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Evil Origin of Covid

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Dr. Bryan Ardis just broke terrifying information regarding the origin of COVID 19, Remdesivir, the mRNA technology, and the mechanism driving the Pandemic. The implications are earth shattering.

What if NOTHING we were told was true? What if the proof has been right in front of us the entire time? What if COVID was never a virus to begin with? Dr. Bryan Ardis joins us live to shine light on the truth that may have been hidden right under our noses since the beginning.
May God Bless the people of the earth.

Disturbing Covid Trends

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Doctor with a syringe on the background of DNA.

I hope you enjoy this two-part interview of two intellectual giants by Candace Owens with Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA and DNA vaccine core platform technology. They discuss some of the most important issues facing humanity today. In their nearly four-hour discussion, they touch on everything from COVID-19 shots’ effects on fertility to the “red line” that’s been crossed — referring to targeting children with social pressure and coercion to get jabbed.

Read more at “Data Reveal Disturbing Trend From COVID Jab”

About Covid Deaths

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TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA – JANUARY 21: (EDITORIAL USE ONLY) Registered nurse Alisha Thiebert (C) cares for COVID-19 patients in a makeshift ICU (Intensive Care Unit) at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center on January 21, 2021 in Torrance, California. The hospital is over its ICU capacity due to the coronavirus and has been forced to treat multiple COVID-19 patients who require ICU level care together in rooms which were designed for lower levels of care. California has become the first state in the nation to record 3 million known COVID-19 infections. Los Angeles County reported more than 250 COVID-19 fatalities on January 21. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Hospitals receive payments for testing every patient for COVID, every COVID diagnosis and every “COVID death,” as well as any time they use Remdesivir and mechanical ventilation.

Early on in the COVID pandemic, people suspected that the deaths attributed to the infection were exaggerated. There was plenty of evidence for this. For starters, hospitals were instructed and incentivized to mark any patient who had a positive COVID test and subsequently died within a certain time period as a COVID death.

At the same time, we knew that the PCR test was unreliable, producing inordinate amounts of false positives. Now, the truth is finally starting to come out and, as suspected, the actual death toll is vastly lower than we were led to believe.

Read more at “The Truth Is Coming Out About COVID Deaths”

Hospital Covid Bribes

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Covid Mask Mandate

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Three months after imposing a statewide unconstitutional “Covid Mask Mandate”, the North Dakota House of Representatives pushed back by passing a bill that would give American’s back their God-given “right to choose.”

Months before Joe Biden’s signed his Covid mask mandate that ordered masks be worn in all Federal buildings, North Dakota’s Republican Gov. Doug Burgum imposed a statewide “Covid mask mandate.”

North Dakota’s Republican Gov. Doug Burgum.

The state’s lower chamber voted 50-44 to prohibit state and local governments, schools, and businesses from ordering mask mandates amid the coronavirus pandemic, The Grand Forks Herald reported.

Rep. Jeff Hoverson, the bill’s sponsor, has characterized the mask requirements as “diabolical silliness” will now head to the Senate for ratification.

Hoverson told the Prairie Public Press: “The mask is a part of a larger apparatus of a movement of unelected, wealthy bureaucrats, who are robbing our freedoms and perpetuating lies.” 

Meanwhile, Rep. Jason Dockter argued that a “ban on masks” would take away control from local governments. “If people wanted to decide to have a mask mandate, they should have that choice, they should also have the choice not to mandate.”

The potential legislation comes after North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum imposed a statewide mask mandate in November.

“Since the beginning, we’ve taken a data-driven approach to our pandemic response, focusing on saving lives and livelihoods. Right now, the data demands a higher level of mitigation efforts to reverse these dangerous trends, to slow the spread of this virus, and to avoid the need for economic shutdowns.”

Of course, Democrats passing their unconstitutional Covid Mask Mandate latch on to the skirt of science.

But they always seem to forget how many lives were lost because scientists either blatantly lied. Or wanted to appear on a network news program that before having a scientifically confirmed answer, they spread what we now know to be disinformation.

The best example of this comes from Democrat “Flip Flop” Anthony Fauci. In March 2020, he gave two high-profile interviews. Here are Fauci’s exact words from his March 8 interview on CBS’s “60 Minutes”:

FAUCI: The masks are important for someone who’s infected to prevent them from infecting someone else. Right now in the United States, people should not be walking around with masks.

