that the Chinese economy is run partly on slave labor. In the Xinjiang region, China has over a million members of the Muslim Uyghur minority detained in concentration camps, and many are bused around to various parts of Xinjiang and elsewhere in China to provide what often amounts to slave labor.

Salih Hudayar, the prime minister-in-exile of this region, which he and other Uyghurs call “East Turkistan” said: “Many of the goods that are made in China, especially like clothes, even the iPhones that we use, certain components are made with the forced labor of the Uyghurs and other peoples.”

This chilling statement is confirmed by research from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute. Using satellite imagery and on-the-ground reporting, it estimates that from 2017 to 2019 alone, some 80,000 Uyghur slave laborers were shipped “directly from detention camps” to other locations in China.

“Uyghurs for Sale: Groundbreaking Report from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute — Kaisu Pajari (@kmpajarigmailco) November 23, 2020

Merkel, Macron and other Europeans would be well aware of these facts. And they have also seen China’s unlawful crackdown on Hong Kong, illegal bullying in the Taiwan Strait and the South China Sea, repression of its general population, and even its wolf warrior diplomacy right there in Europe.

But still the Europeans sealed this deal that tacitly signs off on China’s abuses of its people and myriad other crimes. It is true that the EU expressed concerns about China’s behavior. But such statements ring just as hollow as China’s promises to consider possibly changing some of its practices.

The truth is that by signing this deal, European leaders have shown that they care less about how many Uyghurs are “detained, tortured, raped, sterilized and killed” than they do about better tapping into the Chinese markets—and reducing economic dependence on America.

To see Europe compromise so shamefully by making this deal with China may seem surprising. But this is actually the kind of development we should expect to see more and more in the months and years ahead.

Russia and Japan will also join this globe-girdling economic bloc. Together these countries will come to control worldwide trade and strangle America and some of its allies. When it happens, “there will be no help or sympathy from Asia.”

We should not be surprised to see Europe willingly ignore China’s terrible “human rights abuses and illegal trade practices.” We should actually expect the ties now strengthening between the EU and China to only grow more robust.

And even as China grows more powerful, aggressive and malicious, we should expect Europe to increasingly side with Beijing, and against America.

Europe Is Falling to Islam

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Europe Is Falling to Islam. Will America follow soon?
By William Kilpatrick

“Within five years,” said former French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb, “the situation could become irreversible.”

He was referring to the rising tide of “violence” resulting from Muslim immigration. His comment was from an interview that took place almost two years ago. If Collomb’s calculations are correct, France only has a few years “to avoid the worst.”

Significant social change usually takes place over the course of many decades, but sometimes gradual trends enter into an acceleration phase, and massive social transformations take place in a matter of years.

A few years ago, who would have imagined that the demands of the “transgender” community would become the determining factor in the decisions of school boards, corporate boards, and athletic associations?

Who would have thought that the “right” of boys to enter the girls’ locker room, or the “right” of drag queens to conduct “story hours” in public libraries, would someday outweigh all other considerations? Yet, here we are.

Thus far, the “Islamization” of several major European states has been a gradual process. But there are signs that this trend is now set to accelerate. After a “9/11-style plot” was recently foiled by French intelligence services, the new Interior Minister, Christophe Castaner, revealed that 60 such attacks had been foiled since 2013.

Meanwhile, 235,000 complaints for “rape” or attempted rape were filed in 2018; this was 62,000 more than in 2016, and an astonishing 225,000 more than in 2005. In 2018, there were also more than a thousand “anti-Christian” attacks, mostly, the desecration of churches, and 541 “anti-Semitic” acts, up 64 percent from 2017. A shocking statistic when one considers that Jews make up less than one percent of the French population.

Charles Gave, an economist who published an article on “The Demographic Suicide of Europe,” wrote that within thirty years, France will submit to Islam. In response, the mainstream press denounced him as “Islamophobic.” Likewise, when journalist Eric Zemmour wrote that he fears that the fight for the survival of France is “a battle already lost,” he, too, was accused of “Islamophobia.”

While anti-Muslim attacks are much fewer than anti-Christian or anti-Jewish attacks, and while only a few journalists dare to criticize “Islam”, French leftists have managed to create the perception that the nation is endangered by a wave of “Islamophobia.” On November 10, a coalition of left-wing groups organized a 13,000-strong march in Paris against Islamophobia.

