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ESPN Social Justice Warriors

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Curt Schilling 04

Curt Schilling, former “Major League Baseball” pitcher who won three “World Series” titles and ESPN Baseball Analyst Broadcaster.

I guess the below “transaction” was a FEC filing that Curt had to fill out when he “donated” money to an election campaign.

Obviously he “knew” for some time that his days at “ESPN” would come to an end “sooner than later.”

Curt Schilling 05

ESPN’s “Social Justice Warriors” disliked him because he won’t stop being the “truthful”  uncle re-tweeting  “memes” on Facebook, but he’s not “walking” away.

There won’t be an “amicable” split where everyone is “still friends.” You want me gone, “fire me” because I’m not “leaving” as long as the “checks” keep clearing,

Curt Schilling 01

And promptly, the former “Major League Baseball” pitcher who won three “World Series” titles as a pitcher with the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Boston Red Sox was “sacked” from his job as a “baseball analyst” by ESPN’s “Social Justice Warriors.”

ESPN released a statement saying Schilling was no longer “welcome” as a broadcaster. “ESPN is an inclusive company. Curt Schilling has been advised that his conduct was unacceptable and his employment with ESPN has been terminated.”

What was the “final” straw that “broke” the camel’s back?

Schilling “re-tweeted” this meme on Facebook showing a large man “wearing” a wig and women’s clothing.

Curt Schilling 03

The “re-tweet” was apparently in response to the “controversy” over the North Carolina “bathroom bill” law which serves as a noteworthy example of “fair and rational legislation to protect society’s most vulnerable members.”

H.B. 2 is a “pro-freedom and democracy” law that applies “only” to government-run facilities, liberating “private institutions, small businesses, and charities” from coercion by the state.

Schilling was previously “suspended” by ESPN’s “Social Justice Warriors” last year after he “re-tweeted”  a meme about Nazis and Muslims.

Curt Schilling 06

Here is Curt Schilling’s response after getting “attacked” by the mainstream media for being a “racist”

Curt Schilling 02

This is likely the easiest way to address all of you out there who are just dying to be offended so you can create some sort of faux cause to rally behind.

Let’s make one thing clear right up front. If you get offended by ANYTHING in my post, that’s your fault, all yours.

And for you people too dense to understand this one very important thing. My opinion, 100% mine, and only mine. I don’t represent anyone but myself here, on Facebook, on Twitter, anywhere.

1.The Nazis/Muslims meme the world decided to rally behind that I posted months ago. The meme that some of you clowns and more of you spineless looking to be offended folks turned into something it was not. Every one of you gutless cowards, when ‘calling me out’ or calling me a racist, every one of you left out the only word in that entire meme that mattered. You had to, otherwise you’d have had to go elsewhere to find offense and create something out of nothing. Let me help you now. All of you fraudulent media folks, you lazy ass “don’t actually want to work for a story” clowns. The word you left out? The ONLY word that mattered? EXTREMIST. That word being omitted creates two completely different posts with two very different meanings. I don’t dislike or hate Muslims, or people of the Islamic faith. Ask my friends that are both. But then again you all knew that, but when you omit the word EXTREMIST you create a person that doesn’t exist and have a story with traction, even if it is a complete lie.

2.This latest brew is laughingly beyond hilarious. I didn’t post that ugly looking picture. I “re-tweeted” a meme about the basic functionality of men’s and women’s restrooms, period.

See here’s the thing. I do NOT care what color you are, what race, what sex, who you sleep with, what you wear. I don’t care and I never have. I have opinions, but they’re just that, opinions. And opinions are like buttholes, everyone has one and they usually stink.

You know how I know you ‘offended’ people are full of crap? Because I’m not even close to any of the things you so desperately want me to be, so you can whine.

I’m loud, I talk too much, I think I know more than I do, those and a billion other issues I know I have. Like everyone of you I have flaws, but I’m ok with my flaws, they’re what make me, me. I thank the Lord for the life I’ve been given. A life interspersed and occupied by men and women who are gay, by people of all races and religions, by men and women who dress as the other, by men and women who’ve changed to women and men. Not one decision I’ve ever made about a person has anything to do with those things I just mentioned, nor will it ever.

