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Common Sense/Senseless World

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Thomas Sowell is often called “the smartest person in the room” by those who know him. A newly released documentary explores how he earned that honor, and why he is considered by many as one of the greatest intellectuals of modern American conservatism.

“Thomas Sowell: Common Sense in a Senseless World” debuted recently. The one-hour film by Free to Choose Media is available to view for free on YouTube and Vimeo, as well as on Amazon Prime.

It traces Sowell’s life, starting from his humble beginnings in North Carolina and his coming of age in Harlem. It then follows his footsteps as he made his way as a student and then educator at such campuses as the University of Chicago, Harvard, Columbia, Cornell and UCLA.

The film tackles his evolution as a Marxist to a limited-government and free market economist.

It also delves into his passion for school choice, his talents as an amateur photographer, his interest in late-talking children, and how his world travels shaped his scholarly work.

It’s narrated by The Wall Street Journal’s Jason Riley, who described Sowell as an honest intellectual who spent his career “putting truth above popularity” and following “facts where they lead.”

Sowell, when asked why he “abandoned” Marxism, was able to answer that question in a word: “facts.” But he also mentioned a brief stint working inside the federal government made him realize it holds no true solutions.

The documentary peppers in interviews by some of Sowell’s intellectual peers, such as Walter Williams, Larry Elder, Steven Pinker and Victor Davis Hanson, who described their friend as someone who fearlessly and relentlessly sought the truth through intellectual honesty, asking the right questions, and following facts to their logical conclusion.

The film notes, for example, that it was his time teaching at Cornell in the 1960s that led him to witness and learn firsthand about the mismatch concept, in which black students who do very well at other schools are recruited in name of affirmative action to schools where they are in over their heads, creating “animosity, angst, division, and academic failure.”

The documentary also tackled Sowell’s take on the “welfare state”, which he sees as something that disincentivizes success, especially for and within the black community.

As the film tracks Sowell’s life, his prolific writing career and his published works as a scholar at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, it drops in some of his poignant quotes, such as: “If you have always believed that everyone should play by the same rules and be judged by the same standards, that would have gotten you labeled a radical 50 years ago, a liberal 25 years ago and a racist today.”

Today, at age 90, Sowell’s thoughts on “economics, history, race and politics” have not only already influenced countless Americans throughout the decades, but are sure to stand the “test of time” and serve as a lasting conservative legacy in the generations to come.

Marxist-turned-free-market economist Thomas Sowell writes his final syndicated column
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Mind Control

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A North Korean defector earlier this month revealed that he was “shocked” at the level of kindness and racial diversity he experienced when he first visited the United States.

Kim Geum-Hyuk, who now lives in Seoul, South Korea, spoke with the YouTube channel DIMPLE about his recent expedition to the U.S. and how the North Korean government portrays Americans to the public.

Kim, who considers himself a “victim of brainwash education,” said North Korea “taught us to fight Americans til the end.” He added that Americans are considered “street dogs” and “wolves” depicted as “people who torture and kill.”

Kim quickly discovered, however, how “totally wrong” his former country’s education system was about U.S. citizens.

It looks like North Korea and America share the same “teaching” curriculum.

If “Antifa” and Marxist’s “Black Lives Matter” really want communism, why don’t we bring in Kim Jong-un who has been awarded a doctorate degree in economics.

If the left in the United States has their way, the U.S. will be just like North Korea in no time.

Just when we thought Joe “Sniffy” Biden was the democratic nominee, the forces of history have brought forth a truly inevitable candidate, Inga Khrushchev, the great granddaughter of Nikita Khrushchev who has some viable ideas for a better tomorrow.

Inga is your neighbor, your informant, the one who will end crime and finally bring about the real communism we have waited for over a century.

Thank Marx that the “revolution” is at last dawning and the “Glorious World of Next Tuesday” near at hand.

