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Lockdown Crime

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The Lockdown Has Gone From a Mistake to a Crime
By Dennis Prager

Four months ago, I wrote a column titled “The Worldwide Lockdown May Be the Greatest Mistake in History.” I explained that “mistake” and “evil” are not synonyms.

“The lockdown is a mistake; the Holocaust, slavery, communism, fascism, etc., were evils. Massive mistakes are made by arrogant fools; massive evils are committed by evil people.”

Regarding the economic catastrophe in America and around the world — especially among the world’s poor who are dependent upon America and other first-world countries for their income through exports and tourism — I wrote, “It is panic and hysteria, not the coronavirus, that created this catastrophe.”

Unfortunately, I was right.

The world should have followed Sweden’s example. That country never locked down and has even kept children under 16 in school the entire time.

As Reuters reported on July 15, the number of Swedish children between 1 and 19 years of age who have died of COVID-19 is ZERO. And the percentage of children who contracted the illness was the exact same in Sweden as it was in Finland, which locked down its schools.

As regards teachers, Sweden’s Public Health Agency reported that “a comparison of the incidence of COVID-19 in different professions suggested no increased risk for teachers.” Nevertheless, with few exceptions, teachers in Los Angeles and elsewhere refuse to enter a classroom that has students in it. Their “disdain” for their profession has been superseded only by that of the Los Angeles teachers union, which announced that teachers will not resume teaching until the police are “defunded.”

People who defend lockdowns and closing schools point out that Sweden has the eighth-highest death rate per million in the Western world. But, needless to say, this has no bearing at all on the issue of whether Sweden was right to keep schools open or whether our country was wrong to close them, let alone keep them closed now. The overwhelming majority of deaths from COVID-19 in Sweden were among people over 70 years of age, and most of those were people over 80 and with compromised immune systems.

Reuters reported that three separate studies, including one by UNICEF, “showed that Swedish children fared better than children in other countries during the pandemic, both in terms of education and mental health.”

For more than a month, Sweden has had almost no deaths from COVID-19 while the entire society remains open and almost no one wears masks. In Holland, too, almost no one wears masks. For all intents and purposes, the virus is over in Sweden.

I live in California, a state governed by that most dangerous of leaders: “a fool with unlimited power.” Despite the fact that California ranks 28th among the 50 states in deaths per million, Gov. Gavin Newsom has destroyed and continues to destroy tens of thousands of small businesses and untold numbers of livelihoods. His continuing to forbid — a half-year after the onset of the pandemic — indoor dining in restaurants is leading to a projected permanent closure of approximately 1 in every 3 restaurants in the state.

The same catastrophic destruction will likely affect retail businesses and services such as hair and nail salons. But all this human tragedy — not to mention increased depression and suicides among the young and increased abuse of children and partners — means nothing to Newsom, to Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti or to the Los Angeles Times, whose editors and columnists continue to advocate for the lockdown while they receive their salaries.

Why can people eat with no mask in an airplane — inches, not six feet, from strangers — but cannot eat in a California restaurant, which is so much bigger than the inside of an airplane, while sitting six feet from others? Because Newsom ordered it, the Los Angeles Times supports it and, like sheep, Californians have accepted it.

According to the California Association of Museums, “Museums are losing over $22 million a day due to the statewide quarantine. As of August 1, 2020, California museums have lost more than $2.9 billion in revenue. Museums have a $6.55 billion financial impact on California’s economy, support 80,722 jobs, and generated $492 million in tax revenues for the State of California in 2017 and over $1 billion in federal taxes.”

And the American Alliance of Museums issued results from a survey on July 22, 2020, that warned 1 out of every 3 museums may shutter forever as funding sources and financial reserves run dry.

On Aug. 3, The Wall Street Journal wrote, “In March … There was broad public support for the prudent goals of preventing hospitals from being overwhelmed and buying scientists time to develop therapies.” But the left — the media and Democratic governors and mayors — immediately moved the goal posts to “bending the curve” and “saving one life,” enabling them to get away with destroying lives and livelihoods.

