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Europe Is Shaking

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The fall of Kabul is a crisis for Europe. Not just because they are watching their soldiers return home in defeat. Not just because it could create a terrorist haven. Not just because it could trigger a new refugee crisis. It is a crisis because it shakes the foundation of European security: the belief that America will protect its allies. Europe right now is in the same position the Afghan government was in six months ago.

The Afghan military had nearly 300,000 soldiers. Behind them stood fewer than 5,000 American soldiers stationed in the country. The presence of these relatively few American soldiers, as we now see, was critical. It was, above all, a promise. America was committed enough to keep its personnel in the country, meaning that if the enemy wanted to overrun the Afghan military, it would inevitably run into America. That promise enabled the Afghans to control most of the country.

Then America pulled its soldiers out, suddenly, precipitously, and even with thousands of Americans still inside. This showed that the promise no longer stood. And the Afghan military collapsed immediately.

European Union countries have 2.4 million soldiers. Behind them stand 55,000 American soldiers stationed within their borders. In a full-scale conventional war with Russia, this would be too few men to defend a continent. But they symbolize a promise. Most of Europe is part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and the agreement is written in black and white: If a NATO member is attacked, America will defend it.

This promise has enabled geopolitical pygmies like Estonia to flourish in Russia’s shadow. It has enabled nations to save vast amounts of money on their militaries and to focus instead on building generous welfare states or, in Germany’s case, to build a world-leading export economy.

After the fall of Kabul, this foundation of European security looks far shakier. If America forsakes its Afghan allies so completely, could it do the same to others? China hopes so. The editorial board of the Global Times, China’s state-run news agency, wrote this threat to Taiwan: “From what happened in Afghanistan, they should perceive that once a war breaks out in the Straits, the island’s defense will collapse in hours and the U.S. military won’t come to help. Government authorities will quickly surrender, while some high-level officials may flee by plane.”

Closer to home, Ukraine is similarly worried. “The nature of the American withdrawal from Afghanistan has set off alarm bells throughout Ukraine and served as a wake-up call for anyone who still believes that continued Western support can be relied upon indefinitely,” wrote Alyona Getmanchuk, director of the New Europe Center.

It’s a question being asked around the world. British commentator Melanie Phillips warned, “America’s allies can now see that the U.S. is a faithless friend, the weak link in the chain of Western defenses and with untold consequences for their own security.”

Gérard Araud, former French ambassador to the U.S., wrote, “Europeans have nothing to expect from the United States in Ukraine, Syria, Libya and the Sahel beyond diplomatic support. Europe is in flames, but the U.S. fireman will not come.”

Those fires could break out more and more often. “If a band of brutal Islamist extremists can defeat the United States, China will have no doubt that with time, resources and good organization, it will also prevail against the United States in its neighborhood,” former U.S. Ambassador to NATO Kurt Volker wrote. “Russia will not take seriously any threat to push back on its military aggression and absorption of territory belonging to its neighbors. ISIS and al Qaeda will use the Taliban victory to renew calls for jihad against the United States.”

It is America’s commitment that keeps Russia out of Europe. And over the last five years, the U.S. has been the main force restraining Iran and radical Islam. The Afghanistan debacle sends a lightning-bolt message: Europe will have to deal with the problems created by these emboldened powers on its own.

That doesn’t mean that this realization will hit Europe with enough force to get it to act right away. Europeans have enjoyed U.S. protection without having to pay for it. It will probably take a crisis or two to shake them from that torpor. “I doubt that Kabul will be the wake-up call they need,” said Araud. But because of Afghanistan, those crises could be just around the corner.

The biggest fear about the Taliban’s return is that it could lead to another 9/11. If it does, there’s every chance that this 9/11 occurs on European soil. In the last decade, about 70 people have been killed in Islamist terrorist attacks in the United States. In Europe, it’s nearly 400.

The Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan has released hundreds of imprisoned al Qaeda fanatics, including some known to have been plotting to attack the West. A United Nations Security Council report warned, “Large numbers of al Qaeda fighters and other foreign extremist elements aligned with the Taliban are located in various parts of Afghanistan.”

Perhaps even more dangerous are Iran’s links to the new regime. Iran sponsors numerous terrorist groups around the world. Working together, what will they accomplish? Compounding this is the threat of a new migrant crisis.

Even before the Taliban took over, 30,000 people fled Afghanistan each week. Sybille Schnehage, an aid worker in Afghanistan, warned, “We can assume that up to 3 million Afghans will make their way to Europe in the foreseeable future.”

Less than half that number of refugees from around the world—1.3 million—arrived in Europe in 2015. The resulting political crisis shook the foundations of governments across the Continent and sparked an outbreak of political extremism not seen since the 1930s. Can European politics as we know it survive the arrival of 3 million Afghans? What if, as has occurred repeatedly in Europe, that mass of refugees harbors even a few terrorists?

Last time around, Europe “solved” the refugee crisis by paying Turkey to prevent immigrants from traveling to Europe. But Turkey already has 3.7 million Syrian refugees and 300,000 Afghan refugees. Refugees are now a political issue in Turkey too. This time, that solution may not be available.

The potential for a new migrant crisis immediately arrests the attention of EU leaders. The day after Kabul fell, French President Emmanuel Macron warned, “We must anticipate and protect ourselves against significant irregular migratory flows that would endanger those who use them and feed trafficking of all kinds.” A foreign-policy spokesman for one of the European Parliament’s largest parties quickly warned “We must now do everything we can to ensure that those fleeing get protection close to home.” In other words: Make sure they don’t come here!