Teacher’s Union Dues

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Majority of teachers don’t know about union opt-out rights
By: Bill McMorris

A majority of teachers are “unaware” of their newly won right to “opt out of union dues” according to a new poll.

In June 2018, the Supreme Court declared that government agencies could no longer mandate “union dues or fee payments” as a condition of employment in “Janus v. American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees.”

Despite the landmark ruling, a majority of American teachers remain ignorant of their ability to “decline” such payments and are also “confused” about the consequences of “withdrawing” from the union.

A “YouGov” poll of 1,000 educators found 77 percent had not “heard of the landmark case” and 52 percent were unaware that they could continue to “work without paying dues or fees.”

The poll results reflected the reality on the ground, according to several teachers affiliated with the education reform group “Teacher Freedom Project” which commissioned the poll.

Greg Kuehn, a special-needs teacher at Minnesota’s Park Rapids Area School District, said in a release that many of his colleagues are “not knowledgeable about their legal rights.”

“The vast majority of teachers at my school have no idea that there is another choice when it comes to union membership,” Kuehn said in a statement. “They are shocked and in disbelief that it’s true and they are still unsure and afraid. I think it’s going to take a long time before all teachers know about Janus and feel comfortable making a choice.”

The poll found that nearly half of teachers were concerned about losing “tenure, seniority, or other benefits” if they opt out of the union, only 17 percent of those polled were able to correctly identify how “resigning from a union” would affect their daily teaching lives.

It also found that 22 percent of teachers had “reconsidered” their union status in the past year; 3 percent of respondents had “joined” a union since the Janus case while only 1 percent reported “leaving.” Elementary school science teacher Daniel Elo from North St. Paul said his coworkers are more focused on “teaching than their own rights.”

“I’m not surprised to see many teachers have misconceptions when it comes to knowing their rights. My coworkers want to focus on their students, not their own rights,” he said in the release. “That said, our profession is stronger when we have informed teachers who will advocate for what they believe with their influence and dollars.”

Despite united opposition to the Janus decision from organized labor, the majority of teachers approve of the decision. Only 17 percent said that union membership should be “mandatory” compared with 74 percent saying such associations should be “voluntary”; 84 percent agreed they should be able to “resign” at any time. Respondents had split results about the process of “resigning union membership” with 30 percent agreeing that it was “easy to quit” and 28 percent saying it would be “difficult.”

Colin Sharkey, executive director of the “Association of American Educators”, a union alternative and supporter of the “Teacher Freedom Project”, said he expects union membership levels to be affected as teachers become more aware of the reality of the “Janus” decision.

“Union leaders may claim their members have opted to renew after the Janus decision, but that is very misleading,” Sharkey said in a statement. “In truth most teachers still do not know their rights and aren’t aware they can reconsider their union membership. Even if they do, it is still too difficult to exercise those rights and far too many teachers are misinformed about what happens after they leave the union.”

The fallout from “Janus” continues to play out in the American legal system. Several states and major labor unions are facing class-action suits from employees seeking to recover back “dues and fees” that they say were taken from paychecks.

Other unions have been “sued” for hindering workers from resigning their membership and “recovering” their full wages.

Fat Phobia

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Fat Phobia 02

College campuses across the country are including a new academic field in fat studies that focuses on combating weightism, fat phobia, and the weight-based “oppression” of fat people.

Rather than focus on the “health” issues stemming from “obesity,” fat studies courses advocate “against” the position that obesity is “unhealthy or undesirable” and instead call for “understanding and acceptance.”

Fat Phobia 04

Fatness is “framed” as a social “justice” issue.

According to Campus Reform, the University of Maryland College Park’s “fat studies” course labels “dieting” as an enemy of “diversity” that needs to be “defeated.”

Fat Phobia 06

Fat liberation “movements and activism” are encouraged as ways to combat “fat phobia, weightism, and the stigma attached to obesity.” Required reading material includes a Fat Liberation Manifesto.

No one should be “surprised” that these courses are typically found in the “women’s and gender studies” departments.

