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Biden’s Bloodthirsty Hounds

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Fraud-In-Chief Joe Biden’s renegade dog Major could be primed to unleash a reign of terror following the death of Champ, the elder and much-better-behaved German Shepherd widely believed to be the only thing keeping the vicious Major at bay. 

Experts largely agreed that Champ, who died at the age of 13, was a good boy. But even his statesmanlike demeanor was not enough to stop the three-year-old Major from attacking government employees and defecating inside the White House. With Champ out of the picture, there’s no telling what Major will do next.

“As the beta dog in the White House, Major stuck to biting park rangers,” said Dr. Patrick Ames, director of the Weller Institute of Canine Psychology. “Now that he’s the alpha, we should expect a much more aggressive streak to emerge,” Ames told the Washington Free Beacon. “There will be blood.”

The Biden’s sent Major to Delaware for “training” in early March after the dog attacked a member of White House security. He “returned” to Pennsylvania Avenue in mid-March, only to attack a National Park Service employee days later. The injury, which the First Lady’s office described as a “nip,” was severe enough to require medical attention.

Some believe Major’s aggressive nature casts a concerning light on Champ’s untimely demise.

“As with authoritarian leaders and Mafiosi, German Shepherds have been known to claw their way to the top by any means necessary,” said Becca Davis, senior fellow at the Schneider Center for Alsatian Power. “Major wouldn’t be the first Deutschlander to engineer a contemporary’s demise in order to consolidate power.”

Nor would it be Major’s first attempt at a White House coup. In November 2020, then-president-elect Biden fractured his right foot while “playing” with Major after “getting out of the shower.” While the AARP reported that falls and fractures are common in men of Biden’s advanced age, sources close to the matter tell that the “incident” was far from playful.

“Look, the man rides his Peloton every single day,” said the source, who wished to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation. “Do you really think he’d just fall playing with a dog? Wake up! Something funny’s going on here.”D.C.’s most prominent canines are scrambling to respond to the shifting power dynamic in the White House.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D., N.Y.) French bulldog Deco is holed up in her luxury Navy Yard apartment, leaving only for Tesla trips to the neighborhood Whole Foods.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D., Mass.) golden retriever Bailey, best known for stealing strangers’ burritos, was recently found to be 1/64th German Shepherd and is reportedly trying to secure an alliance with Major.

Truman and Buddy Buttigieg, known sycophants who congratulated Champ and Major on Twitter after Biden’s election, did not return a request for comment.

Truman and Buddy Buttigieg

Not everyone in Washington is worried about Major’s untimely rise to “hound” power.

“Champ was stuck in the past, but Major has all four paws pointed toward the future,” said Troy Beauregard , senior fellow in Siamese cat studies at the Quincy Institute. “We’re optimistic that Major will push the Biden administration to a more prudent position on U.S.-China relations.”

At press time, Major was last seen strolling the grounds of the Naval Observatory and discussing the 2024 presidential election with cackling Kamala “Ho” Harris.

Joe Biden & Abortion

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Catholic hypocrite Joe Biden.

The day was a Thursday, June 6, 2019. It was the “75th Anniversary of D-Day.” And for “Sniffy” Joe Biden, it seems in retrospect a kind of personal D-Day, marking a fateful pivot for this lifelong Catholic “hypocrite” who steadily but surely over the decades has moved further away from his Church’s pro-life teachings.

In a big announcement that day while campaigning in Atlanta, candidate Joe Biden, clinging desperately to maintain his position as the Democrat presidential front-runner for 2020, said: “For many years as a U.S. senator, I have supported the Hyde Amendment, as many, many others have, because there were sufficient moneys and circumstances where women were able to exercise that right to abortion; women of color, poor women, women were not able to have access. But circumstances have changed.”

Just like that, “Chomo” Joe Biden’s 40-plus years of support for the Hyde Amendment was gone. It had been the only remaining vestige of any Biden pro-life position. He abandoned it, obviously for political reasons. In response, the crowd of liberal women went wild, cheering ecstatically.

It was a sad moment to behold for any pro-life Catholic, and especially for pro-life Catholic Democrats praying that at long last they might have a party nominee who wasn’t quite as extreme as the party’s recent nominees on the abortion issue. This is not to say that Joe Biden was pro-life (quite the contrary, given his history), but he wasn’t as terrible on abortion as other Democrats, such as Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren.

And yet, think about what Joe Biden said — that is, the rationale offered for his flip, and to the roaring approval of his progressive crowd: He reversed his long-held position in support of the Hyde Amendment, which long banned forced taxpayer funding of abortion, allowing for religious-conscience exemptions, so that “women of color, poor women” can have their abortions publicly paid for.

He was changing specifically because of women of color and poor women. He wants to make sure money isn’t an issue to them. He wants no obstacles for them in securing their desire to abort their children. This change is prompted wholly on their behalf: “women of color, poor women.”

Of course, if Donald Trump had staked such a position with such a cold rationale, how long would it take before liberals screamed and denounced him as a “racist and murderer” at the top of their collective lungs? But when it comes to abortion, the most race-focused progressive will look the other way.

Look at how they’ve long looked past Margaret Sanger’s “racial transgressions”, from her work for the “Negro Project” to her May 1926 speech to the women’s chapter of the “KKK” in Silverlake, New Jersey.

As Catholics — that is, the faith “lying” Joe Biden professes to follow — we believe every human being has sanctity and dignity and is made in the image of God. That most certainly includes children of women of color and poor women. We do not take extra steps to ensure that they, specifically, receive taxpayer support to guarantee their children are aborted with our money.