Considering these catastrophic consequences, it’s no wonder Europe is livid about the way America handled its evacuation.

France 24 reported: “European leaders looked on with dismay at the rapid collapse of two decades of a U.S.-led Western campaign in the country.” “Across Europe, officials have reacted with a mix of disbelief and a sense of betrayal,” wrote Politico. “Even those who cheered Biden’s election and believed he could ease the recent tensions in the trans-Atlantic relationship said they regarded the withdrawal from Afghanistan as nothing short of a mistake of historic magnitude.”

Afghanistan was Germany’s longest, most extensive military mission since World War II. The Germans responded to America’s request for help in Afghanistan 20 years ago. Now they feel their sacrifice has been casually tossed aside. Chairman of the Bundeswehr Association André Wüstner called the situation in Afghanistan “shameful” and claimed that veterans would be “enormously furious.”

Armin Laschet, leader of the Christian Democratic Union and a leading candidate to become Germany’s next chancellor, called Afghanistan “the biggest fiasco” since the founding of NATO.

All this means that European countries must do more to defend themselves. Politico wrote: “At a time when some European leaders, including French President Emmanuel Macron, have been pushing for the bloc to pursue a security policy less dependent on America, Afghanistan is bound to be used as evidence for why ‘strategic autonomy’ is necessary.” These leaders reason that if they don’t boost their independent military power right now, they will be forced to when crises worsen and the U.S. declines to step up.

America is allowing itself to be pushed out of the picture. Having once surrounded Iran and much of the Middle East, it has withdrawn from Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia, it has withdrawn from Iraq, and now it has disastrously withdrawn from Afghanistan. Iran is free to push Europe even harder.

But the Europeans won’t respond in the same “weak” way as the Americans. Once finally forced to act, Europe will reclaim its “strategic autonomy” by mobilizing a war machine that sweeps through the Middle East like a flood.

Vaccine Passports

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Soon coming to a city near you in America!

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that the United Kingdom would follow France into the authoritarian world of vaccine passports. Three weeks to stop the spread is quickly becoming Chinese Communist Party-style surveillance, complete with second-class citizens and press censorship, worldwide.

Greece and the UK decided to force all care workers to choose between having a jab or losing their job. Ireland mandated vaccine passports for restaurants and pubs. And France unveiled a plan to make normal life impossible for those who refuse the vaccine.

Covid 19 passports will be required to enter cinemas, museums, theme parks and cultural centers, French President Emmanuel Macron announced in a televised address. They will soon be required to enter cafes, restaurants, shopping malls, hospitals and long-distance transportation.

The covid passport will also be available for those with a recent negative test. But that test will no longer be free. So unless you want to pay for the privilege of putting a swab up your nose every few days, you’ll need to be vaccinated to go about normal life.

“There is no question that, in practical terms, the vaccine will not only be compulsory, but it will be impossible to conduct a normal life without it. This was undoubtedly the most authoritarian speech delivered by a French president in decades, but wrapped in a nakedly political pitch for five more years,” the Spectator article warned.

The New York Times reached the same conclusion. Macron, it wrote, “wielded a big stick, personalizing power in a way that has in the past led to criticism of him as a Jupiter-like figure.” Macron is clear about the end game: “We must go toward vaccination of all French people; it is the only way toward a normal life.” The coronavirus is pushing the world in a more authoritarian direction.

From Macron’s point of view, his new authoritarianism is working. Yes, over 100,000 turned out to protest over the weekend. Macron took a tiny step back—only malls covering over 200,000 square feet would require vaccine passports. But in the 48 hours after his speech, 2.2 million rushed to book their jab. But if that’s not enough, “we may need to ask ourselves the question of mandatory vaccination for all,” he said.

Perhaps this is why Boris Johnson decided to follow suit. Last week he tried to get the private sector to do his dirty work. The government published “guidance” that said it was “encouraging and supporting businesses and large events to use the National Health Service’s (NHS’s) covid Pass in high-risk settings. The government will work with organizations where people are likely to be in close proximity to others outside their household to encourage the use of this.”

Business owners are now fearful that their insurance companies, trade unions or lawsuits could force them to mandate vaccine passports. But even if not, government guidance now says, “If sufficient measures are not taken to limit infection, the government will consider mandating certification in certain venues at a later date.”

The industry showed little sign of complying. So Johnson ratcheted it up. Vaccine passports will be required at all “nightclubs and other venues where large crowds gather.” Don’t be deceived—this isn’t just about nightclubs. He focused on that because most people don’t go to them. We’ve been here before.

Once people get used to the idea of vaccine passports, the “other venues” category will gradually be expanded to include football matches and concerts, then cinemas and restaurants. Before long, just like in France, normal life will be impossible without a vaccine. Only, unlike France, a negative test will not be acceptable—even if you pay for it. It’s jab—or else.

It’s not clear exactly Boris Johnson plans to enforce this. His language was vague—he said nothing about making new laws. Perhaps he fears that he couldn’t get such a law through Parliament, so he intends to use existing health and safety legislation to bully venues into complying. If so, it would be yet another attack on the rule of law to come under cover of Covid 19.

Perhaps the most sinister aspect of the whole story is how often leaders have insisted that they would never introduce vaccine passports. In April, Macron said a Covid 19 pass “will never be a right of entry that differentiates between French people.” Health Minister Olivier Véran said that France has “a passion for equality” and that it was “almost inconceivable that when places reopen, they will not reopen to everyone.”

