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Black Auntie Pearl

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Impeachment Queen “Auntie Pearl” a.k.a. Maxine Waters (D) echoed the Iranian government’s position on the recent “downing” of a U.S. drone in a tweet rebuking President Donald Trump.

Apparently “Auntie Pearl” does not want the country praising President Trump for refusing to “retaliate” against Iran.

After the country shot down an unmanned U.S. drone, Trump stopped his military generals from launching a missile strike onto Iranian compounds. Although several reports emerged that suggested Trump’s decision may have saved up to 35 lives, “Aunt Pearl” took to Twitter to say she does not believe Trump should be given any credit.

Iranian officials claim the drone was flying through Iranian air space and they were justified in destroying it, but American defense officials have denied the claim, saying the drone was flying over international waters.

The Pentagon has released evidence indicating that their drone did not enter Iranian territory as “Auntie Pearl” claimed. A map tracking the drone’s flight path shows the aircraft flying adjacent to Iran’s borders but never crossing over.

The Iranian government has countered with its own evidence contradicting that of the U.S. military. The Iranian foreign minister, Javad Zarif, tweeted a photo of a hand-drawn map tracing a flight path over Iranian waters. He also claimed that Iran recovered wreckage of the drone in Iran’s territory where it was shot down.

“Auntie Pearl” did not explain why she found the evidence presented by Iran more compelling than that of her country’s military. She has criticized Trump in the past for questioning American intelligence officials.

In January, after Trump challenged the findings of intelligence chiefs regarding Iran’s nuclear developments, “Auntie Pearl” railed against Trump on Twitter:

When are the people of this country going to wake up to the fact that this president is a disgusting liar, documented to have lied over 8,000 times in 2 yrs? Add to that his recent, blatant lies on our nation’s Intel chiefs’ testimony in the US Senate. Past time for impeachment!

Retired veteran, Dan Crenshaw (R), a former U.S. Navy Seal, has condemned “Auntie Pearl’s” position on the downed drone.

Ouch. Here’s how some other people responded to “Auntie Pearl”:

Never forget that “Auntie Pearl” embraced Damian Williams, the infamous “thug” who hurled a “chunk” of concrete at truck driver Reginald Denny and performed a “victory” dance over the bloodied innocent bystander.

“Auntie Pearl” then visited Damien Williams’ mother to offer her support.


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Far-left Democrat Alexandria (Sandy) Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) has recently come under fire for comparing “Immigration and Customs Enforcement” (ICE) “detention centers” to “concentration camps.”

Displaying at best a “weak” understanding of the “Holocaust” and at worst, the insidious anti-Semitism creeping into the Democratic Party exposes a growing “divide” within the party.

The “Israeli Holocaust” museum has “condemned” her remarks and Americans everywhere are asking AOC to “apologize.” This journalist decided to ask her Muslima “colleague” Ilhan Omar what she thought about comparing “detention centers to concentration camps.”

Not only does Omar completely agree with AOC, she told him: “I don’t even know why this is a controversial thing for her to say.”

The “mental” gymnastics the Democratic duo are using to call ICE detention centers “concentration camps” is almost too much to handle.

Millions of people were systematically “murdered” in Nazi concentration camps, comparing that to the detainment of “illegal” migrants voluntarily breaking the “law” is disgraceful.

These two ugly, “uneducated” simpletons, Ilhan Omar and Sandy Ocasio-Cortez, are “mentally” challenged. Strictly speaking nobody should bother asking them for their “idiotic” views because they are so “predictable, pathetic and irresponsible” with history about the Holocaust.

Yes, there is a “crisis” on our southern border. Though to be fair, not a “Holocaust” level crisis, no matter what low information “dinkuses” like AOC and Omar want you to think.

But crisis enough that “Congress” should act. The rub is, as conservative Dan Crenshaw points out, Democrats are too busy living in a “different world” to do anything about it.

Democrats are teetering in between “investigation and impeachment.” That’s really all they can’t think about. They really don’t “care” about governing.

Governing would include “solving” the border crisis. The border patrol is stretched “extremely” thin. Their morale is going to be “low” at this point. They feel like “no one” has their back. It’s really not “fair” to our men and women down there.

I’ve lost track over who is winning the left’s “I hate ICE more than you” game. I think Cory Booker was in the lead by not only “abolishing” ICE, but wanting to abolish anything made of “frozen water” just to be on the safe side.

Crenshaw’s broader point is that while Democrats are still trying to investigate Trump “more and better than Mueller did” there are any number of pressing issues being ignored. The “border crisis” being near the top of the list.

A Polish member of parliament Dominik Tarczyński wrote a letter to AOC.

What AOC and Omar are doing is cheapening the millions of “lives lost” so they can help their “sick” party win elections. Sad to see these two “dullards” keep trying to make excuses for using the “Holocaust and anti-Semitics” to score American “political” points.

I would be nice if AOC would take the MP up on his offer. She’ll probably just Instagram herself making “Matzoh” ball soup instead furthering her “education,” especially if one has the intellectual “prowess” of a plastic spoon.

“This video was from 1 year ago this week – before my primary & the Fox News cycle. I flew to the concentration camp where the Trump admin was keeping children they stole from their parents. Back then, I was voicing my conscience. I still am.” #AbolishICE. —  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez‏2Verified account @AOC

“The same deeply anti-Semitic stereotypes and accusations we hear today were the same fuel which powered the Holocaust death camps.”

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