HOST: You’re sure of this? Because people are listening really closely to this.

FAUCI: Right. There’s no reason to be walking around with a mask. When you’re in the middle of an outbreak, wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better and it might even block a droplet, but it’s not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is.

Not until June, 3 months after blatantly lying, did “Flip Flop” Fauci fess up and inform everyone that his statement in March was really an “untrue” statement and he made it with the “intent to deceive.”

In an interview with The Street when asked why we were not told to wear masks earlier Fauci gave his reason for lying: “We were concerned that it was at a time that personal protective equipment, including the N95 masks and the surgical masks, were in very short supply.”

So “Flip Flop” Fauci took it upon himself to “blatantly lie” because in his mind he believed the American people were too immature and/or narcissistic to accept if he had said something such as:

Please make your own face mask, or wash your current one, because America is in short supply of N95 masks and we need all of them for our Front line healthcare workers.”

Of course, that begs the question, during the three-month period between telling his lie and finally telling the truth. ”How many Americans died because they believed ‘Flip Flop’ Fauci telling them they didn’t need to wear a mask?”

So when I hear Democrats screeching “Believe in Science” or “We must do what the experts are saying,” it comes down to once you lie to me, whether you believe you were doing it for righteousness reasons or not, “how can I believe you now?”

This wasn’t the only time Fauci admitting to lying. In a New York Times article published on 12-24-20 Fauci admitted to quietly shifting the percentage of what the other health officials were claiming that America needed to achieve to reach herd immunity.”

Whatever “Flip Flop” Fauci says today may be different from what he says tomorrow, but he might come back to what he said yesterday in a day or two if he feels like it.

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Hype or Health Concern?

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COVID—Here We Go Again—Hype or Health Concern?
by Shane Idleman

Most folks agree that the virus is real, but our unprecedented response to it has been as alarming as it has been life-altering.

Millions are living in constant “fear and isolation.” The illusion of safety created by the continued “lockdowns, shutting down of businesses, and general fear-mongering” have actually led to the fueling of “addictions, increased rates of suicide and domestic abuse,” and a host of other serious problems you are not seeing reported every 30 seconds in the news.

It’s not worth the cost, folks. . . not even close. For example in California, can we not locate total deaths in the State? Everything appears to be COVID related. Granted, if a person’s not feeling well and they’ve been recently exposed to COVID, that’s one thing (use wisdom), but if somebody was almost around someone who might have caught it from a third cousin who may have walked by someone on the beach who could have touched that sneezing guy’s dog, that’s another thing.

There is a clear agenda at work from packed crowds at Joe Biden “victory” celebrations to an almost non-existent reporting of the flu. A headline in November read, “Quarantined, sick voters can go to polls on Tuesday, CDC and DPH say,” and the NPR recently reported that Tesla’s Elon Musk announced on Twitter that he’d taken four rapid coronavirus tests, with half coming back positive.

Musk, like many of us, have skepticism about the treatment and the truth behind the virus. It seems that the virus is only dangerous when it suits those in authority. Mom-and-pop shops are kept closed and forced out of business while the large, and politically connected chains, are allowed to stay open.

There is no outcry about masks and distancing when thousands of protestors or Biden-supporters gather for a party, but when 50 people meet to pray for our nation and worship God it’s labeled as a “super-spreader.”

Closing churches has been a central focus, while at the same time California governor Gavin Newsom actually stated, “For those of you out there protesting, I want you to know that you matter. To those who want to express themselves…God bless you. Keep doing it. Your rage is real.”

And if this were not absurd enough, now Californians are told that at Thanksgiving we are to be limited to no more than three families and that if we do meet, no one can play a trumpet or tuba. Singing is “discouraged” as well.

What’s even more interesting is that diners at restaurants are told to keep their masks on in between bites.” Seriously—this is from the governor’s office! It would be comical if it wasn’t true. I respect our governor and pray for him and his wife, and their kids, but it’s time to take a look at all the “inconsistencies.”

Could those in positions of influence and authority be using the pandemic as an opportunity to start what they term a “global reset”? It appears that many have a vested interest in doing so.

