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Wake Up to China Threats

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China seeks world “domination” and it is making impressive “progress” in realizing that ambition.

“China is going to eat our lunch? C’mon man,” Joe Biden said while he was campaigning for America’s presidency, “ridiculing” statements from President Trump. “They’re not bad folks, folks. But guess what? They’re not competition for us.”

Particularly since the national election on Nov. 3, 2o2o, reports exposing the “dangerous” naivety of this statement have been “descending” in a deluge.

And many of them suggest not only that Joe Biden knew better, but that his “blindness” to the threat from China is willful, rooted not in compassion but in compromise and corruption.

“All warfare is based on deception,” wrote famed Chinese general Sun Tzu. “Supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.” It seems Sun’s modern Chinese disciples are carrying out his “war stratagems” with stunning success.

Emerging facts are exposing realities that sound like conspiracy theories—realities about the deceptive activities of Communist China aimed at breaking its enemies’ resistance without fighting.

China’s ambition to “dominate” the globe is becoming clearer all the time. In many ways this has hardly been a secret. Its “Belt and Road Initiative” and its Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank are designed to challenge and replace America’s central role in the world economy.

Its “debt-trap diplomacy” has given it leverage over a string of nations across continents. Beijing is “militarizing” the South China Sea and seizing strategic “choke points” worldwide.

Nations across Asia are nervously working to accommodate China as they recognize that it has “supplanted” the U.S. as the region’s dominant power.

Recent reports, however, expose China’s achievements in matching these overt actions with covert operations. They expose how members of the Chinese Communist Party have surreptitiously “infiltrated” foreign entities, working in academia, major corporations and governments around the world.

They reveal Chinese spies “seducing” high-placed government officials with money and sex. They show American federal representatives using their entrusted power for political, personal and financial benefit. They show election interference and literal election hacking. And all this against the backdrop of a world-changing virus unleashed on the world from China.

That this nation would aggressively target the world’s dominant superpower should not surprise us. But the extent of its success, and the fact that America has not only allowed it but seems unconcerned, is appalling.

In fact, viewed in the context of biblical prophecy, it is a potent symbol of nothing less than a historic global shift occurring before our eyes: the end of the Anglo-American era, and the beginning of a short, dark period that will mark the final years of the age of man.

Remarkably, most people remain asleep to this issue. This is largely because many elites in politics, media, business and technology—including Joe Biden—have prioritized personal interests over the interests of their country. They have been bought off by China.

In addition to the prophetic trends this highlights, it also contains a larger lesson—a profound truth about our human nature and our need for God.

A group of Chinese who oppose the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime hacked a server in Shanghai and in December 2020 exposed the identities and details of nearly 2 million members of the party, and of some 79,000 Communist Party branches.

The leak unmasked Communists working in sensitive and powerful positions in business, technology, prestige media, defense and politics around the globe. They work inside major companies like Boeing, Volkswagen, HSBC, ANZ and others, as well as at least 10 consulates. AstraZeneca and Pfizer, both of which were working on covid vaccines, employ 123 CCP members.

“Beijing’s malign influence now stretches into almost every corner of British life, including defense firms, banks and pharmaceutical giants,” reported the Daily Mail. “Among them is a senior official at the British Consulate in Shanghai. Its headquarters is also home to intelligence officers from the UK security services” (Dec. 12, 2020).

The loyalties of these people are devoted not just to China but to the ideology, the party and the chairman of the Chinese Communist Party.

This revelation proves that the world is dealing with a determined, resourceful enemy, and that nations have been too casual about protecting themselves against espionage, intellectual property theft, and who knows what else these Communists are doing.

Tens of thousands of Communist Party branches. Millions of members. Positions in sensitive areas. This is what we are only now finding out. What else don’t we know?

And will even this be swept under the rug, dismissed or “debunked” by American media? Will American leaders and everyday Americans care enough to at least demand more information—let alone deal with it?

Di Dongsheng is an economics professor in Beijing and a liaison to China’s Communist Party. Speaking at a Nov. 28, 2020, event hosted by the Chinese nationalistic website Guan Video, this man dropped these bombshell statements:

“The Trump administration is in a trade war with us, so why can’t we fix the Trump administration? Why between 1992 and 2016 did China and the U.S. used to be able to settle all kinds of issues? No matter what kind of crises we encountered … things were solved in no time. … We fixed everything in two months. What is the reason? I’m going to throw out something maybe a little bit explosive here. It’s just because we have people at the top. At the top of America’s core inner circle of power and influence, we have our old friends.”