Of course, the fact is that abortion already victimizes minorities by leaps and bounds. The national figures show that the proportion of abortions by Black women far outpace white women. Some civil-rights leaders, including Alveda King, have called this Black Genocide.”

“Sniffy” Joe Biden smelling hair and body aromas of little girls.

Well, “Sniffy” Joe Biden wanted America’s minorities to know he wants to make sure they get free abortions. He’s hardly alone in his switch.

The Democratic Party as a whole once supported the Hyde Amendment, which more than 40 years ago was passed and supported by a Democratic House, Senate and president. But that Democratic Party no longer exists. Today, you can count on literally one or two hands the number of pro-life Democrats in the House and Senate.

Today’s progressives tell us that on this issue they have progressed. They have evolved, moved forward to a new era and new thinking. Hyde itself must be aborted, this thinking goes, so Americans can support abortions for poor women, women of color, Black women, Hispanic women, White women, Asian women. Matter of fact, any women.

Patti Solis Doyle, who had served as Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign manager in 2008 and who has worked for Biden, put it candidly: “The problem is: The Hyde Amendment affects poor women, women of color, Black women, Hispanic women.” In her view, that’s bad.

Of course, it’s especially bad for “Planned Parenthood”, Margaret Sanger’s organization, which counts on minority women as major customers. At the time of Biden’s D-Day moment, Leana Wen of Planned Parenthood had said: “Happy to see Joe Biden embrace what we have long known to be true: Hyde blocks people — particularly women of color and women with low incomes — from accessing safe, legal abortion care.”

It sure does block them. And Joe Biden wants to lift all obstacles.

Perhaps most disappointing is that Biden succumbed to this reversal under political pressure from his party rivals, particularly Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Kamala Harris of California. Warren had a fit over this issue. Choking back tears, filled with anger, she insisted to an emotional audience that Hyde be reversed. “Understand this,” said Warren, voice trembling. “Women of means will still have access to abortions. Who won’t will be poor women.” As for Kamala Harris, click here to watch her on July 31, 2019, attack Biden for supporting Hyde, which she said was “unacceptable.” Biden by then had flipped on Hyde, but Harris was still fuming.

In a display of political-personal cowardice, Joe Biden allowed himself to be browbeaten by these strident abortion activists in his party. He abandoned the unborn (and taxpayers) he had once defended through Hyde and abandoned the teaching of his Catholic faith as well, to appease Warren and Harris and angry progressives.

Joe Biden, ironically, had once stood out among a pack of rabidly pro-choice Democrats for having at least once been not quite as reprehensible as the rest on the abortion issue. Of course, he was firmly “pro-choice,” but at least he stood to the right of the likes of Warren, Harris and Hillary Clinton.

But for Biden, that all changed on June 6, 2019 — his “D-Day.” On that date, by “abandoning” his support for the Hyde Amendment, Biden “abandoned” pro-life Catholics and pro-lifers generally. For those among them who didn’t personally like Donald Trump, and were willing to consider a vote for Biden (who, after all, at least supported the Hyde Amendment), well, that was gone.

And then it was really, really gone when, in a stunning move, one of the women who browbeat Biden on Hyde — Harris, who has been awful toward Catholic pro-lifers (from David Daleiden to Brian Buescher) — was chosen by Biden to be his vice-presidential running mate.

June 6, 2019, was a fateful turn in Joe Biden’s long drift away from his Church’s opposition to abortion. It marked a clear political-personal pivot, a moral pivot — perhaps a point of no return.

What remains to be seen is the extent to which a President Biden further abandons pro-lifers and, above all, the unborn.

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Two Chomos in a Pod

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“Chomo” Joe Biden, who likes to “grope, fondle, fingering, pinch nipples and sniff body aromas” of young girls and women, was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States, bringing to a close one of the most successful administrations in American history.

In what may or may not be a coincidence, the date of the inauguration, January 20, happens to be the birth date of “Chomo” Jeffrey Epstein, the Democratic donor and billionaire “pedophile” who died under suspicious circumstances in 2019 under the auspices of the U.S. Government.

Coincidence? The late Democratic “chomo” would have been 68.

Epstein apparently committed “suicide” in his cell following his arrest on sex trafficking charges. The arrest did not come as a surprise, given that his “perverted lifestyle” was widely known among his many powerful friends in the media, higher education, and the Democratic Party. Over the years, numerous national news outlets spiked stories about the victims of Epstein’s abuse, often at Epstein’s urging.

“Life behind bars for Epstein would not have been safe. Chomos are marked,” a white-collar convict who spent more than five years in the prison system at various levels and locations in the U.S. revealed. “The unspoken rule is that if you associate with a snitch or chomo, you are the same as them. Even snitches don’t want to associate with Chomos, so they have to look out for each other and clique up.”

“Chomos” is prison slang for a “child molesters.” Inmates and officers often claim they are at the absolute bottom of the implied prison hierarchy.

“Chomos are definitely bottom scum, then snitches are targeted after them. Drug dealers, white-collar, common folk,” the former inmate said. “Bureau of Prisons (BOP) talks a good game, but you won’t ever provide a safe haven for a chomo in custody.”

Epstein’s arrest in 2019 was prompted in large part by a local newspaper’s reporting on President Donald Trump’s nominee for labor secretary, Alex Acosta.

If Hillary Clinton wasn’t such an unlikable, “disgraced” human being, Trump never would have become president, and Epstein almost certainly would have continued to commit his “pedophilia” activities.