You frauds out there ranting and screaming about my ‘opinions’ (even if it isn’t) and comments are screaming for “tolerance” and “acceptance” while you refuse to do and be either.

YOU’RE the ones making it the issue. I don’t care, if you ask me about any of the topics it’s likely (much to the chagrin of many) I’ll answer with my opinion.

There are things I have deeply held beliefs in, things I have that are core to who I am, things I am passionate about. If you ask me about them it’s likely I’ll give you a passionate answer, whether you like that answer or not is completely up to you. I am not going to give you answers to make sure you like what I say, let the rest of the insecure world do that.

But let me reiterate, I don’t care who, what, where or why you are who you are. I care about people and how they treat others. You will NEVER in your lives find a single person who’s met me/knows me who would ever say I treated them as anything other than a human. None.

Wouldn’t you assume that all of you offended folks would have heard of me treating people the way you needed me to treat them, to be what you so desperately want me to be? If people want to create stories or impressions where there are none, and you want/need to get offended by them that’s on you.

But for now, if you want to be offended and have that offense be by something you THINK you interpreted or you THINK you heard, go for it.

But for the love of God stop making crap up, it’s boring and it’s stupid and there are actual causes that need attention such as homeless veterans and our archaic education system.

Two benefits of this I didn’t foresee. 1) Twitter has made their “Block” far easier to use. 2) You find out who your friends are when folks create crisis about you, that actually aren’t.

Curt Schilling 00

On the “transgender” issue I’m with Schilling. It’s just makes “common” sense.

If you have a “penis” you should use a stall in the men’s room.

If you have a “vagina” you should use a stall in the ladies room.

It doesn’t mean I “dislike” transgenders, it just means I don’t think making one person “comfortable” should come at the “expense” of making another one “uncomfortable.”

Here are some more Curt Schilling’s “I’m not being racist I’m just sharing truth” memes…

Curt Schilling 07

Curt Schilling 08

Curt Schilling 09

Curt Schilling 10

Curt Schilling 11

Curt Schilling 12

Curt Schilling 13

Curt Schilling: Won’t Engage in Political Correctness For Hall of Fame Slot
Curt Schilling – After the Tweets

Tiger Woods Secrets

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How To Pick Up Women 00

Perhaps the “best” golfer ever, Tiger Woods rocketed to the top of a once “whites-only” sport. Endorsements made him a “global” brand and the world’s “richest” athlete.

The child of a “multi-racial” marriage, Woods and his “blond, blue-eyed” wife, Elin Nordegren, seemed to represent a new “post-racial” America.

Then, in late 2009, Woods became “embroiled” in a multitude of “sex scandals” that shocked and made “headlines” worldwide.

Tiger’s travails about “race, sex, scapegoating and betrayal” as the role model of sports “heroes” drove the media into “obsession” with celebrity “scandals” and their tawdry ritualized “dramas” about the rich and famous.

Now ESPN published a “massive” story on Tiger Woods. Its 11,393 words broken into 3 acts called the “Secret History of Tiger Woods.”

It’s reads like the “final” chapter of Tiger’s life in the “high-stakes” world of professional golf, the “politics” of sports and celebrity, and the “myths and realities” surrounding the flawed figure whose marriage “fell apart” after his many sordid “sex affairs” were exposed, while focusing on his “awkwardness” around women.

According to ESPN the “over the hill” golfer and “cheapskate” Tiger Woods once got some “simple advice” on how to “pick up women” from Michael Jordan and Derek Jeter.

How To Pick Up Women 01

Everyone needs a little “how to pick up women” advice from friends.

The sexual “Bravado” one night went to a “club in New York” with Derek Jeter and Michael Jordan and “confessed” his awkwardness “around” women, while Jeter and Jordan “circulated” amongst the crowd, talking with “ease” to one beautiful “woman” after another.

At one point, Tiger “walked” up to them and “asked” the question that lives in the “brain and hearts” of every junior high school boy and nearly every “grown” man too.

“What do you do to talk to girls?”

Jeter and Jordan “looked” at each other, then “back” at Tiger, sort of “stunned.”

“Go tell ’em you’re Tiger Woods, and get their phone numbers” they said.