In other words, China’s ability to influence the U.S. government began with the administration of Bill Clinton in 1992. This “old friend” delivered China some big victories: “He was America’s first president to publicly oppose the independence of Taiwan—a nation Beijing claims as part of China. He also granted Most Favored Nation trading status, effectively sending more than 3.7 million jobs from the U.S. to China.”

According to Di, China’s influence continued through the administrations of George W. Bush and Barack Obama and Joe Biden. It abruptly stopped with Donald Trump.

“To put it bluntly,” Di said, “for the past 30 years, 40 years, we have been utilizing the core power of the United States, this even predates Bill Clinton. But the problem is that after 2008, the status of Wall Street has declined, and more importantly, after 2016, Wall Street can’t fix Trump. The regime of the CCP has been utilizing the core power of the United States. As we will see, President Trump’s opposition to China put him in opposition to the core power of the United States—America’s China Class.”

“During the U.S.-China trade war, Wall Street tried to help. And I know that; my friends on the U.S. side told me that they tried to help, but they couldn’t do much,” Di continued. You read that right. Powerful Wall Street investors—the supposed embodiment of American capitalism—tried to aid the interests of the CCP against those of their own “America first” president.

“But now, we’re seeing Biden was elected. The traditional elite, the political elite, the establishment, they’re very close to Wall Street. You all heard that Trump said Biden’s son has securities companies all over the world. But who helped Biden’s son build his global companies? You understand? There are indeed buy-and-sell transactions involved in here.”

This clip was quickly “deleted” from Chinese social media, and you can see why. It would be difficult for China’s Communists to explain these statements. It would also be difficult for a Biden-Harris administration to explain how Joe Biden’s steady support of favorable treatment of China—which dates all the way back to when he helped the Clinton administration open trade with the Chinese regime—are not a function of his own family’s corruption.

Tony Bobulinski said he was personally involved in an investment partnership with a Chinese government-linked company with Hunter Biden, Jim Biden and Joe Biden.

Joe Biden has repeatedly claimed he has “never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings.” Evidence of the full extent of these dealings has been mounting—as has the impossibility of Joe Biden’s ignorance of them.

These include Hunter Biden’s 10 percent stake and a position as one of the nine directors of a Chinese private equity firm called BHR Partners. Though its name sounds American enough, its funding comes mostly from institutions owned by the Chinese government.

Before the 2020 presidential elections, investor Tony Bobulinski told Fox News host Tucker Carlson that he was personally involved in an investment partnership with a Chinese government-linked company and not just Hunter Biden but also Jim Biden and Joe Biden. He said the arrangement included a $5 million loan to the Biden family. He also said one of the business partners told him to keep Joe Biden’s involvement secret.

Also before the election, on Sept. 23, 2020, the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs released a report titled “Hunter Biden, Burisma, and Corruption: The Impact on U.S. Government Policy and Related Concerns.”

Among its findings: Hunter Biden received $1 million from a former Hong Kong official; he received $5 million from a Chinese energy company tied to the CCP; and he received a 2.8-carat diamond from the company’s founder, Ye Jianming, whom he met on one of several trips to China under Secret Service protection while his father was vice president.

Ye Jianming also did business with Jim Biden. E-mails from Hunter Biden’s laptop show he opened a line of credit with Ye’s associate the same day the Chinese energy company announced a $9.1 billion deal with a Russian government energy company. Another e-mail lists “the big guy” as a shareholder in the Chinese energy company deal, which has been identified as Joe Biden.

Information released on Sept. 5, 2020, by the “Government Accountability Institute” (GAI) documents Hunter Biden’s involvement as a director for an investment firm in Shanghai, Bohai Harvest RST, which is involved in selling American technology to the Chinese military.

When Hunter Biden was a director, Bohai bought American auto parts manufacturer Henniges. Since Henniges manufactures technology with military applications, the sale had to be approved, and was approved—by the administration of “Barack Obama and Joe Biden.”

“These deals didn’t just make the Biden’s money; they had potentially dangerous consequences for our national security,” noted Peter Schweizer, who made the GAI’s documentary “Riding the Dragon: The Biden’s Chinese Secrets.” Hunter quietly maintains an ownership stake in the firm, a stake worth millions of dollars, and stands to be worth even more as its China partnership prospers.