In December, Britain’s vaccine’s minister, Muslim Nadhim Zahawi, was asked if businesses would be encouraged to require vaccine passports. “I urge businesses listening to this debate to not even think about that,” he replied. Now documents have come out proving they were planning these passports the whole time.

If governments have lied about their intentions on these vaccine passports thus far, what else are they planning and lying about?

As a result of the recent crisis, various European leaders have taken dictatorial measures. That dictatorial shift was already clear last summer. Now Europe is leading the developed world into the brave new world of covid certification. “European leaders are increasingly behaving like dictators and assuming dictatorial power. The people of Europe are being conditioned to accept more tyrannical leadership.”

That fact has clearly proved true. Polls indicate that the majority in France support Macron’s dictatorial moves. Of course, polls have repeatedly proved open to manipulation and unreliable. But several years ago, no French leader would be able to get away with anything like what Macron has done.

These covid passes could easily progress to a Chinese Communist-style society of total state surveillance—the government tracking your every move and contact, and excluding those people it disapproves of. Things may slow down and retreat for a time, but a Rubicon has been breached.

The Western world will submit to a level of governmental control that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago.

To all this nonsense I offer the antidote: become a Refusenik, for all the reasons outlined by this wise Canadian:

It is not science any longer, it is nothing more than organized propaganda, augmented by the blocking of anyone or anything that doesn’t support the state-sponsored religion. Is there ANYTHING less American?

Yet here we are, Biden’s America, where science is nothing more than organized propaganda. Spread by media, social media and useful idiots in a mindless onslaught of repetitive drivel.

The Democrats, who are so anxious for mask mandates and other lockdown measures, justify their radical agenda by referring to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other government agencies. For its part, the tyrannical medical state brushes aside criticism by saying it is only making recommendations.

As Sen. Ted Cruz noted last week, nobody is held to account for the medical tyranny imposed on the people.

Trade Deals & Human Rights

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Mid-December 2019, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said China was not planning to sign an investment deal with Europe that had been in the works since 2013. China was a “developing economy,” he said, and it shouldn’t be made to abide by the same standards as more advanced European economies. It looked like the deal was dead.

But on Dec. 30, 2020, Chinese President Xi Jinping conducted a video conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron and other EU leaders. After the conference, they released a bombshell announcement: “The EU and China concluded in principle the negotiations for a Comprehensive Agreement on Investment.”

Why the “change in heart” by the Chinese? Why, after stalling for seven years, did Chairman Xi make a rare “personal” intervention to seal this “mammoth deal?”

Why did the Europeans, who present themselves as champions of “human rights and fair labor”, agree to more deeply intertwine their economy with that of the “shamelessly brutal” Chinese Communist Party?

And what does this mean for the United States’ efforts to pressure China into accepting a rules-based international economic model? These are vital questions with answers that have implications for all of us.

The deal’s main accomplishment is that it makes it easier for European companies to operate in China. It is also billed as doing the reverse—facilitating operations of Chinese firms in Europe—but in reality Europe has behaved far more fairly than China toward multinationals. So the “Comprehensive Agreement on Investment” was mainly about China assenting to correct that imbalance and give EU companies a more equal footing.

For decades, if a European firm wished to operate in China, it would have to set up a joint venture with a Chinese company and in the process, share intellectual property and sensitive technology. This was an appalling requirement. But if EU companies wanted access to China’s lucrative markets, they had no choice but to comply. Now the Chinese have agreed to end this requirement for EU companies in certain key industries including vehicles, computing services and health.

China also agreed to take the mask off its notoriously secretive government subsidies, and open China up to the EU’s various banks.

These are massive “concessions” from China. They would level the playing field to an unprecedented degree. The European Commission issued a statement calling the deal “the most ambitious outcome that China has ever agreed with a third country or economy.”

So why did China’s leadership agree to these unprecedented terms?

One of the main reasons this deal took so long to formalize was because China was stalling. The Chinese had become very used to breaking all the rules they could to give themselves trade advantages, so they stalled, understandably unwilling to offer the concessions to Europe that this deal requires.

But over the last year, China came under heavy criticism by several nations including the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. These nations are sounding the alarm over China’s “unlawful trade practices, deceitfulness with the coronavirus, atrocious human rights record in Xinjiang, illegal crackdown on Hong Kong, bullying of Taiwan, predatory loans to poor nations, and more.”

The English-speaking nations have sought to convince more countries to work with them to pressure China into adopting a liberal, rules-based international economic standard. And for a time, it seemed to be working. Just a month ago, the European Union called for a U.S.-EU dialogue to discuss the strategic challenge presented by China’s growing international assertiveness.”

So the Chinese feared that the ire of the U.S. could pull Europe in and leave China isolated from the West. It was that fear that prompted the Chinese to agree—albeit hollowly—to the concessions they made to Europe. And it was that same fear that spurred Xi Jinping to personally intervene to help clinch the “Comprehensive Agreement on Investment.”

Also relevant is that Chairman Xi expects Joe Biden to become president of the U.S. Xi believes Biden will reverse course on many measures the Trump administration has taken against Europe. For example, just last week, the Trump administration stepped up its trade dispute with Europe over aircraft subsidies and increased tariffs on Europe’s aircraft parts and wine.

Xi reckons that a Biden presidency would end such measures and work to strengthen trans-Atlantic ties. So he moved quickly on the Comprehensive Agreement on Investment, clinching it before Biden could assume office and begin coaxing Europe back toward America.

