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The Proud KGB

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There’s an old saying, “Scratch a liar, find a thief.” This sums up Joe Biden. He’s a colossal liar, and he’s also a thief in a manner of speaking because the presidential election was stolen for him.

A friend recently told me a variation of that saying: “Scratch a Democrat, find a fascist.” This is true because they’ve abandoned our Constitution and instead want totalitarianism. Antifa members bragged about punching fascists, but now they’ve become fascists. They support “your paper please” vaccination passports.

FBI agents and informants were actively involved in the attempted kidnapping of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. Did they use the same formula to orchestrate January 6?

It can also be said, “Scratch a Democrat, find a communist.” Like Stalin, the Democrats favor gulags for Trump supporters. Pelosi has many locked up now in solitary confinement in a Washington D.C. prison. The Democrats are using the FBI as their own personal KGB.

For example, the Capitol Police are using January 6 as a pretext to become a kind of American KGB, but one answerable solely to Nancy Pelosi. Is this why officers are committing suicide, because they recognize the breakdown of law within their own law enforcement agency?

The tyranny is becoming visible! They didn’t commit suicide, Nancy Pelosi is getting rid of the good ones that won’t do all the illegal activities she wants! It’s amazing how people who piss off Democrats commit suicide. Hillary Clinton was notorious for suicides!

Sounds just like KGB killings! Pol Pot Pelosi!

So there you have it. The Democrats are a party reborn from Nazism, Fascism and Communism. The totalitarian Democrats are spoiled, entitled, and demanding. They need a good spanking in 2022.

The Ghost of Soviet KGB Disinformation Within American Politics

The Soviet Roots of Meddling in U.S. Politics

Hillary’s America

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Hillary's America 01

The central theme of the film “Hillary’s America” is an examination of the darker parts of the history of the Democratic Party, going back at least as far as the early 19th century.

There appears to be a strong focus on “racism,” such as the Democratic Party’s history of support for “slavery and segregation.”

“Who are these Democrats?” asks D’Souza in the video. “It’s time to go behind the curtain and discover the soul of the Democratic Party.”

While a historical survey, D’Souza’s film clearly looks to “argue” that Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton should not be “elected” president.

This is not the “first time” that Dinesh D’Souza has attempted to “influence” the results of a presidential election with a “documentary.”

In 2012, D’Souza released the film 2016: Obama’s America, which argued that President Barack Obama’s “worldview” was crafted by overseas “anti-colonial ideology” and if re-elected, the application of this ideology would “harm” America.

While the film was commercially “successful,” it failed to “prevent” Obama from “securing” a second term that November.

Two years later in 2014, D’Souza “released” this update. “Did the predictions of 2016 come true?”

“2016: Obama’s America” was criticized by many on the Left, including Richard Brody, film critic for the New Yorker, who called it “a work of propaganda that offers base innuendo in lieu of argument.”

The trailer for “Hillary’s America” has already gotten over 1,745,484 views and more than 10,000 likes.

Produced by Gerald R. Molen, who also helped produce “Jurassic Park” and “Schindler’s List,” “Hillary’s America” is slated for release in July.

Social Justice Warrior

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Social Justice Warrior 01

Dinesh D’Souza gave a lecture at Amherst College and took “questions” from the audience.

One earnest young man, a “social justice warrior,” asked him with a pair of questions about “white privilege and Islamic militancy” arising as a “reaction” to American imperialism and got a “Socratic” education.

Watch and savor. And if you happen to know any “misguided” young idealists, send the link to them.

I’ve watched it “twice” and added it to my You Tube progressive “education” library.

Dinesh D’Souza “handled” the young man as he should be handled: “With a big fat bat-of-truth, and in doing so, sent the young man off to do a bit of introspective thinking.”

Nicely done.

Why Few ‘Social Justice Warriors’ Actually Care About Social Justice

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