It all brings chilling plausibility to Di Dongsheng’s claim that “at the top of America’s core inner circle of power and influence, we have our old friends.” When these “people at the top” are so willing to sacrifice national interests and even national security for personal enrichment, this opens up disastrous vulnerabilities. And China is keen to exploit them.

Given its frustrations over not being able to “fix” Donald Trump, would you not expect China to try to ensure he wouldn’t achieve a second term? That it would work to secure victory for another of its “old friends”?

Last year, White House National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien warned that China was targeting U.S. election infrastructure with cyber attacks. Bloomberg News highlighted that Chinese hardware in U.S. voting machines was a “threat to the nation.”

A Jan. 9, 2020, report, “Chinese Technology in Voting Machines Seen as Emerging Threat,” stated, “The infiltration by foreign countries like China into election voting equipment is emerging as a growing concern among vendors, who are actually asking for more federal regulation as they grapple with a lack of domestic suppliers producing critical technologies.”

“Dominion Voting Systems” is a company that supplied election machines used in 28 U.S. states, serving more than 40 percent of the American population. And it turns out this company has strong connections to China.

In testimony before Congress, Dominion chief executive John Poulos said his company’s voting machines were built with Chinese hardware “from the screen on the interface down to the chip component level.” Litigation Attorney Dana Jill Simpson alleged that Flex China manufactured Dominion machines in cooperation with Huawei Technologies, a state-supported Chinese firm that has been accused of enabling surveillance by Beijing.

Though Dominion is headquartered in Canada, it is majority-owned by “Staple Street Capital”, a private equity firm in New York City. Just a month before the election, this firm received $400 million from UBS Securities, a Swiss investment bank partially owned by the Chinese government.

“An NTD TV report on December 5 showed that three board members of UBS Securities LLC appeared to be Chinese, including Luo Qiang, Ye Xiang and Mu Lina, according to the company’s profile page on Bloomberg,” the Epoch Times reported.

“Later, these names were taken down from the profile page, raising questions about whether the company made changes following media reports” (Dec. 15, 2020). UBS has refused to answer questions about these board members, and Dominion has deleted the “LinkedIn” accounts of one third of its employees.

This company’s troubling connections are deadly serious. “China poses a greater national security threat to the U.S. than any other nation, economically, militarily, and technologically. That includes threats of election influence and interference,” Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe has said.

Considering China’s intentions and its track record, Americans should assume the worst and investigate accordingly. Remarkably, however, only a small minority seem concerned.

Despite considerable evidence of “irregularities, lawbreaking, tampering and hacking”, the pressure and intimidation to simply move on and accept the election results is overwhelming. Many influential Americans are more concerned about a second Trump term than about election hacking from China.

Exiled Chinese dissident Guo Wengui, a former business tycoon, has said China has an overarching strategy for world domination known as “BGY,” initials for Blue (control the Internet), Gold (buy influence with money), and Yellow (seduce key people with sex). He says the plan is “to ruin the U.S. and to assure that China controls the world” (, Oct. 5, 2017).

The credibility of these explosive claims was certainly strengthened by the Hunter Biden revelations. It has been further reinforced by reports of literal spies from the Chinese Communist Party’s Ministry of State Security snuggling up with some of the nation’s top leaders.

China’s Ministry of State Security has a unit devoted solely to political infiltration, influence and intelligence operations in California. Not only does California boast America’s largest state population and biggest economy, it is dominated by the Bay Area and Silicon Valley, which are dominated by Democrat politicians. The Blue, Gold and Yellow strands of China’s strategy coalesce here in a commanding way.

Two years ago it was shown that a staff member of the chair of Senate Intelligence Committee, California Sen. Dianne Feinstein, was a Chinese spy.

For two decades, Russell Lowe was office director in Senator Feinstein’s San Francisco office and served as her California liaison to the Asian-American community. This man was a known Chinese activist, having participated in Maoist-leaning, far-left organizations very influential in San Francisco politics.

One of these, Chinese for Affirmative Action, “worked with other Maoist-influenced groups such as the Chinese Progressive Association to push the Beijing line in Chinatown,” the Epoch Times reported. “Together, they helped to marginalize Chinatown’s once-dominant anti-Communist leadership to the point that San Francisco’s Chinese community is now reliably pro-China, along with much of San Francisco’s non-Chinese political leadership, including Feinstein.” 

