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Presidential Debates

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I could not decide if I wanted to watch “The Debates” or “The American Gladiator.”

I settled on “The American Gladiator” as it more closely reflected “reality.”

Trump “serenading” Hillary Clinton at the Debate is the reason Al Gore “invented” the Internet…

Only in America can you take a debate about “politics, pussies, emails and ISIS” and turn it into a “sultry sweet romantic ballad.”

Vice Presidential Debate Fact-Check Livewire
Second Presidential Debate Fact-Check Livewire
Third Presidential Debate Fact-Check Livewire


Bad Judgment Granny

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Bad Judgment Granny 06

“Granny” Hillary never used a “password” to protect her computer emails, and she was clueless about how regular emails work on a conventional computer, according to a deposition of a “foreign service officer” at the State Department.

She also continued to “push” for the use of her personal “Blackberry” phone in the Secretary’s “highly-secured” government suite even though federal regulations “barred” its use in that office.

Bad Judgment Granny 11

The revelations came as part of the deposition by Judicial Watch, the nonprofit government “watchdog” group, of Lewis A. Lukens, a veteran 27-year foreign service officer at the State Department who “served” as the deputy executive secretary and executive director of the “Office of the Secretariat” during part of Clinton’s tenure at State.

Judicial Watch won the right to depose a variety of State Department officials, including Clinton, in a “Freedom of Information” lawsuit prompted by the department’s “refusal” to release Clinton’s 55,000 pages of emails properly and to provide information about the “double dipping” by Huma Abedin, Clinton’s deputy chief of staff.

Bad Judgment Granny 12

Abedin simultaneously held positions at the “State Department, the Clinton Foundation and an outside consulting firm” run by a close “confidant” of the Clinton’s. Such arrangements are very rare in the federal government.

Lukens served in the Office of the Secretariat from 2008 to 2011, helping on “logistics, paper flow and travel” to support the Secretary of State.

From the start of her term in January 2009, State Department officials “grappled” with Clinton’s “ignorance” of the use of basic computers. Hillary vowed “no computers” in her administration.

In a January 24, 2009 email from Lukens to the department’s Undersecretary Patrick Kennedy, the foreign service officer said “Hillary didn’t know how to use a computer for emails.”

Bad Judgment Granny 07

Citing a conversation Lukens had with Clinton Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills, who “lost” her BlackBerry with “classified” material on it, he wrote, “She says problem is HRC does not know how to use a computer to do emails — only Blackberry.” HRC refers to Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Judicial Watch attorney Michael Bekesha asked Lukens if State Department policy barred the use of “personal cell phones” in the Secretary’s official office suite, which is one of the most tightly “secured” facilities in government.

Lukens explained the prohibition: “So the crux of the issue was that BlackBerry’s and iPhone’s are not allowed in the Secretary’s office suite, so the question was, how is the Secretary going to be able to check her emails if she’s not able to have the Blackberry at her desk with her.”

Bad Judgment Granny 05

The National Security Agency “rebuffed” multiple attempts by Clinton to “carry” her Blackberry into her office.

Lukens also said Clinton did not use a “password” to protect her stand-alone computer from “unwanted” intruders such as hackers.

During the deposition, Lukens volunteered that the “stand-alone “computer adjacent to her suite did not have a password for protection “She wouldn’t have had a password.”

Bekesha asked, astonished, “So the computer would have just been open and be able to use without going through any security features?”

“Correct,” Lukens replied.

He added that to the “best of his knowledge,” Clinton never received a “waiver” to use the Blackberry in the “State Department” headquarters.

“Do you know if — do you know if waivers or exceptions were made for State — or employees of the Office of the Secretary to use their State Department Blackberry’s within the executive suite within the office of the Secretary,” Bekesha asked.

“I’m not aware of any waivers that were made,” Lukens replied.

Mills eventually was able to set up a room “adjacent” to her secure office to allow her to look at her “unsecured” Blackberry emails. But it appears that Clinton “rarely” used the room.

Bad Judgment Granny 08

Instead, the Secretary of State would go into a “hallway” to use her blackberry.