While the French are engaged in their quick-time march to Islamization, a similar phenomenon is occurring in the U.K. The British have been in appeasement mode for a long time. For more than a decade, police and other authorities turned a blind eye to the activities of Muslim grooming gangs who were responsible for the “rape and prostitution” of thousands of teenage girls in towns and cities across the English Midlands. On the other hand, authorities were quick to prosecute the handful of “Islamophobes” who called attention to the crimes. Tommy Robinson, for example, was arrested on at least four occasions.

Islamophobia now seems to be a “hate” crime in England. A Jewish blogger who goes by the name Fahrenheit 211, and who has been critical of Islam, was handcuffed and arrested at his home by at least a half-dozen police. The constables were led by a Muslim officer who is attached to the “hate crime and hate speech” unit organized by Sadiq Khan, the Muslim mayor of London. The blogger was jailed on suspicion of Islamophobia; as Fahrenheit notes, it’s increasingly common in Britain to be arrested for such crimes of “wrong think.”

The blogger is just the latest in a long line of British citizens who have run afoul of the law for saying the wrong thing about Islam. There is reason to believe that the “Islamization of England” could soon accelerate to warp speed. This is because there’s a chance that Jeremy Corbyn, the Labor party’s hard-left candidate, could become the next prime minister.

In a recent piece for “Gatestone Institute,” journalist Con Coughlin suggests that a Corbyn government would jeopardize Britain’s security and intelligence-sharing relationship with Washington because of Corbyn’s open association with “regimes and groups that are utterly hostile to the West and its allies.”

This, according to Coughlin, would include Corbyn’s close association with members of “Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Iranian regime.” A Corbyn government would not only pose a danger to the U.S.–U.K. security relation, it would also endanger the citizens of the U.K. His pro-Islamist sympathies make it highly likely that the pace of “Islamization of Britain” would shift into high gear.

​How about America? As Ronald Reagan once said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” Nowadays it might be more accurate to rephrase that to “never more than one election away.” If the Democrats should regain the presidency, and possibly the Senate, in next year’s election, we can expect a marked increase in “Islamic” influence over our government and our society.

Former President Obama famously said that “the future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam.” Many of his policies and appointments seemed geared to ensure that critics of Islam would have no future. On September 27, 2012, in a nighttime raid, federal authorities arrested Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the producer of a short YouTube video that mocked Muhammad. Mr. Nakoula was found guilty of probation violation and was sentenced to one year in prison. Of course, his real crime was that he had slandered the “Prophet of Islam.”

During President Obama’s eight-year tenure, he developed close ties with the “Muslim Brotherhood,” — an organization that has been labeled as the “mother of all terrorist groups”—and he actively facilitated the Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt under Mohamed Morsi. Meanwhile, his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, worked closely with the “Organization of the Islamic Cooperation” (OIC) on plans to “criminalize” criticism of Islam.

At around the same time, it was revealed that Mrs. Clinton’s top aide and close confidant, Huma Abedin, had family members who were deeply enmeshed in “Muslim Brotherhood” organizations. As it turned out, Ms. Abedin herself worked for several years as a managing editor for a Muslim Brotherhood journal. No matter. When five members of Congress asked for an investigation of Ms. Abedin, they were treated like pariahs.

The Obama administration also channeled huge sums of money to Iran’s Islamist regime—money which not only advanced Iran’s nuclear program, but also enabled it to supply weapons to terrorist groups across the world.

Back on the home front, Islamic activist groups such as CAIR, ISNA, and MAS made a great deal of headway under the Obama administration. At the behest of Muslim pressure groups, John Brennan ordered the FBI (then headed by Robert Mueller), the Department of Defense, and other agencies to purge their training programs of any materials that might suggest that Islam was anything other than a model cultural-religious system. At the same time, many Muslim activists were placed in “influential and sensitive” government positions, including some in Homeland Security. And many are still ”embedded” in the Deep State.

If Democrats should retake the government, it’s a sure bet that the promotion of Islam which took place under Obama, and which suffered a partial setback under Trump, will once again become a top priority. The party is now much more “radical and left-leaning” than it was under Obama, and, like leftists everywhere, party members will be tempted to ally themselves with forces that are subversive of American freedoms.

That said, it is not out of the question that America could suddenly find itself on the fast track to society as beholden to Islamic interests as Britain and France. An emboldened “leftist-Islamist alliance” abetted by leftist legislatures and leftist judges, would go after critics of Islam with a vengeance. Once legitimate criticism of Islam becomes a “hate crime” punishable by imprisonment, opposition to the Islamist agenda will quickly dry up. And the pace of change will continue to speed up.

