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Where Did The Flu Go?

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I don’t know, it just disappeared, like “poof.”

Flu has virtually disappeared from the U.S., with reports coming in at far lower levels than anything seen in decades.

Experts say that measures put in place to fend off the coronavirus — mask wearing, social distancing and virtual schooling. I read that “virtue signaling” which makes more sense — were a big factor in preventing a “twindemic” of flu and COVID-19. A push to get more people vaccinated against flu probably helped, too, as did fewer people traveling, they say.

Another possible explanation: The coronavirus has essentially muscled aside flu and other bugs that are more common in the fall and winter. Scientists don’t fully understand the mechanism behind that. Of course not, scientists these days don’t understand a lot of things that don’t fit the coronavirus narrative.

The numbers are astonishing considering flu has long been the nation’s biggest infectious disease threat. In recent years, it has been blamed for 600,000 to 800,000 annual hospitalizations and 50,000 to 60,000 deaths flu-related hospitalizations, however, are a small fraction of where they would stand during even a very mild season, said Brammer, who oversees the CDC’s tracking of the virus. – ABC News

As we “non-scientists” suspected all along, it appears the “flu” may well have been conflated with the “Covid” all last year. According to Legal Insurrection even the CDC doesn’t trust the CDC testing/tracking anymore :

At the end of last week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a concerning laboratory alert. The agency announced that after December 31, 2021, it will withdraw the request to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) of the CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel. The test came out in February 2020 to detect the SARS-CoV-2 (i.e., the coronavirus causing COVID019 only.)

CDC encourages laboratories to consider adoption of a multiplexed method that can facilitate detection and differentiation of SARS-CoV-2 and influenza viruses. Such assays can facilitate continued testing for both influenza and SARS-CoV-2 and can save both time and resources as we head into influenza season. Laboratories and testing sites should validate and verify their selected assay within their facility before beginning clinical testing.

Since they had no flu to track last year the “scientists” don’t know what to put in this year’s flu vaccine – but what do you want to bet they encourage everyone to get a flu shot this year anyway?

And the Covid “vaccine” which isn’t really a vaccine still allows it’s recipients to infect others with Covid that they themselves can’t get because…they are vaxxed!

 My head is swimming in circles.

Is The Cure Killing Us?

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In two lightning-quick weeks in March, America went from caution to hysteria to lockdown. You’d have thought people were dropping dead in the streets by the millions.

Not so. Out of the 7.8 billion people on Earth, only a few thousand had actually died from the Wuhan virus. Yet America tilted into full-scale panic. Granted, this particular coronavirus seems especially contagious, and it poses significant risk for people with chronic health problems. Initial expert projections about death rates were shockingly high, some of them in the scores of millions.

However, while politicians, the press and public fixated on infection rates and death counts, evidence that the virus’s lethality was far lower than originally believed was ignored. When prominent authorities backed away from their worst-case scenarios, it went virtually unreported. America was too busy executing the strictest response to a disease ever recorded.

Each day brought new and more heavy-handed restrictions and wilder interventions: Sports leagues, suspended. Flights, grounded. Schools, closed. Public gatherings, dispersed. Nonessential shopping, banned. Leaving home, illegal. Trillions of dollars, spent. Government emergency plans were more draconian than perhaps any modern peacetime measures, and more expensive than anything in history.

These measures will no doubt save lives that would have been cut short by this virus. But they are also coming at incalculable cost—to our economies, our livelihoods, our civil liberties and freedoms, our social cohesion, even mental and physical health. In many ways it appears the ramifications of the reaction to the coronavirus will dwarf and far outlive the virus itself.

When people panic, they tend to do unreasonable things. To whatever degree this happened on a national and a global scale with this pandemic, it is important we understand why this danger is potentially so much more serious than the physical threat of a contagious virus.

These past few months have showcased a wild range of behavior. It started with whatever wrong practices produced this disease in human beings. It continued with the disease spreading due to ignoring biblical laws of health, sanitation, hygiene and quarantine. It continued with the cover-up by China’s police state government, which worked harder to stop the spread of news about the virus than to stop the virus itself.

Once the virus spread beyond China, we saw the World Health Organization (WHO), an agency of the United Nations, provide cover for the Communist Chinese government. The WHO director general downplayed the disease’s seriousness in January and said China’s government had done an outstanding job of containing the virus.

Following the impeachment trial of United States President Donald Trump in February, we saw his enemies in the media pivot immediately to propagating coronavirus panic. An army of medical experts rushed to the spotlight, equipped with incomplete data, wild speculation and frightening comparisons. Millions were about to die, they said. At the breathless demands of medical and media experts, governments hastily began closing entire economies. Citizens’ rights evaporated. One after another, like dominoes, whole nations went into shutdown.

Panic ensued, not just because of the disease, but also because of government overreach. Hoarders and profiteers cleared supermarket shelves and loaded their pantries and closets with cleaning supplies and toilet rolls. Everyone, it seemed, exploited the crisis. Those who didn’t seemed content to follow the confused and disoriented herd off the cliff.

Buried deep beneath this mass hysteria, sensational and politicized reporting, authoritarian overreach, and audacious assault on liberty was the first casualty of this contagion: “the truth.”

Communist Cover-up. In mid-December 2019, the Chinese city of Wuhan began witnessing an uptick in pneumonia cases. Local doctors realized they were dealing with a new disease and began to sound the alarm. They were quickly silenced by the Chinese government. By month’s end, after a weeks-long outbreak, China finally alerted the WHO that it was dealing with an unknown contagious disease. During those crucial weeks, 5 million people had traveled through Wuhan. On January 15, the first case arrived in the U.S.

On January 23, with the disease already far beyond its borders, China’s regime decided to lock down Wuhan. It enforced the quarantine just as you’d expect an authoritarian government to: Police drones watched foot traffic and blared commands at people not wearing face masks. The government started tracking smart phones to monitor individuals who may have been exposed to the virus. Those who’d been exposed couldn’t simply isolate themselves: “Video footage revealed police dragging people from their homes to put them into quarantine camps.”

The WHO director general downplayed the disease’s seriousness in January and said China’s government had done an outstanding job of containing the virus.

Tedros Adhanom, Director General of the World Health Organization, (L) attends a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the Great Hall of the People, on January 28, 2020 in Beijing, China. (Photo by Naohiko Hatta – Pool/Getty Images)

On January 30, WHO Director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, a Marxist from Ethiopia with no medical experience but a noticeable loyalty to China, declared a public health emergency. He tweeted, “In many ways, China is actually setting a new standard for outbreak response. Our greatest concern is the potential for the virus to spread to countries with weaker health systems.”

The next day, President Trump took the first serious action to stop the spread of the contagion by restricting travel into the U.S. from China. One doctor quoted in the New York Times called this decision “more of an emotional or political reaction.” Presidential candidate Joe Biden later said it was hysterical and accused President Trump of “xenophobia and fear-mongering.” Other detractors called the president a racist. Even the WHO director general criticized the travel ban. On February 4, he said, “Such restrictions can have the effect of increasing fear and stigma, with little public health benefit.”