Lukens said in the deposition he “saw” Clinton using her blackberry in the hall “maybe a half dozen times.”

The official said that he thought Clinton wanted to use the Blackberry “to stay in touch with family and friends,”

He said he didn’t know if she was conducting “official” business on a private server or with a “non-governmental” email address. Clinton used an email domain address “”

As late as 2011, State Department officials were still “trying” to get Clinton to use a “government-issued” blackberry.

Bad Judgment Granny 09

But Abedin “shot it down,” saying in an August 30, 2011 email “let’s discuss the State Blackberry, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.”

Bekesha, asked Lukens if Abedin also used a “non-state department email address.”

“Do you recall if Ms. Abedin used e-mail accounts to correspond with you,” Bekesha asked.

“Well, the answer is yes,” he replied.

Lukens displayed a great “lack of curiosity” about Clinton’s use of “prohibited” electronic devices.

Bad Judgment Granny 01

“Did you ever think about whether or not she was going to use that equipment to conduct official government business,” asked the Judicial Watch attorney.

“I did not,” he replied.

Judge Sullivan, the State Department’s Inspector General and the Inspector General for the Intelligence Community have expressed deep “dissatisfaction” with the State Department’s examination of the Clinton emails, as well as its “failure to identify classified materials on her server.”

The inspector general’s, unlike State Department officials, found at least “two dozen” emails contained either “Top Secret” designation or the highest government classification called “Special Access Programs,” or SAP.

Bad Judgment Granny 02

They found up to “1200 emails” contained some form of “classification” material.

Lukens, as executive director of the executive secretariat for the State Department, said he was only “trained” once to handle documents under the Freedom of Information Act — in 1989 — when he first joined the department. He’s never had a “refresher” course in the years since that first training.

“Do you know if any point after 1989 you received updated guidance or training about the use of email as it related to federal records and the Freedom of Information Act,” Bekesha asked.

“Not that I recall,” replied Lukens.

Bad Judgment Granny 04

Lewis A. Lukens, a former aide to Hillary Clinton testified behind closed doors about her use of a private email server.

The State Department official also revealed that he “routinely” deleted official emails “to clear out space in my inbox.”

He said he “kept files for various trips and things where I would keep e-mails until trips were over, but after trips were over I would often delete the files to clear — to clear out space in my inbox.”

Bad Judgment Granny 03

Judge Sullivan has permitted Judicial Watch to “depose” Secretary Clinton, Mills, Abedin and Patrick Kennedy.

Bad Judgment Granny 00

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Hillary for Prison 2016

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What a “novel” campaign slogan! This seems so “fitting.”

It’s one thing to be the “wife” of the President who enjoyed Pizza, Cigars, and Monica in the Oval Office, and quite another to be investigated for a “high crime.”

Former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton is under FBI “investigation” for conducting official State “security” business outside of her “official office,” General Petraeus style.

Hillary for Prison 2016 02

She of course is “denying” this and playing the game of “Clinton Semantics.”

Check out the video for details of the specific “emails” mentioned beginning at 2:45.

This is a “big” deal, and if this is “true,” Clinton should be getting in an enormous amount of “trouble” and deserves to be “punished” to the fullest extent for her “crimes.”

Anybody buying her claims of “innocence?”

Doesn’t look like it. Not even the FBI who are beginning to “recover” her emails, eliciting an entertaining “tap-dance” around the “truth” by Clinton.

Hillary is completely “disillusioned” and entirely “corrupt,” and the fact that she’s even in the “running” for POTUS right now is a total “disgrace.”

There is no way she should ever be “allowed” to even step a “foot” in the White House.

The only place she should be is in a “prison cell,” and the sad thing is that the possibility of that “happening” is small regardless of what “corruption” is revealed because of her “government” connections and “immense” wealth.

Hillary for Prison 2016 01

We can “only” hope that this “investigation” is quick and the “truth” about Hillary Clinton is “revealed” in time for “voters” to see her for what she really is,  “a fraud and a liar.”

The public is finally “responding” as her poll numbers are “tanking” fast. Not only that, but a “creative” group of people have “decided” to get in on the “action” and have a little “fun” at her expense.

