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2019 Graduation

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The Only “Safe” Commencement Speech for “Snowflake” graduates by Barack & Michelle Obama

Good morning and congratulations!

I sincerely believe that most of you came to college with a desire to learn and be prepared for your future. But many of your teachers have skills and ideas that are proscribed by coercive politically correct bureaucrats.

However, you are all victims of a colossal scam for which your parents have anted up colossal sums of money.

You have been ensconced in an academic gulag where you have been programmed and robbed of the intellectual dexterity it takes to listen to, consider and debate opinions that are contrary to those into which you are being indoctrinated.

You abjure capitalism without understanding that everything you own, buy, wear, ride and text on — and that includes your Che Guevara t-shirts — are available to you because capitalism provides the funds for research, development and production.

Even the organic vegetables you consume so virtuously, not to mention those windmills and solar panels, depend on capital investment.

 You mock religious Creationists, but many of you are worshippers in the cult of global warming without even being aware of the vast scientific research that debunks it.

Many of you call yourselves “woke” and “alert to injustice in society, especially racism” but sanction the racist hypocrisy of organizations that promote libel, boycott and divestment from a freewheeling democracy like Israel, while giving Ilhan Omar and Tlaib a ” freedom of speech” pass.

You raise your fists in solidarity with “Black Lives Matter” but have no interest in the genocides and famines that are perpetrated on hapless millions of black people in Africa.

There is no calamity, no atrocity, no failure of a system, no tyranny that you have not been taught to trace to a “root cause” in American greed or complicity. Patriotism and nationalism are evil, but you give socialism a wide berth ignoring its documented failures.

Almost everything you learn to receive a Bachelor of Arts degree is indexed to gender and race. Oh, and by the way, “Bachelor” is a male noun. Will that word also be scrubbed from your diplomas?

You wish to make simple pronouns “gender fluid” while ignoring the barbarism inflicted on millions of women by Shariah laws. Will it really ameliorate their suffering if you call them “hirs?”

You have lost the fun of flirting without p.c. opprobrium and ridiculous accusations that trivialize real abuse. And, you reduce all expressions of gratitude, admiration or even condolence to illiterate texts.

 You are coddled and babied in the most cynical and self-indulgent way with “safe spaces” to avoid any words, images, or persons that “trigger” your vapors.

In conclusion, my advice to you is simple. The word commencement means a start. Go forth and free your mind from the cant to which it has been hostage for four years.

And grow up!

Commencement speech to the 2019 graduating class of Snowflakes…

Your Mom said you were too smart to dig ditches so you went to college…

Rutgers University Speech

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Rutgers University 01

An honorary degree recipient stupefies Rutgers
By Jeannie DeAngelis

Barack Obama recently “accepted” an invitation to be the “keynote” speaker at Rutgers University’s commencement.

After gracing the podium with the usual perfunctory niceties, rather than exhibit “sensitivity” toward Muslim graduates, Barack Hussein exercised his “comedic chops” by joking about whether New Jersey breakfast meat should be called pork roll or Taylor ham.”

Then, after sharing that he has  “soft spot” for typical white and 99-year-old grandmas in need of pacemakers, America’s “classless” president spent a great deal of time “rebuking” the Republican presumptive nominee.

In addition to “admonishing” Trump, President Obama used the commencement speech as a platform to lift up “progressive” ideology, put down “political “adversaries, and “defend” the last eight years.

His remarks started with lauding the diversity of a graduating class that included a South Asian philosophy student and a “first-generation Latina student from Jersey City” who probably wouldn’t need a translator to understand Target’s new all “Spanish ad campaign.”

As an entrée to “challenging” the class to pursue “social justice,” Obama told them, “I’m fond of quoting Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who he believes once said, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”

One small problem, “MLK didn’t say it,” the 19th-century Unitarian minister/abolitionist Theodore Parker did.

After Obama “expunged” Winston Churchill from the “redecorated” Oval Office, the president, who exploited the Rutgers discourse to “ridicule” his political adversaries for “lack of brainpower,” had the misquote emblazoned on the rug.

At Rutgers, the guy who just said he has a “soft spot” for grandmas also injected “divisiveness” by suggesting that the “older” Americans are full of  “fear… division and paralysis.”

Then he commended “#feelthebern” moochers for their “cooperation … innovation and hope.”

The president told the soon to be alumni, “So you’ve got the tools to lead us…you’ll look at things with fresher eyes, unencumbered by the biases and blind spots and inertia and general crankiness of your parents and grandparents and old heads like me.”

In other words, anyone who doesn’t “worship” Barack Obama is biased, blind, inert, cranky and “longing for the ‘good old days’.”