Meanwhile, mainstream media showed no interest in covid-19. On February 1, Washington Post ran this headline: “Get a Grip, America. The Flu Is a Much Bigger Threat Than Coronavirus, for Now.” USA Today reassured us that “Coronavirus Is Scary, but the Flu Is Deadlier, More Widespread.” At that time, the talking heads were too busy trying to convict President Trump of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress so they could remove him from office. On February 5, the Senate acquitted President Trump. The Democrat media complex immediately pivoted to the story it had ignored for weeks: “coronavirus.”

Weaponizing the Crisis. On February 12, the Dow Jones Industrial Average peaked at 29,551, its highest mark in history. It didn’t stay there for long. Around that time, covid-19 was spreading rapidly in Iran and southern Europe. To that point, President Trump had been the one Western leader who took measured action to actually contain the outbreak. But suddenly, pundits began saying he wasn’t doing enough.

At a campaign rally in South Carolina on February 28, President Trump accused Democrats and the major media of using the “epidemic” to try to destroy his presidency. “This is their new hoax,” he said. The radical left swiftly accused him of saying the virus itself was a hoax.

At the end of February, Spectator columnist Roger Kimball predicted, “No one knows exactly how far or how fast the coronavirus will spread. Nor does anyone yet know what its toll will be. But those predicting, at times, their eagerness makes it seem they are hoping for something as deadly as the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918 (when some 50 million were killed) are likely to be disappointed.”

The day after his rally in South Carolina, President Trump called for calm. “We would respectfully ask the media and politicians not to do anything to incite a panic,” he said. “There’s no reason to panic at all. This is something that’s being handled professionally.” In Europe, many talking heads were panicking for other reasons. Medical experts were saying the disease was spreading so fast that Europe’s nationalized health-care systems would be overrun with sick patients. Something drastic needed to be done to “flatten the curve.”

A Perfect Storm. On March 3, WHO Director Tedros, who had praised China for containing the virus and criticized President Trump for the travel ban, made this shocking announcement: “Globally, about 3.4 percent of reported covid-19 cases have died. By comparison, seasonal flu generally kills far fewer than 1 percent of those infected.”

It turned out that Tedros was frightening the world with dishonest math. He based the death rate for influenza on the estimated number of people infected with the common flu each year. He based the alarming 3.4 percent figure on the number of known cases of coronavirus, those who actually test positive for the disease. The vast majority of those infected are never tested. Other experts issued even more-ominous death rate predictions, some as high as 4 and 5 percent.

To his credit, President Trump dismissed these terrifying predictions. He said on March 5 that the 3.4 death rate was a “false number” because of all the mild cases of coronavirus that are never reported to doctors. Regarding the actual death rate, President Trump said he believed the number would be “way under 1 percent.” For this, he was castigated as being ignorant and irresponsible. He doesn’t even believe the virus is real, said the radical left.

On March 9, America’s anti-Trump media had seen enough. CNN chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta said, “Starting today, you will notice that CNN is using the term pandemic to describe the current coronavirus outbreak. It is not a decision we take lightly. While we know it sounds alarming, it should not cause panic,” which it immediately did. That day, the U.S. stock market plunged more than 2,000 points.

Why would CNN be ahead of the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in declaring covid-19 a pandemic? Because like so much of what CNN now does, its organizational aim is not to report news, but to make news, much of it to hurt the president.

Fox Business commentator Trish Regan noted this on her show the same day Gupta was inflaming coronavirus hysteria. She accused the radical left of “weaponizing” the health crisis against Donald Trump without regard to how much it might hurt the U.S. economy and ordinary Americans. This caused a storm of criticism, and by the end of the week, Fox News executives had suspended Regan, buckling under pressure from leftists who denounced the network for “downplaying” the crisis and covering up President Trump’s “mismanagement” of it. They later fired her.

The World Health Organization followed CNN’s lead on March 11, declaring covid-19 a “global” pandemic. President Trump responded by broadening the travel ban to include incoming flights from Europe. On March 13, he declared a national emergency. But the response measures, drastic as they were, had barely begun.

Junk Science. Together with the radical left, the Democrat media complex, the WHO and China’s Communist government, plenty of Western scientists and medical experts were available to create terrifying models, charts, graphs and reports to show that covid-19 was a catastrophe in the making. For the United States the most authoritative and influential team of experts came from “Imperial College” London. The New York Times wrote, “With ties to the World Health Organization and a team of 50 scientists, led by a prominent epidemiologist, Neil Ferguson, Imperial is treated as a sort of gold standard, its mathematical models feeding directly into government policies.”

What did the “gold standard” of scientific research uncover about covid-19 and its threat to society? According to the Imperial model, if we took no action to arrest the virus’s spread, 2.2 million in America would die of the Wuhan flu. “These kinds of numbers are deeply concerning for countries with top-drawer health-care systems,” wrote the Washington Post. “They are terrifying for less-developed countries, global health experts say.” In other words, if the U.S. lose 2.2 million people, think about what that means for the rest of the world.

Ferguson’s March 16 report began by saying the public health threat of covid-19 “is the most serious seen in a respiratory virus since the 1918 H1N1 influenza pandemic.” It said that if the U.S. employed more ambitious measures to mitigate the spread (case isolation, household quarantine, face masking and social distancing of the elderly), the death count could be reduced to 1.1 million in the U.S.

“Finally,” wrote the Post, “if the government quickly went all-out to suppress viral spread, aiming to reverse epidemic growth and reduce the case load to a low level, then the number of dead in the country could drop to below 20,000. To do this, the researchers said, we would have to enforce social distancing for the entire population, isolate all cases, demand quarantines of entire households where anyone is sick, and close all schools and universities.”

In other words, do what the Chinese did in Wuhan: “Lock it down.” China’s crackdown, remember, was praised by Tedros as a “new standard” in confronting outbreaks. And Western officials saw Ferguson’s team of epidemiologists as the “gold standard” of scientific research and theory. Not surprisingly, the Imperial team, with its “ties to the World Health Organization,” reached the same conclusion the WHO did.

Ferguson told the New York Times, “Based on our estimates and other teams’, there’s really no option but follow in China’s footsteps and suppress.” Follow Communist China’s lead, or millions and millions of people will drop dead.

And how long would Western governments need to impose a Communist-style lockdown? The “gold standard” recommended up to 18 months. Shutdowns, social distancing the entire population, quarantining the infirmed and their families, for a year and a half!

Covid-19 task forces in Washington accepted the catastrophic “Imperial” forecast without objection. As the New York Times opined, “It wasn’t so much the numbers themselves, frightening though they were, as who reported them: Imperial College London.” The “gold standard” had spoken: “Lockdown is our only option.”

The Rule of Experts. Before “Imperial” spoke, America favored promoting commonsense guidelines: “wash hands frequently, sneeze or cough into your folded arm, stay at home if you are sick, etc.” President Trump disinclined to use government agents to enforce more stringent guidelines. The virus might spread more rapidly without strict measures, he reasoned, but the vast majority of people survive and build up a greater “herd immunity,” which helps shield the public from disease in case it returns next season.