“Chomo” Bill Clinton, obviously, was another frequent guest on Epstein’s private “orgy” jet, aka “The Lolita Express.”

Prominent Democratic politicians have a history of connecting their achievements to the birthdays of depraved individuals. In 2019, for example, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) unveiled her $1.25 trillion “free college” plan on April 22, the birthday of Vladimir Lenin, architect of Soviet communism.

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Vice Presidential Picks

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When “Sleepy Ho” Kamala Harris is inaugurated as the 47th President of these United States of America on January 21, 2021, one day after President “Sniffy” Joe Biden resigns, citing health concerns and a desire to spend more time with his family and concentrate on his hobbies like bike riding, sniffing hair/body aromas, having black bastards stroke his blond leg hairs at the pool, and sitting young girls on his lap pinching nipples, the question will be: “Who will President ‘Sleepy’ Ho Kamala Harris pick for Vice President?”

Many have been speculating on who the possibilities may be. For starters, we can rule out anybody from California. Our founders, in their prudent wisdom, realized how dangerous it would be for the Union to have two people from California to run the entire executive branch. They had no idea back then what “Californian” gold rush was but they knew it was/is a crazy idea to let them ruining everything.

So let us consider the other possibilities, in no particular order:

Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren

She is a minority woman. She is also a woman of color. She has a Harvard pedigree as a professor of law specializing in bankruptcy law and helping people to avoid paying for their own expenses. With her in the VP office, we would have a dream team of the first all female executive, the first female president and vice president combo, the first Native Indian female vice president and first female Jamaican/Indian president combination. Together, it would be impossible to criticize the executive branch because any criticism would be considered both racist and sexist. This will make it so much easier to push through the radical policies of giving away other people’s money.

Stacey Abrams

The black, minority governor in exile of Georgia should definitely be a consideration. Those racist Republicans were so mean to her by not voting for a deserving black woman, and in not giving her the trophy she was entitled to for simply showing up, that she definitely deserves some kind of consolation prize, which perfectly describes the vice presidency. Again, being both black and a woman of color helps to immunize the executive branch from any kind of criticism. This would also solidify the privileged white woman constituency who seek to alleviate the guilt they feel for the racist philosophy they hold that anyone who is not white cannot achieve anything without their white savior help.

Kate Brown

The governor of Oregon is the first openly “bi-sexual” governor anywhere. Adding her to the executive team would inoculate them from criticism on the basis that any criticism would be considered racist, sexist, bi-phobic or homo-phobic. She’s also very pro “rioting is free speech”, “speech is violence” and “silence is violence”, “defund the police” and “black lives matter” which would make her unlikely to be a threat to the newly chosen presidential team.

Chuck Schumer

He enjoys being told what to do and say by alcohol infused, dominatrix Speaker Nancy “Ice Cream Queen” Pelosi. He yaps like a Chihuahua whenever necessary and he would be sure to be a loyal “lap dog” for the presidential team. This would also help to placate the Jewish vote which Mayor de Blasio of NYC has spent so much time and energy alienating.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Beloved Hillary Rodham used to be co-president. “I’m ready to help in any way I can because I think this will be a moment where every American. I don’t care what party you are, I don’t care what age, race, gender, I don’t care. Every American should want to fix our country. So if you’re asked to serve, you should certainly consider that.” I thought long about that quote, but came to the conclusion that President “Sleepy Ho” Harris would prefer to live beyond January 22, 2021.

Michelle “Michael” Robinson Obama

Speculation has swirled that Michelle Obama, who is one of the most popular figures in the Democratic party, likely eclipsing her Muslim husband, could be a strategic choice for “Sleepy Ho” Kamala. She said: “Let me be as honest and clear as I possibly can. Donald Trump is the wrong president for our country. He has had more than enough time to prove that he can do the job, but he is clearly in over his head. He cannot meet this moment. He simply cannot be who we need him to be for us. It is what it is.”

Former President “Sniffy” Joe Biden

He already had experience in the position, he could pursue his hobbies with alacrity and could continue to hide in his basement and nobody would notice or care. If ever any kind of crisis or scandal arises, he could be wheeled out of the basement, say something typically crazy and then the fake mainstream media could spend weeks on how crazy/senile old Joe has become and ignore the crisis/scandals.

This is not a comprehensive list of possibilities but I’m sure President “Sleepy Ho” Kamala will have a longer list but I suspect all of the above candidates will be considered.

Another big problem is the pronunciation of President “Sleepy Ho” Kamala Harris name. According to Margaret Sullivan of the Washington Post, Fox News host Tucker Carlson “mispronounced” her name.

“Tucker Carlson’s mangling of Kamala Harris’s name was all about disrespect. Here’s the thing: It’s really not that hard to get Harris’s name right. Getting it wrong, of course, is disrespectful at best and violently racist at worst. That goes without saying. It’s KA-ma-la Harris, folks. ‘KA’ as in ‘cop.’ Have some respect.”

Regrettably, prominent “liberal” pundits and politicians have been mispronouncing “Sleepy Ho” Kamala’s name for a while now. Numerous libs who claim to oppose bigotry, such as “Sniffy” Joe Biden, Caliph Barack Obama, and even Harris’s newly minted chief of staff, Karine Jean-Pierre, have committed “violent racism” by mispronouncing her name in public.

What a wonderful story will be told in the future about the first “Jamaican/Indian/Black American Individual with a Cervix” President and her rise from “anchor baby” to leader of the most powerful “racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, white supremacist, anti-LGBTQWTF” country in the world.