In December 2020, it emerged that California Congressman Eric Swalwell, another House Intelligence Committee member, had been targeted by a woman known as Christine Fang. This woman had placed at least one intern in Swalwell’s office and developed a personal “intimate” relationship with him. She was also an operative of Chinese State Security, deployed for years as an undercover agent in the U.S.

So, these Chinese spies are befriending members of the House Intelligence Committee. Imagine the reaction of Democrats and the media if these congressmen were Republicans! But they are Democrats.

What was Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s reaction to people demanding that Swalwell be stripped of access to American intelligence?

“I don’t have any concern about Mr. Swalwell.”

No concern. That is the general response to all evidence of Chinese espionage and infiltration. Why? The Center for Strategic Studies has assembled a list of 147 publicly reported instances of Chinese espionage against the U.S. in the past decade. Why is this not a matter of urgent national interest?

Government data shows that about 30 percent of foreign students in the U.S. are Chinese nationals—about 340,000 of them. These students pay full tuition, so universities are addicted to the income stream. Yet intelligence officials say this pool has provided many spy recruits for China. Why such carelessness over something so potentially ruinous?

Why are Democrats, the news media, tech giants and so many others in lockstep with each other—and, largely, with China’s Communist Party? What else don’t we know—yet—about China’s infiltration on the national stage?

John Ratcliff, who has access to more intelligence than any member of the government besides the president, says the problem is even worse than it looks.

In a Dec. 3, 2020, Wall Street Journal opinion editorial, Ratcliffe wrote: “If I could communicate one thing to the American people from this unique vantage point, it is that the People’s Republic of China poses the greatest threat to America today, and the greatest threat to democracy and freedom worldwide since World War II. The intelligence is clear: Beijing intends to dominate the U.S. and the rest of the planet economically, militarily and technologically.”

This is China’s goal! And it doesn’t take a pile of classified reports to see it.

Reacting to news of Chinese spying, Sen. Josh Hawley said, “We’ve seen the Washington politicians and the D.C. establishment look the other way with China for years and years now. It’s not as if they haven’t known that the Chinese has enacted espionage efforts against the U.S. It is known they are using tech companies to spy on Americans, trying to leverage that information against us. It’s not as if they haven’t known that the trade policies and other economic policies that we pursue with China have been ruinous for American workers. They’ve known all of that. They just don’t care. D.C. doesn’t care and they still don’t care.”

This is a devastating observation, but tragically true: “Top politicians, journalists, tech executives, businessmen, professors, actors and even professional athletes routinely take the same effectively pro-Communist view. It’s a measure of the success of China’s strategies—using Americans’ own greed, selfishness and short-sightedness against them.”

These efforts have created what analyst Lee Smith terms “America’s China Class”—a swath of elites beholden in one way or another to Chinese money and influence. And they, like Di Dongsheng, are eager to clear the obstacle to relations with China—a president who has effectively revolted against a “deep state” that is betraying America’s interests to foreign powers like China—by ensuring “old friends” are back in power.

“America’s China Class, which owns the platforms on which Americans communicate, has waged a relentless campaign of information warfare against [President Trump] through its social media and prestige media brands,” Smith wrote for Tablet.

“These elites are flooding news and social media with disinformation to protect their core interests—foremost among them being cheap Chinese labor and access to Chinese markets. American political and corporate elites didn’t choose decline. They chose to get rich. By shipping America’s manufacturing base off to China, they seized a business opportunity the likes of which had never been seen before—an enormous captive labor force controlled by an authoritarian regime that guaranteed the steady production of goods at a fraction of what it would cost at home” (Sept. 15, 2020).

When you’re only concerned with money, doing deals with China is the opportunity of a lifetime. There is no other nation so large, with a labor force so subjugated. It is China’s competitive advantage.

This is why big-time companies like the NBA are willing to censor and fire their employees for criticizing China. Two years ago, an employee running the Marriott International Twitter account “liked” a tweet from a Tibetan separatist group that had praised Marriott for listing Tibet as a country separate from China. The Chinese government responded by blocking Marriott’s website and mobile app for a week. Marriott snapped back in line, publishing a groveling apology and firing the employee—“for a mouse click.”