Over the weekend of March 14-15, the Trump administrations were briefed on the “Imperial College” forecast. The sudden, profound impact this model had on America, and indeed the world, was disastrous.

The president’s own medical expert, director of the “National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases” Flip Flopping Anthony Fauci, took to the Sunday shows on March 15 and said, “If it looks like you’re overreacting, you’re probably doing the right thing.” Even if you are young and healthy, he said, you could be a “carrier” who might spread it unknowingly.

On March 16, President Trump’s covid-19 task force released its 15-day “stop the spread” campaign. During the briefing, the president emphasized the commonsense guidelines, but also admonished all Americans to avoid gatherings of more than 10 people and eliminate discretionary travel; he also asked the elderly and vulnerable to self-quarantine.

In a Trump briefing in Washington, Dr. Deborah Birx referred to models the coronavirus task force had been working on with “groups in the United Kingdom.” It was Ferguson’s forecast, the New York Times wrote, that “triggered a sudden shift” in America’s “comparatively relaxed response to the virus.” Thus, it was the “Imperial College” model, which was essentially based on the WHO model, which was essentially based on the Communist Chinese model, that “jarred” the U.S. into taking the actions that would fundamentally transform the U.S. in ways a contagious disease never could.

World War Flu. The week before the “Imperial” model was published, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte imposed a national quarantine on Italy. This followed earlier lockdowns in the regions of Lombardy and Lodi. On March 14, Spain and France closed their borders, shut down businesses, and chased people off the streets.

In the United States, the changeover was swift. On March 10, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said that for most people, this disease “basically acts like a common cold or flu” and that the elderly and sickly were most vulnerable. He gave commonsense guidelines for city residents to remember to protect the elderly. But on the whole, New Yorkers are “pretty tough,” he said, adding, “We cannot shut down because of undue fear.” Just four days later, this same mayor said his staff was on “full crisis footing” and had entered a “wartime dynamic.”

Many state governors and city mayors followed a similar pattern. That same weekend, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine ordered all bars and restaurants to close. He had to take this action because his chief medical adviser said the state already had 100,000 cases of covid-19 and that it would double every six days. Hospitals, he said, needed to prepare for inundation. Just days into the crisis, covid-19 was shutting down America in ways that the Second World War never did.

Media “sensationalism” played a significant role in stoking fear and panic. Columnist Peggy Noonan wrote, “‘Don’t Panic’ Is Rotten Advice,” on March 12, saying “Sometimes paranoia is just good sense.”

On March 14, the New York Times “reported” that as many as 214 million Americans could be infected, 21 million could require hospitalization and 1.7 million could die. This invisible killer would rampage for months, maybe more, and we would have to go to war to stop it.

“I think this could be a six-, seven-, eight-, nine-month affair, watching the trajectory of the virus,” New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said on March 13. Coronavirus, said one Bloomberg headline, would change the way we shop, travel and work for years.

The Solution: Socialism. Is it a coincidence that these dire predictions have major political ramifications? Is it a coincidence that the solutions demanded by the press and the political left are massive socialistic interventions? Is it coincidence that disobeying covid-19 guidelines feels like the new racism, and that governments are encouraging people to report their neighbors for such “crimes” as taking a walk? Is the coronavirus reaction interrupting the radical leftist agenda, or is it part of it?

A reporter asked President Trump about the U.S.’s heavy-handed covid-19 countermeasures. He pointed at the medical experts. He said that a “few people” walked into his office and said, “We have to close up the country.” The president added that had he not taken these draconian steps, America would have been “unbelievably criticized.” He then made this remark: “Somehow the word got out that this is the thing we’re supposed to be doing.”

It’s never been done before, but somehow, this is what we’re all supposed to be doing. This is the new normal. This is World War Flu. We’re fighting for our survival, and we’ve all suddenly decided that a sort of public health totalitarianism is our only hope. Anyone who would dare question these wartime rules and regulations must immediately be silenced or branded as a heretic. Everyone must go along. It’s what we’re “supposed” to do.

The same week President Trump released his 15-day plan to stop the spread, the Department of Homeland Security began to distribute passes to broadcasters allowing them access to their facilities, to travel “during curfews and restricted travel periods,” during these uncertain times. Before 2002, Homeland Security didn’t even exist. Today, it has 240,000 employees and the power to decide which Americans are important enough to travel unmolested.

Then, the last week of March, Congress passed the $2.2 trillion “Cares Act,” the biggest spending bill in the history of human civilization. The act “cares” about ordinary Americans, and also “the Kennedy Center, the National Archives, NASA, the Forest Service, the National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities, and the Institute of American Indian and Alaska Native Culture and Arts Development,” all of which received generous coronavirus “relief.”

Kimberley Strassel wrote at the Wall Street Journal, “A rough calculation suggests the single biggest recipient of taxpayer dollars in this legislation, far in excess of $600 billion, is government itself.” As liberals often say, never let a crisis go to waste! Strassel wrote, “This legislation may prove the biggest one-day expansion of government power ever.” America’s “cure” for the crisis: “Broaden the power of the central government, expand the welfare state, and mortgage our future and the future of our children.”

Republican Rep. Thomas Massie made the mistake of clinging to some principle of constitutional representative government: “He demanded that all members of Congress be present for the vote on the $2.2 trillion bill, thus delaying the House vote.” He said legislators should be in some small way accountable for the largest expenditure in human history by at least signing their names to it.

Judging by the vitriolic reaction to Massie, you might have thought he was responsible for spreading covid-19. President Trump called Massie a “third-rate grand-stander” who only wanted “publicity.” Republicans called on Massie to lose his primary to another Republican challenger during the next election cycle. Former Secretary of State John Kerry said Massie needed to “be quarantined to prevent the spread of his massive stupidity.”

Massie became the least popular man in Washington for demanding a recorded tally for the vote, rather than the anonymous “voice vote” directed by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and preferred by almost every other powerful member of Congress. Pelosi quickly assembled enough representatives in the chamber to overrule Massie, and the “voice vote” easily moved the bill through to the president’s desk.

Rep. Peter King of New York later said that if anyone in Congress got infected with the virus as a result of having to be present at the capitol to overrule Massie, Massie would have blood on his hands.

This is how it works during this “wartime dynamic.” Constitutional norms are suspended. Lockdowns are commonplace. Big government determines who’s essential. And obscenely huge bailouts meet with zero resistance in Congress. Anyone who would dare question these “wartime” rules and regulations must immediately be silenced or branded as a heretic. Everyone must go along. It’s what we’re “supposed” to do.

The Still-Elusive Death Rate. On March 21, Medium ran an article questioning many of the outlandish predictions for covid-19. To author Aaron Ginn, a Silicon Valley technologist with no background in medicine or infectious disease, the numbers didn’t add up. He said that as testing for the virus increased, the mortality rate would inevitably decline. And sure enough, the two nations that have tested for the disease the most, the United States and Germany, had mortality rates of 1.7 and 0.78 percent at the time of this writing. These rates were not as low as the seasonal flu, but nowhere near as high as Tedros predicted on March 3.