I conclude with the words of a Swedish medical doctor, Sebastian Rushworth:

“Covid is over in Sweden. People have gone back to their normal lives and barely anyone is getting infected any more. I am willing to bet that the countries that have shut down completely will see rates spike when they open up. If that is the case, then there won’t have been any point in shutting down in the first place … Shutting down completely in order to decrease the total number of deaths only makes sense if you are willing to stay shut down until a vaccine is available. That could take years. No country is willing to wait that long.”

The “lockdown is a crime.” But even more upsetting is that it is supported by so many Americans. This country is unrecognizable to those of us who lived through the 1968-1970 pandemic, which killed, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 100,000 Americans — the 2020 equivalent of 170,000 Americans.

Nothing shut down. Not one mask was worn.

Your Skin/Teeth Color Is a Crime

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Like this distorted picture of Seattle’s City Hall, so too was the content of the city’s recent meeting for its white employees.

The city of Seattle recently summoned its white employees only and essentially told them, “Your skin color is a crime,” according to a report by Tucker Carlson.

In a truly extremist and Orwellian perversion of “anti-racism” training, the meeting was officially called “Interrupting Internalized Racial Superiority and Whiteness.”

According to a public records request filed by City Journal reporter Chris Rufo “White employees were told that their white qualities were offensive and unacceptable. Those qualities included perfectionism, objectivity and individualism.”

They were further told to drop those qualities and undertake “the work of undoing your own whiteness,” which included to give up, among other things:

Spending time with their families
Guaranteed physical safety
Relationships with other white people
Niceties from neighbors and colleagues
The certainty of their job

As the U.S. “woke” narratives spins out of control, Carlson and many others have repeatedly pointed out that the quintessential definition of “racism” is judging a person by a quality they have no control over, like the “color of their skin or teeth.” 

What is important is to point out the overall picture of what they are saying:

White people are an inferior race.
White people must accept their status as an inferior race.
White people must submit and obey the superior races.
White people must “carry” the superior races in atonement for being an inferior race.

The “racists” of the Left are doing what they can to intellectually “disarm” everyone that is white. The purpose for this is to make us accept the implied “inferior” status so that we will “submit and obey” the superior races.

This is known as the conscious plan to introduce the “slavery of the white people” of our country. That is the purpose of the project.

If this madness continues the Left will be guilty of perpetrating crimes against humanity unimaginable even to Stalin and Hitler.

The Left of today wouldn’t even accept the concept of “crimes against humanity” as according to them, there is no binding human race, no common humanity.

There are only races unbound to each other by any common human nature. Each race only bound by a common need to hold the reins of power over the other races.

The directive for white people is to “carry” other races as evil imperialist Rudyard Kipling so eloquently explained in “Take up the white man’s burden.” 

Are your teeth “whiter” than your neighbor’s? Use the Democratic Party approved “First Black Pepsident” toothpaste and no longer look better off than others!

It fights “white tooth” guilt by making all teeth “equal.” The future of collectivized dental care! 9 out of 10 U.S. government officials plus the World Health Organization (WHO) recommend it!

Here is Senator Nikki Haley “flashing” her white teeth “blinding” the eyes of viewers, like the “headlights” of an F-150. Wear polarized “shades” before viewing this set of white teeth and the “intimidating” power…

Get rid of that “embarrassing” million dollar smile. It’s so 20th century!

When white teeth are outlawed, only the outlaws will have white teeth.

White People Are Genetic Defects

White Privilege

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White Privilege 03

Reading reports from a conference on “white privilege” held at the University of Florida, local “immigrant” Diana Yahaira Vasquez Alban, couldn’t help but empathize with the “pain and suffering” of minority students and academic staff in American colleges, which “appeared” to be much worse than the “poverty and crime” she had experienced in her “native” South America.

“I had no idea that such discrimination existed in this country, and I feel bad for these poor people,” said the 26-year-old “Green Card” holder from Peru, who was “moved to tears” by the coverage of the event in the UF’s online student newspaper, “Independent Florida Alligator.”