The World Economic Forum put this on their website: “There is an urgent need for global stakeholders to cooperate in simultaneously managing the direct consequences of the COVID-19 crisis. To improve the state of the world, the World Economic Forum is starting The Great Reset initiative.”

It looks like they are taking Rahm Emanuel at his word when he famously stated, “Never allow a good crisis to go to waste.”

We also have Dr. Fauci’s warning of a “surprise outbreak” during the Trump administration when he spoke in 2017, and Bill Gates and his wife appearing to be excited about a second wave.

Was this just a good guess on Fauci’s part? And why is Gates so happy about outbreaks, pandemics, and deaths? If it seems almost like high-ranking officials have already planned out these exact virus scenarios, it’s because they have.

It gives the average American great cause for concern. Former CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson  has exposed many other inconsistencies as well, which she lays out in detail on her website.

Then we have the huge inconsistencies with masks. We wear them before entering Costco yet pass by hundreds of people in close proximity who all touch the same credit-card machine. Wear masks to enter a restaurant and walk to your table, but once at the table you can take them off, even though you are talking to the employees within the magical six-foot bubble of COVID safety.

It defies logic and common sense. We enter banks with masks but then exchange cash with the teller. Sure, we can walk around with gallons of hand sanitizer, but then we need to worry about the FDA’s updates on which hand sanitizers are safe and which ones cause more harm than good by causing antibody resistance.

Every contradictory statement and all the nonsensical government guidance is designed to perpetuate the fear, not alleviate it, and certainly not to actually stop the “pandemic.”

For proof, just look at the skewed numbers, fake photos, and elevated stats custom-crafted to instill fear and encourage mindless compliance. As just one example, a recent account of a man dying of alcoholism caught national attention because his cause of death was recorded as COVID-19.

Reports of distortions of facts abound, such as doctors being told to write COVID-19 as the cause of death even if it was not. The San Diego Tribune just ran a story quoting county supervisor Jim Desmond as saying, “We’ve unfortunately had six pure, solely coronavirus deaths—six out of 3.3 million people.”

I’m not minimizing even one death, but there is a greater chance of dying just walking down the street than from COVID-19 in most parts of the USA.

Even though some dismiss the CDC’s report that in 6% of the deaths COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned, the truth is that this is very important. When a person passes away, there can be a number of reasons listed on their death certificate. When we say, for example, that 225,000 people have died of COVID, that’s very misleading.

It is more accurate to say that they died with COVID, not necessarily because of COVID. How do we know that a bad case of the flu wouldn’t have led to death as well? How do we know that although they had COVID, they actually didn’t die of pneumonia, heart disease, or an array of other issues?

Although even one death is heartbreaking, we must look at the whole picture. I guarantee that if someone like Barack Obama were president, these numbers would have been downplayed like they were for swine flu. From  April 12, 2009 to April 10, 2010, the CDC estimated that there were 60.8 million cases of H1N1, resulting in 274,304 hospitalizations and 12,469 deaths. Compare the 60.8 million H1N1 infections with the less than 2.5 million COVID infections, and imagine if they recorded numbers based on how they do it now. I bet the 12,469 would be off . . . way off.

The debate rages on whether hospitals are paid more for COVID patients, but I don’t recall this type of dispute for H1N1. And if it is true that hospitals are not being paid more for COVID patients and it is all just a crazy right-wing conspiracy theory, then why are people reporting that they received a call that they tested positive for COVID when all they did was sign up for testing, stand in line, and then leave because of the wait? If nothing else, it is worth legitimate investigation.

Ironically, we don’t hear much about the flu these days. We often don’t get tested for the flu when we are sick. We’ve not been quarantined, nor have we shut down the economy or enforced mask mandates, even though up to 800,000 people are hospitalized and as many as 61,000 people die every year from the flu.

Yet we use words like “seasonal” or “caught a bug” for the flu, while words like “plague” and “pandemic” and other alarming terms are used for COVID. Folks, again, continuing lockdowns and shutting down businesses is not worth the damage it is doing to our society. Worse, it is not even the right approach, assuming the goal is to actually solve the problem rather than perpetuate it.

Is Herd Immunity and Building Better Immunity the Key?