The death rate of 0.1 for seasonal flu is based on the estimated number of flu cases, not of patients who are actually tested. Since we don’t know the number of mild cases of covid-19 that go unreported, the actual death rate for the disease is probably much lower than 1 percent. This was the main point of Ginn’s post. Soon, Medium deleted it for violating Medium rules. As more information on the covid-19 crisis emerges, it is not Ginn who is being proved wrong, but the public health experts.

Another study in America received a lot of attention. It was headlined “U.S. Virus Deaths May Top 80,000 Despite Confinement.” With most of America now glued to the daily death tracker, this study was used to incite more fear and hysteria. The truth behind the headline, however, is that it represented another rapid retreat from the original projections of Spanish flu-like devastation. Eighty thousand deaths from coronavirus is not a repeat of the 1918 pandemic. It’s more comparable to the ferocious flu season of 2017–18, when 45 million Americans were infected, 810,000 were hospitalized and 61,000 died (0.14 death rate). That happened two years ago. “And no one cared.”

CNN’s Sanjay Gupta also reversed course on March 27: “The vast majority of people, even if you are elderly, aren’t going to need hospitalization. The vast majority are going to recover. The vast majority are not going to die.” Just one week before, Gupta said U.S. hospitals were unprepared for what was about to happen. And the week before that, when Gupta declared covid-19 a pandemic, he relied on case studies in China that said 5 percent of those infected became critically ill.

Even “Flip Flopping” Anthony Fauci, who had originally said covid-19 was “10 times more lethal” than the common flu, wrote in the March 26 New England Journal of Medicine: “If one assumes that the number of asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic cases is several times as high as the number of reported cases, the case fatality rate may be considerably less than 1 percent. This suggests that the overall clinical consequences of covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza  or a pandemic influenza.”

After the Virus Dies. By the end of March, President Trump hinted at a possible end to the lockdown madness, sooner rather than later. “We cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself,” he said on March 22.

Two days later, during a virtual town hall at Fox News, the president spoke about how contagious and deadly influenza can be, but America never closes down. “We can’t let this virus destroy our country,” he said. “We have to get back to work.” He suggested April 12 as a possible date for reopening the U.S. economy.

This statement alarmed the experts. Even as they were dramatically lowering their early death toll projections, America was still in grave danger. “Flip Flopping” Fauci rushed to the media, telling them America might lose 100,000 to 200,000 people even under a strict lockdown. The president again decided to comply with their counsel and extended the social-distancing guidelines through the end of April. “The experts, you see, are right, even when they get it spectacularly wrong.”

As for the left-wing media, they were committed to “sensationalizing” this crisis for as long as possible. The longer it lasts, the more it benefits their ratings and their political objectives. Though early polls suggested that a majority of Americans were pleased with how President Trump handled the crisis, the Democrat media complex knew that the only chance for success at the ballot box in November was if the coronavirus death toll keeps rising and the stock market and the economy keep dropping.

Whenever America finally does reopen for business, the president seems confident of a turnaround: “We will come back strong,” he said. And that might be true, at least for the short term.

But what will be the long-term cost of all these “cures”? Once the virus subsides, will governments roll back the socialist programs and release the authoritarian reins? Will the radical left ease off on their unrelenting, irrational and vicious attacks against the presidency and America’s founding principles? Will this be the end of sensational reporting and scaremongering? Will teams of experts return to the university and correct the mistakes that helped to incite a worldwide panic and economic meltdown?

We’ve seen large numbers of people whipping themselves into a frenzy before. The world has grown more and more radical, emotional and panicked, especially over the last few decades. But nothing has illustrated this quite like the reaction to covid-19.

We shut down the world, suspended our constitutional republic, ground economies to a halt, drove millions to joblessness, drained the stock market, spent more money than ever before, massively expanded and empowered government, and ballooned the size of the welfare state. In the end, will it prove to all be in hasty response to the equivalent of, as “Flip Flopping” Fauci said, “a bad flu season”?

None of this makes sense, unless you realize that it all traces back to one cause. I’m not talking about leftists in America or in other countries, I’m talking about the original source. That one source is Satan the devil.

Satan is a real, actual evil spirit being. He is active in the world. In fact, he has power to influence people, and he has successfully deceived the whole world. As Ephesians 2:2 says, the god of this world actually isn’t God the Father or Jesus Christ, it’s Satan! That’s what your Bible says. Isn’t that what you’re seeing on the news right now?

It is crucial to understand how Satan preys on out-of-control emotions! “Whenever people are fighting to survive and emotions are flying the devil is going to exploit that every time!”

Whether covid-19 has affected or will affect your health, your livelihood or your freedoms, you need to take note of what has just happened to the world. The immensely powerful and self-destructive reaction to a bad flu season illustrates the power of Satan to prey on emotions. He can wreak havoc worldwide. And he can do it in your life too.

The battle here is not just against a virus or confusion or misinformation or an agenda. For the world and for you individually, it’s against Satan. The world won’t see it until it’s too late, will you?

Flip Flopping Fauci

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The Flip Flopping Fauci, Part 1

The Flip Flopping Fauci, Part 2

The Flip Flopping Fauci, Part 3

The Flip Flopping Fauci, Part 4

The Flip Flopping Fauci, Part 5

Whatever Flip Flop Fauci says today may be different from what he says tomorrow, but he might come back to what he said yesterday in a day or two if he feels like it.

“More than any other single living American, Tony Fauci is responsible for the Covid-19 pandemic.” With these bold words, the most popular commentator on cable news threw down the gauntlet on a man all but sainted by the corporate media.

Drawing on the work of Nicholas Wade, who for decades edited the Science section of the New York Times, Tucker pointed out that Dr. Anthony Fauci (the highest-paid employee of the federal government) personally overrode a federal ban on gain of function research that makes pathogens more deadly and more transmissible, and funded such research at a facility linked to the Chinese military.

Wade’s article published at Medium is most impressive; it’s quite long and technical in places, but if you don’t want to read the whole thing, you can go down to the section headed “Where We Are So Far” and within that section read “4. The US Role in Funding the Wuhan Institute of Virology” and then the “Conclusion.” Or, you could read Wade’s shorter article in the New York Post supporting the theory that the virus leaked from the Wuhan lab, and was not transmitted from bats at a wet market.

Here is video of Tucker Carlson’s attack on St. Fauci:

Flip-flop Fauci reverses again on double-mask-wearing

Report links Fauci, U.S. Gov’t funding to origin of man-made COVID-19 in China

The Coronavirus Cost

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America’s expenditure on covid-19 equals the combined GDP of 135 nations.

Four trillion dollars—that’s how much the United States has spent on its coronavirus response this year, up through the end of October. Four trillion is one of those numbers that is hard to wrap your head around. Most people, including our leaders, simply cannot grasp how gigantic that sum is. So let’s try breaking it down.

Adjusting for historical inflation, $4 trillion is equal to the cost of all U.S. wars combined with the exception of World War II. That means Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo, Vietnam, Korea, World War I, the Civil War, the American Revolution, and all the others in between—combined; the U.S. has spent the equivalent in less than one year.

