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DuckDuckGo Privacy Weekly

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DuckDuckGo Privacy Weekly For Mar 25, 2021

Google Fails to Quash Incognito Mode User Tracking, Privacy Lawsuit []
In trying to kill a class action lawsuit, Google admits Incognito mode was never meant to actually protect your privacy: “websites might be able to collect information about your browsing activity during your session”. The problem is the name itself is inherently misleading.

Hacked Surveillance Camera Firm Shows Staggering Scale of Facial Recognition []
“K-12 schools, private residences marked as condos, shopping malls, credit unions…” – 24K businesses were found using Verkada’s facial recognition cameras. This invasive, widespread tech urgently needs regulation.

Reclaim Your Face []
Are you an EU citizen? Sign the petition to ban biometric mass surveillance practices. “The combination of biometric data and mass surveillance results in an unlawful practice that unfairly treats everyone like a suspect.” (Note: You may need to provide your social security number.)

Internet Advocates Call on ISPs to Commit to Basic User Privacy Protections []
ISPs are failing to provide basic user privacy, says EFF: “Our open letter calls on AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon to publish a privacy notice for their DNS service that commits to deleting data within 24 hours, and to only using data for providing the service.”

Attorney General Becerra Announces Approval of Additional Regulations That Empower Data Privacy Under the California Consumer Privacy Act []
California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) updates were approved into law earlier this month, making it easier for consumers to opt-out of invasive tracking and banning misleading dark patterns.

DuckDuckGo’s resident privacy-themed parody duo, Daniel Davis and Holly Habstritt Gaal, strikes with another instant hit, produced completely remotely! Can you guess which big and reckless company with a long list of class action lawsuits this song is about? Have a listen [].

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DuckDuckGo Privacy Weekly

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DuckDuckGo Privacy Weekly For Mar 18, 2021

T-Mobile to Share Customers’ Web Browsing Data With Advertisers Unless They Opt Out []
Are you a T-Mobile customer in the US? Be warned they’re going to start selling your data to advertisers, including web browsing and device activity. It takes effect from April 26 unless you opt out here.

How to Stop Facebook From Tracking You? (Off-Facebook Activity) []
To stop Facebook from tracking you across the web, (a) get our app/extension to block their trackers from even loading, and (b) if you have a Facebook account, follow these directions from Fossbytes to tweak their app and website site privacy settings.

How to Stop LastPass From Tracking You in Three Easy Steps []
Password managers are our recommended way of securing your hundreds (thousands?) of online accounts. If you use LastPass, who were exposed for having seven trackers within their Android app, make sure you tweak these privacy settings (doesn’t apply to iOS).

How to Manage PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox Privacy Settings []
Privacy when gaming is often an afterthought, but it doesn’t need to be. Thorin Klosowski shares simple steps you can take to protect your privacy on popular consoles, including how to limit data collection and how to mute the PS5’s always-on (yes, really!) microphone.

How to Shut Stalkers Out of Your Tech []
If you’re in or have left an abusive relationship and potentially face being stalked or spied on, Yael Grauer has compiled ways you can take back control, including checking smart home devices, using a password manager, and multi-factor authentication.

Surveillance-Based Advertising: An Industry Broken by Design and by Default []
We applaud EDRi’s report on ad tech calling for EU legislative changes to stop intrusive ads and pervasive user tracking, which harm people’s privacy rights and fuel disinformation. Companies can be profitable using non-creepy ads.

After months of stalling, Google finally revealed how much personal data they collect in Chrome and the Google app. No wonder they wanted to hide it. Spying on users has nothing to do with building a great web browser or search engine. We would know (our app is both in one).

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser has been the second most downloaded mobile browser in the US (after Chrome) and, as you might expect, doesn’t collect any data that’s linked to you, making it simple to get the privacy you deserve online.

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DuckDuckGo Privacy Weekly

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DuckDuckGo Privacy Weekly For Mar 11, 2021

Google’s Floc Is a Terrible Idea []
Google says after replacing third-party cookies with a technology called FLoC, their behavioral ads will be just as effective. In other words, they can continue to target and manipulate you based on what makes you, you. And they call this a “private web!”

A Private Alternative to Google Maps: DuckDuckGo Maps []
“Google Maps, as an extension of Google, is subject to the same data collection practices as any of Google’s other services… anywhere you search for is stored against your name and used for marketing.” Try our private map solution today.

Facebook Admits It Bungled Its WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update []
Facebook-owned WhatsApp says avoid messaging apps that don’t have end-to-end encryption by default. Good advice but guess which messaging product does not… “Yup, that would be Facebook Messenger.” Avoid both and use Signal instead.