“#HillaryForPrison” is a meme “directed” at her campaign. It isn’t “limited” to social media, either. Those interested in “helping” with the campaign can proudly “display” a yard sign, slap a “bumper” sticker on their car, and sport a “T-shirt” that shows their support for the Democrat candidate.

Hillary for Prison 2016 03

Check out the various “Hillary for Prison 2016” signs. There you can get your own “koozie” to show your support.

Here are some example “tweets” of the signs in action:

All I want for Christmas
Hillary For Prison 2016
Hillary For Prison 2016
Hillary for Prison 2016
Great bumper sticker

Hillary for Prison 2016 00

Sunshine Week 2015

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Send: Tue 3/17/2015 3:33 PM

Subject: Everybody in the damn Obama Administration that sold me out.

Hi everybody!

Just wanted to drop you a line. National Sunshine Week is March 15-21, 2015 and it’s going like gangbusters.

Open government is good government. Join us in the annual nationwide celebration of access to public information and what it means for you and your community. Find all the free resources you need to get started right here.


If you don’t “pony” up some serious “hard” cash donation to the “Clinton Foundation” I’m going to start “leaking” all the e-mails I got from you.

Sunshine Week 01

Nothing was deleted. I lied. Surprise! It’s all on my private server down at the NY Chappaqua farm.

Remember Obama, it’s open government “sunshine” week!

I say let the “sunshine” in!


That’ll teach you to “screw” with me. You told the world about my “private” e-mails and tried to “destroy” me.

Now its war.

Hillary Clinton
send from my “Blackberry” or my “I phone,” I can’t recall which one I used this afternoon.



Surrender the Emails

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Surrender the Emails 01

Hat Tip: Release Lerner’s Emails, Mr. President, For The Good Of The Republic

Dear Mr. President,

Your White House currently has, in its possession, “emails” to and from a woman named Lois Lerner. They come from the period 2009 to 2011, as your tax-collecting agency “abused and marginalized” the conservative movement from Washington to El Monte, California. Your own White House officials were in contact, “via email”, with Ms. Lerner during this time.

You need to “give up” those emails now. Congress needs them to determine how much “abuse” occurred, who “ordered” it, and who “covered” it up. It’s a “law-enforcement” matter in the present. And what about the future?

IRS Scandal 01

We understand that it’s “hard for you” to show the country exactly “what’s been happening” in your administration. Heck, it would be “hard for the country” too.

Nobody “wants to think” that you, the winner of two “national” elections, a “Novel Prize” recipient and the “modern” teleprompter “Orator”  at the podium, could have overseen a program of “harassment” that threatens the “very fabric” of our democracy.

Nobody really “wants to think” that it was anything other than a “computer crash”, a goof-up by “rogue”  IRS agents in the Cincinnati office, or a phony” scandal.

IRS Scandal 08

Since our founding, Americans have been relatively “circumspect,” with a few exceptions, about who we “trust” to help us keep the republic. In two separate elections, we — “a majority of us at least” — trusted you.

Your administration entered into a media “grace” period that felt like it could last forever. And it lasted “quite a deal longer” than it should have. You “governed” by a succession of “cute” tableaus: “funeral photos with foreign dignitaries, meticulously designed games of pickup basketball and all-important fabulous White House Correspondents Dinners.”

Whether “killing a fly” in a national TV interview or calling Kanye West a “jackass,” you relished in your fame. Its benefits lasted you through a fevered “health-care” battle and a “midterm loss” in the House. It carried you so far, in fact, that four years “down the line” you were still able to run for “re-election” against your predecessor.

IRS Scandal 07

Your “grace” period lasted longer than any modern president. Longer than your “frenemy” Casanova Bill Clinton’s, the “sax-slinging” Baby Boomer. He “harshed” America’s mellow in his very first year in office with “Somalia” and “HillaryCare.”

Even Ronald Reagan took a “bullet” in the chest but still couldn’t climb over “40 percent” in the Gallup poll during the ’83 recession. You’re a lucky man with a “44 percent” approval rating in this, your sixth year in office.