Or you could consider the price in terms of gross domestic product. U.S. coronavirus spending is greater than the GDP of any nation on Earth with the exception of the top three: America, China and Japan. It’s greater than the GDP of the entire continent of South America. It’s greater than the combined continents of Africa and Oceania; than the GDP of the Middle East and North Africa combined. It’s equivalent to the combined GDP of the lowest 135 countries in the world.

$4 trillion—aimed at alleviating the effects of less than one year of coronavirus, in just one country.

What could you do with $4 trillion? The Panama Canal was the most expensive construction project in American history to that point. Adjusting the amount spent to current values: With $4 trillion, America could build the Panama Canal 425 times over.

In 1867, the United States purchased Alaska from the Russian Empire. Some criticized the purchase as a waste of money. Adjusting the purchase price for inflation, with the equivalent spending, you could buy Alaska 30,000 times over!

What about within the time frame of one year? If we spread it out from the first confirmed U.S. coronavirus case (January 20) to the start of October (when we hit $4 trillion), that averages to roughly $15.7 billion per day. That’s two Panama Canals, every single day. That’s an American Revolution every four hours. The Louisiana Purchase every half hour. Buying Alaska every 10 minutes—for over nine months. That is sickening.

America has now spent $4 trillion, in less than a year, to fight a virus that doesn’t even rank in the top three pandemics of the past century. Can we begin to fathom the magnitude of this spending?

And this, of course, is just the money being spent. This doesn’t even take into account the sheer nationwide losses this year from shuttered businesses.

And the situation across the Atlantic is much the same. The United Kingdom is approaching $700 billion in its own attempt to deal with coronavirus. For a population one fifth the size of America’s, the figures aren’t far behind.

What is that money being spent on? Did you know that of that $4 trillion, only 16 percent went to actually fighting the virus itself? Most of it—$2.3 trillion—went to businesses that, in large part, were “not required to show if they were impacted by the virus or lockdown.”

We’ve never dealt with a virus this way. Gone, apparently, are the days of “quarantining” the sick and letting the “healthy” work. In the upside-down world of today, the solution seems to be quarantining the healthy and sending the sick into nursing homes.

Even during the 1918 Spanish flu, which killed some 50 million people worldwide, the healthy were allowed to work. No work meant no food. The choice for heads of households was the possibility of catching the flu and possibly dying—or starvation for themselves and their families.

But coronavirus is no Spanish flu. Coronavirus is a disease in which 99.9 percent of people who get it survive. What, then, is all this spending for?

Many of us have had friends and family die of coronavirus. But we’ve also had friends and family die of the flu and pneumonia. Half of the entire population of the UK is projected to get cancer in their lifetimes. We don’t bankroll for these things. They are hardly mentioned. Do these deaths not matter?

Already around the world, economic effects are beginning to bite. More people in Japan committed suicide last month than died of coronavirus in the entire year. Based on the economic fallout, Australia is predicting more suicides per year than current coronavirus deaths. Nobody knows how many “suicides or drug overdoses” have already taken place in the United States.

And this is the result of the present economic lockdown, before the $4 trillion in artificially injected spending has begun to come due. A projected 270 million are facing starvation worldwide as a combined result of unprecedented lockdowns and diverted national spending.

$4 trillion is close to the total U.S. national debt when George W. Bush first took office. Four terms (16 years) later, when Donald Trump took office, America’s debt was $20 trillion. Only four years later, it stands at $27.5 trillion.

There is no intention of “paying off” that debt. Even if we did, those are physically impossible figures to manage. To pay off just the current $27.5 trillion debt would take more than a year of pouring every single cent of our $21 trillion gross domestic product into it. And in the time you’ve taken to read to this point, we’ve added another $10 million to the national debt.

Have you noticed that no one seems to even discuss the debt anymore? We are apparently living in a “Willy Wonka” world where our leaders believe they can simply spend imaginary money—printed or borrowed—with impunity. Who talks about fiscal responsibility anymore?

If you are a good Democrat, if you are a good Republican, you don’t dare question the spending. Actually, you pay for more! In the words of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, “If everything we do saves just one life ….”

It used to be that the Republicans were the party of fiscal responsibility, the party of Scrooges keeping spending in check. That’s what we heard all the way through the Obama presidency—outrage (and justified) over the spending. But this present spending has taken place under a Republican presidency, and with a Republican Senate. If anything, it is the Republicans condemning the Democrats for stonewalling spending, and not allowing more! What has happened?

“The Senate knows all about end-of-year drama, but this time the stakes could not be higher. Americans are struggling under the weight of this pandemic. Democrats need to let Congress do our job & pass more relief. We have so much common ground. Let’s make law. Let’s get it done.” — Leader McConnell (@senatemajldr) December 7, 2020

Proverbs 13:22 says, “A good person leaves an inheritance for their children’s children, but a sinner’s wealth is stored up for the righteous.” We are not good men. We are not wise men. We are a ship of fools. Proverbs 22:7 says, “The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is slave to the lender.”

What our leaders have done this year has enslaved future generations. You know your children will not be able to pay this off. If you are an American, you currently have $12,000 of the 2020 coronavirus spending over your head. That’s what one single year of spending on one single thing has bestowed upon you, your family, your children’s children. Perhaps you don’t see it in that light. But that’s how lender nations see it.

That’s how hostile powers see it. All debts come due. And 6,000 years of human history show us that if countries are unable to pay with money, there are other, more sinister means.

You can be assured that this spending will catch up with us. It always does. 2020 has seen the United States reach an unprecedented spending milestone in its history. There is no going back. These are not economic numbers that simply go away. Those are numbers that start world wars.

Our leaders have no future vision. We have the national spirit summed up in Isaiah 22:13: “But see, there is joy and revelry, slaughtering of cattle and killing of sheep, eating of meat and drinking of wine! Let us eat and drink, you say, for tomorrow we die!”

And tomorrow, we as a nation will die. Our nation has passed the point of no return—our out-of-control spending is one of the clear signs. There is no coming back as a nation from this kind of spending. We are being measured, and found wanting.

God help us.

Face Mask Hell

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Face Mask Hell
by: Ben Garrison

How can I say that? We’re constantly told by the mass media that COVID-19 has killed a great many. Most states and global corporations now “mandate” masks. The “authorities” tell us wearing a mask will help “save” lives, right?

Wrong. For one thing, none of the Gates controlled and paid for “data” can be trusted. The dehumanizing masks can’t prevent the “virus” and in fact, wearers often fiddle with them.

They try adjust them to make their uncomfortable “mufflers” more comfortable. By doing so, the masks become “depositories” for dirty fingers and germs. Some workers must “breathe” in their own CO2 for eight hours while working.

If the mandatory “mask” wearing becomes permanent, it could become more “damaging” than the virus.

The real damage is inflicted upon our “liberty.” They tyrants are able to dictate “face diaper” wearing and people must go along in order to travel, go shopping, or visit the post office.

In some cities there are “fines” and a couple of people have already been “shot dead” for not wearing them!

The “battle” over mask wearing has now been lost. It was never about “safety.” It’s has always been about “conditioning” and “compliance” and most are complying. “Peer” pressure does the rest.

A few days ago I went food shopping. I was the only one in the store “without” a mask and the checkout clerk “barked” at me to “social distance” even though I was standing in the “designated” box.