Such a “glorious” feel good story can only be told to rouse the “patriotic” feelings within a new generation that will “love” their government and “despise and refuse” to tolerate those who oppose such an “inclusive and tolerant” government.

Another really “sad” story is nobody really likes “Sleepy Ho” Kamala…except for this lady. … 8487706625  This is a Twitter video so you will need to click the link to watch it.

In what can only be called a “cry for mental help,” this woman decided to film herself having a bizarre “emotional” breakdown over the announcement that “Sleepy Ho” Kamala Harris is Joe Biden’s VP. Apparently, she was so overwhelmed with joy and happiness that she couldn’t control her crying.

Just a quick reminder that “Sleepy Ho” Kamala Harris dropped out of the 2020 race with about 3% in the polls, and she only got 7% of the vote in her home state of California.

President “Sleepy Ho” Kamala Harris is a political “sycophant” of the highest order. She’s like a desperate “dude” at a bar right after last call… willing to say anything to go home with whoever drunk is still there.

Another best selling bumper sticker blatantly stolen from the Inter-webs: “Feels-up & Heels-up 2020!”

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2020 Jackass Convention

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Day 1: Gay Billy Porter’s Bizarre DNC 2020 Performance

Day 2: Barmaid AOC endorses Senator Bernard Sanders for President of the United States

Joe Biden hugs his wife and once again introduced himself as “Joe Biden’s Husband”

Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren appeared at the DNC’s “Native American Caucus”


It was a freak show. “Pocahontas” on a Native American panel? Great, the Dems kicked yet another ethnic group in the nuts.

Cardi B, real name Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar, is a Jamaican/Trinidadian mix.  She interviewed Joe Biden in her thick Spanish accent “I feel like black people, we’re not asking for sympathy, we’re not asking for charity, we are just asking for equality.” A few years ago, Cardi B stripped, sold sex and drugged and robbed her clients. Last week, she dropped a pornographic song and video celebrating “Wet Ass Pussy.”

Here Cardi B scientifically explained in a profanity-laced street interview why some people have “Dry Ass Pussy” (DAP). I guess “Half White is the New All Black” in the Democratic party.

“Slick Willy” Bill Clinton said “Would you mind taking a crack at what’s in my pants?” on his way to Africa with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein on the “Lolita Express.”

The Democrats are hiding their “radical” platform and the party’s capitulation to the Sanders-AOC socialists, and instead touting the personality and purported character of Joe Biden as a guarantor of moderation.

It’s a phony appeal, of course, on two counts. One is that the lefty rads are totally in control and they know it. They just have to keep a low profile and count on the fake media to hide them and their views.

But the other count is harder to conceal: Joe Biden’s “mental decline” is severe. Maybe they think that they can limit his spontaneous interactions to interviews with Cardi B and People Magazine which implies they will try to cancel the scheduled debates. Alzheimer’s is no joke, and a substantial portion of the public knows someone who has been afflicted, so they can recognize the symptoms when they see them in Biden.

And that’s a big problem, because while Biden has his moments of “lucidity”, he also has offered plenty of evidence that he is not the same man he was 5 years ago.

The old gaffe-prone Biden was never the sharpest knife in the drawer, but the video below from the Trump campaign put the lie to the contention that his mental wandering off is just “Joe being Joe.” It is barely over a minute long:

“You can’t beat somebody with nobody” is a political dictum (attributed to Jack Abramoff) that carries a lot of truth. By nominating a candidate whose mental capacity is rapidly falling, the Democrats are trying to beat “somebody with nobody.”

This video argues against both counts of the Democrats’ fraud. Biden lacks the focus and energy to keep the radicals reined in, even if that were possible. And his character, even if voters accept the fiction that it is sterling, ignoring his corruption in China, Ukraine and elsewhere, now that nobody is home upstairs, it doesn’t matter.

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Face Lift Gone Wrong

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Democrat Senator Kamala Harris (CA) appeared on MSNBC to discuss late Congressman John Lewis.

But everyone was talking about her “new” face lift which apparently didn’t go well. Debuting her “cosmetic work and bizarre look” fueled rumors that she may be “pedophile” Biden’s VP pick!

“Thank you @KamalaHarris for joining me tonight on #PoliticsNation to remember the life and legacy of Congressman John Lewis.” — Reverend Al Sharpton (@TheRevAl) July 18, 2020

What happened to Kamala’s face? Her skin also looks a lot lighter? Those “cheekbones” look pretty high. Is she 1/1024 indigenous Native American too? Who did Kamala’s cosmetic work during the pandemic lockdown?

She’s in her 50’s and worn out from her long time “love affair” with former married San Francisco mayor and California State Assembly Speaker Willie Brown.

Nobody expects her to look 30 like the Dems “Jihad Squad.” Before the facelift, it wasn’t her looks that were so ugly; it was her personality and her attitude. Those are still ugly, but now she has a face to match. Totally self-inflicted.

Did she look hard edged, totally ambitious, power hungry, heartless, incapable of compassion, and like what one might expect under that chrome Storm trooper armor in the pathetic Disney Star Wars sequels? Absolutely. But still, she has made herself look ridiculous now.

If this botched “face lift” cost her the VP spot, then I say carry on. Yes, that might mean the fake Pocahontas Warren may get a greater chance at being VP. And Trump and all of us can have a field day with 1/1024 Native American jokes.

Twitter users didn’t responded too kindly either.