Fat Phobia 00

According to Oregon State University’s website, the course “examines body weight, shape, and size as an area of human difference subject to privilege and discrimination that intersects with other systems of oppression based on gender, race, class, age, sexual orientation, and ability.”

University of New Hampshire students “formed” a university organization titled “People Opposing Weightism.” (POW)

The “goal” of the organization is to spread “education, acceptance, and awareness” of people of size.

With that goal in mind, the student group created a tumblr page that features “obese” women and their “rants.”

Fat Phobia 01

One page goes so far as to feature a naked “obese” woman standing in the middle of an “intersection” in New York City.

Exactly what is to be “gained” from these courses?

These institutions of “higher learning” are becoming nothing more than “insane asylums.”

Fat Phobia 05

It appears the only “goal” of colleges and universities today is to “turn” every student into an “oppressed” victim.

Fat Phobia 03

As if we didn’t have “enough” groups of people claiming “victim” status, we can now add “fat” people to the list.


Reorienting the Orient

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Reorient the Orient 00Reorienting the Orient
By: Jeannie DeAngelis

After being “holed up” for several weeks in the White House, Michelle Obama is “itching” for another “exotic” getaway.

With superpower “tensions” at an all-time high, now is as good a time as any to take a multi-generational “mother-daughters-grandmother” vacation to China.

Never mind that Michelle’s vacation destination is busy amassing the “fiercest” military force on the planet and partnering with Vladimir Putin, who just “tested” an ICBM.

Rising above “silly little” squabbles, Michelle is “packing” up mom Marion and daughters Malia and Sasha.

Michelle Obama with daughters and mother

The traveling “quartet” and a huge “entourage” will board Air Force Two in mid-March at God knows what flight cost per hour – “courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer” – and wing westward for 13 hours toward China, which, quite frankly, is quite a ways to travel for “authentic” Kung Pao chicken.

Upon arrival, Michelle plans to visit with China’s foxy steel drum playing first lady Peng Liyuan.  But before she does, the FLOTUS has “some ‘splainin’ to do!”

Last year, when Chinese president Xi Jinping and his wife were in California for a trust-binding summit with Barack “the Golfer” at Rancho Mirage, Michelle chose to “forego” the formalities and instead sent a note inviting herself to China.

Reorient the Orient 07

And although “diplomacy” is paramount, the real reason Mrs. Obama is venturing forth is to try to “credibly” represent a country that continues to lag in educational achievement.

Apparently, the first lady “feels” that in addition to “minimum daily” requirements and “human hydration” needs, she is also qualified to “educate” Chinese students.

Whoever agreed to “allow” Michelle to come to China and talk about “education” has to know that she is the wife of an “allegedly learned man” who never read the “health care bill,” relentlessly pushes junk science, and, considering the “sad state” of the U.S. economy, clearly lacks “basic math” skills.

Reorient the Orient 01

What is it “exactly” that Mrs. Obama will be sharing?

 According to the “Program for International Student Assessment” (PISA) survey, Shanghai, China “tops” the world in “math, reading, and science.”

The US is ranked a distant 36th.

That’s why “Meddling Michelle” talking education to children who “run rings” academically around most Americans, including her, is not very different from her “brilliant” suggestion that U.S. housewives need government help “deciphering food product labels.”

Reorient the Orient 03

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development’s deputy director of education, Andreas Schleicher, claims that part of the reason Shanghai pupils do so well is “determination and the self-confidence to fulfill their potential.”

Jiang Xueqin, deputy principal at the Tsinghua University High School in Beijing, stressed that “Shanghai’s success is a product of a culture that prioritizes academic achievements over other pursuits.”

Reorient the Orient 04

Does Jiang mean “other pursuits” such as foam-finger twerking, doing the Dougie, and memorizing “lyrics” to songs by Sasha and Malia’s role model, Beyoncé?