I was treated like a threatening “disease.” A while later, I could not go into the post office. A large sign told me I must now “sport” a mask. I didn’t have one.

I always assumed only “sick” people should be wearing “mask” to prevent spreading whatever “disease” they have.

I also saw young people walking “alone” on sidewalks under a “hot sun” with masks on. I saw others “driving” in their cars with masks on. The steady “drumbeat of fear” from the corporate mass media has been successful.

The masks are here to stay and people are “marching” in lockstep with them on. No “resistance” offered. Control by mask was all too easy for the “Illuminati.”

They want us to voluntarily cooperate with our own “demise” and we’re cooperating. Businesses are, too. No shirt, no shoes, no mask, no service.

Once people are conditioned to wearing “harmful” masks, Bill Gates’ mandatory harmful “vaccine” will be a snap. Many people will insist on a “biometric, trackable vaccine” in order for people to “shed” their masks.

Then it will be the same. No access to travel, shopping, or post office use without the “mark of the beast” vaccine.

A smiling Gates will “rake” in more billions of dollars while subjecting us all to noxious, life-shortening “substances” that will no doubt be present in his vaccine. It won’t stop the coronavirus, but it will stop us.

His “ID2020” vision will come to fruition. It will be combined with a “cashless” system, which means everything we do and spend will be “tracked and taxed.”

A Chinese-style “social credit system” will become commonplace. It all ends with a “police state” and absolute “tyranny.”

We’ll all be “slaves” at the mercy of the top, “Satanic .001” percent.

They will rejoice because “We, the Sheeple” will have “voluntarily” done it to ourselves.

THAT is why the mask is worse than the disease.

Epidemic Mask Theater, Past and Present
Deferred disease disaster dawning on Democrats

Faith and Courage

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We are barely halfway through 2020. But from when we woke up on January 1 to now, the world has changed dramatically.

Sulemani, Netanyahu, Gantz, Johnson, Putin, Xi, the British royal family, the German far right. Escalation in Syria. Inferno in Australia. In the first months of the year, our world was already rapidly changing. Yet those events seem like distant memories. The world truly changed with the draconian government responses to coronavirus that crippled their own economies—and the rights their citizens thought they had.

But even the ongoing pandemic oppression seems strangely distant. Much more painfully immediate is the outbreak of “protests, rioting, looting, burning, violence and statue toppling” in dozens of American cities and the larger coordinated, sustained, direct attack on American “society, culture and history.” Activists are branding most of America, past and present, as “racist.”

This is obviously not a spontaneous, earnest protest about racial prejudice: “This is an ongoing revolution.” Many different people with different motivations are united in “hatred”, united not in what they want to build, but in what they want to tear down: “the American government and the system of American government itself.”

In fact, they are openly trying to destroy institutions even more foundational than American constitutional government. They are tearing down the principles of individual rights, rule of law, the police, male leadership, even the actual structure of family itself. What they are targeting are the last few remnants of America’s Bible-based heritage: “any lingering recognition of God, favorability toward the Bible, fundamental concepts of right and wrong, individual responsibility, the relationship between male and female, even the existence of male and female.”

It’s July 2020. You live in a “different” world. You can feel the “hate, fear and disgust” across the nation.

The surprising, almost synchronized reaction to this “socialist insurrection” has been journalists, actors, commentators, athletes, professors and even corporations falling all over themselves to show how “anti-racist” they are. Some people have tried to speak out. Within 24 hours or so they are retreating from one fearful, groveling apology to the next. I’m sorry I didn’t realize I was so racist. Some have been fired or silenced. Some have literally knelt before the mob. Most people are looking around and asking, “What in the world has happened?” They don’t understand where it came from, but they are beginning to realize that it is going to touch their cities, their families.

The state of the world gets a lot clearer, and a lot scarier, when you realize where this “raging wrath” comes from. It originates not with one person, one group, one political party, one nation or even one ideology. We are facing a “spirit of hate”, produced by a completely enraged spirit being: “Satan the devil!” (Revelation 12:9, verse12.)

Evil is real, hatred is real, and its spiritual source is very real. And what is coming will be far worse than people have ever imagined.  Satan is real, but so is God. And even as Satan’s tide of hatred rises, you can see God’s intervention. God is using the current president of the United States to fulfill this prophecy! People do not realize just how close the nation is to collapse.

Donald Trump has proved himself willing to take a stand where others have not. It is quite something to behold him resisting these anti-American forces! Think of it! Thousands of powerful politicians, bureaucrats, spymasters, professors, billionaires, media moguls, journalists, influencers and other enemies, foreign and domestic, swaying millions of followers. How could they possibly be held back? Only God could do it, and He does it not only through miracles but also by the hand of one man. Despite Trump’s flaws, there is something about this leader’s character that God is using.

King Jeroboam was flawed. The judge Joshua was flawed. The judge Gideon was flawed. The Prophet Ezekiel was flawed. The Apostle Paul was flawed. So was the Prophet Jonah, who took God’s message into the heart of the cruel Assyrian Empire and also prophesied to Jeroboam that God was with him. But God overcame enormous hostility by the hands of these men.

What quality did God use in these men? Courage. Winston Churchill said, “Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities because it is the quality which guarantees all the others.”

You are flawed. You lack courage. So do we all. But without it, satanic “hatred and violence” will overwhelm you. How can you replace your fear with courage? Believe and fear and obey God. He commands true Christians who are doing His work to “be strong and of good courage” and “be not afraid” (Ezekiel 2-3; Deuteronomy 3). Follow the examples God gives you in the Bible, and trust Him for the courage. Joshua led the Israelites into the Promised Land, and conquering it took six or seven years of fighting one fortified city after another.

“It appears that the Joshua of Moses’s time had one outstanding strength, spiritual courage.” (Joshua 1:5-7) “God was instructing him to use this quality, showing him how much he would need it.” Among those true Christians who have turned away from God, “spiritual courage may be the greatest need. Without it, the other virtues are of little value!” 

Satan is raging. His “spirit of hate” is in the process of literally ending the world as we know it (Ephesians 6:12). And his greatest targets are those who have something to do with God, His work and His message. You will either succumb to him, or you will arm yourself with God’s power and overcome him (verses 13-18).

Joshua said to the Israelites then, and to us today: “Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. Be strong and courageous. This is what the Lord will do to all the enemies you are going to fight.” (Joshua 10:25)

Without God, you are “helpless and hopeless.” But with God, you can be “fearless, brave, solid, courage’s and not afraid.”

Coronavirus Compensation

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Coronavirus Compensation
By Ruth Ingram

An influential British think tank, the “Henry Jackson Society”, has published the most detailed legal paper so far on Chinese liabilities for the epidemic. China must be made to pay for the “carnage” wreaked by the Wuhan Covid19 virus on the world.

According to a UK think tank’s report released, Beijing and the CCP must be left in no doubt that they are responsible for not only the economic, but the myriad and devastating social and emotional fallout throughout the world, resulting from its willful negligence. And they must pay up.