Most intelligent people will well understand that “As Europe goes so will in time, go North America.” Further, about this Muslim scheme of the “stealth jihad” otherwise called the Muslim method of “Islamic Gradualism” to enact Sharia law in many different countries of Europe is in contrast to the way of the “violent jihad” or also called the militant jihad. This non-violent form of the jihad for Islam is a very “sly, insidious, subtle and deceptive way” of working for the advancement of Islam.

The West seems set for “political turmoil” that could greatly expand the power of “Islam” in France, England, and America.

This video, no doubt, will soon be “banned” by YouTube. If it won’t play for you here, go to:

Is there any way to stop it? Here are two suggestions: “don’t forget to pray, and don’t forget to vote.”

For more on William Kilpatrick work and writings, visit his website,

Understanding the Islam/West Narrative

Europe’s Political Crisis

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The “political crisis” that has been building in Europe over the last decade is more “visible” than ever before.

France is suffering its worst “protests” since the 1960’s. Over 100,000 took to the streets in France for months in a row. The police tried to round up the likely “troublemakers” arresting more than 1,000 one early morning. Businesses shut down and “boarded” up their windows during one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year.

Police and firefighters deployed in huge numbers, armed with “water cannons, tear gas and assault rifles.” It reduced the “violence” but didn’t stop it. Protesters still “burned” cars and “smashed” shop windows once again.

Nor was the violence “confined” to France. In Belgium, police fired “water cannon” at around 1,000 protesters. Four hundred were arrested. There were also smaller “protests” in the Netherlands, Spain and Italy.

French President Emmanuel Macron has opened the government “purse” to try to placate the protesters. He promised around €10 billion (US$11.3 billion) of tax cuts. The same day, a survey revealed that business owners expect the protests to cut this quarter’s “economic” growth in half. France is already one of the more “indebted” nations in the European Union. This is a setback it cannot afford.

The tax cut is unlikely to “satisfy” anyone. Though it may take them off the streets, for now. But “the demands of the protesters have grown more radical as the weeks have passed. Many are calling for the overthrow of Mr. Macron and a new political system to be introduced.”

They are not requesting a couple of policy changes. They want a revolution. “I didn’t want this completely corrupt political class anymore,” one protester told the Wall Street Journal. “We’ve had the left; we’ve had the right. We’ve had everything, and it’s the same policy. You have the sense that there’s no democracy anymore.”

This rejection of the whole system is reflected in the graffiti and slogans used. “Don’t vote, all rotten,” reads one. “Neither Macron, nor Marine,” reads another, referring to the French president and Marine Le Pen, his extremist rival.

This is not Macron’s problem only. His ejection from Olympus arrives at a time when the “UK is in the EU” endgame, and the community is rattled. France, its economy hobbled by an overvalued euro, now joins Spain, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Polen and Belgium in a state of “social or political” crisis or both.

This background of “anger” manifests itself in different ways in different countries. Just recently, a far-right party entered a regional parliament for the first time in Spain’s democratic history. Spain was a “dictatorship” until the late ’70s, and this history had made it immune to the rise of the “far-right” that we’ve seen across Europe. Not anymore. A new party, Vox, won 11 percent of the seats, and it is on target to easily enter the national parliament when elections are held.

Faced with this Continent wide anger, Germany’s ruling party, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), met to choose its course for the“future” and its new leader. It chose “more of the same.”

It was a very close choice. But Chancellor Angela Merkel’s “handpicked” successor, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, won 51.8 percent of the vote. While not “identical” to Merkel, she has a similar vision for Germany and has been nicknamed by some “Mini Mutti Merkel.”

Merkel will continue in her job as chancellor for now, with Kramp-Karrenbauer taking over if the CDU wins the next “national” elections, scheduled for 2021. What is left of Ms. Merkel’s chancellorship still relies upon an “unstable” coalition, so she certainly is not safe.

As the Guardian put it, had the rival candidate won, “the pundits would now be asking how long he would need to topple Merkel. Now they are asking how long Kramp-Karrenbauer will be able to keep Merkel in power.”

Germany’s politics are in “turmoil.” According to some polls, the Social Democratic Party, which is traditionally Germany’s main “left-wing” party and one of the top two parties in the nation, is in fourth place. The latest INSA poll put the “far-right” Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) at 15 percent of the vote and the “far-left” Party at 10 percent. One in 4 Germans wants to vote for these radical, “smash-the-system” groups.