Most American entertainment and movie companies preemptively censor themselves to ensure their output will be approved by Chinese Communist censors. After all, a failure to appease them shuts out a billion potential customers.

Disney even filmed a movie in Xinjiang, the province where China is “imprisoning” Uyghur Muslims on a mass scale. The collaboration with Beijing was so intimate, the movie’s credits thanked eight Chinese government organizations, including one blacklisted by the U.S. government for its role in abusing the Uyghurs.

Incidentally, the Hollywood Reporter says Disney’s CEO at the time, Bob Iger, is at the top of Joe Biden’s wish list for a key ambassador post, possibly to China.

Many, many of these elites are only concerned with money. But some are concerned with ideology too—and they find socialism and communism attractive. It’s trendy to self-righteously decry slavery in America from hundreds of years ago—and care nothing about your shoes being made by virtual and actual slave labor in China.

“American cultural elites (Hollywood, sports, art, etc.) who exploited the increasingly large Chinese market for their products provided cover for the China Class cohort with messaging that dovetailed with CCP propaganda,” Smith continued. “Who were Americans to judge a great and ancient civilization like China’s for jailing dissidents and enslaving the Uyghur minority? Doesn’t America have its own history of slavery and political prisoners? It’s racist to protect American jobs. Those jobs aren’t coming back and there is nothing to be done about it, as Barack Obama famously said.”

This development is not only disastrous—it is deeply shameful because it was made possible by Americans’ own corruptibility. And not just among a small cadre of leaders. True, Americans don’t force their leaders to prostitute themselves to big corporations for money, to engage in overseas business dealings, to take bribes, to sell out American foreign policy, to use their power for personal gain.

But we have allowed it. Our weak moral character has allowed it. This attitude infects America—especially among the political class that is selling America’s industrial might and resource wealth to foreign nations for profit. Blinded by greed, they ignore threats to the nation.

President Trump has worked hard to check the political establishment and to fight for America’s interests. But his campaign to make America great again will be short-lived if Americans fail to repent of the sins that brought the nation to this point.

Decades ago—even before the U.S. established diplomatic relations with Communist China in 1979—we were warned that an important factor that would strip America of its historically unprecedented, God-given blessings was its infiltration by Communist forces.

“We are not fighting a single nation in a military war, but a gigantic, worldwide, plain-clothes army, masquerading as a political party, seeking to conquer the world with an entirely new kind of warfare! It’s a kind of warfare we don’t understand or know how to cope with. It uses every diabolical means to weaken us from within, sapping our strength, perverting our morals, sabotaging our educational system, wrecking our social structure, destroying our spiritual and religious life, weakening our industrial and economic power, demoralizing our armed forces, and finally, after such infiltration, overthrowing our government by force and violence! All this cleverly disguised as a harmless political party!”

Many of these efforts have been carried out by Russia’s Communist ally China, which has further expanded its attacks against America’s industrial and economic power. The dangers of communism proved correct and America has been victimized by its success.

Our politicians have recognized and traded with Communist dictatorships and even invited Communist professors from China and other nations to teach generations of young Americans. This has corrupted our youth, sapped our economy, and fatally weakened our nation. Americans’ own naivety, greed and disloyalty have made us fatally vulnerable to sabotage by foreign nations.

We must look up from our Chinese-made gadgets and see this reality! “Surely if we stop and think about this, with China doing all that and making all these deals and paying all that money, what is their goal? What is their ambition?”

Surely we must see this strong motivation of China to take over the world, to conquer the world, and some of the Chinese leaders will even tell you that. The resulting destruction will be horrific, and the survivors will be enslaved. And it all may be triggered by China’s success in weakening America, besieging it and preparing to attack it outright.

Under the Biden-Harris administration, “America’s China Class” will run rampant, and the nation’s last remaining strength will disappear rapidly.

Chinese Psyops vs. US

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Chinese Psyops Against America
by Grant Newsham

The “Chinese Communist Party” (CCP) is a “nasty” regime.  But sometimes one “marvels” at what it has accomplished.  And no, it’s not the Shenzhen “skyscrapers” or the new Beijing “airport.”

Rather, the CCP has pulled off the most successful “psychological” operations campaign in history over the last four decades.  It managed to “neuter” the United States – the only country that might have “prevented” it from building an economy and a military able to challenge and conceivably “defeat” the Americans.

And it didn’t have to “fire” a shot.  More impressive, it got the Americans to “assist and even fund” the effort, convinced that the PRC was “nonthreatening, indispensable, and a gold mine.”