Adding its weight to calls around the world for a legal response to the Coronavirus catastrophe, a joint co-authored paper released by the Henry Jackson Society (HJS) entitled: “Coronavirus compensation? Assessing China’s potential culpability and avenues of legal response,” has urged that Beijing face the full force of international law.

“If a company pollutes, we expect it to clear up the mess. Covid-19 spread because of China’s negligence, cover-up, lies,” rails HJS’s promotional video.

“So far the world’s biggest economies have spent £3.2 trillion cleaning up the mess. To make sure this never happens again, the world should explore the possibilities of legal action against China.”

Crunching the eye watering financial numbers this week on the UK’s Talk Radio station, Dr Alan Mendoza, one of the authors of the report and Executive Director of HJS, denied Chinese accusations that their report was simply another example of “China bashing,” but said that they were trying to “address issues of justice, compensation and reflection amid negligence and cover-ups by the Chinese state.” “How did this virus get out of China to where we are today?” he asked.

Asked whether the blame for a virus could be lain at the door of a nation or the political party ruling it, Dr. Mendoza pointed to the safeguards other Asian nations had put in place following previous Coronavirus SARS and MERS outbreaks, whereas the CCP, ignoring every international protocol, covered up evidence in November and December of a new virus with the potential for human to human transmission.

Not only did the CCP keep the discovery secret but employed bully boy tactics of intimidation and misinformation which allowed millions of people, potentially infected by the virus, to leave the epicenter and travel to all parts of China and the world, with disastrous consequences. “Had they taken action immediate,” said Dr. Mendoza, “this would never have happened.”

He described how the CCP’s lies manipulated and deceived the WHO, rendering it impotent. “The mechanisms to defend ourselves and the kindred spirit that the IHR (International Health Regulations) were supposed to instill were effectively were thrown away,” and the WHO rendered “useless,” he said. This confirmed in his mind, China’s culpability, he added.

However fraught “going after” China or the CCP might appear, Dr. Mendoza and his colleagues have identified ten possible avenues of legal redress and urge individuals, companies and states to pursue justice in the courts.

“Although our own governments are responsible for what is happening in our countries, this all started in one place,” he said.  “We cannot have a situation where that is not brought to international attention and justice not brought to bear on that basis.” He added that he and his colleagues wanted to see more than simply an acknowledgement by China of guilt. “We want much more than that given the level of damage. There’s a clear line of evidence that goes back to China and they have to be held responsible for that.” 

Launching an action against the second largest economy on earth and the most populous nation on earth, however daunting, was possible, claimed Dr. Mendoza. He advocated going through the WHO to examine health regulations breached by China, its cover ups and deliberate concealment of information.

Action was also possible through the International Court of Justice, the Permanent Court of Arbitration, and Bilateral Investment Treaties. “We’ve identified avenues and they should be investigated,” he insisted. Even if the process takes years, “this in itself should be a salutary lesson for the Chinese,” he added.

Speaking on the program Wake Up Australia, this week, a co-author of the report and former British diplomat in China, Matthew Henderson, pressed for China to face punishment according to the law for the “negligent cover up” that created this catastrophe. “This is like a war,” he said, admitting that the financial loss will increase exponentially as the epidemic progresses.

“There are some things you can quantify but others, the full costs, the emotional, and psychological costs, deaths and diseases, loss of career, disruption of education, family breakup,” he said, which have been unleashed on the world. “No one was prepared for it, because they didn’t give us time to be prepared.”

He and his co-author colleagues are asking for more than US$4 trillion in compensation and urging for united action by the world in the pursuit of answers. “How much willpower is there to take this forward?” He asked. “We find ourselves and society being corroded by a dreadful disease. What exactly is this Covid-19?” He asked. “How can we defend ourselves against it?” He protested China’s withholding of vital data depriving the world’s best scientists of a chance to examine the virus. “China won’t hand it over,” he complained.

There were moral issues at stake here too, he pointed out. China should be faced with its flagrant disregard for the international laws it itself is a signatory to. “There is a question of honor here.” He added: “Our opponents don’t believe in the law. They just use it arbitrarily to control their people.”

Mr Henderson despaired that China was getting away with flagrant international abuses, despite being a member of the UN. He asked why a Chinese official, for example, was recently appointed to a committee on human rights? “Something has gone badly wrong here,” he said. He pressed for a coalition of countries to tackle China. “Just as with rugby, we must form a line and not let them pass,” he said.

Both Mr Henderson and Dr Mendoza urge a pause on dealings with China in a variety of fields as a result of the Covid-19 hiatus. “We have surrendered too much to China”, says Mr Henderson. “It’s wake up time,” he says. “There is a great danger in hyper globalization with all routes leading to Chinese manufacturing. With countries not being able to control their own supply lines or produce materials domestically.” He cited its many downsides in terms of unemployment and deskilling of the national workforce. “Now we are seeing the repercussions of global trade during a pandemic. This is giving us pause for thought.”

Regarding future dealings with China over the 5G network, and the use of Huawei, Mr Henderson was adamant that national security should not be “bargained away.” He decried the fact that Europe was now “in hoc” to a “hostile power,” and dependent on China for its economic growth over the last few years.

“This is clearly not sustainable,” he stressed, urging European states to look again at the source of their growth, and the protection of their “prized national assets.” He bemoaned the surrendering of intellectual property rights to China. “States like us live by what we invent, what we innovate, how we market that effectively and how we benefit from it. We’ve surrendered that as well,” he said.

Referring to China’s blatant disregard for internationally agreed treaties and agreements witnessed so clearly over Covid-19, he urged the G7 and its allies to “pool together in a corporate spirit” and devise a new set of policies. “We need to work out what kind of rules book we want to play by and how we respond to China when it refuses to do so?”

“It’s not about containment,” he stressed, “it’s about wake up time,” he said.

Pressure is mounting to call China to account over its handling of Covid-19. Only last weekend in the Mail on Sunday newspaper, the UK’s Downing Street admitted that China faces a “reckoning” over their handling of coronavirus and risks becoming a “pariah state,” with Boris Johnson facing pressure to “scrap the Huawei deal.”

The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida: China has been sued there for having spread the virus internationally.

Lawsuits in Florida and Texas have been filed worth $20 trillion dollars claiming the Wuhan virus is a “biological weapon of war” made in the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

More suits are sure to follow.

Concluding its report, the members of the HJS emphasize that the rules-based international order places obligations on everybody, even though authoritarian states often act with impunity. “The Peoples’ Republic of China (PRC) is no exception to this rule. International law – in the form of Treaties, Covenants and Charters – places obligations on China, just as much as it does on the democracies of the West,” it stresses.

Allah’s Coronavirus

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Did you knew that Allah sent the “Coronavirus” to kill those who “rule” over Muslims?

Muslims claim that is is written in the Quran – “Surah 10” – that Coronavirus, the “Soldier of Allah,” will affect only those who fear us. Nothing will happen to Muslims.

Are Muslims collectively that stupid or do they just appear to be because of their unwavering belief in everything contained in the Qur’an which most have never read?

Apostate Prophet, a former devout Muslim has the answer below.

No, each one is equally stupid on an individual level as well. But it’s even more of a force-multiplier when they gather.