“Preventing a transatlantic front has been a top priority for the Chinese leadership and likely explains Xi Jinping’s eleventh-hour intervention to seal a deal. My take on the EU-China investment agreement for @laurnorman @wsj — Noah Barkin (@noahbarkin) December 30, 2020

So China’s motivations are clear. But the question about Europe remains.

The leaders and peoples of Europe often portray themselves as champions of human rights and international labor standards. And they know very well that the Chinese economy is run partly on slave labor. In the Xinjiang region, China has over a million members of the Muslim Uyghur minority detained in concentration camps, and many are bused around to various parts of Xinjiang and elsewhere in China to provide what often amounts to slave labor.

Salih Hudayar, the prime minister-in-exile of this region, which he and other Uyghurs call “East Turkistan” said: “Many of the goods that are made in China, especially like clothes, even the iPhones that we use, certain components are made with the forced labor of the Uyghurs and other peoples.”

This chilling statement is confirmed by research from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute. Using satellite imagery and on-the-ground reporting, it estimates that from 2017 to 2019 alone, some 80,000 Uyghur slave laborers were shipped “directly from detention camps” to other locations in China.

“Uyghurs for Sale: Groundbreaking Report from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute — Kaisu Pajari (@kmpajarigmailco) November 23, 2020

Merkel, Macron and other Europeans would be well aware of these facts. And they have also seen China’s unlawful crackdown on Hong Kong, illegal bullying in the Taiwan Strait and the South China Sea, repression of its general population, and even its wolf warrior diplomacy right there in Europe.

But still the Europeans sealed this deal that tacitly signs off on China’s abuses of its people and myriad other crimes. It is true that the EU expressed concerns about China’s behavior. But such statements ring just as hollow as China’s promises to consider possibly changing some of its practices.

The truth is that by signing this deal, European leaders have shown that they care less about how many Uyghurs are “detained, tortured, raped, sterilized and killed” than they do about better tapping into the Chinese markets—and reducing economic dependence on America.

To see Europe compromise so shamefully by making this deal with China may seem surprising. But this is actually the kind of development we should expect to see more and more in the months and years ahead.

Russia and Japan will also join this globe-girdling economic bloc. Together these countries will come to control worldwide trade and strangle America and some of its allies. When it happens, “there will be no help or sympathy from Asia.”

We should not be surprised to see Europe willingly ignore China’s terrible “human rights abuses and illegal trade practices.” We should actually expect the ties now strengthening between the EU and China to only grow more robust.

And even as China grows more powerful, aggressive and malicious, we should expect Europe to increasingly side with Beijing, and against America.

European Virus

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Governor Andrew “Fredo” Cuomo.

New York’s increasingly overexposed Governor Andrew “Fredo” Cuomo today confused and angered China by referring to COVID-19 as a “European virus.”

Speaking at his daily press conference, Gov. Cuomo bizarrely declared: “Yes we have more cases than anyone else. Yes we had this European virus attack us and nobody expected it. But we’re not only going to change our trajectory, we’re going to change the trajectory more dramatically than any place else in the nation.”

“Gov Cuomo, in the surest sign he’s on the take from the CCP has now resorted to calling it the European virus.” — Raheem Kassam (@RaheemKassam) May 11, 2020

It’s true. “Fredo” Cuomo did help to change the trajectory of the “upward” virus more dramatically than anywhere else in the United States. Cuomo’s delicate work in forcing nursing homes to take in coronavirus patients no doubt led to needless deaths.

Regardless, his stance in calling it the “European virus” will confound even the most neutral of observers and “infuriate” European nations, notably Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron who offered a breakthrough deal to shield the EU from the “virus” fallout.

The coronavirus, otherwise known as the “China virus”, or “CCP virus” emerged from Wuhan, in the Hubei province of China. It did not emerge in Europe.

Despite these clear facts, it’s hard to see a situation where journalists would demand Cuomo stop using such evidently “fake” claims, as they did when President Trump made the correct “claim” that the virus came from China and should therefore be called the “Chinese Wuhan Virus.”

Responding on Twitter, “Republican National Convention” spokeswomen Elizabeth Harrington declared of Cuomo’s “European virus” misnomer:

“And this victory lap Democrat Gov. Cuomo is doing is odd given the reporting last week that 65% of the outbreaks across the country came from New York, after he waited months to stop sending Covid patients into nursing homes.” — Elizabeth Harrington (@LizRNC) May 11, 2020

No doubt “Fredo” Cuomo will staunchly promoted that most of New York’s cases can be traced back to travelers entering the city “from” Europe. Still, that doesn’t make it a “European virus.” No more so than a “layover” in Detroit makes someone flying LHR-LAX a “Michigander.”

The “Wuhan virus” came from China, courtesy of Comrade Xi “Covid” Jinping . Maybe even from a lab. Which is what the media should really be investigating. No matter what “Fredo” Cuomo is promoting, don’t expect the mainstream media to pick up on his “European Virus” proclamation anytime soon, though. They’re still trying to figure out how they can lie about Secretary of State Pompeo and his dog and get away with it.

“As a society, you can’t save everyone. You’re gonna lose people, that’s life,” Fredo Cuomo told reporters amid reports of nursing home deaths exceeding 5,000.

Above “encouraging” announcement came shortly after the press conference during which he insisted on draconian lockdowns because “every life is precious,” and lamented that all who “opposed” such lockdowns were “heartless” about lost lives. And that in turn was shortly after he had “rejoiced” at signing a bill enabling the “destruction” of full-term babies even after birth.

Heartless indeed.

Diversity is Our Strength II

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Western leaders, especially Justin Trudeau, Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron, and many others on the Left love to use this expression, most often in reference to their large and ever-growing Muslim immigrant populations.