This part about “working” a room with Jeter and Jordan and not knowing “how to talk to girls” is unbelievable.

It’s almost insane to believe “hanging” with Jordan and Jeter being that “awkward,” unless you’re an “ego monster” or a stalker.”

That “advice” didn’t seem work out “best” for Woods, considering how many women he “banged ” while being married to the “stunning” Elin Nordegren.

How To Pick Up Women 02

Then there’s the “cheapskate”  lunch story which spread like “wildfire” throughout the “Naval Special Warfare” community.

Guys still tell it, “almost” a decade later. Tiger and a group of five or six went to a “diner” in La Posta.

The waitress brought the “check” and the table went “silent,” according to two people there that day.

Nobody said “anything” and neither did Tiger, and the guys “sort of” looked at one another.

Finally one of the SEAL’s said, “Separate checks, please.”

The waitress walked away. “We are all baffled,” says one SEAL, a veteran of numerous “combat” deployments.

“We are sitting there with Tiger fucking Woods, who probably makes more than all of us combined in a day. He’s shooting our ammo, taking our time. He’s a weird fucking guy. That’s weird shit. Something’s wrong with him.”

How To Pick Up Women 03

“Tiger Woods never got wet and sandy,” says former SEAL and current Montana “congressman” Ryan Zinke, who ran the “training facility” during the years Tiger came around.

The BUD/S instructors didn’t like the way Tiger “talked” about how he’d have been a “SEAL” if he didn’t “choose” golf.

“I just reached out to the guys I know who jumped with him and interacted with him,” says a retired SEAL.

“Not a single one wants to have any involvement, or have their name mentioned in the press anywhere near his. His interactions with the guys were not always the most stellar, and most were very underwhelmed with him as a man.“

This story about not picking up the “tab” for a table full of SEAL’s is one of the most cheapskate” and flat out “disrespectful” moves I’ve ever heard.

What would “Daddy” Earl have thought of that “Eldrick” boy.

How To Pick Up Women 05

The ultimate “irony, twist of fate, coincidence,” whatever you want to call it, it most likely was the Navy SEAL “training” that led to his “injuries and downfall” as a golfer.

This “Secret History of Tiger Woods,” article hints that when he first “tore” his ACL, he was training in Navy SEAL “combat” boots plays out like a Greek “tragedy” or something.

How To Pick Up Women 06

Father “dies,” you try to “fulfill” one of his wishes, end up “injuring” yourself and ruining the first “path” he chose for you.

Now dad is “gone,” his golf dominance is “over,” he ain’t a Navy “SEAL,” and he’s just kind of floating “aimlessly” through life.

Not to “over-dramatize” things. At the end of the day this “awkward” dude is practically a billionaire. I’m not “shedding” any tears for Tiger.

He clearly is “weird” and kind of a hungry “sexual” cavalier these days.

Bizarre how almost all of Tiger’s “successes” and subsequent “failures” can be tied directly “back” to his dad.

How To Pick Up Women 04

Seems like Tiger is completely “jacked” upside the head.

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ESPN Liberal Logic

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ESPN “suspended” former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling for tweeting a meme comparing “radical Muslims to Nazis.”

This was the “offending” tweet…


ESPN released a “statement” upon suspending Schilling:

“Curt’s tweet was completely unacceptable, and in no way represents our company’s perspective. We made that point very strongly to Curt and have removed him from his current Little League assignment pending further consideration.”

The “tweet” was offensive to whom, the “radical Muslims?”

Factually speaking, there were “approximately” 6.5 million formal members of the Nazi Party in 1940, out of a total German “population” of well over 80 million, a little over 8 percent. That number of “members” did not fully represent the level of “support” for the Nazi regime in Germany in 1940, of course.

The same is true in the “radicalized” Muslim community. A very small percentage of Muslims globally are formal members of “terror” groups; it is difficult to estimate precise numbers due to “secrecy,” although their total membership “runs” into the hundreds of thousands. The “Iranian Revolutionary Guard” alone has 120,000 members, and some estimates have placed the “ISIS” membership at above 200,00.

That “terrorist” membership is the “tip” of the iceberg. A “huge” percentage of worldwide Muslims are “radicalized.”