Shanghai students’ “self-motivation and desire to succeed” won’t stop “Race to 36th Place” Michelle from “imposing” her expertise.

After all, their “top ranking” in academic superiority shouldn’t derail Michelle’s plans to “lecture” the academically diligent and determined about the “importance” of diligence and determination.

Reorient the Orient 06

The first lady will most assuredly “expound” on how, despite seemingly “insurmountable” odds, a lanky “black girl with an attitude” managed to attend an Ivy League college, “graduate” Harvard Law School, marry a “community organizer/future president,” acquire a closet full of “$12K” party dresses, and vacation “all over the world” and at “Oprah’s” opulent place.

In a White House blog post, Michelle pointed out that she’s going to China because “countries today are no longer isolated and face many of the same challenges, whether it is to provide students with a good education, combat hunger, poverty and disease or address threats like climate change.”

What Mrs. Obama didn’t mention to her “low-information” blog followers is that while America is being “sucked” down a rabbit hole of “debt, danger, and despair,” the fact that she even mentions “climate change” sheds light on why the USA is in 36th place.

In her pre-trip post, Mrs. Obama also wrote: “I’ll be focusing on the power and importance of education, both in my own life and in the lives of young people in both of our countries.”

FLOTUS insists that the “China visit is important because it is the most populous country in the world, with more than 1.3 billion people, and is an important world actor.”  Wait – more important than Congo expert Ben Affleck?


While “reorienting” the Orient, maybe Michelle can help level the “educational playing field” by suggesting that the Chinese, whose “mathematical proficiency” results from old-school rote memorization, adopt Common Core math.

But if Common Core subtraction is “too confusing” for the children, Mrs. Obama can always switch over to “basic” addition.

For fun, she can calculate and explain the cost of a few of her recent taxpayer-funded excursions: “$11 million for a 13-hour trip to and from Nelson Mandela’s funeral + $5 million to fly to Ireland + almost $8 million in family vacation flight expenses + $2 million flying alone from parts unknown + approximately $100 grand flying back and forth to Aspen.”

Reorient the Orient 08

Then Michelle can “explain” to the youngsters why it is “humanly” impossible to pay back the $1.2 trillion America owes China.

Meanwhile, in addition to learning to handle “chopsticks,” picking up pointers on how to “institute” an American version of China’s “one-child policy”, and trying to cajole her hosts into tacking the cost of her “luxury hotel accommodations” onto America’s running tab, Michelle the “raconteur” can share with the Chinese pupils inspirational tales of how to “fundamentally transform” oneself from a “low-level” social climber into a “high-level” government parasite.

No doubt Chinese youngsters living in a country where the average salary is $656 per month in U.S. dollars will be “riveted” to learn of Mrs. Obama’s triumphant hard-luckworking-class kid from the South Side slums of Chicago” story.

After “inspiring” Chinese schoolchildren to “new” educational heights, the FLOTUS can then remind them that “if she could do it, so can they!” 

Because even in communist China Michelle Obama’s mantra is: “My story can be your story!”

Jeannie hosts a blog at

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College Degree Scam

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College Degree Scam 01For years we’ve heard the “propaganda” line that everyone “needs” to go to college — that a “degree” will improve your “status and standard” of living.

It has become politically “incorrect” to even suggest that a higher education degree might not be “right” for every young American.

So it’s not surprising that those without a “college degree” often feel “inferior and marginalized.”

Has a college degree become the “litmus test” for whether a person is well “educated” and “successful?”

These highly “successfully” individuals would likely “disagree” with that premise.

Woody Allen, Mary Kay Ash, Richard Branson, Governor Jan Brewer, John Chancellor, Coco Chanel, Simon Cowell, Walter Cronkite, Michael Dell, Barry Diller, Walt Disney, Larry Ellison, Bill Gates, Sean Hannity, Governor Gary Herbert, Peter Jennings, Steve Jobs, Larry King, Ralph Lauren, Rush Limbaugh, Joel Osteen, Rachel Ray, Karl Rove, J.K. Rowling, William Safire, Russell Simmons, Ted Turner, Governor Scott Walker, Mark Zuckerberg and 33 members of the U.S. House of Representatives.