Facing all this turmoil, the CDU voted for more of the same. How will Germany respond to its leaders “refusal” to change course on the “migrant” crisis?

“Think about the consequences of German officials’ deception. It is destroying the trust between Germany’s government and the public. What happens when the majority of Germans realize they have been deceived? What happens when the majority of Germans lose confidence and trust in mainstream leaders? Frustrated and angry, the German people, as any people would, will seek an individual, a political party, willing to heed their concerns and solve Germany’s migrant crisis. This trend is already evident in the dramatic rise of Pegida and the AfD, a right-wing political party whose popularity is at all-time highs.”

Two years on, Germany’s leadership “refuses” to listen to these concerns. You see the same trend all across Europe. But now it’s not just about “migrants.” It’s about the “economy.” It’s about “carbon taxes.” It’s about feeling “powerless.”

The angry crowds across Europe don’t have a “clear vision” of what they do want. But they know they’re not happy with the “status quo” and the existing democratic process shows no sign of “fixing” their problems.

Hence the growing anger that is directed not at one person, policy or party but at the entire system.

“The Merkel government’s handling of this situation is turning the German people into a ticking time bomb! The more disillusioned, frustrated and angry the German people become, the more vulnerable they will be to radical politics and radical leaders with radical solutions.”

Now Europe itself is a “time bomb.” And by ignoring it, Germany’s CDU is only going to make the resulting explosion worse. The “smash-the-system” anger that has erupted in Paris over the last months will “break out” elsewhere, and it will get worse.

There are big upcoming “changes” for Europe. But Europe has been there before, time after time after time. Most people think Europe is too “modern” to go back to its Holy Roman Empire-style of government, but those people are probably also shocked to see the “anger” burning in Paris and the strong calls for “revolution” in France and beyond.

Current conditions in Europe, including the “refugee” crisis and the turmoil in German politics, provide probably one of the greatest opportunities ever for a new leader to come into power. Chancellor Merkel is on her way out and is now a “lame duck.”

Expect “political and social” crises in Germany and Europe, and public “resentment and anger” to grow even deeper.

Solution to Refugee Crisis

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Reprint: Rusty’s Plan for ISIS, Europe, and Pretty Much Everything from Now On

What have I learned over the past decade and a half? No matter how hard we try, there’s nothing we can do to bring peace and stability to the Middle East. So, we shouldn’t try.

So, my plan for ISIS? Nothing. We should do absolutely nothing.

If ISIS is a threat to people in Syria, it’s time for them to pick up guns and fight back. For young men of military age who are able to fight the option cannot be live in a refugee camp or migrate to Europe.

The option has to be live under ISIS or fight. No other choices.

If Europe really wanted to end the conflict, they’d start sending “refugees” back home with rifles. And TOW’s.

It’s their problem, let them solve it.

Think of it as a sort of “draft” for refugees. Even in our own most righteous war, most of our soldiers didn’t volunteer.

There’s a good chance that your grandfather didn’t volunteer, he was drafted. 61% of service members in WWII were drafted.

And if they can’t or won’t fight and win, then ISIS gets a state. And if this state is such a threat to its neighbors in Iraq or Jordan or Turkey, then let Iraq or Jordan or Turkey fight them.

And if ISIS wins, then let the Europeans fight them.

It’s time for the rest of the world to start pulling their own weight. I’m done with helping out countries in the Middle East. Protecting maps that I did not help draw and which need to be redrawn any way.

But Rusty, you might say, what about Israel?!? The same goes with Israel. I support Israel’s right to self defense, but as far as I can tell the only people helped by our “support” of Israel since the mid 1970s have been Israel’s enemies.

Wars start for many reasons, but one of those reasons is that new conflicts are often a continuation of the unresolved conflict. WWI didn’t really end until the Russians left nary a building standing in Berlin in May of 1945.

There are also many reasons Europe has seen its most peaceful 70 years in its long, bloody history. One of those reasons, though, is the mass ethnic cleansing that took place after WWII.

Today there are very few Germans in the Sudetenland, few Poles left in Ukraine, and East Prussia not even a glimmer of a memory in the mind of Leftist protesters.

Part of the price of European peace and prosperity were paid by the millions killed in the war and displaced by the policies of “population exchange.”