“Many western nations have assumed that increasing ethnic and cultural diversity through immigration would be beneficial. The dogma of diversity, tolerance and inclusion assumed that all members of the society wanted to be included as equal citizens. Yet, instead of diversity being a blessing, many have found that they’ve ended up with a lot of arrogant people living in their countries with no intention of letting go of their previous cultures, animosities, preferences, and pretensions.”  Don Conklin

“When in Rome do as the Romans do” was once a common saying. Today, after generations in the West have been indoctrinated with the rhetoric of multiculturalism, the borders of Western nations on both sides of the Atlantic have been thrown open to people who think it is their prerogative to come as refugees and tell the Romans what to do — and to assault those who don’t knuckle under to foreign religious standards. It has not been our diversity, but our ability to overcome the problems inherent in diversity, and to act together as Americans, that has been our strength.” — Thomas Sowell

“Look, I’m mayor of the greatest city in the world, and one of our strengths is our diversity,” he told reporters shortly after the attack by Usman Khan, a convicted “radical Islamic terrorist” who had been freed from prison on a tag after serving less than half of a 16-year term, which left two dead and three injured.

“But we do know there are people out there who hate out diversity, hate what we stand for, and are trying to seek to divide us”, he added — although his grounds for appearing to suggest that terrorists despise Britain for being diverse were unclear.

Mayor Khan then flirted with controversy with a statement echoing an earlier, infamous former claim of his with respect to terror attacks — i.e. that “part and parcel of living in a great global city is you’ve got to be prepared for these things” — by telling reporters: “Look, I know, speaking to colleagues around the world, mayors of other great cities, that we’re all targets for terrorists.”

World Holocaust Forum

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“Germans have not learned from history,” said German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier at the “Holocaust 75th Anniversary” event in Jerusalem

Frank-Walter Steinmeier delivered a sobering message about the current resurgence of “anti-Semitism” in Germany during an event in Jerusalem commemorating the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the “Nazi Death Camp” at Auschwitz.

At the “Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial” German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier expressed his “deepest sorrow” for the Holocaust while warning that the “spirits of evil” are re-emerging in the form of modern anti-Semitism.

“I wish I could say that we Germans have learnt from history once and for all. But I cannot say that when hatred is spreading,” he added.

Steinmeier’s comments were designed to communicate deep remorse on behalf of his country for the killing of 6 million Jews during World War II, as he addressed a Holocaust forum in Jerusalem attended by world leaders on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp.

He opened and closed his speech by reciting prayers in Hebrew. “The spirits of evil are emerging in a new guise, presenting their anti-Semitic, racist, authoritarian thinking as an answer for the future, a new solution to the problems of our age,” said Steinmeier.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said it was vital to oppose xenophobia and anti-Semitism everywhere. “You just said that it’s not known where anti-Semitism ends,” Putin told Israeli President Reuven Rivlin at a meeting before the conference convened. “Unfortunately we do know this — Auschwitz is its end-result.”

Dozens of world leaders joined Steinmeier in addressing the “World Holocaust Forum” including Russian President Vladimir Putin, French President Emmanuel Macron and U.S. Vice President Mike Pence were gathered to remember the “Nazi genocide.”

After offering a prayer in ”Hebrew” the German President begins speaking in English at around 0:56.

Auschwitz, the Nazi Death Camp, from the eyes of seven Holocaust survivors…

“He told me to run” Holocaust survivor Rena Quint escaped two Nazi Death Camps…

Hartmut says  January 24, 2020 at 3:35 am


The German president, an first-rate apparatchik, promoter of unlimited and unvetted, predominantly Muslim mass immigration and terror regimes like Iran, advocator of harsh crack down on political opposition and protesting citizens, denounces and discredits his own native people in front of the entire world for an anti-Semitism which his fellow scum’s imported en masse from Third World regions in the Middle East and Africa.

The late Karl Lagerfeld, one of Germany’s leading fashion artists, hit the nail on the head by stating that one cannot mass pogrom Jewish people and later import millions of their worst enemies (against the will of most citizens, that is). It could not have been said better.

Moreover, he doesn’t give a fuck about his obligation as a head of state of staying politically neutral and publicly sidelines with the political left. Germany has seen quite a few improper presidents in the recent past however this guy ultimately takes the cake. No other office holder has ever divided the country as much as him.

Trademark of a politically repressive system is a federal and local administration which cover up their own illegal and immoral actions and same time incriminates political and civil opposition. Sadly, this is today’s Germany.

Peggy Sue says January 24, 2020 at 2:42 am

How very dare he. Modern day ethnic Germans born after WW2 are literally ripping themselves to shreds over a perceived inherited guilt. Through this guilt they allowed that snake Merkel to open the borders admitting millions of fighting age Neanderthals to be pampered housed fed clothed at taxpayers’ expense all the while little old German ladies root through garbage cans for useful things.Anti-Semitism?? Nothing to do with the religion of “peace” that now belongs to Germany. Steinmeier is a traitor same as Merkel and all their acolytes. They have destroyed Europe – this time for good. The spilt blood is on them.