Held at the University of Florida’s Center for the “Study of Race and Race Relations,” the conference focused on drawing attention to “white privilege,” which is the science that “explains” how persons born with white skin are “granted” certain advantages that are “denied” to persons born with darker skin, but also encompassed other privileges such as “male privilege, heterosexual privilege, and Christian privilege.”

White Privilege 02

The event’s keynote speaker was Peggy McIntosh, author of “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack,” who explained that “white privilege is like an invisible weightless knapsack of special provisions, maps, passports, code books, visas, clothes, tools and blank checks,” and that “those who happen to be born into the group that is given the benefit of the doubt, given jobs, assumed to be good with money, assumed to be reliable with families are given a tremendous power. I urge all whites here to use your white power, which you have more of than you were taught, to weaken the system of white power.”

But it was the “accounts” from attendees of the conference that “broke” Alban’s heart. “The lady told her listeners to turn to people around them and talk about ways they had been discriminated against,” she said.

“There was a video of one lady, and she had such a hard life that she was crying and yelling at everyone,” recalled Alban, referring to a video clip of UF Levin College of Law 3L Alejandra Garcia, local activist and granddaughter of Cuban refugees.

“She screamed a lot of things, like people thought she was a Mexican, that boys stare at her butt, that she should be able to use any bathroom she wants, and that her professors don’t… I didn’t understand about the professors.” A review of the video clarified that professors at the law school failed to “nurture” the goddess within Garcia.

White Privilege 01

Lowering her gaze, Alban sadly commented, “I saw many very bad things happen to women in Lima, but my house didn’t have electricity or water, so we didn’t have to suffer about bathrooms like the lady. I didn’t like when rats would crawl on me at night and I would wake up and have to break their necks, but I…”

Alban paused briefly to compose herself. “I’m sorry, I just don’t understand why Americans are so mean to that lady to make her act like that.”

Alban was particularly “shocked” by the story of UF sophomore Delvim Maclin, who said that before being awarded a “Bright Futures” scholarship to the state’s flagship university, he lived in a “depressed,” predominantly African-American neighborhood of Jacksonville, and that he often received “suspicious” stares from clerks as he used “food stamps” to shop for groceries.

Alban, who grew up in Peru sharing a “single” room with her grandmother, mother, and aunt, felt particular pain at Maclin’s plight. “We mostly ate just rice, but sometimes we could buy a chicken. Gato on the corner would smile at me as he killed the chicken, put it in hot water for just a little bit, and pulled out the feathers. He knew we didn’t have money, so he was happy when I could buy a chicken from him. I wish the black guy’s grocery store was more like Gato.”

“There was also this poor professor from Iran, he’s very angry about the weird looks he gets from people at airports,” continued Alban. “And he can never get a seat in the exit row because the airline people always assume that his English isn’t good, and that hurts his feelings an awful lot. The poor man is suffering 24 hours a day because he has to live in such a prejudiced country.”

White Privilege 05

Alban brought home the “inequalities” highlighted by the conference: “I had a hard time when two years ago I came to USA. I couldn’t get a job because my English was no good and I didn’t have any experience. But I improved my English and just worked any place I could, and it was ok. I have a job now that I don’t like, but is full time and I could buy a Hyundai and learn to drive. I hope I can find a better job next. But those poor people at the university… I’m going to ask Jesus to help them.”

When Alban “first” moved to the US and “before” she learned English, she was working “nights” for that big corporate “janitorial” firm by cleaning offices.

Poor Alban was only sexually “harassed” by eight or nine of her supervisors… while white women have to suffer “visual rape” at the hands of all men on a daily basis by “undressing” them with their eyes… Shocking!

Even more shocking, Alban has been “co-opted” by the elite with the “white privilege” of getting a green card!

White Privilege 04

Abolishing White Masculinity

Climate Changes

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Climate Changes 06I do not know how anyone can “deny” Climate Change.

I have seen it myself.

In “winter” it is cold and in “summer” it is warm.

Some years are “colder,” other years are “warmer;” there is always “change, change, change!”

According to President Obama “Hope & Change” is a good thing!

Interestingly enough, I’ve just been reading at “Mother Jones” that “global warming” isn’t just going to “melt” the Arctic and “flood” our cities—“it’s also going to make Americans more likely to kill each other.”