If the Middle East must go up in flames, then it’s a tragedy, but it’s not our tragedy. My instincts say that the Kurds and Israelis would come out on top of such a conflict.

And these are pretty much the only two groups of people in the region that I give any amount of a damn about.

I say pretty much because such a regional conflict would also involve a lot of Christians in the cross hairs. Such Christians really ought to get together and come up something akin to Zionism.

Since they are not safe in any Muslim majority country, it’s time to leave and create their own state.

If it was me I’d let them have as much of Lebanon as they could take by force, but I’m also not opposed them deciding where to go on their own terms.

Now, I know we don’t live in the idealized world in which other peoples and other countries are prepared to solve their own problems.

But whether they are capable of solving those problems becomes a moot point when we intervene and solve the problem for them.

As long as we keep promising security, these peoples and countries will never take that security into their own hands.

I think the real problem here is that we have fooled ourselves into believing that human nature has changed.

We cannot live with the idea of large scale war and suffering. When people suffer we must intervene, because …. suffering!

But war is just human nature writ large. Either fallen man or survival of the fittest, either explanation will do.

People kill one another. It’s bad, but people are bad. A person may be good, but not people.

People are going to suffer, no matter what we do. But trying to remove the symptoms often only prolong problems generally and in the Middle East specifically.

Not intervening and letting this thing work itself out is not an optimum solution, but when dealing with human affairs there rarely is an optimum solution.

Which is why, if we must intervene — and I don’t believe that we must — then the next least worst option is — and by this I mean less worse than the sort of intervening we are doing now which puts us in the forefront of ISIS’s cross hairs without actually doing much damage to ISIS — is ….

Draft Refugees 01

It’s like Alderaan. It is as brutal as it seems, but there’s no arguing that Alderaan was no longer a problem after the Death Star incident.

Europe 2029

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Europe 2029 01

Should this chilling video of “Europe in 2029” be changed to “Europe in 2019?”

When this video was first posted a few years ago, it predicted total “chaos” in Europe by the year 2029 caused by Muslim “migration.”

Now that this “migration” wave has turned into a full-scale “invasion” army of Muslim “parasites, rapists, and jihadists,” parts of Europe as we know it could “cease to exist” as early as 2019.

If/when YouTube “removes” this video, see it on LiveLeak:

Stephen Coughlin, a former Pentagon Intelligence Analyst says the West needs to “wake up” to the reality of the “terror” threat. Too often our political leaders are “acting” out of political considerations and “ignoring” the obvious “facts” in front of them.

Before you follow Pope Francis’ command to prove yourselves “worthy” of him by quartering a squad of Muslim “invaders” in your home, allow me to show you the “true” face of Islamic invasion and conquest.

Meet Elin Krantz. She was a young Swedish girl who fell for the kind of “bullshit” Pope Francis is peddling, and was a vocal proponent of “diversity” and unlimited “open migration” of Muslim into Sweden and Europe.

Europe 2029 02

Cutie Elin Krantz.

Elin was “raped and beaten” to death by a Muslim invader of Sweden. Her body was “dumped and concealed” under rocks in a forest.

Europe 2029 03

This is what the Qur’an commands. “Rape” of women in conquered lands is a “reward” for fighting for the Islamic political system.

Europe 2029 04

80% of “rapes” in Sweden are committed by Muslims. 100% of “rapes” in Norway last year were committed by Muslims.

This is Islam, the “Religion of Peace.” This is what’s “coming” to the U.S. This is what the Qur’an “explicitly” encourages, supports and protects.

This is “reality.” Anyone who tells you to “tolerate and embrace” Islam should be “ignored, resisted and fought” with all your strength.

“Europeans, there is no way to fight the Islamic invasion without Christianity regardless if you believe in it or not. Christianity is the religion that united Europe and distinguished Europeans from all other peoples. It takes a great deal of courage to face death in the eye and still remain in battle, say what you want but the average atheist cannot take this burden upon him, they will hide and accept the rule of anybody in order to prolong their lives for a few more years, that’s most atheists are liberals, progressives and antifas. The civilization which fears death the most is first one to fall! Before facing our enemies we need to conquer our souls, our minds and defeat the ultimate mother of all cowardice, the fear of dying!”

Robert Rodrigues

Europe 2029 05

Mullah Barack Hussein Obama.

Europe 2029 06

Europe 2029 07

Europe 2029 08

Mullah Barack Hussein Obama.

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