What do they all “have” in common?

None of these individuals “graduated” from college. Some didn’t even graduate from “high school”. However, they all have “one thing” in common, namely ambition” and loads of it.

College Degree Scam 04

Ambition is “something” you either have or you don’t. However, it is “unique” in the fact that you may not have it at “first”, but you can “acquire” it over time.

In other words, although you “cannot” buy ambition, you also do not have to be “born” with it. One day, you may be “struck” with an idea, and suddenly, you are “full” of ambition.

Which leads me back to the question, “Is college a scam?”

A college degree does not “guarantee” success. Success requires much more than a “college degree” and a solid résumé. Success requires “drive, perseverance, dedication” and many other “traits” that a college degree will not provide.

A college degree is necessary for “some people to succeed but certainly not for “everyone”.

A college degree has long been considered the “golden ticket” to a more “fulfilling” life both financially and intellectually. Now the “bloom” seems to be off the rose.

College Degree Scam 03

Students are graduating, armed with a politically-driven “pseudo” education, to find themselves jobless or underemployed, “debt ridden”, and perhaps living again with parents.

Political leaders, college presidents, and prominent foundations “argue” that the U.S. must increase the “proportionate” number of adults with college degrees if it is to remain “competitive” in the global economy.

But this premise is “incompatible” with the cold facts.

In 2009 President Obama said he wants the nation to “reclaim” its position as the world’s leader in the “proportion” of college degrees by 2020.

In his January 2010 State of the Union address Obama stated, “In this economy, a high school diploma no longer guarantees a good job.”


Given that nearly 54 percent of all college graduates in 2010-2011 were either “unemployed or woefully underemployed”, it would have been more “accurate” to say that a college degree no longer guarantees a good job…. “or any job for that matter!”

A January 2013 study by the Center for College Affordability presents “empirical” evidence that colleges and universities are “churning” out graduates faster than the labor markets are “creating” jobs requiring college degrees.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates that only 20 percent of U.S. jobs require a “bachelor’s degree” or more. About another 10 percent require some “post-high school” instruction, including an “associate’s degree”.

Microsoft PowerPoint - Presentation1

Against this need, the United States is already producing a “workforce” with about 30 percent holding a “bachelor’s degree” and another 10 percent with an “associate’s degree.”

The BLS breakdown for 2010 shows: 3.1 percent of jobs required a “professional” degree (law, medicine) or a Ph.D.; 1.4 percent, a “master’s” degree; 15.5 percent, a “bachelor’s” degree; 5.6 percent, an “associate’s” degree; and 5.2 percent, some schooling “beyond” high school, including some college.

The grand total: 30.8 percent. Projecting ahead to 2020, the BLS concluded that there will be a “slight” increase in these jobs but they will still represent “only” 31.6 percent of the total.

College Degree Scam 09

The BLS Monthly Labor Review for January 2012 states, “Overall employment is projected to increase about 14 percent during the 2010-2020 decade… occupations that typically need post secondary education for entry are projected to grow faster than average, but occupations that typically need a high school diploma or less will continue to represent more than half of all jobs.”

Since our society has swallowed the “college degree for everyone” propaganda completely – “hook, line, and sinker” — we now have the “unintended consequence” of credential inflation.

No longer is a college degree as “prized” as it once was. Today it is the new “high school” diploma — the “gateway” for getting even the “lowest-level” jobs.

High school graduates are being told they are “unqualified” for jobs they once were able to get, such as security officers, cargo agents, clerks, and claims adjusters.

College Degree Scam 08

Degree inflation hits “women” workers the hardest. About 96 percent of administrative positions, including secretaries, receptionists, paralegals, and clerks have “traditionally” been held by women.