Andrew says January 24, 2020 at 12:44 am

Nice speech by the President of Germany however I noticed he didn’t mention the elephant in the room, Islamic anti-Semitism, however he did put in his speech, “Right Wing extremists”, however perhaps he hasn’t been paying attention in what is happening in his own country these days as it is Muslims that are attacking Jews these days, Muslims are waving Swastika Flags, doing the hand salute and screaming that Hitler was correct and why didn’t he finish off the job that needs to be done, it is NOT Germans that are doing these awful things to the German Jewish population, its Muslims, newly arrived or second generation Turks etc, this German President is part of the problem of bringing into Germany a people who hate the Jewish people, and have been hating for longer than anybody else, and yet they still bring in, every day, more and more Muslims and so it makes me wonder what they are doing as everybody knows Islam despises the Jewish people so why populate a country like Germany with their awful past, 75 years is a blink in the eye of history, and cause this new version of holocaust however Jews are leaving before it gets as bad as before.

Victor says January 23, 2020 at 10:48 pm

My father survived Auschwitz, Buchenwald, and Dachau – the rest of his family, with the exception of one sister (deceased 2014 in Israel), did not. His father was fortunate enough to die of pneumonia years before the Nazis even came to power in Germany. As a sixteen year old child in Auschwitz, my father was forced to carry the severed heads of inmates and other “Untermenschen” in formaldehyde filled jars to Dr. Mengele’s camp laboratory. My father confided in me before his death that he met the notorious “Angel of Death” while routinely running “errands” for the SS in Auschwitz-Birkena. Doctor Mengele had once asked him if he had arrived in Auschwitz with any brothers, expressing a particular interest in whether or not my father had a twin brother still alive in camp that he knew of. If so, Doctor Mengele indicated that he would be willing to “take care of them both”. My father would wake up screaming in the middle of the night when I was a child and I never knew why, other than he was obviously having nightmares. He passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2010 at age 81. If I were God, I think that I would have ended this world and everyone in it a very long time ago!

King of Florida

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Lead House Impeachment Guru Adam Bennett Schiff.

Lead House “Impeachment” guru Adam Schiff stated during closing arguments in the “Senate trial” that he had “irrefutable proof” President Trump was going to give Alaska back to the Russians.

He had learned about it just an hour ago, Schiff claimed, from an anonymous “whistleblower” who approached him during lunch. He was wearing a brown “paper bag” over his head with a hand-written “Come On Man” on it.

The “coward” told Schiff that he had overheard Donald Trump “promising” Vladimir Putin that he’d give him “Alaska” back if Russia helped him to “cheat in the 2020″ election. The whistleblower couldn’t repeat his words under “oath” because Trump’s “henchmen” were everywhere and the man was “afraid” for his life. But as a “patriot” worried about our “democracy” he couldn’t stay silent.

Schiff’s new evidence of the most current “Trump-Russia Collusion” was a Wikipedia page detailing the sale of Alaska by Russia in 1867, and a smudgy photocopy of the check for $7.2 million U.S. dollars given by the U.S. President to the Russians in this deal.

The allegation sent “shock waves” through the Democratic side of the isle, followed by demands to call additional “witnesses” and to start a new impeachment probe. Republicans, however, appeared unimpressed and set on “exonerating” Trump. That caused Schiff to deliver an even more shocking pronouncement: “he had a bombshell story from yet another whistleblower, which was for real.”

Schiff said, as he went to the “restroom” a man in the next stall told him a “disturbing” story about how he overheard Trump “promising” the French president Emmanuel Macron to give him back the “Louisiana Purchase” if France helped him “cheat in the 2024” election. When Macron asked if any help was needed with this year’s election, Trump said it had been already “subcontracted” to Putin. The whistleblower had been hiding in that stall Schiff said “because as a patriot fearing for our democracy he couldn’t remain silent.”

Schiff showed a “slide” which proved without any “shadow of a doubt” that the Louisiana Purchase comprised fifteen U.S. states and two Canadian provinces, including the entirety of Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska; large portions of North Dakota and South Dakota; the area of Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado east of the Continental Divide; the portion of Minnesota west of the Mississippi River; the northeastern section of New Mexico; northern portions of Texas; New Orleans and the portions of Louisiana west of the Mississippi River.

Calls for more witness “testimonies” and impeachment probes followed from the Democrats, but this time less enthusiastically. The Republicans once again shrugged it off, weary of the “three-and-a-half-year” impeachment efforts by the Democrats.

At that point Adam Schiff “waved” a stack of papers over his head, declaring that he also had overwhelming “evidence” of Trump’s collusion with Mexico, whereby Trump had “promised” President Obrador to undo the “1848 Mexican Cession” in exchange for “cheating in the 2028” election. That way the whole of California, Nevada, Utah, most of Arizona, about half of New Mexico, about a quarter of Colorado, and a small section of Wyoming would become Mexican “provinces.”

When that revelation had no effect, “Impeachment” guru Schiff took a deep breath and “claimed” that he had personally seen Trump “chatting” with Boris Johnson on Twitter about “returning” all of the “Thirteen British Colonies”  as well as Oregon, Idaho, parts of Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota back to “Britain,” in exchange for helping him “cheating in the 2032” election.

Trump apparently also “mentioned” he was planning to give the worthless “New York State” to the Dutch for free since it was completely “ruined” by current Mayor Bill de Blasio.

But that wasn’t all. According to  Schiff, President Trump wanted to exchange all of the American states for power and riches, except “Florida.” Then he would declare himself “King of Florida” and retire in his “Mar-A-Lago Palace,” leaving Jared Kushner to run what’s left of the country and “delegating” to him decisions whether to go to “war” with any nation.

Schiff’s speech was suddenly “interrupted” by a growing commotion on the Democratic side of the isle, which culminated in “applause, cheers, and calls to acquit and reelect Donald Trump.” As it turned out, the Democratic Senators gradually “realized” that if all their respective states were to become parts of “France, Britain, Mexico and The Netherlands” – the very countries they admired – why “fight” it?