Expert epidemiologist Dr. Knut Wittkowski, explains what will solve the problem: “The only thing that stops the disease is herd immunity. About 80% of the people need to have had contact with the virus, and the majority of them won’t even have recognized that they were infected, or they had very, very mild symptoms, especially if they are children.” So, it’s very important to keep schools open and kids mingling to spread the virus to get herd immunity as fast as possible, so that after about four weeks the virus will be exterminated.

If there are not ulterior motives working behind the scenes, then why are we not helping people build their God-given immune systems? It seems like every doctor is talking about “underlying health issues” and “compromised immune systems” but doing nothing health-wise to fix it.

A weak immune system forces your body into overdrive and is severely taxing physically, which can lead to significant health issues, including death. Most understand that those with compromised immune systems are more susceptible and even die from the flu. I often wonder how many diseases could be prevented or reversed by focusing on diet and lifestyle.

Multiple sclerosis, for example, is a disease where the immune system slowly consumes the protective sheath that covers the nerves. Can this happen because the body is kept in a toxic state and not allowed to heal? If the immune system is already taxed because of poor health and bad eating habits (e.g., sugar, food coloring, additives, and chemicals), more fallout will occur. Sadly, most want the easy route: “Just give me a pill and a potion.”

A personal example involves my youngest daughter. She was not breathing well at night. The physician said that her tonsils and adenoids were inflamed and needed to be removed. Knowing that tonsils and adenoids help with immunity, we tried a different route first. We completely changed her diet by removing all sugar.

We focused on life-giving food and a daily nap. She was breathing well within a week, and an ear infection that had been lingering healed as well. The right nutrition, along with deep sleep, creates a powerful environment for healing. For health tips, my book, “Feasting and Fasting: What Works, What Doesn’t, and Why,” is a good resource.

Covid Deaths Hoax

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The CDC finally seemed to get fed up with the coronavirus hysteria that has existed in this country since March.

First, the CDC released new guidelines saying there was no need for asymptomatic people to get tested if they were otherwise young and healthy. That’s even if you were exposed to someone who had tested positive for the virus.

Then the CDC put up on their official website the following details for people who have covid symptoms: “If you have symptoms of COVID-19 and want to get tested, call your healthcare provider first. Most people will have mild illness and can recover at home without medical care and may not need to be tested.”

So, yeah, the CDC is telling you to treat covid like any other illness. Stay home if you’re sick, you’ll probably be fine. That’s because for most people covid is a mild illness. If, however, you get sick enough to need treatment, go seek treatment.

This is the advice we should have had since March. And in retrospect we should have never, ever shut down at all. In fact, if “incompetent” New York governor Andrew “Fredo” Cuomo hadn’t been the worst political leader this century, we probably wouldn’t have ever panicked in the first place.

New York was such a disaster that the rest of the country panicked based on their incompetence. An incompetence, by the way, that led to the worst coronavirus response in the entire world.

But this was the final kicker that also went up on the CDC website:

“For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death.”

This illuminates what many have been saying for a long time, there’s a big difference between dying WITH COVID and dying FROM COVID.

94% of people are dying with covid, per the CDC, not because of it. In fact, not only are people dying with it, they are dying with covid and an average of 2.6 additional conditions or causes of death. This would mean roughly 10,000 deaths are directly attributable to covid alone.

Because right now if you have terminal lung cancer, kidney and liver failure and covid, you are counted as a covid death.

Now, this doesn’t mean covid can’t be dangerous, it can. But it’s almost exclusively dangerous among those with extremely ill health, that is multiple serious co-morbidities, or extremely advanced age.

Now, to be fair, what we still don’t know is what percentage of people who have died with covid in 2020 would otherwise be alive if this virus had never existed. That is, it’s possible there are likely more than the roughly 10,000 people who are listed as dying from covid alone who have died with covid and another illness. Maybe if covid never existed those people could have survived their co-morbidities and might still be alive today.

Although this raises an interesting question, if covid was the tipping point illness for many very sick people with multiple co-morbidities, wouldn’t the number of elderly people dying in later months this year and next year likely be lower than normal? Because those very ill people had their deaths accelerated by a few months due to covid? That seems likely to me.

We don’t know the answer to this question and we can’t just look at excess death data either because, and this is the really unfortunate part of our shutdown madness, there is now strong evidence that locking down our country cost us more years of life in this country than we gained.