IRS Scandal 09

You dealt with “scandals” in the cutest way possible. Your “excuses” were outlandish, childish, and completely out of proportion to the “gravity of the alleged conduct” involved.

  • Remember when al-Qaida attacked our consulate, murdered our ambassador and you blamed it on a YouTube video?
  • When a terrorist group you failed to prosecute kidnapped schoolgirls and your staff tweeted sad-face White House selfies?
  • When you settled the whole ObamaCare rollout between the ferns of an Internet comedy show?
  • Or when the IRS targeting scandal — the one about the government suppressing the political speech of conservatives across the nation — gained its own presidential sound-byte befitting a children’s lesson: “Not a smidgen of corruption.” (Let’s not forget that you once called it “outrageous.”)

And now, six years in, you’re at it “yet” again.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest Holds Daily Briefing

White House Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest.

“You’ve never heard of a computer crashing before?” your new White House press “flack” Josh Earnest said yesterday to your loyal “fans” in the media. It doesn’t matter, really, whether the computer crash “ever actually” happened. All that matters is that it’s “plausible.”

It’s been “heard” of before. It’s another fatuous “screw-up” in the running “sitcom” that is your government. Can’t we all just picture that “computer” crashing and Lois Lerner being all “frazzled” about it and take the “fifth”, just like us and our work friends at the office!

  • Does it matter that your IRS commissioner said back in March that Lerner’s emails were all saved on a computer server?
  • Does it matter that the IRS was legally required to keep all agency emails and to even print them out in the event of a computer crash?
  • Or is it all just another fable, cooked up by the handpicked literary types that craft the narrative of your administration?
  • Is Ms. Lerner’s computer crash just like the YouTube video before it, just eccentric enough to seem true?

“The whole art of government consists in the art of being honest” wrote Thomas Jefferson in 1774, when he was still outlining the “Rights of British America.”

IRS Scandal 11

Jefferson, as did his protégé Madison, knew the “lies” that would “corrupt” their republic would not be told in defining “public” debates, but rather along the “edges” of governance.

They would be “cute” falsehoods, little “white lies” designed to turn “wrongdoings” into common “editorial” cartoons. The more “trivial” sounding, the more “serious” the crimes.

Your administration has shown little “regard” for the Fourth Amendment, an outright “hatred” for the Second, a “misunderstanding” of how to exploit the Fifth, and, well, y’all just “pretended” the Tenth wasn’t even there.

But the IRS “targeting” scandal, which now “revolves” around Ms. Lerner’s emails, could be your government’s greatest “assault” on the First.

If those who “disagree” with the government are no longer allowed to “exercise” their political speech, then we have effectively “tossed” out the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

We no longer practice the “democracy” of Jefferson and Madison. We no longer “keep” Franklin’s republic. We go the way of so many other great democracies — “like the kind that elected Julius Caesar emperor for life.”

Obama Banana 01

We become a “banana” republic. A “falsehood” on the world stage. We become an “entity” the likes of which no Founding Father ever “designed” and no Constitution was ever “meant” to govern. We enter into a political age without “precedent,” right here within our own shores.

This is no joke. This is no cute little sound byte. This is no computer crash. This is the “abyss” staring at us as we stand on the edge of history. Have we ever been this “close” before? Did Nixon ever pause from his “break-ins”, Reagan from his “hostage” deals, Clinton from his “office romps,” to carry out the “assassination” of an entire “ideology” practiced by half of their own people?

“Give up” those emails or you will not only stand as a “disgrace” in our history books, but you will threaten to “burn” those history books themselves.

“Give up” those emails or know that you will have done more to “corrupt” our democratic institutions than any man or woman before you. And then think about what could come after you.


For the sake of so much that is better, that is more inspiring, that is more important to our country and the world than you will ever be: “give up those emails.”

“Give up” the disgraces hidden within them so as to relieve us of the disgrace playing out today in front of our very eyes. We know it might “pain” you to hear it, but you’re not the most “important part” of this anymore.

“Give up” those emails. And let us read what your government has done in your “Hope and Change” transformation of America.

IRS Scandal 07

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