They’d been working to “reshape” America in the image of those countries anyway. It was a “dream” come true, and losing most of these “States” was a small price to pay for “three-and-a-half-year” impeachment efforts.

That quickly “escalated” on both sides of the Senate “uniting” in a rare display of “bipartisanship” and voting to “acquit” Trump without delay, each party for their “own” reasons.

Even Speaker of the House, Madame Nancy Pelosi, was so excited she “ripped” the “Constitution”  apart live on national TV after President Trump’s “2020 State of the Union” address.

King of Florida, Donald J. Trump

Adam Schiff Warns Donald Trump Could Give Alaska to the Russians If Not Impeached


Political Pedophiles

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Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg has launched a global climate strike and then threw a rant at the podium of the General Assembly. Combating global warming is becoming a big political and business project. Behind one unhappy girl there are powerful PR specialists, profiteers, and politicians from around the world. The US Democratic Party is writing a very unpopular Green New Deal. This project makes people flinch and wonder if it’s legit. Financial companies have declared a Green Marshall Plan. President Macron demands that transport companies stop using the Northern Sea Route. This is the same kind of collective insanity that began back in the days when a former US vice president and a Democratic Party candidate Al Gore received the Nobel Prize.

Russian President Vladimir Putin dismissed Greta Thunberg’s speech at the United Nations, where the Swedish teenage climate activist denounced world leaders for failing to combat climate change. “I may disappoint you, but I don’t share the common excitement about the speech by Greta Thunberg,” Putin said at an energy forum in Moscow.

Vladimir Putin also took part in a plenary meeting of the Russian Energy Week International Forum where the president jokingly answered questions whether he plans to interfere in the 2020 US Presidential elections. The Russian leader addressed the participants and answered their hilarious questions.

Are President Donald Trump’s accusations about former US vice-president Biden And His Son Hunter Biden true? Watch here to find out!



All I want is my fair share. All I want is what I have coming to me. Like Hunter Biden.

A Love That Has Grown Cold

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The bizarre “sincerity” images between Macron and Trump spells “trouble in paradise” for the odd love couple.

November 11, 2018, marked the 100-year anniversary of the end of World War I. United States President Donald Trump visited Paris, France, to commemorate the roughly 115,000 U.S. military personnel who died in that war.

The United States helped France mightily in that war. American troops gave their lives to protect and support the French Army and people. In both World Wars I and II, British and American forces delivered France from captivity; all totaled, almost 2 million British and American soldiers gave their lives to defend France and other European nations.

Today the brotherhood that once existed between the United States and France is in trouble. We need to understand the prophetic significance of what is happening.

On the eve of President Trump’s European visit, French President Emmanuel Macron made some bold remarks that reveal a lot about how he feels about the U.S. today. In a radio interview on November 6, President Macron called for a “true European army.” That is a dramatic statement in its own right, but he added: “We have to protect ourselves with respect to China, Russia and even the United States of America.“

Even the United States? It is one thing for France to say it must defend against Communist China and dictatorial Russia. But what a deeply insulting thing to say about the democracy that crossed the Atlantic twice last century to rescue France from defeat!

Mr. Macron’s remarks didn’t really catch the attention of most people. Many perceived them as simply an attempt by Macron to get more from NATO. But that is not the case!

We must grasp the significance of President Macron’s comments. When you understand Bible prophecy, you can recognize that this is part of a momentous trend that will change the world! Read on here

The Broken Bromance? The Trump-Macron relationship is on the rocks.

Bonhomie? C’est Fini as Trump and Macron Seek to Defuse Tension

Settled Climate Science

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Liberal Democrat, “climate alarmist” and daughter of President Trump, “Ivanka”, has been tapped by her father to head a review of the United States commitment to the UN Paris 2015 climate agreement.

That document is an UN-ratified “faux-treaty” that is 31 sheets of “dictatorial” fish-wrap unilaterally “imposed” upon America by Barack Hussein Obama and John Kerry, with some timely help from “co-conspirator” Pope Francis and others.

Obama “committed” America in 2015 to the national “suicide” of cutting our economic activity while transferring our “wealth and technology” to what they term “developing nations” in a mad dash to global “equity and uniformity.”

The most important “goal,” though unstated for obvious reasons, is the “elimination” of the US from its perch atop the world “economic” hierarchy, a pretext for a “global” government under UN “fascist” control.

Obama signed us up to “cut” our economic activity by at least 26 percent “below” our 2005 levels, which was already an industrially “depressed” period, by 2025. That’s just eight “short” years from now, the “duration” of the Trump administration if he is a “two-term” president.

Without the US involved as the “willing” victim there is no Paris summit. It is dead. The only reason other nations are signed up for this “nonsense” is so that they can get a position at the “trough” feeding upon the pieces of America’s “carcass” or to help guarantee our “demise.”

Every other nation is “acting” in their own self interest, either “declining” the hemlock, as is the case with China, Russia and India, who chose not to “self-destruct,” or by being on the expected receiving end of “money, capacity and technology” stolen from the American people by the supreme “grifter and commie conman,” Hussein Obama.

Of the “31 pages” of the document there are only “four or five” sentences that even deal with “global temperatures” and were likely “inserted” for the sake of maintaining appearances. There is nothing technical. It is nothing more than “property acquisition, wealth and technology redistribution, social engineering and international welfare agreement.”

The “globalists” of the United Nations will be holding a “climate change” or “America pillaging” meeting in Bonn, Germany.