That’s why, the president informed the graduates, “the ‘good old days’ weren’t that great.”

He warned that all talk about the past should be taken “with a grain of salt,” because it comes from a generation that flourished when “America pretty much did whatever it wanted around the world.”

After “belittling” the elders, Obama praised himself when he said, “In fact, by almost every measure, America is better, and the world is better, than it was 50 years ago, or 30 years ago, or even eight years ago” – a comment that thrilled the “clapping seals” in mortarboards.

For good measure, the president also brought up “slavery, Jim Crow, and the suppression of women’s rights.”  Then he claimed that since 1983, the year his “college transcripts” went missing, “crime, teenage pregnancy, and poverty rates have declined.”

Obama chose “not to quote” statistics regarding “illegal felons” roaming our streets and threatening our children, 50+ million, mainly black “aborted” American babies, and millions of “unemployed” people receiving government subsidies.

Nor did the “equal pay advocate” mention that in his “own” administration women still earn less than men.

Instead, Obama “bedazzled” spectators with bluster about “jobs, ObamaCare, clean energy, and marriage equality.”  He even mentioned “eliminating” polio, and “cutting” infant mortality, but didn’t reference “importing” Third World diseases like MDR-TB, or Planned Parenthood “peddling” baby body parts.

Rutgers University 03

Barack Obama is so “clueless,” that in an attempt to “inspire” his audience, the pro-choice president mentioned Alice Paul, who, besides being a “daughter of New Jersey” and a suffragette, was ardently “pro-life.”

After hearing the Rutgers University keynote “commencement speech” delivered by Barack Obama, it’s clear that the 44th president thinks he is the “Bill Cosby” of politics.

The difference is that unlike Cosby, who was accused of “drugging” women with Quaaludes, to “stupefy” his audience, Obama infuses his “delusional” rhetoric with “Cosby-style” humor.

Thanks to Obama, Rutgers graduates have much to “fear;” yet the president “encouraged” them not to fear the future.  That led him to a second point where he stressed globalism, which he defined as an “interconnected…world.”

Then, Obama “hinted” that he believes responsible “border security” is solving a problem “in isolation.”

This is Obama’s rationale:

“When overseas states start falling apart, they become breeding grounds for terrorists …that ultimately can reach our shores.  When developing countries don’t have functioning health systems, epidemics like Zika or Ebola can spread and threaten Americans, too.”

True, a wall won’t stop “terrorism or disease.” But, enforcing “immigration laws” and refusing to “import and resettle refugees” that ISIS has vowed to “infiltrate” might help.

After “hamstringing” the U.S. military Obama then added:

“But I worry if we think that the entire burden of our engagement with the world is up to the 1 percent who serve in our military, and the rest of us can just sit back and do nothing.  They can’t shoulder the entire burden.”

Then, further along in the speech Obama “contradicted” that logic when he said, “We can close tax loopholes on hedge fund managers and take that money and give tax breaks to help families with child care or retirement.”

Put simply, when it comes to “leveling the playing field,” the excuse Obama uses to “demilitarize” the armed forces, he then uses to justify forcing a “small percentage of earners” to support those who  “just sit back and do nothing.”

Lacking any quality “input” of his own, and without “uttering” his name, Obama spent a “lot of time” taking Donald Trump to task.

After mocking Trump “building an endless wall,” Barack pulled out the “isolating and disparaging Muslims” card, the “betrayal of our values” card and the “important partners in the fight against violent extremism” card.

Oh, and right before some “egghead” in the audience yelled “Four more years!”, Obama insinuated Trump “blames America’s challenges on immigrants.”

From there, in an attempt to portray anyone who disagrees with his politics as “uneducated, illogical, anti-intellectual and troglodyte in nature,” Obama implied that those who “contradict” his views, namely Trump, lack “facts, evidence, reason, logic, and an understanding of science.”

This from a guy who doesn’t believe partially born “newborns” are human and that “greenhouse gasses” are a bigger threat than ISIS teaching French boys how to kill.

With that in mind, maybe Obama should refrain from highlighting his “own” shortcomings by saying things like, “In politics and in life, ignorance is not a virtue.  It’s not cool to not know what you’re talking about. ”

After emphasizing that the “good old days” should be taken with a “grain of salt,” Obama painted a certain Republican presidential candidate as unenlightened by calling upon our  “enlightened” limited government Founding Fathers, many of whom owned the “slaves” he alluded to when talking about “disregarding” our nation’s past.

Obama, who “scorns” rugged individualism and who once called our Constitution deeply flawed told his audience “rational thought and experimentation and the capacity of informed citizens to master our own fates…is embedded in our constitutional design.”