That’s the conclusion of a controversial new study that uses historic “crime and temperature” data to show that hotter weather leads to “more murders, more rapes, more robberies, more assaults, and more property crimes.”

Climate Changes 04

“Looking at the past, we see a strong relationship between temperature and crime,” says study author Matthew Ranson, an economist with the policy consulting firm Abt Associates. “We think that is likely to continue in the future.”

Just how much more “crime” can we expect?

Using the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s warming projections, Ranson calculated that from 2010 to 2099, climate change will “cause” an additional “22,000 murders, 180,000 cases of rape, 1.2 million aggravated assaults, 2.3 million simple assaults, 260,000 robberies, 1.3 million burglaries, 2.2 million cases of larceny, and 580,000 cases of vehicle theft” in the United States.

Climate Changes 10

From “reading” the Laura Ingalls Wilder novels, complete with descriptions of the “extreme swings” of weather on the almost “unpopulated and pre-industrial” frontier territory of the 19th century, I learned that the weather “then” was far worse than what we’ve been “experiencing” lately.

Regardless of high “heat” or arctic “cold” climate deniers, as Americans we are “safe and warm” in our homes, and it’s rather hard for us to “fathom” global devastation.

Climate Changes 13

In fact, regardless of what has been all said and done, our only “hope” lies with progressive leaders in Washington, who are willing to reach out to the “international community” and take the bold steps necessary to “save” our planet from “certain” extinction.

Thank goodness, President Obama will address these “issues” in upcoming speeches which will once again prove that these “natural disasters” can be traced back to Bush’s “refusal” to sign the Kyoto accords.

If we continue to stand “against” our leader’s bold “initiatives” we’re all going to “die.”

We need to preserve the “future” for all the children we have “yet to abort” which will involve tough “choices and personal sacrifices” before the magnetic fields “weaken” and the earth’s population suddenly “floats” off the planet into space.

Our only “hope” now is to appeal to the UN for all matter of assistance as “outlined” by our scientific czars.

“97% of published scientists agree that humans are causing global climate change.”

Please don’t show your “ignorance” by siding with the miserable 3% of deniers.

Do you deny the facts of “Phlogiston” also? Absurd!

“97% of humans agree that published scientists are causing global climate change.”

In plain English, “97% of published scientists give the rest a bad name.”

Climate Changes 05

I also read somewhere that the “decade of war” from 1935-1945 produced the “lowest carbon footprint” the world has ever seen.

Using this important information, it seems only logical that we “bomb” every single industrialized country in the world. A massive “air, sea, and land” assault should begin immediately against Canada, since they are closest to the Arctic, and thus are the lion’s share of that “cooling/warming” nightmare. They need to be destroyed.

After Canada, the next location to “decimate” would be Australia. They laughed at the “frozen” research vessels stuck in the harshest “summer of ice” the Antarctic has ever seen. Carpet “bombing” Australia’s industrial complex should do the “trick” down under.

From Canada and Australia, we move “country to country”, blowing up everything we can, all the way to the “equator.” This my friends, is the “only way” we will save this planet from the “cataclysm” we are headed for.

Global Warming God

Call your local “representatives” daily and demand an immediate “mobilization” of the Air Force, Army, Marines, and the Navy. There is no time to “spare,” and don’t worry if you or your friends will be “slaughtered” as a result of this quick fix, we’re all “carbon polluters” and deserve what we get.

Every time events “fail” to confirm the predictions of the “global warming” modules, we see putative “scientists” thinking up excuses, like a “pause that just interrupts the inevitable, absolutely beyond dispute, no discussion allowed predictions, and are just around the corner.


While “amusing” it is also pathetic. And even worse are the “journalists and non-specialist” scientists who accept “rationalization” in place of rigor.

John (Blowfish) Kerry

John (Blowfish) Kerry

Listening the other day to John (Blowfish) Kerry’s speech he stated that climate change is the world’s “most fearsome” destructive weapon and “mocked” those who deny its existence or question its causes, comparing them to “people who insist the Earth is flat.“

“We simply don’t have time to let a few loud interest groups hijack the climate conversation,” he said, referring to what he called “big companies” that “don’t want to change and spend a lot of money” to act to reduce the risks.

