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Christmas Cup Contest

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Never one to “cede” a Starbucks a victory, McDonald’s has upped the “ante” in the Christmas cup “controversy” contest.


Why release “plain” red cups that offend Evangelicals when it’s possible to get truly NSFW with this “latest” design?


“Now how the hell are Starbucks cups in the news again and no one’s talking about a guy spreading his cheeks open on McDonald’s cups” — Sam Sykes (@SamSykesSwears) December 11, 2016

@SamSykesSwears “whoa, that is exactly the first thing I saw. I can’t unsee it. What is it supposed to be??” — Brandon Chang (@BChangArt) December 11, 2016

“Spreading a liiiiiittle too much Christmas cheer. ;)” — I🍑HIM (@ziyatong) December 11, 2016 @ziyatong

“I can’t even. What is this *supposed* to be?” — Mededitor (@Mededitor) December 11, 2016

@jadespr1te @aspleenic “yeah, still don’t see mittens.” — John Metta ✊🏽 (@JohnMetta) December 11, 2016

“McCafé Peppermint Mocha…or as some call it, holiday perfection! Thanks @POPSUGARFood” 😋 — McDonald’s Bay Area (@McD_BayArea)


It’s certainly a “McCafé cup,” as you can see from this McDonald’s “tweet” that shows the actual design featuring “white mittens.”


So, umm, it totally looks like someone is “spreading their butt cheeks” open, right? Yep. It does.

All the “controversy” over whatever Starbucks did with their “holiday” cups last year and here’s McDonald’s “sneaking” in there with a little “Rorschach” test that might be a pair of “mittens or  someone “enthusiastically” spreading their “butt.”


Honestly, whatever “graphic designer” got this through is a “real” hero. McDonald’s won’t say “Merry Christmas” on their cups, won’t even say “Happy Holidays,” instead they go with the feather “soft and mediocre pun “Warmest Greetings” like they’re writing a “letter” to a family after settling the “Old West” in the 1800’s.


So yeah, they need a little “edge” to that cup to balance it out, the kind of edge that only a “Goatse” coffee can provide. Nothing gets me “fired” up for drinking a piping hot “brown liquid” like an image evoking a giant “gaping” butt hole. I can’t be alone in that.


Ah, the “Christmas” season. It just wouldn’t be the same without the bustle of “Yuletide” shopping, sweet “mince” pies and McDonald’s Christmas “cups” full of steaming hot drinks.

Festooned with “cozy” mittens, snowflakes and stars, it’s a scene of “innocence” that will warm the “cockles of your heart” while  spreading a little “butt cheek” Christmas cheer.

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