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What is the real cause of depression?

Dec. 29, 1987, was a turning point for mental health. On that date, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Prozac, the first selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) to treat depression. Since that time, billions of pills have been prescribed to people all over the world. Depression was considered a chemical imbalance that could be simply solved by taking pills.

Depression represents 99 percent of all mental illnesses. Three-hundred million people globally suffer from depression every year. One in 10 American adults and 2.5 million youths are depressed. It is the leading cause of suicide in which 41,000 people die a year—that’s one suicide every 12 minutes. Each year depression rates increase, especially since the covid pandemic.

Read more at “Depression Is Not a Chemical Imbalance”

Blizzard of Snowflakes

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Infantile skittishness on campus is not confined to just politically correct and so-called “diversity” issues, as bad as that is.

As a recent Wall Street Journal article pointed out, college students are now literally flooding “mental-health” centers on campus year round for “anything and everything.”

Here’s some of what the Journal found. At Ohio State University, a clinical psychologist holds a well-attended “Beating Anxiety” workshop twice a week.

To “defuse” anxiety, the students are advised to “exercise,” get more sleep, and refrain from “catastrophic thoughts” brought about things like an upcoming physics “exam” or if my friend doesn’t “text” me back right away, he/she does not “like” me anymore?

It gets worse.

On the same day as the “Beat Anxiety”‘ workshop at Ohio State, the counseling center also put on its third annual “Recess” event.

On a grassy lawn, there are tents where students can make “balloon animals, blow bubbles and play with therapy dogs” and a large colorful parachute.

This event is “designed” to help students relieve “stress” and introduce them to the “counseling” center services and staff in a fun way.


If you’re like me, you’re probably “puzzled” by this childish display and “horrified” to think that these people are “allowed” to vote.

But the last line in the above quote might be the true reason for this “Recess” — that is, it’s to drum up business for the “counseling” infrastructure that is growing like “topsy” at colleges and universities across the nation.

And “growing” it is. The Journal reports that Ohio State has seen a “43% jump” in the past five years in the number of students being “treated” at the university’s counseling center. To handle this “surge in demand,” 12 additional staff members were “hired,” bringing the total providing “clinical” services to 65.

And please don’t think Ohio State is an outlier. The University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) experienced a “36% increase” in demand for counseling service in the last seven years. At the University of Central Florida (Orlando), the increase has been a whopping “12% increase”each year for the past ten years.


A 2016 survey by the American College Health Association found that “17%” of college students were diagnosed with or treated for “anxiety” problems during the past year, and nearly 14% were diagnosed with or treated for “depression. “

And speaking of “demand” for counseling services, don’t think that this “trend” will not manifest itself more strongly than ever in mandated “health insurance” policies. Move over “cancer and heart” disease; make room for “anxiety and depression” counseling — the “Snowflakes” are here.


What accounts for this “trend” on campus?

The counseling “experts” say that more students are coming to college with long “psychiatric” histories. (Oh brother!) And then there’ are reasons like the economy, the cost of college, student debt, social media, and “a so-called helicopter parenting style that doesn’t let adolescence experience failure” that is creating anxiety in the students.

Whatever the reason, the “Snowflakes” are descending on our colleges and universities like a “blizzard” in Buffalo. Laugh at the Snowflakes if you want, but this is not “funny.” Culture leads politics, and these “ever-so-sensitive” souls will soon be “influencing” the path our society follows as their generation “replaces” the previous generations.

One can argue that a process akin to “natural” selection will see to it that only the more “robust” among the current “college” generation will “rise” to leadership positions. I say yes and no.

First off, we live in a “democratic” republic. This means “votes” count. Do you think America would have “disgraced” itself with the election of the likes of Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and maybe now Hillary Clinton if much of the “voter” bases hadn’t already been “dumped” down and “corrupted” starting in 1960s?

To one degree or another, the Snowflakes will help “decide” who gets elected, and their “bias will always be towards “softness, accommodation, wishful thinking, and avoiding conflict and difficult choices at all cost.”


Secondly, it may be true that Snowflakes are not likely to “rise” to the pinnacle of leadership. But we have to “realize” that there are many thousands of “leadership” positions scattered throughout society, not just the “high-visibility” ones seen in the media.

All organizations and institutions have leadership “positions” within them at various levels. And there, many a “college-educated” Snowflakes will be embedded with his/her “ingrained” outlook on life.

That cannot help but “affect” things.