Privacy Matters Because It Empowers Us All []
Author of Privacy is Power, Carissa Véliz, explains “when you expose your privacy, you put us all at risk” because there is immense power in aggregate personal data and you are giving that power to corporations who don’t have our best interests at heart.

Virginia has become the second US state after California to sign a general privacy bill into law! However, as Virginia Senator Mark Warner says, it still needs to be easier for “citizens to invoke their privacy rights, such as through a global privacy control.”

That sentiment was echoed by Senator Ron Wyden at the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting this week: “There ought to be a universal opt-out. The good news is privacy experts have already made this happen, creating a technology called the Global Privacy Control.” That’s why we’re proud to be a founding member of the Global Privacy Control specification, and have enabled it by default in the DuckDuckGo app and extension.

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DuckDuckGo Privacy Weekly

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DuckDuckGo Privacy Weekly For Feb 25, 2021

Manage Your Alexa Data []
Have an Amazon account? Take a minute to check your Alexa privacy settings for voice recordings, even if you don’t have an Echo home assistant. By default, they’re saved forever but you can change the setting to “never” (currently linked to the US site, but you can edit the Amazon URL to your region).

Google’s Next Big Chrome Update Will Rewrite the Rules of the Web []
As a duck, we generally like flocks, but not this one: “Since FLoC uses your browsing history to assign you to interest-based cohorts, the end result is akin to a super-tracker” says DuckDuckGo’s Vice President of Communications Kamyl Bazbaz.

Minneapolis Police Tapped Google to Identify George Floyd Protesters []
Peacefully protesting the killing of George Floyd shouldn’t make anyone the suspect of a crime. We will keep saying this over and over: Privacy isn’t for people who have something to hide. It’s an essential part of a functioning and inclusive democracy.

Privacy Survey: Consumers Have Poor Understanding of Data Privacy yet Think They Are Taking Proactive Steps []
Why? Because consumers have been intentionally mislead by companies like Facebook and Google to believe they are getting more privacy than they actually are. A better understanding of privacy would be bad for their business. For everyone who’s had enough, take back your privacy now with DuckDuckGo.

Video Analytics User Manuals Are a Guide to Dystopia []
“The lack of oversight of police acquisition and use of surveillance tech has dangerous consequences for those misidentified or caught up in self-fulfilling prophecies of AI policing.” The EFF explores concerning capabilities of advanced video analytics tech.

And finally…

When you get cookie notices on websites, we recommend clicking the option to review, since it is usually just a few clicks to disable the most invasive ones. Get the DuckDuckGo app to totally block major trackers from even loading in your browser.

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DuckDuckGo Privacy Weekly

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DuckDuckGo Privacy Weekly For Feb 4, 2021

What Is Signal, and Why Is Everybody Downloading It Right Now? []
In mid-January privacy-minded Signal was the most popular app in the US. In fact, “demand for privacy-focused messaging apps has grown in the last few years, as internet privacy becomes a more mainstream issue.”

Google’s Privacy Sandbox Isn’t About Your Privacy. It’s About Google’s Bottom Line. []
18 months later and this is still 100% correct. Don’t be fooled by Google’s recent attempts at privacy washing. You can’t just put privacy in the title and have it magically be private.

Facebook Said It Would Stop Pushing Users to Join Partisan Political Groups. It Didn’t. []
Ahead of the 2020 US election, “Facebook said it was taking ’emergency’ measures to prevent people from using the platform to spread misinformation or coordinate violence…” but they still recommended political groups to users…

Flo Gets FTC Slap for Sharing User Data When It Promised Privacy []
Don’t go with the Flo: They only stopped sharing sensitive user health data in response to bad press. A new FTC settlement will require Flo to “obtain a review of its privacy practices and obtain app users’ consent before sharing health info,” says Natasha Lomas.

Data Privacy and Telehealth: Protect the Data, Protect the Patient []
Doctor-patient confidentiality is expected… but what about patient data privacy? The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) has tips for protecting your privacy when using telehealth software: Use strong, complex passwords, keep a clean device, never use public WiFi

Global Privacy Control (GPC) Enabled by Default in DuckDuckGo Apps & Extensions []
Global Privacy Control (GPC), the setting exercising your legal right to opt-out of the sale & sharing of personal data, is now enabled by default in the DuckDuckGo app and extension. It’s also respected by The New York Times with The Washington Post and Automattic (makers of WordPress) to follow.

And finally…

Calling all C# developers: We’re building a new way to use DuckDuckGo on Windows and we need your help. Learn more about this position, or check out all our other open roles at

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