“Excited for Kamala Harris cosmetic surgery twitter.” — Stephen L. Miller (@redsteeze) July 19, 2020

“What did Kamala Harris do to her face? “— Kambree (@KamVTV) July 19, 2020

“OMG – Kamala Harris was on Al Sharpton’s show, and must’ve gone crazy with plastic surgery. It’s so bad.” — Catturd (@catturd2) July 19, 2020

“Who did Kamala Harris’ cosmetic surgery during the pandemic lockdown?” — Ali Alexander (@ali) July 19, 2020

“What happened to #KamalaHarris?” — Vaultteam6 (WWG1WGA) (@vaultteam6) July 19, 2020

“OMG!! What in hell happened to #KamalaHarris face?? Definitely a lot of facial work done. And if Kamala is so proud being black, then why the hell did she lighten her skin to be more white? Guess she and #HillaryClinton have the same doctor! Smdh!” #anonymous #QAnon #QArmy — Anonymous Exposes Racism (@exposes_racism) July 19, 2020

@KamalaHarris is having some really awful elective surgery while the rest of us are barely allowed life saving surgery.” — DoubleJ (@XC11488) July 19, 2020

Joe “Sniffy” Biden sporting his new, modified face mask to enjoy the many different “body aromas” from his faithful female voters.


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A staunch “Green New Deal” advocate got caught “de-boarding” a private jet, and when she noticed she was being filmed, she tried to hide behind staffers in front of her. Yes, the “honest,” the one who never lies, “Fauxcahontas” Elizabeth Warren was the presidential candidate who was caught.

“Liawatha” Elizabeth Warren is a massive “fraud” and unrepentant “liar.” We don’t even know who this woman is because she “lies” constantly. She’s spent the better part of her life trying to pass herself off as a “Native American” and milking the educational and political system as a result.

She “lied” with a forked tongue passing herself off as a “Native American” and milking the system as a result.
She “lied” with a forked tongue about her Dad’s job. He wasn’t a “Janitor” but she prefers saying that over “Maintenance Manager” because it sounds more “lowly.”
She “lied” with a forked tongue about sending her kids to “private school.”
She “lied” with a forked tongue that she was fired after her “first year of teaching” because she was visibly pregnant.
She “lied” with a forked tongue about being the first “woman of color” to be given tenure at Harvard claiming minority status.
She “lied” with a forked tongue repeatedly invoking tales of her family’s “economic struggles” growing up.
She “lied” with a forked tongue saying the hard truth about our “criminal justice system”  being racist.
She “lied” with a forked tongue claiming a DNA test revealed she was “1/1024th Native American.
She “lied” with a forked tongue contributing recipes to the “Pow Wow Chow” cookbook she plagiarized.
She “lied” with a forked tongue declaring that her family had “high cheekbones” like all the Indians do.
She “lied” with a forked tongue claimed her mother/father “elope” due to her Indian heritage.
She “lied” with a forked tongue taking “bipartisan” credit for bills she voted against.
She “lied” with a forked tongue about being the first “nursing mother” to take the bar exam in NJ.
She “lied” with a forked tongue about being a “single mom” when she met her husband while not yet being divorced.
She “lied” with a forked tongue about the death of “Michael Brown” which was not a murder.
She “lied” with a forked tongue saying she doesn’t call “Trump names” and scant 20 seconds later he is a thin-skinned, racist bully.
She “lied” with a forked tongue claimed she saw “cages of babies” at the US southern border.
She “lied” with a forked tongue exaggerating her account of being “sexually harassed” at Harvard. 

Everything about Liz Warren is trapped in a “web of a lies.” Even her so-called “climate change” crusade. She claims to be a “warrior” for Mother Earth, saying “Life on Earth is at risk because of CO2 emissions” but is she really?

“Apparently not a risk enough for her to give up the convenience of flying on fancy, gas-guzzling, carbon spewing private jets and then hiding behind staffers when you get caught.”

“Here’s Green New Deal advocate Elizabeth Warren de-boarding her private jet. When she releases she’s being filmed, she tries hiding behind her staffer. She spent $720,500 on private jets last quarter. How much more of a fraud can Elizabeth Warren be?” — Charlie Kirk (@charliekirk11) February 5, 2020

I guess “Fauxcahontas” Warren thinks we’re all stupid. She does what all “liars” do, they instinctively “hide.” They don’t even realize they’re doing it…it’s involuntary.

Greta “How Dare You” Thunberg is not happy about this…

In a sane world, “Chief Spreading Bull” Warren would be a “laughingstock” at best and a “social pariah” at worst. But in the “party of liars” she is a leading presidential candidate, and conservatives are left with the “nauseating” task of taking her seriously, since the media have no intention of doing any such thing.

Elizabeth Warren’s Lies

Dems Global Pandemic

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Coronavirus: Dems Rooting for a Global Pandemic
By Jeffrey Folks

Russiagate didn’t work; Ukraine didn’t work; the economy is growing at a “healthy” rate. Nothing works “against” this president, but maybe the “coronavirus” will do it!  That seems to be the “attitude” among liberals in the U.S. media. So what if a few million die a “miserable” death?  We’ve finally got something that will stick on “Bad Orange Man.”

After all, the coronavirus is Trump’s “fault!” That seems to be what liberals from Joe Biden to Elizabeth Warren are saying about this serious “health threat” — one that started in China and is certainly not the president’s fault.

“China’s coronavirus has revived global economic fears,” headlined the N.Y. Times’ Peter S. Goodman, a frequent critic of the president. Comparing the current outbreak to the 2002–3 SARS epidemic, Goodman quoted a source who said, “The economic effects may be much larger than SARS.”