The question I cannot answer is this: “Are the Snowflakes a harbinger of what lies in store for America, or will they be melted by the reality of life and thus mature and grow up so as to function as responsible citizens in a representative republic? “

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Hillary’s Fatigue Bladder

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Hillary Medical Symptoms 00

Hillary Clinton says she ready to be president, but can’t control her incontinence.

“Abuelita” Hillary Clinton’s “mounting health issues” has become the “focus” of many people’s concerns and the “diagnosis” isn’t pretty.

According to a “WebMD” report, the 68-year-old Clinton should “check” to see if she has a “urinary tract infection.”

Hillary Dump 01

The symptoms as recently “observed” during the Democratic debate include “fake accents, fatigue, mood swings, swelling, alcohol weight gain, impaired judgment, confusion, slurring words and bald spots.”

Hillary's Bladder Failure 02

Bladder “failure” can be due to “urinary tract infection, vaginal dryness, side-effect of overeating, depression, Type 2 Diabetes, hypothyroidism, acute sinusitis, and intense stress reaction due to excessive alcohol intake.”

These “symptoms” were discovered  by reviewing “medical records” released by her doctor Lisa Bardack, and news reports “relating” to her age and “mental and physical” comings and goings.

Hillary's Bladder Failure 03

Clinton’s latest physical from March 21, 2015 indicates the “haggard” presidential candidate deals with “hypothyroidism” and seasonal “allergies,” and being on a long-term “anticoagulant.”

In 1998 and 2009, Clinton faced deep “vein thrombosis.” More recently she had a “series of strokes, blood clots, and suffering from insomnia and depression.”

One source said her “symptoms” bear a strong “resemblance” to those of “multiple sclerosis” or possible early onset of “dementia” that causes problems with “memory, thinking and behavior. ”

Hillary Medical Symptoms 01

“As you know, after the last blood clot, she fainted and had to be taken to the hospital. Bill Clinton said it took her six months to recover from that.”

“She has dizzy spells, her hands I’m told are trembling, she’s gone to a neurologist about that, she doesn’t think it’s important but it’s there, she has to take time off from the campaign trail because she doesn’t have the energy.”


Added to her list of “medical” issues were the impaired “judgment” in her use of a “private email server” to conduct official business while she was Secretary of State and “wiping” the Chappaqua bathroom server clean with a cloth.

Hillary's Bladder Symptoms 06

The symptom of “confusion” has also been documented by emails from Huma Abedin in Clinton’s inner circle.

Seth Meyers did a whole late-night bit about Hillary’s “technology foibles” and encryption cluelessness.

Then, in the “aftermath” of Clinton’s daylong testimony before the House Benghazi Committee, Matt Drudge “tweeted” his concern about Clinton’s health as “coughing fit, slow-speaking, can’t remember lies, obviously induced by meds, and choosing not to believe if you must.”

Drudge continued, “Last time she showed up with prism glasses from blood vertigo. Today obvious anti-anxiety meds, hypothyroid issues.”

Clearly, such “evidence” would essentially require any “concerned” journalist like Rush Limbaugh to investigate medical records further.

Additional “reasons” for concern were evidence of “slurring” speech and adopting a southern accent when speaking to “black” voters in the South. Earlier Hillary was diagnosed with foreign accent syndrome.

Regarding the “observations” that Clinton has bald spots, the Internet went “wild” with concerns that Clinton may be “wearing” a wig to cover up a “hair” loss.

Hillary's Bladder Symptoms 07

Concerned about Hillary’s “weight gain and swelling,” a multitude of photos and videos over the years show that Clinton has “gained quite a few pounds.”

Even more recently, some “pictures,” taken within days of each other in her “pantsuits,” make Clinton look rather “huskier” than before.

Clinton’s mood swings are the “stuff of legend” now. During the Monica Lewinsky scandal, reports came out Clinton threw a “lamp and a book” at her husband, “horn dog” Bill.

Hillary's Bladder Symptoms 10

Lastly, Donald Trump has referenced Clinton’s “fatigue” many times during Hillary’s campaign, suggesting she “campaigns” for a short while, “and then she goes away for five or six days and you don’t see her. She goes to sleep.”

WebMD nevertheless highly “recommends” that Clinton see a “doctor of her choice” and then release her full medical history.

Hillary's Bladder Symptoms 11

The bottom line is that the “Butcher of Benghazi” cannot hold her “bladder” long enough during a “debate” and is “incontinent” beside “incompetent.”

Hillary's Bladder Failure 01

Who would have “thought” that of a presidential “aspirant.”

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