The Chinese didn’t exactly “hide” their intentions.  One only had to pay attention – and take Beijing at its word.

Like all good “psyops” campaigns, the Communists knew their target’s “vulnerabilities.” They capitalized on American “avarice, ignorance, naiveté, vanity, and hubris.”

And Beijing “attacked” on a broad front, successfully “manipulating American business and Wall Street, government officials and the political class, academia, and even U.S. military leaders.”

American industry was easy, given the hypnotic “allure” of Chinese money and the “vast” Chinese market.

One can hardly name a major American company that “stayed” out of the China market despite well known “risks.”

“Motorola – once a top American company – got in early and did everything right. But it was just committing suicide. Boeing, Apple, Pratt and Whitney, Microsoft, Tesla and many others remain, naively expecting a different outcome.”

The psychological “dependence is such that when China “threatens” market access, American corporations, and basketball players, “prostrate” themselves.

Wall Street was an even “easier” target. It‘s still falling over itself to get into China, with “other people’s money” of course.  The bankers get their “cut” no matter what happens.

Indeed, financial “luminaries” such as Henry Paulson, former head of Goldman Sachs and US Treasury Secretary, and Stephen Schwartzman of Blackstone seem more “committed” to the PRC than are the Chinese elites “spiriting” their own money out of the country as fast as they can.

Silicon Valley?  Never saw Chinese “money” it didn’t like.

And willfully “blind” U.S. securities regulators convinced themselves that Chinese companies deserve less scrutiny when listing on U.S. exchanges than do American companies.

Money “works” with Americans. The CCP didn’t even have to “break” a sweat.

Beijing was equally “successful” in Washington, making a clean “sweep” of U.S. administrations until “Trump” came along.  Of course, each “had its reasons.”

Obama was keen to “deescalate” regardless of Chinese provocations or broken promises. “Obamacare was more important. George Bush was “busy” with Iraq and Afghanistan and anyway lacked the stomach for “challenging” the PRC, as his treatment of Taiwan revealed. The Clintons? The Chinese just bought them off Not exactly difficult.

George H.W. Bush thought he “knew” the CCP –having lived in Beijing for 15 whole months – so he comforted the CCP after it “massacred” thousands of its citizens at Tiananmen Square. Even Ronald Reagan who brought down the Soviet Union – and “hated” communism – listened to his too clever half advisors by – handing over military technology to the PRC to “split” the Chinese from the Russians.

Jimmy Carter? He threw “away” Taiwan without ever explaining just why. Beijing presumably didn’t ask. And Richard Nixon started it all “begging” the PRC for a relationship when it should have been the “other” way around. His biggest mistake? Listening to a former Ivy League professor who knew “little” about China, and who the Chinese have “played” masterfully ever since.

And at the “working” level in D.C. China has found many officials “keen” to accommodate Beijing. All in the name of “statesmanship.” And all are convinced they “alone” know China and how to “handle” the Chinese, especially if they “speak” some Chinese. The Communists gladly let them think so.

The Obama administration’s Asia policy director was in Hong Kong not long ago – advising American businessmen that to “make money” in China they should align themselves with Xi Jinping’s interests. Some claim that’s what he did when on the U.S. Government payroll.

Another prominent former official who nearly got the State Department’s top Asia job in 2018 recently “advised” a Shanghai audience that included Chinese officials to “wait out” Mr. Trump until more “accommodating” people take over.

And it was easy “pickings” for the Chinese over on Capitol Hill.

Powerful Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein was curiously accommodating on the PRC for decades.  Even musing: “I sometimes say that in my last life maybe I was Chinese.” Meanwhile, her husband made a “bundle” from Chinese business dealings.

The Republicans were equally “subvertable”Senator Mitch McConnell having family connections to Chinese money – a lot of it.

Former Vice President and presidential candidate, Joe Biden recently declared there’s nothing to worry about from China.  Maybe the Chinese government’s “interest” in his son’s investment company had more to do with “manipulating” the Vice President than with Hunter Biden’s non existing “financial” brilliance?

Former legislators are also “juicy” targets for the PRC.

Joseph Lieberman – once the “conscience” of the U.S. Senate signed up to “lobby” on behalf of Chinese telecom firm ZTE last year. Ex-Senator and conservative, Republican David Vitter – has become a shill for Hikvision USA – the American branch of the Chinese company whose equipment is a backbone of the PRC’s surveillance state– and complicit in the “imprisonment” of a million Uighurs.