Meanwhile, NBC questioned whether the coronavirus would “derail China’s ability to fulfill Trump’s trade deal.”  Aside from the fact that it is not Trump’s trade deal — “it’s a mutual trade agreement between China and the U.S.” — the trade deal is a long-term agreement.

The 2002–3 SARS epidemic lasted for “eight” months, after which the global economy fully recovered. As it was, the Chinese economy continued growing by 9%, dropping only 2% from its high. Things would have to be a lot “worse” than in 2002–3, when there were 8,098 cases and 774 deaths worldwide.

Never one to be left out of the Trump-trashing, CNN announced, “The world may be on the verge of the next global pandemic.” CNN added that “the outbreak could be much worse than previously expected.” Yes, or it could be less bad than previously expected.  Fair and balanced, right?

It’s the “fear” that things will get a lot worse that has sent markets down in recent days, and things may be “worse” this time. But is the Chinese handling of the “coronavirus” epidemic the fault of President Trump? Sure, it is. If Trump hadn’t pressured China with crippling “tariffs”, China would have had the “resources” to control the coronavirus. Everything is the president’s fault.

Democrat politicians wasted no time in pointing the finger at the president.  Joe Biden said on Monday that the president is “the worst possible person” to handle the potential “spread” of the virus to the U.S. In a USA Today op-ed, Biden claimed that Trump’s cuts to the NIH budget and other actions could make the epidemic worse.

You can almost hear the liberal media sighing, if only we could get a real “pandemic” in the U.S.!  After all, Dems have the president on record saying, “We have it totally under control” — just like Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” before the worst of the fighting in Iraq, except that, at this point, the virus is under control in the U.S.

Citing the Obama response to the “Ebola” epidemic, for which the U.S. dispatched health officials to Africa, Biden called for an increased commitment to“global health security.” Biden says he would already have sent “emergency teams” to China to assist in controlling the epidemic.

President Trump has offered to do so three times — “Biden was apparently oblivious to this fact” — and the Chinese have “refused” the aid. So what would Biden do? Force the Chinese to accept U.S. medical expertise? Drop doctors and nurses into China with the help of the 101st Airborne?

Democrats seem to be “licking their chops” hoping the epidemic will spread to the U.S. Certainly, Biden wasted no time in having published his nationwide op-ed. Elizabeth Warren, who has a plan for everything, came up with a hastily conceived plan for “infectious disease” control from her “Native American” ancestors medicinal cure chest.

Why just now, if she’s so concerned about infectious diseases? Why not some time during the six years she’s been in the Senate? And what does the plan contain that’s not already being done? Elizabeth Warren is not just a Monday-morning quarterback; she’s a quarterback whose “smoke signals” are so patently political and self-serving as to make one sick.

Warren says she would “invest at home” and “build strong public health systems abroad” — like in China, right?  So “Medicare for All” now includes 1.4 billion Chinese along with 340 million “legal and illegal” Americans? Warren’s plan calls for establishing a “global health security corps” — one of many globalist approaches, like global courts and global climate change agreements, that Warren supports.

Where would Warren’s “global health security corps” be headquartered? In Brussels? Paris? Or maybe Beijing? And would that global health security corps have “authority” over the health decisions of every American? Maybe if the crisis gets bad enough, Americans will fall for it.

Mike Bloomberg likes to say he will “get it done whatever it is.”  Bloomberg, who has his own plan for everything, says he would create a “Medicare-like public option” for health insurance — in other words, a “sorta” Medicare for All, not so far out as Bernie or Liz, but just enough to make Mike president.

But how exactly would that plan prevent a virus from spreading from one person to another? Any person who thinks he might be infected can already go to any hospital or clinic and be treated. How will Mike’s “Medicare-like public option” change that?

Bernie Sanders, who now leads in Iowa and New Hampshire, doesn’t seem to have an opinion about the “coronavirus”, or if he does, he hasn’t voiced it. He’s happy to stick with “socialism”, just as he has for 50 years. At least he’s consistent — maybe that’s why he’s winning. Unlike every other liberal in the country, he’s not pulling for a “global” epidemic. He just wants to set up a “Soviet-style” centralized economy in the U.S.

Pelosi and Schumer have also been “beating” the coronavirus drum.  They’re calling for a “public health emergency” and increased funding for the Centers for Disease Control. Democrats under Nancy Pelosi have been in charge of the “budget” process in Congress from 2007 to 2011 and for the past two years.

Why haven’t they increased “funding” for the CDC for the last “six” years? They seem to be interested in “public health” emergencies only when they think it will “hurt” President Trump. If they were really worried about public health emergencies, wouldn’t they have done something already?  And why aren’t they doing anything now except trying to unduly “impeach” the president?

The “coronavirus” is a serious health threat. It is spreading rapidly in China and has “escaped” to many other countries, including the U.S. The Trump administration is doing everything possible to contain the “disease”, but the president is not responsible for the coronavirus “outbreak” in China or for those cases where individuals have fallen ill after returning from China.

President Trump is considering a “travel ban” to China, a move that may be necessary, as other “Airlines” already have done. Individuals entering the U.S. from China and other affected countries are being “screened”, and the current five known cases are being “closely” monitored. The president is busy addressing the “threat” while Democrats are busy “attacking” the president.

No one can prevent the outbreak of disease — “last year, there were 43 million flu cases and 61,200 flu-related deaths.” No one talks much about “flu-related” deaths, but those numbers show how difficult it is to “control” the spread of a virus.

Maybe Warren or Biden can come up with a plan to end the “flu and the common cold” as well. After all, Biden promised to cure “cancer” if elected president. But it appears they aren’t “interested” in public health as much as in grabbing “anti-Trump” headlines.