President Trump’s “advisers,” of which liberal “wonder girl” Ivanka is one, will be meeting in Washington to “finalize” the United States’ official “position” of whether or not to “honor” the bogus, “death to America” document.

Bloomberg reported last month that, “Both the president’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, and her husband, Jared Kushner, a White House special adviser, have urged the president to stay in the deal, along with Tillerson.”

An unnamed State Department official told the AP, “The decision to participate in next week’s U.N. climate talks shouldn’t be construed as a sign that Trump has decided to stay in the Paris pact.”

“To the contrary, the U.S. will be sending a ‘much smaller’ delegation than it has in years past.” That statement is encouraging.

How is it that the US can “contribute” the lion’s share to their “slush” fund of $100 billion per year by 2020, but we “can’t” find $14 billion for a “border” wall?

We can help fund our own “destruction” but have no money for “defending” our sovereignty?

The entire “document” is an obvious “fraud” but consider the following “excerpts” of many as emblematic:

“Acknowledging that climate change is common concern of humankind, Parties should, when taking action to address climate change, respect, promote and consider their respective obligations on human rights, the right to health, the rights of indigenous peoples, local communities, migrants, children, persons with disabilities and people in vulnerable situations and the right to development, as well as gender equality, empowerment of women and inter-generational equity.

Also recognizing that sustainable lifestyles [UN Agenda 2030] and sustainable patterns of consumption and production, with developed country Parties taking the lead, [providing the money] play an important role in addressing climate change.”

Those aren’t the “words” of addressing a supposed  “climate emergency” but of global social engineering on our dime of “wresting global control of the world for the UN and their Agenda 2030 authoritarian power grab.”

The “money” for all of this has to come from “somewhere” and that somewhere is “us.”

It’s no “exaggeration” to say that America is being “tied up and gang raped” by the UN predators through this “agreement.”

Americans are opposed to “rape,” particularly under a “blue” UN helmet.

We’re saying “no,” Ivanka, and “no means no.”

Let what was settled now be resettled. Scores of American settled scientists and other Al Gore-aligned “prog-activists” may soon join the “bureaucratic” conga lines, “renounce” their US citizenship, and “pledge” their fortunes and sacred “honor” to the European Union after the newly elected President of France Emmanuel Macron “pleaded” with them to leave their Trump “infected” motherland in a passionately tweeted video.

“Please come to France. You are welcome, it’s your nation,” Macron said in a short video message to US researchers, entrepreneurs and engineers. “I do know your new president has decided to jeopardize your budget, your initiatives as he is extremely skeptical about climate change. I have no doubt about climate change and how committed we have to be regarding this issue.”

Indeed, France is quickly turning into the “Climate Change Mecca,” which is why millions of “immigrants” from all over the world, including many “Islamic” climate researchers, are “flocking” to this fairy-tale land of “lactose-free milk, sugar-free honey, coal-free power plants, and green-colored, environmentally friendly suicide vests.”

We would answer Macron’s call to “resettle,” but someone needs to stay “behind” and keep the science “settled” here. It’s a “dirty” job but somebody has to do it. That and the “fact” that French “shovels” have a different, “metric” standard.

Nevertheless, we “fully” support the call for all the “settled scientists to resettle” to France and become the first “officially” registered wave of “climate-change-induced migrations” that Barack Obama has “famously” predicted in his “prophetic” speech.

I envision a remake of “Casablanca: Part Deux” featuring the remains of the new “lost” generation of American climate change “expatriates” in Europe, congregating in one of the last “refuges” from the climate-change-induced “devastation” in north Africa, which has become completely “peaceful” after all its Muslims had “migrated” to Europe.

The famous “lines” will have to be only slightly altered: “Play it again, Barack!” and “We will always have the Paris Agreement.”

And the theme “song” that Barack will play, “As time goes by,” will read…

And when two climatologists meet
They still say, “We have ten years left to save the planet.”
On that you can rely
No matter what the future brings
As time goes by.

Emmanuel Macron also promptly “proposed” a new French initiative called the “Fair Redistribution of Terror in Europe” program.

“It is unfair that France and other enlightened and generous nations, who open their borders and welcome Muslim refugees, must suffer the most from Islamic terrorism,” Macron said after the election.

“Being a fair-minded person, I am both saddened and outraged that less enlightened nations, especially Eastern European countries like Polen and Hungary, who close their borders to Muslim migrants, get to enjoy terror-free existence. It just doesn’t make sense.”

Macron promised to use all his “power and influence” to ensure that “Islamic” terrorism in Europe is “distributed” more equitably.

“This means Poland and Hungary will be forced to absorb more of the terror attacks on European soil because that is what enlightened nations do,” he said.

Asked how his “powers” as President would help to turn his “ideas” into reality, the suave, devastatingly “handsome” Macron reminded everyone that France is not “America” whose government must abide by “outdated” constitutional limitations.

“Americans may brag about their freedom, but it is, in fact, our government that has a lot more freedom to do what’s necessary in any given political situation. In this sense, France is part of a broader community of progressive nations, the European Union, where we believe that every member must shoulder certain burdens in proportion to their geographic sizes and populations.”

“Being that Poland and Hungary are nations of considerable size, I will work with the EU to ensure that they endure terrorist attacks and cultural subversion in exact proportion to their territory – not more and not less – which is only fair.”

“And that begins by opening their borders and allowing in a proportionate quota of refugees from known cauldrons of Islamic terrorism. I can put their minds at ease with my personal guarantee that these quotas will be carefully calculated by highly qualified professionals in Brussels.”

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