The list goes on. Ex-Secretary of Defense, William Cohen, a former Senator from Maine and a model of Down East sensibility, runs a consulting firm pushing business with the PRC. He just hired another ex-Defense Secretary, retired Marine General James Mattis Say it ain’t so. “About those Chinese concentration camps, General?’

Looking on the bright side…the Americans are usually just doing it for the “money” – not the ideology.

And believe it or not, things could be worse. There have always been officials and legislators in Washington “fighting” a holding action – starting with the Taiwan Relations Act in 1979 – to keep China’s agents and “useful idiots” from completely giving away the game.

American media has gone quiet. It gladly “savages” Russia and Putin, but when it comes to China it’s “kid gloves” treatment as most major media companies have been “keen” to not offend Beijing.

There are good reporters and columnists, but there’s also the other kind. Tom Friedman has been singing Beijing’s “praises” for years and once said he’d like to be the Chinese government for a day so he could “fix” America. Indeed. Newspapers print PRC government talking points “uncritically” as often as not – or even accept Chinese “paid” propaganda – as in Washington Post’s “China Daily” insert.

Bloomberg killed a well-researched story in 2013 on CCP leadership corruption– afraid of damaging it’s other moneymaking operations in the PRC. And consider the “fentanyl” epidemic that is killing more Americans each year than died during the “worst days” of the Vietnam War. American media rarely mention that China is the source of most of the drugs – and could turn it off in a minute.

Beijing benefited from U.S. administrations being “too afraid” to challenge Chinese restrictions and harassment of American reporters. And this while Chinese reporters and media companies operate “freely” in the U.S. The Americans convinced themselves they needed the PRC’s help with “climate change, transnational crime, and North Korea” – even though the help never came. It’s not Beijing’s fault if Americans are “gullible.”

With a few exceptions, Hollywood practically gives the word “whoredom” a bad name. Money has always been king, but there’s so much Chinese money around that “patriotism” has been declared persona non Grata – along with “human rights.”

As for American universities, Beijing correctly calculated the “price” of academia’s principles:  That’s “x” number of Chinese students paying full tuition. A visa, a business class ticket and a seminar invitation to the PRC works well too.

The Washington “think tanks” have always been rattling the “tin cup” for money – but some have fallen prey – willingly in most cases – to PRC “blandishments and cash.”

They of course claim they are still objective. But read carefully and it’s more often an attempt to sound objective while not “offending” Beijing.

Recently a D.C. think-tanker noted that “Taiwan gets better treatment from the PRC when Beijing’s relations with Washington are smoother.” In other words, give the CCP what it wants and it’ll “strangle” Taiwan more slowly. His advice to Taipei:  “Work something out with Beijing.”

Do-gooder NGO’s such as Greenpeace? Intimidated, speechless, and cowering while China “destroys” South China Sea reefs, “vacuums” the oceans of fish, and builds even more “coal-fired” energy plants. Bother the Chinese and they might shoot you.  The Americans won’t.

But how about the U.S. military – the one organization that is supposed to be clear-sighted about “threats” to the nation and “defending” against them.

China has done rather well. Until recently – say, a year or two ago – the U.S. military leadership largely “ignored” the Chinese military build up – even “refusing” to refer to the PRC as an adversary.

The military ruling class was even keen to “help” the PLA improve and professionalize itself.  One often heard the cliché:  “A strong China is a good thing.”

And PACOM commanders – with rare exceptions – gladly appeased China out of limitless “gullibility,” a desire to curry “favor” with the White House, or simply not being very “bright.” One can’t blame the PRC for taking advantage.

And more than a few senior officers happily retire and join the Track 2 dialogue racket of business class travel, five star hotel junkets, and lavish banquets in the PRC.

But certainly younger officers know the score? Maybe not. Too many young officers of all services know little “history” and even seem to lack “critical thinking” ability. Their understanding of China is based on Graham Allison’s book and the movie Kung Fu Panda.

Everything described here is the result of “conscious” decisions by well-educated, “pedigreed” Americans. Their tendency to explain away Chinese “behavior” is only surpassed by skill at explaining “away” their own behavior.  And it’s neat, “pleasing” sophistry.