If the coronavirus does “spread” in the U.S., the president will take the “blame” in the liberal media. The Dems will pounce, “relishing” the spectacle of thousands or tens of thousands of cases. But the Democrats have done nothing to improve public health — certainly not in this Congress, where they’ve done “nothing at all for the last 3 years.”

It’s President Trump who is doing “everything” he can to keep us safe and make “America” great again.

Jeffrey Folks is the author of many books and articles on American culture including Heartland of the Imagination: Conservative Values in American Literature from Poe to O’Connor to Haruf (2011).

The Party of No Genders

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We need to stop fighting amongst ourselves and “unite under one glorious flag.”

Fauxcahontas Elizabeth Warren can’t “comprehend” why the American people would elect someone who “lies” to them, despite her own “rocky” relationship with the truth.

CBS News reporter Zak Hudak posed the question to Warren in a video posted to Twitter: “Is it disqualifying for a presidential candidate to lie to the American public about anything?”

Pocahontas Warren took a moment to “ponder” the question.

“Uh, I, I would think that it … you know, how could the American people want someone who lies to them?@ewarren says after I asked if it’s disqualifying for a presidential candidate to lie to the American people about anything.” — Zak Hudak (@cbszak) January 19, 2020

The “socialist” senator from Massachusetts then offered political “platitudes” with her forked tongue.

“Um, I think that we just do our best out there every day and I hope that’s what happens with everyone.”

Warren is best known for falsely claiming “Native American Heritage” for decades to advance her career as a “woman of color” going as far as publicizing “DNA” test results that showed she’s no more Native American than most white people.

She’s also drawn repeated “criticism” on the campaign trail for other fibs, from “debunked” claims she was fired from a teaching job for being pregnant to the odd denial that her children attended private schools.

The hypocrisy, of course, wasn’t lost on folks online, who did not take kindly to Warren’s remarks. The negative reaction was swift as #NeverWarren started trending on Twitter.

“Elizabeth Warren lied about being Indigenous for 69 years. Can we not do this?” — cursed-dem wine cave (@kallllisti) January 19, 2020

“She lied about being Cherokee, She lied about being fired due to pregnancy, She lied about her son being in public schools, She lied about her Dad being a janitor.” #SheLies — Mooo2u2Chick (@Mooo2u2) January 20, 2020

“Hi Zak. This is where you and other members of the press gaggle asked about why she pretended to be an American Indian for 25 years, or why she removed and vanished her DNA results which she said confirmed that, right?” — Stephen Miller (@redsteeze) January 19, 2020

“Or why she lied about being fired for her pregnancy or about her son being in public school.” — Michael_1111 (@Michael_0101017) January 19, 2020

“Or about why she said her father was a janitor.” — #O’sCHICK (@robin_marie1) January 19, 2020

Others pointed to allegations Warren plagiarized recipes from The New York Times and passed them off as her own Native American recipes passed down through her Cherokee ancestors.

“Hilarious considering the lies, embellishments, prevarication and plagiarism in her background. She tried to pass off recipes copied almost verbatim from the New York Times  as her own ‘Pow Wow Chow’ family recipes.”  — Cheryl, #WomenForBernie (@cclaypoole) January 19, 2020

“It’d be hard to find a time when she told the truth.” — Mark Noonan (@Mark_E_Noonan) January 19, 2020

Warren’s history with the “truth” has been, to put it delicately, an absolute train wreck and her “lies” have finally come home to roost. Pocahontas’ decades of speaking with “forked tongue” came to a head with Warren’s post-debate spat with Bernie Sanders.

Even Elizabeth Warren’s hometown paper has published an opinion piece “raking” Warren over the coals. The Boston Herald’s Michael Graham “scalped” Pocahontas over her “lack of honesty” in his not-so-subtly titled piece Another day, another lie from Elizabeth Warren.”

The piece paints a “brutal” picture of a floundering candidate, desperate to do “anything it takes” to win her party’s nomination, and eventually, the White House. Taking Warren’s “history” into account, Graham is right on the money.

  • Of course, as we all know from Warren’s disastrous DNA test results, the Massachusetts senator was only about 1/1024 more Native American than Christopher Columbus.
  • Warren outright lied about her children’s attending public school when in reality they received a private school education.
  • Pocahontas is so misleading she created a fantasy of her dad being a janitor in hopes of making a connection with the American working man.
  • Warren’s claim that she was fired from her teaching position by misogynist men after becoming visibly pregnant.
  • Elizabeth Warren is so egregious she even plagiarized her recipes for the Pow Wow Chow ‘Cherokee’ cookbook.
  • Her fictitious claim that there would be no middle-class tax increase to cover the cost of her $56 Trillion Medicare-for-all plan.
  • Warren’s on-again, off-again claim that she will eliminate private medical insurance that would have eliminated the jobs of over one million American workers.

With a track record like this, is there any reason why doubt shouldn’t be cast on Elizabeth Warren’s “imbecilic claim” that Sanders made a “sexist” comment about a woman could never be elected President of the United States?

I take little joy in defending simpleminded socialist Bernie Sanders, but if I defend President Trump against Democratic attacks with facts, then Bernie deserves to be defended from the delusional Democrats when the facts favor him as well.

Bernie Sanders spent decades touting “Girl Power” and pushing “Equal Rights Amendments.” So Warren’s idiotic charge is not only egregious, it reeks of desperation. Take a look at the twitter below.