Putting any credence in the Qur’an  is “ipso facto” proof of full blown “mental” illness.

Coronavirus Blackmail

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Nancy Pelosi and Democrat politicians are holding struggling businesses and anxious citizens “hostage” by turning the emergency stimulus bill into a “liberal wish-list of irrelevant expenditures” that will take money away from helping those who need it now, and will place an unneeded “economic burden” on the country when COVID-19 is in the rear-view mirror.

Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell summarizes the immediate necessity and function of the “Stimulus” legislation and pleads with Pelosi and colleagues to end the “partisan game and stop delaying help.”

“would push tens of billions of dollars to health care providers, it would send direct checks to millions of American households, massively expand unemployment insurance, stabilize industries to prevent mass layoffs, crucially provide relief to small businesses to help main street employees from being totally crushed by this pandemic.”

House Majority Whip Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) reportedly said, ”This is a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision, while speaking on a Thursday conference call featuring more than 200 members of the House Democratic caucus.

The news sites of ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, and 90% of the rest of the remainder of our media refuse to report on Nancy Pelosi and her comrades in the congress and senate accurately by informing them what is in the Bill. Right Wire Report breaks down just SOME of the non-essential pork stuffed into the Emergency Coronavirus Stimulus, 1400 page Bill:

  • The full offset of airline emissions reduction by 50% by 2025 per Green Energy (AOC) Plan.
  • Greenhouse gas statistics for individual flights.
  • Reintroduction of “Obama Phones.”
  • Companies accepting assistance, 1/3 of board members must be chosen by workers.
  • Corporate pay statistics by race and race statistics for all corporate boards at companies receiving assistance.
  • Provisions on official time for union collective bargaining, carve-outs for Big Labor, and overturning Trump’s executive order re: Federal Union employees
  • Bailing out all current debt of postal service.
  • 10k bailout for student loans.
  • Retirement plans for community newspaper employees.
  • $15 minimum wage at companies receiving assistance.
  • Permanent paid leave at companies receiving assistance. Temporary leave during the crisis is in GOP Senate Bill.
  • Required same-day voter registration, required early voting, automatic mailing absentee ballots for all, Ballot harvesting across all states.
  • Internet availability required for all voters registering.
  • Wind and solar tax credits
  • 300 million provided to hire Coronavirus experts but mandatory hire quotas for race and disability.
  • Priority Minority banks to manage loans for those who take stimulus funding.
  • Automatic expansion of non-immigrant visas.
  • Restricts colleges from providing information on citizenship.
  • Funding for Planned Parenthood.

This “Marxist Wish List” is absurd and comprises items that failed in previous legislative attempts while not in the vortex of a swirling crisis. Many on the list would add cost to business which is the exact “opposite” of the stated legislative goal and those costs get passed on to consumers. The layers of regulations and compliance costs additionally are counterproductive and will further exacerbate the very problem at hand.

Perhaps the most criminal is the requirement pertaining to the mandating 300 million to hire experts based on race and disability to manage the coronavirus situation.  Once again, the Democrats have put the country second, and their political agenda first, by not hiring THE VERY BEST MINDS WE HAVE to manage the deadly crisis we’re all facing regardless of race or any other designation.  American media is complicit in these Democrat party machinations by not informing the citizens about this travesty Nancy “Ripper” Pelosi and crew are visiting on our country.

Democrats are attempting to “blackmail” President Trump and Senate Republicans into “wasting” billions of dollars on Democrat goodies because they are aware the Democrat party media is with them and simply won’t talk about their evil deeds.  The media will portray the holdup on getting the stimulus passed on something like “Republican inaction,” or “Trump doing nothing”, etc.

Yes, the media is that corrupt. This is not unlike the media remaining “silent” when Joe Biden admitted on video that he threatened to withhold taxpayer-funded aid to Ukraine if they didn’t fire the prosecutor looking into his son, Hunter, over dealings with Burisma.

Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat “minions” were listening intently during the financial crisis in 2008 when Rahm Emanuel said, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

What Rahm Emanuel meant was you “exploit the pain a crisis has on struggling Americans to push through legislation that most voters would never agree to – shameful!”

Republicans Expose Pelosi’s 2.5 Trillion Socialist Wish List In Corona Package!
Why Is America Allowing Democrat Insanity?
Partisan Hogwash Tim Scott Rips Pelosi, Senate Dems for Coronavirus Distractions

Coronavirus Challenge

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While the world is reeling over the “Chinese Coronavirus” and taking every precaution under the sun, there are some members of society who are using the virus to get some “attention on social media” by doing one of the dumbest things you’ll ever see…ever.

A new “challenge” has emerged where young people “lick toilet seats.” It’s called the “#tooCoronavirusChallenge” and it’s as stupid, reckless, and disgusting as you’d imagine it to be.

The videos are making the rounds on Twitter and TikTok.  Here are girls licking airplane toilet seats; while others prefer licking public toilet seats. This challenge actually beats out the “#TidePodChallenge” for being the stupidest, most dangerous thing ever concocted by “mentally” challenged dummies.

Honestly, after seeing these two I stopped looking…I think these Millennial “idiots” tell the story of this insanely dumb and dangerous challenge perfectly. You can watch the videos below:

“Yeah she is in for Corona Challenge. This is on a plane too and i think she did better than her.” #COVIDー19— Dr. Vedika (@vishkanyaaaa) March 16, 2020

A young man who proudly and vigorously licked public restroom toilet seats is now facing the consequences of his stupid and dangerous actions.

“Really! Licking toilets now! — Gabe Slaybaugh (@GabrielSlaybau1) March 23, 2020

The idiot teen now claims he’s tested positive for Coronavirus and shared a picture of himself hospitalized.

“A kid who licked toilets as part of the #CoronaVirusChallenge says he’s now in the hospital with coronavirus. @gayshawnmendes was also just suspended from twitter” — Pardes Seleh (@PardesSeleh) March 23, 2020

Let this be a lesson boys and girls, a few “likes” on social media is not worth killing yourself over it. This should go without saying, but since we live in a world filled with “attention-seeking” idiots I’ll say it anyway – “make sure your kids and grand kids understand the dangers of licking toilet seats.”

If you must “lick toilet seats” try the “Chinese public toilet seats” and you will get the “Coronavirus” a whole lot quicker.

I have a feeling Millennial’s just might be “doomed.” Not to mention these “toilet lickers” are being future Democratic voters.

How about a little old fashioned foot stomping, knee slapping musicality to accompany these toilet licking “#tooCoronavirusChallenges.”

It’s a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll, served up with a grand splash of super funk. If you’ve been looking for an official “Chinese Wuhan Coronavirus” theme song this is it. Music for the “Great Undoing.” If you haven’t had your coffee yet this studio version will suffice in its stead.

If you have already had your “covfefe” and prefer to get up on your feet and dance with abandon to the “Great Quietus,” here is a live version without irony. I recommend it; if you can watch the whole thing and not break out in a smile you’re taking things too seriously.

In conclusion here’s the solution. Just live your life until you die. Have no regrets and don’t forget. We’re all waiting for the world to end.

Toilet Paper Jihad


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