This is according to the incredible work being done by the Ethical Skeptic Twitter account. You should all go follow him for his charts and analysis of covid data.

15 Aug MMWR Update
0.95 million life years lost to Covid-19
1.44 million life years lost to the overreaction

Both are tragic, but one was manslaughter on top of tragic. Unreported Covid deaths grew to a 3.2 week backlog (9 weeks of Legacy Death Reporting will last thru Oct 30) — @EthicalSkeptic) August 28, 2020

Remember, the average age of death from covid in this country is older than the average age of death in this country overall. Meanwhile the people who are dying in excess numbers from something other than covid due to our lockdowns are much younger. These are much younger people dying of “suicides, drug overdoses,” and from declining to seek “medical care” for fear of covid.

And this is a MONSTER story. A story which, not surprisingly, almost no one is telling.

“We shut down our country to protect very old people from covid yet the deaths of much younger people from other causes are actually costing us more years of life, by far, than the years of life we are protecting. And this doesn’t even count, by the way, all the disastrous impacts from children being kept out of school for months at a time. There’s been a tremendous rise, for instance, in domestic abuse and, likely, child abuse during the lockdown as well. And it also doesn’t count the very real economic costs of tens of millions of lost jobs, which will echo through poor families for years and years.”

Let’s just be clear here: “outside of nursing homes — which comprise nearly half of our deaths in this country despite only having .6 of our population — there is zero reason for any lockdowns to still exist in this country.”

It’s well past time for everyone to be back at “work, school, and playing sports” on all levels from little league to pro sports. And if you don’t want to do that because the “fake media” has terrified you, that’s your choice, you can stay in your house “buried” under the covers forever, but the rest of us need to get on with our lives, you can’t hold us “hostage” any longer.

Unfortunately this isn’t happening because covid is now the entire basis for Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. Meaning instead of these facts being debated and discussed in a rational manner, Biden has tied his entire campaign to stoking more fear based on the false idea that we’re all in tremendous danger from the coronavirus.

Even if it’s not true at all.

Worse than that, the fake media, which ostensibly exists to speak truth to power, has also completely embraced the “fear porn” narrative as well.

Which is why our national response to the coronavirus is the biggest failure of “truth, logic and honesty” since the Vietnam War.

I wish more people would focus on the fact that all these “elite rule breakers” are demonstrating not just that the elites consider themselves exempt from their own rules but that they don’t really think the Wuhan virus is all that dangerous. If they really took the virus, and the efficacy of their rules, seriously, they’d be protecting their own health before anyone else’s.

It’s time for you, me, and everyone else with a “functional brain” to get back to our normal lives.

Which is exactly what I’m doing.

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Viva La Revolución

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It is very important to stay indoors. Having any form of contact with other humans is a “crime” against humanity. You must sacrifice your “rights” for the good of the community. We are at war against a microscopic invisible enemy called “Covid.”

America has never been at war against “Covid.” The war has always been against the rich Trump, the Russians, the Ukrainians and Police brutality. It is perfectly safe to go out and gather in “mobs” of thousands of people. Have fun “rioting and looting” the stores of the people paying taxes for your “welfare” checks.

Long live the revolution!

We are working overtime to push all of these former “lockdown” statements down the memory hole. Of course, when the shops and firms of the middle class in Democrat territories have all been “burnt” down, we will shamelessly demand another “covid” lockdown. The Sheeple will use “doublethink” to follow the right path, merrily bleating along.

It’s not just America. The rest of the world has also never been at war with “Covid.” Just look at these worldwide rallies in “solidarity” with American protesters.

But there’s something “strange” in all of this. Why aren’t they “breaking” windows in the stores where they go shopping every day? Why aren’t they “burning” down their own restaurants? Why do they only want the “looting and the burning” happen only in the U.S.?

Question for all these protesters: “Have any of you fought for justice and freedom for your own people without stealing toilet paper from the local grocery?” I didn’t think so.

Facebook removed above meme because “misinformation that could cause physical harm can make some people feel unsafe on Facebook.”

Just thinking about Facebook makes me feel unsafe.

Rioters didn’t “cause” any physical harm, but the “meme” did. Thank you, Facebook, for helping “clearing” up this point.

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