That was right before the man who thinks he’s “the smartest guy in the room” cited modern technology making us “more confident in our ignorance.”

And, quite frankly, who better than Barack Obama to recognize that “a whole lot of folks who are book smart…have no common sense?”

Barack alluded to Donald when he mentioned leaders who have “a disdain for facts, when they’re not held accountable for repeating falsehoods.” Maybe, instead of expelling “CO2” when talking climate change, Obama should take some time to “self-reflect.”

In a call to the citizenry that sounded more like a quote from Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto than a college commencement speech by an American president, Obama mentioned “collective decisions on behalf of a common good.”

Then, after “implying” that Donald Trump is a complete “idiot,” Obama, who clearly forgets what he’s “reading” off the Teleprompter, said progressive goals are reached through “advocacy… organizing… alliance-building, and deal-making, and …changing of public opinion.”

Obama claimed all this “happened because ordinary Americans who cared participated in the political process.”

A legend in his “own” mind, what’s clear is that Obama doesn’t “realize” that those are the very things that propelled the Art of the Deal-maker to the front of the pack.

In the end, Obama “offered” the Rutgers graduating Class of 2016 “insights” he’s never taken to “heart” himself.

That’s why, when the president uttered the words, “your generation will feel the brunt of this catastrophe,” it sounded more like he was referring to “his presidency” than an issuing “indictment” on climate change denial or Donald Trump.

The “final “word was left to Trump who didn’t take the “attack” lying down.

Summing up what many “think” of Obama, Trump offered this “tweet” as his official response:

Rutgers University 02

Hanoi Jane

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Commencement Speech 02

In anticipation of Jane Fonda’s commencement speech on June 13 at UCLA’s school of Theater, Film and Television, posters by street artist Sabo depicting the actress-turned-activist as “Hanoi Jane” have started appearing around Westwood and surrounding areas.

The name “Hanoi Jane” refers to the Vietnam War, in which Jane Fonda denounced American soldiers as “war criminals.” The actress was notoriously photographed astride an “anti-aircraft” battery, wearing the helmet of a “North Vietnamese” soldier.

Commencement Speech 03

The posters incorporate a “mug shot” of Fonda for an arrest in 1970. The art reads “June 13th We Wish American Bombers Would Fly Over UCLA” and then to the right of Fonda’s image are the words “Hanoi Jane Commencement Speaker.”

Commencement Speech 00

The actress “admitted” as much over the years, most notably in her 2013 interview with Oprah Winfrey regarding her “infamous” Vietnam War photo op.

Commencement Speech 01

Now, the “hard-left” actress Fonda will try to share some of her “war wisdom” with college graduates headed to Hollywood.

As a college graduate, the “commencement speech” is something that you can take with you into the world. America’s universities have attracted some of the most successful and famous people to speak to graduates.

Dennis Prager, has his own five-minute commencement speech he’d like to give to this year’s college graduates. It’s not the typical address, and not one you’d likely hear at most universities.

In the Morehouse

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Morehouse Speech 06

What should I lie about today?

By Jeannie DeAngelis

How to give a “rousing” commencement speech if you’re Barack Obama: “Lie about everything.”

Recently, President Obama, with Valerie Jarrett in tow, “graced” the podium at Morehouse College to deliver the “keynote speech” at the historically all-male black “liberal arts” institution’s commencement ceremonies. 

Morehouse’s alumni include “notables” such as actors/Obama “bootlickers” Spike Lee and Samuel L. Jackson, as well as “non-bootlicker” Herman Cain.

Without the assistance of a Marine to shield him from the “rain,” Obama put on his best “in the house” accent and greeted distinguished guests and 2013 graduates.  

Then, after talking about “hair” and Michelle’s “feelings” about rain, the president “bestowed” dispensational entitlement “Crown Forum credits” upon students who would otherwise be “ineligible” to graduate without them.

Barack “You can’t tell me much” Obama, newly installed as an “honorary” member of the “elite” African-American Morehouse Men intellectuals, told the group, “You can always tell a Morehouse Man — but you can’t tell him much.” 

Benjamin Mays

With that in “mind,” one can’t help but “wonder” whether the “scandal-ridden” Obama heard his “own words” when he quoted late Morehouse president Benjamin Mays, who once said, “It will not be sufficient for … any college, for that matter, to produce clever graduates … but rather honest men, men who can be trusted in public and private life.”

As he spoke of Martin Luther King, Jr., Barack Obama proved again that he harbors “deep-seated” bitterness by focusing on “skin color” instead of the “content of character.” 