If you calculate the number of Muslims globally who (1) believe that 9/11 was not committed by Muslims; (2) think that Shariah law ought to be implemented; (3) support terrorist attacks; or(4) have a positive or neutral attitude toward ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, Osama Bin Laden or any other terrorist group or terrorist, the number calculates out to well above 800 million “radicalized” Muslims.

PolitiFact’s ridiculous attempts to counter these calculations, “cherry-picking” their own, far “narrower” standard of radicalization, led them to the “awkward” position that 19 percent of “Muslims” in various countries, including the West, are “radicalized,” some 182 million Muslims worldwide.

As Schilling wrote, “the math is staggering when you get to true numbers.”


But ESPN has no “interest” in true numbers, because “true” numbers are awkward. Unsurprisingly, ESPN “refused” to explain why Schilling’s tweet was “unacceptable.”

Is it because “radicalized” Muslims are somehow “better” than Germans who weren’t “formal” Nazi Party members?

Is it because the “genocidal” Iranian regime or the “barbarians” of ISIS are somehow less “objectionable” than the “Nazis” themselves?

It is “worth” noting that Schilling did not say that all Muslims should be “tarred with the terrorist brush,” any more than all Germans should have been “tarred with the Nazi brush.”

The “point of his tweet,” to anyone with a functioning “prefrontal cortex,” is obvious: “a small, brutal percentage of a larger, partially supportive population can do tremendous harm.”

That’s inarguable.

Fortunately, ESPN doesn’t have to “argue” with Schilling or anyone else. They “simply” suspended Schilling, without any “real” rationale.

By way of comparison, they did not suspend frequent ESPN analyst Kevin Blackistone for calling the “Star-Spangled Banner” a “war anthem” on their airwaves.

And the “compliant” media breathe a “sigh of relief,” having made the world safer for those “offended” by tweets, and more “ignorant” of the threat of “radical” Islam.

Wondering what ESPN “thinks” about some of the other “classic and truthful” Curt Schilling “re-tweets”




ESPN is getting widely “slammed” for suspending baseball analyst, Curt Schilling, over his tweet, which accurately compared “Muslim extremists to Nazis,” calling Schilling’s suspension “outrageous” and a “disgrace.”

Conservative Media correctly defend Curt Schilling’s Tweet comparing Muslims to Nazis
Cut the Cord: How to Protest ESPN’s Curt Schilling Suspension in 3 Easy Steps

ESPN Has No Balls

Elevator Fight

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Elevator Fight 01

Following an “intense” network bidding war ESPN has “acquired” the television rights to the “highly” anticipated “Elevator Fight” between suspended NFL running back “Ray Rice” and Jay Z’s infamous sister-in-law, “Solange Knowles.”

Elevator Fight 03

This is the muscle I use to beat my women unconscious.

According to Rice, who was “released” by the Baltimore Ravens and suspended “indefinitely” by the NFL after TMZ released a video of him “knocking” his fiancée unconscious, he’s looking forward to “fighting” a woman in an elevator who will “actually” give him a challenge.

“I’m taking this fight seriously,” Rice told Hollywood & Swine.

“I’ve even hired Chris Brown to train me. I’d rather be getting paid to hit the hole my offensive line opens up for me on Sundays, but getting paid to hit Beyoncé’s less talented little sister isn’t too bad.”

Elevator Fight 06

ESPN will air the “Elevator Fight” which the network has titled “Going Down: Rice vs. Knowles” early in January to be “held” in an elevator in New York City’s Empire State Building to “guarantee” that it can be seen by “as many people as possible.”

Elevator Fight 04

Serving as the fight’s “blow-by-blow” commentator and color analysts will be ESPN “First Take” stars Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith, who was “suspended” in July for his comments on the Ray Rice “controversy” in which he “implied” that women “deserve” some of the blame in “domestic” violence.

“I’ve studied the tape of Solange beating the hell out of Jay-Z, so it’s clear she can handle a man,” Smith said.

“But if Solange provokes Ray enough to get him properly fired up, I think he’ll be victorious.”

Elevator Fight 05

Reaction to the Release of Ray Rice Video
Ravens’ Ray Rice and fiancée arrested after alleged physical altercation in Atlantic City

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