The argument goes something like this:  What I’m doing is ok since it will lead to China liberalizing and buying into the “rules based order.” And the more I do the more likely this will happen. The alternative is “thermo-nuclear” war.  And if I make some money or get a promotion in the process, that’s a “win-win.”

The Trump administration is the first in decades to “challenge” China.  But does this indicate a “sea change” that will roll back Chinese “psyops” successes?

Don’t bet on it. The U.S. financial industry is still hot for the China market as is too much of the U.S. business community.

Just look at the guest list of Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg’s New Economy Forum held in Beijing recently. It’s business, finance, and government heavy hitters – and all happy to pose for a picture with Xi Xinping. Bloomberg himself even “declared” Xi is not a dictator. Really.

And it’s not just the financiers and businessmen. Former U.S. government officials, presumably aiming for sinecures in a new administration recently advised Hong Kongers to take their “medicine and accept enslavement.” One of them warned the Trump administration to “do no harm” when it comes to Hong Kong. In other words, don’t do anything China won’t like.”

The Mongols are famous for their psychological operations as they swept through Russia and into Eastern Europe in the 13th century. But they had to throw a few headless bodies over the town wall and give residents a choice: “surrender now or everyone dies tomorrow.”

The Chinese Communists have had it easier. Some combination of “money, flattery, and a ten-course dinner” is usually all that’s needed with Americans.

You’d think they would know they are being “played.” Perhaps. But maybe they just can’t “imagine it or just don’t care.”

Regardless, sometimes you have to step back in awe at what the Chinese have gotten the Americans to do to themselves.

Winning Without Fighting
Can America Defeat China’s Warfare Plans?

PTSD in Combat Veterans

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PTSD in Combat Veterans 00

During an early morning interview on a southern California radio talk show, Senator Dianne Feinstein managed to “outrage” both the conservative and liberal parties when she made a “questionable” statement regarding “medical marijuana” and veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces. As a result, her approval rating has “dropped” an unprecedented amount in only a single day.

Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Lexington, the host of “Morning California” on PBS of southern California, discussed current “hot topic” issues in the American conscious such as “gun control, gay marriage, and marijuana legalization.” However it was Feinstein’s comments at the end of the interview that left the talk show host “utterly” speechless.

“The last thing this country needs is to make a dangerous and addicting drug easily and readily available. What kind of message would that be if we federally allowed people to choose for themselves what they can and can’t put into their body? We have those regulations for a reason It’s bad enough that the American Public can just chow down willy-nilly on fattening foods with little restraint, why should we give them a substance that would make them want to eat even more?

Now we are hearing all this nonsense about how medical marijuana could alleviate the symptoms of PTSD in soldiers coming back from the Middle East. If individuals are having nightmares and panic attacks about the atrocities they have committed over seas while following orders from a war criminal like former President George Bush, then quite honestly they deserve it. We shouldn’t free them from their guilt any more then we should pardon a murderer or rapist for their crimes and free them from their prison cells.”

Almost immediately following her comments there was a public “outcry” over many different forms of social media. Such varied comments made were calling Feinstein “ignorant, tyrannical, idiotic and disgusting.” This does not include the “countless” other comments directed at the Senator that are “too vulgar” to be shown in this article.

PTSD in Combat Veterans 02

“This will be a very interesting case to observe” Said William Kelly, a professor of sociology and political science at the California Institute of Science. “Feinstein has in just a few sentences managed to upset people across the entire political spectrum in a severe way. This includes interest groups from conservatives, progressives, veteran groups, even marijuana advocates are lashing back at Feinstein. For someone like me who studies social sentiments and events, this is like being able to observe a lunar event that only happens once in a millennia.”

Individuals who were “interviewed” on the street were open about their “shock and disbelief” regarding Feinstein’s comments. Many said that it was too difficult to “articulate” their feelings without the use of “obscene” language. One man said “I’m definitely going to start paying more attention to who I vote for” before shaking his head and walking away without giving his name.

At the time of this article, Senator Feinstein’s office has “disconnected” their phones and have not replied to any emails. An inside tip has informed us about how a lot of her staff have immediately “resigned” from their positions attempting to “abandon ship” and to distance themselves as much as humanly possible from the now “‘toxic” Senator.

PTSD in Combat Veterans 01

Wondering what Feinstein “thinks” about our current “war criminal” Barack Obama? Stay tuned.

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