Worse than that, the president had the “audacity” to tie Dr. King to community organizer Rules for Radicals” author Saul Alinsky when he talked about how at Morehouse “MLK” was introduced to “the writings of Gandhi and Thoreau, and the theory of civil disobedience.” 

Then, just as he did in Israel, and as both he and his wife Michelle do every chance they get, Obama paraphrased the following Alinsky quote:

“It is necessary to begin where the world is if we are going to change it to what we think it should be.” 

Barack Obama

Regarding Martin Luther King, Jr., the president proclaimed, “It was here that professors encouraged him to look past the world as it was and fight for the world as it should be.” 

Moving right along, Obama chose to “transport” the graduates back to a time when “Jim Crow culture told them every day that somehow you were inferior,” and that despite their “ability” to pay $40K a year in tuition, “the bitter legacy of slavery and segregation” has not “vanished entirely.”

Barack Obama “reminded” the grads that, even though “someone who looks just like him can somehow come to serve as president of these United States of America,” or become a zillionaire like Jay-Z, Tiger Woods, and Sean Diddy Combs, while “racism and discrimination still exist.”

According to the president, Morehouse Men “yield something even more powerful than a diploma … and that’s the power of … example.”  

Morehouse Speech 07

Wait!  The president should probably “disregard” the four Morehouse Men arrested earlier this month for “raping” a female Spelman student.

Broaching on job creation and blacks having to “work twice as hard,” hardly working Obama covered “crime-and gun-violence” reduction, the security of health care,” and “educating” the children.  

What he “didn’t” mention was his “need” to console a public school-educated child who couldn’t “comprehend” two minus one.  

With plans to grant “amnesty” to 30 million illegal’s, the president saying that “subtraction is tougher than addition” suddenly makes sense.

Morehouse Speech 02

A financially “fortunate” Barack Obama certainly enjoys an “extravagant” lifestyle and thinks nothing of “spending” oodles of taxpayer money.  Yet he still ridiculed “fancy jobs … nice houses, and the nice cars.” 

Prefacing his traditional “put-down” of success, the president said, “No one expects you to take a vow of poverty.” 

Then, following that introduction, Obama clarified: “But I will say it betrays a poverty of ambition if all you think about is what goods you can buy instead of what good you can do.”  

The president went on to tell the Morehouse Men: “So, yes, go get that law degree.  But if you do, ask yourself if the only option is to defend the rich and the powerful, or if you can also find some time to defend the powerless” — the latter of which being “exactly” what Obama chose not to do” with his law degree.

Morehouse Speech 05

No Obama speech would be “complete” without at least one “disingenuously self-deprecating” aside; on this occasion, he “admitted” that in the past he “exploited” his blackness as an “excuse” for failure, but then confessed, “Michelle will tell you I’m not perfect.  She’s got a long list of my imperfections.”  

The first lady corroborated that “fact” a few days later in Nashville, Tennessee.

Then, “champion excuse-maker” Barack Obama quoted the Morehouse “fraternity” creed — a “credo” that sounds “strangely” like the condition of America for the last five years: “Excuses are tools of the incompetent used to build bridges to nowhere and monuments of nothingness.”

The president also talked about his “heroic single mom,” absentee father, and being a husband and dad, and shared “foretelling” thoughts of what he plans to “reflect upon” on his deathbed.  

Couched in his comments about family, Obama introduced “identity” politics by saying, “Be the best husband to your wife, or your boyfriend, or your partner.”

Then, in a “shameless” attempt to marginalize and “discriminate” against anyone who’s not a minority, homosexual, or female, he “linked” blacks to “illegal’s, LGBT’s, Muslims, and underpaid” women.  

Before “dredging” up what it feels like to be a “marginalized outsider” who suffers from the “sting of discrimination,” the president should have “scanned” the list of groups the IRS “targeted” for the last four years.

Nevertheless, “winding” down with a house full of Is,” the president explained that his “success” didn’t result from “Ivy League degrees or SAT scores or GPA’s,” — none of which “anyone” has ever “gotten” so much of a “glimpse” of. 

Morehouse Speech 01

I’m a Black Man

Instead, according to Obama, his “achievements” hinge on his “sense of connection, … empathy,” and the “obligation” he feels to the “black” community as a “black” man proud of his Irish ancestry.

Ending his Morehouse comments, Obama said “empathy” made him successful because, like “black men with less opportunity,” without empathy, “I might have been in prison.  I might have been unemployed.”

Word to the “wise,” Mr. Obama.

If the “scandals” continue to “develop” those two “there but for the grace of God go I” scenarios you “shared” with the Morehouse Men “may” be more a “prediction” of what your future “holds” than a description of what your “past” might have been.

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