“1988,@BernieSanders, backing Jackson:”The real issue is not whether you’re black or white, whether you’re a woman or a man *in my view, a woman could be elected POTUS* The real issue is are you on the side of workers & poor ppl, or are you on the side of big money &corporations?” — Every nimble plane is a policy failure. (@KindAndUnblind) January 13, 2020

If Sanders was willing to say something this “progressive” in public in 1988, then all we really need to know to make an informed “voting” decision is who is the most “electable” Stalinist.

Revolutionary Caliph Obama

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Revolutionary “Caliph” Obama, speaking at a private dinner with “liberal” voters told the audience that the average American doesn’t want a “revolution” or “tear down the system.”

“My point is that even as we push the envelope and we are bold in our vision, we also have to be rooted in reality and the fact that voters, including Democratic voters and certainly persuadable independents or even moderate Republicans, are not driven by the same views that are reflected on certain, you know, left-leaning Twitter feeds or the activist wing of our party. This is still a country that is less revolutionary than it is interested in improvement. They like seeing things improved. But the average American doesn’t think that we have to completely tear down the system and remake it. And I think it’s important for us not to lose sight of that.”

Caliph Obama wading into the 2020 race, warns of the dangers of listening to “certain left-leaning twitter feeds” or the “activist wing of our party.”

Speaking to the far left “vanguards” of the revolution Caliph Obama cautioned to be ever mindful of our “natural enthusiasms” so as to be electable.

Until we “transform” the system of government to a “socialist” system we must be very careful about “frightening” the bourgeoisie with “social plans” for everything under the sun during election years.

If you listen closely you can hear the “loony toon liberal mob” whimpering into their pillows after Caliph Obama told them “sane” American’s don’t want a revolution.

“Obama tells Democratic candidates to ease off talk of revolution.” — Post Politics (@postpolitics) November 16, 2019

“Even as we push the envelope and we are bold in our vision we also have to be rooted in reality.” — Lisa Lerer (@llerer) November 16, 2019

“I was inspired by him when he was running. I graduated into a recession and watched Obama bailout the banks and car companies without forgiving any mortgage debts. He chose not to jail the bankers and gave them bonuses instead. He screwed us all.” — ThisIsItChief (@brockaletti) November 16, 2019

“Oh no! Not making the world a better place!” — #deMOCKracy (@BernieUpstateNY) November 16, 2019

“Look at Obama telling us about reality from his $15 million Martha’s Vineyard estate, lol.” — Bootsie Rose 2020 🌹 (@bootsie5) November 16, 2019

“Like him or not, #Obama is one of the corporate elite. He’s not on our side. He’s on the side of the wealthy and powerful.” — The Objective (@TheWayThingsAr1) November 16, 2019

“No We Can’t! No We Can’t! I always loved that famous Obama chant.” — Residue 4 Bernie 2020 Blue Check (@Residue2020) November 16, 2019

Nothing starts your “day off” better than watching Democrats “eating their own.”

And what makes this even better is reading the once “Messiah loving liberals” throwing shade at their former spineless “Jellyfish-in-Chief” after Caliph Obama scolded the “delusional” Democrats and Liberals to take their “meds and chill.”

Caliph Obama is in effective advancing the “Joy Behar Doctrine.” In response to Beto O’Rourke’s messaging that he was going to go “door-to-door to confiscate guns”, Joy Behar, agreeing with his agenda, noted that he should conceal said agenda until elected.

Lest we should think that Caliph Obama has become a “moderate”, think again. Muslim Obama is as “radical”, if not more so than Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, but Obama knows what political “savant” Joy Behar knows, the American people aren’t hard leftists.

By packaging their hard-left agenda as “sensible,” “fair,” and “just,” they can fool the American people into electing them. How we approach “manipulating” the American people will be important.

Wait until you get elected and then take the guns away.
Wait until you get elected and then take away Americans’ freedom of speech, religion, and right of assembly.
Wait until you get elected and then relegate American citizens to a government-run healthcare system.
Wait until you get elected and then open the floodgates on the Southern border.
Wait until you get elected and then do away with the Electoral College.

Again, make no mistake, Caliph Obama is not a moderate. He still seeks to “fundamentally change” America, suggesting Democratic candidates to “hide their agenda until elected.”

Here is an important “history” lesson from Caliph Obama:

How a U.S. President can achieve “impeachment immunity” from seeking to induce foreign leader to interfere with U.S. election by acting with forbearance in accordance with U.S. President’s desire be able to successfully defeat opponent’s claim that foreign leader poses threat to U.S. so that thus-accommodated U.S. President can defeat opponent and after such election show more “flexibility” to what foreign leader desires.

So, a thus-assured Putin deferred invasion of Crimea until after Obama’s 2012 defeat of Romney, who had claimed Putin wanted to invade or attack former Soviet states such as Ukraine, in response to which Obama mocked Romney’s assertion by saying to Romney: “The 1980’s are calling to get their Russia-distrusting foreign-policy back.”

And when Putin thereafter seized Crimea and invaded Eastern Ukraine, Obama showed “flexibility” by providing “blankets and MRE’s” to Ukraine rather than “lethal-weapons” assistance. Thus, it shouldn’t be shocking that during the 2016 election campaign, in which Trump often expressed his desire for some form of “détente” with Russia, influential Ukrainians, with tacitly passive approval, if not overt approval and/or encouragement from the U.S. Ambassador, Marie Yovanovitch, exhibited overt “hostility” towards the possible election of Trump and “collaborated” with representatives of Hillary’s campaign against Trump.

The rabid left turns on Obama
Barack Obama and the Behar doctrine

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