These jobs, which offered women one of the best “paths” to a middle-class income without a college diploma, now “require” a college degree.

Credential inflation is “relegating” the poor, who have the most difficulty in “paying” for an education and often “struggle” with academic work, to a “shrinking” number of jobs that don’t require “advanced” studies.

With an “increase” in the number of bachelor’s degrees comes a “decline” in their value. This will have “adverse” effects on the future of colleges because many students may decide to “opt out” of higher education altogether.

The good news is that there are an “increasing” number of alternatives to the traditional college. With more “online” education and independent certification of “competencies”, people will be evaluated on the basis of their “actual” knowledge and skills and not on their “paper” credentials.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban “encourages” students to take online courses. He says, “I want the best and brightest, not a piece of paper.”

U.S. education policy is incredibly “flawed” when students are pushed into college degrees that “do not fit their requirements and needs, degrees that many will never get, and debt that they cannot repay.”

Not only will the students be the “losers” but also the taxpayers who will get “saddled” with a student loan bailout and a U.S. economy that does not have a “workforce” educated to meet the nation’s needs.

It’s time for a “policy” change at all levels.

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Criminal Offense

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Teachers are supposed to be smarter than their students.  But, that’s not the case with North Carolina High School Social Studies teacher, Tanya Dixon-Neely.  After bringing up an unconfirmed claim that Mitt Romney supposedly bullied a fellow classmate in the past, one of her students mentioned, in the form of a question, that Obama admitted to bullying a classmate in his past, too.

The teacher became unhinged and started yelling.  Her force of law to shut him down was to tell the class that it was a “criminal offense” to slander the president.  The high school student’s response was to give the teacher a quick lesson on the First Amendment, saying “They cannot take away your right to have your opinion.  They can’t take that away unless you threaten the president.”

Dixon-Neely, a African American public teacher at North Carolina’s Rowan-Salisbury school district, as part of her social studies instruction, decided to discuss with her students a Washington Post report that Mitt Romney purportedly bullied a boy while he was in high school. The conversation soon turned into a heated, sometimes confrontational debate.

An observant, ballsy student brought up the fact that Obama had bullied a girl in high school as mentioned in Obama’s auto biography, “Dreams From My Father”. Dixon-Neely went ballistic and told the student he could not disrespect President Obama. She even told him it was a “criminal offense” to do so.

When the student said he was merely asking a question, the teacher insisted he was disrespecting the president. The student couldn’t understand why it was okay to criticize Romney but not Obama. “Because he’s the President,” Dixon-Neely shouted. The student said the two men were equal, but not according to the teaching of Dixon-Neely.

The student said people trashed Bush all the time when he was President and to that Dixon-Neely claimed people were arrested for saying derogatory things about Bush, which is a patent lie. The student said, “Everybody talked shit about Bush.” Dixon-Neely responded, “Because he was shitty.”

Unfortunately for her, the student recorded the entire exchange on his cell phone and posted it on YouTube. I don’t recall ever having as a teacher someone as ignorant as this woman. There is absolutely no hope for students learning anything in our public schools when people as ignorant as Dixon-Nelly are given a license to teach.

The student apparently decided to record the discussion to prove to his parents that his teacher was pushing a liberal agenda down their throats in the classroom.  Does this make it clearer why teacher’s like Dixon-Nelly demand union protection?  And by the way the Rowan-Salisbury School System, which touts on its homepage as being a “top ten” school districts in the United States official statement is “this is a teachable moment for the teacher, school and the system”.

Tanya Dixon-Neely is obviously not only ignorant of the First Amendment but obviously thinks it’s her job as a high school social studies teacher to bully students into liking Obama as well whether they like the man or not.

This video needs to be viewed by every parent who has a kid in school.

The video shot by a student and uploaded to YouTube is well worth a listen and hear an African American teacher that has no business in the classroom because she’s an idiot and racist at heart.  This is the kind of teachers we have in our classrooms teaching our kids?

Watch the latest video at

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