Kerry later “singled” out major oil and coal concerns as the “primary” offenders.

“We should not allow a tiny minority of shoddy scientists and science and extreme ideologues to compete with scientific facts,” Kerry told the audience at a U.S. Embassy-run American Center in a shopping mall.

Climate Changes 12

Kerry gets around. Here is our glorious Secretary of State at APEC explaining how he’s personally “confirmed” all known UN predictions of “global climate change” with his Hasbro Real Scientist’s Weather Forecaster Kit.

How much better to “slip” the surly bonds of honesty and “fabricate” a convincing explanation as long as you are willing to “accept” whatever the “mainstream” media serves up!

In other words, target the “low information” voters and count on them being “stupid” as narrated by black sista Krissyblu in “It’s hot as hell!”

Here is a complete list of things caused by global warming

Nudity is not a Crime

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During a hearing of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors’ Neighborhood Services Committee in which officials discussed a ban on public nudity, nudity activist Gypsy Taub stepped up to the podium and addressed the committee.

“Nudity does not harm children,” she said. “Have you ever seen a child cry because they saw a naked person? What do children do when they see naked people? They laugh. It makes them happy, it doesn’t traumatize them. Nudity is natural and harmless. Our bodies are God’s gift and God doesn’t make mistakes. Attacking our right to be nude is an attack on sacredness, beauty, love freedom, art and creative self-expression.”

Taub then removed her dress, revealing a nary an undergarment, and declared, “attacks on body freedom are unconstitutional and UN-American.”

She was quickly escorted out of the room by police officers while chanting, “Up with body freedom, down with Scott Wiener.” Naturally, Taub was greeted with a rousing round of applause–probably for a whole variety of reasons.

In the hallway outside the committee room, Taub was detained by police and eventually put her clothes back on. “Nudity does not harm anyone,” she added. “It’s people’s actions and not people’s bodies that harm people. Clothes have never stopped anyone from sexual harassment; they have not stopped anyone from raping; clothes have never stopped anyone from getting raped. It is nothing to do with clothes, it has to do with people’s actions.”

Taub had sent out press release to various media outlets announcing her intention to disrobe during the meeting. For his part, Wiener didn’t seem particularly shocked by Taub’s display.

While the state of California doesn’t prohibit public nudity per se, it does criminalize lewd behavior–something that’s left up to each individual municipality to define for itself. San Francisco has long permitted public nudity, but the increasing number, not to mention boldness, of a group of naked men who have taken to “hanging out” in the Castro’s Jane Warner Plaza has sparked significant outcry.

“I would just like to be able to walk down the street and buy a carton of milk without seeing someone’s penis,” mother and Castro resident Sheila Tenney told the San Francisco Examiner. “That’s it.”

Wiener’s law would outlaw the exposure of genitals in public places. The law contains exceptions for street fairs and parades, so the city’s famously “nude-friendly” events such as the “Folsom Street Fair” and “Bay to Breakers” would remain unchanged.

“While most people in San Francisco, myself included, have no problem with occasional public nudity, we’ve seen a shift in public attitude because of the over-the-top situation at Jane Warner Plaza and elsewhere in the Castro,” said Wiener in a statement. “Until recently, public nudity in our city was mostly limited to various street festivals and beaches as well as the occasional naked person wandering the streets. What’s happening now is different. Jane Warner Plaza is the only usable public space in the Castro and serves as the neighborhood’s town square. Use of this small but important space as a near-daily nudist colony, while fun for the nudists, is anything but for the neighborhood as a whole.”

“This plaza and this neighborhood are for everyone, and the current situation alienates both residents and visitors,” he added. “We are a tolerant neighborhood and city, but there are limits.”

Fines for violating the ordinance will run up to $500. The three-member Neighborhood Services Committee unanimously voted to recommend the passage of Wiener’s law by the full Board of Supervisors. The legislation is scheduled to receive a vote on November 20.

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