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Economic Crisis

Posted in uncategorized with tags on July 13, 2022 by andelino

Australia is heading into an unprecedented economic maelstrom.

Inflation, supply chain issues, a housing bubble, interest rate rises, and a host of other factors are creating the perfect storm. And Australia is a ship caught in the middle.

Australia is isolated from war and resource rich, with an abundance of “golden soil and wealth for toil.” Compared to the rest of the war-torn world, Australia has enjoyed smooth sailing. It is a blessed nation. So how could it be that the land down under now finds itself in such tumult? And is there a solution for the nation? Or for individuals?

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Economic Crisis

Posted in uncategorized with tags on April 30, 2022 by andelino

Sri Lanka is broken. Thousands queue daily outside petrol pumps for their ration of four gallons of fuel. Armed police, by law, guard each pump, stopping fights. Lined up for eight hours in the heat of the day leads to frayed tempers. Some have even died while queuing.

Fuel prices have doubled. Vegetables are now five times more expensive than last year. Rice is up 30 percent. People have a choice: Shop at a private supermarket, or spend all day in the queue at a government-run shop, where prices are three to four times lower.

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